Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 60 "Three's Company...Damn Good Company"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"Hey" Brittany said with a shy smile as Sarah opened the door and let her in. Grace rolled off the bed as the nervousness in the room grew.

"Are we gonna do this?" Brittany asked as she looked at Sarah, who looked to Grace.

"That's the plan" Grace said nervously as she opened the closet and pulled out Sarah's bag that now stored the strap-on. Setting it on the bed, she pulled out the strap-on and held it up as Sarah took it and said, "I'm pretty sure I'll be the one using that."

"No pressure, but if you two are ready..." Brittany said as she moved to beside Grace. Then looking to Grace said, "So she does most of the work with that?"

"UMMMM...yeh" Grace said as Brittany smiled and said, "And it's just us and no one else, no reason to be nervous."

"Excited too" Grace said as she looked at Sarah.

"Guilty" Sarah said as Brittany put down her purse and seemed to be looking for a signal as to when to begin. Grace, her mind reeling from the effects of the hormones surging through her body began reviewing the conversation earlier with Sarah and asked as she moved beside her lover, "So now that she's here in person you think you can do it?"

"Do what?" Sarah asked in confusion.

"Satisfy two girls?" Grace asked as Sarah's eyes opened wide with interest and Grace said to Brittany. "She told me earlier that was one of her fantasies."

"MMMMMMMM good question" Brittany said as they both looked at Sarah.

"Can you baby?" Grace asked as Brittany guided her front of Sarah.

"Never done it before but I'm sure I can handle it" Sarah said confidently.

"Just be sure to save a little for..." Brittany said as she turned and showed Sarah her butt.

"You got her motor running now" Grace giggled as Sarah made no attempt to look away as she smiled knowingly.

"That's one I'm gonna get?" Sarah asked as she looked Grace right in the eye and said as she stroked her hand across her girlfriends firm little ass and said. "And this is number two."

"MMMMMMMMM get her girl" Brittany said as she watched Sarah rub her girlfriends ass as she moved next to Sarah and guided Sarah's free hand to her ass and moaned as Sarah began to squeeze her ass cheeks as well. "MMMMMMMMMM fuck god that makes me so hot."

"I want Grace on top of you and then you on top of her" Sarah said as she pulled Brittany against her and Grace and squeezed both of their asses in unison as they grinned wickedly at each other. "I'm gonna be in heaven tonight."

"MMMMMMMM something tells me you gonna be two for two tonight" Brittany said as she looked at Grace and said, "Am I wrong?"

"That's what she wants so bad" Grace said with a teasing smile as she kissed Sarah softly for a long moment, "MMMMMMMM damn I'm hot."

"God that makes me wet watching you two kiss" Brittany said as Sarah continued to massage their asses slowly. "Soooo fuckin hot."

"Don't move my baby" Grace said as Sarah her felt slip away and move behind her.

"Grace what are you doing?" Sarah asked as Grace smiled devishly at Brittany and said, "I hope you're ready to be worked out cause once I do this, she's gonna lose control."

"Grace, don't you dare" Sarah said as Brittany hugged Sarah and held her as Grace moved Sarah's long hair away from her neck and kissed a certain spot on her neck. The one she'd found a few weeks prior in the shower and realized it was her magic button so to speak. Sarah moaned and tried to squirm away as Grace sucked at it ever so gently and licked it for a few long moments as her and Brittany held Sarah. Then as Sarah's hormones went into over drive, Brittany did the unthinkable, she switched places with Grace and did the same thing Grace had just done. "OH MY FUCKIN GOD, THAT'S HEAVEN."

"You wanna kiss my girlfriend?" Grace as her hormones literally went to over drive now herself. Brittany smiled and took Grace up on the offer as she moved back in front of Sarah and gave her a sizzling warm-up kiss on the lips. Next turning to Grace and motioning with a finger for Grace to kiss her and delivering another sizzling kiss to Grace's lips as Sarah unbuttoned Brittany jeans and dropped to her knees on the floor and skinned them down Brittany's thighs, revealing her baby smooth bald cunny slit. Sliding her hand between Brittany's thighs a moment later and feeling the smoothness of her slit, she cooed as Grace and Brittany watched from above. Sarah rubbed it a little more and moaned "God that's so smooth."

"Pull'em down baby I'm fuckin on fire for you two already" Brittany moaned to Sarah who skinned her jeans the rest of the way down her thighs and let Brittany step out of them. Stroking her hands up and down Brittany's dark tanned thighs and back to her pussy again as she tested it once more for smoothness. "I think I can tell who's gonna direct traffic tonight, mmmmmmmm."

"Fine with me" Grace said as pulled Sarah's head a little and kissed her softly on the lips, "You gonna lick her fuckin pussy or not?"

"Yes ma'am" Sarah said as Brittany and Grace took seats next to each other on the end of the bed. Grace stroked her hand up Brittany's stomach as Britt raised her arms and let Grace pull her t-shirt over her head. Then as Brittany spread her legs, both watched Sarah waste no time in sliding her tongue up Brittany's pussy and licking her lips afterwards. Before doing it again and stuffing her tongue inside Brittany's tight walls for the first time. Grace watched in awe as Sarah shoved her tongue in and out as Brittany was already squirming and moaning.

"MMMMMMMMMMM fuck so good, Grace how do you take this?" Brittany asked as she laid back on the bed and allowed Sarah better access.

"MMMMM I know how you feel" Grace said Sarah pumped her tongue in and out of the tight little hole a few more times. Grace moved her hand to Brittany's flat sexy stomach and stroked it up to the girls firm titties and squeezed them one at a time as she looked down and watched Sarah pump her tongue in right under Brittany's clit. Brittany's moaning became and more forceful as Sarah fucked her tongue harder and made the girl squirm on the bed. Grace stroked her hand through Sarah's hair to clear it out of her eyes as she watched Brittany's thighs began to quiver under Sarah's attack. "MMMMMMMMMM thighs starting to quiver, moaning louder, yeh those are the signs."

"OH fuck you're so right" Brittany moaned as she laid back on the bed and arched her back as the orgasm exploded inside her spasming pussy time after time in a wonderful rythm. After a few seconds she lay there panting with a smile in her face, "Whoa, now that's a good cum."

"MMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMM" Grace said as she kissed Brittany's tanned stomach and smiled up at her.

"MMMMMMMMM fuck, let see that beautiful body baby" Brittany said as Sarah licked all her cum up now. Sarah pulled away a moment later and watched Brittany relax. Rising, Sarah leaned down and kissed her girlfriend hard on the lips as she pulled Grace to her feet and kissed her again. Smiling a lust filled smile as they parted, Grace slipped her own shirt over her head with Sarah hands following the shirts path up her body and tossed it aside as Brittany watched with an approving smile from the bed. Next unbuttoning her pants she slipped them down with Sarah's help and stepped out of them a moment later, leaving her nude as Brittany's eyes opened a little wider at the sight of Grace nude. "God baby I knew it was gonna be a sight, but damn it."

"How lucky am I?" Sarah asked Brittany as she kissed Grace again on the lips.

"Yeh I see why you can't keep your hands off her" Brittany said as she sat up and pulled Sarah back a little so she could get a direct view of the girls hot little ass. Sarah looked back and smiled as Brittany pulled down the girls boxer shorts as Sarah let Grace slip her t-shirt off and tossed it aside. Leaving her nude now also. "God I'm one lucky bitch tonight."

"I agree you are" Grace giggled as she kissed Sarah and watched Brittany stroke her hands up and down Sarah's baby smooth skin. "What about your girlfriends pussy, Sarah, can I try that now?"

"MMMMMMMM you sure can" Sarah said as she turned and kissed Brittany's lips softly before turning and grabbing her strap-on and getting on the bed as she handed it to Grace. Grace knowing full well what to do as she sat back down on the bed and spreading her legs for Brittany, who quickly moved between her legs and watched as Grace strapped the harness onto Sarah. Then turning her attention back to Brittany who had just had started slowly licking her pussy up and down as Sarah tilted Grace's head back and kissed her softly on the lips as she started to moan from Brittany's tongue work. "Just so you know, you're gonna get your first butt fuckin tonight."

"MMMMMMMMM god Britt, damn girl" Grace moaned as Brittany stuffed her tongue inside Grace's tight little pussy and licked all over her inner walls now. "Ohmigod Sarah I love when you talk like that."

"Don't sound you like gonna fight it huh?" Sarah asked as Grace laid back on the bed and Sarah laid down on her stomach as they once again started to kiss. Brittany watched from between Grace's legs as she fucked her tongue in and out and felt Grace's thighs squeeze around her a little tighter all the time as her pussy spasmed lightly already. Grace massaged her tongue against Sarah's softly as she squirmed on Brittany's tongue and clutched at the sheets as her pussy spasmed more and more as the seconds went on. Moaning now in Sarah's mouth as they continued to softly french kiss, Grace squirmed and moved one hand into Sarah's hair and the other to Brittany's, clutching both into fists as she began cumming seconds later. "MMMMMMMMMMM that felt good huh my baby?"

"MMMMMMMMMMMM fuck yesss" Grace moaned as Brittany slipped her tongue out and licked up all of Grace's cum.

"So fuckin sweet Grace" Brittany said as she stood and licked her lips as Sarah sat up and took her hand and said, "Come here Britt, let me show what I can do with this cock."

"Oh yeah this is what I was waiting on, show me what you got now Sarah" Brittany moaned as she slipped onto the bed and laid across it, now above Grace's head as Sarah got between her legs and lined her cock up and sunk it inside Britt's tight little pussy as she started to stroke almost instantly in and out. Leaning forward on to her hands, so she was now over Brittany's body, she began to fuck it harder as Brittany moaned her approval. Grace, now recovered from her orgasm, rolled over on to her side and got beside Brittany and slipped an arm under Brittany's head as Sarah began to smack her thighs off of Brittany's as she fucked the cock faster and faster. "MMMMMMMMMMMM fuck Grace she got skills."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMMM don't I know it" Grace moaned as she watched Sarah pound Britt's pussy deeper and harder. Brittany's hands now roamed up and down Sarah's arms as she moaned louder and louder, her body shaking and her pussy spasming in such a wonderful rythm. "MMMMMMMMMMM harder baby, fuck her pussy harder, do her like you do me now."

"MMMMMMMMMM yeh do you want that Britt? You wanna be fucked like I do my baby?" Sarah asked as Britt's moans got louder and louder as Sarah pounded her cock home.

"God fuck yess I do, give it to me" Brittany moaned as Sarah smiled at Grace knowingly and asked, "Think she can handle a little grinding?"

"Be a nice test before you bring her home baby" Grace moaned as she watched Sarah slow and lean forward a bit more and start grinding the cock's shaft hard on Brittany's engorged little clitty as Brittany whimpered in surpise at the sudden change in technique. Brittany's eyes rolled back in her head as the pleasure increased and Sarah slowed her strokes a bit more and grinded even harder, making Brittany's body shake even harder with the pleasure surging through it. "OH good god that's sooooooooo fuckin good, I dunno if I can take it."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM those are usually my thoughts too" Grace said as she cleared Brittany's hair out of her eyes and watched Sarah grind the cock shaft harder and harder up and down on the girls clit. Slowing even more now as Brittany squeezed her fingers into Sarah's asrms as her pussy spasmed wildly now and her moaning grew louder and louder as she got closer to her reward. "MMMMMMMMMMM ok baby now bring her home."

Sarah smiled as she moved back to her original position and started to once again pound Brittany's pussy with force as the girl whimpered and arched her back as best she could and felt her pussy explode in an endless violent release of sexual pleasure. Her pussy spasming out of control filling her body with intense pleasure as she shook gently and went limp as it gave way slowly. Sarah pulled out as she leaned down and kissed Brittany's lips softly.

"God Sarah that felt so good, I never had it done like that" Brittany smiled as she looked to Grace then and said, "Is she always this on?"

"If you get her in this kinda mood she's hard to handle" Grace said as Sarah rose off of Britt's body and took her girlfriend's arm and said, "You about find out Gracey."

"What are you the energizer bunny tonight?" Grace asked as Sarah directed her to the top of the bed. Grace laid back on the pillows as Sarah got between her legs and slid her cock deep into Grace's tight little pussy as she leaned forward and started fucking her girlfriend with a pounding force. Smacking her thighs off of Grace's after a few strokes deep inside, Brittany crawled up the bed and saw Grace's face go from almost one of shock to one of pleasure as she laid her back and moaned out loud. Brittany settled in beside the pair as Sarah looked down and pounded her girlfriends pussy a little harder and harder. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck baby, god you're hot tonight, soooo good."

"Come here Grace put her hands on her ass cheeks" Brittany said as she directed Grace's hands to Sarah's ass and watched Grace's fingers start to dig into the flesh as she moaned and laid her legs over Sarah's thighs now. Grace groaned as she felt Sarah's ass clinch every time she slid the cock into her pussy. Grace laid her head back and moaned as Brittany stroked her hand up and down one of Sarah's arms as she told her, "MMMMMMMM yeh Sarah's on fire tonight huh?"

"MMMMMM fuck yeh I am, so damn hot" Sarah moaned as Grace squeezed her fingers into Sarah's ass cheeks again and again with seemingly every stroke Sarah made and moaned louder and louder as the fucking came harder and faster. Her head laid back and her eyes closed as her pussy spasmed lightly now and getting harder with every stroke it felt. Knowing her orgasm was coming and looking up right as Sarah slowed down and did her the same way she had done Brittany, grinding the cock shaft on Grace's little clitty up and down harder and harder as she still sunk deep inside and felt Grace squeeze harder at her ass cheeks. Slowing a bit more and leaning forward a bit she grinded even harder on it and brought a squeal out of her girlfriend, not once but twice as she kept the pace for a few more strokes and watched as Grace arched her back and thrashed her head from side to side now as she got dangerously close.

"MMMMMMMMMM ok now bring her home" Brittany said as she kissed Sarah's lips and saw Sarah smile at hearing the exact words that Grace had used just minutes before as she started pounding Grace's pussy one more time and heard her girlfriend squeal once more as after a few hard shots she began to cum. Digging her fingers into Sarah's ass cheeks as her pussy spasmed out of control, much like Britt's had done moments earlier, shaking and moaning as it surged through her body and filling every single pore she thought as it peaked and Sarah slowly brought her down.

"OH god my baby that was sooo good I can't tell you" Grace moaned as Sarah sunk deep in Grace's pussy and lowered to her elbows as she kissed her girlfriend softly on the lips and traded tongues back and forth with her as Brittany watched with a smile and said to Sarah, "God you're so good to her."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM yes she sure is" Grace said as she stroked Sarah's sweat covered back and said, "Now it's time we be good to her huh Brittany?"

"MMMMMMMM and I know exactly how I want it too" Sarah commented as Grace and Brittany looked at her, "I want you two a 69."

"MMMMMMMMMMMM and let me guess what you're gonna be doing meanwhile" Brittany said as she flicked her tongue against Sarah's, "does it involve that magic wand you've already used on us?"

"MMMMMMMMMMM you're so smart, yes it does" Sarah said with a huge smile as she kissed Brittany.

"And I bet it doesn't include fucking our pussies right?" Grace asked in a moan as Sarah grinded the cock as it was still buried in her girlfriend.

"Nope it sure doesn't" Sarah said kissing Grace on the lips as she said, "I'm gonna use it to butt fuck you two one at a time."

"Sarah's sure livin out her fantasy's tonight huh?" Brittany asked as she rolled onto her back and rubbed Grace's arm and said, "How about you take Grace first?"

"God yess that's exactly what I was thinking" Sarah said as she pulled out of Grace's pussy as she rose and let Grace rise too. Watching her girlfriend roll over and cross her legs over Brittany's head and then lower her bald pussy to Brittany's eager mouth. Sarah watched as she stroked her cum soaked cock and Brittany began to lick at Grace's pussy as Grace lowered into a 69 with the girl and looked back and watched Sarah. "Is this is the way you wanted me Sarah?"

"Ohmigod Grace, yes this is exactly how I wanted you my baby" Sarah moaned, still stroking the cock as she watched Brittany lick Grace's pussy slit up and down, slowly and licking at her clitty every time now as she wrapped her arms around the girls hips and spread her ass cheeks a little for Sarah. "Oh yeah Britt hold'em like that baby."

"God it's been so long since I gave a butt fucking, god I'm gonna love this" Sarah moaned as she lined her cock up with Grace's puckered little asshole and as Grace watched she pushed forward and sunk the head inside as Grace squeezed her thighs around Brittany's pretty face and groaned out loud. Sarah held the cock steady as she pushed in a little more and then brought it back out and slid it back past the ring again as Grace moaned and squirmed as she laid her head down. Sarah moaned loudly as did Grace as the cock slipped deeper than before as she moaned to her girlfriend, "MMMMMMM gonna make sure you love it baby."

"MMMMMMMMM oh god that's exactly what your doing already, fuck Sarah" Grace moaned to Sarah as Brittany focused now on Grace's little clitty as she licked it harder and sucked it softly to get her to relax as she watched Sarah slide into Grace's asshole above. Sinking even farther inside now, Sarah moved her hands to Grace's sweat stained back and began to drive the cock in and out slowly, letting the cock head catch on her girlfriends asshole ring each time. "OH god this gonna be such a sweet butt fuckin."

"OHHHHHHHHHHH god Sarah it's sooo big I can feel it all over my body" Grace moaned as Sarah sped her strokes in and out as she got deeper and deeper in Grace's back door. Brittany watched with a smile from below as Sarah's cock was now almost all the way in Grace's butt. Digging her fingers into Grace's sweat covered ass cheeks, she began to suck on Grace's clit so soft and gentle, licking all around it and then sucking it gently again. Sarah buried her cock in Grace's ass finally, grinding on it as she stopped and leaned forward just a bit and placed one hand on Grace's shoulder and leaving the other in the middle of her back. While Grace moaned out loud, Sarah began to stroke again in long smooth butt fucking strokes in and out as she moaned herself and went faster and faster. "MMMMMMMMMMMM I hear you moaning my baby, OHHHHHHHHHH god that's the kind of butt fucking I love doing."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM god baby that feels so good" Grace moaned and squeezed her fingers into Brittany's thighs as she started shaking from the shots she was taking to her backdoor. Brittany licked now up and down Grace's pussy as she kept watching the cock sliding deep into Grace's ass and listening to her moan, licking over her clitty now everytime and doing it harder and harder now. "MMMMMMMMMM fuck Grace, is Britt being good to that pussy my baby?"

"OHHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Fuck yesssssssss so good" Grace moaned in a whimper as she laid her head down on Brittany's thighs and felt her body shake harder as Sarah really began to pound her asshole now. Sarah thighs smacking at Grace's spread ass cheeks as she pumped harder and harder into her girlfriend. Moving the arm in the middle of Grace's back to her side and watching every stroke of her cock into the girls ass now. Brittany moved her hands away from Grace's ass cheeks and slid them to her side so she could hold her in place for Sarah. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM god you guys feel so good doing it to me."

"MMMMMMMMMMM yeah I know how good it feels my baby" Sarah moaned as she went faster and got deeper inside Grace's asshole. Really beginning to smack her thighs at Grace's ass cheeks now and watching them jiggle as her body began dripping sweat, "Yeh yeh, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM takin your first butt fucking so good Gracey."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM making my pussy feel sooo good Britt" Grace moaned as she clutched at Brittany's thighs and tried to stay on top of her as Sarah stuffed her asshole full and Britt now sucked on her clit a little harder and flicked her tongue across it again and again. Finally closing her lips around it and sucking increasingly harder in long deep breaths as Grace cried out from the pleasure. Grace squeezed her thighs around Britt's head and squeezed her fingers into her thighs as she moaned louder and took her butt fucking harder as her body began to shake. Sarah squeezed her fingers into Grace's shoulder muscle with one hand and let her other clutch her own thigh, giving her a clear view of the cock sliding in and out. Grace squealed as her pussy spasmed so hard already it was hard to take as Sarah made long smooth strokes deep strokes into her asshole and Brittany licked her clit softly and then sucked it harder and harder. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM SARAH, it feels soooooooooo good getting butt fucked."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMMMMM feels so good butt fuckin you too baby" Sarah moaned as she smacked her thighs off of Grace's ass cheeks and heard her girlfriend start to grunt as she felt her orgasm coming on. Sarah for the first time on the night was feeling her own pussy begin to spasm as she pounded her girlfriend's backdoor. "You ready to cum in Britt's pretty mouth baby?"

"OHHHHHHHHHH yeah gonna cum so god MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" Grace moaned as she once again squeezed her thighs around Brittany's face and shook all over as her orgasm came on like a summer storm and simply exploded in her pussy time after time. Wanting to scream as she felt pure heaven for the first time in her life, she felt herself almost floating as she grunted and felt her cum squirt hard into Brittany's mouth. While Sarah above her felt her own orgasm explode and pounded Grace's asshole till her own orgasm gave away and she slumped forward and buried her cock deep in Grace's ass as she lowered herself across her girlfriends back, "Sooooooooooo fuckin sweet, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, My baby like that?"

"Sooooooooooo good, I can't even say" Grace said as her breathing returned to normal and she turned to kiss Sarah softly on the lips and said to her, "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM god my baby nothing has ever felt that good. God baby I love you so much. You are so good to me."

"I loved that so much" Sarah said with her hand on Grace's chest as she too felt her heart racing. "Did it look good Britt?"

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM god that looked so fuckin good" Brittany said as she kissed Grace's stomach softly and smiled.

"Oh god you just don't know how good it feels" Grace moaned as her body shook all over gently now and felt Sarah still buried in her butt. "God your tongue made it so much better."

"Your cum squirted all over my lips too" Brittany said as she smiled and kissed Grace's stomach again. Then looking up at Sarah as she asked, "Looks like you're done huh baby?"

"Nope I got just a little left, for you" Sarah as she stroked her cum soaked cock in and out of Grace a little more. Before rising and pulling out finally. "Besides I already told you, I've never butt fucked two girls in a row before, and your gonna get on top of Grace and let me do some more butt fucking."

"MMMMMMMMMMMM well since you put it that way" Brittany said as she wrapped her arms arms around Grace and rolled over with her. Grace sccoted down a bit and let Brittany get adjusted to be being on top. Brittany smiled as Sarah moved behind her and she showed Sarah her ass, "Is that what you wanna fuck so bad?"

"MMMMMMMMMM yeh it is actually" Sarah said as she watched Grace stroke Brittany's flat stomach as Britt asked her, "Baby you think you recovered enough to help me out with Sarah. I'm pretty sure how she wants me, and I think it involves you licking my pussy, can you handle it?"

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck, I'm still shaking all over, but yeh I think I can manage that" Grace moaned as she stroked her hands up and down Brittany's ass cheeks and squeezing them with her fingers as the girl settled in on top of her and looked down watching Grace lick her pussy slit softly. Sarah stroked her cock as Brittany began to moan as Grace went to work, sliding her tongue up and down Britt's pussy and licking her clit ever so gently. Brittany moaned as she laid forward on top of Grace and arched her back a bit and looked back at Sarah with a smile.

"Yeh lick it real good Grace" Sarah moaned to her girlfriend as she watched Grace spread Brittany's ass cheeks wide and lick up and down her baby smooth pussy a little faster. Sucking Brittany's clit softly and in a long deep breath, Grace looked up with a smile at her girlfriend. "Make that sweet pussy feel good."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck she sure is" Brittany moaned as she looked back at Sarah and said, "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck soooo good, damn your so lucky, you got me the way you want me now?"

"MMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMMM god yes I sure do" Sarah said knowingly as she slid closer and held her cock steady as she lined it up with Brittany's sweet little asshole and began to feed it into the hole, moaning as she slid it in a bit past the asshole ring and then back out and back in again as Brittany squirmed and moaned on top of Grace. "Yeh there we go, take my cock baby, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM."

"MMMMMMMMMMMM fuck yeah Britt just like I did baby, take it all" Grace moaned as she licked slowly but surely over and over Brittany's clitty and she stroked her hands up and down the girls stomach as she looked up and watched Sarah feed a little more of the cock inside. Sarah watched every stroke now as she began to pump it deeper and moaned, "OH god Britt, you know how much I love butt fuckin you already right?"

"OHHHHHHHHHH yeah Sarah I got a pretty good idea baby" Brittany moaned as she smiled back at Sarah who took ahold of her shoulder and began to fill her asshole even fuller with each pump of her cock. Brittany squirmed harder now as Grace slowly licked her clit still and began sucking it softly as she continued to watched Sarah above her. "MMMMMMMMMMM sooooo good, come on baby be good to my little ass and fuck it for me."

"MMMMMMMMMMM fuck yes I will, let me fill it up first" Sarah moaned as she guided her cock in and out a little faster now and finally sunk all the way inside as Britt shook from the 'filling' now. Grace made small circles around Brittany's clit and sucked it harder now as Sarah pressed her thighs against Brittany's ass cheeks and took hold of her shoulders as she pulled back out and and plunged back inside. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHH Gracey are you watchin baby? I'm getting it so deep in her asshole."

"MMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMM my baby doing it so good too" Grace moaned from below as she watched Sarah's cock pound now into Brittany's asshole as she turned back to Brittany's slit and began to stuff her tongue in and out of the whole as she heard Brittany begin to moan louder and louder and felt the girl shake from the sandwich she was in the middle of. Brittany clautched at the sheets and moaned intensely as Sarah's thighs began to smack at her ass cheeks now and making them jiggle as the butt fucking came harder and below her Grace was pumping her tongue in time with Sarah and right under her clit, which made it feel that much better she thought. "OHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMMMM God Britt your ass is so sweet to butt fuck."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM and your being so good to it" Britt moaned as she squealed out for the first time as Grace moved back to her clit and began to suck it hard in long deep breaths. Grace applied more and more pressure Britt's little rose bud as she sucked in long and longer deep breaths as Britt squealed again and the sound of Sarah's thighs smacking Brittany's ass cheeks rung in her ears. Sarah dropped an arm to her side as she now watched every one of her strokes into Brittany's asshole, seeing the girls ass cheeks jiggle each time her thighs smacked into them as she held Britt by the shoulder and pounded her even harder. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM God this is so sweet Britt, OOOOOOOOOOOO you're taking it sooooooooooo good baby, you ready to cum in Grace's mouth the way she did when I butt fucked her?"

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck yesssssss I wanna cum so hard in her pretty mouth" Brittany moaned as Grace could feel her pussy was spasming hard now as she circled her arms around Britt's back and held her in place for Sarah, as she sucked harder at her clit and felt Brittany shake more and more as she got near her reward. Sarah squeezed her hand into Brittany's should as she slammed away with wildly now, shaking Brittany's body as she felt her pussy began to spasm lightly and getting stronger with every thigh slapping ass cheek pump now as she moaned with Brittany. Her mouth opening as she moaned louder and her pussy literally spasmed harder as she said to Brittany right before the girl's pussy exploded, "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck yess, gonna butt fuck your cum right into my babies mouth."

"OHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD YESSSSSSSS, I'MMA CUMMING SO HARD" Brittany moaned as her pussy exploded in a violent eruption of orgasmic bliss. Shaking and moaning as her clit got sucked and her butt got fucked hard by Sarah who with a few more shots to Britt's ass was cumming herself. Both moaned as they peaked and came down slowly. Grace moved her lips to Britt's slit as the cum came squirting out as Sarah slowed her strokes.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM god fuck" Sarah moaned as she slowly pulled out of Brittany's asshole and watched her roll off of Grace and fall limp to the side, still shaking. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM god that was so sweet."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM yes it sure was, god your good at it" Brittany moaned in a pant as her breathing returned to normal. "I guess you answered that question Sarah."

"What?" Sarah asked as she took Grace and Brittany's arms and pulled them to their knees and all three pressed their bodies together as Brittany said, "That you could satisfy two girls."

"MMMMMMMM god I'mma believer now" Grace said as she kissed her girlfriend softly. "I cum like three times and ohmigod that last one still has me shaking."

"Three for me too and I'm still shaking also" Brittany said, "God baby you're so good at butt fucking too, I never had it that good before."

"Never had two in a row like that before" Sarah commented as her hands went to Grace and Brittany's ass cheeks as she began to squeeze them.

"Might as well get used to it Sarah. cause you're gonna be doing it a lot from now on" Brittany said with a smile.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM you sure are" Grace said and then looking to Brittany said, "And ohmigod it feels so good with you licking my pussy."

"I can say the same thing about you too" Brittany said as they kissed softly. "You sent shivers down my spine with your tongue work, good god Sarah your lucky."

"Yes I am at that" Sarah moaned as she kissed Grace softly in a french and then kissed Brittany slowly in the same manner.

"And I know you cum, but how many times?" Grace asked Sarah.

"Two" Sarah said as Brittany smiled and said a moment later.

"Two sandwiches and two cums" Sarah said with a smile as she again kissed each of the girls.

"I wonder though" Brittany said giving Sarah and Grace a devilish smile as she asked, "How many times can you make us both cum?"

"I'd sure like to find out" Grace said as Sarah grinned and said, "Ok I'll one up you on that one. How about we do that only outdoors."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM god that's an idea if I've ever heard one" Brittany said as she thought about it and Grace sure seemed to agree as they soon began to softly kiss one again.

"The Cove?" Grace asked Sarah as her and Brittany parted.

"It's this place down south in Indiana" Sarah said to Brittany, "And secluded and beyond words beautiful."

"I'll pay for gas" Brittany said, "If you bring Grace and that Magic wand of yours."

"We're there" Sarah and Grace said in unison.

To be Continued....