Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 53 "The Truth Is..."

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"Dad?" Shady asked as she jumped away from Katie and saw her mother coming through the door.

"Hey my girl, how you feelin?" He asked as Shady hugged him and Katie noticed that she didn't even offer to hug or even adknowledge her mother was home.

"I'm feelin a lot better now, I had a good nap" Shady said as her dad kissed her forehead and smiled as he hugged her again and noticed Katie, who was still standing by the refrigerator.

"I wanted a reason to see my girl anyway" He said putting his arm around Shady.

"Just as I told you Donald, it was just another of her little schemes to get us home" Her Mother said in a bitter tone.

"Maria, as I tried to explain to you on the plane home, Dr. Blacklyn is a fine doctor and would not lie about something as serious as my daughter collapsing" Donald said as he turned to his wife.

"As usual Donald McCree she's got you wrapped around her little finger" Maria snapped as she turned to Katie and asked in an equally bitter tone, "Who are you my daughter's newest fling?"

"No, I'm just a friend, the one who was there when she passed out" Katie said as she felt her anger rise.

"Well of course you'd lie for her..."

"Who you calling a liar lady?" Katie snapped as she glared at Shady's mother. "Ask the fifteen other people who stood around while they tried to get her to breath again."

"Oh, I'm sure" Maria replied, "Honey, if you're looking to take acting glasses, I'll pay for them because that was almost believable."

"She stopped breathing?" Donald asked of Katie before she could respond to Maria's accusations.

"Yes sir, she did" Katie said trying to sound respectful.

"They said it was food poisoning and exhaustion" Shady said to her dad. "But we took a nap and I'm feeling a lot better now."

"I'm glad, I'd never forgive myself if something more would have happened" He said again kissing Shady's forehead. "And it seems we owe you a thank you for saving her life."

"I didn't save her life..." Katie began before being cut off by Maria.

"You didn't save her life, I know that" Maria snapped, "You and Shady concocted this whole scheme to weasel money out of her father."

"Do you know how stupid that sounds?" Katie asked as Shady tried to hide a smile. "Call and ask the god damn hospital if you don't believe me."

"Don't start your filthy mouth on me, I'll ring your jaws you little smart mouth" Maria said pointing a finger at Katie.

"I'd love to see you try it" Katie said as Donald stepped in front of Katie and between her and Maria. "I'm a Singer and we don't take people's shit for nothing. I don't give a fuck how much you're worth."

"MOM STOP IT, IT'S TRUE" Shady practically screamed at her mother to get her attention.

"There you go with more of that filthy talk, I can sure see what kinda parents you have" Maria said accusingly as Donald said, "Now that's enough Maria, it's one thing to talk to your child like that but this young lady has done nothing to you."

"SHUT UP DONALD" Maria spat as she pointed at Katie and went on, "I can just bet your parents are low lifes, just look at the way you're dressed."

"Did you pay her to screw you?" Maria asked as she turned her venom on her own daughter, "Cause I'm not paying off any more parants to keep you from being charged with rape."

"FUCK YOU" Shady screamed as her anger boiled over in the war of words and tears came streaming down her face. "Why do you keep bringing that up, you know it's not true I didn't even know that girl."

"Same ole line" Maria said as she looked back at Katie and said, "Honey you and your worthless parents are not getting a cent from me or my husband. Do you understand that?"

"FUCK YOU" Katie said as she lost her temper completely and tried in vain to get past Shady's father as he held her.

"DAMN IT WOMAN SHUT UP" Donald said with his back to his wife as he struggled to keep Katie at bay. "ONE MORE WORD AND I'M GONNA LET HER HAVE AT IT. NOW LEAVE THE DAMN ROOM."

"Fine" Maria said in a fit as she looked at her daughter and said with a pointed finger, "You've always been a troublemaking little bitch and I'm sick of cleaning up your messses. This is the last time I'm coming home from my vacation for little slut. You can't be a normal slut can you, you just had to be a faggot."

"YOU'RE DEAD" Katie screamed as she broke free from Donald's clutches and tore around the counter in pursuit. The shock on Maria's face was evident as Donald threw his hands up. Maria turned to run, her exit from the kitchen into the living room blocked she paniced and ran into the garage as Katie chased her and watched her get into the car they had apparently just gotten out of. Locking the doors and screaming for her husband. "DONALD MCCREE YOU BRING ME THE PHONE I'M CALLING THE POLICE."

"GET OUT OF THAT FUCKIN CAR, I SWEAR TO YOU I'LL GIVE YOU A REASON TO" Katie said as she pounded on the window. Suddenly she felt someone wrap their arms around her, pulling her back, she looked to see Donald on the other side of the car. Katie struggled to get lose until she realized it was Shady pulling back away from the car. "Nooooooooooooooooooo come on let me go just one second please."

"Katie calm down it's not worth it" Shady said as Katie felt herself being pulled through another doorway that led outside. Shady released her and closed the door, standing in front of it as Katie still shook with anger. "You hit her you'll go to jail. I don't want that to happen."

"Did you hear what she said about you?" Katie asked as she tried to get around Shady and found herself again being held in Shady's arms. Realizing Shady was pretty strong when she wanted to be. "And NO ONE TALKS ABOUT MY FRIENDS LIKE THAT YOU WHOOOOOOOOOOOOORE."

Shady sat down on the bench and forced Katie down to as Katie fought still to get lose. Suddenly a jab to the ribs sent her and Shady to the ground in a heap. Katie could hear Shady laughing as she poked her again and again as Katie felt her anger fade and she fought to get lose for another reason as Shady's attacks continued and poor Katie had to squeal in laughter. Finally breaking away she tried to get up and run but Shady tripped her by the shoes and jumped on her back and poked her again and again in the ribs until Katie swore she was gonna pee herself with laughter. Breaking free one more time she rolled over and held her hands up to protect herself from further attacks as she scooted away and saw Shady coming towards her again. Rolling over as Shady reached for her Katie jumped to her feet and went tearing down the driveway and into the deserted street as Shady gave chase. Katie finally stopped a few hundred down the street, out of breath as Shady caught her again and Katie found herself again squealing in laughter, and begging for mercy, "Please no more tickling, please I'm gonna pee my pants. Please?"

"Look who's not so mad anymore" Shady said with a teasing smile as Katie realized what had just happened.

"That was so not funny" Katie snapped as she tried to push past Shady but again felt Shady catch her in her arms and hold her tightly.

"It's not worth it Katie, please just stop" Shady said in a pleading voice as Katie wrestled free and looked to see Shady crying again as she asked Katie, "Please just stop, god I just want it to be over."

"Ok, ok" Katie said as the anger slipped away again, "I'm not gonna do anything."

"It's ok, it's over I promise ok?" Katie said as she slowly moved closer and tentatively put her hands on Shady's arms and rubbed them up and down before hugging her. "Stop crying ok?"

"And if you don't I'll be forced to whip your butt" Katie said as Shady looked at her, shocked at first then seeing Katie's teasing smile and grinnned too through her tears.

"I'd let you prolly" Shady said as her tears stopped, "If it meant your hands were on me."

"Well they were earlier or rather your were on me and nothing happened" Katie said with a mocking grin, "I think you're all talk."

"You do huh?" Shady asked as Katie tensed up in preparation for more attacks. But was shocked when Shady smiled shyly and gently kissed her cheek. Katie touched her cheek and smiled as Shady took her hand and asked, "Is this ok?"

"Yeh...I think so" Katie said as Shady smiled and turned to walk back towards the house. "Where we going?"

"Get in the car and after that it's up to you" Shady said as they reached the car, parked now in the circular driveway. "Get in."

"How about we go to the races?" Shady asked as she turned the motor on and left a cloud of dust as she sped off with Katie squealing.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor

"Cori you settled in for tonight?" Lily asked from the door as she spotted Joey fast asleep beside Cori. "I see Joey's already out."

"Yeh, can she spend the night?" Cori asked with pleading eyes, "I don't wanna wake her up just to make her go home."

"I think it's ok for tonight" Lily said kissing Cori on the forehead and taking the extra blanket from the hall closet and gently laying it over Joey as she stirred for the moment and went back to sleep. "Jessie said she'd be down in a minute to say goodnight ok?"

"Night Mom, thanks for watching the movie with me" Cori said as Rick came into the room.

"What I don't get a goodnight?" Rick said as Cori giggled and hugged him and kissed his cheek. "night Dad."

"If you need anything just holler ok?" Lily said as she handed Cori the tv remote and turned out the light. Closing the door she was met by Rick with a soft kiss. "Do you think it's ok that Joey is here?"

"I don't see why not" Rick said, "Why?"

"I just worry she's getting too attached."

"Lily she was too attached from day one" Rick said with a reassuring smile. "If it helps Cori sleep at night, it's ok, for a little while. She's been through so much in her life."

"Yeh that's true" Lily said with a worried look on her face. "Let's go to bed before I can find something else to worry about."

"Good idea" Rick said putting his hand over Lily's stomach and saying, "An expectant mother needs her rest too."

"Hey Mom, hey Rick" Grace said coming through the door with Sarah behind her as Rick and Lily were turning to go upstairs. "Cori asleep yet?"

"No, don't think so, we just left her she was laying down though" Lily said.

"Hey Mom, hey dad" Sarah giggled as Lily hugged her and Grace. Then looking at Sarah with a worried look and asking, "You doing ok after all that drama at the hospital?"

"Yeh I'm ok, you know me, I'm pretty tough" Sarah said smiling at Lily. "How's my little brother or sister coming along?"

"Sarah Grasser I swear" Lily said laughing, "He or she is coming along ok. Good night."

"Night girls" Rick said as he took Lily's hand and they went up the stairs as Jessie came down.

"Night Dad, night Lily" Jessie said as Sarah and Grace settled into the living room and started watching tv. Jessie headed for the kitchen and got a snack, sitting down while it warmed in the microwave and getting caught up in an article in Lily's baby magazine. Finishing her snack and the article, she stopped to check on Cori and saying goodnight and came back through the house not realizing it had been almost an hour. She spied Grace laying on the couch asleep now with Sarah laying on the other one flipping through the tv channels. "Night Marsha."

"Huh?" Sarah asked turning around and noticing Jessie standing by the doorway and smiling and saying, "Night Jan."

She turned to head up to bed when she heard a car thumping it's music outside and went to the door and looked out to see someone get out of the car and come running up the lawn as Jessie tried to figure out who it was. She stepped into the entrance quietly and slipped outside as the person emerged from the dark and it turned out to be Joanna.

"Talk about luck" Joanna said as she spotted Jessie and flashed that million dollar smile, "You were waiting on me eh?"

"No, I heard your car all the way down the freakin block" Jessie said as Joanna rolled her eyes. "What are you doing here?"

"Last chance, we going to the races, you wanna go with me?" Joanna asked with a hopeful expression.

"It's almost 11 Joanna, I got school tommorrow."

"Me too so that's no excuse" Joanna countered, "Come on JFine I wanna show you off tonight."

"Show me off?"

"Yeh, Logan said I could never get you to go" Joanna said, "he thinks you're too goody two shoes, the Princess as he says."

"I am not, I've done some crazy stuff" Jessie said, "Besides I'm already in my night clothes."

"Put on some shoes and grab a coat" Joanna said, "Trust me JFine you'll be dressed better than 80 percent of the people there."

"Joanna...." Jessie said before being cut off.

"Please? Just this once, I promise if you don't have fun I'll never bug you again" Joanna said with pleading eyes as Jessie finally agreed and said, "Geez you're a pest, let me get my shoes from the front hall."

"Hurry" Joanna said excitedly as Jessie ducked back inside and noticed Sarah was heading down the hall towards the kitchen. Thinking maybe she could get away without being detected she grabbed her shoes and jacket and quietly closed the door. Slipping her shoes on, she grabbed Joanna's hand as they went sprinting across the yard and dove into the car. "Look what I got on my arm tonight Loggie."

"Damn it, you did get her to go" Logan said as he spied Jessie.

"What the fuck you waitin on?" Joanna asked as she dropped down in the backseat by Jessie, "Thump that song, let's roll."

"I think I'm deaf now Logan" Jessie said 20 minutes later as Logan pulled into the parking lot at the drag strip and her and Joanna piled out. "My freakin ears are ringing."

"I know, great ain't it?" Joanna giggled as she stepped beside Jessie. Suddenly what sounded like a gun shot went off as Jessie jumped and looked back as two cars roared off the start line. Joanna motioned for Jessie to follow her and Logan as they made their into the make shift stands. Joanna introduced Jessie to one group of people after another, virtually none of them familar to Jessie. Logan mumbled something about his sister and ran off down the stands and disappeared.

"I thought you said this was street racing?" Jessie asked as she slipped on her coat and noticed it seemed to be a little colder than she thought it would be. Her and Joanna took a seat on the top row as Joanna said, "It was supposed to be, but Logan thinks with the little head not the big one most of the time. Directions are hard to remember when all the blood is being used on one organ."

"How long do you usually stay?" Jessie asked.

"Jessie, we just got here, give it a chance" Joanna said as she noticed Jessie shivering, "You cold?"

"Yeh, a little, this jacket is pretty thin" Jessie said as Joanna stood on the bleacher and sat down behind her. Then putting her arms around Jessie, and resting her chin on Jessie's shoulder playfully. Jessie rolled her eyes, but had to admit she was a lot warmer.

"Great now, I'm too hot" Jessie said as Joanna gave her a weird look, "in more ways than one."

"Yeh, I should be so lucky" Joanna said with a smile as she pointed to the strip as two more cars peeled out and Jessie's heart raced as she felt the power of the cars blasting off the start line and watched as they screamed down the drag strip at god knows what speed, to a heart stopping finish. Joanna could see Jessie's eyes go wide with excitement as the cars raced past. "Told you."

"Oh man, that was so cool" Jessie said as she looked back at Joanna, "How fast are they going?"

"Prolly like 150, not sure but it's fast I know that" Joanna said.

"150 miles per hour?" Jessie asked, seemingly in shock as Joanna grinned.

"It's something like that when they reach top speed" Joanna said as the announcer said over the intercom, "Ladies and Gentlemen our next race is a pink slip trip, winner takes all."

"Pink slip trip?" Jessie asked as she looked back at Joanna, "What does that mean?"

"Who ever wins gets the losers car" Joanna said as Jessie again looked shocked.

"Why would they do that?"

"Those two have a long running grudge" Joanna said as she pointed to the red with flames painted on the side, "He's black and a prick, and the other dude is white and prolly worse. They just hate each other."

"But still they lose their car?" Jessie asked as Joanna smiled and shrugged just as the starter light turned green and the cars roared off the line, Jessie found her eyes clued to the track as the Red car pulled out in front by a hair and then his opponent apparently kicked it into another gear and pulled away as he crossed the finish line first. "What a rush!"

"Two more races tonight ladies and gentleman, two more races" The Announcer said as Jessie felt a twinge of sadness that she hadn't gotten to see more.

"Look out here comes Marissa Turner" Joanna said as she moved her arms away from Jessie and looked to see a gorgeous creature coming up the steps next to them.

"Who's that?" Jessie asked as the cold once again slipped through her thin jacket and she noticed that Joanna had pulled her arms away.

"Logan's stuck up sister, and she just loves to rub it in about Cori and Katie" Joanna said softly into Jessie's ear.

"Cori and Katie?"

"That I could never be more than friends, even though I tried" Joanna said quickly, "She brings it up all the time."

"Hey Jo" Marissa said as she gave Jessie the once over as she sat down opposite them.

"Hey Marissa" Joanna said as she started to get up and move, but feelin Jessie grab her by the jeans and hold her in place. "This is Jessie, Jessie, Marissa."

"Hi" Marissa said in the best fake friendly voice Jessie thought she'd ever heard. "Nice to meet you."

"Same I'm sure" Jessie commented.

"Marissa what do you want?" Joanna asked in a pained tone to her voice. Jessie looked back and noticed she had an expression to match that tone.

"Just wanted to meet your new fling" Marissa said with a knowing smile. "I mean it's not often I see you here with anyone other than my brother. Sorta got used to you sitting here all by yourself."

"Well I'm...."

"She's not alone tonight" Jessie said drawing Marissa's attention to her.

"Oh honey, I can see" Marissa said with a smirk on her face. "But knowing our little Joanna it'll be the first and last time we see you."

"Marissa go away" Joanna snapped as Marissa laughed.

"So touchy about little things" Marissa laughed as she crossed her legs and lit up a cigarette.

"Little things?" Jessie asked.

"Yeh like she's been queer since the day I met her but she's never had a girlfriend" Marissa said with a knowing smile, directed at Joanna. "It's really quite comical."

"Sorta like your make-up?" Jessie asked as Marissa's smile left her face and she stood and checked her make-up in the light and was satisfied it looked fine as she turned back to the twosome in front of her.

"Very funny" She snapped as she puffed on her cigarette. "I guess I can tell when I'm not wanted."

"HEY!" Jessie said as Marissa turned around and saw Jessie lean back against Joanna's chest and pulling Joanna's arms back around her. "I guess you were wrong."

"About what?"

"Joanna never having a girlfriend" Jessie said as she looked at Joanna who looked confused at first but seemed to catch on as her eyes caught Jessie's. Joanna pulling Jessie tighter into her arms and resting her chin on Jessie's shoulder as she smiled at Marissa. "What does this look like?"

"Whatever" Marissa snorted as she turned and stopped off down the steps. Both watching as she disappeared back into the crowd by the track and then starting to laugh.

"Ohmigod, I so owe you one" Joanna said with huge a smile, "God I hate that little skank, she torture's me for sport."

"I think we just put a stop to that" Jessie said as she returned Joanna's smile and felt her body again warm up considerably. "I hate people like that."

"Look, I appreciate what you did, but you do realize that everyone down there is gonna know what you just told miss motor mouth?" Joanna asked with a worried expression.

"So they do" Jessie said with a casual smile, "I don't have anyone to be loyal to anymore and neither do you. So what if they do think I'm your girl?"

"I'm just saying" Joanna said with a smile, "I don't want you to be surprised when people start talking about us."

"Again so what?" Jessie asked, "You seemed to be a lot more concerned about it than me."

"Concerned that you'll get mad at me for it, yeh" Joanna said with a worried look on her face.

"In case you hadn't noticed, I did that because I wanted to shut that Marissa bitch up" Jessie said as Joanna grinned.

"Yeh, yeh, whatever JFine" Joanna said, "You wish it were true."

"Yeh, she's back" Jessie said giggling as Joanna blushed. "And for your info, I'll never be your girl unless you ask me out."

"Really? You'd say yes?" Joanna asked in obvious surprise.

"Well it can't hurt to ask"

"I dunno"


"Everytime I asked Katie out, seriously or not she'd find a reason to turn me down" Joanna said with a somber tone, "After a while I realized it was me."

"Do I look like Katie?" Jessie asked, feeling a little frustrated. "No, I'm not."

"No you don't" Joanna said as Jessie turned back to the strip and listened for Joanna to go on but she never did. A few long minutes of silence followed as two more cars lined up in yet another "pink slip trip" as Joanna later referred to it. Jessie jumped as the cars roared off the line and left a cloud of smoke in the air as they screamed down the track at what seemed like 200 miles an hour. Coming to a heart stopping finish as they crossed the line within a hundred tenths of a second. Feeling her adrenaline pumping in her system again she turned to see Joanna's eyes also clued to the track. Calming down once again she remembered the conversation from just minutes before.

"Well?" Jessie asked as she turned around and looked at Joanna.

"What?" Joanna asked, thinking she had done something.

"Listen to me Joanna Christianson..." Jessie said and pointing a finger at her, "If you don't ask me out right now, I'm never gonna talk to you again."

"You'll seriously say yes?" Joanna asked with a nervous smile.

"Ask me and find out" Jessie said with a teasing grin.

"Will you go on a date with me?" Joanna asked in a 'for your ears only' voice as Jessie smiled and thought for a second about teasing her but deciding against it as she answered simply, "Yes I will."

"I dunno what to say" Joanna said with a huge smile and lookin into Jessie's eyes as she went on, "Are you sure?"

"Yeh" Jessie said laughing, "I'm sure."

"Kinda weird though"


"Having to ask my girlfriend out on a date" Joanna said as Jessie started to laugh. "Talk about ass backwards."

"Yeh, I guess it is" Jessie said as Logan hollered to ask if they were ready yet. Jessie stood and took Joanna's hand as they made their way down the bleachers right past Marissa. Jessie made a show out of lacing her fingers with Joanna's as they walked by and joined Logan on the strip before he said goodbye to his friends and they headed towards the car. Jessie noticed on the way home that Logan kept glancing in the rearview mirror and watching her and Joanna as they chatted and pretended to be fighting at one point. She could swear he looked jealous and for some reason that Jessie couldn't put her finger on, it made her want to flirt even more as he looked at them. Pulling up a block or so away from Sammler-Manning Manor a few minutes later, Jessie wondered what was going on.

"What's up with this Logan?" Joanna asked, "She lives at least a block from here."

"It's not gonna hurt her to walk, this is my turn" Logan said as he opened his door and pulled the seat forward as Jessie gave him a dirty look and got out.

"It's fuckin 1 in the morning asshole, you shouldn't even ask her to walk home even 10 feet" Joanna snapped as she got out. "What if something happens?"

"It's a block not a mile" Logan protested as Joanna pushed his car door shut and flipped him off, "Screw you."

"You don't have to walk me home" Jessie said as Logan drove away.

"What a jerk" Joanna said, "Guys are all the same."


"What do you mean?"

"You don't know why he acted like that?"

"Yeh cause he's a dick" Joanna snapped.

"No" Jessie said with a giggle as she walked towards Sammler-Manning manor as Joanna fell into step beside her. "He was jealous of me and you."


"Cause you were paying attention to me and not him" Jessie said as Joanna looked almost shocked as her mouth opened. "I'm betting Marissa had something to do with that."

"Told you that big mouth would tell everyone" Joanna said as Jessie smiled and they turned to head into the yard. Walking to the front door, were Jessie stopped and noticed Joanna was suddenly nervous.

"I had a blast tonight" Jessie said quietly as she broke the silence. "I'm so glad I went."

"Me too, it was a lot more fun with someone to hang around with" Joanna said with a smile.

"I better go and try catching the bus" Joanna said after a long moment of silence. "Long ride home."

"You won't have to...look who's back" Jessie said as she pointed to the street and to Logan's car that had just pulled up at the curb. Joanna turned to see him get out of the car flash an apologetic smile as she turned back to Jessie. "I guess I'll see you tommorrow at school?"

"Of course, can't avoid my girlfriend" Jessie said and watched Joanna smile and wanting to kiss her but not wanting to make the first move. Joanna hesistated for a moment as she moved closer and met Jessie's eyes.

"I bet I'll think about you all night" Joanna said in an almost whisper.

"Do that" Jessie said as she touched Joanna's cheek gently, "I'll do the same. Good night."

"Good night" Joanna said as she walked away in a daze.

"Hey" Jessie said as Joanna turned only a few feet away and looked back. "Just so you know...if you'd tried to kiss me...I'd let you."

"Now you tell me" Joanna said as her jaw dropped and Jessie laughed and waved bye as Joanna ran off into the darkness as Logan got back into the car and moments later they zoomed off into the night.

** ** ** The Next Morning...

Jessie woke up after only a few hours sleep and couldn't get the events of just a few hours previous out of her head. She literally could not remember having such a good time ever before. The roar of the engines and the speed at which they tore down the track, it was the most exciting thing she had ever done and one person was responsible for it. She smiled and laughed to herself as she reviewed the events of the past night. Though it was a great time she suddenly began to worry about if she was developing feelings for Joanna, and then Katie came to mind and she knew she should be feeling a deep sense of lose, but their was surprisingly little emotion left. No tears, no emotional valley's, what was going on her with? She thought. Shaking her head and rolling out of bed, she grabbed some clean clothes and headed for the shower. "I could so use a hot bath."

Two hours or so later, Jessie stood at her locker, still feeling the buzz from the previous night. Looking around she sorta got worried that Joanna wasn't gonna show, being that she hadn't seen her all morning. Turning to head for her first period class she ran into the one person she didn't wanna see.

"Hey" Katie said as Jessie stopped in her tracks and tried to act normal.

"Hey" Jessie replied, Katie noticing she wasn't very excited to see her. A few moments of long silence followed as neither knew what to say when Katie finally got the courage to break the moment of unease.

"So I heard some rumors and..."

"And?" Jessie replied.

"Is it true about you and Joanna?" Katie blurted out as Jessie spotted Marissa standing directly across from them, leaning against a locker and obviously having something she wanted to see happen.

"Is what true?" Jessie asked as she turned her attention back to Katie and wondered what she was talking about exactly.

"Look, Jessie don't play games, please" Katie said in a pleading voice, "just tell me if it's true."

"I honestly have no idea what you're talking about" Jessie said.

"Jessie it's all over school" Katie said.

"What?" Jessie snapped.

"You and Joanna're her new girlfriend" Katie said as Jessie's heart nearly stopped and she remembered back to the previous night and the whole situation with Marissa. The Marissa who now was smiling like a cat that ate the bird.

"Well I guess I have my answer" Katie said after Jessie didn't say anything for a long moment.

"No..." Jessie started to say before Katie went on, "I guess you've moved on."

"Me?" Jessie asked, stung by Katie's accusations, she said in her best hushed voice, "Me movied on? You were the one who fucked two other girls, like 10 minutes after dumping me with some bogus excuse about it being my fault."

"That is so unfair" Katie said softly, Jessie could see the hurt in her eyes and wanted to say something. But nothing came out. "What good would it do me to try and explain, you've made up your mind already. I..."

"Hey what's up?" Joanna asked Jessie as she walked up, giving Katie a dirty look.

"Nothing just, Katie being her charming self is all" Jessie snapped and wanting to turn and leave when she heard Katie say to Joanna. "Is this your revenge Jo? Steal my girl? Because I wouldn't go out with you?"

"But I didn't" Joanna said in a stunned voice as Katie went on. "You knew I still loved her, and you went behind my back and stole her. Did you fuck her yet?"

"Probably, they sure looked cozy last night at the races" Jessie heard Marissa say from across the hall.

"Butt out barbie doll" Jessie snapped as she looked back to Katie and said, "So what if I did fuck her? Seems to me you're not rushing to deny you fucking those sluts. Same difference."

"Jessie, I'm sorry" Joanna said softly as she looked at her with pleading eyes. "This stupid shit is all my fault."

"What was that Joanna? What is it that's all your fault?" Marissa asked coming across the hall as her brother walked up, totally unaware of what was going on, munching on some kind of breakfast cereal.

"Fuck off Marissa" Joanna said as her anger began to over take her. "You are one conniving little cunt."

"What did she do?" Logan asked innocently, and then seeing Joanna and Jessie went on, "Hey, I heard the good news about you guys, so it's official huh?"

"Is it Jessie? Is it good news for our little Joanna?" Marissa asked with a smirk. "Or did you get yourself caught up a in teenie little white lie? Because correct me if I'm wrong, but, I don't believe you stated for the record, if you and Joanna were officially a couple. I think I speak for everyone when I say, I'd love to know the truth."

"Well what's the truth?" Katie asked as a larger crowd of people began forming around the original group.

To be Continued....