Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 63 "Kissing in the Courtyard"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"Ms. Christianson please take a seat" Mr. Trachtenburg said as he and Joanna entered his office. She took the seat as he took his behind his large wooden desk and looked over the top of his glasses at her. "Do you mind if I ask you what that little incident was about?"

"Marissa is a loud mouth trouble making little biotch and I'm sick and tired of hearing her bad mouth me" Joanna said as her anger rose.

"I don't recall asking for your opinion of the young lady" Mr. Trachtenburg said, "I want to know specifically what caused this altercation in my hallways?"

"Marissa was running her mouth on me and my girlfriend" Joanna said as Mr. Trachtenburg gave her a strange look. "So she said one to many things and I shut her up."

"Ms. Christianson, do you think that your overt sexual preference could have had anything to do with this particular altercation?" Mr. Trachtenburg asked as Joanna's eyes opened in surprise.

"My sexual preference has not got a thing to do with this" Joanna said, her voice rising a little as she felt her anger growing. "What kind of question is that?"

"I am just referring to your apparent fondness for displaying sexual preference" He said as he looked over her file and made a couple of marks, "After all you mentioned it already once without any prompting."

"Why shouldn't I?" Joanna asked, "You asked what started this and I told you."

"I would think your overt display of sexuality had a small part in the incident" Mr. Trachtenburg said, "Am I wrong?"

"Yeh you are" Joanna said as she stood and looked to see the object of her wrath coming through the door. "Look what happened to the Barbie Doll."

"That's enough Ms. Christianson" Mr. Trachtenburg said as he pulled Marissa a chair up and invited her to sit down.

"Miss Turner can you explain to me what exactly precipitated this unfortunate incident?"

"She was kissing her girlfriend and..." Marissa said before Mr. Tractenburg cut her off and said to Joanna, "Ms. Christianson this is exactly as I thought it was."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Joanna said, "You didn't let her finish. She was gonna say, she dared me to kiss my girlfriend and I did, she dared me."

"Is this true Ms. Turner?"

"Of course not I'd never do such a thing" Marissa said as she batted her eyes at Mr. Trachtenburg. "I think such displays are inappropriate in an academic setting such as this."

"Only because you can't get anyone to kiss your ugly ass" Joanna said as she got ready to rise from her chair.

"You see, Franklin, what kind of verbal and not to mention vulgar abuse I must withstand on a daily basis" Marissa said with a smile. "It sometimes really is too much."

"You lying little whore" Joanna said as she pushed her chair away and she started after Marissa. Mr. Trachtenburg stopping her as he moved in front of Marissa and called for security. "This little bitch has been fuckin torturing me for years and now that I finally stood up to her this is her revenge."

"I can't believe what lies people will tell in the name of smearing someone's good name" Marissa said from behind the principle as security pulled Joanna away and sat her forcibly back down in her chair. "I'm almost afraid to come to school tomorrow after this meeting."

"Well fortunately Miss Turner, your fears will be unfounded as Ms. Christianson has made my decision an easy one" Mr. Trachtenburg said as he made a simple note on Joanna's record and laid it on the desk before saying, "Ms. Christianson it is my unfortunate duty to inform you of your expulsion from Upton Sinclair, effective immediately. Your parents will have three days to sign the paperwork."

"What?" Joanna asked in shock as she saw a look of pleasure on Marissa's face. "I'm an emancipated minor."

"Then I guess you will have the unfortunate duty of signing your papers" Mr. Trachtenburg said.

"Over one fight?" Joanna asked, feeling her hands tremble in fear now as she took the pen from the Principal's hand and signed her name.

"This institution has a zero tolerance policy against violence" Mr. Tractenburg said. "I have no choice."

"Then why the hell did I have to sit here and listen to this skank lie through her teeth?" Joanna asked as she threw the paper back in his face as the security guard took hold of her shoulder again. "You're a bigot you son of a bitch and a homophobe."

"Please escort her off my campus" Mr. Trachtenburg said as he straightened his tie, "I have had just about enough of that abusive mouth."

"What the hell?" Jessie asked as Joanna was escorted out of the office by a security guard.

"I got fuckin expelled" Joanna said as she was pulled along by the shoulder. "I'll tell you about it after school."

"OK" Jessie said in total confusion as she spotted Mr. Trachtenburg coming out of his office with a smiling Marissa following close behind. A red hand print still emblazoned on her cheek from Joanna's slap just minutes earlier.

"Ms. Sammler it is high time you get to class is it not?" Mr. Trachtenburg asked as Jessie wanted to explode on the very spot and let them both know how she felt.

"This is Joanna's girlfriend, sir" Marissa said with a smile.

"You Miss Sammler?" Mr. Trachtenburg asked. "I must admit I am quite surprised."


"Maybe in the future you and your significant other will think twice about such overt displays of your sexuality" Mr. Tractenburg said as Jessie tried to figure out what her sexuality had to do with Joanna's expulsion. She was ready to ask another question in a much more heated voice when Mr. Trachtenburg's secretary came to the office door and announced he had a call. Excusing himself with a smile to Marissa and what Jessie could have sworn was a dirty look towards her. Marissa suddenly realized she was alone for the moment with Jessie and began to walk off as Jessie followed her, mind reeling as to what she wanted to do to this girl. Attack her was the most appealing choice, but suddenly another one, another much more appealing one came to mind. Sparked by a posting on the bulletin board. The one announcing a mandatory pep rally to open the school year. Jessie's smile spread across her face as she got an almost evil idea. Marissa stopped to turn into a classroom as Jessie caught up to her and said into her ear. "You think you won?"

"Now you know who you're dealing with" Marissa said with a smirk.

"Mark my words Barbie by the end of today you will regret everything that happened" Jessie said in a low voice. "And before you go crying to Tractenbooger it's not a personal threat. By the way, are you going to the pep rally?"

"Everyone has to" Marissa said as Jessie smiled and said, "I'm gonna make you so FUCKIN sorry, you skanky little whore."

"But you said..."

"I'm not gonna lay a hand on you and neither is anyone else" Jessie said as she backed away, "But you'll pay for this, and for all those years you made Joanna's life a living hell, all that is coming back to you. Have a nice day."

** ** ** Two hours later in the hallway

"Jessie, Jessie" Shady said with a nervous voice as she spotted Jessie on the other side of the hall. "What happened to Joanna? I heard she got expelled."

"What she told me but I can't figure out why, we have fights all the time and nobody gets expelled for them" Jessie said as Katie walked up and she noticed right behind her that Logan and Mandy McCree were walking down the hall hand and hand. "Maybe he knows what's going on."

"What happened to Joanna?" Jessie asked Logan as she stepped in front of him and Mandy.

"Nice to see you too Jessie" Mandy said with a smile and a giggle.

"Huh?" Logan asked as Shady and Katie joined the group. "Joanna Christianson?"

"Yeh you didn't hear?" Shady asked. "She got expelled for whipping your skanky sisters ass."

"I heard that yeh" Logan said as Jessie noticed Mandy making eyes at her rather openly. "Marissa said she was just coming down the hall and Joanna attacked her. Not like I believe that but that was her story. And something about Prinicpal Trachtenbooger not approving of Joanna's lifestyle."

"She said what?" Shady asked as Katie moved to her side and could see her eyes begin to burn with the fire of her anger.

"Yeh who knew Trachtenbooger was a homophobe" Logan said as Shady took out her cell phone and walked off down the hall.

"Hey babe, I got class, see ya after?" Logan said to Mandy as she nodded and he ran off.

"You seen Zoe around?" Mandy asked as she smiled at Jessie.

"No, not today, at least not at school, why?" Jessie asked as Mandy shrugged and said, "Just curious. Tell Cutie, I mean Zoe I asked about her."

"Yeh OK" Jessie said as Mandy walked off.

"Who are you callin?" Katie asked as Shady punched in another number.

"My friend" Shady said mysteriously. "Trust me you don't need to know."

"Joey?" Shady asked as she smiled and went on, "What's up handsome?"

"Who's Joey?" Katie asked as Shady motioned for her to keep quiet.

"I need your help" Shady said, "Yeh as always, but it's not for me, it's for a friend."

"OK, see ya in 15" Shady said as she closed the phone and looked to see Katie giving her a confused look.

"Please tell me who that was" Katie said and hoping she wasn't starting a fight over nothing.

"He's a friend, a good friend and he's a good guy to know" Shady said as she kissed Katie softly, "And he's no one you need to be worried about."

"Can I go with you?" Katie asked as Shady thought about it for a minute and said, "I think it's best if you don't."

"But..." Katie said before Shady kissed her again.

"I promise you I'll explain if you just trust me this once" Shady said with a smile, "This is really important Katie ok?"

"Ok if you say so" Katie said, "I got class anyway, see ya after?"

"Of course" Katie said as she walked off slowly in the opposite direction.

** ** ** Meanwhile in the Courtyard

Zoe stopped as she came out of the cafeteria with her book bag and looking over the courtyard, completely deserted except for two people she noticed.
She saw Jennifer sitting on the other side under a tree and apparently not paying any attention as Zoe waved to try and get her attention. Giving up, she started walking towards her when she was stopped in her tracks by a smiling Will as he stepped in her path.

"Hey Will" Zoe said and felt herself blush as she saw Will's smile.

"Can we talk?"

"Sure but I really need to talk to Jennifer so if you could hurry" Zoe said.

"OH OK, it can wait" Will said as Zoe stopped him from walking off and asked, "What is it?"

"You wanna go to a movie tonight or tommorrow?" He asked in a rush as Zoe smiled and said, "Yeh I'd like that."

"You would seriously?" He asked.

"Yeh that sounds like fun" She said as she saw Jennifer rise from the ground and take her tray and walk towards the door, leading out of the courtyard. "Get up with me after school at the bus stop and we'll set it up OK?"

"Sure" Will said as Zoe rushed off and called Jennifer's name.

"What?" Jennifer asked in an annoyed voice after Zoe had called her name three times already.

"What happened to you a couple of nights ago?" Zoe asked, referring to the moment when she had walked in on her and Sam wrestling on the bed. "You like freaked out or something."

"No, I remembered I had something to do" Jennifer said.

"Do I look stupid?" Zoe asked. "And what the hell happened to Sam? I never saw her again that night or for that matter since then."

"I dunno" Jennifer said as she looked down nervously and didn't wanna meet Zoe's gaze.

"Did she get up with you?" Zoe asked.

"Yeh OK, she did"

"Then why didn't you come back over?" Zoe asked.

"Because me and Sam know, some stuff when she come over" Jennifer said.

"Like...uh..what...uh?" Zoe asked as Jennifer glared at her. "Tell me."

"It's none of your fuckin business" Jennifer said, "You're just jealous of me and Sam."

"Me and Sam, so you two are lovers now?" Zoe asked as Jennifer looked as if she could kill Zoe.

"God, shut up" Jennifer hissed and Zoe noted she never flat out denied it, but that was just insane Zoe thought. "You don't wanna be Sam's friend so I will."  

"I don't wanna be her friend?" Zoe asked in confusion as she spotted Mandy across the courtyard talking to some friends. But, in the moment Zoe figured Mandy would just act as if didn't exist, if she went over and talked to her. Looking back to Jennifer she asked, "Who said that?"

"Sam said you threw her down for Mandy a couple of nights ago and spent all your time taking up for her" Jennifer said.

"I kept Mandy from hurting that little viper" Zoe snapped as Mandy came up from behind and Jennifer gave her a dirty look. "She called Mandy some names, well I don't think people should be cruel like that."

"What's going on?" Mandy asked as Zoe spun around and smiled at her. Noticing Mandy smiling back at her as if she really was happy to see her. "Anything wrong Cutie?"

"Yeh something is wrong" Jennifer said, "The way you and Zoe treat Sam sucks. You shouldn't call her all those names, Mandy."

"I call them like I see them blondie" Mandy said, "As far as me and my skanky sister, you have no idea what you are running mouth about."

"She usually doesn't" Zoe said as her and Mandy laughed.

"She's not a whore or a skank" Jennifer said. "She's really nice if be nice to her."

"Are you talking about my sister?" Mandy asked as Zoe covered her mouth to keep from laughing.

"Yes, she's really nice and she did some stuff to me...I mean for me that was...nothing" Jennifer said as Mandy looked at her in confusion.

"You can have her" Mandy said. "Cause no one else wants to be her friend. I've seen that."

"I don't anymore, I'm tired of her crap" Zoe said as Mandy smiled at her and bumped their hips together.

"Tell'em cutie, you so don't need her" Mandy said as Zoe smiled and found herself liking Mandy's attention.

"Well she told me some stuff about you" Jennifer said as she turned around and ran her finger up the middle of her back and gave Mandy a cold stare as she said, "She said it's disgusting."

Zoe couldn't believe what Jennifer had just said and laying her books down she stepped in front of Mandy, thinking she was gonna charge Jennifer, but nothing happened. Mandy glared at her for a second as Jennifer smiled victoriously, then suddenly tears started coming down Mandy's cheek as Zoe watched in shock as she turned to walk off.

"No, Mandy, wait" Zoe said going after and stopping her a few feet away as Mandy looked up with this hurt look in her eyes. Not knowing what to do, she gently touched Mandy's face and said, "Stop crying please, she's just trying to hurt your feelings. I've seen your scar, you can barely see it."

"Whatever" Mandy said as she tried to walk away when Zoe hugged her.

"Stop, you're just gonna go and cry, I know it" Zoe said as she came eye to eye with Mandy, "I'm not telling you that just to be nice. It's true."

"Don't lie to me" Mandy said.

"I swear I'm not" Zoe said with honest eyes. "Wait here, let me deal with Jennifer? Please don't leave? For me?"

"For you" Mandy said as Zoe smiled and brought her finger up and did Mandy the same way Mandy had done her. Trailing it slowly down to under Mandy's chin and playfully pushing Mandy's head up a bit as both giggled.

"Wait here, she is so mine" Zoe said as Mandy smiled and turned to watch as Zoe marched towards a suddenly not smiling Jennifer. Stopping right in front of her and stepping as close as she could and saying in a voice she'd never used before, a very threatening one or so she hoped. "You ever say that to her again and I will rip the hair out of yoUR HEAD, BITCH."

"Zoe, calm down" Jennifer said as Zoe grabbed her hair and bent her head back as Jennifer started whimpering. "Zoe you're hurting me, I thought we were friends."

"FUCK YOU" Zoe said as she jerked Jennifer's hair and sent her tumbling to the ground. "You and that little viper can have each other. I'd rather have no friends than you two."

"Screw you" Jennifer said as she got back to her feet and walked off, saying over her shoulder, "You think Mandy likes you? You'll see."

"Bitch" Zoe said as felt a hand gently touch her back as she looked back and Mandy hugged her around the neck. Zoe smiled and hugged her back for a long moment. "I'm sorry she hurt you like that. That was so mean."

"And she's wrong, cause you do have a friend, me" Mandy said with a sweet smile. "No one ever takes up for me. It's always Sam and Shady who's right and Skeletor is always wrong."

"You are not...that stupid name" Zoe said, "Why won't you believe me?"

"So you keep saying" Mandy said with a flirty smile as Zoe blushed. "I think you're hitting on me now."

"Nooo, but if I did wanna hit on a girl, it'd be you" Zoe said as Mandy blushed. "So looks like we're even now, huh?"      

"Yeh, you keep me from hurting that little skanky sister of mine and Marissa and you almost beat Jennifer's ass in my honor" Mandy said with a smirk. "I'd say we're practically dating."

"No" Zoe said as she put her face in her hands as Mandy giggled and watched Zoe meet her eyes again, "I just wanna be the person who's on your side."

"If you keep being nice to me Zoe Manning, I'm gonna be forced to fall head over heels in love with you" Mandy said as Zoe's jaw dropped and Mandy fell out laughing. Zoe felt like she could crawl under a rock as Mandy flipped her hair playfully and said in a giggle, "Come on baby gimme a wet one."

"Shut up" Zoe said as Mandy fell back across one of the picnic tables and laughed harder. Zoe wanted to shut her up and figured the only way to get back at her was to be shockingly bold. Seeing Mandy's t-shirt rise up over her belly button and show off her flat tanned stomach a bit. Zoe stepped closer and slid her hand across Mandy's stomach and up it and froze as she felt the velvet smooth skin and had to admit it felt really nice under her fingers. Before that thought could produce any others she felt Mandy freeze and look up as Zoe boldly stroked her hand a bit higher and said, "You wanna keep playing lesbo games? Then kiss me. Let's see if you can play in my league."

"That feels good" Mandy said as she sat up and offered a casual smile. "Wanna go higher, I won't stop you as long you be gentle."

"Ummmm...kiss me" Zoe said and not believing the situation she had gotten herself in. "You want too I bet."

"You win" Mandy said as Zoe stopped and looked at her in confusion. "I'll be good."

"Right" Zoe said as she got ready to move her hand when Mandy grabbed her and held her hand in place. "What are you doing?"

"I'm gonna get that kiss" Mandy said as she leaned forward and as Zoe watched in shocked as Mandy stopped an inch short and stuck out her tongue as both broke out in laughter and Mandy released Zoe's hand as she fell into Mandy laughing. "Come on Zoe, gimme some tongue."

"You want it now, you gotta take it" Zoe said in a fit of giggles as Mandy fell back on the table and laughed till she almost cried.

"Oh god that would so freak people out if we hooked up" Mandy said as Zoe laid down by her and tried to get her giggling under control.

"Yeh then I'd be your little girlfriend" Zoe said as Mandy rolled over and said seriously, "Noooo, you'd be a serious piece of arm candy."

"Stop teasing me" Zoe said as Mandy smiled and said, "I'm not, I'm being totally serious. I honestly don't look at you that way, not anymore."


"On my heart" Mandy said, "You are so pretty and smart and just cool to hang out with, I don't know why that vicious little skank of a sister treats you like that."

"Well you don't" Zoe said, "So if you'll let me I'll stomp with you from now on."

"First of next week, my schedule is completely clear" Mandy said, "I'm coming back for my necklace."

"You mean this one?" Zoe asked. Showing Mandy the necklace, she had given Zoe a few nights before. "I haven't taken it off."

"I knew you'd take care of it" Mandy said as she looked out of the corner of her eyes and saw a surprising sight. Logan, was now watching the two through the glass in the door.

"We have an audience, again" Mandy said as she purposely moved closer to Zoe and asked as she let her hair hang down in Zoe's face. "Wanna get a rise out of Logan?"

"How?" Zoe asked as Mandy lowered her head some more and with her hand around Zoe's face, made it look like she was kissing her.

"Act like your kissing me" Mandy said with a devious smile, "Come on please? He's being so stupid."

"I am not kissing you" Zoe said as Mandy put a hand under her neck gently and said softly. "And I don't want you to. Tilt your head back a little and put your hand on my cheek. My hair is blocking his view. It'll get him going good."

"Oh shit you're evil" Zoe said as she did as Mandy said and felt Mandy playfully kiss her cheek and both nearly lost it in laughter. Zoe made more of a show out of it than Mandy intended as she stroked her hand through Mandy's hair seductively as Mandy laughed and lifted her head to see Logan coming outside. Zoe looked over her head and said, barely able to keep from laughing. "Oh no, baby, we've been caught."

"I know whatever will we do?" Mandy said as she pulled Zoe up and had Zoe hug her from behind as Logan glared at them. "Hey, Loggie."

"What the hell is this?" He asked as Zoe hid her face against Mandy's back for a moment to keep from laughing.

"Nothing, sweet and low" Mandy said and feeling Zoe shaking in laughter behind her.

"You're cheating on me" He said as he glared at Zoe. "I saw you two kissing."

"We were playing dippy" Mandy said as Zoe finally got her giggles under control. "Tell him Zoe, I didn't really kiss you did I?"

"What you want me to lie?" Zoe asked as she sensed her chance to pay Mandy back for earlier. "She's a great kisser Loggie."

"Shut...up" Mandy said as she turned and looked at Zoe. "Will you please stop? Tell him the truth."

"I'm madly in love with her" Zoe said as she caressed Mandy's cheek and watched her nearly faint. "Be my girl?"

"Oh you saying I'm evil?" Mandy asked as she poked Zoe in the ribs. Then grabbing her and tickling her as Zoe squealed in laughter. "Tell him the truth or I'll make you pee your panties."

"I LOVE HER LOGGIE" Zoe screamed in laughter as Mandy tickled her and both fell to the grass in a fit of giggles as Zoe rolled away and watched as Logan literally stormed off. "Oh shit, I'm sorry."

"What?" Mandy asked as Logan went back into the building and disappeared and to Zoe's relief, Mandy started rolling in laughter.

"God that boy is retarded" Mandy said as Zoe rolled over and laid her head beside Mandy's and asked, "Want me to go apologize?"

"Nope" Mandy said with a devious smile as she stroked Zoe's cheek gently and said, "Just kiss me like that again."

"MMMMMMMM baby" Zoe said as both started laughing out loud.  

** ** ** Meanwhile, 3 hours later.

Katie came out of her last class of the day and looked around for Shady, Jessie or for that matter anybody she knew. But the halls were pretty deserted as everyone was rushing off to the pep rally on the football field. Knowing it was required she decided to first look for Shady and then head over if she couldn't find her. She walked down the long hall way leading to the student parking lot. Outside, she saw Shady's car was still in it's spot and she was still nowhere to be found. Turning and looking once more she didn't see her and decided she'd be better get to the football field before the rally was over. Walking back down the main hall way, and going by the office she heard what sounded like screaming. Stopping in her tracks and looking to see if she could spot the source, she noticed Principal Trachtenburg's door was closed and that seemed to be were the source of the noises was coming from. Slowly moving closer, she looked to make sure no one was around and pressed her ear to the door.

"I'll make this very clear shit for brains" One Voice said, sounding to be violently pissed. "You had better make this little problem go away or you and your fat ugly wife will be going away."

"You can't threaten a school official like this..." The Other Voice said in a panic and Katie could swear it sounded like it was Principal Trachtenburg. A brief blood curdling scream was stopped almost before it began as it sounded like someone was being choked. Katie felt her heart race and was about to scream for help when she felt her own mouth being covered and her body being dragged back into a closet that was right off the Principal's office. She bit down as hard as she could on the hand as the door closed and tried to make her get away as she heard a familiar voice. "Fuck, Katie."

"Shady?" Katie asked in a panic as she felt the person cover her mouth and hold her from behind as they whispered. "Yes it's me, chill K. Just stay quiet for a minute."

"But.." Katie asked as Shady covered her mouth and kissed her neck and said, "I promise you, I'll explain, just shhhhhhhh."

Katie jumped as she heard the same voices from earlier as the door to the Principal's office opened and the one Katie didn't recognize said simply, "Trust me you don't wanna see the face again."

"SHHHHHHH" Shady said as a pair of foot steps could be seen and heard walking out of the office. A few long moments of silence was followed by what sounded like someone scrambling around in a panic as they tried to collect a few items. After a few more moments of silence, a pair of foot steps stopped directly in front of the door, and stood there for a moment before walking off in the same direction as the first. Shady opened the door and peaked out, seeing the coast was clear, she took Katie's hand and pulled her along as fast as both could run as they made a dash down the long hallway towards the student parking lot. Shady had a death grip on Katie's hand, it seemed to her as she desperately tried to keep up with her. Sprinting across the parking lot and dropping suddenly behind Shady's car.


"Don't you dare talk to me like that..." Katie said as she started to rise as Shady grabbed her and pulled her back down.

"I'm sorry OK, but you have no idea what kinda situation you stumbled on" Shady said, "It wasn't your fault, and I'm sorry, OK?"

"What you mean you had something to do with this?" Katie asked in a quiet voice as Shady poked her head up and looked around and saw nothing and then back to Katie as she said, "No, but...look Katie, this is something you seriously don't wanna know about."

"But it sounded like someone was being hurt or something" Katie said, "I mean..."

"He deserved it" Shady said, "No one treats my friends that way."


"That fuckin prick Trachtenbooger" Shady said as Katie noticed a shadow coming towards them around the side of the car and was about to point to it when a man jumped out and said in a whisper, "SHAY."

"GOD DAMN IT JOEY, SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ME" Shady said as she smacked him on the arm and Katie felt her heart start to beat again as did Shady. He laughed as he grinned at her and Katie immediately noticed he was wearing nothing but black, pants, shirt, sun glasses and even gloves.

"Who's the flame?" Joey asked with a wry smile.

"Katie, my new friend" Shady said.

"Don't you mean girlfriend?" Joey asked as he made a bunch of kissing faces as Katie giggled.

"Fuck you, Face" Shady said.

"I can see why you like this one, damn, with those eyes I'll walk over hell and half of Texas just to see you smile" Joey said as Katie blushed and felt herself liking the attention. "And that laugh, melt my heart pretty lady."

"Like you have a heart shithead" Shady said as Katie placed her hand on Shady's and said, "Play nice."

"Yeh play nice DonShay" Joey said as she looked down one of the isles of cars. "She's all yours I just like to flirt."

"He's right I am" Katie said as Shady smiled. "Who are you?"

"I'm your dark angel baby" Joey said with a smile that made Katie forget her name almost. Looking once again down that same isle he looked back at Shady and said, "Your problem has been dealt with."

"I knew you could handle it" Shady said as she gave Joey a knowing smile.

"They don't call me..." Joey said and then looking at Katie as he stopped.

"Call you what?" Katie asked as Joey flashed them both a smile as he looked one more time down the isle of cars and said before disappearing, "It's been a slice..."

"Who was that?" Katie asked as she crawled over Shady and looked down the isle herself and saw no one and dropping down across Shady's lap and looking under the cars and seeing nothing again, she began to wonder how anyone could get just disappear. Shady began giggling as Katie sat back up looking amazed as Shady said, "That was Batman baby."

"Funny, who was that?" Katie asked as she once again looked around. "I'm serious."

"A good friend, who you don't don't need to be jealous of" Shady said as Katie sat across Shady's legs and looked at her.

"Come on you can tell me I won't say any..." Katie said as Shady slipped her arms around Katie and kissed her to shut her up. "SHHHHH it doesn't matter."

"But yes..." Katie tried to say as Shady again kissed her softly on the lips and gently slipped her tongue into Katie's mouth and waited a moment before she felt Katie meet hers and they slowly began massaging their tongues on the other's. Parting after a minute or so, Katie, panting slightly grinned at Shady as she said with an adoring gaze, "So unfair."  

"Tell me about it, it's unfair you're such a good kisser" Shady said with a huge grin. "But know this Katie, you can feel completely safe with me and you don't need to know everything."

"I don't wanna know everything, just who that was" Katie said as Shady again kissed her softly.

"MMMMMMMMMMM keep asking" Shady said with a grin, "I like this game."

"Just give me a name is all I wanna know, please?" Katie asked as Shady sighed and looking around she said in a whisper, "Joey The Face."

"Joey..." Katie was about to repeat in confusion when Shady kissed her once more.

"Don't repeat that" Shady said softly, "And that is all your gonna find out, so just trust me OK?"

"Why are you being so mysterious?" Katie asked in the same soft tone.

"Because even if I did explain it, you'd never believe it" Shady said with a smile as she pulled Katie down to her and said something that Katie would repeat in her head a million times over the next few days, "Just know this, the dark angels? Their on our side."


 ** ** ** Meanwhile @ the Upton Sinclaire Football Field

"Oh boy you sure showed me huh?" Marissa asked from behind Jessie. Now smiling Jessie turned to face a very confident looking Marissa and said, "What do you mean?"

"Well school's over and you swore your vengeance for boy dyke being expelled" Marissa said with a laugh as Jessie felt like jumping her right there.

"You're right I guess I was just bluffing" Jessie said as she turned and walked away, knowing she now had Marissa exactly where she wanted her. Stopping and looking around nervously a few feet away, Jessie's heart beat faster as she saw Joanna sitting outside the fence by one of the trees watching. Walking as quickly as she could, she crossed through the opening as Joanna stood she threw her arms around her girlfriends neck and kissed her softly.

"I'm sorry this happened" Jessie said as Joanna put her hands on Jessie's face gently and said, "What? No this is not your fault, you're the reason why I finally stood up to Marissa."

"I know, I just hate that it ended up getting you kicked out of school" Jessie said, "Oh yeah, what did he say to you this morning? I heard from Logan Marissa was bragging she got you expelled."

"Yeh the skanky little whore lied to Trachtenbooger and made it out to be my fault, and she was like so offended by us kissing when it was her who wanted to see it" Joanna said as Jessie's blood ran hot. "He said something like if we didn't show our affection in public or whatever, basically he said we caused it by kissing."

"No one else sure didn't have a problem with it" Jessie said as she saw Joanna smile and say, "I sure didn't, damn that was a kiss and half there JFine."

"I like it when you call me that" Jessie said as she blushed, "I don't know why but I do."

"Can we just get out of here and go somewhere I just wanna spend some time with you and forget this day ever happened?" Joanna asked with a hopeful expression on her face. Which Jessie hated to turn down but remembering she had plans, she said, "I promise you as soon as this is over I'll be yours for as long as you want."

"What the pep rally?"

"Yeh I got plans for Trachtenbooger and that skank Marissa" Jessie said with a devious smile that Joanna had to admit scared her a little. "No one messes with my girl."

"I love being your girl" Joanna said as she kissed Jessie softly and both jumped as the microphone gave off some feedback and Jessie said, "I gotta go, wait here OK?"

"Sure" Joanna said as she sat back down by the tree and watched Jessie walk back out onto the field as the thousand or so students filed in through the exits. Some of the various teachers gathered around the podium in the middle of the field but as Jessie noticed, Principal Trachtenburg was absent to this point. She hoped he would show up as she saw one of the students on stage, plug in the microphone as Jessie slowly moved closer and simply walked onto the stage as the student setting up the microphone saw her. She smiled and hoped this would work, he was a geeky type if there ever was one, Jessie thought as she said, "Hey."

"Ummmm...Hey" He said nervously and turned the microphone on.

"You're really cute, what's your name?" Jessie asked.

"Stephen Talbert" He said nervously.

"You know you'd just make my day if you'd do me a favor" Jessie asked as she moved closer.

"Check and see if my best friend is here, Marissa Turner" Jessie said as her stomach almost turned at the thought of calling Marissa her friend, let alone her best friend. "I'd really like to sit with her."

"No problem" He said excitedly as Jessie put on her best flirty smile.

"Marissa Turner, is there a Marissa Turner here?" Stephen asked into the microphone as Jessie scanned the bleachers and saw Marissa raise her hand and let Stephen know she was there.

"You're such a sweetie" Jessie said as she kissed his cheek and said, "Oh no one of the plugs looks like it pulled out."

"Which one?" Stephen asked as he hopped off the stage and turned his back and started fiddling with the plugs and talking to Jessie, who had long since stopped listening. Grabbing the microphone, she saw a very paranoid looking Principal Trachtenburg making his way across the field with an arm full of papers. Taking a deep breath and flipping Marissa the bird, Jessie went for it as she said into the microphone, "Ladies and Gentleman, before we start I would like to take a survey.."

"What are you doing?" Stephen asked jumping back on the stage as Jessie turned on him and screamed, "BACK UP."

"I wanna know if anyone is offended by two girls kissing?" Jessie asked as a loud cheer went up, with a few people booing it sounded. "I also wanna know if you realize your very own Principal is a homophobe? He suggested me and my girlfriend should not show our affection for each other for fear it might insight violence. Which of course would be our fault."

"Please stop your gonna get me in trouble" Stephen said from the side of the stage as Prinicpal Trachtenburg now made his way at a much quicker pace towards the podium and Jessie realized it was now or never.

"I have just a few more questions for you" Jessie said as she noticed some of the other teachers gathering on stage but to her shock they were doing nothing to stop this. Possibly believing it was part of the show. "Would anyone in this crowd like to go out with my good friend Marissa Turner, she's sitting right here, she's the Barbie doll with the bad make-up job."

"CUT HER DAMN MIKE NOW" Principal Trachtenburg practically screamed as he reached the end of the stage. Jessie looked to Stephen who suddenly had a defiant look in his eye as he said to the Principal, "Do it yourself."

"Come on anyone?" Jessie asked as a few calls came out from the crowd with proposals for oral sex. "There you go Marissa, from what I heard you're pretty good at that. Am I right?"

"FUCK YOU" Marissa screamed at the top of her lungs as Principal Trachtenburg started pulling plugs trying to kill the mike. While Stephen blocked the steps from where the other teachers were trying to get on stage and stop it.

"Now listen to that skanky whore offering me sex" Jessie said as Marissa looked like she were gonna cry as she made her way down the bleachers to catcalls. She slipped on something as she got to the field level and the entire crowd began laughing as she crashed to the ground and scrambled to get back up as she cried now openly and ran for the exit. "So no one wants to go out with her? Just ask the football team and the basketball team and from what I heard the cheerleading squad too I promise she'll put out. Ooops too late now, bye Marissa..."

"Hey Principal Trachtenbooger" Jessie said as she jumped off the stage as the other teachers came after her, "You wanna explain why you suspended my girlfriend for whipping that skank Marissa Turner's ass?"

"Give me that microphone young lady" He said as he stomped towards and Jessie backed up until she bumped into what she feared was a security guard but looking back she saw one of the biggest football players she'd ever seen. Figuring it was her last chance to say anything she said, "Why not tell the truth Trachtenbooger, you don't like it that she's gay YOU FUCKIN HOMOPHOBE."

"Can I please borrow this?" The Huge Football player asked gently as Jessie handed it to him and he said into microphone, "My name is Derrick Seaver, center for the Upton Sinclaire football team, and I'm gay, how do you like that Principal Trachtenbooger?"

"Well....well...well..I have no problem..." He said as he staggered backwards as Derrick now stood guard in front of Jessie. Handing the microphone back to her gently he said in a sweet voice, "You got anything else to say? Go ahead I got Trachtenbooger."

"Yeh I got your back D-train" Another huge, and not to mention black, football player said as he shook Derrick's hand and stood beside him.

"What's wrong Trachtenbooger, you sure acted confident this morning when you and skanky Marissa pushed my girlfriend around" Jessie said as Trachtenburg tried to reason with the football players, which soon included more guys that were even bigger than the first two as they stood by Derrick's side. "I think we need a new Principal who's not a homophobe, anyone agree?"

A huge roar went up from the crowd as the microphone finally went silent. Apparently one of the other teachers had succeeded in pulling the plug on the PA system as Stephen stood center stage and started leading cheers of "BOOGER MUST GO, BOOGER MUST GO."

Jessie felt someone hug her from behind and looked to see Joanna with a dazzling smile on her face as she spun Jessie around and kissed her in front of everyone. Both parted as they noticed they were not the center of attention as Trachtenburg tried to find a way around the football players.

"YOUNG LADY YOU ARE NOT TO BE ON THIS FIELD" He said from a safe distance, having to practically scream his threats over the growing chants. "THIS IS MY FIELD, AND YOU WILL LEAVE NOW."

"That your girlfriend?" Derrick asked with a smile as he looked back, and now being flanked by six other players. "The one that Trachtenbooger threw out of school for being gay?"

"YEH" Jessie screamed over the crowd as Derrick's temper flared and he turned around and roared at the now terrified Principal, "YOU COME NEAR HER TRACHTENBOOGER AND I'M GONNA INSTALL YOU AS THE NEW FIELD GOAL POST IN THE VISITORS END ZONE."

"YEH AND THEN WE GONNA START KICKING FIELD GOALS WITH YOUR NUTS" One of the others said as all of them laughed.

To be Continued....