Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 54 "Go BOOM!"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"Well what's the truth?" Katie asked as a crowd began forming around the original group.

Jessie knew then, that she had dug herself a whole by wanting to stick it to Marissa the previous night. Now she was in a situation she had never thought would happen. She felt her heart beat faster and her palms get sweaty as she looked at Marissa, Katie and now Logan, not to mention the twenty or so other people who had stopped to listen in once Marissa had started her mouth. She knew if she denied it, Marissa would have more than enough ammo to torture Joanna with for years to come, but if she didn't deny it, she'd basically be telling everyone in the school per Marissa's big mouth about her sexual preference. And most important of all, she'd be letting Katie know she had moved on, when in fact it wasn't true at all, at least not completely true. She could feel a panic attack coming on until she looked at Joanna, who had this concerned look on her face. Jessie felt Joanna take her hand gently and turn her back to the crowd and mouth to her, "You ok?"

"Yeh baby I'm fine" Jessie heard herself say as she looked at Joanna, and then with defiance in her voice and a surge of adrenaline she looked directly at Marissa and said, "You heard me last night make-up Barbie, What did I say then?"

"Whatever" Marissa said as she held her hand up and walked off.

"Hey I said it was true" Logan said with a mouthful of crunch, "They make a hot couple too."

"I can't believe you" Katie said as Jessie turned her attention away from Logan's goofy comment to Katie and saw the hurt in her eyes. She again wanted to say something, "We are so through."

"Good, now you can go and fuck some other whore" Jessie snapped in a fit of anger as she felt Joanna hold her hand tighter to prevent her from going after Katie. Jessie turned and felt Joanna touch her cheek gently and say sweetly, "It's ok Jess..."

"Can we go somewhere please? I can't be here right now?" Jessie asked as Joanna quickly replied, "Yeh OK, come on, let's go."

"Why the fuck can't you keep your big mouth shut?" Logan asked his sister a moment later as Jessie and Joanna turned and made their down the hall and out to the parking lot and past the first row of cars to the benches. They both sat for a long moment before either could think of anything to say. Finally Jessie heard Joanna's voice crack as she said softly, "I'm sorry about this whole mess."

"Why are you crying for?" Jessie asked as she moved closer and moved Joanna's hair out of her face. "It was as much mine as yours, and besides you didn't ask me to do that. And you didn't last night either."

"Maybe I should just leave you alone for good" Joanna said with her head now in her hands. "I can't do anything right."

"You did last night" Jessie said softly as Joanna looked up, "Last night was one of those nights I'll never forget."

"So I did do something right?" Joanna asked with a smile crossing her face.

"Yeh, really right" Jessie said as she stood and offered Joanna her hand as she soon stood too. Joanna smiled as she took her hand as Jessie said, "After all I'm a free girl now, officially..."

"No, you're not" Joanna said with a smirk as Jessie gave her a strange look and Joanna whispered in her ear, "Remember, you're my new girlfriend."

** ** ** Meanwhile in the Courtyard

"I hate her, I swear I do" Katie said as she cried into her hands and still couldn't believe what had happened in the hallway just an hour or so before that. She was now sitting by herself in the school's courtyard as she cried into her hands and felt her heart finish breaking. Knowing this time there was no repairing the damage she had caused with her actions. She now regretted ever convincing herself that Jessie was better of by herself and hoping she'd get her back one day. Now she just wished that she was back with her. But now, now it was really over. Suddenly she sensed someone was standing over her, half hoping it was Jessie and half hoping it wasn't she looked up and saw an all-familiar site, Shady.

"Have another meeting with your little princess huh?"

"FUCK YOU" Katie screamed with every fiber of her being, "Every bit of this is your fault."

"That the best you can do?" Shady asked as she sat down in front of Katie on the ground and took hold of the girls wrists and said, "Tell me how it was my fault, come on."

"You seduced me, and that started...." Katie said as Shady covered her mouth and said, "You dumped the little princess long before that, or did you conveniently forget that?"

"Go to hell" Katie said as she tried to pull her hands away but felt Shady gripped them tighter.

"You got anything else?" Shady asked, "Come on Katie you can do better than that."

"Just leave me alone"

"No" Shady said with a soft tone, "You wanna be angry but you got nothing to be angry about."

"What? I just fuckin broke up for good with a girl I loved" Katie said with a pleading that Shady could clearly see, "Don't you get that?"

"You....Katie....Singer....Dumped....the....princess" Shady said very deliberately. "If you fuckin dumped me with that lame ass excuse you gave her I'd hate you too. How about this, she changed?"

"Yeh she did"

"She neglected you?"

"Yeh that too"

"She made it clear she wanted to be free?"

"Pretty much"

"Then why are you crying over that?" Shady asked Katie finally understood what Shady was driving at.

"It still hurts" Katie said in a voice barely audible voice.

"Yeh it does" Shady said as she matched her tone of voice. "You know we are kinda in the same boat?"

"The broken heart club?" Katie asked as Shady smiled and made a goofy face as Katie laughed despite herself as she moved to the ground and sat opposite Shady. "Life could not possibly get any worse."

"I dunno I don't think it's that bad" Shady said with a suddenly shy smile, "The famous Katie Singer asked me to kiss her."

"I did not" Katie said in mock horror as she pushed Shady and they again started to wrestle. "I would never kiss you."

"And I'd never kiss you" Shady said with a matching grin, "You're totally not my type."

"Yes I am, I'm female" Katie said with a giggle as Shady tickled her again, "That's all you need."

"Yeh your one to talk dyke" Shady said as Katie laughed and struggled to get away as Shady held her wrists still. "Couldn't keep your hands off me at the party could you."

"Take it back, I hate you, you're yucky" Katie giggled as she leaned forward and tried to wrestle free and suddenly she felt Shady release her wrists. Katie fell forward into Shady's lap as both laughed. "Why did you do that for?"

"What?" Shady asked with worried look in her eyes as Katie said softly, "You just let me go."

"I thought it might be hurting your wrists" Shady said so only Katie could hear.

"Look, I don't know your history with Joey but if that's what she called controlling her" Katie said, "I don't get it."

"What do you mean?"

"You weren't controlling me"

"Trust me it wasn't just physical" Shady said with a somber tone as Katie sat back down on the ground by Shady.

"Well just so you know..." Katie said with coy smile, "...I like to wrestle and I sorta get the idea you do too."

"Yeh it's fun...well with you it is" Shady said looking down for a moment and then back at Katie. "I just...don't know...hurt you..."

"You're the only one worried about it" Katie said as she bumped her friends shoulder, "If you were to try, I mean really, I can fight back pretty good."

"You scare me" Shady said with a giggle, "I saw that last night, Dad was like that girl is a wildcat."

"That brings up a good point" Katie asked as she turned to Shady, "Why did you pull me off her?"

"I didn't want you to end up in jail" Shady said flatly. "Then you got a record and it's just not worth it."

"Yeh I guess" Katie said softly, "If you hadn't stop me I was gonna break the window to get to her."

"Nooo you would not have Katie Singer, miss bad ass" Shady giggled as Katie got ready to argue the point when Shady went on, "Glass is bullet proof."

"Huh? Why?" Katie asked in a total state of confusion.

"It just is OK?" Shady said mysteriously.

"OK" Katie said sensing that Shady was uncomfortable with the current topic. "Course with that mouth I'm pretty sure I know why their bullet proof."

"Shut up" Shady said with playful poke to the ribs and then whispering in Katie's ear, "I'm sorry for what she said about your family."

"It's OK, I've heard worse, us Singers are a tough bunch" Katie said, "Sorta like you."

"Why am I tough?"

"Your mother" Katie said with a teasing grin, "No wonder you're so screwed up."

"Yeh I take a lot of her least attractive qualities" Shady said with a hurt look.

"Hey, wait don't cry" Katie said as she turned and laid back, her head now laying on Shady's thigh, "You're nothing like her. I can see that."

"You're just trying to be nice" Shady said.

"Maybe" Katie said with a smile, "You seriously aren't."

"Yeh tell Joey Larue that" Shady said wiping her eyes as a few tears came out. "I bet she'd tell you a different story."

"So what? She wasn't the right girl for you" Katie said as she moved Shady's hair out of her eyes, "And you've changed a lot in the last few weeks. Therapy is helping."

"What do you know Singer? I could just beat you up right here" Shady said as Katie laughed and replied, "Yeh sure you could."

"You don't think I could huh?" Shady asked in a voice Katie almost thought was serious.

"You could I guess..." Katie said as she shrugged her shoulders and looked straight into Shady's eyes as she went, "...but you wouldn't."

"You feel better?" Shady asked Katie after a moment of silence ensued with both looking into the other's eyes.

"Yeh I do" Katie said, even surprising herself as she answered. "And sorry for saying all those things earlier. I didn't mean them."

"I knew that" Shady said as she touched Katie's cheek gently, "You just needed to let it all out."

"Yeh I guess so" Katie said as she again got lost in Shady's gaze as their eyes met and she found herself tilting her head back just slightly as she asked, slightly above a whisper, "You thinking about kissing me?"

"Can I?" Shady asked in exactly the same tone of voice as Katie felt her heart beat a little faster. "Try it and find out."

"I asked you a question" Shady said with a smile as she leaned down a bit, her hair falling around Katie's face as their eyes never left each others and hearing Katie giggle when she went on, "Now answer it, Singer."

"Make me" Katie said with a teasing smile as she touched Shady's cheek and their lips came to within an inch of each other's. Katie could feel Shady hesitate for a moment. She touched her cheek again to almost encourage her and felt her heart leap out of her chest in shock as a car back fired a few feet away. "Stop my heart...Shady."

"Now I know for a fact that I didn't cause that" Shady said as Katie laughed out loud.

** ** ** Meanwhile back @ Sammler-Manning Manor

"Mom" Cori said from the doorway to the kitchen as she slowly made her way on her walker. "I'm hungry."

"Well look at you" Lily said as Cori smiled, "You got up all by yourself?"

"Yep I'm doing pretty good huh?" Cori asked as Lily couldn't help but hug her.

"Sure are" Lily said as she pulled a chair out for her to sit down in.

"JOEY!" Lily heard Cori say as she looked to see her turn around and head back down the hall.

"Wait there I'm coming to you" Cori said as she moved down the hall. Joey smiled and watched her get about halfway down the hall before the walker skidded on a throw rug and sent Cori off balance and into a fall. Joey screamed and went running as she watched Cori slump to the floor like a thud. Lily heard the commotion and came running and felt her heart nearly stop as she saw Cori laying in the floor and her walker toppled over a few feet away.

"CORI, CORI" Joey repeated as she slid to her knees and rolled Cori over, only to see her laughing. Feeling her heart starting to beat again, she asked "You OK?"

"I fall down, go BOOM" Cori said as she laughed and rolled onto her back.

"Seriously are you ok?" Joey asked as she smiled and Cori laughed harder at her own joke.

"Yeh I think so" Cori said as she grimaced when she shifted on the floor, "My back's sure hurting now."

"You OK honey?" Lily asked as she reached them.

"Hurt my pride" Cori said with a giggle as Joey hugged her.

"Scare me to death why don't you" Joey said as she helped Cori sit up and watched Cori almost cry as pain shot up her back. Finally getting her to her feet a few seconds later and to bed a few moments later.

"Here you take this" Joey said as she gave Cori one of her pain pills. Lily watched from the door and thought to herself how her job was gonna be easier with Joey around.

"You want me to call your doctor?" Lily asked a moment later.

"Nah I'm OK" Cori said as she swallowed the pill with a drink of water. "Trying to do to much to fast I guess."

"Well I'm off to fix you a snack" Lily said with a smile as Joey watched her leave and then asked Cori. "How about I give you one of my special back rubs?"

"Really?" Cori asked with a smile.

"That always made you feel better" Joey said as Cori shifted again on the bed in pain.

"Yeh, Henry said you should go to like one of these massage schools or something" Cori said.

"Yeh maybe, but truth be told I just like having my hands on you" Joey said as Cori blushed and said softly, "Joey Larue you're bad."

"Yeh but not for anyone else" Joey said as she got lost in a moment and kissed Cori softly. Lily came to the door just as they parted and felt a bolt of shock shoot through her body as she witnessed such a private moment. "UMMMMMM...Joey can you come help me with lunch?"

"Huh? OK yeah" Joey said giving Cori a paniced look as she followed after Lily into the kitchen.

"I think we need to talk" Lily said as Joey's heart nearly stopped. "Did I see what I think I seen?"

"Yeh Mrs. Sammler you did" Joey said softly, "I'm not gonna lie to you."

"It's Lily and I didn't think you would" Lily said as her and Joey took a seat at the table. "How long has this been going on?"

"Since the moment I met her" Joey said with a smile that she couldn't wipe off her face no matter how hard she tried and then going on to explain as she feared Lily would think they were even more involved. "But it's only...what you saw."

"I don't know what to do here...."

"Look I can't go without seeing her I'd go crazy" Joey said as Lily saw the worry in her eyes.

"No, Joey no, never would I do that" Lily said as she put her hand over Joey's, "I mean with you spending the night last night and all."

"I told you I swear I'd never do anything like that" Joey said, "it's not like that, I would do anything or hurt anyone to protect her."

"You are so important to her" Lily commented as Joey smiled, "I'm gonna need your help, you know that?"

"Yeh she can be a bit cranky sometimes" Joey laughed, "I remember this one day at the hospital, she was in pain all day and got mad at me and called me big dumb head. I laughed so hard I think I hurt my sides."

"HEY!" Cori screamed from the bedroom as Joey and Lily laughed, "I'M HUNGRY."

"OHHHH shut up already" Joey screamed back as Cori laughed.

"9 o'clock" Lily said as Joey looked back and asked, "Huh?"

"I think it's a good time for you to go home" Lily said softly as Joey took a deep breath and said. "A.M or P.M.?"

"Get" Lily said with a laugh as Joey ran out of the kitchen laughing.

** ** ** Later, @ Sarah's Place

"Baby, somebodies buzzing" Grace said as Sarah stuck her head of the bathroom and grinned and said, "Well answer it. Duh Gracey."

"Yeh?" Grace said into the buzzer as Sarah disappeared back into the bathroom.

"I'm looking for a Sarah Grasser" The Voice said.

"This is her apartment, who is this?"

"Is she home?"

"Yeh in the bathroom" Grace said.

"Ask her if she remembers a Brittany Lang?"

"K, hold on" Grace said as she stuck her head into the bathroom and said, "Do you remember a Brittany Lang?"

"Yeh" Sarah said as she gave Grace a weird look and said, "She moved to Australia like five years ago."

"She's on the buzzer" Grace said as Sarah's eyes shot open. "Want me to buzz her up?"

"Of course" Sarah said as she followed Grace out of the bathroom.

"Come on up" Grace said into the buzzer as Brittany said, "Cool thanks."

"You guys friends?" Grace asked as Sarah sat down on the bed.

"Best friends when she lived here" Sarah said as she took Grace's hand, "I thought I'd never hear from her again."

"Well you're about to find out how she turned out" Grace said as she laced her fingers with Sarah's as the doorbell rung.

"Brittany?" Sarah asked as she opened the door and was shocked at what she saw. Brittany was now a stunning blond with a rich dark tan that just wouldn't quite and a pair of titties that just couldn't be missed. Grace saw the look on Sarah's face as she stood behind her and felt her girlfriend squeeze their fingers together. "Damn you changed."

"Tends to happen in five years" Brittany said with a giggle as she hugged Sarah softly and looked directly at Grace with a smile. "You don't look so bad yourself Sarah Boo. And this must be the famous Grace Manning, the gorgeous creature who stole your heart."

"That's my baby" Sarah said as she took Grace's hand and wrapped herself in grace's arms. "How did you know?"

"Rumor mill at school is buzzing about you guys" Brittany said. "And yes I did forget to mention that I'm gonna to be going to the same school."

"Oh really?" Grace asked as Brittany looked her directly in the eye.

"Yeh lucky me" Brittany said as she looked to be struggling with if she should go on. "OK, look guys I got something to ask you two and instead of beating round the bush I'm just gonna ask, k?"

"OK" Sarah and Grace said at the same time as both began to giggle.

"You guys are so hot together" Brittany said as Grace sat down on the bed as Sarah took the seat between her thighs. "You ever consider a threesome?"

"With who?" Sarah asked in total shock.

"Well anyone" Brittany said.

"NO" Sarah said firmly as she looked at Grace, "You?"

"Not seriously no" Grace said, "I mean we've kidded each other about it."

"Yeh but never.....wait why do you wanna know?" Sarah asked Brittany.

"That's simple" Brittany said with a knowing smile, "You guys should."

"With who?" Grace asked,

"Me" Brittany said as Grace and Sarah both felt their bodies come alive in that instant. "I'm offering a no strings attached night of fun."

"Britt...." Sarah said as she stammered and tried to get her brain to come back online. "I haven't seen you in five years and you just show up one day offering sex, that's really weird."

"I agree, but see I chose you two for a reason" Brittany said as she took the desk chair and pulled it up to the bed and sat directly in front of Grace and Sarah. "You two are obviously in love with a capital L, so I'm not trying to break you up. And before you say anything Miss Sarah I've did my research on you and I know how you like to get down."

"Who told you anything about me?" Sarah asked getting a little nervous.

"No one but if I am right will you tell me?" Brittany asked with a casual smile.

"OK, go ahead" Grace said before Sarah could. "I doubt you can guess."

"You'd be surprised" Brittany said with a devilish grin, "I heard, that our little Sarah Boo, rather your Sarah Boo, likes to take girls from....behind or should I say in the behind."

"Katie had to have told you that" Sarah said in a stunned voice. "That's my ex."

"MMMMMMMMMMM who knows, so is it true?" Brittany said, "And don't tell me you didn't like what you seen at the door a moment ago."

"Well..." Sarah said as Brittany turned to Grace and said, "You two are so beautiful together, I saw you checking me out too."

"So?" Grace asked as she blushed.

"So I noticed you too" Brittany said with her eyes glued to Grace's and then turning to Sarah, "And you my old friend, grew up really nice."

"Look this whole thing tween me and...."

"Yeh, yeh, yeh, just tell me" Brittany said, "Is it true about what I heard?"

"Yeh I guess so" Sarah said nervously as Brittany forged ahead and looked at Grace, "She tried it on you yet?"

"NOOOOOOOOOO" Grace said as Brittany laughed and said, "So I take it you're not interested?"

"You told me..." Sarah started as Grace responded. "I am, I just mean you never did it before that's all."

"MMMMMMMMM god you're sexy as all hell" Brittany said as she touched Grace's lips for an instant. "I love girls with an open mind."

"Me too" Sarah said with a smile as she looked at Grace.

"So....Sarah" Brittany said, "You ever had two girls?"

"Yeh I have and it cost me someone I loved, at that time" Sarah said as Brittany's smile disappeared.

"Oh" Brittany said, "I didn't know, really."

"Exactly, and that's why I'm not interested" Sarah said.

"Wait, you lost her why?" Brittany asked.

"Because she got me drunk when she knew I didn't wanna do it and they seduced me" Sarah said, "And to this day I'm not sure I've forgave her."

"OK then, no alcohol" Brittany said, "I don't drink much anyway."

"No thanks" Sarah said firmly.

"But listen..."

"NOOOOO" Sarah snapped as Grace hugged her and kissed her neck and said, "Calm down baby, it's OK, I know."

"Just listen for a minute OK? Please?" Brittany asked and going on quickly before Sarah could respond, "I only wanna be with you guys cause you're both really hot, and I like sex what can I say. No alcohol, no strings attached, no ones forcing you to do it."

"No" Sarah said with a little less resolve.

"OK, new plan" Brittany said as she stood and pushed the chair away, "I'm gonna play dirty."

"Now don't say no until I finish OK?" Brittany said as Sarah and grace's eyes glazed over as she raised her shirt and showed off her incredible titties and then unbuttoning her jeans and pushing them down along with her panties and showing both she had a smoothie and no noticeable tan lines. "Yeh that was the look I was going for."

"Wow" Sarah said as she looked to Grace, who had the same look on her face.

"Yeh I'll say" Grace said with a grin.

"Hear try this" Brittany said as she took one of Grace's and Sarah's hands and placed Sarah's on her stomach, pushing it up and guided Grace's to the bald spot between her thighs. Sarah's body responded as she felt the soft silky skin of Brittany's tanned flat sexy stomach and looked to see Grace slowly working her hand against the silky smoothness of Brittany's pussy. Grace moaned ever so lightly as she bit her lip and looked to Sarah as Sarah said in her ear, "Is it smooth?"

"MMMMMMMMMMM fuck yeah" Grace said as Sarah smiled and kissed her cheek. "Can I try?"

"Oh yeah" Grace said as she moved her hand away and slid it up Brittany's stomach as Sarah slid her hand between Brittany's thighs and felt the incredible smoothness of the girls muff. "Oh god it is."

"You like?" Brittany asked Grace and Sarah snapped back to reality and pulled their hands away and looked to each other. "Yeh I thought so."

"WOW" Sarah said as Grace kissed her softly.

"MMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMM god that's hot" Brittany said as she watched. "How about we just do it now?"

"Huh?" Sarah asked as she pulled away from Grace's lips and looked at Brittany. "My brain stop functioning, so anything I do from now on is on impulse."

"I said do you wanna butt fuck me?" Brittany said as she turned and showed Sarah her butt. "Is that nice or what Sarah?"

"MMMMMMM she sure does" Grace growled playfully as she pawed Sarah's arm and stomach. "You want it baby I know you do."

"Grace you're killing me" Sarah said as Brittany shook her ass at Sarah before turning back around and leaning down and saying to Grace, "Will you lick my pussy while she does it to me?"

"Holy shit" Grace said as her hands shook in anticipation. "UMMMMMMMM, yeah I think so."

"Would you like that?" Brittany asked as Grace simply looked to Sarah who smiled and raised her eye brows.

"You know you would Gracey I can see that look in your eyes" Sarah said with lust in her eye as she kissed Grace again.

"And you'd love to have my ass while i was on top of your girlfriend, right?" Brittany asked Sarah.

"I plead the fifth on that one" Sarah said as Grace laughed and Brittany stood as she pulled her clothes back up.

"So you wanna a couple of days to think about it?" Brittany asked as Sarah finally responded. "Yeh let my brain come back online."

"Yeh that's a good idea" Brittany said as she giggled. "Let me know in a few days OK?"

"Yeh we will" Grace said as Brittany opened the door before stopping and saying, "Damn, I'll beg, you guys are so hot together."

"OHMIGOD" Sarah said a few moments later after Brittany had left. "Grace?"

"What?" Grace said as she got up off the bed and then turning with a teasing smile said, "You groped her too."

"I'll show you groping" Sarah said as Grace screamed and ran for the bathroom as Sarah gave chase.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ The Medical Building

"Hey there's Sarah's building" Jessie said as her and Joanna giggled. Rick slowed and stopped at the end of Mulberry Road for a stop light.

"Oh my god" Joanna said as her head snapped around and she looked to be in complete shock as she saw a blond getting into her car in front of the building and pulling out as the light changed and Rick drove off in the opposite direction. "It was a few days ago."

"Who?" Jessie asked with a smirk, "My competition?"

"No" Joanna said with a smile and then sticking her tongue out as Jessie laughed. "It looked like a girl...I mean, friend from my past named Brittany Lang. She used to live in my building, but turns out she was running from the cops, she had to run away from her home in Australia."

"She got all the way here from there?" Jessie asked, suddenly interested in Joanna's story as Rick pulled up to the loading zone of the Medical building.

"Yeh she's resourceful when she wants something" Joanna said, "Not sure why she's back, but I bet she's got a plan."

"Thanks Daddy" Jessie said as her and Joanna got out of Rick's car and told him when to pick them up.

"You didn't have to come with me you know" Jessie said as Joanna shrugged her shoulders and said, "But I'm like a key chain, you can take me anywhere."

"Yeh but you smell better" Jessie said with a smile as she sniffed Joanna's perfume. "What is that I love it."

"It's called Wal-Marto Specialize" Joanna said as Jessie gave her a confused look, "It's french for Wal Mart Special."

"You didn't get that Wal-mart" Jessie as she opened the door to the medical building.

"True it was the 99 cent store" Joanna said as Jessie laughed.

"You gonna be bored waiting on me while I see the therapist" Jessie commented as they rode up in the elevator.

"No doubt" Joanna said as the elevator opened and Jessie stopped in her tracks as Joanna crashed into her and asked, "What's up, wrong floor?"

"No, it's my mom" Jessie said as she froze. "What the hell's she doing here?"

"Seeing the head shrinker?" Joanna asked as Jessie shot her a warning look.

"No, she's barely talked to me for months" Jessie said as she watched Karen sign some papers at the window and smile as she walked over to meet someone with long hair. That someone turned out to be August Dimitri.

"Well we about to find out, cause here she comes" Joanna said as Karen turned and nearly fainted when she saw Jessie standing by the elevators.

"Mom" Jessie said coldly as Karen and August came close.

"Jessie honey what are you doing here?" Karen asked as Joanna suppressed the desire to crack a stupid joke.

"Seeing the head shrinker" Jessie said as Joanna lost it and fell against the wall laughing. "What do you think?"

"Since when?" Karen asked as she gave Joanna a weird look, "I thought you had stopped coming."

"Well things change don't" Jessie said and then smiling at a very uncomfortable looking August as she said. "Hey August."

"Do you think we should ask her?" He asked Karen.

"I dunno, why don't you" Karen said, "She seems to like you more than me."

"I wonder why" Jessie said coldly. "What is it anyway? I've got an appointment."

"I was thinking...if you wanted could come down this weekend with your Mom and maybe spend some time with Steph and you guys could talk" August said. "Your Mom and you."

"Why would I wanna do that?" Jessie asked, "You figure it'll take a whole weekend to convince me I'm not gay?"

"She's been making good progress in therapy Jessie" August said in a calm voice. "She's doing her best to except it."

"No thanks I'd rather walk over glass" Jessie said as she got ready to walk away.

"Jessie I love you" Karen said in a soft voice. "And I am doing my best to try and come to terms with your choice of lifestyle."

"Steph would love to see you Jessie" August said.

"And I would love to spend some time with my daughter" Karen said.

"OK fine" Jessie said as she looked at Joanna and asked, "Ever been to West Lafayette, Indiana?"

"Nope" Joanna said in confusion, "Why?"

"I want my girlfriend to go with me" Jessie said as she gave Joanna a signal with her eyes, that obviously meant Jessie wanted her to play along. "Want to?"

"Jessie" Karen said in anger, "Who said anything about that? And when did this happen?"

"Oh yeah Mommy, this is my girlfriend, Joanna Christianson" Jessie said with a smirk as Karen took a deep breath and tried to control her anger. "I just couldn't stand to leave her for a whole weekend."

"You wanna make this as difficult as you can don't you?" Karen asked in a calm tone as she struggled to control her voice.

"Yeh bout the same way you did for me...MOM!" Jessie said as her anger rose. "I needed you so much..."

"OK Jessie cool it" Karen snapped, "Fine you wanna play hardball, bring your girlfriend then, I'm trying my damn best to make up for what I did."

"What about your parents?" August asked Joanna.

"Exactly, I don't think your parents are gonna allow this" Karen said confidently.

"Lot of good that would do you, I have my own apartment, been on my own since I was 15" Joanna said as Jessie smiled victoriously.

"Fine whatever, what's your decision Jessie?" Karen asked.

"Like I said"

"Fine, young lady I swear..." Karen started as August touched her shoulder.

"We'll pick you after school on Friday?" August asked.

"We'll be ready" Jessie said as she leaned back against Joanna and wrapped herself in Joanna's arms. "Right Jo?"


To be Continued....