Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 59 "Wounds & Scars"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"Jennifer...wait" Zoe said as Sam stopped her and said, "I'll go find out what happened."

"Why you?" Zoe asked.

"Because this whole thing is my fault, I started that wrestling match and I feel like it's something I should do" Sam said. "I'll explain to her what happened and try and get her to come back over."

"Yeh I hope your tongue finds it's way in her mouth" Zoe said as Sam gave her a seriously dirty look. "Kissy Kissy."

"Fuck you" Sam said as Zoe laughed and fell back on the bed and knowing she'd got Sam back at least a little.

"Maybe...she'll let you do more...than kiss" Zoe said in laughter and stopping when she saw Sam giving her a serious look. "What? Sam it was a joke."

"You ever thought about that?" Sam asked.

"You mean, all the way, with a girl?" Zoe asked as Sam closed the door for a moment.

"Yeh" Sam said.

"I've watched a movie with it" Zoe said, "Interesting but not something I wanna try really."

"Yeh...of neither" Sam said as she turned and before Zoe could say anything else she was gone out the door in pursuit of Jennifer.

"Hurry it's getting late" Zoe said as she ran to the door and knew Sam was already gone.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Singer Place

"Where you been all day?" Shady asked Katie as she got out of the car in front of Katie's house and saw her working in the front yard. "Mandy said she saw you get on the bus at school."

"So?" Katie asked as Shady leaned over the fence and touched Katie's shoulder to get her attention.

"What are you not tellin me?" Shady asked as Katie looked at her finally and was almost afraid to admit she'd went to see Jessie.

"I needed to see Jessie" She said softly and watched Shady's eyes grow angry.

"Why the fuck would you do that?" Shady demanded as she came though the gate.

"I just had to ok?" Katie asked and turning her back and walking off as Shady followed her and asked in a more demanding voice. "Tell me damn it, I at least deserve that? What kinda hold does this princess have over you?"

"She doesn't have any hold over me" Katie said defensively.

"Sure could have fooled me" Shady said as she took a deep breath and walked a few feet away and then walked slowly back as Katie watched her closely. "OK, I'm cool. Just tell me why? Please?"

"I just had to know what her and Joanna were really up to" Katie said, "Something about that story I heard at school about them sounded fishy."

"Yeh and when you asked the princess she said it was true" Shady said, "What part of that couldn't you understand? And do you not remember in the courtyard when you were almost suicidal over her? Who was there? Me. I was."

"Shady I know that" Katie said as she touched Shady's hands gently and could tell the girls eyes were again burning with the fire of her anger. "And if you remember after I calmed down you almost kissed me."

"Yeh" Shady said a bit coldly as she looked at Katie finally.

"Listen to me I found out it wasn't the truth, I was right" Katie said as Shady pushed her hands away, "Jessie lied about her and Joanna."

"That figures and now you and the princess are back together" Shady said as she turned and walked off as Katie followed her.

"Nooooo she's..." Katie said as she struggled to find the words to explain what happened. "I can't explain it but they're not together and that's what I needed to know for some reason."

"You know this is pathetic Singer" Shady said accusingly as she stopped in front of her car and turned with her eyes burning with fire. "That girl did everything but fuckin beat you and you still go running back to her when she's made it clear that she's moved on."

"No I didn't" Katie snapped in reply as she tried to figure out if that was the truth. "I wanted to know how she could move on so quickly after we had...well I mean I dumped her or I broke it off. God this is stupid why are we fighting?"

"Because it seems that I'm standing in the way of what you desperately want, no matter how hard the little slut tries to convince you she's done with you, you can't get it" Shady said as Kevin came out of the house and noticed the heated exchange and slowly made his way down the walkway. "And I'm not gonna stand around and watch you make a fool out of yourself over her anymore."

"She's not a slut, god why do you always got to attack people you don't know" Katie asked as she found her hands clinched into fists now in anger.

"See my point exactly, you still defend her with every breath" Shady said as she walked off and got into her car. "You know at least with Joey I didn't go crawling back, begging for another chance. I excepted she was in love with Cori brain damage and I moved on. Which I thought is what you were gonna do."

"I AM" Katie screamed as she moved to the drivers side window and tried to explain. "Listen to me..."

"I don't wanna hear it" Shady said as she fired the engine up and slammed on the gas, fish tailing the back end, leaving a ton of rubber filled smoke in the air as she sped off down the road. Leaving Katie standing there shaking with anger.

"FUCK YOU THEN" Katie screamed as Kevin moved through the gate and pulled her into his arms as she shook with anger and tried to push him away.

"Calm down baby sister" Kevin said as he made her hug him back. "She's just upset.."

"God why wouldn't she just listen?" Katie asked as she pulled away and stomped off towards the house. "God I'm so sick of this crap."

"Because she's really into you" Kevin said as he caught up with her. "She felt hurt and betrayed."

"But I tried to explain" Katie said again. "She just didn't wanna listen."

"You think you've never done that?" Kevin asked as he put his hands on either side of her face and made Katie look at him. "Little sister you pull some of the dumbest stunts I've ever seen in the name of love. Remember when Gram died and you disappeared in the middle of the night and ended up at Jessie's house."

"Yeh but that was..." Katie said.

"For love" Kevin said, "And Jessie has made it clear it's over with you."


"KATIE" Kevin practically screamed, "I don't care why you went over there, it was stupid."

"But I made peace with her" Katie said looking up Kevin. "So something good came out of this."

"Yeh and something bad did too" Kevin said as he pointed towards the street and went on, "You really hurt her, but I think she'll forgive you."

"What do I do?" Katie asked as Kevin walked onto the porch and started to go inside before he heard the question.

"You're asking me?" Kevin said in a stunned tone. "The all-knowing Katie Singer is asking her bachelor brother for advice on love? Why Katie I thought you didn't need my advice."

"Just tell me smart ass" Katie said as Kevin laughed and sat down by her.

"Decide what you want and go for it"

"That the best you got?" Katie asked as Kevin laughed and said, "No, stop chasing Jessie, that's my advice and let her live her life, you dumped her remember."

"But that was my biggest mistake" Katie said softly.

"I don't think it was" Kevin said, "Something changed in your relationship, it just seemed to happen overnight to and Jessie became a different person. I can't tell you how many nights I heard you crying over that girl."

"You actually heard me cry?" Katie asked as Kevin nodded his head yes.

"I did" Kevin said as he took a deep breath, "But being your dimwitted big brother I decided to let you figure it out. But this time I had to say something."

"Thing is Kev, Shady is different than anyone knows" Katie said with a smile. "She's just acts so tough cause her mother is a controlling bitch."

"I think you've got your answer, K" Kevin said as she reached to his belt and took out his cell and handed it to her and said, "Call her and tell her what you just said."

"Why?" Katie asked as Kevin shook his head and said, "Because you're realizing it's over with Jessie and you might be ready to move on. Am I wrong?"

"No, we made peace when I was over there earlier" Katie said smiling brighter. "She said maybe after some time passes we could be friends again."

"Maybe" Kevin said putting his cell in Katie's hand and getting up as he said, "Call Shady, and tell her you're sorry. But only if that's what you want."

"I got her voicemail" Katie mouthed to Kevin, "Hey...Shady I'm sorry for earlier, I just wanted to say that. When you get this and if you don't hate me, call me? I just want one chance to explain what happened and why it's good for you and...and me. Please? Just call me. Bye."

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Larue House

"We got about a another half hour before my lovely mother gets home" Joey said as she sat behind Cori on the lounge chair by the pool.

"I've met her she seemed nice" Cori said looking back at Joey.

"Yeh on the surface she does, it's not until she discovers our hidden secret that she'll go postal" Joey said moving her hands to Cori's lower back and asking, "This is where it's hurtin?"

"Yeh MMMMMMMMMMMM thats it" Cori said as Joey applied just the amount of pressure to get the muscle to relax as she rubbed in slow circles right on it. "God you feel good."

"Want me to put the lotion on too?" Joey asked as Cori smiled back and at her and asked, "A little lower?"

"Is it hurtin here" Joey asked as she placed her fingers just above Cori's panty line and rubbed lightly and felt Cori jump as she whimpered. "Ok, ok I got it. Lean forward ok."

"Like this?" Cori asked as she laid all the way forward till her head almost rested on the cushion between her legs.

"Yeh ok stretch your arms out too, in front of you" Joey said as Cori did it and felt the pain slowly go away. "OK come back up and do it again."

"Whoa" Cori said in amazement, "It stopped hurting almost."

"Henry taught me that" Joey said as she had Cori lay forward again and squirted her own hands with some of the lotion Cori loved and asked before she rubbed it on. "Can I?"

"Of course why do you always ask me that like I'm five or something?" Cori asked as Joey raised her shirt half way up her back and gently smeared the lotion all over her lower back and rubbed it in as Cori closed her eyes and smiled. The thoughts of the previous question washing from her mind as she felt the lotion and Joey's almost feather lite touch, melt every bit of the pain away now. Joey grinned as she heard Cori sigh contently and relax under her touch, not wanting to stop but knowing the lotion had now gone dry. Raising up and letting her shirt fall back down, Cori looked back at Joey and smiled, "That feels so good, one of these days Joey Larue you're gonna rub that everywhere on me."

"You're coming out of your shell" Joey said as Cori blushed and said, "I just mean you massaging me. Your the one with the dirty thoughts Froggie."

"Can you blame me?" Joey asked as she gently stroked her fingers up and down Cori's bare arms, "Look at you."

"Well most of me is ok I guess" Cori said, "I just wish..."

"What?" Joey asked gently as she had Cori lean back against her.

"I hate my scars" Cori said softly, "Whenever I look in the mirror it's just there. It's gross."

"I'm sorry I don't see that" Joey said, "I think it's part of what made you."

"Still..." Cori started before Joey kissed her cheek.

"Let me decide what's gross for the both of us" Joey said as Cori giggled. "The scar on your back is not that bad."

"I hope you mean that" Cori said without a trace of a smile.

"I do" Joey said as she moved her hand gently to Cori's lower back and the bare skin over her scar and felt the small ripples as she grinnned. "See, I'm not afraid."

"Not afraid of what?" Joey's Mother asked as she suddenly came through the door from the main house and took a seat in the chair opposite the two as Joey froze and felt a panic attack coming on as she looked at her and Cori's current position.

"UMMMM Mom, hi...this looks kinda weird I know" Joey said as she tried to descreetly move her hand away from under the back of Cori's shirt.

"Hi Ms. Larue, have a good day at work?" Cori asked sweetly as Joey couldn't believe it when she saw her mom smile in surprise and say, "Well yes I did. Thank you."

"My back was hurtin and Joey was just giving me a massage" Cori explained as Joey nearly fainted at her honesty and thought the girl obviously had no idea who she was talking to. "Feels a lot better after she does."

"You still hurtin pretty bad from the accident?" She asked Cori as she sat down on the edge of the lounge chair the girls currently occupied. "And you can call me Regina, we're friends, or I hope we can be. Cause if you mean so much to Joey, you must me special."

"OK..Regina" Cori said feeling a little weird in calling her by her first name, "But yeh my back still hurts some days, but it's not as much lately."

"How's your walkin coming?" Regina asked as Joey wondered how she knew all of this and why she was being so nice.

"I walked yesterday down the hall at home without my walker" Cori said with a huge smile as Regina touched her cheek and said, "That's so good."

"Mom are you on drugs?" Joey finally asked as Regina laughed and said, "No I'm not Josephine, why would you asked that?"

"No reason" Joey said, just hoping the moment would last a little longer before her mother showed her true stripes.

"Honey I know" Regina said as Joey froze and prayed her mother wasn't talking about what she feared she was. "And I'm ok with it."

"But you mean..." Joey asked in a stunned stammer as she pointed to Cori and then herself.

"Yes" Regina said, "And I'm fine with it."

"How did you know?" Joey asked.

"Honey you've never been able to keep a secret" Regina said as Cori laughed, drawing a dirty look from Joey as she giggled, "It's true Froggie, you suck at hiding stuff."

"But Mom you always said you hated gays and everything and you and dad fought about it and everything, what changed?" Joey asked in a ramble.

"My job requires me to take a sensitivity course for 8 weeks, four hours a week" Regina said, "And they made me realize a lot of things that I feared or thought, were just wrong. So I'm taking this thing between you and Cori in stride. I like her better than that nasty little viper Shady you insisted on being friends with."

"Mom" Joey said with a hurt look, "I knew you hated her, but she's not a viper. She's just really had a hard life. Her mom is psycho."

"I liked her she was really nice to me" Cori said drawing the attention to her. "I did, Joey said she was nice and tried to make up for a lot of stuff before they broke up."

"Cori" Joey said with a pained expression.

"Well you did say that" Cori said.

"Yeh and that was between me and you" Joey said gently as she turned back to her mother and said, "Cori's right Mom she did try and make things right."

"I thought you and her had something going on" Regina said softly, "I'm sorry honey I just never liked her. She thinks all that money that her criminal father has is the be all and end of all of life."

"Donald?" Joey asked in surprise. "Shady's dad is really nice Mom, it's her mother that's a uber bitch. How is he a criminal?"

"It doesn't matter" Regina said, "Anyway you're father isn't coming home this weekend like he planned, so I'm gonna spend the weekend here at the house I guess."

"Oh" Joey said as Regina could sense her daughter's disappointment.

"No not oh Josephine" Regina said with a smile, "I'm gonna spend this weekend getting to know my daughter and her new...friend?"

"Slumber party" Cori said as she looked at Joey with a hopeful expression, "Oh come on froggie, she's trying."

"I like you already" Regina said kissing Cori's cheek as she smiled at her and then saying to her daughter, "Be more like your friend here, lighten up...Froggie."

"MOM" Joey said in surprise as her mother laughed and walked off into the house and disappeared a few minutes later into her office. Joey turned and looked at Cori and felt like she were on cloud nine at that moment. "Come on Cori tyler, you're gonna dance with me."

"But I can't, not yet" Cori said as she took Joey's out stretched arms and felt herself being pulled to her feet and into Joey's arms.

"I said Cori Tyler, you are gonna dance with me" Joey said as she wrapped her arms tighter around Cori and then saying. "Just move your feet with mine."

"But there's no music" Cori said as Joey held her hand and as she released her for the moment and reached over to the cd player sitting by the lounge chair and hitting play and then clicking the forward button until she got the track she wanted. Cori's smile spread across her face as she heard the by now very familar opening drum beat of 'How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You).'

"How about that?" Joey asked with a grin as she slipped her arms back around Cori and smiled as Cori did. "Come on move with me."

"How sweet it is to be loved by Larue" Cori sang as the song began and Joey felt her heart beat faster as she heard Cori repeat again, "How sweet it is to be loved by Larue."

"I needed the shelter of someone's arms and there you were" Joey sang as her and Cori slowly moved in time to the music and Cori seemed to be amazed at what she was doing as she held on to Joey and tried to keep time with her. "I needed someone to understand my ups and downs and there you were."

"You did to" Cori said as Joey sang again, "With sweet love and devotion, deeply touching my emotion."

"I want to stop and thank you baby" Both now sang to the other as they grew still and pointed to the other, "I just want to stop and thank you baby."

"How sweet it is to be loved by you" Cori sang as her and Joey started moving again in time to the music and heard Joey say softly as the song continued to play, "Told you so."

"What?" Cori asked as she put her arms around Joey's neck.

"You're dancing with me" Joey said, "I told you we would one day."

"You were better to me than I've been to myself" Cori sang as she picked up on the song again and moved a bit quicker as she swayed to the beat of the music in Joey's arms, "For me, there's you and there ain't nobody else."

"Yeh and I'm totally and completely yours, CoCo" Joey said with a smile as she kissed Cori softly and felt in that moment that nothing would ever go wrong again.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sarah's Apartment

"Hey my baby" Grace said coming through the door after school and seeing Sarah laying on the window seat, reading a novel. Sarah smiled as she lifted her head and kissed Grace's lips as her girlfriend leaned down. "Saw Brittany."

"You did?" Sarah asked as Grace kicked off her shoes and tossed her coat on the chair and sat down at Sarah's feet on the window seat and crawled up behind her.

"MMMM HMMMMM" Grace said as she stretched and yawned and slipped an arm over Sarah's waist. "Wanted to know if we'd decided."

"What did you tell her?"

"Not yet" Grace said softly. "When are we gonna decide?"

"We shouldn't just keep her hanging" Sarah said softly. "I mean we should just tell her."

"So it's a no?" Grace asked as Sarah laid her novel down and turned over to face her girlfriend.

"I didn't say that" Sarah said softly, "I'm not making this decision alone missy."


"Because you are a huge part of we" Sarah said, "and bottom line is, if you wanna do it and I say no you'd be mad at me."

"Nope" Grace said softly as she touched her fingers to Sarah's lips before she could reply and said, "I know the whole sorted history of what happened with you the last time. And I would never ever do that to you."

"I know my baby" Sarah said as she kissed Grace softly and smiled. "I love you, do you know that?"

"Yep I sure do" Grace said as she smiled at Sarah. "But...WE...still have a decision to make."

"Why does she have to be so..." Sarah said as Grace could almost read her mind and finished the sentence for her, "..Hot?"

"Yeh" Sarah said as she blushed. "It's just so hard to say no to that."

"Especially when you know you get both of us" Grace said as Sarah opened her mouth in surprise. "Well you would."

"You start that kinda talk and you gonna leave me no choice but too" Sarah said as Grace's eyes opened as she seemingly figured out something about Sarah. "Is that one of your fantasies my baby?"

"No" Sarah said a little quickly as Grace leaned close and gave her a sizzling, lingering kiss.

"Yeh it is" Grace said, "Tell me exactly, what is your biggest fantasy? Your darkest desire, I wanna know."

"This..." Sarah said as Grace looked at her in confusion.


"You my amazing Grace are my fantasy" Sarah said as she touched Grace's face, "I've always dreamed about this, me and someone I loved with all my heart, laying around on some randon afternoon just being together. Reading the newspaper together, watching a movie, a bubble bath, or something silly like, playing a board game. Or even more simple, having them fall asleep in my arms and take an afternoon nap together. Just being in love and feeling the person you're with loves you too."

"Yeh me too" Grace said simply as Sarah smiled and asked, "Really?"

"Yeh, well maybe a little different but same concept" Grace said, "See my fantasy was something like, me moving to New York and falling completely in love with this handsome stud and living in some unfinished loft with hardwood floors and getting to spend a lazy day laying around just being together. Like you said, reading the New York Times or just sleeping in his arms. That was my favorite fantasy."

"Well now you'll never get that" Sarah said softly with a smile.

"Why not?" Grace asked.

"Because now you are mine and this is Chicago, not New York" Sarah said kissing her girlfriend softly.

"But this is my fantasy" Grace said softly as Sarah smiled, "You made it come true, this is it. Just being with you and feeling you in my arms is all I ever wanted anyway."

"I think that too baby" Sarah softly. "I always wanted someone to love me like you do and I thought for a while that Katie was gonna do that didn't happen."

"I'm here now and I'm not Katie" Grace said. "I'm not leaving, Sarah you have my heart."

"You know that song by Travis Tritt, called 'Can I Trust You With My Heart?'" Sarah asked as Grace nodded and Sarah began to sing softly, "When you meet that certain someone you been searchin' hard to find. It's a new love full of passion that can sometimes make you blind."

"That me?" Grace asked as Sarah nodded her head yes and sung as she moved a bit closer, "I don't mind bein' swept away if I know right from the start. So before we go much further girl can I trust you with my heart?"

"Yes you can my blue eyes" Grace said as she touched Sarah's heart and heard her sing, "In the time we've spent together I have learned to trust in you."

"Me too" Grace said softly.

"So many things you've given before I even asked you to. But reality and romance are sometimes far apart" Sarah sang as Grace smiled and ran her fingers through her hair and listened intently. "So what I really need to know is can I trust you with my heart?"

"MMM HMM" Grace said again as Sarah kissed her softly and sang again, "Can I cast my cares upon you can you stand a heavy load? Can I count on you to walk me down that long and winding road?"

"Every step of the way my girl" Grace said as she touched Sarah's cheek gently. Sarah felt her heart a beat bit faster as she sang once more, "If you promise me these simple things I can guarantee, You can always count on me."

"I love it when you sing to me" Grace said as Sarah blushed, "You're voice is beautiful."

"I can trust you with my heart now, I know that" Sarah said softly as she kissed Grace gently. "I don't doubt that anymore. I haven't for a long time now."

"I sure have tried to prove it to you" Grace said. "You're my fantasy come true."

"And you my amazing Grace are mine" Sarah said as she turned her back again and laid her body against Grace's and pulled both of Grace's arms around her as tightly as she could. A long moment of silence followed as both Grace and Sarah listened to the other breath and before too long both drifted off to sleep and dreamed of the very things they'd just discussed. Sarah was first to rise as she awoke and looked to see the sun setting slowly and rolling over she saw Grace was still resting comfortably. She slipped out of her girlfriends arms and went to the bathroom and coming out she saw one of her tapes laying on top of the VCR and was shocked when she saw what it read. "Three way baby", Sarah read and couldn't for the life of her ever remember buying such a video or even ordering it. She looked to see Grace rolling over and her eyes slowly opening as she smiled when Sarah came close. "What is this?"

"Hey my...oh shit" Grace said biting her lip and knew she was caught dead to rights. "Three Way baby? It's not mine and you said you don't have any."

"I rented it" Grace said as Sarah's eyes grew wide in surprise. "It's actually pretty good."

"What's it about exactly, like I need to ask" Sarah said as she sat down by Grace.

"Three girls and one strap-on" Grace said as Sarah's eyes grew wide. "They trade it around and everyone gets a chance to use it. Which is kinda stupid cause two of the girls had obviously never used one before."

"Sounds like I'd like that" Sarah said as Grace stroked her thigh gently. "When did you watch it?"

"I've had it for a few days, yeaterday when you took that long bath with the headphones was the last time" Grace said, "Was hoping you'd catch me."

"Three girls?" Sarah asked as she laid down on her stomach beside Grace and looked at the box. "So is this officially one of your fantasies or what?"

"Could be" Grace said mysteriously. "Is it for you or no?"

"I asked you first" Sarah said as she leaned down and kissed Grace softly. "And you Grace Brooks Manning better answer."

"Yes, ok" Grace giggled, "Just don't hurt me."

"Since when?" Sarah asked.

"Since Brittany came by here and made us grope her" Grace said as Sarah laughed. "And I've had a few fantasies of my own over the years involving threesomes, who hasn't?"

"Truth be told, no one" Sarah said as she thought about Grace's previous comment. "So tell me about this, fantasy of yours, this was obviously before me."

"Yeh it was" Grace said, "Every once in a while I'd get hot enough to need that special release and sometimes, every once in a long while my mind would drift to this type of fantasy."

"Two guys and you?" Sarah asked, listening intently.

"Yeh most of the time, but they're was this one time" Grace said, "A long long time ago that I had a fantasy that involved me and another girl with this random stud."

"Grace Manning" Sarah said in a shocked voice. "Another girl?"

"Yeh I know" Grace said giggling, "Well the story goes, our next door neighbors at the time were this older couple and they had a granddaughter about my age at the time, 14 or so. And one night I was watching her play with her brother and sister in the back yard and they started playing in the pool. Well her grandparents made the young ones come in and she was left by herself and to my shock she stripped off and started tanning. Her Grandparents left not long after that and she laid there for a while listening to music and then she started rubbing herself and got off right there."

"Shit" Sarah said as Grace went on with her story, "Yeh and after that I had the best orgasm of my life I think, picturing her masturbating."

"I never expected that out of you" Sarah said teasingly. "But where does this random stud come in?"

"Oh yeah" Grace said giggling, "He did us once, one at a time and that was also a pretty good fantasy."

"Yeh I bet it was" Sarah said as she kissed Grace softly and both giggled.

"Now you Sarah Renae Grasser are gonna answer my question" Grace said as she sat up and asked, "Now what is your fantasy? Your sexual fantasy."

"Grace your gonna get me in so much trouble if you make me admit it" Sarah said as she got up to walk away and felt Grace grab her shorts and pulled her back. Wrapping her arms around her neck and kissing her neck softly and asking again, "Then I wanna know baby."

"I've always wondered..." Sarah said as she looked back at Grace and took a deep breath and said, "If I could satisfy two girls."

"MMMMMMMM damn my babies been holdin out on me" Grace giggled as Sarah blushed. "Strap-on or tongue?"

"Both" Sarah said softly. "A little tongue to get everything warmed up and then I use the strap to really hand out some pleasure."

"So you fuck one girl while the other watches?" Grace asked as her hands stroked across Sarah's flat stomach and to the bottom of her breasts softly.

"Yeh at first but they are some positions that both girls can join in on" Sarah said as Grace look confused.

"Like what?" Grace asked as Sarah got up and turned to face her girlfriend and put out her hands and said, "Let me show you."

"MMMMK" Grace said as she followed Sarah to the bed and followed her directions. Getting on her hands and knees as Sarah got behind her, doggie style, as Grace pointed in front of her and ask, "Ok so I would I lick the girl that's like right here. And you do me doggie style?"

"Yeh that's one, but not my favorite" Sarah said, "In this other one you are in a 69 with this girl and I'm back here."

"69? But what does that leave you to do?" Grace asked as Sarah blushed, "You do my pussy while she licks me? Kinda weird but I guess."

"Nooooo Gracey" Sarah said as she rubbed Grace's butt slowly, "Here."

"You mean?" Grace asked in almost shock as Sarah leaned over her back and said. "Yes my baby, if you let me, you'd be getting it in your butt."

"While I was being licked?" Grace asked as a lust filled smile crossed her face. "OHHHHHHH fuck."

"MMMMMMMM yeah you have no idea" Sarah giggled as Grace turned her head and kissed her softly. "It's something I'd never get to do but I can fantasize."

"Why not? I'm not saying no" Grace said as she turned and had sarah lower her body between her thighs. "I mean we did talk about this."

"Yeh" Sarah said grinning at her girlfriend.

"I said as long as you're gentle you could" Grace said, "Remember?"

"Oh yeh" Sarah said, "It just drives me insane with desire."

"Makes me hot knowing you like it so much, it must feel good" Grace said with a wicked smile.

"Ohhhhh wow you have no idea" Sarah said as she kissed Grace's neck softly, "And god I can only imagine what it would be like to have you like that."

"You mean sharing me with another girl?"

"Ok yeh" Sarah said as Grace giggled, "Just like I described and then showed you."

"I think I'd like that more than you, considering I'd be getting all the pleasure" Grace said as Sarah's hands met hers as they laced their fingers together. "How would it so good for you?"

"You just don't know baby" Sarah said, "And it's just so hot to get to do some girl that way."

"MMMMMMMMMMMM god you're hot when you talk like that" Grace said in an almost moan. "So is that the way you wanna give it to me? On top of another girl?"

"In my fantasy" Sarah said as Grace smiled and said, "So you wanna do this with Brittany?"

"Ohmigod" Sarah said and Grace knew instantly she'd hit a magic button.

"Yeh my baby, you can have me on top of Brittany if you want me that way" Grace said as she kissed a still stunned Sarah. "Is that making your pussy wet?"

"Oh god so hot" Sarah said as Grace smiled. "I'm about to cum."

"MMMMMMMMMM and just think my girl then you can have Brittany that way too" Grace said as Sarah's eyes closed and she knew she was practically driving Sarah crazy with desire. "I'll lick her pussy so good while you do her. Think you could handle it?"

"I'd so love to find out" Sarah said as Grace smiled, "But I'm scared."

"Why?" Grace asked and knew Sarah was serious. "Because of Katie and Cori?"

"Yeh" Sarah said as she rolled off of Grace and laid down beside her. "I can't live without you."

"You won't" Grace said as she now moved over Sarah's thighs and leaned down onto her elbows, so her face was inches away from Sarah's. "You won't."

"But..." Sarah said as Grace covered her mouth.

"Katie didn't love you like I do" Grace said as Sarah smiled, "I just want you to fulfill every desire you've ever had. Not make you do something you'll regret."

"So you're saying we could do this and it wouldn't change us?"

"No, but I can guarantee you'll wake up in my arms the next morning and I'll say I love you Sarah Grasser" Grace said as she kissed her softly. "And then the day after that I'll wake up and say the same thing and no one will ever change that."

"I want to, god do I want too" Sarah said as Grace giggled, "but I'm still nervous."

"Then we won't do it" Grace said confidently, "I'll call brittany and tell her it's off."

"But you want it too" Sarah said, "Don't you?"

"I have to admit I do" Grace said, "The thought of being with two girls is say the least...kinda of exciting."

"Have you fantasized about me and you with another girl?" Sarah asked as Grace blushed and nodded her head yes. "Who was the other girl?"

"Brittany" Grace said as Sarah looked stunned and said, "Me too."

"The things we could do to that girl" Sarah said as Grace smiled knowingly. "MMMMMMMMMMM fuck."

"Yeh my thoughts exactly" Grace said as Sarah's hand moved to her butt and squeezed her cheeks, "God that tan and that body, geez, baby you'd have to fight me over her."

"You're bad" Sarah said as Grace giggled and said, "And no I wouldn't forget who I belong too."

"Me" Sarah said as Grace agreed, "And me to you."

"Right" Grace said as she kissed Sarah softly. "feel better?"

"Horny as hell" Sarah said as Grace smiled knowingly and said, "Too bad she's not here now."

"You think you could really go through with it?"

"If you could" Grace said. "And I got a feeling once we got going, that fantasy will no longer be just...a fantasy."

"Are you trying to kill me?" Sarah asked as her hands slipped under Grace's shirt and rubbed her bare back as she moaned softly.

"See how good you are with that strap you love using" Grace said, "See if you can satisfy two girls. I bet you can."

"You said that already" Sarah said as Grace smiled and kissed her, trading her tongue for Sarah's in a long moment. "MMMMMMMMM fuck so hot."

"And just so you know, I wanna 69 with Brittany while you...butt fuck me" Grace said as Sarah's opened in surprise, "You heard me, I want it bad."

"Oh you do?" Sarah asked, "Your gonna get it then and so is Brittany."

"Oh so you're gonna do it?" Grace asked as Sarah replied, "Oh I sure am, and you're gonna lick her pussy while I butt fuck her."

"Is that how you want me my sweet baby?" Grace asked as she pulled Sarah up and rolled over so Sarah was now on top of her.

"MMMMMMMM exactly how I want it" Sarah said as she kissed Grace hard on the lips and traded tongues with her. Both jumping in frustration when the buzzer went off. "FUCK, GOD DAMN BUZZER."

"Calm down my baby" Grace said as she stopped Sarah from rolling off the bed and kissed her cheek. "Tell whoever it is you're busy and I'm not here and we'll get back to me and you."

"You damn straight I will" Sarah said, "Can't even make love to my girlfriend without being interrupted."

"Sarah I don't think you can call what we were about to do make love" Grace giggled, "I think we were about to fuck."

"True" Sarah said as she calmed herself and said into the buzzer. "Yeh?"

"Sarah?" The Voice said, "It's Brittany."

Sarah felt her entire body go nearly numb as she looked at Grace and both wondered if they could really go through with this.

To be Continued....