Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 61 "Dreams Do Come True"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"Shay you need to check your messages slut" Mandy said as Shady picked up her phone. "Katie's called like three times already."

"You serious Mandy?" Shady asked as she looked at her watch through blurry eyes and realized she'd been crying for nearly two hours since her and Katie's big blow up in the Singers front yard.

"Yeh, she said she was sorry for whatever she did?" Mandy asked as she laughed. "What did you do this time?"

"My usual tricks" Shady said with a laugh, "You know me."

"Yeh, well this girl is pretty nice and unlike Joey, she's worried sick about you right now" Mandy said, "So how about you quit being a dumb cunt and get back over there and see if you can save this one."

"I'm on way" Shady said, "By the way Mandy I heard about you drooling over Logan Turner."

"I'm gonna fuckin kill Sam" Mandy said as Shady laughed, "She has the biggest mouth of anyone I know."

"Logan's a nice guy Mandy" Shady said, "You should get to know him."

"I guess I just don't know how interested I am" Mandy said.

"Why you find someone else?" Shady asked. "Something you're not telling me?"

"No, just a friend" Mandy said and before Shady could respond she went on, "You're just stalling for time. Go."

"You got it" Shady said as she hung up with Mandy and started the car and squealed the tires as she burned rubber out of the parking lot she'd been parked in for the last 2 hours or so and drove back towards Katie's place. Not sure what to say or how to say it, she slowly pulled up in front of the house and noticed it was almost 11 o'clock now. Seeing a light on in the living room she knew someone was most likely still up. She made her way to the door and knocked softly, and was relieved when she saw Kevin answer.

"Is Katie here?" Shady asked as Kevin answered the door and looked at his watch and said, "Shady it's almost 11 and my parents wouldn't be crazy about you being here this late."

"Please Kevin?" Shady asked with pleading eyes, "It won't take long and I won't make a scene I promise."

"Shady?" Katie asked coming to the top of the steps as Shady pushed by Kevin and looked up at her and said, "Yeh it's me."

"Ohmigod I'm so happy to see you" Katie said running down the last few steps and surprising Shady with a hug that almost knocked her down.

"Happy to see me?" Shady asked as Katie smiled and said, "Yes you."

"Keep it down or mom and dad will have a fit" Kevin said as he left the room. "I know nothing."

"I'm sorry for earlier" Katie said as she put her arms around Shady's neck. "It was stupid and I'm..."

"I over reacted" Shady said cutting her off, "And I'm sorry to."

"It's OK, please just listen OK?" Katie said as she took Shady's hand and led her out to the porch and closed the door behind them and turning to Shady again she went on, "This whole thing with Jessie was stupid, but I needed to see if she was really moving on that quick. I mean her and Joanna just barely met and then I heard they're already together. But something good came out of it, I made peace with her and maybe I can still be friends with her, sometime down the line."

"OK" Shady said as she waited for the part that was supposed to make her coming back here worth it.

"That means that I'm not chasing after Jessie anymore" Katie said, "I realize it's over now and I'm hoping I didn't ruin whatever it is we had or have."

"Whoa" Shady said as Katie laughed and said, "Breath."

"That's just a lot of info to download at once Singer" Shady said as Katie giggled. "Can I ask what made you call that soon after I left?"

"Kevin talked some sense into me" Katie said, "And I was telling him how I got to know the real you, not the bad ass attitude girl, but the sweet and gentle girl that wouldn't even kiss me when I said she could."

"I don't allow many people to see me like that" Shady admitted, "It hurts to bad when they walk away."

"Yeh but that pain, is real life" Katie said softly, "And when you make it through a low like that, it usually leads to something a lot better."

"You wanna know what I did when I left here?" Shady asked softly and Katie knew just by looking at her swollen eyes.

"Yeh you cried" Katie said as she leaned in and kissed Shady's cheek softly and smiled sweetly. "I'm sorry for making you cry."

"No one has ever said that to me" Shady said with a shy smile as she touched Katie's cheek. "My mother thinks it a sign of power to be able to make someone cry."

"I'm glad you don't think that" Katie said, "Are we OK now?"

"Yeh it was just a stupid fight" Shady said softly as she stood and took Katie's hand. Pulling Katie to her feet and, as Katie giggled, she found herself in Shady's arms. Shady said nothing for the longest time and for once Katie found herself enjoying a moment of silence as her and Shady simply looked at each other. Shady slowly moved her hand to Katie's cheek and moved a stray hair out of her eyes and tucked it behind her ear. Katie's eyes locked on Shady's and for that moment she no longer wondered how she was gonna possibly get Jessie back, now her mind was only on one thing. Shady.

"Now that I'm in your arms what do you plan to do to me?" Katie asked as Shady smiled and said, "Pretty much everything I can think of."

"Hey I'll have you know I'm not that kinda girl" Katie said, "So you can just keep those dirty thoughts to yourself."

"Oh yeah I believe that after what we did at the party" Shady said with a wicked grin as Katie blushed and replied, "You kinda took advantage of me, look at Riley you know I couldn't resist that."

"Thought you were gonna say I got you drunk" Shady said with a hurt look. "And that's why you did it."

"I didn't say that" Katie said as Shady tried to pull away and Katie stopped her. "What happened, happened. We can't change that, you know."

"But you regret it" Shady said as Katie got a little frustrated.

"Stop trying to ruin this" Katie said as she grabbed Shady's jacket collar and forced her not to look away.

"But it's true" Shady said.

"I only regret we hurt the two people we cared most in the world for at the time" Katie said, "But that's the past and we can't change that and reliving it ain't gonna help any either, so stop it already."

"But..." Shady said as Katie covered her mouth and said in a demanding tone, "You either shut up about this and kiss me right now or I'm gonna leave you standing here and I may not talk to you again. Do you hear me?"

"You want me too?" Shady asked as she moved to within an inch of Katie's face and smiled and watched Katie smile nervously. "Cause I wasn't sure you wanted me too until now."

"Oh god" Katie sighed as Shady giggled, "Prolly why you don't get laid much, ya talk to much."

"I do not talk to much, I just talk a lot when I'm nervous...." Shady said before she was cut off by a soft gentle kiss from Katie to her cheek and followed by a grin as Katie urged her with a look to return the favor. Shady hesitated for a moment as both of Katie's hands went to her cheeks and soon as Shady led the way they kissed softly. Shady could swear she heard Katie sigh contently as their lips began to ever so slowly move in perfect time with the others. Shady nervously moved her hands to Katie's sides and clutched at the girls sweater as she felt Katie's lips move one more time in unison with hers and felt the kiss linger for a long moment before they finally parted. "Whoa, I felt that girl."

"That was...ummmm...maybe the best kiss ever" Katie said as she couldn't help but smile. Shady couldn't help but smile either as everything in the world suddenly seemed to be OK. Feeling a huge amount of adrenaline surging through her body she resisted the urge to scream and instead pulled Katie back into her arms. Their eyes locked on each others now, they kissed again. Much like the first time, lips moving against the others in life's most perfect rhythm, before they slowed and let it linger for a long moment. Both smiling again as their eyes met and they touched foreheads as Shady said in a hushed voice, "Goodnight."

"Night, Shay" Katie said as they hugged warmly and parted. Shady stopped as Katie turned to walk inside and asked, "Shay?"

"Sorry it sounded cute" Katie giggled as Shady thought about it for a second and said, "It's kinda what people do when they really like each other, right?"

"Usually" Katie said leaning against the door as Shady seemed to be deep in thought.

"Shay? It's cute I like it" Shady said as Katie said softly, "Goodnight...Shay."

"Night Singer, I mean...Katie" Shady said before turning and practically bouncing down the steps and to the car. Katie opened the door, reliving every moment of the kiss as her heart beat faster again and she touched her lips and squealed as she bounced around in the living with the adrenaline flowing through her own body now. Kevin came out of the kitchen just as Katie watched Shady leaning against the side of her car and bouncing around excitedly herself and Katie knew she was feeling the same thing. Getting in a moment later, Shady squealed the tires for a split second before literally roaring off into the night.

"Everything work out?" Kevin asked and already knowing the answer by the look on her face.

"Yeh everything in the world is OK right now Kevbo" Katie said dancing around the living room as Kevin rolled his eyes and sat down on the couch. "I don't think I can sleep now."

"Good to see you happy again little sister" Kevin said as Katie came over and kissed him on the cheek. "Now get to bed."

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sarah's Place, the next morning

Grace woke up from the most peaceful night of sleep she could remember having had in a long time to see Sarah laying on the window seat, obviously deep in thought about something. Grace rose and grimaced as she rolled out of bed as the soreness in her butt shot up her back and surprised her. She thought for sure she knew what was bothering Sarah as she pulled the blanket around her and moved to the window seat and sat down, gently this time at Sarah's feet and finally got her attention. "OK what's wrong? Like I need to ask."

"Huh?" Sarah asked and then smiling when she saw Grace sitting below her. Sitting up and crawling down she kissed her girlfriend softly and smiled. "Mornin my amazing Grace."

"MMMMMM morning to you too blue eyes" Grace said as she opened her blanket and let Sarah turn her back and lay back against her as she pulled it around both of them. "You know I still love you?"

"MMM HMMM of course I do" Sarah said softly, "And I love you too."

"Then if it's not last night that had you worried what was it?" Grace asked as Sarah seemed to figure out what Grace was referring to and said, "Not worried about something so much as trying to figure out this weird dream I had last night."

"About me and you?" Grace asked and hoping it wasn't but fearing it was.

"Grace, I'm OK" Sarah said, "I know you're not Katie, and I know last night isn't the end of us."

"Good" Grace said as she hugged Sarah tightly. "Seems I'm more worried about you than you are about that."

"I like it that you care that much" Sarah said as she kissed Grace softly. "But this dream was a weird one."

"Tell me about it" Grace said as Sarah started. "I was dreaming about you, like always it seems and then the next minute my mom comes through the door and sits down on the bed next to me."

"Your mom?"

"Yeh and I never dream about her" Sarah said, "But she said that Eugene..."

"Your dad" Grace said as Sarah shrugged, "He was Sarah, he loved you and you know it."

"Yeh I guess so"

"No Sarah he did, look at what he did for you" Grace said, "That car, this building and he made sure you were secure for life."

"Can I go on?"

"I just don't see what changes just because he's not your real father" Grace said as Sarah seemed to be getting frustrated. "He loved you."

"OK he did" Sarah said softly, "I know that, but see that's what this dream was about."


"Yeh see my mom was like, Eugene is not your father you know that by now" Sarah said as she went on, "And she said, Cori's dad wasn't either."

"So what was so weird about that?" Grace asked.

"I'm getting to that motor mouth" Sarah said with a teasing grin as Grace laughed. "She said the answer I seek is in the glove compartment of your father's Mustang."

"Huh?" Grace asked now apparently as confused as Sarah seemed to be. "How can the answer be in the car of a man you've never met?"

"It's weird" Sarah said as Grace shifted and felt pain shoot up her butt cheeks as she grabbed her butt. "is it sore my baby?"

"God is it ever" Grace said grimacing as she struggled to get comfortable again.

"I'm sorry, I should have mentioned that little side effect" Sarah said as she pulled Grace down onto her back and crawled over her and kissed her lips softly. "Do you hate me yet?"

"No" Grace said trying to hide a smile as she finally felt some relief.

"I couldn't even hardly walk the next morning after my first time" Sarah said as Grace smiled. "It's not nearly as bad as you get used to it. I promise."

"It's like your trying to convince me to let you do it again" Grace said playfully as she played with Sarah's hair.

"Well what can I say I loved it" Sarah said as she shrugged her shoulders, "And I hope you did too."

"That I did my love" Grace said with a smile, "And damn was Katie right."


"Katie told me about the way like to do remember?" Grace asked as Sarah nodded. "And damn she was soooo right about how good it felt and oh my god, I never cum like that before."

"So I was good to my baby?" Sarah asked with a grin as she kissed Grace softly.

"MMMMMMMMM HMMM sooooo good to me" Grace said in a sultry voice, "I was like still shaking all over after cumming and still felt that way even after you did Brittany. I could feel her shaking afterwards and I think she cum harder than I did."

"Sarah did good?"

"Sarah is an amazing lover" Grace said as both giggled.

"Do it again sometime?" Sarah asked as she rolled behind Grace and laid her head by Grace's.

"If you want" Grace said softly. "It was the hottest night of sex I've had."

"Me too it's not even close" Sarah said with a smile as she kissed Grace's cheek, "But making love to you, is more satisfying."

"Is it now?" Grace asked with an adoring smile. "You mean just me can get you hot?"

"I love making you feel good" Sarah said with a teasing grin. "I love giving you pleasure and seeing the result of it. Nothing is more satisfying than that."

"If you're looking to get some this morning, you just convinced me" Grace said as Sarah grinned.

"Nooo" Sarah said, "Besides I'm sore all over too. Last night was a serious workout for me."

"You said you wanted both of us and you got it" Grace said, "You complaining now?"

"I couldn't handle much more" Sarah said with a satisfied look on her face as Grace laughed. A moment of silence grew as Grace's mind drifted back to their previous conversation and Sarah's dream and suddenly it fit together.

"Your dad? His mustang?" Grace said as Sarah gave her a strange look. "Your dad's car is your mustang."

"Grace that's crazy...enough to be right" Sarah said as her eyes opened in surprise and she grabbed Grace and kissed her softly as she rolled over and onto the floor as she searched for Grace's jeans and found the car keys and said, "It's time we unstuck that damn glove box."

"I been saying that for weeks" Grace giggled as she watched Sarah run around the living room in nothing but a long night shirt. Finally Sarah realized her shorts were over by Grace and came over to get them when she felt Grace's hand on her bare thigh as she looked down. Grace giggled and pulled at the bottom of Sarah's shirt. "You're so beautiful."

"Will you please stop" Sarah said and then stopping and leaning down, kissing her girlfriend and saying, "Scratch that last comment, you can tell me that anytime. But please get up and come with me."

"Nooooo" Grace grumbled as Sarah pulled her up. "My butt's not hurting...oowwwwww, it is now."

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor

"Morning Miss Sammler, I was wondering if I could see Cori, I know it's early but I have work and only have a few minutes" Jean said as Lily answered the door and replied, "Well of course, and you're just in time, as a matter of fact she's just coming down the hall now."

"Cori Tyler as I live and breath, child you are coming along so fast it takes my breath away" Jean said as she saw Cori slowly making her way down the hall, this time without her walker.

"Hey Grandma" Cori said as she reached the bottom of the steps and hugged her.

"I have good news" Jean said as she looked down at Cori proudly. "Your father's found time to fly in and see you."


"Your father, Cori you met him at the hospital remember?" Jean said as Cori smiled and said, "Oh yeah, my new memory sometimes leaves me too."

"It's OK, you're getting better all the time" Jean said, "So you looking forward to seeing your father again?"

"I guess" Cori said as she looked up to see Rick coming down the steps as she smiled and said, "Mornin Dad."

"Mornin" Rick said as he kissed her forehead. "Hey Jean."

"Morning Mister Sammler" Jean said and seeming to be a little thrown at Cori's calling him 'Dad'.

"You comin in for breakfast?" Rick asked Cori.

"Yeh, save me the comics?" Cori asked as Rick laughed and said, "After I'm done."

"Honey I know this is confusing" Jean said as Rick made his way to the kitchen. "But your father is Kile, not Mister Sammler."

"No he's not" Cori said firmly, "That's my dad, he's the one that come to see me every day in the hospital. He loves me, not that other guy."

"Cori Tyler that is not your father" Jean said as she felt her heart sink, "Your father works very hard and doesn't have time to fly have way around the world to come and see you every day. You must understand that. He loves you very much and wants to see you more but he simply can't."

"I don't like you very much now" Cori said in an angry voice.

"Cori Tyler what has gotten into you?" Jean asked in surprise.

"I've been trying so hard to get better and remember stuff and do you know how scary it is to not remember anything or anyone?" Cori asked as Joey came through into the entrance and stopped to listen. "No you don't."

"Cori I'm so happy about that my child" Jean said touching Cori's face as Cori pushed her hand away.

"Then why are you trying to take away the people I love and tell me lies to confuse me?" Cori asked with a hurt look in her eyes. "My mom and dad are dead I know that ok? But my new Mom and Dad love me and they don't make up lies."

"Cori, my sweet I am telling you the truth" Jean said as she fought back her tears. "I'm not trying to take you away from anyone."

"Well it sounds like that and...I just wish you would leave now" Cori said as she turned her back and slowly walked off as Jean's heart felt as if it were breaking. She turned to make her way out as Joey came in and stopped and said softly, "I'll talk to her OK? Try and make her understand?"

"Will you?" Jean asked as her spirits lifted. "Oh my child I'll be forever grateful if you would."

"No big deal" Joey said as she shrugged. "Me and Cori have a bond. She trust me so I can explain it."

"She is so lucky to have you" Jean said as she hugged Joey and handed her a card and said, "Will you please call me if you can convince her to see Kile?"

"I can't promise anything" Joey said as Jean took a deep breath and made her way out the door. Joey smiled as she slowly snuck up behind Cori as she made her way down the hall and grabbed her in a bear hug just before she got to the downstairs bathroom and pulled her inside. Cori's eyes shot open as she felt someone cover her mouth and drag her into the bathroom. Turning she saw Joey's smiling face.

"You scared me half to death" Cori said as Joey kissed her softly and said, "Boo."

"Boo to you too" Cori said as she kissed Joey back and smiled brightly. "You always make me feel better."

"Good to know" Joey said wrapping her arms around Cori's waist. Suddenly Cori's eyes shot open and she said in an excited tone, "You won't believe what I dreamed about last night."

"Me?" Joey asked as Cori laughed and said, "No, it was like about sex."

"Ohmigod Cori are you kidding?" Joey asked in a much lower voice as Cori followed her lead and said, "No, I'm serious it was like we talked about a while back, like two girls together and you know doing stuff, but this time there was like 3."

"You had a wet dream about three girls?" Joey asked with a smirk as Cori replied, "Well no, it was two and me."

"Holy shit" Joey said as she covered her mouth.

"Yeh and you won't believe who it was with" Cori said as Joey blushed and urged her to go on as Cori leaned close and whispered in Joey's ear, "Jessie and her ex girlfriend."

"Katie?" Joey asked in a stunned voice as Cori said, "Yeh that's her."

"Ohmigod" Joey said as Cori blushed, "Why would you dream about them...doing that?"

"I dunno, it's like I remembered something that we did, it was seriously like real" Cori said as she smiled at Joey, "It's not like I think about them in that way."

"Well you must" Joey said teasingly. "Tell me the truth now."

"Noooo" Cori said firmly. "The only person I have ever thought about like that was you."

"When?" Joey asked as Cori blushed and didn't wanna say anything it appeared.

"It was a few nights ago and it just happened" Cori said, "I didn't wanna say anything cause I felt weird about it."

"Everyone has those fantasies Cori" Joey said softly, "You're not weird or anything."

"Can we like talk about this later?" Cori asked, "I'm hungry."

"Yeh and maybe you'll tell me about it" Joey said as Cori laughed and blushed and said, "Nooo I don't think so."

"Mornin everybody" Joey said as her and Cori came into the kitchen and Cori took her usual place by Rick at the table and laughed when he handed her the comics as Lily sat the food on the table. Joey looked around and noticed Jessie wasn't up yet and thinking about Cori's dream thought she'd do a little investigating. Asking Lily if she wanted her to let Jessie know breakfast was ready, she quickly volunteered and exited the kitchen on the way to Jessie's room. Saying morning to Zoe as she came down and then lightly tapping at Jessie's door as she heard a voice say come on up. Coming to the top of the steps she saw Jessie bent over fishing a bandana out of her trunk. Noticing right away that Jessie's jeans were particularly tight from this angle. Looking away she waited till Jessie stood and turned before she said, "Lily said breakfast is ready."

"OK, be down in a minute" Jessie said and noticed that Joey seemed to be lingering as she stood on the top step. "Something you wanna ask?"

"UMMMM...yeh, but it's personal and I don't want it to seem like I'm being perverted or anything" Joey said as Jessie slipped on her bandana and turned around with amused smile and said, "No Joey I'd never think that of you."

"Shut up" Joey said blushing as Jessie laughed and asked, "We're friends, you can ask me anything."

"OK this is gonna sound weird but..." Joey said as she took a deep breath and went on before she lost her confidence. "When you and Katie were like together as a couple did you ever sleep together?"

"Joey Larue, you are a perv" Jessie said laughing as she watched Joey blush.

"It's not what you think" Joey said, "see Cori had this weird dream that involved you, her and Katie in a threesome and she seemed to think it was real or something."

"Holy shit" Jessie said as Joey laughed and said, "That was my reaction too."

"I wonder why that's what she remembered?" Jessie asked as Joey replied in a surprised tone of voice, "So it's true?"

"Yeh" Jessie said softly, "It was what sorta caused the trouble to begin with between me and Katie."

"You know what that means?" Joey asked.

"Yeh that it was a really stupid idea" Jessie laughed as Joey jumped in and said, "No, it means that Cori's memory is coming back."

"Whoa, you're right" Jessie said, "I wonder if she remembers what happened right after?"

"What happened?" Joey asked as Jessie went about explaining the whole situation with Katie.

"It was really a bad situation but Cori, well this Cori didn't have anything to do with it" Jessie said. "That was so a lifetime ago and I'm in a different place now."

"So you don't miss Katie or anything?" Joey asked as Jessie's door opened and Joanna emerged from the bottom of the steps and said to Joey, "No she does not miss her anymore, cause now she has me."

"Listen to this girl she speaks the truth" Jessie said as her and Joanna smiled at each other and Jessie hugged her.

"No thanks, you realize I've known her longer than you and I've seen her work" Joey said with a giggle.

"I'll kick your ass Larue" Joanna said as she turned and chased Joey down the chairs as laughter filled the air.

"Hey, hey, stop" Jessie said as Joey disappeared out the door and Jessie pulled Joanna back by her belt loop and kissed her neck as Joanna smiled. "Morning."

"Mornin to you to JFine" Joanna said as she turned and pulled Jessie into her arms and kissed her softly.

"I just realized how good it feels to have a girlfriend again" Jessie said as Joanna gave her a weird look and seemingly remembered what Jessie was referring to as she said, "Yeh it is, but it'd be better if this was real."

"So are you asking me for real?" Jessie asked as Joanna smiled that dazzling smile that Jessie adored. "Seriously?"

"If you'll say yes" Joanna said nervously.

"No, no you gotta ask me and find out" Jessie said as Joanna groaned and said, "Fine then."

"Go on" Jessie said with an amused looked on her face.

"Will you go steady with me JFine?"

"No I won't" Jessie said as a shocked look washed over Joanna's face, "Until you call me by name. My name is not JFine."

"Ok, ok, Jessie Sammler, will you go steady with me?" Joanna asked with the most honest smile Jessie could remember seeing.

"I'll think about it" Jessie said with a giggle as Joanna began tickling her in frustration before Jessie pressed her lips to Joanna's softly. Joanna slipped her arms around Jessie, now smiling at her as they parted a moment later, "To answer your question seriously, yes Joanna I will."

"WOW, talk about a good start to a day" Joanna said as she pulled Jessie closer in her arms and both smiled at the other. "Can I ask a weird question?"

"OK" Jessie said with a giggle.

"Can I kiss you in front of that skank Marissa?" Joanna asked as Jessie laughed.

"Only if you do it as good as you usually do" Jessie said as Joanna's eyes opened in surprise and she asked, "You think I'm a good kisser?"

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM" Jessie sighed contently as Joanna kissed her softly and let her lips fall in time with Jessie's for a long moment. "I sure do."

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sarah's Apartment

"Gimme the damn crowbar and I'll break it open" Sarah said from the driver's seat as Grace struggled to get the glove compartment open.

"Sarah, chill baby, I'll get it" Grace said as she wondered why it was worth going to all this trouble over a dream. Knowing the glove box had been stuck for weeks now since Jessie's big foot had jammed it. No use anyway, Grace thought, we've never even cleaned it out.

"Move" Sarah said as she impatiently pushed Grace aside and jammed the crowbar into the small opening at the top and jerked it violently down and broke the hinge on the bottom of it but left it jammed as Sarah shoved the crowbar in again and rammed on it, this time towards the door as the piece of metal bent just enough to allow access.

"Great now it's destroyed" Grace said as she sat back down as Sarah fished out of all the papers and envelopes with dates that had long passed and businesses that long ago seized to exist.

"Look Grace I know it looks stupid OK, but that dream shook me up" Sarah said as she stuck her hand in again and felt nothing and looked heart broken. "OK then it was all in my mind."

"Stupid fuckin glove box" Sarah said as she stomped at the door and watched in shock as it fell harmlessly to the floor board and saw that one last letter was stuck to the back of it, reading "To Sarah, from your dad on your 18th birthday."

"Oh my god that's it" Sarah said as her and Grace looked at each in complete shock as she pulled it loose from the crumbled metal laying in the floor. "What could this be?"

"Here I'll open it" Grace said taking it gently from Sarah's fingers and saying, "You look like you just seen a ghost."

"I think I just did" Sarah said as she watched Grace peel the tape back on the envelope and pull out the several sheets of white paper that bad been folded neatly inside. Grace unfolded them and saw a long hand written letter, looking to Sarah for her approval before she began reading. "Dear Sarah Boo."

"Sarah Boo?"

"What he used to call me" Sarah said as she smiled, "Go on."

"If you have this letter, then you found my most prized position of all, my Mustang" Grace read aloud, "The only thing in my life I cherished more was you."

"It really says that?" Sarah asked as Grace showed her and she fought back tears.

"I never got the chance or had the nerve to tell you how I felt in my life, and your mother certainly never knew the depth of my feelings for you" Grace read again. "You, Sarah, were the reason I stayed with your mom for as long as I did."

"Keep reading" Sarah said quietly.

"OK, so now I have to tell you the real truth about your biological father" Grace read as Sarah's heart almost stopped. "It's not me, I know that Arvis and Mae were aware that I wasn't your father and they assumed that I didn't know. They were misled by me. So was your mother. I found the letter your mother wrote you that contained your real birth certificate. I didn't have the heart to confront her so I let her think that it was still a secret."


"I secretly hired a private detective and had him do the investigation to verify that Kile Jason Molloy was your father" Grace read aloud. "Sarah, my boo, as much as it hurts me to tell you this, he's not your father either."

"But how could he know that?" Sarah asked in shock as Grace read on, "I tracked Mr. Molloy to Auckland, New Zealand and was able to secretly obtain a sample of his DNA, comparing it to yours revealed the truth."

"Shit" Sarah said as she listened in shock.

"OK, now Boo comes the good news, through this same Private Investigator I tracked your mother's travels through various sources" Grace read. "I found your father Sarah, your real father."

"Breath baby" Grace said as she touched Sarah's hand and saw her breath a deep breath and swallow hard as she motioned for Grace to go on.

"From what I found, the story goes that you're mother and myself were going through some rocky times after being married for two years..." Grace read, "...she began an affair with a man who played piano at the bar on Court Street. You were the result of that affair. Now even though this broke my heart, I did what was best for you and I tracked this man down and paid him a substantial amount of money to keep this secret until you were 18 or till the time of my death, which ever came first."

"His name is Jeffrey K. Santzler" Grace read aloud, "The information about his last known address is on the second page."

"Let me see" Sarah said as she finally moved beside Grace and they momentarily flipped to the second page and scanned it, "It says he lives in a place called Naples, Florida."

"Looks like we gotta a vacation coming up then" Grace said as Sarah kissed her and agreed before they turned back to the first page and read the last few lines of the letter. "My Boo, you were the great love of my life, and it would have broken my heart if I would have had to tell you what this letter says in person. So some day in some way I hope you can forgive me and please, don't be angry at Mr. Santzler, he was in a great deal of financial peril when I found him, he had really no choice."

"I won't" Sarah softly commented to herself as she laid her head on Grace's shoulder.

"You have my heart boo, you always did and you always will" Sarah read, "I couldn't say this in words, but I tried my best to provide you with everything you'd ever need. It was my way of saying, what I couldn't say. Goodbye Boo. Eugene Grasser."

"I love you too Daddy" Sarah said as she took the letter from Grace and pressed it to her heart.
To be Continued....