Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 65 "...hard to resist..."

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



Rising the next morning Jessie slowly made her way down the hallway leading to the front porch, looking outside, she noticed a rather strange site. Joanna was camped out in the swing and snoring like a wrecking train as usual and August was leaned up against one of the porch posts asleep as well. Looking like they'd been there all night, Jessie thought with a giggle. Looking back down the hall she saw that Karen and August's bedroom door was still closed, but Stephanie's appeared to be open as a small stream of light spread across the floor. Thinking Stephanie might be up, Jessie headed back down the hall, suddenly she could swore she heard some light moaning sounds. Moving closer to Stephanie's door she heard them a little louder. Her mind reeled at the thought of listening to Stephanie involved in such a private moment as she leaned against the door and to her shock saw it move an inch or so.

"Oh shit" Jessie thought to herself as she jumped to the other side of the hallway and was about to slip away when she spotted Stephanie with her back to the door, sitting at the computer desk. The light moaning sounds got louder Jessie noticed as she peaked though the crack in the door and was shocked by what she saw on Stephanie's computer screen. It was one of the pictures she'd taken of Jessie the day before, Jessie's mouth opened in shock as she realized the extent of her unintentional discovery. Standing there silently for the next few moments, she noticed the picture on the screen was the one of her laying on her stomach as the water covered her nude body almost completely, her butt barely showing in the background with her head laying on her arms as they were folded in front of her.

"MMMMMMMMMM" Stephanie moaned as Jessie watched her body shake gently, her head lay back, squeezing her thighs around her hand and then relaxing forward as she held onto the desk for support. A moment later, bringing her fingers up and lickin them slowly as she grinned at the computer screen and Jessie was finally able to pull herself away.

"Holy fuckin shit" Jessie said to herself as she fled down the hall and into the kitchen, reliving every moment of what she'd just seen. Hearing some foot steps coming down the hall, she quickly opened the fridge.

"Hey girl, mornin' my best friend" Stephanie said as she hugged Jessie's neck for a long moment. Then beginning to dance around the kitchen in a twirl as Jessie got out the juice and poured her a glass as she noticed that Stephanie was again wearing virtually nothing, much like last weekend. A pair of shorts that barely covered her cheeks and a belly shirt that Jessie thought may have gotten shorter as it barely came to below Stephanie's bra.

"You're happy this morning" Jessie said with a giggle as Stephanie took her hand lifting it up, letting Jessie twirl her around. "You're glowing from head to toe."

"I know, I just got up this morning feeling so relaxed and happy" Stephanie said as she spun again and stopped in front of her as she took Jessie's glass of juice and took a drink, her eyes locked on Jessie's as she handed it back to her. "MMMMMMMMMM, usually I don't like juice, but suddenly it's getting...hard to resist."

"Well you should stop resisting" Jessie heard herself say as she again watched Stephanie twirl around on the floor and couldn't take her eyes away from Stephanie's amazingly dark tanned, toned body. Being shook back to reality when Stephanie finally stopped and reached for the bread as she made herself a sandwich and heard Steph asked, "Do you think I'm sexy?"


"You know from a girl who likes girls point of view" Stephanie asked as Jessie found it hard to swallow her juice after being asked that question. "Not sure why I'm curious...but I am."

"Stephanie you're hot no matter who's point of view it's coming from" Jessie said.

"Well you certainly think so, you can't keep your eyes off me huh?" Stephanie asked as she stuck her tongue out at Jessie and ran out of the room and down the hall. Jessie sat her glass down and figured by the time she got to Stephanie's door she'd have it closed, but it wasn't. Steph was now standing on the other side of the bed with a teasing smile on her face.

"What you said is not true" Jessie said as she came into the room and rounded the bed and headed for Stephanie, grabbing for her but missing as Steph rolled across the bed and closed the bedroom and said to Jessie, "Missed me by that much."

"That's smart, close the door" Jessie said as she climbed over the bed and trapped Stephanie in the corner behind the door as Stephanie smiled and watched Jessie as she came closer and started wrestling with her as both laughed and fell moments later onto the bed. "You could have gotten away, but now your gonna get it."

"Get what? Groped by you, lesbo" Stephanie said in a giggle as Jessie pinned her onto her back and tried to wrestle her arms to the mattress.

"I think you want it" Jessie said as she fell onto her side and watched as Stephanie took control and pinned her down now. "You dress like a slut."

"I do what?" Stephanie asked with a look of mock horror on her face. "I'll have you know I'm proud of my body Jessie Sammler, it's not my fault if you drool over me."

"Lesbo wanna be" Jessie said as Stephanie pinned her arms down and said, "Who's a lesbo wanna be?"

"You are" Jessie said a giggle, "Now if you want it, take me."

"You...have...a girlfriend" Stephanie said as she leaned down and let her hair fall down around Jessie's face.

"So...threesome?" Jessie said in a giggle and being surprised when Stephanie relaxed her grip on Jessie's hands and seemed to be thinking about it.

"Threesome?" Stephanie repeated as she laid down beside Jessie on the bed and asked, "You serious? Or just one of those moments when you're playing around like we were and you say something to get me going?"

"I dunno" Jessie said, still stunned that Stephanie took her seriously.

"Why are you considering it?" Jessie asked.

"Are you seriously offering?"

"I can't say yes or no without actually asking my girlfriend" Jessie said as Stephanie shrugged and rolled onto her back.

"Then there's no need for me to answer" She said with a smirk. "But it does present an idea."

"Yeh I know" Jessie said as she laughed.

"No, no, I mean something a little different" Stephanie said as she propped herself up on her elbow.


"Would you ever let me take pictures of you and Joanna...making love?" Stephanie asked. "I assume you guys do that, right?"

"Not yet" Jessie said and thought this might be Stephanie's way of asking how involved they were. "And no that is a private moment."

"Ok" Stephanie said as if it were no big deal.

"Oh yeah right, you just give up that easy" Jessie said as Stephanie smiled and said, "Not really, you just answered my question honestly and I wouldn't put pressure on you to do it."

"But why would you want to?" Jessie asked and then thinking about all the stuff that had happened this weekend and began to wonder if Steph had decided she did like girls, or maybe she had decided she liked one girl in particular, me, Jessie thought. But forcing her mind to wonder before that thought could take hold and really cause problems. Maybe it was her way of playing games, Jessie willed herself to believe that, that's Stephanie's style alright.

"It's such a beautiful experience" Stephanie said as she rolled off her bed and locked the bedroom door and moving to her closet. Bending over, as Jessie's eyes opened wide as she looked at Stephanie's legs and butt, as a sort of warm feeling over came her and she had to force her eyes away as she said to herself, "Stop, god, you have a girlfriend, what is wrong with you?"

"Here is it" Stephanie said as she pulled a DVD out of her bag and handed it to Jessie. "It's a DVD on love making."

"Whoa, this has a little bit of everything" Jessie said as she looked at the back and saw girls on girls and guys on girls kissing.

"Yeh and it's not a porno before you ask, it has a wide view and you don't see any actual you know..." Stephanie said as she a made circle with two of her fingers and poked another one through the middle of the circle as Jessie laughed.

"Where did you get this?" Jessie asked as Stephanie blushed and crawled back up beside her and coming to within an inch of Jessie's face as she said in a sultry voice, "I thought we could use it the first time we make love."

"Huh?" Jessie asked in shock as Stephanie fell down on the bed laughing as Jessie blushed. Feeling like she could kill the girl who was laying beside her and laughing so hard she was loosing her breath. "You know that is so not funny."

"Yes it is, your eyes got that big" Stephanie said as she held her hands about a foot apart and laughed harder. "Did you think I was serious Jess?"

"Bite me Steph" Jessie said as she blushed and rolled off the bed and felt Steph rub her butt and laugh harder. Jessie felt her embarassment grow as it turned to anger and she drew her hand back and smacked Stephanie hard on the ass.

"OWWWWWWWW fuck Jess that hurt" Stephanie said as she stopped laughing and rubbed her ass, "You didn't have to hit me it was only a joke."

"Yeh well sometimes I get so sick of your games and I just wanna get your attention" Jessie said as she folded her arms across her chest asnd leaned against the door.

"Actually now that you did it I think I like being spanked" Stephanie said as Jessie blushed and rolled her eyes. Jessie jumped as a light knocking came at the door. Unlocking the door she saw her mom give her a strange look. "Mornin girls, just seeing if anyone wanted some breakfast?"

"Sure" Jessie said as she followed her mom into the kitchen and felt Stephanie right behind her. A tired looking August and Joanna were just coming down the hall as Karen put breakfast on and Jessie and Stephanie took seats at the table and began to giggle to each other.

"I think we did it" August said from the doorway of the kitchen as Joanna sat down beside Jessie and leaned against her playfully. "It's finished."

"The book?" Karen, Jessie and Stephanie asked in unison as August smiled a bright smile and said, "Yes."

"Oh my, are you sure?" Karen asked as she hugged him. "Like totally done?"

"We worked till five in the morning" Joanna said as she laid her head on Jessie's shoulder and yawned. "It's gonna be so good."

"Yeh I think it is" August said as he wrapped his arms around Karen and smiled at the girls. "We argued, we compromised, we made changes, just about everything we could do."

"But so soon?" Karen asked.

"My fingers are sore..."

"So are mine" Joanna said as everyone laughed.

"...we took turns typing on the laptop and we barely finished before both of us collapsed" August said after being interrupted. "I think it's better than my first."

"It should be I wrote most of it" Joanna said as August laughed and said, "You did not, maybe half."

"So what now?" Jessie asked.

"A long nap and I guess a call to my editor as soon as I can get him on his cell phone" August said, "He said there was no way I could finish it this soon."

"There's the phone now" Karen said as the phone began ringing in the other room, "Maybe he's psychic."

"Who knows" August said as he and Karen left the room to answer the phone.

"Take a nap with me?" Joanna asked with a flirty smile as she looked as if she were about to drop off to sleep again.

"Yeh I'm sure my mom would love that" Jessie said as Joanna laughed.

"Can I borrow your bed for a few hours?" Joanna asked Jessie with a dreamy look in her eyes. "Then maybe we can spend some time together."

"I like the sound of that" Jessie said as Joanna smiled and leaned in and hesistated for a split second before she softly pressed their lips together. "MMMMMMMM, how can you manage to go 24 hours in the same house with me and not find time to kiss me at least once?"

"August, I blame him" Joanna said, "He's a slave driver, JFine."

"JFine?" Stephanie asked, Joanna giggled and said, "Yeh it's what I call Jessie sometime."

"Lame" Stephanie said without a hint of a smile as Joanna gave her a weird look and Jessie wondered what brought that on.  

"I happen to think it's cute" Jessie said to Stephanie as she shrugged and still didn't smile Jessie noticed.

"Thank you" Joanna said with an adoring smile as Jessie looked back at her. "It's like Joanna, she grows on you."

"So does a rash" Stephanie said as Joanna laughed, but Jessie didn't think in the moment it was much of a joke.

"I'mma lay down k?" Joanna asked as Jessie smiled and kissed her lips again and said, "Don't be too long."

"I won't" Joanna said as she got up and left the room with one last smile towards Jessie.  

"So you wanna go for a walk or something?" Jessie asked Stephanie a few moments after Joanna had left.

"Don't wanna keep you from your girlfriend" Stephanie said with what Jessie could swear was a bit of jealousy in her voice. "I got stuff to do anyway, can't spend all my time with you."

"Fine then" Jessie said as she watched Stephanie leave the room. Leaning back against the sink she wondered what just happened and what she had done to make Stephanie so upset. Taking some juice out of the fridge, she started thinking about everything that had happened this weekend and especially in the last few minutes and nothing really stood out. Then opening her eyes in surprise she realized what it had to be. This was the first time that Steph had seen Joanna kiss her and the fact that they were really a couple now made it all the more real. She was jealous, then thinking to herself, "Nooo, she couldn't be. But why?"

"Jess..." August said from the entrance to the kitchen, shaking her from her thoughts. Looking up she asked, "Yeh?"

"Your mom and I are going to a movie downtown" Augus said, "She won't let me sleep, so maybe I can get in a nap if she chooses a chick flick."

"No that's ok" Jessie said and then asking for a reason she couldn't quite figure out at the moment, "Just between me and you...what would you think if Stephanie had a girlfriend?"

"Romance wise or just like you and her?" August asked as he stepped beside of Jessie.

"In love" Jessie said as August seemed to be in thought about it.

"I don't think it'd be that big of a deal" August said, "I love Stephanie, I just can't see that changing my feelings for her."

"Really?" Jessie asked.

"Well if they treated her like Kyle did, I'd have a problem" August said, "But I doubt I'll ever have to cross that river."


"Stephanie's been boy crazy every since she was like 2 years old back home in Nebraska" August said, "I remember her kissing the neighbors little boy who was like 4 at the time and he went home crying. She's always been that way, but she's also very independent minded and a lot stronger than I was at her age."

"You're from Omaha?" Jessie asked.

"Almost, a small called town La Vista, just a few miles down the road" He said with a proud smile, "Red state america."

"Huh?" Jessie asked.

"Like political maps?" He asked, "Red and blue, Red is Republican and Blue is Democrat, I think."

"So you're a republican?"

"Registered as one, but this whole anti-gay movement makes me mad as hell" August said, "Doesn't matter how you categorize it, it's still hate."

"Tell me about it" Jessie said with a smile. "I sometimes wonder if I would ever be welcome in a Church of any kind."

"I wouldn't go to one that asked you or your partner to leave" August said with a reassuring smile as he put his arm around her. "That's something I believe we agree on."

"Yep" Jessie said with a smile. "You know I'd like to see were you grew up."

"Oh it's so peaceful, a lot like here" August said, "Maybe one of these days, your mom, me, you and Stephanie will take a trip back home for a few days and you can see what's it's like. I bought the house my parents used to live in and the land, so if I ever decide to go home, I can."

"Might be a fun project, fixing up an ole house" Jessie said, "Bet that would be fun."

"It's a huge house to" August said with a smile, "Rambling ole converted farm house, still got places that you can get lost in I bet."

"You had a big family?"

"Not to big, just the one brother, Steven, but my cousins and friends were almost always over" August said, "That's the way I want my kids, if I ever have any, to grow up."

"Sounds nice" Jessie said as August went on, "I remember Grandma Dimitri stayed with us for a couple of years and he'd wake me up every morning early to get me to help him water the flowers in the garden, then Mama would have breakfast ready by the time we got done, then before you know it, the whole house was filled with activity. That's why I love having you, Stephanie and Joanna down here, reminds me of home."

"Get used to it" Jessie said with a hug as Karen came to the doorway and smiled. "You too look like father and daughter."

"We're good actors" Jessie said with a teasing smile as August laughed as Jessie left the room.

"So we going to that movie?" Karen asked as August sighed and put his arm around her as they left the house.

"Bye Jess" August said as he and Karen got ready to drive off, "I think Stephanie's asleep so let her know if she wakes before we get back."

"Ok" Jessie said. Watching them drive off, Jessie thought about trying to talk to Stephanie but figured if it was jealousy what was the use. Looking up in the air she spotted what looked like a bald eagle. "That would make a great picture."

"Then why not take it dumby" Jessie giggled to herself as she saw Stephanie's camera sitting on the table by the screen door in it's pouch. But she noticed it wasn't the more expensive camera she had been using yesterday, instead it looked to be an older one. Picking it up and figuring out it was quite easy to use she first snapped a picture of the wooden post on the porch by accident and then the porch swing. Stepping off the porch a moment later, she again spotted the eagle soaring across the sky. She began to snap away and then realized the camera had a zoom and said to herself as she followed the bird, "Hey this photography stuff isn't so hard."

"Jess? Steph? Anybody?" Joanna asked as she came into the living a couple of hours later. She saw Stephanie's door was closed but soft music played, so she knew she was home, and the hummer was gone. Checking the rest of the house she also realized Jessie was gone too. Sitting down on the sofa in the living room and yawning she wondered what happened to everybody and soon thought how Jessie no doubt took a ride with Karen and August and Steph was napping. Laying back on the sofa she felt something dig into her butt cheeks and jumped up and saw Stephanie's camera laying behind her.

"I wonder what kinda of boring pictures she's been taking" Joanna giggled to herself as she flipped it on and fumbled with the controls for a long moment before finding the one she needed and up popped some pictures of August and Karen making faces for the camera, some of the front porch and of course a few of Annie. Laughing at the ones of August trying to bring groceries in as Stephanie clicked away with the camera. Then stopping cold in her tracks and nearly dropping the camera when she came upon a rather sexy looking shot of Jessie, laying in a hammock and looking over her shoulder with a smoldering look that made Joanna see her in a whole new light. Clicking to the next one, she saw Jessie crawling out of the hammock and then laying on the ground with her shirt pulled up part way on her belly.

"Steph, girl you got skills and Jess, ohmigod JFine" Joanna giggled to herself but felt her heart almost stop when she saw Jessie laying now on her stomach, water barely covering most of her body, her butt showing just slightly above the water. Joanna felt her body go numb as she looked at it and then came to a even more numbing realization, that Jessie was nude when this was taken. Flipping to the next one, she felt more numbness as this time, Jessie had her back to the camera, almost waste deep in the water, topless at the very least Joanna observed, giving the camera that same lense melting look as water dripped from her hair. Swallowing hard and wishing now she'd never picked up the camera, she clicked to the last one, which featured Jessie in water up to her chin and giving the camera a look of mournful regret. Sitting there for a few more minutes and again flipping through the images of Jessie, she found herself getting madder and madder. "I'll fuckin kill Stephanie."

"STEPHANIE" Joanna said as she pounded Steph's door. "GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE."

"What?" Stephanie asked as she pulled the door open and Joanna showed her the camera with the picture of Jessie on her stomach laying in the water.

"This is the kinda of pictures you took of my girlfriend?"

"Joanna calm down it's not like that" Stephanie said.

"You go all playboy with my girlfriend behind my back and I'm supposed to just be ok with it?" Joanna asked as she showed the one of Jessie with her back to the camera, standing in the water.

"Joanna those are innocent it doesn't really show anything" Stephanie said in her defense, "It was just me and Jessie messing around."

"SHE'S FUCKIN NAKED" Joanna said as she slammed her fist against the wall. "That's not just two girls having fun. You took advantage of her."

"What?" Stephanie asked in shock. "No one takes advantage of Jessie, believe me."

"Get her drunk?" Joanna asked, "That how you got her to pose like that?"

"God no, I told you it was just me and her, no booze" Stephanie said. "She said she had a lot of fun, I swear I wasn't taking advantage of her. She could have stopped me anytime."

"God I am so stupid, I should have known there was something going on" Joanna said, "You don't just spend all those hours alone with someone cause you're friends."

"Huh?" Stephanie asked as Joanna looked again at the pictures and saying, "These pictures tell me everything I need to know."

"And that is?" Stephanie asked as Joanna gave her a hurt look as both heard August's hummer roll into the driveway.

"I'm gonna fix your ass" Joanna said, "I wonder what Jessie's mom will think of her little girl posing for porn?"

"Joanna, please, come on you know it's not like that" Stephanie said as she grabbed for the camera and felt Joanna pull away and run towards the door as Stephanie chased after her, both and stopping as Karen was the first through the door.

"Something I think you should see" Joanna told Karen as she flipped through the images and resisted Stephanie's grab for the camera once again.

"Ok" Karen said waiting patiently.

"Is everything ok?" August asked as he came in and saw the looks on Stephanie and Joanna's faces.

"Stephanie's been doing some stuff with Jessie that you should see" Joanna said and froze as she saw Jessie coming into the house behind her mom and August.

"What's going on?" Jessie asked as she looked at the group.

"What it is Joanna?" Karen asked as Joanna snapped out of it and looked at the camera again and clicked away from the picture she had and to another one and showed it to Karen.

"Oh my god" Karen said as Stephanie felt her heart stop and Jessie tried to look to see what was going on. Karen turned in shock and asked Jessie as she put her arm around her. "Is that you?"

"Here" Joanna said, handing the camera to Jessie as she pushed through the crowd and disappeared out the cracking screen door. Stephanie quickly moved beside of Jessie and saw to her relief it was one of Jessie laying in the hammock.

"Yeh Mom, Stephanie took that yesterday" Jessie said in a state of confusion.

"Well Jessie Sammler that is the best picture I've ever seen of you" Karen said, "You look so mature and...just different."

"That's amazing Steph" August said with an approving smile. "You've certainly brought out a new side of Jessie..." and then pointing to Jessie and saying, "...and you young lady could be a model with eyes like those."

"Thanks" Stephanie said softly, "I love her eyes."

"Well if you decide to take anymore do you think you could show your old nagging mom?" Karen asked with a smile as Jessie nodded and watched her and August disappear down the hall and into the kitchen.

"You love my eyes huh?" Jessie asked as she looked at Stephanie with a teasing look and was relieved to see her smile.

"Their beautiful" Stephanie said as she blushed and her and Jessie looked at each other for a long moment.

"What's going on with us?" Jessie asked as she felt herself moving a bit closer to Stephanie.

"I dunno" Stephanie said with her eyes glued to Jessie's. "But...I'm beginning to like whatever it is."

"STEPHANIE" August screamed from the kitchen and breaking the moment as August stuck his head around the corner, "You want a steak on the grill tonight?"  

"Sure" Stephanie said as August smiled and headed back into the kitchen. "You better go and check on joanna, she hates me now."

"What did you do?" Jessie asked as Stephanie took the camera and clicked a few times till the 'water' picture popped up and then looking to see if the coast was clear and showed it to Jessie. "She found these and said I took advantage of you."

"What? She really said that?" Jessie asked as Stephanie seemed hurt by the accusation. "That's crazy."

"Is it?"

"Yes" Jessie said as she lowered her voice. "I took those because I wanted too."

"But it was my idea" Stephanie said as she looked as if she were about to cry.

"Look, don't let Joanna make you think things that aren't true" Jessie said, "You didn't take advantage of me."

"You sure?" Stephanie asked softly.

"Yes" Jessie said as she touched Stephanie's hand and felt that same warm feeling from earlier come over her, "Positive."

"You better go check on her" Stephanie said after a deep breath. "Jess, I'm sorry for all this."

"I know, me too" Jessie said as Stephanie squeezed her hand for a moment and Jessie felt her heart race. Thinking about that, she walked out the door and looked to see Joanna was slowly walking down the driveway towards the main road.

"Hey..." Jessie said as she fell into step by her girlfriend a few moments later. "...I'm sorry about this whole thing."

"You sure didn't look sorry in those fuckin pictures" Joanna said as she stopped and turned to face Jessie. "You sure were giving that camera or should I say Stephanie, looks that left little to the imagination."

"I was doing what she said" Jessie replied, "I mean she kept telling me to give her that look."

"That's called taking advantage of someone" Joanna snapped, "She used you, all she wanted was to see you naked."

"Joanna it wasn't like that" Jessie said, "I let her take those because I wanted too."

"She get you drunk first?" Joanna asked.

"No" Jessie said trying to remain calm. "I was just...having fun."

"It looked more like a girlfriend taking pictures of her lover" Joanna said in a soft voice.

"What? Are you serious?" Jessie asked.

"That's stupid, I wasn't looking at her like that" Jessie said, "She kept telling me to focus on the camera. I barely saw her face at all I was making eyes at the lense."

"And thinking of the girl behind the lense" Joanna said as Jessie felt like she were getting nowhere.

"Again, noooooooooo" Jessie said.

"You telling me you spend all those hours the last two weekends with her and nothing has changed between you two?" Joanna asked as Jessie replied, maybe a little too quickly, "Nooooo....nothing."

"I am so stupid" Joanna said as she looked to be about to cry, "I spent all my time cooped up in August's office with him while my girlfriend fell in love with another girl right under my nose."

"That didn't happen, I swear to you" Jessie said as she moved in front of Joanna and touched her hand and felt Joanna offer some resistance but let Jessie take her hand. "The only person in this world who I feel that way about is you."

"Really?" Joanna asked in a soft voice.

"Yes definitely" Jessie said as she touched Joanna's face with her hands gently and willed herself to feel as strongly as her words made it sound. "Don't you?"

"Most of the time" Joanna said as Jessie felt her body go almost numb with shock.

"Most of the time?"

"Sometimes I still think about Britt...I mean Katie" Joanna said looking down and Jessie felt weird but couldn't figure out what that feelin was and wanted to know more about this 'Britt' that had slipped out but let it slip her mind.

"You liked her for a long time, I still think about her too" Jessie said and making Joanna meet her eyes. "That's not so bad."

"I just want you all to myself for a while" Joanna said as she hugged Jessie around the neck and kissed her lips softly.

"I promised you we would" Jessie said as Joanna smiled. "How bout a movie? We could make plans for tonight."

"Yeh, I like the sound of that" Joanna said with a wicked grin and went on, "Or we could sneak off right now and knock the boots for a while."

"Knock the boots?" Jessie asked and then figuring out what she was referring to and blushed as Joanna laughed.

"Noooo" Jessie said as Joanna shrugged her shoulders and said, "You do want me right? I'm serious."

"Yesss ok? I'd love to..." Jessie said, "But I like where we are now and too do something like that too soon could mess things up."

"I doubt that" Joanna said, "We are both old enough to understand what we're doing, neither of us are virgins."

"Are you saying you want to?" Jessie asked as Joanna blushed.

"I'm saying if you wanted too I wouldn't much" She said playfully, "I've heard what kinda lover Katie is and I bet she left you a few times wanting more."

"Maybe" Jessie said. "I still wonder though."

"Slow and easy?" Joanna asked, "You wanna know what that's like?"

"How did you know?" Jessie asked.

"Katie Singer likes it hard and fast from what I've heard and you sure ain't jumping to her defense on that" Joanna said, "So am I right, you wanna know what it's like, slow and easy?"

"It's crossed my mind" Jessie said.

"That's why you need me" Joanna said with a devilish smile. "I'll spend all night, and I mean allllll night. Down there, back there and anywhere else you want it."

"All night?" Jessie asked as Joanna giggled.

"Oh yeah, I'mma a good lover" Joanna said, "And I'm good to my lover."

"And you think we're ready to take it to that level?" Jessie asked. "Seriously?"

"I dunno, that's a decision we have to make together" Joanna said, "Let's just do it when it feels good. No time table."

"What do you mean?"

"Say, one night we're in your room alone and just kissing" Joanna said, "And it gets to the point where we both need that amazing release, then why fight it?"

"Yeh?" Jessie said in a questioning manner.

"We'll just do it like the animals do on the discovery channel baby" Joanna said as Jessie blushed and laughed. "Naturally, no pressure."

"That's what happened with those pictures" Jessie said as Joanna's mood turned a bit. "It wasn't forced or anything, it was her idea but I sure didn't fight her on it."

"So you say"

"Well it's true" Jessie said, "Why don't you look at them before you judge me."

"No I believe you" Joanna said softly as she kissed Jessie and smiled. "I just don't wanna fight anymore and if you say it, then I believe you."

Walking back to the house, Karen and August had set up the grill and were now lost in conversation about meat recipes, which soon included Joanna as her and August began debating some completely insignificant fact about meat as Karen looked on with an amused expression and Jessie walked into the house to use the bathroom. Coming out a moment later, she walked past Stephanie standing in the door of her bedroom.

"Here" She said as she handed Jessie a picture. Not thinking anything of it, Jessie turned it over and was shocked at what she saw. Stephanie laying on the hammock back at the Cove, smiling into the camera. That wasn't the shocking part, it was what she was wearing. A really dark tan.

"Oh my god" Jessie said as her eyes went wide with shock and she forced herself to snap her head away as Stephanie watched. "What's this for?"  

"We're even" Stephanie said with a smile and that twinkle in her eye that Jessie had seen earlier. "Only fair."

"I didn't ask you to do this" Jessie said as she looked at it again, almost unwillingly.

"I know, I want you to have it" Stephanie said.

"But your...." Jessie said as Stephanie laughed.

"Yep, you like my smile?" She asked with a teasing grin as she turned it back over and let Jessie see it again. Jessie snapped her head away and put it back in Stephanie's hand as the smile left her face. "You don't huh?"

"What?" Jessie asked in a hushed voice, "That is so not even the point."

"It's not?" Stephanie asked as she held it up in front of her teasingly. "Then what is the point?"

"I have a girlfriend" Jessie said as Stephanie smiled knowingly and turned the picture back towards her and smiled at it.

"I thought you said I was hot? Or was it gorgeous?" Stephanie asked, "And now you've seen me, well in a whole new light, and you don't like it?"

"I didn't say that and you know it" Jessie said fearing she was hurting Stephanie's feelings. "Ok fine, your hot, that picture could melt concrete..."

"Keep talking..." Stephanie said as she stepped into the hallway and touched Jessie's cheek softly and Jessie felt herself get lost in Steph's eyes and her body or was it her heart, holding her in place, "'s getting to hard to resist."

"I just think you're so beautiful" Jessie said after a long moment's pause as her hand slipped up Stephanie's arm gently and slowly as Stephanie touched Jessie's bottom lip and playfully pulled it down for a split second. Each looking deep in the other's eyes by now, "Something's happening between us."

"Your eyes, your smile..." Stephanie said with her eyes on Jessie's. "That's what's happening Jess."

"Your tan, your body..." Jessie said in an almost whisper as she leaned forward a bit and felt her heart race as Stephanie smiled and this time offered no resistance as she did the same. Jessie's hand touched her cheek as Stephanie pressed her body to Jessie's and boldly leaned in and ever so gently stroked her tongue across Jessie's bottom lip. Biting her lip and smiling nervously as she waited for Jessie's response, Jessie doing the same as their lips moved towards the other's. Neither having the courage to make a move, they lingered for a long moment as Jessie said even softer, "'re is getting hard to resist."

"JUST SHUT UP ALREADY" Joanna screamed from the porch before she came through the cracking screen door and turned to say, as Jessie and Stephanie jumped apart. "I'm gonna go and get the liquid smoke and as always I'll prove you wrong...Augustus."

"That'll be the day..." August said from outside.

To be Continued....