Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 57 "Is This Heaven?"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"I'm so confused" Stephanie said with a worried look on her face.

"Been there" Jessie said with a reassuring smile. "You'll figure it out, just promise me one thing?"


"If you ever do wanna try it with another girl..." Jessie said with a teasing grin, "...let it be me?"

"Of course, you caused all this I'm gonna make you" Stephanie said as Jessie laughed and saw a gleam in Stephanie's eyes as the girl went on, "Which brings to mind a conversation you promised we'd have."


"The threesome and I want details" Stephanie said, "And no damn excuses Jessie Sammler, we are alone and this fucker is sound proof so let's hear them."

"I wasn't resisting as long as you won't say anything about it to anyone" Jessie said as Stephanie nodded her head and urged her to go on. "Well, I was dating my ex, Katie Singer, and we hadn't been sleeping together very long but I met her ole friend Cori and this girl has eyes that will melt your heart and just, everything about her was sexual. I literally couldn't resist her."

"Been there with a guy or two" Stephanie commented.

"Well she talked me and Katie into doing the threesome, I mean Katie and I had talked about it but never figured it would happened so soon" Jessie said.

"OK OK what happened?" Stephanie asked impatiently as Jessie giggled. "I love sex stories ok? Now go on."

"Well when we got to Cori's place, Katie had to use the bathroom and Cori practically shoves her tongue down my throat, not that I minded like I said I couldn't resist her" Jessie said and noticing that Stephanie seemed to be hanging on every word. "Well we downed a few wine coolers to kill the nerves and as Katie got back, she watched as Cori took me first and then..."

"Hold on, those are not details" Stephanie pointed out as Jessie blushed, "I want the down and dirty stuff."

"Pussy licking?"

"If that's what she did" Stephanie said, "You're not gonna offend me."

"OK...she licked my pussy" Jessie finally said a moment later and felt herself getting turned-on by just using that phrase.

"She licked you while this Katie girl watched?"

"Yeh and she loved it" Jessie said with a smile and her eyes locked on Stephanie's, "She was rubbing her pussy while she watched Cori and me."

"Cori make you cum good?"

"Best I think I'd ever had" Jessie said, "Felt so good."

"I bet it did" Stephanie said in a slightly sultry voice. " And Katie joined in next right?"

"Yeh they took me at the same time"


"They took turns sucking my clit real soft and then kept getting harder as they took turn after turn" Jessie said as Stephanie's eyes opened in surprise.

"That is so hot" She grinned, "I bet that just felt so incredible."

"Yeh it sure did and you haven't heard the best part yet" Jessie said, "Then they sucked it at the same time and ohmigod it was sooooo good I was screaming."

"Geez" Stephanie said, "I can only imagine what an orgasm like that must feel like."

"Girl, you have no idea" Jessie said. "It was so good I blacked out for a moment or two."

"Fuck" Stephanie said, still hanging on every word of Jessie's. "Then I paid Cori back when I recovered and made her cum."

"What did she taste like?"

"Strawberry's or so, it was really sweet and kinda tangy" Jessie said as Stephanie surprised her with her own admission, "Mines sorta dull but sweet and it can be tangy."

"Ok" Jessie said as both giggled and looked away for a moment.

"You've never tasted you own girl spunk?" Stephanie asked.

"Yeh what girl hasn't?" Jessie asked, "It's a turn-on sometimes."

"I can't resist" Stephanie said as she squirmed in her seat and then said, "Now you got me all fuckin horny and shit with your story."

"You wanted to hear it" Jessie said as Stephanie laughed and said, "I did not, you forced me to listen. My ears are not mature enough to hear that I'm a virgin you know."

"You are?"

"Would you like it if I was?" Stephanie asked as she leaned close and put her hands on Jessie's thighs casually and asked, "The thought of taking my virginity turn you on?"

"No" Jessie said as Stephanie gave her a slightly hurt look before Jessie went on, "I wouldn't take it just to have it, I'd want it to mean something."

"You're impossibly sweet Jessie Sammler" Stephanie said as she smiled. "And tell Joanna I'm sorry for kissing you last night, it was out of line."

"She didn't complain" Jessie said as she saw Stephanie's eyes grow wide as she looked straight ahead and pointed as Jessie went on, "See Joanna and I are not really..."

"It's a baby deer" Stephanie said as she cut Jessie off in mid-sentence and hurried her to get out of the cockpit as they made their way close to it. "You so pretty baby, where's your momma at?"

"Right there" Jessie said as she pulled Stephanie away from the baby as her mother came running into the clearing and stopped as she guarded her baby.

"We better get back" Stephanie said.


"I'm hungry and that momma acts like she don't like us" Stephanie said as she smiled to Jessie and went on, "Plus if we talk about that much more, I'mma be in some trouble."

"Don't bother me" Jessie said as both laughed and Stephanie rolled her eyes and walked off as Jessie chased after her.

** ** ** Meanwhile, Back @ The Palace

"But their so low Sam" Zoe said as she looked into the mirrors in Sam's closet at her newly purchased low-riders that came just over her butt crack Zoe noticed. "If I bend over, everyone's gonna get a show."

"You've got a nice butt why not show it off" Sam said as she moved behind Zoe and looked at her in the mirror. Moving her hands to Zoe's hips and pulling her thong up to make it more noticable. "There that's better."

"I don't wanna show my underwear to the world everytime I go out" Zoe said as she pushed it back down and felt Sam pull it back up and say over her shoulder, "Look they gonna be a lot of hot guys and girls down their tonight so you might as well look your best if you hope to get some attention."

"I'm not looking for a girls attention but I think you are" Zoe said turning and looking Sam directly in the eye and saying, "Remember Jennifer?"

"That was one kiss Zoe and it wasn't even that good" Sam said adjusting her own thong in the mirror and being satisfied she looked alright, picking up her coat and tossed Zoe one and motioned for her to follow.

"Bullshit" Zoe said as she stopped Sam at the door to her room, "You know as well as I do that you asked about her the next day at school and not only that she asked about you."

"She did?" Sam asked with a smile forming on her face before it quickly disappeared. "Who cares really."

"Look if you like her it's cool with me" Zoe said as Sam thought about it for a minute and said, "Nah, I'm just curious about the whole kissing thing with girls."

"I was too but not so much anymore" Zoe said as they made their way into the hall and spotted Mandy, "Sarah was really great and helped me figure things out pretty good."

"So you gonna call your mom and get permission so she don't have a cow again?" Mandy asked.

"Yeh hold on I'll call and make sure she knows we going out and all" Zoe said as she took Mandy's cell and dialed her home number, a moment later, a seemingly distracted sounding Lily picked up the phone as Zoe asked, "Mom can I go out with Sam and Mandy tonight?"

"Where exactly will you be going?" Lily asked as she tried to get dinner ready.

"Down to the basketball courts by Book Lovers" Zoe said, "Grace and Sareh are going I think."

"Ok, but you better be back here by nine and not a minute later young lady" Lily said as Zoe rolled her eyes and made Sam laugh.

"Ok gotcha, bye mom" Zoe said as she hung up quickly before Lily could add some stipulations like she had been doing lately.

"You two look like whores" Mandy said with a smirk as Sam and Zoe both flipped her the bird. "Why do you let her dress you that way Zoe?"

"I don't know" Zoe said as Mandy seemed to be smiling at her and only her Zoe thought. "I dress like her cause she's my friend."

"Listen, Cutie" Mandy said as she pushed Sam aside and put her arm around Zoe's neck and lead her away and down the steps and into the kitchen as she explained, "You don't look like a little girl anymore, now you have a beautiful body, everyone can see that. You don't need to show your underwear to the world to get a guy. It ain't help Sam yet and it ain't gonna get you nothing but trouble."

"How the hell would you know?" Sam asked as she arrived in the kitchen herself and pushed Mandy away from Zoe. "I think we look fine."

"Anyway, Mom won't let you leave this house looking like that" Mandy said as Shady and Katie came in through the garage and Shady flipped Mandy the keys to her car and said, "You fuck my ride up and I'm gonna brand your ass."

"Don't you mean tap my ass?" Mandy asked with a smirk, "That'd be about the only think you ain't done yet."

"Fuck you slut" Shady spat back as she walked by Mandy and smacked her ass with a stinging thud. Sending Mandy into the air as she squealed and rubbed her jean clad cheeks as Shady laughed and asked. "Is Dad and the bitch home?"

"Mom had one of her spells and she's laying down right now" Sam said, "And Dad is out doing...something."

"Mom's not having a spell, she's drunk..again" Shady said as she picked a new set of keys off the peg board in the kitchen and asked Katie, "You wanna go riding till late?"

"We can go to my house and hang out too" Katie offered as Shady shrugged her shoulders and said, "As long as you're there."

"And you two mini skanks stay away from the Franklin street courts, they be a lot of crazy gang bangers around there" Shady said to Zoe and Sam, "Mandy you heard me, and if I hear you was down there, I'll make sure your mom finds out Zoe and you're ass will be mine Sam."

"Can we please go before anyone else out calls us names?" Sam asked as she took Zoe's hand and pulled her out to the garage and into the back of the car as Mandy got in a minute later. Mandy took the long way downtown, taking the back route through some of the upscale neighborhoods around the McCree place. It took almost 20 minutes for her to get on the right street as they drove right by Book Lovers on the way to the basketball courts. Zoe looked out and swore she seen her dad inside but let the thought slip her mind as Mandy pulled up and parked the car not to far from the action.

"What's going on tonight?" Zoe asked as she followed Sam and Mandy down the sidewalk and feeling some eyes on her as some guys walked by and then girls that looked not to much older than her, Sam seemed not to notice Zoe observed or she was playing it really cool she thought.

"It's a three-on-three tournament" Sam said as they reached the courts. "Guys from all over the city are here."

"Hey look, Logan and Marissa are here" Mandy said walking up to meet them as she smiled at an obviously attracted Logan and seemed to give Marissa a cold look, Zoe thought. "Hey Loggie, you playin?"

"Apparently you don't know who you're talking too" Marissa said and laughed at her own joke as Mandy gave her a dirty look and felt Logan's hand on her stomach to stop her from going after Marissa. Zoe wanted to laugh, but wondered what history there was between them for a long moment. Logan quickly turned his attention back to Mandy. Marissa smiled knowing she'd gotten a rise out of Mandy and then looked to Sam and Zoey and asked, "Does your mommies know you're out workin the corner?"

"Does mommy pay for the monkey who does your make-up?" Zoe asked as Sam covered her mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

"That doesn't make any sense" Marissa said as Mandy cut her off and said as she moved beside Zoe and linked her arm with Zoe's and said, "Thought it was pretty funny myself."

"Me too" Logan said as Marissa glared at him and turned her attention back to Mandy and said, "Look who's talking, all that money and you dress worse than Zoe does at school"

"You want me to beat the ugly off you skank?" Mandy asked.

"Oh, I'm so scared, has to dress like a whore cause she still looks like a little girl? Did you stuff your bra tonight Zoe?" Marissa asked and jumping back as Mandy saw red and started after Marissa when she felt Zoe suddenly in her path. Zoe's hands on her stomach holding her back.

"Mandy, no, stop please?" Zoe asked as Mandy looked at her in surprise and stopped for the moment as she was now eye to eye with Zoe. "She's not worth it, just drop it."

"Zoe, she don't talk to you that way while I'm around" Mandy said as Zoe hugged her and asked, "Why are you so determined to defend me?"

"Because that hoochie has it coming anyway" Mandy said as she started after Marissa again as Zoe hugged her tighter and begged Mandy to stop as she said, "Mandy, please just stop. For me?"

"Yeh listen to your little girlfriend" Marissa snorted as she walked off. Zoe tried to keep Mandy from going after Marissa as Mandy said aloud. "Talk about her that way again, bitch, I'll beat you like she was my girlfriend."

"Why did you stop me?" Mandy asked a moment later as she looked at Zoe.

"You're not gonna fight over me" Zoe said as Mandy seemed to calm considerably in Zoe's gaze. Zoe noticed the same thing as Mandy got a knowing smile on her face and touched Zoe's cheek gently and trailed a single finger down her cheek and said in a 'for your ears only' voice. "You know I noticed this before, just never said so, but you're really cute."

"Are you hitting on her?" Sam asked as Logan laughed for a second and then seemed to notice the way Mandy and Zoe were smiling at each other. Their eyes seemingly locked on the other's.

"No, I'm not" Mandy said as Zoe blushed and released Mandy from the hug. "But, if I decide to, you better watch it Sam, I might just take you're girlfriend away."

"She's not my girlfriend" Sam spat as Mandy laughed and looked at Zoe with a knowing smile and asked, "HMMMM really? Seriously, why don't we hang out one night, and leave skanky there at the house?"

"OK, fine with me" Zoe said as Sam gave her a dirty look and thought for sure that Mandy was just kidding. "I won't hold my breath."

"You'll see Zo" Mandy said as she looked at Logan, who gave her a rather cold look as he had observed the whole scene with Zoe. "What you jealous?"

"Of you and her?" Logan asked as Mandy took his arm. "Of course not."

"Good" Mandy said as they turned to walk off before she stopped to say, "Zoe, keep an eye on the little one."

"FUCK YOU" Sam said as Zoe tried to keep from laughing.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Book Lovers

"DAMN IT JAKE, STOP IT" Judy screamed as Jake once again kicked over a set of books Judy had just set up. "I'm so fuckin sick of you destroying my store when you have a problem with Tiffany."

"Your store?" Jake snapped, "I was the one who put the majority of money up for this money pit."

"Yeh thanks to you we barely break even every month" Judy said as she tried to calm her nerves. "And if it had been up to you, we'd never have had that book signing with August Dimitri, and before you go on, I know the books and that kept us in business these last few months."

"You won't have another with him" Jake said as Grace came through the door with Sarah. "I promise you that."

"I've had it with you making demands Jake and then you never wanna take responsibilty for your brainless decisions when the bills come past due" Judy said as she glared at Jake. "I'm the one, and the only one who keeps this place in business."

"Hey daddy" Grace said as Jake noticed her before he could saying anything to Judy, hugging her briefly and looking at Sarah holding Grace's hand and snapped his head away. "What's wrong, what did she accuse you of this time?"

"Nothing Grace" Jake said rather coldly as her and Sarah took a seat on the couch. "I better not catch him back in here, I'm serious Judy, I'm still half owner of this store and I do have some say in what is sold here."

"This has nothing to do with his looney tunes bride" Judy said as her anger boiled over. "This has to do with your father being a controlling jerk and raging alcoholic. I'm so sick of you coming in drunk and running the customers off with your stupid rants. And if August Dimitri is good enough to offer me another shot at a book signing, I'm gonna do it, cause my first priority is to stay in business."

"What's this about August?" Grace asked as Jake snapped at his daughter, "Shut up Grace, this is not about you. This is about that teenybopper chasing scum bag and the only way he's gonna be back in here is if I'm no longer a co-owner."

"SCREW YOU" Grace screamed at her father as she stormed off to the back of the store.

"You get back her and apologize to me" Jake said as he started to follow his daughter before Sarah stood up and moved in front of him.

"Calm down Jake it's not worth fighting with her over" Sarah said in a calming voice.

"Your sticking your nose in a family matter and you need to shut up" Jake said in a cold voice as he pushed by and caused Sarah to fall backwards over the coffee table and crashed to the floor in a heap.

"SARAH!" Judy screamed as she ran to her side and saw blood coming from her face as Grace heard the commottion and came running back to the front as Jake threw another book on the ground and said, "God you know I didn't mean to do that, this is between me and my daughter and not..."

"WHAT DID SHE DO?" Grace screamed as she reached the sofa and helped Judy pick Sarah up to her feet as blood dripped from her nose and lip.

"Honey it was an accident" Jake said trying to explain as Judy threw a book at him and hit him square in the arm screamed "GET OUT. GET OUT. I HATE YOU. GOD I WAS STUPID FOR THINKING YOU COULD HANDLE ANYTHING. GET OUT NOW OR I SWEAR TO GOD I'LL CALL THE COPS."

"You ok baby?" Grace asked she touched Sarah's lip gently and kissed her forehead.

"Yeh I think so" Sarah said as she glared at Jake.

"I'd like to see you try calling the cops" Jake said in a daring voice as the bell on the door rattled with the entrance of Henry.

"Is everything ok Judy? I heard screaming and a loud crash and got worried" Henry said as he eyeballed Jake and took a few steps into the store and saw the carnage.

"Please daddy just leave" Grace pleaded as she felt Jake jerk his hand away from hers and refuse as Henry moved behind Judy and put his hands on her shoulders gently and asked, "Can I do anything?"

"Yeh go and call the cops" Judy said coldly as she glared at Jake.

"Come on Jake, man calm down and walk away it's not worth going to jail over" Henry said as he stepped in front of Judy and the girls and tried to back Jake down.

"If you don't get out of my face it's gonna be you going to jail and then to the hospital mister hero" Jake said as he pushed Henry away sending him crashing into Grace. Sarah reached for her girlfriend and caught her to partially break her fall as both fell to the floor.

"You ok?" Sarah asked Grace as she nodded her head and as Henry checked on her and helped both of them back their feet before telling Judy in a calm voice, "Take the girls and go outside I got this."

"No, Henry please, I don't wanna see you get hurt too" Judy pleaded as Henry gave her a confident smile and said, "I told you, I got this."

"Now I think you should leave my store before I throw your ass out" Jake said as he lunged forward and to everyone's surprise, Henry grabbed Jake under the arm as Jake rushed him and hip tossed him onto the coffee table as both went hurdling through it in a thunderous crash as Grace screamed, "DADDY STOP PLEASE!"

Jake groaned as he crashed through the wood and somehow was the first one to his knees as he landed a solid punch to Henry's stomach. Henry fell back as Jake stood and marched forward in rage as Judy pulled Grace and Sarah to the doorway and dialed the number for the cops. Henry rolled to the side as Jake tried to grab him and landed a powerful side kick to Jake's stomach as he doubled him over. Which gave Henry enough time to scramble to his feet and wait for Jake to turn around just as Henry delivered another kick to his stomach and quickly following that an open palm thrust to the forehead as Jake crumbled to the floor in a heap. Judy, panic stricken by now, practically screamed into the phone as the dispatch picked up and they assured her there were cars in the area and they'd arrive in seconds.

"Give it up Jake it's not worth it, you can't win this fight" Henry said as he kept a distance and made sure Jake wasn't getting up. "You're not gonna hurt anyone else tonight I can promise you that."

"FUCK YOU" Jake screamed with one last shot of rage as he lunged upwards and was once again met by a kick to his stomach and once again crumbled.

"Sargeant Mulrooney, Chicago PD" The cop said as he came running in at that moment, past the panic stricken threesome in the doorway as Henry backed off and held his hands up and said, "I'm clean guys, I'm clean."

"He's the asshole that attacked my niece, her girlfriend and tried to attack me" Judy said in a remarkably stable voice as the two cops drove Jake back to the ground against his protests of being the victim. An EMT arrived a second later as more cops came onto the scene and Jake was handcuffed and led by Judy who stopped them and glared at Jake before literally smacking the taste out of his mouth. "You son of a bitch, I hope they throw away the key when they lock you up. And if you're gonna get me for assualt, then it was worth it."

"I didn't see anything" Sgt Mulrooney said, "What about you Joe?"

"Not a thing" Joe said as they escorted Jake out of the store. One of the EMT's came over to check on Sarah's lip and nose and made sure she wasn't suffering any other effects as another one checked the scratches on Henry's back from the fall through the table.

"What started all of that?" Henry asked from across the room as Judy began to clean things up.

"Jake was drunk as usual and took it out on me and Sarah" Judy said, "He was ranting about everything under the sun and just went off when I mentioned August Dimitri."

"That's Karen's new boyfriend I take it?" Henry asked softly as Judy realized she might have hit a nerve and rose and came over to him and said softly as the EMT finished patching up the scratches.

"That had nothing to do with you" Judy said, "Karen is going through so much."

"Yeh she's got her demons I'm glad she's happy cause if I know her she'll find another way to destroy it" Henry commented as the EMT walked off a moment later. Judy smiled as she said softly. "Yeh well you got new oppurtunities now."

"Yeh I do" Henry said touching Judy's cheek gently as Sarah suddenly came over and hugged Henry and said as she looked up at him. "Thank you for defending me."

"Me too" Grace said touching Henry's arm as Judy said, "Me three. I don't know how to thank you."

"You gonna make a black man blush" Henry said with a smile and then went on as he looked at Judy, "How about dinner and movie this weekend?"

"You guys are...?" Sarah asked as she caught on, and her and Grace said in unison, "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW."

"Can we keep this on the down low?" Judy asked as Grace gave her a look and asked, "You mean like you did with me and Sarah?"

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Back the 3-on-3 Tournament

"The guy in the red is my dad's driver" Sam said to Zoe as she looked around bored and spotted a cute guy was checking her out from the steps across from their seats.

"He's checking us out" Zoe said pointing him out as Sam looked and acted as if she couldn't care less what he thought or looked like as she turned back to the game. "Come on let's go say hi."

"Noooo" Sam said as Zoe practically dragged her out of her seat and across the street to where the guy was sitting. "Hey."

"Hey yourself beautiful" He said standing up and checking Zoe out from top to bottom. "Girl you seriously got it going on and your friend does too. What cha name?"

"Zoe Manning" Zoe said with a huge smile.

"Dats a weird name" He said, "Mines Chase."

"No Zoe is a cool name, but Chase that's something you name a dog" Sam said with a dirty look as Chase said, "How about you ditch your friend and come rollin with me and my boys?"

"I dunno" Zoe said, with a lot less interest in him now that he'd showed he was a jerk she thought.

"Yeh of course you want too baby" Chase said as he slipped between Sam and Zoe and put his arm around Zoe.

"Uh no thanks you're kinda of a jerk" Zoe said as she pushed him away and felt Sam take her hand and pull her away and back towards the courts as Chase said, "Played out ho's."

"Fuck you" Zoe said as she flipped him the bird as Sam dragged her under the bleachers and out of sight of most everyone else as they now stood on the corner under the street light.

"Why did you wanna talk to him for anyway?" Sam asked.

"He was cute" Zoe said, "Guess I shouldn't judge someone by the first impression like that."

"Yeh that could have turned out pretty bad" Sam commented as she seemed to be moving ever closer Zoe noted.

"Why are you standing so close to me?" Zoe asked as Sam smiled nervously and said, "Because you smell nice tonight and you look really hot."

"Yeh cause you dressed me like this" Zoe said as Sam laughed and shrugged her shoulders.

"Your actin like you wanna kiss me or something" Zoe commented as Sam asked, "So?"

"I don't like girls I decided that..." Zoe said as Sam pointed to the cop car stopped in the traffic jam a few feet away. Looking away for a split second she spotted the car and seeing someone in the back but not being able to see the person clearly with the lighting conditions. She felt Sam's hand stroke across her stomach and around to her back, but as she turned her head to protest, she was shocked too feel Sam's lips pressed to hers. First wanting to push her away, but feeling Sam's soft lips on hers moving in a rhythm, she had to admit this felt really nice as she began to respond in kind. Feeling Sam's tongue licking gently and ever so lightly at her lips and following what Sarah had taught her she met Sam's tongue with hers and a few moments later their tongues began to massage's the others as Sam pulled Zoe tighter and slipped a hand into the girls hair and probed her tongue deeper into Zoe's suddenly eager mouth as Zoe did the same and moved her hand to Sam's body and started to get lost in the kiss. In the back of her mind, she could faintly hear a voice seemingly screaming her name, but blocking it out she kissed Sam for a few more long moments before Sam pulled away and smiled at her almost out of breath.

"Whoa" Sam said with a dazed look on her face.

"UMMMMMMMMmmmmmm yeah" Zoe said looking at Sam in shock and now realizing what had just happened. Suddenly she heard that voice again and turned to look and to her horror saw that Jake was sitting in the back of the cop car that was driving off.

"OHMIGOD" Zoe screamed as she jumped behind Sam and felt her whole body nearly go numb, "That was my dad in the cop car. I'm so dead, I think he saw us kissing."

"Oh shit" Sam said as they watched the car drive off into the distance.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Casa De August

"Hey" Stephanie said as she came out of the cracking screen door on to the front porch and saw Jessie sitting on the steps and seemingly in deep thought. "Earth to Jessie."

"Oh hey Steph"

"What's up, something on your mind?" Stephanie asked as she sat down by Jessie on the steps.

"Thinkin" Jessie said mysteriously.

"About?" Stephanie asked as Jessie gave her a pained expression as Steph smiled and bumped her shoulder against Jessie's.

"My mom and everything" Jessie said softly.

"Hey you wanna take a walk with me?" Stephanie asked, "I need to talk if you got time."

"Sure" Jessie said smiling and thinkin this was how best friends really acted. "You seen Joanna? She was gonna help August for a while."

"Still at it" Stephanie laughed as she pulled Jessie to her feet and linked their arms together as they made their way down the driveway. Jessie noticed a couple of times as she looked at Stephanie, that her mind seemed to be working over time, but for the longest time she said nothing, just kept walking. Both looked up as they had been walking about 10 or 15 minutes without a word being spoken when the first drops of rain began to fall. Stephanie laughed as she took Jessie's hand and pulled her along as they made an all out sprint into the woods, Jessie following Stephanie and hoping the girl knew where she was going. Suddenly, after a minute or two of sprinting, Jessie could see a clearing ahead as Stephanie lead the way into the clearing and the old crashed copter. "You're lucky I know my way around these woods pretty good."

"That's the truth" Jessie said as she watched Stephanie climb in, then pulling the door closed as she got in and the heavens seemingly opened up as the rain began to pour in buckets. Looking up she saw an amazing view of the rain storm as water fell all around them and never a drop reached them.

"Pretty cool huh?" Stephanie asked as they both laid back on the seats and watched for the longest time as it rained harder it seemed in the next few minutes.

"Yeh so cool" Jessie said as she let her mind wonder and realized this was the most peace she could remember having had in a long time. "Is this heaven?"

"No it's Indiana" Stephanie giggled as Jessie looked over at her finally. "But this place does seem to have some kind of magic effect on people."

"How do you mean?"

"Well Sarah and Grace told each other how they felt for the first time here, love" Stephanie said with a smile, "They made love here for the first time too."

"Yeh that's true" Jessie said as Stephanie went on, "And who would have ever thought your mom and Uncle August would find each other and it was here. This is the place that healed my broken heart over that scum bag Kyle Raymore and..."

"And I felt like a new person after coming here with Sarah and Grace" Jessie said, "And the best part, I met you."

"Yeh lucky you, lucky me too, I needed a best friend" Stephanie said with a sweet smile. "I'm telling you, I think this place is magical."
It like sucks the bad karma out of your soul or something" Jessie said as Stephanie rolled her eyes and laughed. "And it's also responsible for a lot of what August has done, with his novel and all."

"Yeh that's true" Stephanie said, "Looking back I can always remember, my dad talking about his long haired brother August and how he'd never do anything with his life."

"Bet he's happy about now" Jessie said as Stephanie laughed and said, "No now he's jealous, it's hilarious."

"I dread going home tommorrow" Jessie said, "That's life though."

"Yeh but you can always come back down mext weekend" Stephanie pointed out as Jessie looked at her with a teasing smile and asked, "You want me too?"

"I hope you do" Stephanie said simply.

"I haven't been invited though" Jessie said laying back against the seat as she looked at Stephanie.

"Then I'm saying, please come back down next weekend" Stephanie said, "I'm hoping you will seriously, give me time to figure some things out."

"Take all the time you need" Jessie said, "I'm not going anywhere."

"You bringing the girlfriend with you next time?" Stephanie asked as she stuck out her tongue and made Jessie laugh.

"She's really not my girlfriend Steph" Jessie said, "I'm serious, we just...well it's a long story but the end result is..we're not really together the way you think."


"Truth" Jessie said as Stephanie's bottom lip dropped a bit in shock. "So that kiss wasn't out of line?"

"Nope" Jessie said smiling, "But it was...interesting."


"Good, interesting as in very good but surprising" Jessie said as Stephanie blushed and said, "I can honestly say..."

"Yeh?" Jessie asked as Stephanie trailed off and grew quiet.

"I've seen the way she looks at you and the way you look at her" Stephanie said, as Jessie's mind reeled from the change of topics.

"What?" Jessie asked shaking her head, "One second you're talking about kissing me and saying sonething about honestly and the next breath you're talking about me and Joanna. What was that?"

"Me changing the topic when it got uncomfortable" Stephanie said, "And it's true about you and Joanna."

"That's ok Steph, I won't push it" Jessie said she touched Stephanie's hand for a moment as the cock pit grew quiet and both let their minds wonder to thoughts of their own. Jessie couldn't help repeating Stephanie's last comments about her and Joanna and was surprised when the memories of her mother saying practically the same thing the previous morning, came back to her. Sitting there for the longest time she thought about everything that her and Joanna had done and shook her head at the silly ones and laughed to herself a couple of times as she remembered some of the goofy comments she made on a daily basis. Looking over she could swear she saw Steph wiping a few tears away from her eyes as both noticed the rain had let up and stopped almost completely after another five minutes or so. "You feel like heading back?"

"Yeh I think so" Stephanie said as Jessie climbed out of the cockpit and waited for Stephanie before she closed the door. Moving in behind her friend a few feet away she grabbed her in a bear hug from behind as Stepahnie laughed and looked back.

"I'm here for you, no matter what" Jessie said, "You can call me at home you know."

"I just feel like a good nights sleep" Stephanie said with a tired smile. "And yeh I know that already, come on."

"Hey guys" Joanna said bouncing down the steps as the two came up the driveway a few minutes later. "You just disappeared on us, I got worried you'd run off with my girlfriend."

"If you play your cards right maybe she really wil be" Stephanie said as Joanna looked to Jessie in surprise.

"I told her the truth" Jessie said, "She won't say anything."

"I think I'm gonna go on to bed" Stephanie said as she touched Jessie's arm. "Night."

"Night" Jessie and Joanna said in unison as they both started giggling. Jessie found her hand touch Joanna's gently as Joanna giggled and jerked away, prompting Jessie to take it and lace their fingers together. Seeing the last strands of daylight dance across Joanna's face she seen her in a new light, literally and thought to herself how pretty the girl really was.

"What's this for?" Joanna asked as her eyes met Jessie's, "No one's around, Karen and August are in the kitchen dancing after they made up, that's why I came looking for you and Steph..."

"Do you always babble this much?" Jessie asked with a smile as Joanna blushed, "Sometimes I just wish you would shut up."

"Make me" Joanna said as Jessie rolled her eyes and said, "Yeh I will."

"How?" Joanna asked as Jessie leaned in a bit and pressed her lips to Joanna's softly. Joanna felt her knees almost give way in shock as her hand instantly moved to Jessie's cheek and she felt her lips move in time with Jessie's now for a long wonderful moment.

"Jessie Sammler" Joanna said in surprise as a smile crossed her face, "What was that?"

"The beginning of something new?" Jessie asked as her smile now matched Joanna's.

"Yeh...this feels good" Joanna said as she kissed the back of Jessie's hand softly and looked at her again as Jessie smiled and said in reply, "Yeh it sure does."

To be Continued....