Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 50 "The Ride!"

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Sarah rolled off Grace and grabbed her shorts, pulling them on at warp speed and following with her T-shirt as Grace scrambled across the bed to the door and waited for Sarah to get dressed before she opened it. Jessie pounded harder again, rattling the door as Sarah pulled her shirt into position and motioned for Grace to open the door. Grace pulled the door open as Jessie was about to knock again.

"Jessie what are you doing here at this hour...." Grace asked her step-sister but got no reply as Jessie cut her off before she could finish.

"Oh my god, where's Sarah?" Jessie asked as Sarah emerged into view from behind Sarah and Grace's eyes nearly bugged out when she saw Zoe strolling down the hall with Tonya.

"Speaking of being out late, Zoe Manning what are you doing here and what in the world are you wearing?" Grace asked stepping out of the door as Zoe stopped and stammered for a reply. Tonya glanced inside and saw Sarah have Jessie take a seat and explain everything she just heard.

"I think you might wanna listen to this" Tonya said to Grace, who turned and stopped at the door.

"Jean said his name was Kile Jason Molloy, and you said that was the name on your birth certificate" Jessie said in one long breath. "Right, I am right, right?"

"Yeh that's what it said I think" Sarah said as her mind reeled in shock and Grace said, "I'm pretty sure that's what it said. The papers are in that box in the top of the closet."

"This is so cool" Jessie said as Sarah grabbed a chair and dragged it over in front of the closet and seconds later pulled the box down from the top shelf. Fumbling with the papers until she spotted her Birth certificate in the bottom. She quickly pulled it out and looked at the name and her heart nearly stopped when she read the words aloud "Father: Kile Jason Molloy."

"OH my god" Sarah said feeling herself get light headed as Grace moved behind her and helped her keep her balance, "I have to talk to Jean. Is she working tonight, I mean all night if I went over there right now is she there?"

"Yeh she's been off for a week and here's the best part...oh my god...I totally forgot, this is guy is Cori's father too, cause Jean is her grandma" Jessie said rambling as Sarah and Grace both starred at her in disbelieve. "Yeh she said that she'd been off for a week, cause she was spending time with him and he was coming in tonight or tomorrow morning to see Cori and she was gonna explain everything to everyone."

"Whoa system over load" Sarah said slumping to the floor as her mind reeled with the shock of this new information, Grace dropped down behind her and wrapped her arms around Sarah's shoulders and said soothingly, "OK baby just breath it's OK, every thing's OK."

"Get me some water Jessie" Grace said as she could feel Sarah literally shake with shock as Jessie flew into the kitchen and came back a second later with a glass of water which she placed in Sarah's hands and helped her drink as Sarah calmed down. "You gonna be OK?"

"Yeh, yeh I think so" Sarah said laying her head on Grace's shoulder, "just got a little light headed. This is all just coming as a shock."

"Yeh I know I'm still in shock over it" Jessie said and then realizing something she couldn't believe she hadn't thought of before, "You realize if this all true, Cori is your sister."

"Oh my god" Sarah said the smile emerging on her face, "I have a sister?"

"Hey ummm...if you guys need a ride to the know I've got...a truck" Tonya said standing in the door nervously.

"Oh yeah, Grace this is Tonya" Jessie said as Grace helped Sarah to her feet and nodded to Tonya. Jessie turned to Sarah and taking her hand as Grace moved away for a moment and grabbed the box of stuff with Sarah's birth certificate in it. "And this is Sarah, she's like my best friend in the world."

"I gotta get to the hospital and talk to Jean" Sarah said as she stumbled and Grace caught her and guided her to the bed and said, "You're not going anywhere until I'm sure you're OK."

"But he might...." Sarah complained as Grace covered her mouth and said, "you almost passed out on me, I'm not letting you go running half way across town when you're in this condition. So lay down."

"Grace what if..." Sarah said when Grace moved her hand for a second and then covered her mouth again and guided her onto her back and said, "Every thing's gonna work out, trust me. We'll go as soon as you feel better."

Sarah couldn't but smile as Grace soaked a rag and came back over to the bed and laid it on her forehead. Sitting down on the bed beside her and taking her hand. Then noticing Zoe still standing in the hall, almost hiding behind Tonya. Thinking fast as Grace's eyes met hers and she pushed her still very visible thong down into her pants so hopefully her sister wouldn't notice that at least. And Stretched the shirt which was tied below her boobs until they had arrived at Sarah's down over her low riders.

"Now as for you sis" Grace said as Zoe looked at her and dreaded the worse. Sarah too glanced over and couldn't believe what she saw, Zoe looked 2 or 3 years older than she was. "Where did you get those clothes?"

"I bought them" Zoe lied as Grace gave her a "don't bull shit me" look. "Shady's sister Sam bought them for me. She said I needed to look hot if I was gonna hang out with her."

"Well you do look hot" Sarah said giggling as Grace shot her a "be quiet" look.

"OK the clothes aside, I guess that's an OK outfit" Grace said, "but what are you doing out at 12:30 in the morning?"

"That would be my fault" Jessie said jumping to Zoe's defense as Zoe got ready to respond. "She was in the living room when Tonya came by and we where just gonna go riding for a few minutes. So I asked her if she wanted to come. And I wanted to go see Cori so Tonya was cool enough to drive us over."

"I got a feeling I'm being fed a line of bull shit here" Grace said with a smile, "but I don't see anything wrong with you guys riding around, I mean Zoe looked OK. Just take her home."

"You got it, I'll take her home and tuck the little girl into bed" Tonya said as she padded Zoe's head like a baby, and laughed when Zoe smacked her hand away. "So you guys gotta a ride?"

"Yeh I got my mom's car" Grace said as Jessie asked Sarah. "If you want me to go to the hospital with you I will."

"I think Grace's is right, we'll just wait until in the morning and go see Jean and try and figure out if this is all right" Sarah said, "cause I'm still a little light headed and I need some rest."

** ** ** Three hours later...

"What am I gonna do?" Katie asked as the car stopped in front of her house and she felt Shady touch her hand gently.

"Look you need to stop these panic moments Singer" Shady said, "life is not that hard."

"What if Jessie finds out?" Katie asked, the same question she had repeated 25 times or more since Joanna had caught her Shady and Riley in bed.

"So you need to move on, she didn't wanna be with you" Shady said, "you broke up with her remember?"

"Yeh but I still love...."

"Yeh and I love Joey and you see where that got me last night?" Shady said, "It's pretty clear our chosen ones don't wanna be with us."

"No that's not true" Katie said, "Jessie still loves me, she said so."

"Yeh so what if she did?" Shady asked turning the car off. "What where you waiting on? The freaking moon to melt under the sun's rays. This whole thing with you and Katie is completely stupid. Truth be told you wanted to be done with her bullshit and neglect and last night...."

"Maybe" Katie said not believing she heard herself say that. But feeling the anger over what had happened in the last of her and Jessie's relationship begin to return.

"Like I was saying, last night you had more fun than you've ever had in your life" Shady said with a teasing grin. "So let's just say fuck her. Fuck the bitch if she don't wanna be with you."

"Yeh fuck the little slut" Katie said feeling her anger take over her body now as Shady leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. Shaking her back to reality. "Whoa..."

"But what are we gonna do about Joanna?" Shady asked as Katie looked at her and a hole new case of worry set in. "I mean what's she gonna do?"

"She'll never forgive me" Katie said, "I saw that look and it just wasn't cause it was me fucking some girl either, it was partly cause I was with you."

"Joanna's always been a big baby" Shady said as Katie stifled a giggle, "it's true she is."

"But I never wanted last night to end the way it did" Katie said.

"Me either" Shady said with a gleam in her eye, "I was planning on another round or 3."

"You're like always on aren't you?" Katie asked giggling.

"Yeh pretty much" Shady said with a smile and then turning serious, "look...go in get some sleep and we'll deal with all of this tomorrow. I'm in this with you."

"You?" Katie asked in surprise.

"Yeh, I got you drunk and seduced you, so it's my fault too" Shady said as Katie's face widened in surprise. "Well its true."

"You didn't seduce me, I did it willingly" Katie replied, "maybe I wouldn't have without a little less alcohol, but that's history now. Thanks for the offer though."

"It's not an offer, I'm serious" Shady said, "Whatever you need call me and tell me and it's done. I don't want anyone else hurting cause of my fuck ups."

"So I was a fuck up?"

"Noooooo" Shady replied, "You're the best part about last night, I wanna get to know you. Not just fuck you. If things don't work out with me and Joey, maybe we could be friends and hang out sometime?"

"Maybe" Katie said touching Shady's hand and saying, "Thanks."

"Here's my number by the way" Shady said handing Katie a card with her name and number scribbled on the back. Katie half smiled as she closed her hand around it and opened the car door and got out. Closing it she waved as Shady smiled and sped off into the distance a moment later. Unsure of what in the hell had just happened or what was gonna happen and whether anything in her life would ever be simple again. But one thing she did know for sure as she yawned and stretched. She needed some sleep and now.

** ** ** The Next Morning...

"Jessie you up?" Zoe asked as she opened her step-sister's bedroom door.

"Yep come on up" She replied as Zoe came pounding up the stairs and saw Jessie sitting at the foot of her bed, putting pictures in her album. "Wassup?"

"Just wanted to say thank you for not ratting me out" Zoe said taking a seat in the chair by the banister. "Last night was exciting."

"Yeh lucky we didn't caught" Jessie said with a relieved smile.

"But tell me you didn't have fun?" Zoe asked.

"I didn't really" Jessie said, "the party was supposed to be this big thing and what happened? Eli shows up and I have to go into hiding."

"He did, No shit?" Zoe asked.

"Yeh him and RaeAnn waere there for some reason and I almost got caught and you know how he would have acted if he'd seen me" Jessie said as Zoe laughed and said, "yeh, he'd be big brother Eli protecting his itty bitty baby sister."

"Exactly and not only would he tell dad, he'd rat me out to mom and all hell would break loose" Jessie said as Zoe fell back laughing. "Talk about being grounded for the rest of my life, would have been like you if you got caught last night."

"Oh my god I can only imagine how big a scene mom would have made, ranting and raving until I was blue in the face and I'd be lucky to see daylight again this century" Zoe said as Jessie giggled, picturing the exact scene Zoe was describing being that Lily had been a little emotional since she became pregnant again.

"She has been a little on edge I guess" Jessie replied, "I kinda feel sorry for her though. Maybe we should do something for her."

"You're offering to spend time with her?" Zoe asked in surprise as Jessie laughed and said, "yeh I would, she's been good to me."

"Jessie" Lily said from the bottom of the stairs as both Jessie and Zoe jumped and started to laugh.

"Yeh?" Jessie asked.

"Someone's here to see you" Lily said, "you wanna come down or you want them to come up?"

"Uh yeh I guess, send them up" Jessie said as Zoe stood and said "I'll leave you and Katie alone."

"How do you know it's Katie?" Jessie asked with a huge smile and hoping it was deep inside. "Maybe she wants to talk" Jessie thought.

"Who else would it be?" Zoe asked with a smirk as Jessie leaned back against the bed and watched Zoe leave and was surprised when she saw a red head of hair emerge as they walked up the steps.

"Joanna?" Jessie asked looking up at the noticeably nervous looking girl standing in front of her. Joanna half smiled as she ran her fingers through her long red hair and took a deep breath. Jessie noticed her face seemed to be stained with tears and her eyes look red and kinda swollen. Finally after one final deep breath, she spoke.

"I needed someone to talk to" Joanna said, "so I took the bus over here. I know this is kinda weird being that we don't really know each other."

"It's OK, we can talk" Jessie said, "Sit down?"

"Thanks" Joanna said surprising Jessie when she took a seat directly across from her on the floor. Leaning back against the chair and looking as if she was about to cry yet again. "It's been...."

"It's been what?" Jessie asked handing her a box kleenex from the table.

"...A long night, a really long night" Joanna said as she wiped her eyes away with a kleenex.

"Did something happen? It must be bad if you came all this way to talk to me" Jessie said and then freezing in fear when she came to the horrible conclusion, that something must have happened to Katie. "Is Katie alright? I mean something didn't happen to her did it?"

"No, she's as good as a slut could be" Joanna said with bitterness.

"Slut? Now hold on why are you calling her a slut?" Jessie asked and feeling a little angry at Joanna's accusation.

"Cause she is" Joanna said with a louder tone of voice, "I caught her fucking that whore Shady McCree last night at the party. Them and another girl were in the maid's room off the kitchen naked in bed. Whores."

"They were not" Jessie said as her heart nearly stopped. "You made a mistake, it couldn't have been Katie, she wouldn't do that to me."

"Yeh well she did" Joanna said as she realized what her blurting this out had done as Jessie replied in an angry voice, "you better not be lying to me. She wouldn't do this, she wouldn't."

"Jessie you were broke up, why do you care so much?" Joanna replied not understanding why this was hitting her so hard.

"Cause I still love her" Jessie said as she put her hands over her face and began crying, "and she said she still loved me."

"Oh no, Jessie please don't cry" Joanna said moving over in front of her as she slipped her coat off and nervously touching Jessie's hands, and pulling them away from her face. "I didn't know it would get you this upset. God that sounded so stupid."

"Here" Joanna said wiping Jessie's tears away with a kleenex as she moved closer and sat down indian style, just as Jessie was sitting, in front of her. "I didn't come over here to tell you this, I just I dunno, I wanted someone to talk to and you came to mind."

"Why did I come to mind?" Jessie asked sniffling.

"I guess I was kinda thinking about you all night" Joanna said smiling as she bit her lip, "And I wanted a pretty face to look at for a while today. Hope you don't mind."

"Right, uh huh" Jessie said laughing despite herself. "Like I'm the only girl in the world you think is hot, if you even really do."

"No you're not" Joanna said quietly, "just the only one I thought would have anything to do with me."

"You're just trying to make me feel better" Jessie said as Joanna smiled.

"Maybe and maybe not" Joanna said, "I'mma a free girl now so if I wanna flirt with you I can."

"Free now? Meaning you did have a girl or boyfriend?" Jessie asked as Joanna's smile fell and she grew quiet.

"Yeh something like that" Joanna said.

"So that's what was bothering you?" Jessie asked, "You looked like you'd been crying when you got here."

"I was, all night" Joanna said running her fingers through her hair again. "But I don't wanna...."

"Tell me about it, it'll help maybe to talk about it" Jessie said, "Tell me? You did come over here to talk right? So prove you didn't just come to squeal on Katie."

"Ok, ok" Joanna said as she noticed Jessie was smiling, most likely teasing her she thought. "I've liked Katie for a long time, like before she met Sarah and certainly before she met you. But she would never go out with me because of one reason or another. So when I heard she broke it off with you I made my move and tried my best to get her. But she kept saying she was still in love with you and yadda yadda yadda, and I was beginning to believe her until I caught her in bed with Shady last night."

"Whoa" Jessie said as Joanna went on without barely missing a breath.

"And I ran just about all the way home crying, that's when my girlfriend Rose met me" Joanna said as she teared up again, "I told her all about what happened and said she was tired of me pining after that little girl and until I got my head on straight she didn't want anything to do with me."

"That bitch" Jessie said, as Joanna started laughing through her tears, much to Jessie's surprise.

"Yeh she is" Joanna said, "Rose I mean, not like it's a big lose we just share an apartment and all. So we just won't talk to each other for a while. No biggie."

"She's your girlfriend though" Jessie said.

"We're just fuck buddies or used to be" Joanna replied, "Haven't done anything real in about 6 months and she's got girls on the side and guys to. So I dunno why she got so hyper about it."

"Talk about casual" Jessie said with a smile, "I wish I could be that relaxed about a relationship."

"Well it's not really a relationship ya know? Like I said we don't have any real emotional attachment" Joanna said, "it's pretty much just sex and roommates. And none of the former lately."

"Kinda bad when you need it and the one you're with won't give you the time or love ya need" Jessie said as Joanna smiled and said, "I'll bet you never had that problem with Katie."

"That is so none of your business" Jessie said pushing Joanna as both laughed. "Next topic..."

"What about..." Joanna began to say before she was cut off by the ringing of her cell. She reached into her jacket and fished out a silver, metallic phone and flipped it open and said, "Yo dis be Jo who be dis?"

"Huh?" Jessie asked in a whisper as she laughed.

"Hey Logan, nothing much wassup with you" Joanna said, giving Jessie a goofy pained expression. "Baseball? Course I love it."

"You wanna go to a baseball game wit me?" Joanna asked covering the phone's receiver up for a second as Jessie replied, "Baseball? Why?"

"Logan's team is playing an exhibition game and he wants us to come and root him on" Joanna said, "come on it'll be fun I promise."

"But I don't know anything about baseball" Jessie said as Joanna's face turned to one of disappointment.

"Well if you'd rather not go..." Joanna said uncovering the receiver and saying before Jessie could respond, "Sure I'll be there, OK...see ya Logan."

"I didn't say I wouldn't go" Jessie said as Joanna stuffed her phone back in her pocket and stood up suddenly. Jessie scrambled to her feet as Joanna slipped her coat on and said, "it's OK I just wanted to someone to hang out with. Don't worry about it, I'm out."

"Wait" Jessie said as Joanna moved to the top of the stairs and pretending not to hear her. Taking one step down she heard Jessie stomp her foot and say, "wait a damn minute."

"Yes?" Joanna said as she turned and looked at Jessie smiling, "so you do wanna go?"

"Is it far?" Jessie asked slipping a shirt on over her pajama top and watching Joanna to make sure she didn't try slipping away again.

"No just a few minutes walk from here" Joanna said, "you going or not?"

"Yesssss, gimme a minute to get ready will ya?" Jessie said as Joanna laughed to herself. "I still don't know anything about it, baseball that is."

"So I'll teach you everything you need to know" Joanna said as Jessie turned and slipping into her shoes. Picking up Jessie's jacket, she put it on her back and took her hand, pulling her around to face her and said, "I'm sure you're as smart as you are pretty."

"Then you must be borderline genius" Jessie said with a smirk as she pushed past Joanna and slipped on her coat as she went bouncing down the stairs. Joanna stood there for a second and thought about what Jessie could have meant and finally as her eyes went wide with surprise it came to her. She snapped back to reality to hear Jessie laughing from the bottom of the stairs. Following her down the stairs and watching as Jessie closed her bedroom door she replied, "So you think I'm hot huh?"

"I said nothing of the sort" Jessie said as she locked her door and walked off down the hall. Joanna smiled to herself and watched Jessie walk away before saying as she started after her, "You know this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship."

** ** **

"I'm shaking" Sarah said holding her hands up for Grace to see as she pulled Sarah's Mustang into the parking lot of the hospital.

"It's ok baby, it's ok to be nervous" Grace said taking Sarah's trembling hand and lacing their fingers, as she kissed her softly. "You're about to discover a new part of your life."

"What if this guy is my dad?" Sarah asked as Grace giggled and said, "then we'll figure it out."

"I love you" Sarah said with a simple sweet smile.

"I love you too" Grace said as she kissed her for a long moment. "Now let's go."

Grace circled the car and had to almost pull Sarah out of the passengers seat as she clutched the over stuffed manila envelope in her hands to her chest. 10 minutes later, they finally reached the bank of elevators and Sarah took her second breath as Grace laughed and hugged her. Dragging her into the elevator and holding her as they rode up to the floor of Cori's room. They slowly made their way to the nurses station and Grace asked for Jean.

"Yeh Nurse Molloy" Grace replied as the younger nurse behind the counter, with the name tag reading Nurse Shriver said "She'll be back in a moment."

"Matter of fact there she is now" She said pointing down the hall as Jean walked out of a patients room.

"Well hi there Grace" Jean said sweetly as she came up on the counter and handed some folders to Nurse Shriver and she said, "These young ladies were asking about you."

"Well I'm here, so how can I help you?" Jean asked as Sarah finally spoke up.

"Can you answer some questions for me, it's really important" Sarah said as Jean smiled and motioned for them to join her in the nurses lounge. Grace closed the door as Sarah took a seat, as did Jean.

"Go ahead sweety" Jean said as Sarah took a deep breath and asked, "My name's Sarah Renae Grasser, my mother's name was Sarah too, does that mean anything to you."

"No I'm sorry it doesn't" Jean said as Sarah took another deep breath and felt Grace take her hand as she pulled a seat next to her.

"What about the name Kile Jason Molloy?" Sarah asked as Jean's face showed the surprise she felt at the moment. She took a deep breath herself and replied, "That's my son."

"And I think he's my...." Sarah said as her throat went dry and closed up for a moment and she cut off, swallowing loudly she then went on, "he's my least that's what my birth certificate says."

"My lord child" Jean said in total shock as Sarah pulled her birth certificate out of the folder in her arms and handed it to Jean. Pointing to the name printed at the bottom. "Oh my lord in heaven it does say that."

"Jessie told me about you telling her all about you're son and I couldn't hardly believe it myself" Sarah said as she couldn't help but smile as Jean stood and pulled her to her feet and hugged her, crying and held on as if nothing had ever been this important. Grace felt the goosebumps up and down her skin as she teared up, watching tears stream down Sarah and Jean's face as they hugged.

"I'm sorry to do this at work and all but I just had to find out as soon as possible" Sarah said as Jean held her by the shoulders and looked at her with a "let me look at you" smile.

"Child I'm just glad you had the courage to come forward and you didn't hate me" Jean said hugging her again and for longer as the smile plastered across Sarah's face became wider by the moment. Grace felt the tears she fought to hold back began streaming down her face as Jeans released Sarah finally from the hug and kissed her forehead, Sarah glanced back and caught Grace crying and asked, "What's wrong?"

"I'm happy for you" Grace said as she stood and Sarah practically jumped into her embrace and kissed her, and whispered "I love you with all my heart."

"I feel the same blue eyes" Grace said as Jean watched on with an approving smile and wiped her tears away.

"Jean..I know you prolly know this by now, but this is my girlfriend" Sarah said. "The girl I love more than she could ever know."

"Well I'm glad to know my Granddaughter has someone she can care for" Jean said hugging Sarah once again.

"Wait, Grand...Oh my god...I have a grandmother again" Sarah said with her smile getting wider again as Jean replied, "You sure do sweety, and I'm gonna be around so much you'll get tired of me."

"Well I'll give you my address and everything and you can come see my place when you can" Sarah said, now so happy she could barely contain herself.

"I would love nothing more" Jean said as she took Sarah's hand and said, "How would you like to meet your father?"

"Been waiting my whole life for that moment" Sarah said as Jean took a deep breath and replied, "He's visiting with Cori right now, so I think we should go and surprise him."

"Sure his heart can take it?" Sarah asked as Jean laughed softly and opened the door to the lounge. Sarah stopped and reached for Grace's hand and laced their fingers together and mouthing, "I need you more than ever."

"Nancy" Jean said as Nurse Shriver came around the counter and stopped, "Someone you should meet, this is my Granddaughter...Sarah."

"Oh my god" She said covering her face as she listened to Jean's story, then hugging Jean and Sarah before disappearing into the lounge. Jean held her hand tighter as they next made their way to Cori's room and as they opened the door, Sarah laid eyes on the man who was her father for the first time. Joey was sitting in her usual position beside Cori's bed and Kile was laying beside Cori chatting quietly with his daughter. He smiled as Cori looked up and said proudly, "Hey Granny. Oh my god Hi Sarah, this is my dad. His name's Kile."

"Hi" Kile said as Jean pulled Sarah beside her and placing an arm around her shoulder said, "Kile my son this is someone you should meet."

"You look so familiar" He said moving to the end of the bed and starring Sarah right in the face. "Who do you remind me of?"

"Did you know a Sarah Grasser?" Sarah asked stepping in front of Jean for a moment and pulling Grace up beside her.

"Why yes I did, but it's been an eternity since I've heard that name" He said as Sarah took a deep breath and handed Kile the birth certificate in her hand and said as she fought back tears, "I'm her daughter, and it says on that..."

"That I'm your father" He said reading his name at the bottom. "This can't be, we only spent that one summer together. I mean I'd be honored to be your father."

"When did you last see her?" Sarah asked.

"In the summer of...." He said reading Sarah's birth date, "...and you were born in the winter of that year. But she never told me she was pregnant."

"She never told me you were my father either, she died nearly three years ago in a car accident and I only found this out when I found it in my dad's...well I mean the man who I thought was my dad, I found it in his stuff" Sarah said in one long breath.

"Your mother was one of the great loves of my life" Kile said tearing up himself as he pulled Sarah into a hug. "But she never told me I had a daughter, I swear to you I would have been there had I known."

"I know you would" Sarah said she hugged him tighter. "Your here now and that's all that matter's."

"HEY HEY" Cori said as everyone looked her way, "this means Sarah's my sister right?"

"See not nearly as goofy as we thought you were" Joey said blowing a raspberry on Cori's cheek as she giggled and rolled away from her.

"Yeh I guess so, I'd never thought of it" Sarah said taking Cori's hand as Joey laid down behind Cori and snuggled up to her.

"Well....Dad...." Sarah said blushing as Kile took her hand, "I think there's some things you should know....."


"That I'm not straight..." Sarah said as the door to Cori's room opened and everyone turned to see Shady walking in.

"Ummmmmm I don't wanna interrupt...but there you are" Shady said as her smile left her face when she spotted Joey snuggled up to Cori as they chatted and giggled in whispers. "Shady?"

"Hey...ummmm....can I talk to you?" Shady asked as Joey scrambled out of the bed, telling Cori, "I'll be right back."

** ** **

"How are you?" Shady asked as she took Joey's hand by the door and smiled her best smile.

"I'm fine...what are you doing here?" Joey asked in a hushed voice.

"I came to see you" Shady said as Joey pulled her down the hall and away from Cori's room, to the visitors lounge. Where they closed the door for privacy.

"I'm sorry, I just didn't expect you" Joey said sitting down.

"Apparently not, cause you wouldn't have been hugged up to your new friend if you'd been expecting me" Shady said sitting down beside her. "Is there something you're not telling me?"

"Oh god" Joey said covering her face as Shady's heart felt as it were about to break, knowing now without a doubt that Joey and Cori were more than friends. "It's a long story."

"Just tell me....I promise I won't make a scene" Shady said with her most honest expression, "I just need to hear you say it."

"I'm in love with Cori" Joey blurted out as she covered her face and listened for Shady's voice. Fully expecting her to attack and after a moment of silence grew into a full minute, she finally looked to see Shady wiping away tears as they streamed down her face. "Cori I'm sorry...I mean Shady. God I'm so sorry I never meant to hurt you."

"It's fine, I don't care anymore" Shady said standing up as Joey grabbed her hand and said, "No I'm not letting you leave this way."

"Why not you don't love me" Shady said in a bitter tone, "The minute I start to have feelings for you, you run off and start fucking some new slut."

"The minute?" Joey asked, "You had two years with me and the only thing you ever did was hurt me. The only thing about me you ever wanted was my fucking pussy, you bitch. All I ever was to you, was your personal fuck toy."

"That is so not true" Shady said, "You know I have trouble expressing how I feel. You excepted that."

"Whatever, I'm so sick of you attacking me every time you don't get your own way..." Joey snapped, "...that's pretty much why I fell in love with Cori. Cause she never attacks me for anything."

"How could you fall in love with someone's who brain damaged?" Shady asked as Joey felt her blood run hot and she swung as hard as she could and smacked Shady's cheek with a thud. Her heart almost stopped as she saw Shady slump to the ground holding her cheek. Shady looked at her in shock as Joey dropped to the ground and said, "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry." She herself was shocked when a smile spread across Shady's face and she said quietly, "I so deserved that huh?"

"Yeh you did" Joey said as she laughed and Shady liad back against the wall and touched Joey's face gently.

"I'm sorry for everything I put you through" Shady said, "I do, in my own way, love you."

"I didn't hurt you did I?" Joey asked as Shady giggled and rubbed her face and replied, "Nahh you still hit like a girl Larue."

"I'll show you a girl" Joey said as she drew her hand back again and Shady covered up as they both laughed. "Come on let me help you up."

"Joey..." Shady said as she stood up and pulled Joey into a hug, "I meant what I said about being sorry."

"I forgive always" Joey said as she Shady kissed her softly and pulled away before Joey realized what was happening.

"I had to tell you something anyway" Shady said backing away and stuffing her hands inside her pockets, "I slept with Katie Singer last night."

"Whoa you did?" Joey asked as Shady bit her now slightly swollen lip.

"Yeh, I got drunk and you had pretty much just dumped me so I wanted to feel good for a while" Shady said as Joey looked at her in shock. "And I'm not saying it was your fault. I'm just saying that's why I did it."

"Jessie's Katie?" Joey asked. "Your a slut, do you care about anyone other than yourself? I'll bet you got her drunk too huh?"

"Yeh, my usual tricks" Shady said, "She had a few wine coolers and we did it. But you don't need to tell Jessie though, she prolly already knows. Katie's friend caught us, so no doubt Katie called Jessie and told her the whole story."

"You know what I don't even care" Joey said backing away and opening the door, "I gotta go, just leave me alone from now on."

Joey backed away and closed the door to the visitors lounge and leaned back against the wall beside the door, half expecting Shady to come flying out any minute to plead her case once again. But the funny thing was, she never came out. Joey glanced straight ahead at the clock and watched the minutes slowly tick away. Finally, after about 5 minutes, she realized Shady wasn't gonna come after her and she turned to look back in the window and saw Shady. Still seated and crying into her hands. Feeling her resolve weaken considerably she fought the urge to rush to her friends side, but gave in and opened the door and slowly moved back to Shady's side and wrapping an arm around her neck, she laid her head on Shady's and felt her body shake from crying.

"Shady, I forgive you" Joey said. "I do care about you, I always will."

"What do you want to do?" Shady asked, as Joey looked at her tear streaked for the first time. "I'll do anything you want."

"Stop hating yourself so much" Joey said touching her cheek, "not everything is your fault. I want ya to be happy."

"Ya think that's possible for me?" Shady asked. "For me?"

"I didn't think it was for me" Joey said softly, "but then I met someone I fell head over heels in love with."

"I'm thinking there might be someone like that for me too" Shady said wiping her tears away with her sleeve. "I've always had a crush on her, but she just never knew it."

"Who?" Joey asked as she stood with her hands on her hips. "Who is this slut? Huh, I swear I'll beat her ass for taking my woman."

"MMMMMMMM baby you promise?" Shady asked rising up and moving in front of Joey as both laughed. "It's Katie...Katie singer?"

"Jessie's Katie?" Joey asked, somewhat shocked.

"No not Jessie's Katie, they broke up" Shady said, "She's a free girl so if I want to, I can ask her out and I won't be hurting anyone."

"True" Joey said as Shady moved closer and smiled sweetly looking into Joey's eyes, pulled her into a warm hug and held it until Joey hugged her back.

"Bye Jo" Shady said quietly into her ear and pulled away.

"Bye Shay" Joey said as Shady quickly disappeared through the door and down the hall. Joey stood there for a moment fighting back tears as she knew this really was the end of their relationship, and to her total surprise she didn't cry. What was an even bigger surprise was what was happened next. Just then the door was pushed open and she saw Cori's smiling face.

"Cori?" Joey asked as she saw her for first time on her feet, holding onto her new walker.

"They just brought it up" Cori said moving back out into the hall as Joey joined her. Moving behind her she hugged her around the waist, making sure to be careful.

"We're gonna be dancing in no time CoCo" Joey said as Cori smiled.

"There you are" Sarah said coming out of Cori's room and seeing Cori standing with Joey. "You gonna walk down?"

"Walk down where?" Joey asked.

"DNA test" Sarah answered, "Kile said he wants us to take one so we can all be sure."

"Yeh I'll walk, but better bring my chair just in case" Cori said as Sarah grinned and disappeared back into the room. Joey watched the door close and when Cori turned to look at her again she kissed her softly. "I love you Cori Tyler."

"I love you to Joey" Cori said with a smile that quickly melted Joey's heart. Suddenly both had the same idea and started singing softly to each other, "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You..."

** ** **

"Eli have you got any idea what comes out of your mouth or do you just open it and let the words form themselves" Rick asked as he rose and met his son. Standing in front of him now by the kitchen counter. "You can't keep making these insane decisions with your life. You need to go back to school and get your education."

"Dad this is not a crazy overnight decision" Eli said sitting down in the chair beside RaeAnn, "I've got a job, an apartment and a car. I think that you should give me some credit, I've thought this through just a little."

"Yeh Mr. Sammler" RaeAnn said, "my dad gave him a job and he's gonna be making good money, not 10 dollars an hour mind you, but still good money."

"And I suppose that in two years you're gonna be gettin a raise and becoming a partner?" Karen snapped after standing silently in the corner for the longest time just listening.

"No but he does have a chance for advancement" RaeAnn said calmly, "and yes in two years he'll still have a job and he'll still be able to pay his bills. I think it shows he's growing up."

"I think he's acting like a 14 year old boy, chasing some skirt across two states" Karen snapped and then eyeing RaeAnn said, "And you should butt out, this is a family matter."

"You talk to her that way again, we're leaving" Eli said taking RaeAnn's hand. "I'm trying to tell you both to let me try this for a few months and see if it works out. What is so hard about that to understand?"

"Because Eli it sounds like another one of your brainless ideas" Rick said.

"Sometimes you meet people that change the way you think" Eli said looking down at RaeAnn, "And I did. This is not just a hair brained idea I came up with to get an easy way out of going back to school. I wanna do this to prove to you and mom that I can stand on my own."

"You don't believe he's changed?" RaeAnn asked and looking directly at Karen, "Well he stopped smoking pot cause I ask him to. And he talked to my dad and got a job himself without me ever saying a word and best of all he got his own apartment by himself. He's done this all on his own."

"So where is this car coming from?" Karen asked.

"A friend of mine lives down there and he said if I fixed the breaks and transmission I could have one he's had just sitting on his property for a long time" Eli said, "If it's not a piece of junk I can use it to get back and forth to work. At least for a little while."

"I dunno Eli this just isn't something I can get behind" Karen said picking up her purse, "I need to think about it."

"Mom this is not something I'm asking your permission for..." Eli said, stopping Karen dead in her tracks. "I'm moving in on Monday and I begin work at Parker, Lowesmith and Soung on Tuesday. It's pretty much a done deal. I'll 18 in a few months so I'm taking charge of my life."

"And what if I refuse to let you go?"

"You'll have to send the cops to get me, this is something I want" Eli said, "So get mad if you want I don't care. But I'd like your support."

"Eli, your my son and I'll do whatever I can to help you" Karen said surprising her son with her change in tone. "I still think you're making a huge mistake but it's your life."

"Lily and I will do whatever we can to help" Rick said hugging his son, "Though I agree with your Mom, you're only making it harder on yourself in the long run."

"This is gonna be good" RaeAnn said with a bright smile as a light knocking came at the back door. Rick opened the door seconds later and saw Jennifer standing nervously in the entry way.

"Is Zoe home?" She asked with a loud rumbling came from the front hall. The sound being Zoe and Sam running down the steps, and coming towards the kitchen.

"I think you just found her" Rick said as Zoe and Sam slowed as they moved behind Karen and walked into the kitchen quietly. Zoe looking surprised to see Jennifer standing nervously inside the door.

"Hey Jennifer" Zoe said, "Wassup?"

"You said come over" Jennifer said as Sam whispered something in Zoe's ear and both of them laughed. "Yeh come on, we just came down to get something to drink we're gonna get on line for a while."

"How are you gonna get on line?" Rick asked.

"Sam brought her laptop over" Zoe said grabbing three cold Coke's out of the fridge and motioning for Jennifer to follow her and Sam as they went running back down the hall and rumbling back up the stairs. Jennifer walked up quietly and found Zoe's door closed when she arrived. Knocking she heard Sam's voice holler, "Go away."

"Shut up" Zoe said giggling and opening the door and saying to Jennifer, "Don't pay her any attention."

"Yeh don't pay her any attention" Sam giggled in the background as Jennifer walked in and Zoe closed the door behind her and pushed her onto the bed.

"Nice laptop Sam" Jennifer said looking at the shiny silver outing casing. "bet you paid a lot for that."

"Ahhhh just a weeks allowance" Sam said as Jennifer nearly spit her pop threw her nose.

"You get 800 dollars a week allowance?" Jennifer asked. "Jesus christ."

"800?" Sam asked laughing as Jennifer breathed a sigh of relief, thinking no one would get that much money a week.

"That's a 24 hundred dollar computer" Sam said as Zoe and Jennifer both looked at her like she was crazy. "I'm serious, fucker is loaded. DVD burner, like all the good shit."

"This thing cost more than everything in my room almost, hell I don't even own anything worth 200 bucks let alone 2000" Zoe said as Sam laughed and said, "OK keep it, that way we can chat when I'm home. Now you own something worth 2000 dollars."

"Yeh right" Zoe said closing the chat window right as another popped up.

"Holy shit you're serious?" Jennifer asked circling around the bed and sitting down in front of Sam. "You're just gonna give her a $2,500 dollar computer?"

"Why not I've already got 2 and a desk top that's faster" Sam said non-chalantly, "I just bought it to have something to buy."

"Sam I can't take this" Zoe said after being stunned to silence. "It's too expensive."

"No it's not" Sam said, "I want you to have it, seriously I do. That way you can chat with me, you know we can go whoring around yahoo!"

"Whoring?" Zoe asked.

"Just cyber sex" Sam said. "You have had cyber sex before?"

"No" Zoe said as Sam started laughing and looked at Jennifer and asked, "what about the daughter of Mary Poppins?"

"That's none of your business" Jennifer said, "And who's Mary Poppins?"

"You don't know who Mary Poppins is?" Sam asked, "God you are cut off from the real world. I was saying you're a little princess."

"I am not" Jennifer said as Zoe tried to stifle a giggle. "I've done lots of stuff."

"Right" Sam said, "So you've cybered before?"

"Honestly?" Jennifer said blushing, "yeh."

"No shit? don't lie to me" Sam said suddenly interested.

"No I have a couple of times" Jennifer said, as Zoe spoke up and said, "you never told me that."

"Cause you never asked and I never see you anymore" Jennifer said in a defensive tone of voice.

"Besides I suck at it, cybering I mean" Jennifer said going on. "They pretty much said so."

"Cause you need some real life experience to draw on" Sam said.

"Real life?"

"Ya need a lay" Sam said as Zoe looked at her with a drop jawed expression.

"Well she does" Sam said. "And what would you know about getting laid?"

"So what else have you done?" Sam asked brushing Zoe's question off. "Anything cool?"

"Depends on what you mean by cool?" Jennifer said, "Prolly nothing you'd consider cool."

"Ever made out with a guy?" Sam asked.

"Yeh" Jennifer replied, "Zoe's ex Micheal made out with me. Zoe taught him how to kiss. And so he taught me."

"You taught a guy how to kiss?" Sam asked Zoe, "You been holding out on me Zo!"

"Well yeh he sucked at it so I taught him" Zoe said folding the laptop and cutting the connection to the internet. "He got pretty good at it."

"Yeh he was" Jennifer said as Zoe pushed her and they both laughed.

"So where did you learn so much about kissing at?" Sam asked as both Zoe and Jennifer froze and Sam knew she'd hit up on an interesting topic and possibly a good juicy secret.

"Someone taught me" Zoe said opening the laptop again before Sam jerked it away and asked, "Who?"

"Her friend Sarah" Jennifer said as Sam looked at Zoe in surprise and Jennifer laughed as Zoe shot her a dirty look.

"A girl? That has to be a girl cause I never met any guy name Sarah" Sam said.

"Yeh she is" Zoe said as Sam laid the laptop down between them and said with a huge smirk, "Wanna teach me?"

"Nooooooo" Zoe said blushing even more as Sam and Jennifer both laughed. "I don't wanna."

"Why not Zoe?" Jennifer asked teasingly. "Afraid you might like it?"

"You shut up, you're the one who wouldn't shut the hell up till I kissed you?" Zoe said as Jennifer started blushing herself and said, "Oh yeah."

"You've kissed her and you won't kiss me?" Sam asked turning toward's Zoe with a challenging expression. "What's the difference?"

"I'm cuter" Jennifer said as Zoe laughed and watched her flip her blonde hair seductively. "Why do you want to anyway?"

"I don't" Sam said looking away.

"You've never kissed anyone have you?" Zoe asked.

"Fuck are you crazy girl?" Sam asked, "course I have, I almost went all the way with Mandy's friend Logan."

"So why do you care if she'll kiss you or not?" Jennifer asked before Zoey could. "You into girls or something?"

"Her sister is" Zoe said, "Are you like curious or something?"

"Both of them actually are" Sam said, "But Mandy's more into guys and she only fools around with girls when she's smashed out of her mind."

"So are you?" Zoe asked as both her and Jennifer looked at Sam. Who for once was the uncomfortable one.

"Can we just talk about something else?" Sam asked quietly.

"NO" Jennifer said in a demanding voice, "I wanna know, you brought it up."

"Yeh I guess I'm curious" Sam said looking at Zoe. "Just seems like everyone's tried it and I'm missing out on something."

"That's weird cause I'm sorta in the same place you are" Zoe said softly, "My sister is totally into this girl and my step sister is pretty much confirmed she's gay."

"And you've never been curious?" Sam asked as Zoe began thinking back and about the night of Cori's accident, when her and Sarah had that heart to heart.

"Well yeh I was, I thought I was in love with Sarah at one point" Zoe said, "but it turned out it was a weird place I was in."

"You guys should so kiss and get it over with" Jennifer said with a smirk as both Sam and Zoe looked at her and she laughed. "What? You should."

"If you're so hot to see two girls kiss you do it" Zoe said with a challenging expression as Jennifer looked at Sam and shrugged her shoulders and said, "OK."

Zoe looked at Sam and saw a mix of emotions on her face as Jennifer turned so she was facing Sam, both now sitting indian style on the bed with their knees touching. Sam moved her short hair behind her ears and Jennifer did the same with her long blonde locks and looked straight ahead trying to look confident. Sam looked down and noticed that Jennifer's hands had now slipped to her knees, she could feel her touch through the fabric of her own jeans. Zoe watched Sam bite her lip nervously as she leaned forward and Jennifer do the same and couldn't believe her eyes when their lips touched softly. Jennifer cupped Sam's chin in her hand and lead the kiss, as she pushed her tongue into Sam's mouth and massaged Sam's tongue with her own. Maybe a little too rough Jennifer worried at the time as Sam's lips fell into perfect time with hers. A few more long seconds of soft french kissing followed as Zoe watched and wondered to herself if they were gonna stop. But finally it stopped, with both pulling away slowly.

"That was so cool" Sam said her forehead touching Jennifer's, and both smiled and Zoe noticed Jennifer's hands were now mid way up Sam's thighs.

"Yeh it was" Jennifer said noticing Zoe again and suddenly pulling away and sliding off the bed as Sam sat up and gave her a weird look. "I gotta go Zoe, Ummmmm....I'll talk to you later...Bye."

"What was that all about?" Sam asked as Zoe shrugged and watched Jennifer disappear out the door.

** ** **

"IS KATIE HOME?" Shady practically screamed after knocking on the door and hearing someone scream in reply, "Who is it?"

Shady got ready to scream her reply when the door flew open and an older looking version of Katie stuck her head out and apologized for her son's rudeness, as she said and invited Shady inside.

"I'm Katie's mother Kimberly" She said as Shady introduced herself. "And that mess of a young man is Katie's older brother Kyle."

"Hey" Kyle said as he staired at Shady with a goofy grin. Still wearing his pj bottoms, his hair a complete mess and eating chips from the bag. "I can go get Katie for you if you want."

"Thank you Kyle, I have a roast on for dinner and it needs rotating" Kimberly said with a gentle smile, "Shady make yourself at home."

"Tell me something" Kyle said with a grin as he moved in front of Shady, "why is it that ever hot girl that comes to that door is after my sister?"

"Who says I'm here to see only her cutie?" Shady asked cupping Kyle's chin and smiling sweetly. "Now can you go get Katie for me and I'll give you my phone number."

"Yeh sure" Kyle said with a broad goofy smile and turning and promptly falling over a pile of shoes at the bottom of the steps. He blushed and scrambled back to his feet trying to act cool and went running up the steps.

"What a dork" Shady said as she laughed to herself. She took a seat and saw Kyle come back down a few minutes later, now dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with his hair now fixed as best it could she noticed.

"So what about that phone number?" Kyle asked plopping down beside her and scooting close.

"I said you get Katie for me first" Shady said as he slipped his arm around her. "And I don't see her."

"You will, she'll be up before too long, until then whatta say we get to know each other?" Kyle asked a swagger as Shady started to get up and felt Kyle pull her back down and lean close. "You said I was cute. So what parts do you think are cutest?"

"Look could you please get off me" Shady asked as Kyle slid his hand across her stomach and reached the top of her jeans as she jumped up and tried to get away but was being held somewhat in place by his hand on her shoulder. Feeling her anger explode she drew her elbow forward slammed it into his ribs violently. A loud gasp of air left Kyle's mouth as slumped to the side as Shady got up and noticed another person standing by the entrance to the dining room. Fearing she'd made a mistake as she looked at Kyle she said. "Look I'm sorry I just over...."

"I saw everything" The Man said, "He got what he deserved, I'm Katie's sane brother Kevin."

"Look I'm just gonna go" Shady mumbled as she turned before she again heard Kevin's voice, "Why don't you go on up and talk to Katie, I think she's up. Hers is the last room on the right."

"You sure?" Shady asked as Kevin walked over to her and picked her hand up and shook it. Then saying, "Nice to meet you."

"You too" Shady said as Kyle stood and said, "I was just playing."

"Whatever little boy" Shady replied as she walked away, going up the stairs and spotting Katie coming out of her room with a towel and clean clothes over her arm and heading for the bathroom. She stopped as she spotted Shady and smiled.

"Hey" Katie said. With that same sweet smile and one that Shady noticed and gladly returned.

"Did ya get some rest?" Shady asked as Katie smoothed her tangled hair out of her eyes and opened her door and pulled Shady inside before closing the door.

"Yeh a little" Katie said looking down the hall and seeing the coast was clear before closing it again. "So what are you doing here? Wait before you answer I didn't mean it that way."

"I was hoping you didn't" Shady said with a smile. "I just got groped by your brother, and 'bout 45 minutes ago me and Joey broke up."

"I'm so sorry" Katie said with her hand over mouth, "I'm gonna kill him. Wait you broke up with Joey?"

"Yeh we decided she was in love with that retard she's staying with" Shady said before she could stop herself and quickly rephrased when she saw Katie's smile fade. "I mean that girl, Cori. I know I gotta a big mouth."

"She's a friend of mine" Katie said quietly, "she didn't steal Joey from you either..."

"I know, I know" Shady said covering Katie's lips with her hand gently. "I'm sorry, I'm just still upset and I tend to mouth off when I'm that way."

"It's ok" Katie said taking her hand and feeling it shake slightly. "Your shaking, are you ok?"

"Yeh I am" Shady said, "Believe it or not, this is the first time in my life I've ever felt like this. It's feels like crap, but I always close myself off and just stop feeling. I didn't do that this time. See my therapist said if I let myself feel the pain it'll go away quicker or something like that. So that's what I'm doing."

"Joey really broke it off?" Katie asked.

"Yeh and I just really wanted to see someone who wouldn't throw me out" Shady said as Katie hugged her. "I needed that."

"I won't throw you out" Katie said still smiling as she took a seat on the bed and motioned for Shady to sit down in the chair by her. "Seems you could use a friend right now."

"Yeh a real friend, not a fuck boddy or girl to sleep around with either" Shady said, "I mean a real friend. I don't seem to have a lot of those anymore."

"Maybe we can be friends" Katie offered, "Cause after last night I think my ring of friends is pretty much chopped in half."

"I'm sorry" Shady said, "I got drunk, and you looked so hot. I just wanted someone or two someone's...I dunno."

"It was as much my fault as it was yours" Katie said, "Just a stupid mistake. That might end up killing what ever I still had with Jessie once she finds out and not to mention Joanna."

"See I'm like a hurricane" Shady said standing, "everywhere I go I create havoc and destruction."

"No wait, Shady" Katie said stopping her from opening the door. "Will you stop blaming only yourself? I had a big part in last night too."

"Yeh but...." Shady said as Katie covered her mouth and said, "Look, I don't have the answers or know the right thing to say, but I do know that not everyone hates you. I don't."

"Will you go out with me?" Shady asked suddenly with a gentle smile. Making Katie's eyes open in surprise as she couldn't help but smile. "You are just so beautiful and smart and I have always had this insane crush on you. And I swear I'm not looking to get laid, even if you don't believe that it's true. I'm asking cause I'd like to hang out with you for a couple of hours with no pressure. Get to know this amazing girl in front of me. Please? We'll have fun I promise. We can do..."

"Ok Shady ok" Katie said with a giggle, "One date but you better behave."

"Yes!" Shady said grabbing Katie in a hug for a moment and releasing her before spinning around excitedly. Katie couldn't help but laugh and feel good knowing she'd made Shady feel better. "So when?"

"Ummmmm...this weekend?" Katie asked picking up her scheduler from the desk by the door and flipping through it. Hoping Shady wouldn't think she was trying to blow her off. "Saturday...night ok?"

"Ummmm....'bout 7:00 or 7:30?" Shady asked with a hopeful smile.

"7:30 then" Katie said writing it down, "I think I'll need some time away from everything after this week coming up. School and all. Gonna be hectic. So I'm looking forward to this."

"So anything you wanna do?" Shady asked leaning against the door and as Katie observed looked particularly cute at the moment. "Anything at all, the world is at your feet."

"Oh yeah I wished" Katie said laying down her scheduler.

"I'm serious" Shady said, "We could like....take my dad's jet and fly to paris for breakfast or go to L.A. and see the Dodgers play or the Lakers. Which ever sport you like."

"Baseball prolly" Katie said as Shady smiled at Katie's awe struck expression. "You're dad has a jet?"

"Three actually" Shady said sensing an oppurtunity to impress Katie. "He lets me use the small one for stuff if I beg."

"Did you ever do anything like this with Joey?"

"She hated it when I threw money around..." Shady said, "...and besides she's afraid to fly. Enough about her. What do you wanna do?"

"Your not taking me anywhere, I'm gonna take you some place" Katie said getting a smile on her face. "We'll see how much you really wanna get to know me."

"Oh boy" Shady said as Katie laughed and said, "it's not all that bad. I always have fun there."

"Then what is it?"

"You'll have to wait and see" Katie said opening the door as Shady moved aside and followed her into the hall. Just as Kevin was leading Kyle down the hall by the neck.

"OK apologize like a real man" Kevin said with a grip on his younger brother's neck. Kyle grimaced and said barely loud enough for anyone to hear, "I'm so sorry for being an ass to you down stairs."

"It's ok, just don't let it happen again" Shady said.

"Yeh next time my foot will be in your ass" Kevin said shoving his little brother away and walking after him.

"So I'll see you at school on Monday?" Shady asked, "You're a senior like me right?"

"Yeh" Katie said, "So we'll probably be seeing a lot of each other."

"Yeh I hope so...."

** ** ** 8 hours later

"How can you take this waiting?" Sarah asked pacing back and forth in front of Cori, Jean, Joey, Kile and Grace. "It's killing me."

"You're not dieing you're just over anxious" Grace said as the nurse came out of the lab and said, "Your results are back Mr. Molloy."

"Thank god" Kile said standing up and putting an arm around Sarah. "Thank you Nurse Selkirk."

"Dr. Beechum will be out in a minute with the papers" She said smiling and returning to the lab as Sarah and Kile smiled at each other nervously.

"I just want this to be over" Sarah said. "How long does it take for a simple test?"

"Calm down Sarah" Grace said putting her arms around her girlfriends neck, "you wanna make sure they get it right."

"True" Sarah said leaning back into Grace as she leaned against the wall.

"Doctor" Kile said as he shook Dr. Beachum's hand.

"Would you rather read the results yourself or have me read them?" Dr. Beechum asked as Kile said in reply, "Just read it."

"As you wish" Dr. Beechum said as Cori rolled next to Kile and took his hand, while Joey took her other one. Kile reached for Sarah's and Grace pulled Sarah closer, holding her tighter.

"In the paternity test of Kile Jason Molloy and Corinne Tyler..." Dr. Beechum said as he opened the envelope. "The results are....within a 99 percent degree of accuracy, Mr. Molloy you ARE the father of Ms. Tyler."

"Thank you lord" Kile said as everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief and Jean hugged Cori tightly and she smiled brightly. "Now you have a father Cori."

"I like that" Cori said hugging Kile as Dr. Beechum waited a moment before opening the next envelope.

"Go ahead doctor let's make this a double play" Kile said taking Sarah's hand again.

"In the paternity test of Kile Jason Molloy and Sarah Renae Grasser..." Dr. Beechum said, "the results are...within a 99 percent degree of accuracy...Mr. Molloy, I'm sorry. You are not the father."

"What? noooooo" Sarah said as Grace's jaw dropped and Kile took the paper from Doctor Beechum and read the results himself.

"Oh my god no, this can't possibly be" Jean said joining Kile as Sarah slipped away from Grace and ran off down the hall, tears coming to her eyes as she pushed the doors open at the end of the hall and ran faster.

"She's not my sister?" Cori asked as Joey hugged her and said, "that's what it means."

"I'll go" Grace said stopping Kile and Jean from chasing after Sarah. "I just think she needs some time."

"If there's anything I can do...." Kile said.

"I know you'd do it" Grace said touching his hand annd turning to go after Sarah. Something she thought would be rather simple, but after following the hall way all the way to the end and seeing no sign of her she began to worry. Getting the crazy idea Sarah might do something to hurt herself Grace felt her breathing quicken considerably and she began sweating as she traced her foot steps back towards the DNA lab. She stopped an orderly and asked him, but he was clueless, offering a smile and moving on. She turned around and again made her way to the end of the hall and to no avail. Putting her hands in her hair she took a seat and felt a moment of panic overcome her as clenched her fists and felt cold chills run down her body.

"Exit" The sign read and for some reason it seemed like a viable option at this moment as Grace jumped up, thinking Sarah might have left the floor for some reason. She burst through the door and to Grace's utter relief, spotted her a few steps on the first flight, crying into her arms with her legs pulled to her chest. Grace quietly sat down in front of her, touching Sarah's hand and watching her raise her head slowly.

"There my blue eyes is" Grace said smiling, "my goofy goofy blue eyes, this amazing girl I've fallen completely in love with."

"You're always there for me" Sarah said as she pulled Grace closer, raising her legs and putting them over Grace's thighs and then wrapping them around her lower back as Grace moved closer.

"And I always will be" Grace said kissing her softly, "Hold on to me, cause the ride is just beginning. I know how bad it hurts...Sing to me."


"Sing to me" Grace said as her heart beat faster when she saw Sarah smile and asked, "What song?"

"Our song" Grace said softly, "Amazed?"

"Every time our eyes meet" Sarah sang softly as she looked deep into Grace's.

"This feeling inside me. Is almost more than I can take" Sarah sang as she touched her hand to her heart.

"Baby when you touch me" Sarah sang as Grace did just that and touched her cheek as both smiled. "I can feel how much you love me. And it just blows me away."

"Me too my girl" Grace said softly as she leaned closer asnd touched her forehead to Sarah's and listened to her sing, "I've never been this close to anyone or anything."

"I can hear your thoughts. I can see your dreams" Sarah sang softly, looking straight into Grace's eyes and kissing her softly before going on, "I don't know how you do what you do I'm so in love with you. It just keeps getting better. I wanna spend the rest of my life. With you by my side. Forever and ever. Every little thing that you do. Baby I'm amazed by you."

"I love you" Grace said simply and noticing that Sarah's tears had stopped and she was suddenly smiling brightly.

"The smell of your skin" Sarah sang as both smiled and laced their fingers together and Sarah pressed her nose to Grace's hand and inhaled.

"The taste of your kiss" Sarah sang as she kissed Grace softly and let it linger for a moment. Again touching forheads, Grace began to sing with her now, "The way you whisper in the dark. Your hair all around me. Baby you surround me. You touch every place in my heart. Oh it feels like the first time every time. I wanna spend the whole night in your eyes."

"And I love you too" Sarah said as Grace smiled and turned around and leaned into Sarah. Pulling Sarah's arms around her and both smiling at the other. "Forever and always."

To be Continued....