Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 52 "Resistance Is Futile"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



Katie could literally feel her heart stop as she watched in horror at the scene that was playin out in front of her. The nice older couple who had stopped to help, reassured Katie that her friend would be ok. The EMT's seemed to be working feverishly to revive Shady as she lay motionless on the ground. Katie could feel a full-on nervous meltdown coming as she watched and prayed silently for Shady to at least move, even if just a little.

"She's not breathing, is that what they said, she's not breathing?" Katie asked the lady, who's name turned out to be Gloria, with her arms around her shoulders.

"Honey I never heard that" Gloria said, "Just calm down, it'll be ok."

"She's conscious, we got her back" The EMT worker announced to the others as they asked Shady, "Can you hear me? What's your name sweety?"

"It's Shady, Shady McCree" Katie said aloud. Feeling a sense of relief as one of the workers adknowledged her words with a quick glance. Her heart beginning to beat again as Shady opened her eyes and looked around and quickly said in a barely audible voice, "Katie?"

"Get her loaded on the stretcher" The EMT with the name tag Derrick Scaggs said.

"Shady, I'm here" Katie said as the workers lifted her onto the stretcher and then into the back of the ambulance.

"Is she ok?" Katie asked as Derrick got ready to close the door to the ambulance.

"She's stable for right now and she's conscious that's usually the best of the battle" He said confidently as Katie smiled and climbed in beside Shady.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor

"This is where I get to live?" Cori asked as she looked at the house from the car her and Lily had just drove up in.

"It sure is, sweety" Lily said as she got out and retrieved Cori's walker from the back seat and set it down by the passenger's door as Cori struggled to get to her feet. She looked at the fence across the yard, which was still damaged and seemed to be deep in thought as Lily asked, "Something on your mind?"

"I got the funniest feeling that I should know what happened to that fence" Cori said with a confused look.

"Do you?"

"No, but it's bugging me" Cori said with a determined look on her face as Lily hugged her and said, "Honey, it'll come to you."

"I hope you're right" Cori said as Lily smiled and walked ahead of her and made sure Cori was behind her. Cori stopped on the porch and looked out at the yard and asked, "Mom, is it ok if I sit on the porch for a while?"

"Sure honey, you wanna get some sun?"

"Yeh, I like being outside" Cori said as she sat down in one of the chairs. Lily set the stuff she was carrying inside the door before taking a seat next to Cori. "Is it ok if I call you that? I mean I know your not my real mom, right?"

"That's right" Lily said as she ran her fingers through Cori's blonde hair and tucked it behind her ear. "But, I sure do hope you'll let me be there like I was your real mom. I'll never get tired of hearing you call me Mom."

"Good cause I like calling you Mom" Cori said with a sweet smile, "So I guess it's ok if I call....ummmm what's his name?"

"Rick?" Lily asked as Cori grinned sheepishly.

"Oh yeah, now I'm forgetting the things I learned after the accident" Cori said as Lily laughed.

"No you're not either young lady" Lily said, "It'll come all back to you, it takes time."

"Rick right?" Cori asked as a car pulled up in the driveway behind Lily's as Lily nodded her head to Cori, "I can call him Dad, right?"

"Well you can ask him if you'd like, cause that's him" Lily said as Rick came up the walk and kissed his wife softly, and then looking at Cori asked, "So how's my Cori doing?"

"Happy to be home...Dad" Cori said as Rick smiled, "I hope I never have to go back there again."

"Dad huh?" Rick asked as Cori smiled proudly, "It's ok right?"

"Fine with me young lady" Rick said as he kissed Cori on the cheek and surprised her when he swept her up into his arms and asked, "How about I show you your new room?"

"This big place is all mine?" Cori asked as they arrived in the guest room, down the hall from the kitchen. "I like it."

"Good, cause you can't exactly be picky" Rick said teasingly as he sat her down on the bed. "Unless you'd like the attic room?"

"Funny Dad" Cori said with a 'your not funny' look on her face. "Do you think Joey will be here soon?"

"Should be in a few minutes" Rick said checking his watch and handing Cori the remote to the tv. "It's about that time."

"Good, I sorta miss her already" Cori admitted as Rick took the seat by Cori on the bed and flicked on the tv.

"We get a lot more channels here than at the hospital you know" Rick said as Cori took the remote back and flipped through the channels.

"Hit that button that says guide, and you can see what's on right now" Rick said as Cori smiled at it popped up and she said, "It's like a TV TV guide."

"Yeh and here's the old movie channel that you like" Rick said as he turned it to the channel, "And now you know what's on all the time."

"Cool, this sure beats the hospital channel's" Cori said as Rick agreed, "Look at that, tonight at 8 your favorite movie is on. Rear Window."

"You never watched that have you?" Cori asked excitedly as Rick shook his head no and Cori went on, "Good then you can watch it with me."

"And who says I don't have other plans?" Rick asked as he poked Cori in the ribs and she laughed and tried to roll away. "I'd love too."

"I'll fix some pop corn and chill some soda's" Lily said, "We'll watch it together."

"It's a date" Cori said as Rick handed her back the remote and slipped off the bed just as the doorbell rung.

"I'll get it" Rick said as Lily asked Cori, "So, you hungry?"

"Starved, I didn't get lunch" Cori replied, "What's on the menu?"

"Anything you want" Lily said as Cori smiled and asked, "Burgers and fries?"

"You got it" Lily said as she kissed her forehead and rose from the bed as Joey came into the room and saw Cori's face light up.

"FROGGIE" She practically screamed as she held up her arms for a hug. Joey smiled back as she sat down and hugged her.

"Lunch will be ready soon" Lily said as she left the room and pulled the door together. Joey watched the door close and then turned to Cori smiling at her at her. She leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips as she slipped to the middle of the bed laid down beside of her.

"How's my girl doing?" Joey asked after they broke and Cori took her hand and laced their fingers together.

"Tired, it's already been a long day" Cori said, "But I'm better now that I get to see you."

"Me too, school was a pain without you" Joey said as she laid her head down, "After spending all day with you for weeks it's hard to get used to going to school again, all day."

"I know I missed you like crazy" Cori said, "But like you said I have to learn to do stuff on my own."

"And when you can't, I'll help" Joey said softly. "And the best thing about you being home, I live just across the street."

"Really? But that one has a pool" Cori said as Joey raised her eyebrows suggestively and said in a low sultry voice, "Dats it my CoCo"

"Stop that?" Cori said as Joey giggled, "You gonna get me in trouble."

"Why do you like it when I talk like that?" Joey asked. "Huh?"

"Yeh, of course I do" Cori said looking at the door nervously.

"Does it make you wanna kiss me?" Joey asked in a whisper as she nuzzled Cori's neck.

"You're makin me feel ways I don't remember feelin before, Joey" Cori said as she squirmed and Joey gave her a look and asked, "I am? Like what way."

"You know" Cori said as she blushed a deep crimson red.

"And exactly when did you start having thoughts like that?" Joey asked as she laid back against the pillows.

"Not long" Cori admitted nervously. "Is it wrong? I shouldn't have told you."

"No no, it's not wrong, everyone gets that way"

"They do?"

"Yeh they do" Joey said with a smile, "it's normal."

"This is all so confusing" Cori said as she laid down on her side facing Joey. "I just wish I could remember."

"I know my CoCo" Joey said as she kissed Cori's cheek gently, "I'm here for you, you don't have to be scared."

"I love you so much Frog....Joey" Cori said as she put her hand on Joey's cheek and rubbed it gently.

"Me too Cori, me too" Joey said with a smile.

** ** ** Meanwhile somewhere near Sammler-Manning Manor

"So you wanna come over for a while?" Jessie asked Joanna as the bus drove away. "I mean you did ride all this way."

"I'm like a lost puppy you gotta run me off" Joanna said with a smile as Jessie blushed, "Ruff ruff."

"A cute puppy too" Jessie said as Joanna was stopped in her tracks as she looked at Jessie to see if she was serious.

"Wait, did you call me cute?" Joanna asked, following after Jessie as she walked off.

"Well there wasn't any other puppies around" Jessie said as Joanna flashed her a dazzling smile.

"Ya know if you keep being nice to me I'm gonna be forced to be your slave" Joanna said, "Your loooooove slave."

"Will you stop that" Jessie said as she looked around nervously.

"Am I embarrassing you?" Joanna asked with a challenging smile. "Huh?"

"No, but my parents won't think it's so adorable" Jessie said as Joanna got serious for a moment and said, "Gotcha homey, the parental units will never hear me horny out like that?"

"Translation to english please?" Jessie said as Joanna grinned and replied, "I be cool in front of mom and dad."

"Thank you" Jessie said as a black cadillac slowly drove by heading towards Sammler-Manning Manor, as Joanna froze. Jessie noticed a blond girl seemed to be lost in conversation on a phone and was looking the other way, probably looking for an address, she thought. Joanna looked and tried to see where the car was going. Jessie touched her shoulder and noticed Joanna looked as if she'd seen a ghost as she stopped and watched the car, as it slowed and turned ahead of them and disappeared in the distance after a few more moments. Joanna seemed to stand in that one spot forever as she looked down the road for the longest time. Jessie shook her gently and wondered what or who could have been that shocking to see that would freeze Joanna like this. "Who was that? Joanna? Helloooo?"

"What?" Joanna asked as she looked back at Jessie but still in a daze said, "It couldn't have been her."

"Who?" Jessie asked as Joanna shook her head and seemed to be back to normal as she smiled again at Jessie and said, "My ex-girl...I mean an old friend, I ain't seen her in a year or so. I heard she got killed out in Nevada or Utah, so it couldn't have been her. Sorry."

"Ok, you looked like you had seen a ghost" Jessie said and letting her mind wonder as Joanna once again looked off into the distance as Jessie asked, trying to get her attention, "By the way where do you live exactly?"

"Let's just say it's a long way" Joanna said. "About 90 minutes by bus."

"Are you kidding?"

"Nope that's what you get when you decide to move out of the house at 15" Joanna said, "Not like my parents give a frig, but I couldn't take their crap anymore."


"Dad's a drunk and mom's a controlling bitch" Joanna said, "Imagine Shady on steriods."

"Whoa" Jessie said.

"Yeh, but I'm ok" Joanna said as she went on, "I get by."

"You got any friends down where you live?" Jessie asked as they came up the walk.

"None I care to hang out with" Joanna said. "I don't do drugs or drink and they do. So I like to stay as far away from there as possible."

"Too bad you can't find a place around here we could hang out more" Jessie commented as she sat down in the swing and watched Joanna set down beside her.

"And you wouldn't mind that?"

"No, not really" Jessie said. "I don't think I'd get tired of you as easily as you might think."

"Maybe so" Joanna replied, "But you'd be surprised at how many people who've run me off."

"I think your funny" Jessie said, "What can I say?"

"Yo dis be Jo, who dis be?" Joanna said as she picked up her phone, "Oh hey Logan, yeh I'm coming tonight. What time you rollin by? Are you kidding? OK."

"Hey you wanna go rollin tonight?" Joanna asked Jessie.

"Where to?"

"Is tonight the races?" Joanna asked into the phone and then covering the reciever said to Jessie, "Street Racing, downtown somewhere."

"I don't think so" Jessie said as Joanna shrugged her shoulders and said to Logan, "Yeh I be, holla at a girl before. Muahz cutie."

"Do you speak any english?" Jessie asked as she laughed and Joanna shot her a warning look.

"JFine, you is not funny" Joanna said as she poked Jessie in the ribs. Jessie laughed and covered up and asked, "JFine?"

"Yeh dats you" Joanna said, "Cause you is J and you are soooo fine."

"Ok calling Joanna, come back out" Jessie said with a giggle.

"Funny, ok, I'm back" Joanna said, "When I talk to Logan I talk like that."

"It's cute, but annoying" Jessie said as Joanna shrugged her shoulders.

"You sure you don't wanna go tonight?" Joanna asked. "It's usually over by one."


"Yeh why?" Joanna said. "They have them about every night, last night was a blast."

"You stay out till 1 in the morning and still get up and ride 90 minutes across town this morning to get here?"

"Yeh" Joanna said as she looked away and kicked a pebble with her shoe.

"Just to see me?" Jessie asked softly as Joanna suddenly began acting nervous as she stood and kicked the pebble again and didn't say anything right away.

"Yeh" Joanna finally said in a soft voice as Jessie stood and moved beside her. "I know it's weird ok, I get that a lot, that I come on strong when I like someone. It's just that I had a lot more fun than I thought I would with you at the game, like I said and I thought about you all night. Ok, shutting up now."

"I had fun at the game too, now I know the difference between a bunt and a home run" Jessie said as Joanna looked over. "And this morning? Was a really nice surprise."

"There you go JFine, being nice to your stalker" Joanna with a confident smile.

"She's back" Jessie said with a roll of her eyes as she turned to go in the house, stopping at the door and asking. "You coming?"

** ** ** Meanwhile 2 hours later at the Hospital

"Well, Miss Singer, what a surprise to see you here" Dr Blacklyn said as he came into the room.

"Doctor B?" Katie asked looking up from her magazine, "You working here today?"

"Yeh, a colleague of mine came up sick and I'm filling in" He explained, "Now as to...Miss McCree is it?"

"Yeh, she's still asleep" Katie said as she shook Shady gently and leaned over and said in a gentle voice, "Shady wake up, Shady..."

"MMMMMMMMM, god you're pretty" Shady said as she opened her eyes and saw a smiling Katie.

"You are such a player" Katie said as Shady smiled, "Think you can turn it off for a while and talk to the Doctor?"

"Miss McCree, how are you feelin?" Dr. Blacklyn asked.

"Like crap, but better than I was before" She said, "I'm so sleepy."

"Well from the tests we run, it appears you had a case of food poisoning" Dr. Blacklyn explained, "When was the last time you slept?"

"Before this?"


"2 or 3 days" Shady said as Katie looked at her in shock, "I've been stressed out over some stuff and couldn't sleep."

"Well if you keep us this pace young lady, with this stress level, you won't be hear much longer" Dr. Blacklyn said in a stern voice. "I'm gonna release you to the custody of your parents and suggest that..."

"My parents are out of the country" Shady said.

"I can stay with her if that helps at all?" Katie offered as she felt Shady take her hand gently.

"Miss McCree do you have a number at which you can reach your parents?" Dr Blacklyn asked. Katie reached into Shady's pants and fished out the number as the doctor went to make the call.

"This is gonna disappoint a lot of people" Shady said as Katie asked, "Why?"

"Think about it, I survived" Shady said with not a hint of a smile. "I'm not exactly the most liked person."

"Hey, I like you" Katie said with a smile, "And don't argue with me over that."

"You saved my life" Shady said after a long moments pause, "Why?"

"I like fast cars" Katie said as Shady smiled and laughed. "What can I say?"

"Ok, ladies I have some good news" Dr Blacklyn said as he arrived back in the room, "Miss McCree your parents are making arrangements to catch the first flight home and we have their permission to release you. Which lookin at your chart, I don't think we have any reason to hold you."

"You wanna try and get up?" Katie asked as Shady sat up and sat for a few moments on the end of the bed. Then standing as she got steady on her feet once again. Dr Blacklyn gave specific instructions that she was to go straight home and rest for the next 24 to 48 hours before attempting any activity. A cab ride home was followed by Katie and Shady's slow walk to her bedroom as Shady crawled in first and laid down. "You dizzy or anything?"

"No, for the 15th time Mom, I'm not, Katie, I was tired" Shady said as she rolled onto her back and watched Katie sit some water on the night stand. "You look tired too."

"I'm ok" Katie said as she took a seat by the bed, "I just didn't sleep well last night is all."

"Come on" Shady said as she reached over and took Katie's hand and pulled her towards the bed, "Lay down with me."

"Shady, I'm not...." Katie started as she rose from the chair and slipped into the bed beside Shady. Feelin Shady pull a cover over both of them. Katie rolled on to her back and felt herself quickly relax as Shady said, "Girl you even smell good."

"What am I gonna do with you?" Katie giggled as Shady rolled onto her side and moved a little closer, so Katie could feel the girls breath hot on her neck, she looked to see Shady grinning like a cat that ate the bird as she gently touched Katie's cheek for a moment, then whispering, "You're officially the best friend I have."

"Rest" Katie said with a smile as she too turned onto her side and looked Shady in the eye and figured she'd get back up after Shady slipped off to sleep. Katie lay there and listened to Shady's breathing get heavier as she slipped off as she found her eyelids get heavy a few moments later. Before she knew it she too had fallen asleep and into a dream about the events of the last several days.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sarah's Place, after school

"What time did Mom say we needed to be there?" Grace asked Sarah as she came back into the bathroom after going down to check the mail.

"No set time" Sarah said sticking her head out of the shower, "I just wanted to see Cori and make sure she's doing ok. Anything in the mail?"

"Your new Adam & Eve catalogue" Grace said as she showed it to Sarah with a teasing smile. "Thinkin about ordering some new love tools to use on me are you?"

"12 inch strap-on maybe" Sarah said as Grace's mouth dropped open.

"I seriously would kill you if you even proposed that" Grace said as she giggled and then wondered to herself if Sarah really had a strap-on. "Now a normal size one wouldn't be so bad."

"Yeh as long as you're ready" Sarah said with a serious tone, it took a moment for Grace to realize what she thought Sarah meant.

"I have one you know" Sarah said with a smile as she drew Grace's mind away from the thoughts in her head momentarily. "Come do my back?"

"Is it big?" Grace asked as she nodded her head and began stripping out of her clothes as Sarah poked her head out again and watched with an approving smile as she said. "About average I'd say."

"Why you thinkin about it?" Sarah asked as Grace dropped her panties on the floor and stepped into the tub.

"I have a couple of times" Grace admitted as Sarah turned her back and lifted her hair out of the way as Grace took the soap and began slowly working a lather up on Sarah's back. The moment seemed to fade as Sarah didn't know what to say but let the comment go unanswered as she enjoyed the feeling of Grace's hands on her back and didn't wanna ruin the moment with a silly comment.

"Feels so good" Sarah commented as Grace rubbed her shoulders gently and massaged her neck. "Ohmigod, Grace, right there."

"Here?" Grace asked as she rubbed a little harder in one particular spot on Sarah's neck that seemed to be a knot of muscles. She could feel the knot slowly give way as she rubbed it and Sarah rolled her neck to the other side and encouraged her to go on. "Didn't know you liked massages so much."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM yeh that feels soooo good" Sarah said in almost a moan, "This so gets me in the mood, just so you know."

"Really?" Grace asked as she guided Sarah into the spray of the shower and then pulling her back and feeling bold, moved her girlfriends hair aside and kissing the spot on Sarah's neck that she had just rubbed. Making Sarah's hole body respond in an instant and her chin quiver in pleasure as Grace did it again softly.

"Ohmigod, if you don't stop..." Sarah said in a moan as she quickly turned around and saw Grace smile at her victoriously. "What gave you that idea?"

"Seemed like it might get you going" Grace said as she kissed Sarah softly. "Did it?"

"Oh have no idea" Sarah said as Grace giggled. "That has to be my magic spot."


"I read one time every girl has a spot on her body that when touched in the right way gets her going instantly" Sarah said, "I didn't believe it till now."

"Major discovery" Grace giggled as Sarah kissed her passioniately and said with lust in her eyes, "I'm about to make another discovery."

"What are you....ohmigod Sarah...."

30 minutes later...

"Jesus Sarah....." Grace panted as both laid in the bathtub almost breathless as the water from the shower overhead cooled their bodies from the intense workout they'd just experienced. "What in the world was that?"

"It's me when I can't control myself anymore" Sarah said with a soft kiss, "I didn't freak you out did I?"

"No, I got into after a while" Grace said as Sarah giggled and said, "You sure did."

"Was that the result of me kissing your neck?"

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" Sarah said with her arms around Grace's body, "Want me to try finding your special place now? Might take hours you know?"

"No and you're bad, I'll be lucky if I can stand" Grace said as she stood and helped Sarah up. "Shaky legs, thanks to you."

"Me too, but damn it was sooooooo worth it" Sarah commented as she kissed Grace once more and stepped out of the shower and took a towel.

Grace quickly showered, getting out she dried off and stood in the doorway to the bathroom watching Sarah brush her hair by the window, admiring the gorgeous view of her girlfriend wearing only a tan and a smile. Sarah was obviously thinking about something or someone as she brushed her hair mindlessly, Grace observed. The shower they had just shared and the intense "love making", if you could call it that, was still fresh in her mind. Grace couldn't help but smile as she watched Sarah pull at a knot in her hair and struggle with it. Taking a few steps forward, undetected as Sarah finally succeeded in pulling the knot from her hair. Which Grace noticed was growing out more every day, unlike when they had first met. Grace took a final step and pressed her body gently against Sarah's back as her girlfriend looked back with an adoring smile.

"You know I like your hair like this?" Grace said softly as Sarah looked back at her and felt Grace's hands sliding across her bare stomach.

"I was thinkin of having it cut you know?" Sarah said with a smile, "but if you like it?"

"I really do" Grace said as she kissed her cheek. "Look so pretty like that."

"Nough said" Sarah replied as she grinned and felt Grace cup her breasts in her hands. "MMMMMMMMMM, I think my Gracey is in the mood."

"Just a little" Grace said as she giggled and took Sarah's hand and moved towards the bed.

"Which brings back to mind what we talked about earlier" Grace said in a noticably nervous voice as they settled down on the bed.

"Yeh?" Sarah asked with obvious interest.

"I'm still techically a virgin" Grace said with a shaky voice.

"Yeh, true, you thought about when you gonna change that?" Sarah asked looking down at the bed and then up at Grace.

"Crossed my mind I guess" Grace replied. "Why?"

"Well, sounds like to me, you've been thinking about it some" Sarah said softly with a hint of nervousness as she stroked her hand softly up and down the skin of Grace's smooth thigh. Grace gladly letting Sarah take control of the conversation. "So..."

"You want it?" Grace asked.

"If you truly wanted me to have it" Sarah commented. "Cause I'd be gentle and make sure you enjoy it."

"I wouldn't want anyone else to do it anyway" Grace said as she placed her legs over Sarah's on the bed. "You don't have to convince me."

"Besides, the person who takes your cherry should be special" Sarah said as she stroked her hand up Grace's flat sexy stomach now and coming to her girlfriends breasts and slowly cupping them in her hands as Grace smiled approvingly.

"She is" Grace said with an adoring smile, loving Sarah's light touch as she kissed her softly for a long moment. "I always thought I'd save it till I was truly in love, and I was sure it was the right person. I am now, it's you Sarah, it's you my blue eyes."

"And you my amazing Grace, healed my broken heart" Sarah said as she kissed her softly and letting it linger. "This is gonna be a night you'll never forget, I promise."

"When do you think?" Grace asked as Sarah smiled mysteriously.

"For me to know, and you, to find out my baby" Sarah said, "I got a few things to do first."

"No fair" Grace complained as Sarah giggled.

"Soon Gracey, very soon" Sarah said as she kissed her again softly. "Enough talk about this, you're getting me back in the mood."

"So?" Grace asked.

"We do have to go and see Cori tonight, she's expecting us" Sarah said as she slipped off the bed and pulled Grace's hand towards the closet. "Come on we gotta get dressed."

"Tonight?" Grace asked as Sarah looked at her and knowing instantly what Grace was talking about.

"Nope, gimme a couple of days ok?"

"Anything you want..." Grace said as Sarah smiled and kissed her softly.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Back at The Palace

Katie slowly became aware again, as she found she was now alone, feeling lost and confused for a few moments as she reached out and found that Shady was nowhere to be found. Opening her eyes she could see the room was dark or so she thought as her eyes adjusted to the dim light. She spotted Shady sitting in the window seat across from the bed.

"Hey sleeping beauty" Shady said with a smile as she looked over at Katie. "You feel better?"

"MMMMMMMM, sure do" Katie said as she stretched and rolled onto her side and noticed it was dark outside.

"Why you up for? Couldn't you sleep?" Katie asked as she sat up on the bed.

"I slept fine" Shady said with a reassuring smile, "Best I've had in a long time actually."

"So you feel better?" Katie asked as she slipped off the bed and joined Shady on the window seat. Looking down to see she was writing a letter of some sort.

"Yeh, I'm better" Shady said as Katie grew curious and asked, "Whatcha writing?"

"A Dear Joey letter" Shady said as Katie giggled and asked, "Don't you mean a Dear John letter?"

"No, I'm pretty sure her name is Joey" Shady said as Katie rolled her eyes. "It's something, my therapist, Dr. Rosenfeld suggested, write everything down I regret and try to come to terms with it, if I can."

"There's a lot huh?" Katie asked as she looked down.

"Yeh, I wasn't too good to her most of the time" Shady said with a serious tone. "So I got a lot to write down."

"Want me to leave you alone?"

"No I don't actually" Shady with a forceful tone and then paused for a moment and in a softer tone asked, "Unless you wanna leave?"

"I don't really have anywhere to go" Katie said, "My world is pretty much home"

"It's my fault, I know, I'm sorry" Shady said as she laid her pen and paper down and lowered her head into her hands and started to cry. Katie froze in the moment and didn't know what to say as she slid a bit closer, her knees now touching Shady's as she put her hand in the girls hair and saying, "It's not your fault either."

"Whatever" Shady snapped as Katie pulled her hand away as Shady looked up. "I just wish I could stop driving people I really care about away."

"Believe it or not" Katie said as she tentatively touched Shady's thigh, "I know how you feel."

"Do you now?" Shady asked smiling and leaving Katie confused by her next comment, "Then tell me it's not twisted that I'm kinda glad this all happened the way it did."

"Why would you would be glad?" Katie asked in confusion.

"Well...." Shady said pausing for a moment and putting her hand on Katie's gently, "...I get THE Katie Singer all to myself."

"THE Katie Singer?" Katie asked blushing.

"Yeh, I told you I liked you" Shady said biting her lip nervously, "And it's not something that started recently either."

"Well, to be honest, I'm...not exactly...hating your company" Katie said with flirty smile.

"You may the only person on earth that feels that way" Shady said with a half-serious tone as Katie couldn't help but smile. "Cause I'm pretty sure that I'm not..."

"It's ok to feel good when the person you're flirting with, is flirting with you too" Katie said with a hand over Shady's mouth, "Get it?"

"Will you be my girlfriend?" Shady asked with a dreamy look in her eyes as Katie giggled.

"What?" Katie asked giggling, "How about we actually go on a date first?"

"Ok, I accept" Shady said with a challenging grin and Katie knew she'd walked into that one.

"Oh, that wasn't right you tricked me into that" Katie said as Shady leaned back against the wall with a satisfied look on her face.

"You asked me" Shady said as she shrugged her shoulders.

"Shady McCree, I'm gonna hurt you" Katie said as she walked to the bed and picked up a pillow and came near Shady who pointed at the pillow and said, "You know that pillow cost 700 bucks."

"No shit?" Katie asked as she lifted the pillow and looked at the gold embossed lettering on the top that read "SLM."

"Yeh, but it's still good for pillow fights" Shady said as she jerked it out of Katie's hand and whacked her with it. Katie stumbled back and ran for the bed as Shady chased after her. Diving onto the bed she turned over and covered up as Shady hit her again with the pillow before stopping and waiting for Katie to open her eyes. Katie peaked out of one eye and saw Shady lay the pillow down in front of her and say, "That was mean, I'm sorry."

"You, are a big softy" Katie said as she reached over and poked Shady in the ribs as they started wrestling again. Katie tried to pin Shady down but ended up getting pinned down herself, onto her back. "HELP! I'm defenseless."

"Oh shut up" Shady said with a giggle as she covered Katie's mouth, "Besides I think you like it when someone forces you."

"Maybe" Katie said as Shady moved her hand, "Why don't you do something and find out how much I resist?"

"I better not" Shady said releasing Katie's hands and rolling off to the side of the bed.

"What the hell?" Katie asked as Shady turned her back and moved back to the window seat. "What was that about? Did I say something wrong?"

"I'm not gonna force you to do anything" Shady said without looking up. "I used to do that to Joey and I'm doing that anymore."

"No, no, no, Shady listen..." Katie said rolling off the bed and sitting back down opposite Shady, "There's a huge difference, I wasn't really resisting."

"I dunno" Shady said refusing to look up. "I just know it feels like crap after you force someone and I won't do it..."

"Look at me" Katie said touching Shady's chin as Shady looked at her. "We were playing Shady, I wasn't scared for one second that you'd make me do something. I promise you that. I kinda liked it."

"I did too" Shady said with a shy smile. "I was gonna kiss you."

"Not exactly like I was gonna resist that offer" Katie said with a playful push as she got up and ran across the room, stopping at the door to see Shady still sitting with a shocked look on her face. "If you want me, you gotta catch me!"

Shady got a determined on her face as she jumped up and gave chase, prompting Katie to scream and go tearing down the hall and then thundering down the front steps as Shady gained on her with every step. Around the banister at the bottom and into the kitchen the chase lead as Katie ended up on one side of the center isle and Shady ended up on the other. Both waiting for the other to make their move. Katie ran for the door as Shady grabbed her around the waist and then held in a bear hug from behind as they started to wrestle, neither hearing the car pull into the garage with the constant stream of giggles. Shady finally pinned Katie to the refrigerator with a firm grip as Katie wrestled to get free for a moment and suddenly feeling Shady's grip loosen considerably as their eyes met and Shady released Katie's hands completed and asked, "Now if I kiss you, what are you gonna do?"

"Well I dunno Shady McCree, you big bully" Katie said with a teasing smile, "You'll just have to do it and find out."

"I don't wanna do something that's gonna screw this up before it even starts" Shady admitted honestly.

"Look, I'm not fighting" Katie said holding her hands up, "I think you're pretty, so if you kissed me, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get mad."

"You think I'm pretty?" Shady asked with an amazed look in her eye as Katie smiled and nodded her head.

"Now you gonna kiss me or what?" Katie asked with an innocent smile as Shady leaned in slowly.

"Shady?" The Voice from across the room said as both girls hearts nearly stopped as they jumped apart and looked to see who it was.

To be Continued....