Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 62 "Boy Dyke"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



** ** ** Meanwhile @ Singer Place, morning

Pulling up in front of Katie's place, Shady let the car idle a bit and looked at the door and hoping she'd see Katie pop her head out any second but as the seconds turned to minutes, she began to think Katie wasn't coming out. Glancing at her watch and realizing they had less than an hour before school  started, she turned the car off and took a deep breath as she made her way up the walk. Seeing Kyle come out of the door eating a sandwich, she slowed and hoped by some chance that Katie would walk out now.

"Is Katie up yet?" Shady asked as she stopped at the foot of the steps.

"Now why would you want my little sister when you can have me?" Kyle asked with a smile. One that Shady had to admit she kinda liked, but considering who it was coming from, she'd rather puke than admit she liked it.

"Please Kyle I just ate" Shady said with a cold stare.

"Yeh, your loss, Katie left with Jessie already" Kyle said as Shady's eyes went red with fire and she said, "You better fuckin be kidding, Kyle."

"Nope" Kyle said as Shady came on the porch as he laughed and smacked the sandwich out his hand and splattered it all over the rails. "What the fuck is your problem, bitch?"

"You're my problem, and you seriously have no fuckin clue who your fuckin with asshole" Shady said as she turned and stomped off the porch, "You tell Katie she can go..."

"SHADY!" Katie screamed as she came though the door, still in her pajama's. Shady turned and felt her heart beat faster as she saw Katie and realized Kyle was pulling her chain. Walking slowly back up the walk, she saw Kyle fall down laughing in the chair. "What did he tell you?"

"You left with Jessie" Shady said as Katie turned on her brother and screamed, "YOU THINK IT'S FUNNY TO FUCK WITH SOMEONE EMOTION'S?"

"It was a joke K, geez" Kyle said as Katie smacked him as hard she could across the arm and watched him jump away and practically scream, "GOD DAMN IT, K, THAT HURT."

"It was supposed to dumbass" Katie said as her temper calmed and she turned just as Kevin came out of the house and asked, "Another episode with the charming Kyle Singer huh? What did the prince do this time?"

"Had Shady believe I left already with Jessie" Katie said as Kevin rolled his eyes and sighed as he looked at Shady and said. "First, Shady, from now on you don't even have talk to my IQ challenged brother, ask for me. He's not exactly the most mature example of a Singer male."

"It was a joke" Kyle said again in his defense and realizing it was falling on deaf ears.

"As for you Prince Charming" Kevin said as he took his brother's hair and pulled him to his feet. "You know why that wasn't funny, next time you're not gonna deal with Katie, you'll deal with me."

"Katie, honey" Kimberly asked from the front door, "You're planning to change right?"

"Yes mom" Katie said as Shady giggled. Turning to Shady with an embarrassed look she said, "Gimme me ten minutes and I'll meet you in the car."

"Mom Katie hit me" Kyle said as he slipped into the house, "She left a huge mark on my arm."

"Knowing you" Kimberly said, "You've done plenty to deserve it."

15 minutes later, Katie emerged from the front door to see Shady smiling as she leaned against the car. Both suddenly seemed nervous as Katie came through the fence and impulsively threw her arms around Shady's neck and hugged her. Shady smiled as she wrapped Katie in her arms. "Morning."

"Morning to you" Katie said with a grin. "You gonna make this picking me up a regular practice?"

"I sure am I like seeing you first thing in the morning" Shady said with a smile, "You give me a reason to avoid my bitch mother. If I leave early to pick you up she's still passed out."

"Well, I guess I'm gonna have to stop sleeping so late" Katie said, "Tomorrow morning I'll be ready and waiting."

"Good" Shady said as she looked down nervously and then back up and said, "Can I kiss you good morning?"

"You know this whole shy and sweet act is growing old, Shay" Katie said with a teasing smile, "Why don't you just take what you want."

"Seriously? I wanna go slow and don't wanna screw this up" Shady said before touching Katie's cheek gently and kissing her lips softly, both smiling as they parted. "What a way to start the day huh?"

"Oh yeah" Katie said in a sultry tone of voice. "We gotta go."

"Slowly, remember?" Katie asked as Shady started the car up a few moments later.

"You got it" Shady said as she pulled away from the corner.

** ** ** Meanwhile in the Upton Sinclair Parking Lot

"Hey girlfriend" Joanna said as she met Jessie standing by Sarah's mustang.

"Hey to you too girlfriend" Jessie said as she playfully lifted Joanna's shirt and took a peak at her girlfriend's six pack abs.

"You like?" Joanna asked as Jessie nodded with her eyes and both laughed at the silliness of the situation.

"Why don't you ever wear a belly shirt and show those off?" Jessie asked as she again peaked at Joanna's abs.

"Because those aren't display" Joanna said as she playfully smacked her hand away, "Stop that."

"Now that I really am your girlfriend, why can't I look?" Jessie asked as Joanna blushed and raised her shirt just above her abs and took Jessie's hand and let her feel. "Hard as a rock."

"You happy now?" Joanna asked as Jessie stroked her hand across the rippling muscles as she leaned in and kissed Joanna softly. "I just think they're sexy, is that wrong?"

"No I didn't say that" Joanna said as Jessie moved her hand away reluctantly and both jumped as a car roared it's engine and both looked to see Shady and Katie rolling into the parking lot. "What are they doing together?"

"Beats me" Jessie said as she watched them park and get out of the car. Meeting at the back of the car and giggle privately as they chatted for a moment and then to Jessie's shock, they kissed and Shady took Katie's hand as they smiled at each other. "I guess she has moved on."

"Yeh that's Katie for ya" Joanna said as she moved behind Jessie and slipped her arms around Jessie's waist and hugged her. "You OK?"

"Yeh just kind of surprised me" Jessie said as she turned her back to the giggling pair across the parking lot. Putting her arms around Joanna's neck and intending to kiss her when she heard the bell ring. "Damn it."

"Yeh, duty calls" Joanna giggled as she looked to Katie and Shady walking into the school, holding hands and again giggling, showing all the signs that they were indeed a couple. Jessie noticed it too and grabbed Joanna's hand and laced their fingers together as the two passed and never bothered glancing her way. "So is that what it looks like?"

"What?" Jessie asked as she watched Shady and Katie disappear into the crowd. "Jealous Jessie?"

"I was not jealous, I mean I am not..." Jessie said, "Look it just kinda surprised me OK? It's not a big deal."

Joanna walked off a moment later as Jessie stood there still in shock at the sight of Shady McCree and Katie Singer being lovey dovey. She worried that she was still in love with Katie after all that had happened and maybe she was just fooling herself about the fact that she was over her or what resembled being over someone who you once loved. She started to walk again and wanted to catch up with Joanna and tell her something to make her feel better. But she drew a blank at to what to tell her as she reached her locker and the second bell sounded.

"Dyke" She heard a voice say in her ear and turned to reply when she saw Joanna's smiling face. "Hoping it was me?"

"Yeh I was" Jessie said with a smile as her fears began to subside as she watched Joanna sip on a cup of water. "So is that how you keep those abs so rock hard?"

"Water?" Joanna asked.

"MMM HMMMM" Jessie said as she pulled the books she needed for first period out and stuffed them into her book bag.

"Yeh pretty much" Joanna said with a smirk, "No exercise required, it's magic mountain water."

"Hey Joey" Marissa said with a smirk.

"Go away Marissa" Joanna said as Jessie again spotted Shady and Katie coming down the hall, Marissa followed Jessie's eyes and her mouth dropped open as she saw the two holding hands. "Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or is your so called ex, holding hands with the school looney tune Shady McCree?"

"Shut up and go away Barbie" Jessie said as she slammed her locker shut. "Why don't you get a life of your own and maybe you'd stay out of ours."

"Must break your heart Jessie" Marissa said, stopping Jessie in her tracks. "Seeing your Katie in the arms of another girl."

"Not really, considering I've moved on myself" Jessie said as she took Joanna's hand and laced their fingers together. "See that?"

"Yeh she's with me now" Joanna said as she moved around behind Jessie and pulled Jessie into her arms. "Course you can't understand that I'm sure."

"KATIE" Marissa said as everyone in the hallway stopped at the sound of Marissa's voice and looked to see what she was up to now. "Jessie and your ex best friend Joanna are trying to convince us, unsuccessfully, that they are suddenly so in love. What do you think?"

"Huh?" Katie asked as she walked closer to Marissa, still holding Shady's hand.

"I said, look at those two pretending to be so in love" Marissa said as she pointed to Joanna and Jessie, "Does it not look a little...shall we say, unconvincing?"

"Only to you" Katie said.

"OK I got an idea" Marissa said holding her hands up as if she were holding court. ""I think it looks fake and I for one would like to see some evidence that this so-called, love affair is real. How about a kiss?"

"You just wanna see two girls make out Marissa" Joanna said as the hall way filled with laughter. "Closet Dyke."

"Boy dyke" Marissa said and smiled, knowing she had wounded Joanna's ego as she saw the girl's eyes tear up. But before she could run-off Jessie held Joanna arms in place as she turned.

"Don't let her do this to you" Jessie said, "It's not like it was before, she can't just torture you, because I won't let her. You have me now."

"Oh she does huh?" Marissa asked as Jessie glared at her and a couple of tears dripped down Joanna's face, "Then kiss the boy dyke."

Jessie wanted to go after Marissa right there and exact her own revenge when she saw the hurt in Joanna's eyes, but as she started to, Joanna touched her cheek and brought Jessie's eyes back to meet hers as she kissed her softly. Jessie was thrown at first but soon relaxed and let her fingers touch Joanna's cheek as their lips moved in time to the others and Jessie felt every bit of anger drain from her body as she wrapped her arms around Joanna's neck and kissed her. Licking her tongue at Joanna's lips and finding Joanna's tongue meeting hers a moment later as they slowly massaged each other's for what seemed like an endless moment. Joanna's arms wrapping tighter around Jessie's waist as Jessie's did the same around her neck. Parting for just a moment, Jessie could see the tears were gone and Joanna's smile was again that dazzling grin she'd come to adore in such a short time. Touching her girlfriend's cheek gently, Jessie again kissed her and parting again, touched her forehead to Joanna's as they smiled.

"Damn" Marissa said as she watched with an open mouth in shock at the display she had just seen. "That was hot."    

"Come on let me whip her ass Katie" Shady said as all attention was brought back to her and she tried to get around Katie, but finding Katie holding her back. "I'm betting everyone in this school would love to see it."

"I'm so scared, Shady" Marissa said as Jessie and Joanna looked to see Shady playing a game of chicken with Katie trying to get to Marissa. Jessie thought to herself how weird it was that Shady wanted a piece of Marissa, when it was Joanna and not her that was the focal point of Marissa's wrath.

"You need to be scared, trouble making ho" Shady said as Katie moved in front of her and begged her to back off. "I am so fuckin sick of seeing you pick on her for no reason. You better pray I don't get my fuckin hands on you."

"What's wrong Shady?" Marissa asked, "You scared I'll uncover your little secret too?"

"What fuckin secret?" Shady said as her anger boiled over and Jessie looked to see Joanna was seemingly in shock at the reason for Shady's anger. "Katie, I'm not gonna stand here and let her run her cock sucker all day, just let me take one shot at the skank."

"That your still broken hearted over Joey Larue after she dumped your ass?" Marissa asked as Shady's eyes burned with the fire of anger. "So easy to see."

"FUCK YOUR WHORE" Shady screamed as Katie hugged her and held her back as best she could. Suddenly Jessie felt her own anger boil over and she couldn't take it anymore as she confronted Marissa.

"Shut up already" Jessie said as she surprisingly brought the attention back to her. "What is your fuckin problem Barbie? Joey and Shady broke up because they had problems and it's none of your damn business why they broke up. I'd loved to see your sorry ass walk down these halls and talk to your friends. Yeh that's right, you don't have any."

"Yeh whatever" Marissa said as she tried to walk away and found one exit blocked by Shady and being met face to face by Jessie as she turned to leave the other way.

"No it's not whatever skank, show me one person in this school that likes you" Jessie said as her anger rose with every word. "NO ONE FUCKIN LIKES YOU."

"What? I have plenty of friends" Marissa said as she tried to push her way around Jessie and felt Jessie push her back and say, "Fuck no, you ain't gonna walk off this time, you gonna answer my fuckin question. Name me one friend you have."

"She doesn't have any" Joanna said from the lockers as Marissa's eyes went from confidence to hurt as she spat, "Fuck you BOY DYKE."

"FUCKIN WHORE I'M SICK OF YOU CALLING ME THAT" Joanna said as she speared Marissa in the open hallway and drove her down to the floor with a thud. The crowd started cheering as Joanna landed on top and Marissa held her ribs and began to cry as she tried to get away. Joanna, filled with rage, grabbed Marisssa's hair and pulled her head back violently as the girl tried in vain to escape. Smacking Marissa so hard it sounded like a gun blast a moment later as Shady screamed for her to do it again. Joanna drew back again as Marissa looked up at her, blood coming from her mouth and nose with fear in her eyes, that for some reason stopped Joanna from hitting her again. Joanna rose and stood above her as Marissa sobbed and wiped the blood away from her nose and mouth. "Let's see if anyone comes to help you up."

"Nope I didn't think so" Jessie said as she took Joanna's hand and walked off with her as school security arrived and helped Marissa to her feet.

"Hey, Shady" Joanna said, as she walked by with Jessie. "Thanks know."

"Yeh, for what it's worth, I'm sorry about...well everything" Shady said, "This, me and Katie, wasn't meant to hurt you."

"I know, we cool now?" Joanna asked as Shady smiled and held her fist out as Joanna bumped her fist against Shady's and both laughed. "Always have my back."

"Always will Funky J" Shady said as Joanna's eyes opened in shock at Shady.

"You saw what I did with that skank Marissa, I'll do you next" Joanna said as both laughed and Shady dragged Katie down the hall way.

"Funky J?" Jessie asked as Joanna blushed and said, "It was a hot day and I was out of deodorant OK?"

"Like today?" Jessie asked as Joanna rolled her eyes and sniffed her underarms as Jessie laughed.

"No rosey fresh" Joanna said as Jessie's eyes went wide with fear and Joanna turned to see a very large and unhappy looking Principal Trachtenberg. "Miss Christianson, my"

** ** ** Meanwhile in the Upton Sinclair Courtyard

"Mind I join you?" Sarah asked as she sat down by Brittany. Sarah noticed Brittany's different look today, a bandana on her head and wire rim reading glasses on her face. Made her look like a bit of a rebel but with an intelligent side to her.

"Hey girl" Brittany said and then looking Sarah over and saying, "When I left here you was like skin and bones and now you've definitely filled out."

"Tends to happen to most girls" Sarah said, "Like, you. Last time I seen you, you had that same hair but nothing else like you have now."

"Are you hitting on me?" Brittany asked with a giggle. "Cause after last night I wouldn't exactly turn you down."

"Nope, I have a girlfriend" Sarah said taking a bite of the less than pleasant tasting food on her plate.

"Yeh I'd have never guessed that, no wait I found that out a couple of nights ago" Brittany said with a casual smile.

"Yeh I guess you did" Sarah said, looking around for Grace and not seeing her. "Have fun?"

"Best I've ever had and that's saying something" Brittany said as she took off her glasses, "You?"

"Only time me and Grace have ever did something like that" Sarah commented. "Had the most fun I can remember."

"I bet you did" Brittany giggled and made Sarah blush, "Grace sore too?"

"Yeh she's been a little bitchy with me all day, it's actually kinda funny" Sarah said smiling.

"WOW, you're really in love with her" Brittany said as she looked intently into Sarah's eyes.

"Excuse me?"

"Grace, you're so totally in love with her" Brittany said.

"It's true, but what makes you say that?" Sarah asked.

"You were talking about her being bitchy all day with you and just the way you smiled and the twinkle in your eyes told me" Brittany said, "I'm pretty good at reading people. Faces and emotions, especially when someone is lying."

"Hey my baby" Grace said as she sat down and kissed Sarah's cheek. Brittany watched Sarah smile and touch Grace's hand casually and looked into her eyes too.

"Grace do me a favor, look at Sarah and say I love you" Brittany said.

"Why?" Grace asked as Sarah shrugged her shoulders and Grace figured why not and said to Sarah, "Sarah Renae Grasser, my Boo, I love you."

"So I'm your boo now?" Sarah asked with a smile she could barely contain.

"Yep same magic" Brittany said as Sarah and Grace turned their attention back to her.

"Excuse me?" Grace asked as she took a bite of the food and dropped her fork and pushed her plate away, "Did they recycle this garbage from last year or something?"

"I was saying to Sarah before you sat down that she has this look in her eye when she talked about you and I was looking for the same thing in your eyes, it's there, only more intense" Brittany said, "That is so intense."

"Are you psychic?" Grace asked as Brittany said, "I don't think so, it's weird I can see things in peoples eyes. It usually just pops out at me like this did. Not something I have to work on."

"She used to do this shit to my mom and freak her out" Sarah laughed.

"I loved your mom" Brittany said with a smile. "But your dad didn't care much for me, or me for him."

"Yeh he had a lot of trouble with expressing his emotions" Sarah said.

"I'm sorry about your parents by the way" Brittany said softly, "You know I was gonna call so many times but I figured you wouldn't remember me or it would sound like I was just calling for that purpose so I just never did."

"Thanks" Sarah said, "It's cool, I'd say I'd have done the same."

"Totally different topic now" Brittany said, "Tell me, when exactly did this girl thing happen for you?"

"I dunno it wasn't an exact moment, it just happened" Sarah said, "I guess I'd always felt that way, just when I met Katie, my ex, it just clicked and we connected."

"So when I was living upstairs you never looked at me like that?" Brittany asked.

"Can't remember exactly, but I'm guessing no" Sarah said, "I was trying to be your typical boy crazy spoiled brat 12 year old at that time."

"So after Katie?" Brittany asked.

"Lot of lonely nights and crying myself to sleep" Sarah said, "And then I heard Katie was in love with Grace's step-sister, Jessie, and I made a huge show of trying to break them up."

"And now she's with me" Grace said taking Sarah's hand and lacing their fingers, "Can we not go down this road again? I'm tired of seeing you cry over her."

"OK" Sarah said softly as she kissed Grace's lips and smiling as she said aloud, "See why I love her?"

"How about a topic that's a little more..." Brittany said in a low sultry voice, ...pleasurable?"

"OK, I'm all ears" Sarah giggled as her and Grace moved closer and Brittany asked, "Round 2? Yea or Nay?"

"Grace?" Sarah asked.

"I have no complaints about last night" Grace said, "You left me shaking for an hour after."

"Me too" Brittany said, "MMMMMM damn me too. Did Sarah enjoy her double dip?"

"Never had it soooo good" Sarah said as she looked around and noticed the courtyard was now almost deserted before she went on. "Two in a row is almost too good to be true."

"Well I know for a fact me and Grace enjoyed the fruits of your labor, right?" Brittany asked as she touched Grace's hand and smiled seductively at her.

"I did not" Grace said with a deep crimson blush as Sarah and Brittany laughed.

"Oh yeah I'm sure, all that moaning was just for show?" Brittany asked as she played with Grace's fingers. "Cause if I remember correctly I was doing pretty much the same thing a little while later."

"Let me say this" Grace said leaning closer and making sure no one could hear, "I won't even have to think about it next time. Right baby?"

"Why Gracey?" Sarah asked as she kissed her cheek playfully, "Did it make"

"It was fun" Grace said as she looked at Sarah and then to Brittany, "And felt sooo good, I could barely take it."

"I agree with that" Brittany said, "And the best part, no strings attached. So as I was saying Round 2?"

"Yep" Sarah and Grace said in unison.

"By the way , your idea about outdoors, is killing me" Brittany said with a giggle. "But I have a place in mind if you don't."

"I do, but it's a few miles down the road" Sarah said, "Fortunately mines not. Well not too far."

"Where?" Grace asked as Brittany smiled and said, "Let's just say, Out in the country, past the city limit signs."

"Brooks and Dunn" Sarah giggled as Brittany nodded.

"And trust me, you'll get your...Kix....Sarah" Brittany said, "And, as for Grace and I, we'll love every second of it, right?"

"I can guarantee that" Grace said as she kissed her girlfriend softly on the lips.

"Well, I'm in" Sarah giggled as she laid her hands on Grace's and Brittany's. "One at a time."

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Book Lovers

"Joey can you bring that box over here?" Judy asked as she watched her make faces at Cori who was laying on the sofa reading a magazine. "HELLO?"

"Yeh OK, I heard ya" Joey said with a giggle as Judy sighed and got up from her position on the floor, sorting the new arrivals. Seeing Joey struggle to lift the box and then drop it. "If I could lift it I would."

"You know it says here in National Geographic that monkeys can sling their poo like 20 feet or more" Cori said as Joey and Judy both looked at her and burst out laughing. "What it's true, says so right here."

"Hush" Joey said as she stuffed a bandana in Cori's mouth and both giggled.

"How about using the razor to open it and bringing them over a few at a time?" Judy asked as Joey blushed and said, "You hired me for manual labor not to use my brain."

"This is true, but how about we change that?" Judy asked as Joey stopped what she was doing and gave Judy a confused look. "You wanna be my new assistant Manager?"

"Funny Judy" Joey said with a smirk and feeling Judy touch her hand and say in a serious voice. "Joey, I'm serious, I could use an afternoon or two off and you've proved to me you can handle the store by yourself. So how about it?"

"Can Cori hang out?"

"Yeh can I hang out and keep her company?" Cori asked with a hopeful expression.

"Of course" Judy said as she picked up a pile of books and made her way back to the shelf she was working at before. "I'll pay you a little more, and when things get going good again, you know I'll take care of you."

"Hey Henry!" Cori said as everyone looked to see him coming through the door.

"Hey guys, need any help I'm closed up for the day and bored" Henry asked as Joey's ears perked up at that announcement, moving to his side and smiling she asked, "How about using these big strong arms to help me, huh talk dark and handsome?"

"Hey" Judy said with a giggle, "Hands off Larue."

"Fine then, I didn't want him any old way" Joey said with a giggle as she picked up a pile of books and moved them to where Judy was sitting as Henry followed with the rest.

"You doing better?" Henry asked as he sat down by Judy, "You really are putting to much pressure on yourself you know."

"Well If I don't, who's gonna worry about this shop?" Judy asked, "Jake's proven he cares nothing about our friendship or this shop."

"Then let me take some of the pressure off" Henry said as Judy smiled and wished he could. "I'm serious, let me be your new partner."

"Do you know how well that would go over with Jake?" Judy asked, "He'd have another of his famous drunk flame outs and probably burn the dam building down."

"MMMMMMMMMM wieners and roasted marshmallows that night" Joey said with a giggle, rubbing her stomach and sitting down by Cori on the sofa as Judy rolled her eyes.

"Nooo this is my problem, I made the mistake of going into business with a hot head like Jake Manning and I can't ask you to bail me out" Judy said.

"But Judy, sweetheart you're not asking me, I'm asking to be your new investor" Henry said softly. "I'm in a really good situation right now with my business and this just feels so right. We can turn this place into a money maker not just a break even venture."

"Like how do you propose we improve business?" Judy asked.

"How about we tear out part of this wall?" Henry asked, pointing to the thick brick wall that separated his and Judy's businesses. "That way everyone who comes into 'Step By Step' will have immediate access to Book Lovers, browse while they wait."

"OK that's a good idea" Judy as Henry went on, "And how about out front we get rid of those tired looking umbrella tables and get something a little more welcoming. Maybe tear out the front and start serving coffee and doughnuts or cappuccino?"

"We serve coffee" Judy said pointing at her unplugged coffee maker. "Well maybe we don't now but we did."

"We could even rent the store out for private parties" Henry said as Judy seemed to be getting excited about the idea.

"You really think we could do this and you still manage your place?" Judy asked as Henry smiled and said, "I been thinking about it and it seems to me like a perfect plan."

"Oh no" Joey said as everyone turned to see Jake parking across the street and getting out of the car.

"Come on" Joey said as she pulled Cori up from her position on the couch and said, "Please don't argue with me, now come on."

"OK OK" Cori said as she let Joey pull her up and followed her to the door as Jake quietly came in, still sporting bruises. He held the door for Cori and Joey as they made their way out.

"Whats up with her?" Jake asked as Joey and Cori disappeared out the door.

"She scared that you'll go off again and this time hurt her friend" Judy snapped as she stood and picked up the phone. "I swear I'll call the cops Jake, I don't want any trouble."

"I just came to apologize" He said softly.

"Look you might as well tell him" Henry said as he stood behind Judy and went on, "You know what we talked about?"


"Judy has decided to bring on a new partner" Henry said as Jake's face showed his surprise. "Me."

"I don't think so" Jake said calmly, "You realize that I own half of this business?"

"So? I'll sue you for it and there isn't a judge in this country that would give you anything after the way you acted" Judy said as she decided in that moment to cut her ties to Jake for good. "Well?"

"Tiffany left me this morning" Jake said as he leaned against the back of the door, "This store is the only thing I have left."

"Jake I can't trust you anymore" Judy said, "You show up drunk and destroy the place when you don't get your way and god knows how many people you've run off from here who'd never come back."

"Fine I'm sorry" Jake said, "You can have August Dimitri here if you want, is that what you wanted to hear?"    

"No I don't" Judy snapped as she no longer cared if she controlled her anger. "I could care less what you want, you've screwed me over for the last damn time. I want you out of my business and my life. I'm sick of your crap."

"This is all your fault" Jake said as he glared at Henry, "She never acted like this before you got the space next door."

"That's it, you're not throwing' another one of your damn tantrums and wrecking the store" Judy said picking up the phone and prepared to dial 911 as Jake threw his hands up. "All I gotta do is ask for them Jake."

"Fine, FINE" Jake said kicking a pile of books over and opening the door as he said, "Mark my words Judy I want every damn penny I put into this hell hole."

"Plus 10 percent just to get rid of you" Judy said as she watched Jake storm off across the street and get into his car and drive off a minute later. Excitedly turning to Henry and asking, "Do you honestly think it could really be that easy?"

"I dunno" Henry said as she hugged him. "But at least he didn't trash the place."

"Is the coast clear?" Joey asked as she stuck her head through the door with Cori behind her.

"Yeh hurricane Jake is finally blown through for the final time" Judy said as she joined Joey by the door and began jumping up and down excitedly as she explained what happened.

"I still don't understand why I had to leave for" Cori said as Judy rejoined Henry and they were soon lost in conversation about plans for the store. Joey turned to Cori and walked just outside the door and let it close behind them. Noticing Cori, who was now standing, and for the first time since her accident didn't seem to be in need of any kind of aid to balance her.

"Because I'm very protective over my CoCo" Joey said softly as she grinned and saw Cori smile in return, "I wouldn't let anything happen to you."

"Yeh, yeh whatever" Cori giggled as Joey kissed her softly and watched Cori grab the wall a few inches behind her for support and act as if she were light headed.

"What's wrong?" Joey asked with a knowing smirk.

"Your kisses always make me weak in the knees" Cori said with a twinkle in her eye.

"Yeh, yeh whatever" Joey said as her and Cori shared another kiss in the doorway.

To be Continued....