Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 64 "Just Kiss Me"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"MMMMMMM god life is sooooo good" Joanna said as she crawled onto Jessie's bed and laid down beside her. "I'm back in school, Trachtenbooger is no doubt fired, Marissa is forever humiliated and You JFine are my girlfriend."

"And don't forget in just a few minutes, we're headed to paradise for the weekend" Jessie said with a smile and one that was met by Joanna's smiling face as they softly kissed.

"Yeh you get a weekend of relaxation while I go to work with that slave driver August" Joanna said with a teasing grin.

"No one told you to lock yourself up in his office for the whole weekend last time" Jessie said with a teasing smile. "You made that choice."

"Yeh and I had the best time" Joanna said, "August is a real catch."

"He's twice your age or more" Jessie said as Joanna laughed, making Jessie blush.

"I think that's them" Jessie said as she heard a horn blow outside and climbed onto her bed and looked out as she saw August's hummer sitting by the curb and a light knocking came at her bedroom door. Jessie turned to get off the bed when Joanna tripped her and began to laugh out loud as Jessie looked back at her and said, "You're dead."

"Gotta catch me first" Joanna said as she grabbed her bag and fled, rumbling loudly down the steps as Jessie's bedroom door opened and Cori's eyes went wide with shock as Joanna almost knocked her down as she ran from Jessie. Joanna grabbed Cori as she lost her balance and fell back into Joanna's arms as Jessie stopped at the bottom of the steps and grinned. "You OK Cori, she hurt you?"

"Almost knocked me down, well she kinda did but caught me" Cori said with a laugh as Joanna slipped her arms around Cori's waist and pulled her back to her feet.

"I couldn't wait to get her in my arms" Joanna said as Cori blushed and covered her face as Jessie laughed. "Right Cori?"

"Shut up" Cori said as she pushed Joanna away and laughed. Then seemingly remembering what she needed to tell Jessie, "Mom said...ummm, that dude your other mom is dating is here."

"Huh?" Jessie asked in confusion as Cori sighed and said, "Mom downstairs, said your other mom is here. And that dude with the big car."

"Ohhh OK" Jessie said, "His name is August, the dude with the big car."

"Got it" Cori said, "Are you leaving again for the weekend?"

"Yeh why?"

"I miss you when you're gone" Cori said with a shy smile as Jessie hugged her.

"I miss you two, but I'll be back on Sunday and we'll play some games or watch a movie" Jessie said as she slipped her arm around Cori's neck and walked with her back to the top of the stairs.

"I'd like that" Cori said as they reached the top of the steps and Lily watched from the bottom.

"Need some help down?" Lily asked sweetly.

"Nope I'm OK" Cori said as Joanna poked her ribs and made her squeal in laughter.

"How bout a piggy back ride down?" Joanna asked with a smile as she turned her back and moved against Cori's chest and said, "Come on it'll be fun."

"Ohhhh OK" Cori said as she wrapped her arms around Joanna's neck and felt her feet leave the floor as Joanna leaned forward and screamed, "FIRE!"

Cori squealed as Joanna went rumbling down the wooden staircase with a tight grip on her passenger's arms. Thumping each step louder until she reached the bottom and almost crashed into Lily as she tried to stop. Coming to a stop as Lily grabbed them by the arm and pulled back. The look of wonder and excitement in Cori's eyes washed away all of Lily's fears in that moment as Joanna let her down and looked at her.

"That was so much fun" Cori said as Joanna hugged her and said, "See ya Sunday."

"Yeh see ya Sunday Cori" Jessie said as she arrived downstairs with her and Joanna's bags.

"You know Jessie, I still don't exactly like this" Lily said as Jessie rolled her eyes and thought about how just a few months ago that would have made her mad to have Lily worry over her like this. But now she had to admit she felt different and she thought for a moment before she replied.

"I know, that's cause you worry about everyone" Jessie said as she kissed Lily's cheek and said impulsively, "Thanks for being there when my mom wasn't."

"Yeh well it wasn't like I would just stop loving you" Lily said as Jessie smiled and felt her heart melt. Hugging Lily tightly she said softly, "I love you."

"Jessie Sammler" Lily said in a surprised voice as Lily put a hand on each of her cheeks and smiled and said, "You know I love you too, no matter what you are."

"That's the best part" Jessie said with a grin as she took Joanna's hand as they disappeared out the door.

"You ready for some hard work?" August asked as he stood by Karen on the passenger's side.

"Doing what?" Jessie asked.

"Not you, I'm talking to my idea worm there" August said as Joanna smiled and said, "As long as I get a bathroom break this weekend."

"We'll talk" August said as Joanna laughed and punched him in the arm.

"OWWWWW that had some sting in it" August said with smile as Karen seemed to be enjoying the moment as she watched, Jessie noticed.

"Hey girl" Joanna said as she shocked virtually everyone when she hugged Karen. Karen was froze in place at first before hugging her back and saying, "Nice to see you again."

"And you young lady had best get ready to have your picture taken" August said to Jessie a few minutes later as he looked into the rear view mirror, after everyone had piled into the hummer and he had pulled away from the curb.


"Steph has this new camera I bought her and she's been driving everyone crazy taking pictures" August said with a laugh. "Me, your mom, your brother, his girlfriend, the workman and Annie included."

"Eli was down?" Jessie asked as Karen looked back and said, "Yeh he came down and spent a couple of days, it was really nice and I really like that RaeAnn girl he's with."

"Isn't that RaeAnn Parker?" Joanna asked.

"Yeh why?"

"Some of Katie's family right?"

"MM-hmmm" Jessie said as Karen looked back and asked, "Katie Singer, your friend?"

"My ex-girlfriend" Jessie said firmly as Karen took a deep breath and said calmly, "I know that Jessie. So it's her family?"

"Yeh" Jessie said as Joanna poked her in the ribs to break up the moment.

Jessie and Joanna began to wrestle back and forth for the next few minutes and Jessie first caught August watching with a smile and then her mother with the same smile as she watched both girls struggle against the other and squeal with laughter as each poked the other in the ribs and stomach unmercilessly. Finally Joanna called a truce as she thought she might pee herself with laughter as Jessie moved back to her side of the backseat. Not to long after that, maybe an hour or so, they arrived at August's and Jessie couldn't help but smile as she saw Steph standing on the porch with her camera already in hand. Looking drop dead gorgeous, Jessie thought as she got out.

"Get together, I wanna a group shot of the family" Stephanie said as Joanna stepped away as August put one arm Karen and the other around Jessie. "Joanna?"

"What?" Joanna asked in confusion.

"Get beside Jessie or down in front" Stephanie said as she motioned with her hand.

"But you said family" Joanna said as Stephanie sighed and replied, "While you're here, you are family, now please?"

"OK" Joanna said with a smile as she wrapped her arms Jessie and laid her head on her girlfriends shoulder and smiled. Jessie could swear in that moment that Stephanie looked a bit jealous as she looked at Joanna for a split second and then started clicking away with her camera. "Hold on one more."

"Stephanie, give it a rest, please?" Karen asked and Jessie noticed they were a lot more friendly than last week.

"You wanna see what I got done without you this week?" August asked as he put his arm around Joanna.

"Sure, but can we at least stop for dinner?" Joanna asked as August laughed and they walked into the house as Stephanie came down to the bottom step and smiled at Jessie, saying, "Let me take one of you by yourself OK?"

"Sure" Jessie said as Stephanie thought for a moment, and said, "Here come back and lay against the hummer, no like lay back across the hood and throw your hair up above your head, perfect."

"Wow" Stephanie said as she clicked away a few times and Jessie began laughing, "So beautiful."

"You said one, not fifty" Jessie laughed as she rose from the hood and moved in front of Stephanie.

"The camera loves you, look" Stephanie said as she showed Jessie the pictures one by one on the camera's LCD.

"Whoa, that's me?" Jessie asked as Stephanie smiled and said, "It sure is."  

"You're good with that camera huh?" Jessie asked as Stephanie blushed and shrugged. "Look at that, it's the perfect angle and everything."

"Yeh, I love taking pictures" Stephanie said, "but no one wants to pose for me. Everyone else things I'm annoying."

"Well..." Jessie said thinking about having a whole weekend free with Joanna no doubt being cooped up in August's office with him, decided she'd volunteer. "Now you do."

"Are you serious?" Stephanie asked with a hopeful expression, "I've had a shitty week with exception of you coming down."

"Yes I am" Jessie said as Stephanie squealed in excitement and laid her camera on the hood of the hummer and threw her arms around Jessie's neck and hugged her as Jessie hugged her back and found Stephanie hold her for a long moment. Just long enough for Jessie to smell Stephanie's perfume. "I promise I'll leave you alone with Joanna for a while this weekend too."

"No big deal, she's probably gonna be with August all weekend working on his novel, so I'm all yours" Jessie said as Stephanie's eyes opened in surprise and both began to giggle. "So wanna tell me about this week?"

"You really wanna hear it?" Stephanie asked as Jessie picked up Steph's camera as they walked onto the porch and sat down in the porch swing.

"Am I not your best friend?" Jessie asked as Stephanie smiled and nodded her head yes, "Well then that's what best friends do, now shoot."

"Kyle Raymore, do I need to say anymore?" Stephanie started, "He called yet again and got your mom all upset talking about me, who knew she cared."

"You're hard not to care about" Jessie said as Stephanie moved to the other side of the swing and laid back, surprising Jessie when Steph's head landed on her thighs. "What was he talking to my mom about you for?"

"She told the basterd not to call anymore or come down here like he said he was gonna" Stephanie said as she took a deep breath. "Sometimes I wonder about guys and how stupid they are. He dumped me for some skanky on the south side and now he wants me back. Regardless of what I say or do, he keeps calling and emailing me or gets on messenger and bugs the hell out of me till I have to log off. Then I'm upset I just set there and cry for like an hour before I can feel better. He can't get the fact that I've moved on and my life changed when I came down here and started staying with Uncle August. Now I just hate him and wish he would leave me the fuck alone."

"That's a mouth full" Jessie said with a smile as she looked down at Stephanie and saw her smile and laugh, "And that's why I'm here, to listen if you need me too."

"God I missed you like crazy" Stephanie said as her eyes met Jessie's, "It's so boring without you here."

"Yeh I was looking forward to this weekend too" Jessie said as Stephanie smiled and Jessie felt a warm feeling coming over her body as Stephanie playfully ran her fingers through Jessie's hair and pulled it down in her face. Jessie laughed and saw a definite twinkle in Stephanie's eyes as they began to wrestle on the porch swing. Stephanie not putting up much of a fight as she let Jessie take control of her hands a moment later and laced their fingers together. Jessie wondered why she gave up so soon as Stephanie relaxed in her arms and locked her eyes onto Jessie's for a long moment. Jessie froze in the moment as she watched Stephanie's lips move and could swear she heard the girl say, "Just kiss me Jess."

"What?" Jessie asked as Stephanie gave that teasing smile and said in a voice a little louder, "What?"

"You said something" Jessie said, "What was it, I could barely hear you."

"Nothing" Stephanie said as she raised her eyebrows and bit her lip.

"I know you said something" Jessie said as she leaned down and realized she was now only inches from Stephanie's lips and said, "It sounded like you said, just kiss me, Jess."

"Yeh and?" Stephanie asked as she squeezed Jessie's fingers gently with her own.

"But..." Jessie said as Stephanie tilted her head a bit and looked directly at her with a smile meant only for Jessie it seemed. Did she really say that? Or is this more games? Or does she really want me to kiss her? Jessie asked herself in that brief moment of eternity as she lingered and found her lips moving every so slightly towards Stephanie's and she knew for a fact that Steph wasn't fighting it this time. Jessie closed her eyes in frustration as she heard the screen door crack as it opened and she lifted her head away and looked to see her mom giving them a strange look.

"Stephanie phone call" Karen said.

"I don't wanna talk to that jerk" Stephanie said as Jessie felt her hands go from completely relaxed to tense as Jessie released them and hoping that Karen didn't notice.

"Honey it's your mom" Karen said with a grin before disappearing back inside as Stephanie blushed and sat up as she told Jessie, "This won't take along and we can get back to what we were gonna do."

"Huh?" Jessie asked in confusion and wondered for a moment if Stephanie could possibly mean that 'almost' kiss.

"Pictures?" Stephanie said with a teasing grin as she picked up her camera from the porch, "What did you think I meant?"

"That of course" Jessie said as Stephanie laughed and disappeared inside.

Jessie walked inside a moment later and saw Joanna and August, sitting on the floor in his office lost in conversation with a huge pile of notebooks and what looked like computer paper piled around them. Jessie took a seat at the desk and listened as the two debated back and forth.

"I'm trying to tell you he needs to save her, it ties into the main story about him being a bad guy slash hero" Joanna said, "Nowhere else in the book does he so clearly get to be a hero."

"But I already planned to have Diane die and her kids being taken in by the Mullongs" August said as he showed her the notebook.

"Change it, you know my ideas better" Joanna said smugly as Jessie wanted to laugh. "I'm telling you for the fifth time, this is the woman he needs to be in love with."

"Wait, I thought he was married and had to rescue his wife and kids?" Jessie asked as both looked up at her in surprise, neither apparently realizing she had walked into the room. "Right?"

"Well he was but miss I gotta change everything here decided it's better if the bad guys kill his wife and then kidnap the kids" August said with a teasing smile.

"It shows the dudes are some bad mofo's" Joanna said with a smirk as she looked at Jessie, "Gotta be some bad bad dudes so we can root for Frisco, right?"

"Kinda the point I guess" Jessie said as Joanna flashed her a smile and then turned back to August and saying, "See she understands dipstick, Frisco falling in love while he tries to avenge his wife's death and rescue his kids, among all the other stuff just adds a piece to the puzzle. I'd read it just for that."

"You are so pushy" August said and pretended to be mad as he wrote down some stuff on a note pad. "And you missy are gonna transfer this to computer since you talked me into buying one."

"You bought a computer?" Jessie asked.

"MMMM-hmmm, well two actually, ones in Stephanie's room" August said, "And the other is here, it's a laptop."

"Fine, fine OK" Joanna said, "I can type pretty fast so I'll volunteer, so do we agree about Frisco?"

"You win again my idea worm" August said with a smile as he and Joanna were again soon lost in conversation about plot for the book and seemed to be picking apart every single detail in the book as Jessie spotted Stephanie with her camera and back pack now in hand standing by the door, "This book would not have gotten wrote without you."

"Duh ya think?" Joanna said as August took a deep breath and went on with his new idea.

"Hey I'm gonna go and take some pictures with Stephanie OK?" Jessie asked touching Joanna's shoulder and getting her brief attention.

"OK have fun" Joanna said as Jessie rolled her eyes and headed out to the porch to meet Stephanie.

"Wanna walk back to the cove?" Stephanie asked as they left the porch, "So beautiful back there, I wanna get some shots of you by the water."

"Sure why not" Jessie said, "I'm obviously not needed here."

"How about by that tree over there by the water's edge?" Stephanie asked about 30 minutes later as her and Jessie arrived at the cove. Stephanie quickly hung her backpack from a tree limb, beside one of the two towels that already hung there. Jessie then moved in front of the tree and posed rather stiffly as Stephanie started feeding her instructions and clicking away with her camera. "Come on Jess, you know that sucks, lean back again and lay your head against the bottom branch, yeh perfect, a little more now, let your hair hang down."

"How about in the hammock?" Jessie suggested as Stephanie smiled and watched Jessie crawl into it.

"OK, roll over on your stomach and look back at with me those eyes, come on melt my heart Jess, damn girl that's hot" Stephanie said as Jessie did exactly as she asked and gave her best smile and loving having Stephanie's undivided attention. Not to mention the constant stream of compliments. "OK, now put your hands on the ground, no leave your knees in the hammock and crawl out of it...slowly Jess, come on gimme that look, damn that's it Jess, perfect. Crawl towards me now, one knee at a time, toss her your hair to one side and now, damn girl you look so hot, come on keep coming."

"That good?" Jessie asked as she was now directly in front of Stephanie.

"God you are amazing on camera" Stephanie said, "You bought melted my lense."

"Yeh right" Jessie said as she blushed.

"I'm serious Jess" Stephanie said, "You bored yet?"
"No I kinda like this" Jessie said as Stephanie smiled as she said, "OK then, move back and lay back on the grass and throw your hair back, yeh just like that, gimme that look, oh my god that's the sexiest thing I've ever seen, OK, roll over on your side, pull your shirt up a little for me, yeh let me see that flat sexy stomach. Damn that's it Jess, stroke your hand across it slowly and give it to me, break my heart."

"Want me to lift it a little higher?" Jessie asked as she got lost in the moment, Stephanie lowered her camera and gave her a questioning look as she said, "Well I was thinking of taking some of you in the water."

"Let's do it" Jessie said as Stephanie stopped her from getting up and said, "Wet clothes and you don't have a change? Not a good idea."

"So you want me naked huh?" Jessie asked as she looked directly at Stephanie and watched her blush. Watching Stephanie smile as she looked back at her, she saw that twinkle again and felt a warm feeling wash over her as Stephanie met her eyes and both seemingly got lost in a moment. Broken this time by the beeping on Stephanie's camera.

"Well it's up to you" Stephanie said with a smile, "And we can go slow and stop the moment you want too."

"You promise?" Jessie asked as Stephanie smiled and said, "Yes I promise, it's me and you, nothing to be scared of."

"True" Jessie said as Stephanie moved back and started clicking away again and feeding Jessie's ego and her mind.

"OK, no I don't want it off all at once" Stephanie said, "Like pull it up a little at a time and show me that tummy again, MMMMMMM wow, yeh that's good. OK turn your back to me, and bring it over your head and look back, damn girl perfect, gimme that look, you're killing me Jess. Now raise your arms and take it with you, OK now flip it away and smile at me. Oh yeah, OK turn around, damn that smile is amazing girl, OK stand up for me and look down at me, yeh push your pants down a little so I can see your panty line."

"A little more now?" Jessie asked as Stephanie clicked away and went on, "Yeh, a little at a time, we got all day angel, no hurry, let me see them. Turn around and look over your shoulder, mmm baby that's it, drop them all the way down and catch them with your knees, that's it and bend over and touch your toes. Turn towards me and get on your knees and crawl out of them, oh my god that look is unbelievable Jess, give it to me, you're so beautuful. Yeh that's good, spin them over your head and toss them."

"Am I doing OK?" Jessie asked as Stephanie smiled and said, "Everything I said is true, I'm not saying it to stroke your ego. Now come over here by the water and set on the edge of it and lay back, perfect, arch your back and put your arms above your head now roll over towards me and unsnap your bra. No not yet, don't take it off just let the straps lay on the ground, lay your head down and close your eyes for a second, smile. Beautiful beyond words, OK, take it with you and roll back over and set up. Cock your head and throw your hair to one side and damn there's that smile, OK anytime you're ready flip the bra away, oh wow..."

"Almost there" Jessie said with a smirk as she had long ago abandoned the idea of quitting and now was almost willing to do anything Stephanie wanted.

"Damn straight girl, you're an angel" Stephanie said as she backed up a few feet and stood and holding the camera by her knees again started feeding Jessie instructions, "Come on, Jess a little more, crawl towards me slowly, one leg at a time you know I love it girl, gimme that look and melt my heart. Oh yeah, keep coming my angel, yeh right there, now roll on your back and look up at me with those eyes, oh damn that picture is worth ten thousand words, OK girl, push them down just a little at a time and make me want it, yeh OK roll over on your stomach."

"So freakin gorgeous" Stephanie said as she moved in front of the hammock as Jessie lay on her stomach with her panties pulled down across her butt cheeks, "Gimme that smile and toss your hair and roll over again and arch your back and push them your thighs, perfect, show me everything, you just don't know how beautiful you are. OK pull them off and toss them away with your toes. Oh my god that's intense Jess, one more time gimme that look. Whoa, your amazing girl."

"What about the water?" Jessie asked as Stephanie kicked her shoes off and walked backwards into the water as she motioned with her hand for Jessie to follow her and again started clicking away on the camera before she started giving instructions again.

"OK angel, get up slowly, yeh so right, OK now come towards me one step at a time and slowly Jess" Stephanie said as she got out to about knee deep and stopped as she clicked away. "OK kick the water in the air with your toes, scoop it up and pour it over your body, lay your head back and let your hair fall, perfect, it's so refreshing, now cock your head and gimme that look. Good lord are you trying to kill me girl? Come on in the water and get on your knees, slow down baby, come towards me a little more, yeh so hot, you are so about to melt my lense. OK, crawl away from me and follow me as I circle behind you, keep your eyes on me angel."

"Want me to go under?" Jessie asked as Stephanie never stopped clicking just kept moving as she motioned with her hand and went on, "Yeh roll over and raise one of your legs and splash it in the water, OK now make an angel like you do in the snow, perfect baby. Kick your feet and make the water splash up, yeh so good, OK now get up for me and look back at me as you walk away and make love to the camera with your eyes, look straight at me and take one step at a time. Yeh go deeper, OK swim away and give me one last look before you go under and kick your feet in the air."  

"You want me to throw my hair back while it's wet?" Jessie asked as she reemerged in the middle of the cove.

"Yeh flip it back for me, no stay just like it that, I just wanna see your face right now" Stephanie said as she came out to knee deep again and started clicking away as Jessie flipped hair back, sending the water sailing over her head. Then running her fingers through her soaked hair, and gave Steph the look that she'd already asked for repeatedly, watching Stephanie move behind her as Jessie's eyes never left the camera and Stephanie clicked away.  "Jessie, you have no idea how beautiful you look right now, OK spin around and gimme me a look of worry like someone's watching, perfect, so sexy, OK now go down and let the water cover your chin and work the camera with your eyes, your eyes are amazing, swim to me my angel, yeh come on come closer, OK smile at me and melt my heart. Damn Jess, I'm not even getting your body and these are almost erotic."

"I'm having so much fun" Jessie said as she swam towards Stephanie until her hands hit the soft mud under her and she again began to crawl towards Stephanie, the whole time watching her click away endlessly.

"DAMN IT" Stephanie said as Jessie sat up and asked, "Did I do something wrong?"

"God no, Jess, it's my camera, I'm out of space on the hard drive" Stephanie said with a disappointed look on her face. "You were amazing girl. The camera absolutely loves you."

"Thanks" Jessie said as Stephanie pulled a towel down off the tree as she laid her camera down and wrapped the towel around Jessie as she came out of the water. "Did I really do good?"

"You just did everything so perfect, no way I could ask for more" Stephanie said as Jessie took the towel as Stephanie laid down in the hammock and started flipping through the images as Jessie dried off and then picked up her clothes as she got dressed and noticed Stephanie was glued to her camera, now laying in the hammock. Buttoning her pants and then slipping her shirt on, Jessie moved the milk crate by the hammock and looked over Steph's shoulder for a minute at the images before Stephanie scooted over and said, "Come lay beside me?"

"OK" Jessie said as she slipped into the hammock and laid her head next to Stephanie's.

"See what I mean?" Stephanie said as she clicked through the images, "So beautiful, the camera loves you."

"How many times already have you called me beautiful?" Jessie asked with a smirk as Stephanie blushed and said, "It's true and these are the best pictures I've ever taken."

"I hope I seriously wasn't too bad" Jessie said.

"Jess, I've never taken so many pictures of one person before" Stephanie said, "You are so natural on camera, look at this, that smile is genuine, you can't fake that."

"I was having a lot of fun" Jessie said as Stephanie smiled at her, "I was. Never had this much fun, I never once thought about what I was or wasn't wearing."

"I told you, I wouldn't take advantage of you" Stephanie said with a teasing smile as Jessie giggled. "You are absolutely breath taking."

"Am I now?" Jessie asked as Stephanie's eyes locked on hers and both smiled.

"The most beautiful girl I've ever seen" Stephanie said, "I'll cherish these pictures."

"You think you'll want me to do it again?" Jessie asked, "I mean..."

"Anytime you'll let me" Stephanie said as she cut Jessie off and made her laugh. "Any kinda pictures you want too."

"That would make an amazing back drop" Jessie said as she pointed to the waterfall.

"It sure would at that" Stephanie said and thinking about all the places she would love to take pictures, "Maybe next time we can take some down by the copter."

"I am not getting naked for you in that copter" Jessie said as Stephanie laughed and said, "No Jess, you don't have too."

"Good, I'm glad we got that straight" Jessie said as she tried to hide a smile.

"Seriously, do you regret doing it?" Stephanie asked.

"I had soooo much fun" Jessie said as they again began to click through the images, "So no I don't."

"And no one will ever see these" Stephanie said as she turned the camera off as the low battery signal started flashing. "Except me and you."

"You know what?" Jessie asked as she locked her eyes onto Stephanie's.

"What?" Stephanie asked as she bit her lip nervously and looked deep into Jessie's eyes.

"I gotta huge problem" Jessie said.

"Yeh?" Stephanie asked and Jessie could swear she was leaning closer a little at a time.

"I gotta pee" Jessie said with a teasing smile and giggle as she squirted out of the hammock before Stephanie could grab her. Stephanie blushed as she watched Jessie disappear behind some bushes and rolled out of the hammock herself and pulled her bag down out of the tree and took out her boom box. Searching through the Cd's she had in the bag she found one she liked and put it in and hit the play button as Jessie came back around the bush and stopped a few feet away and asked, "I know this song...ummmm...Bigger Fish To Fry?"

"That it, I like it when I'm in a goofy mood or trying to feel better when Kyle starts his shit" Stephanie said with a smile. "I like the part about I'm not backing down like I did last night."

"I sung that song once to my ex and she thought it was so funny" Jessie said as Stephanie asked, "You can sing?"

"A little, I won a contest to record a demo in Nashville" Jessie said as Stephanie seemed impressed.

"Prove it" Stephanie said with a teasing smile, "Sing something."

"Like what?"

"This song" Stephanie said, "Since you know the first one you have to know this one. Their biggest hit."

"True To His Word?" Jessie asked as the first few chords of the song played and she started to hum along and then started singing softly as the song began. "He said he'd always stand beside you."

"Yeh sounds like Kyle" Stephanie said as Jessie sang, "He swore that he would never leave. But a promise made and a promise kept. That's the difference between him and me."

"Yeh?" Stephanie said as she moved in front of Jessie and started to sway slowly as Jessie sung, "I'll be true to his words. The heart he broke I will earn
In my arms you'll love again. You can rest assured. I'll be true to his word."

"Oh you will?" Stephanie asked as she took Jessie's hand and spun herself around in a twirl as Jessie began singing again, "You built a wall out of his memories. That brick by brick I'll break though."

"Break it down then" Stephanie said as Jessie pointed at her and sang, "For every lie he every told. I'll spend a lifetime proving to you."

Stephanie seemed to lose herself in Jessie's eyes for the next moments as she sang along with the song on the box and made Steph feel the emotion of the song as she went into the bridge, "He's a tough act to follow. He's a master of the art. But if you just have faith in tommorrow. It's his word against my heart."

Jessie put her hand over her heart as she sang the last line of the bridge and watched Stephanie look as if she were about to cry as she slipped an arm around Jessie's neck and slowly swayed her hips and encouraged Jessie to dance with her. "Don't stop, keep singing."

"I'll be true to his words" Jessie sang as she looked into Stephanie's eyes and slipping her arms around the girls waist and pulling her closer as she swayed with her slowly now and sang on, "The heart he broke I will earn. In my arms you'll love again."

"So beautiful" Stephanie said as she wrapped her arms around Jessie's neck and smiled at her.

"I love that song" Jessie said.

"Yeh that and your voice" Stephanie said softly. "God I felt like you were singing that to me. Like you were promising me everything in that song. You could seduce me if I thought you meant it."

"Yeh right" Jessie said with a giggle, "The gay girl is gonna seduce the hot straight girl just by singing."

"Maybe you should try it one night" Stephanie said with a teasing smile. "Pick a good song and see how hot you can make me."

"You're bad" Jessie said with a laugh as Stephanie pulled away and picked up her camera and shut off her boom box and put it back in the bag along with her Cd's. Throwing it across her back as she said to Jessie, "You have a girlfriend and if you keep singing you'll get us both in trouble."

"What are you saying?" Jessie asked as Stephanie leaned close to her ear and whispered, "Just kiss me Jess."

"You did say that" Jessie said in surprise as Stephanie smiled and nodded her head yes and said, "Duh, too bad you didn't do it huh?"

"But..." Jessie said, now stunned as Stephanie walked off, heading up the trail and then started laughing as Jessie chased after her. "...come back here you tease."

To be Continued....