Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 55 "Cherry!"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"Yes Ma'am, do you sell rose pedals?" Sarah asked the pretty girl behind the counter as she smiled and pointed to the front of the counter as Sarah blushed and giggled.

"Big night huh?" The Girl asked as Sarah noticed her name tag read, "Tulip Maracoma".

"Yeh it is actually" Sarah said with a smile she couldn't wipe off her face. "Wanna make everything just right."

"Can't go wrong with candles" Tulip commented as Sarah looked at the wide selection and appeared to be lost at to what to pick. "Strawberry is a nice neutral scent."

"Yeh MMMMMMMMMMM that does smell good" Sarah commented as she picked out two large candles and laid the basket of rose petals on the counter. Tulip smiled knowingly and asked, "He sure seems to be worth an effort."

"He's not, but she sure is" Sarah said with a shy smile as Tulip seemed to get it as she again smiled and took the money and handed Sarah her change.

"Good luck tonight" Tulip said as Sarah smiled. Walking the short distance back to her apartment, she made mental notes about the things she needed to do. Reaching the apartment, a note stuck to the door read, "BRB in 15 or an hour." Sarah laughed and folded it neatly and placed it in her jeans pocket as she went inside. Laying the bag on the computer desk, she first fished out her Lonestar cd and moved the boombox to the night stand by the bed. Pulling out the candles she set one on each night stand and looking out the window as it started to get dark, she knew it was almost time for Grace to get back.

"I better go ahead and change now" Sarah said to herself in the mirror on the bathroom door. Slipping out of her jeans and t-shirt into a pair of jammers and a night shirt.

Opening the basket next, she smoothed out the sheets on the bed and spread the rose petals from top to bottom and lit the candles. Turning the lights down, she went into the bathroom and turned the water on, adjusting it to just the right temperature and squirted in some bubble bath. Lastly, going to the closet, she dug around in the bottom for a while till she found her box of "goodies" and opened it as she heard the car pull up on the street. Her heart froze as she smiled and waited for the buzzer to sound, a moment later it did just as she knew it would as she jumped up and ran across the room and said, "This better be Grace Manning."

"Duh Blue Eyes you gonna buzz me up or what?" Grace giggled as Sarah rolled her eyes and set her box of "goodies" on the computer desk and opened it as she opened the door a bit, she laid back on the bed. Grace had her key already out as she came to the door and found it was already cracked, she froze when she heard the first strains of a very familiar song. Pushing the door open she saw Sarah laying on the bed, propped up on one elbow as she smiled knowingly. "But how...?"

"Guess what I got planned?" Sarah asked as she moved in front of Grace and closed the door behind her.

"How did you do this?"

"I have my ways" Sarah said with a smile. "Now do you wanna guess?"

"Your gonna take a part of me" Grace said as Sarah smiled brightly and nodded her head.

"You've already got a part of me" Sarah said as she kissed Grace softly. Then smiling as she pointed to the desk as Grace's jaw dropped and Sarah laughed.

"So you did have one?" Grace asked picking up the strap-on and looking at Sarah. "Is this what you plan to use on me?"

"Among other things" Sarah giggled as she took Grace's hand and laced their fingers together and pulled Grace into her arms and began to sway to the music on the box. "God that man's voice is sexy."

"Oh it sure is" Grace said as she nervously tried to keep time with Sarah's smooth moves. "Every word of that song is true you know."

"Yeh I feel that every time we touch" Sarah said softly as she kissed Grace's lips. "I am so lucky."

"What about me?" Grace asked in a tone that matched Sarah's. "I get to be loved by you. I think I'm the lucky one."

"You are such a good dancer" Sarah whispered as she pulled Grace into her arms and they fell into a long slow kiss. Sarah searching for Grace's tongue with hers for the moment before they met. Grace's arms going around Sarah's neck as she kissed her with more passion and fell further into her girlfriends embrace as they swayed in perfect time to the music. Sarah's hands went to the top of Grace's jeans and gently pulled her tucked in t-shirt free as Grace pulled away and asked, "You want me to take it off?"

"Unless you wanna get in with it on" Sarah said motioning to the bathroom as Grace's eyes opened in surprise as she saw the waiting bubble bath.

"Go on and let me do one thing and I'll meet you" Grace said as Sarah smiled and replied, "No."


"Because tonight Grace Manning you are mine and no one else's" Sarah said as Grace's eyes opened and she smiled. "The phone's unplugged, the buzzer is turned off and you are all mine."

"Now that is a line that's gonna get you laid tonight Sarah Grasser" Grace said with a giggle as she kicked off her shoes and with them her socks soon followed as her and Sarah entered the bathroom.

"Not meant to really" Sarah said as she kissed her girlfriend softly. "Tonight is about a lot more than sex, Grace, tonight is about me making love to you."

"All night long to huh, my baby?" Grace asked as Sarah smiled and pulled her closer by the belt loop in her pants as Grace giggled and raised her arms willingly and looked to Sarah as if she were supposed to be doing something. Sarah looked at in confusion until she realized what Grace wanted and did the thing she had done a million times now it seemed, slowly lifting Grace's t-shirt over her head and tossing it aside. Then unbuckling Grace's belt and pulling it out through the loops as Grace asked, "MMMMMMM you gonna whip me too?"

"Whips and chains you know" Sarah said as Grace laughed. Sarah eyeballing Grace's phone hanging from her jeans and saying, "You are soooo gonna turn that off."

"Yes ma'am" Grace said with a salute as Sarah laughed and kissed her softly. Grace taking her phone and holding down the power button as she turned her back to Sarah and laid it aside. Then looking into the mirror as Sarah smiled at her and kissed her shoulder, while undoing her bra and letting Grace shake out of it. Wrapping her arms around Grace's now bare waist as she kissed her neck softly and began to kiss her way across Grace's neck slowly as Grace tilted her head and sighed contently. "MMMMM you know, I can remember a time when this wasn't a fantasy at all."

"Being with me?" Sarah asked as Grace blushed.

"Not just you, any girl" Grace said as Sarah's hands slowly moved across her bare stomach and down to Grace's jeans as she unbuttoned them. "Until I met you."

"Be honest, when did you, you know, start to think about me in that way?" Sarah asked as Grace helped her push the jeans down as Sarah dropped to her knees and held Grace steady as she stepped out of them. Looking up at her with a loving smile, Sarah gently pulled Grace's thong down as she waited for the girls obviously well thought out answer.

"Well I thought you had a cute butt early on, I remember thinking that and I guess it slowly grew from there" Grace said as Sarah held her steady as she stepped out of her thong. "Is that a good enough answer?"

"There is no right answer Grace" Sarah said as she rose and hugged her again from behind. "I'm just curious cause you know, you said..."

"Did you always think I was hot?" Grace asked with an honest expression and just had to smile as she saw Sarah's grin in the mirror and knew the answer before she even had chance to reply.

"That's an interesting question, cause at first I thought you were pretty and all..." Sarah said, "...but you were straight and I don't go for the whole fantasize about the girl I can't have thing. But once you kissed me, I let myself feel those things and god it was hard to control myself. Although, the morning I showed up in the entry way, I did wanna see you again. I'll admit that much."

"Remember the shower?" Grace asked, "The first time, the night of the Eli date?"

"Oh yeah, so hot" Sarah said, "God, girl I wanted to honestly jump you after I seen what was under those clothes. But I was a good girl and played it cool."

"Yeh you did" Grace said, "I think that was the first time that I figured out that I feel desire for you."

"Well, remember now, you invited me into the shower" Sarah said as she nuzzled Grace's neck. "So you can't blame me."

"Yeh I can" Grace said as Sarah looked at her in confusion.

"So you had to be sooo damn hot I couldn't resist" Grace said as Sarah kissed her shoulder and smiled.

"You wanna hear the real truth?" Sarah asked as Grace nodded her head in agreement, "As weird a time as this is to say this, I want you to know..."


"I thought Katie was hot, really hot..." Sarah said as Grace opened her mouth to say something when Sarah covered it and went on, "But you, you make me feel things that she never could. My desire to give you pleasure is so strong sometimes I have to pull back. I didn't feel that way with her."

"I honestly want to know tonight how good you can make me feel" Grace said, "I know you got some skills with that thing, so show me?"

"Oh I intend to" Sarah said. "Seriously, do I satisfy you? Or do you still think you'd be more...I dunno what the right word is..."

"Yesssssss" Grace said firmly. "I can't even imagine having sex with a guy and him being able to give me pleasure like you do. You're just so in tune with what I need."

"Good to know" Sarah said with a smile.

"Like a few nights, you know I was...kinda of sore, down there?" Grace asked with a questioning smile. "And you were so gentle and still gave me every thing I could take."

"Guess we have been...ummmm...kinda of active?" Sarah asked as Grace laughed. "Not that I'm complaining either way."

"Yeh I'd say we have" Grace said, "Every night, sometimes two and three times. You're like a turbo bunny sometimes."

"I told you, I have to pull back most of the time" Sarah said, "I know when you've had enough."

"Do I satisfy you?" Grace asked. "Seriously."

"Like I'm gonna say no" Sarah said as Grace giggled and shrugged. "Of course you do, completely and usually to a mind numbing conclusion."

"Here's a question I've been dying to ask..." Sarah said with a mysterious pause as she kissed Grace's neck softly and licked a small circle and sucked at it for a long moment then did it again on another spot before she went on, " you like..."

"MMMMMMMM I love that" Grace said in a moan.

"Noooo" Sarah said softly. "I you know."

"You been dying to know huh?" Grace asked as she turned and saw Sarah blush.

"Yeh" Sarah said as she kissed her girlfriend and smiled, "Well?"

"It's addictive" Grace said as Sarah raised her eyebrows, "Want me to prove just how addictive it is?"

"Oh boy, but what about..." Sarah asked as she saw in the mirror that half the water had run out of the tub. "What the fuck?"

"What?" Grace asked as turned and saw Sarah fiddling with the hot and cold water to get it back on. Touching her shoulder to get her attention, she smiled as Sarah looked up.

"This is what you should have your hands on" Grace said as she pointed to her body, "Not that."

"But..." Sarah said as Grace pulled her up and kissed her.

"I could care less about that bath, I want you, and I don't wanna wait any longer" Grace said as she took both of Sarah's hands and led her out of the bathroom. Walking backwards as Sarah followed, all the way to the rose petal covered bed. Grace sat down in front of her as Sarah smiled down at her and played with her girlfriend's hair. Pulling gently at Sarah's jammer shorts and skinning them down her thighs and smiling as Sarah's bare sex come into view. Smiling she licked her lips suggestively as she smiled up at Sarah. Sarah lifted her shirt up as Grace stopped her and took hold of it herself as Sarah kissed her and raised her arms willingly and let Grace lift the shirt over head and toss it aside. "I love doing that."

"Simple things huh?" Sarah asked as she saw Grace sit back down and lean forward as she kissed Sarah's flat tanned stomach softly.

"Those are the ones you remember" Grace said, "I got an idea, stand there and let me see how much you can take."

"Huh?" Sarah asked as Grace placed her girlfriend's hands on her shoulders and smiled devilishly. "You want me to stand up while you do that?"

"I've been dying to make love to you this way" Grace said, "Just hold my shoulders and when you can't take anymore, let me know."

"Are you insane?" Sarah asked as Grace shrugged with a knowing smile and leaned down and made Sarah clutch at her shoulders as she exposed Sarah's clit and licked it softly. Ever so softly, Sarah thought as her legs felt weak for a moment and she moaned as Grace did it again and again and again in quicker secession as the pleasure began to fill Sarah's body slowly. Leaning forward she held on to Grace's shoulders the best she could as Grace focused her love making on Sarah's most sensitive area and licked it faster as her head bobbed up and down. "Oh god that feels so good."

"MMMMMMMMM I know it does baby" Grace said as she looked up and saw Sarah's eyes were now almost shut as she laid her head back. Going back to it, Grace kept repeating this simple method over and over as Sarah's moaning grew louder and her grip on Grace's shoulders tightened with each passing lick of her clit. The pleasure, now storming Sarah's body as she fought to stay in position as she felt her legs go weaker with every passing second it seemed. Her pussy spasming so right as she clutched one hand into Grace's hair and the other into her girlfriends shoulder still. Grace licked rougher and faster over Sarah's clit and could feel Sarah's thighs quiver now a few times as she pulled off and observed her in the midst of so much pleasure. "MMMMMMMM, yeh that's the look I was going for."

"MMMMMMMMMMM, god you got it then" Sarah said as she moaned and urged Grace to continue. Grace did just that for a long moments as she again worked over Sarah's clit a little more. Then stopping, Grace looked up as she gave Sarah a knowing smile and said, "MMMMMMMMM, quivering thighs, eyes rolled back, MMMMMMM, pussy spasming just right, breathing ragid, legs are barely holding you up. You're so close huh?"

"Yesssss my baby" Sarah said as Grace smiled and returned to licking at Sarah's exposed clit and felt her girlfriend's body shake in pleasure as the orgasm drew near with every passing second. Sarah laid her her head back and moaned out loud, digging her fingers into Grace's shoulder and clutching her other hand into a fist in her hair as her pussy exploded in rapture a moment later. Grace moved one hand to Sarah's butt and the other to her back to keep her from losing her balance as Sarah shook in a wonderful all consuming orgasm for a few long seconds. Her body finally going limp as the orgasm broke it's hold and Sarah let Grace guide her to the bed as she laid down. "Oh my god, you're insane, my legs fill like jelly now."

"Tell you did didn't like that?" Grace asked as she laid her head on Sarah's chest and felt her heart still racing.

"Felt so good, MMMMMMMMMM" Sarah said as Grace smiled. "Just never did anything like that before."

"Something you'll have to try on me huh?" Grace asked as Sarah opened her eyes and smiled.

"MMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMM you can count on that" Sarah said as Grace giggled and kissed Sarah's stomach softly before she slipped off the bed and walked slowly to the computer desk and took the strap-on from the box of "goodies" and bringing it over and laying it down across Sarah's stomach as she crawled onto the bed and kissing Sarah softly the very second she had flopped down beside her. Moving a moment later to the top of the bed, Grace was now half sitting and half laying with all the pillows piled up behind her. "So you know you gotta put that thing on me, you know that right?"

"Looks complicated" Grace said as Sarah crawled up the bed and laid the strap-on across Grace's stomach as she kissed her softly again and crossed her legs over Grace's thighs. Grace sat up and slipped the harness around one of Sarah's thighs and tightening it as Sarah showed her what to do and then doing it to the other thigh. Leaning forward she took hold of the cock and stroked it slowly up and down as she kissed Sarah's stomach and looked up at her lover. "Anything else?"

"Yeh here" Sarah said as she handed Grace the baby oil and watched Grace squirt it in the cock and stroked her hand up and down the shaft a little faster this time, coating the whole thing in the slippery substance. "I think we're ready now. Last chance to change your mind."

"Nope I want this as much as you do" Grace said with a smile as Sarah slipped back a little and was now between her thighs. Stroking the cock up and down and making sure it was coated into the oil completely. "Lift your legs up a little and well you know."

"Yeh I think I know what to do" Grace giggled as she laid her legs across Sarah's thighs and laid back against the pillows again as she fought a bout nerves. Sarah slid a bit closer and guided the cock to Grace's pleasure center, gently rubbing the head of it up and down her lips as she felt Grace squirm a bit and smile as she felt the gentle soothing sensations sweep over her body. "That feel good?"

"MMMMMMMMMMMM yeh" Grace said as she smiled and watched Sarah take a firmer hold on her cock and line it up now. Stroking her other hand up and down Grace's flat lightly tanned stomach.

"You sure you're ready?" Sarah asked as she waited for Grace's approval before moving an inch.

"Yeh I'm sure" Grace said her hand rubbing Sarah's gently, "I Love You."

"I love you two, and I can tell you, it's prolly gonna hurt a little at first" Sarah said positioning the head of the cock at Grace's slightly parted lips and pushing forward gently. Feeling the cock meeting an almost immediate resistance as the head was barely in. Pulling back out and slowly sliding it back in, she watched it slip further inside. A few more short strokes and she heard Grace's first, albeit slight, moan of approval. "Not too bad huh?"

"MMMMMM HMMMMM not yet" Grace said feeling her lips being spread for the first time. Waiting for the pain and still feeling none she tensed up a bit more with each stroke, fearing it was coming. Stroking in and out with about an inch or so of the cock, thinking how easy it had gone so far. With the hand on Grace's stomach she could feel her girlfriend tensing up a bit each time she sunk back in. Saying to her a moment later, "Relax Gracey, I promise it'll really start to feel good soon."

"OK, I'm trying baby" Grace said simply as Sarah watched herself sink even further in and even though the lubricant was working perfectly, she thought Grace must have been wet for it to be so easy. Grace moaned ever so lightly, getting used to the most unusual feeling of being stuffed full of something. Sarah slid back in again, a little further and met the resistance she knew was coming. Stopping she carefully and slowly pulled back as Grace lightly moaned again at the sensations. Carefully leaning forward, she placed her arms on either side of Grace's shoulders

"You OK Gracey?" She asked, remaining stationary.

"Yeh I think so it feels good sorta" Grace said her breathing coming a little shorter now. Her hands moving to Sarah's arms as she began to stroke her hands up and down the smooth skin and looked right up at Sarah. "OK you ready for it, Gracey?"

"Yeh just do it" Grace said, as prepared for a dose of what she thought might be pain as she could possibly be. Sarah drew back and with a minimum of effort Sarah surged forward and Grace felt a slight resistance, as did Sarah, and then a twinge of pain surged through her body as Grace clutched at Sarah's arms and groaned. "FUCK! damn that hurt."

"Calm down, it'll go away, I promise" Sarah said as she pushed forward and the cock was soon all the way in as she lowered down to her elbows, her face now only inches away Grace's. "Is it still hurting as bad?"

"Nooooo" Grace said as she adjusted to the filling of having Sarah all the way in her now. "Tell me to stop and I will OK?"

"No no don't stop" Grace said as her eyes met Sarah's as her girlfriend moved out and slowly slid back in. "Ohhhhhhh wow, god that's weird."

"What?" Sarah asked as she kissed Grace's chin softly and stroked in and out once more, slowly.

"Its hurts a little, but MMMMMMMMMMMM it feels good too" Grace said in a moan as Sarah smiled and whispered to her, "You're not a virgin anymore my love."

"Yeh I know" Grace said as she bit her lip and moaned a little louder as Sarah stroked in and out once more. "Every time you do it, it feels better."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM yeh, I told you I'd be good to you, OK when I push in and you feel me stop, you push back out OK?" Sarah asked as she put her hands over Grace's, and smiling as Grace laced her fingers with Sarah's and saying in a giggle. "I think I can handle that."

"Not sure you're that coordinated Gracey" Sarah giggled as she slid back in all the way and felt Grace push out for the first time. Watching her lovers pretty face turn to one of pleasure as she realized how good this could feel. Sliding back in again and feeling Grace squeeze her back out and listening to the girls moans as they got louder with each stroke in and out. Sarah leaned down, kissing Grace's lips between each of her soft moans. Sarah moved faster and Grace moaned her approval and met her lover's thrust like she had been taught. Sarah drawing out now as far as she could and sliding back in and feeling Grace's pussy squeeze around the cock and push it back out. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM is that good my baby?"

"MMMMMMMMMMM sooooo good, Sarah, oh my soooo goood" Grace moaned and pulled at Sarah's hands, shifting her head back in the soft pillows as Sarah quickened her pace yet again. Moving in and out faster, as Grace had a hard time keeping up and wanted desperately to focus more on the sensations that seemed to be surging through her body more and more with every thrust from her lover now.

"MMMMM Sarah I can't keep up, it feels to good like this" Grace said, her eyes closed shut and trying to match Sarah's strokes as Sarah had said. Sarah smiled and kissed Grace's chin once again and went faster and faster.

"Don't worry about it baby, just concentrate on the pleasure" Sarah said kissing Grace's chin softly and then her lips. Grace meeting her eyes and smiling, and wondering how Sarah could have known exactly what she was thinking. Which was then followed by a moan of approval at Sarah's quickening of the pace again. "I promise I'll make you feel sooo good."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM SARAH OH GEEZ GIRL" Grace moaned and started meeting Sarah's ever harder thrusts with some of her own. Their lips met a second later in a suddenly passionate kiss, Grace moaning ever harder into Sarah's mouth as their tongue's found the other's. Twirling slowly around and massaging each as the passion grew. Grace kissed her lips harder as she felt herself slowly building towards an orgasm. Sarah again went faster, her body covered in a thick film of sweat, dropping off her head as her hair became matted to her back. Grace wrapped her legs around Sarah's and kissed her more passionately, sucking at her mouth as she pulled hard at her lover's hands at the same time.

She felt as if Sarah was now apart of her, as the cock pistoned in and out of her at a pace, Grace never knew existed. Sarah's flesh smacking her equally sweating flesh, creating an ear piercing, very erotic sound in the room. Not wanting Grace to cum without feeling one more thing, Sarah slowed in her lover and pushed herself up so she was now above Grace and pulled away from her lips as Grace's eyes opened as she asked, "Baby it was feeling so good, what are you doing?"

"I want you to feel this my baby" Sarah said as she leaned forward a bit and changed the angle as she began to stroke down again only this time grinding on Grace's clit, she saw an immediate reaction from Grace and heard her moan as the shaft of the cock grinded away at her clit. Grace opened her mouth and moaned out as she felt her clit get worked so good as her hands squeezed into Sarah's as she watched her slowly thrusting hips drive the cock deep.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ohmigod Sarah that's sooo good" Grace moaned as the sensations grew with each stroke of Sarah's love tool. Sarah grinded even harder and could see the look on Grace's face and knew she was taking her ever closer to an orgasm. Hearing Grace's moans get louder with each stroke, Sarah could sense it was time to quicken her pace again as she lowered herself back to her elbows and could feel, as incredible as it seemed to her at the time, an orgasm of her own coming on. She began to again stroke, only harder and harder into Grace, as she met Grace's lips with hers again. Now wanting desperately to feel Grace cum. Grace moaned louder into Sarah's mouth and sucked harder now at her moving lips as she neared her ultimate prize on the night.

"Yeh Gracey cum with me, I wanna feel you cum" Sarah panted a second before her lips rejoined Grace's in a passionate embrace as she went faster in and out of her. At last driving her lover over the edge, and into an incredibly wonderful orgasm. Sarah felt Grace's body tense a second before her's did and soon they were cumming as one. Sarah felt her orgasm explode like none she had ever known, as did Grace. It was one like she had never known, and for the few moments of pure heaven she truly felt like she was one with Grace. Grace on the other hand, felt her body explode not once but several times, every time Sarah slid back into her it seemed to start over and become more intense. Their lips and tongue's sucking at each other's, literally working as hard at they were. Both moaning now intensely into the other's mouth. Suddenly both felt as if every bit of tension in their bodies evaporated as the seconds ticked by and the feelings finally began to subside ever so slowly.

Grace was the first to relax and she felt Sarah's love tool slow inside her as she too came down. Sarah relaxed and came to rest on top of her lover. Pushing the rubber cock as deep as it had ever been inside Grace. Their lips, like the rest of their body fell back to their normal rhythm, tongue's still massaging the other, and their lips softly and slowly working against the other's. The afterglow becoming more prevalent every second as it, much like the orgasm earlier, washed over both of them. Sarah's fingers releasing Grace's hands, and wrapping her arms around Grace's neck gently as they kissed now softly. Grace moved one of her hands around to Sarah's back, feeling the thick film of sweat that now coated her skin.

"MMMMMMMMMM are you OK?" Sarah asked after a few more long moments of kissing.

"I Love You blue eyes" Grace said simply, quickly following it was a soft kiss. "Does that tell you everything you need to know?"

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I love you too my amazing Grace" Sarah said returning her kiss. "So I assume it was pretty good huh?"

"That was amazing and I mean amazing" Grace said smiling and looking straight into her lover's eyes, "I hope it was OK for you too."

"It was amazing for me too" Sarah said kissing her again softly, "You made me cum so good."

"You did? You mean you cum too?" Grace asked in surprise as Sarah nodded her head yes and kissed Grace's lips softly. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, I know I did."

"I think it was at the same time" Sarah said smiling and slowly pulling the tool out of Grace. "We were really Nsync tonight. It was so good it almost hurt."

"I dunno how anything could feel better than that" Grace said as Sarah rose off her, she unstrapped the harness and let it fall to the bed as Grace rolled onto her side and Sarah moved in behind her and sliding her arms around Grace. Moving it first to Grace's stomach and then up to her chest and she could feel Grace's heart still raising as she asked. "Your hearts still racing huh baby?"

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck yes it sure is" Grace said with a smile, "I could soooo use a nap right now."

"I'd like to know why" Sarah giggled as she pulled the covers over her and Grace, "I did all the work."

"Oh yeah sure, you keep telling yourself that too" Grace giggled as she scooted back till her body was against Sarah's and felt Sarah wrap her tighter in her arms.

To be Continued....