Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 67 "Coming Back For You"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



** ** ** Meanwhile @ McKinley's Fast Eats, three hours later

Joanna dropped her back pack on the ground as she looked around nervously and hoped that Brittany wouldn't show up, or so she told herself. Finding a private booth in the back she was glad to see the place was nearly empty. Laying back against the wall, she closed her eyes and thought, trying to figure out what she wanted. Was it Jessie, after what had happened this past weekend or was it Brittany who had suddenly appeared in her life again after almost a year of being MIA. She felt this intense pressure building in her stomach and felt the muscles churn as the panic of her situation began over taking her. Breathing ragged, thinking she was having a stroke, she sat bolt upright and almost gasped for her breath as she spotted her, just then coming in the door and looking around.

"There you are, I didn't think you were here for a minute" Brittany said sweetly and then getting a worried look on her face and asking, "Jo, what's wrong, you're white as a ghost."

"I'm fine" Joanna said, "I'm just stressing."

"Over?" Brittany asked.

"Jessie and you"


"Yeh" Joanna replied as if it were a silly question. "You just show up out of nowhere after almost a year and it's like everything in my life changed in a matter of seconds. Why couldn't you just stay where ever you went?"

"Ouch" Brittany said with a hurt look in her eyes. "I'm sorry...what...?"

"YOU FUCKIN LEFT ME" Joanna said as her mood swung quickly to anger and she pounded her fist on the table. "You ripped my heart out Britt. And now that I'm OK again, you just show back up. I can't do this again."

"Whoa, calm down Jo" Brittany said looking stunned and glancing around at the few people in the restaurant. None seemed to be paying attention she noticed. Looking back at Joanna she could see the hurt in her eyes as she asked, "I hurt you that bad?"

"YESSSS" Joanna screamed as she put her face in her hands and fought as hard as she could to not cry. Hearing nothing for the longest time, she took a deep breath to get her emotions under control and looked up, seeing a stunned Brittany still looking at her in disbelieve. Putting her hands in her hair she said in a softer voice, "I was in love with you."

"I get that now" Brittany said looking down and taking a deep breath and not knowing what to say. "I'm sorry, I know it's not good enough, but I am. I loved you too."

"Why are you back?" Joanna asked as she tried to remain calm.

"This is home" Brittany said, "Chicago, the north side...and you."

"What about your parents?" Joanna asked, shrugging of Brittany's last comment.

"They're still looking for me" Brittany said as Joanna gave her a 'oh my god' look. "They are, but I'm not going back to that middle of nowhere hell hole they live in. No matter how much they pay that prick, Grey, to track me down."

"Grey?" Joanna asked as Brittany nodded.

"I don't know much about him I just know he's a pathetic loser who claims he knows Chicago like the back of his hand" Brittany said, "So from what I heard from my friend, my parents hired him to find me. He almost caught me once, that's when I left."

"I am so lost here" Joanna said as Brittany moved around the table and before sitting down asked, "Can I sit by you?"

"Yeh" Joanna said as Brittany sat down on her side of the booth and went on.

"See when I turned 12, I woke up and Dad said he was moving us to Australia so he could take a job, which he never got" Brittany said, "To that point I had been friends for years with Sarah Grasser, you know her."


"Well when we got to Australia, we didn't move into one of the big cities, Dad found a job running this little outpost in the middle of butt fucked nowhere" Brittany said as Joanna gave her a look and both started blushing, "Let me finish before you flirt, anyway I went crazy after about three years and I ran one night and never looked back. I nearly got killed but I made it to the airport and let's just say I convinced some nice man to let me have his seat. That's where you come in."

"No it's not" Joanna said, "I didn't meet you at the airport."

"No you met me in the hallway of your parents old building and I was doing laundry, remember?" Brittany asked. "You sure looked beautiful, I couldn't take my eyes off you that day. I had never looked at a girl like that before..."

"Right" Joanna said with a smirk. "And, yeh I remember that too."

"It's true I never had honestly" Brittany said as Joanna smiled. "You remember when you found out I was living under the bridge? You brought me food, and stuff to read and a blanket?"

"So?" Joanna said, "You needed help."

"No one has ever been that good to me" Brittany said, "God Jo, you just don't know how much I loved just seeing you."

"Yeh I kinda felt that way too" Joanna said, "I tried."

"You sure did" Brittany said, "I remember that night I had a cold and fever and you tried to make me go to the doctor, but I wouldn't, you remember what you did?"

"Wasn't that when I brought the sleeping bag?"

"Yeh you made me take my clothes off and you did too and held me all night inside that sleeping bag until my fever broke" Brittany said. "I would have probably died without you."

"No you wouldn't..." Joanna said before Brittany put a finger to her lips.

"Then you helped me convince that nice old lady, what was her name?" Brittany asked.

"Mary Banks" Joanna said as Brittany smiled and said, "Yeh, Banks, that was it, you helped me convince her to cover for us and let me have one of her run down apartments."  

"It wasn't much" Joanna said as she laid her head down on her arm.

"No it was bad, but it was great for two reasons" Brittany said and covering Joanna's mouth before she could interrupt as both giggled, "Because I escaped my parents, and you, Joanna Marie. You made it worth living in that hell hole. Getting to see that dazzling smile of yours every day, made me wanna stay and tough it out till I was 18 and I can legally be on my own."

"And this Grey guy he found you?" Joanna asked.

"Yeh but thankfully he mistaked me, for this other girl, and by the time he realized his mistake, I was gone" Brittany said, "If it hadn't been for her I'd probably be back in Australia."

"But what is so bad about Australia?" Joanna asked.

"For one, you're not there" Brittany said touching Joanna's cheek and being surprised when Joanna didn't flinch or push her hand away. "I came back here in hopes I'd find you. And those fuckin pill whore crackheads that we used to live around wouldn't tell me where you moved too. And your parents told me to go to hell when I refused to pay them. I didn't know what else to do."

"I moved in with Rose, a friend of mine" Joanna said simply. "It was only a few miles away, I don't know why no one wouldn't tell you that."

"They saw that" Joanna said as she pointed to a jet black cadillac. "They thought I had money."

"How did you get that?" Joanna asked.

"Stoled it" Brittany said as Joanna's jaw dropped, "No, some old pervert in Utah gave it to me for letting him jerk off in front of me, it was gross but he had money out his ass. I don't guess he misses it."

"He gave you a 50 thousand dollar car for letting him jerk off?" Joanna asked as Brittany blushed and took a deep breath.

"You could always tell when I was lying" Brittany said, "Let's just say I made him use a condom."

"Truth?" Joanna asked as Brittany smiled and said, "Truth."

"So how are you living now?" Joanna asked as she turned towards Brittany.

"Part time job, nights and weekends" She said softly. "It pays good."

"Please tell me you're not selling your body?" Joanna asked with a worried look on her face.

"No" Brittany said. "No sex involved. Just perverts gawking and whistling."

"Stripping?" Joanna asked as Brittany blushed. "Wow."

"You said I was good at it" Brittany said as she poked Joanna in the chest. "Remember?"

"You were" Joanna said. "But how did you get the job?"

"Fake Id, sleazy owner and 25% pay cut" Brittany said, "It's not that bad really, I don't mind showing my body off just as long as no one tries to grope me."

"Like me?" Joanna asked as Brittany laughed and then said, "Joanna Marie I'd welcome that and I don't even need sex."


"You could just hold me like you used too" Brittany said, "I loved that."

"Me too" Joanna said as she ran her fingers through her hair and took a deep breath. "I have no idea how to handle this."

"Handle what?" Brittany asked softly.

"I have a new girlfriend and she knows nothing about you or about our past" Joanna said, "This is not gonna go over good."

"Then dump her" Brittany said as she turned and leaned back against Joanna, biting her lip nervously as she looked up at her. "You have no idea how much I want you back."

"Seriously?" Joanna asked as she felt her heart beat faster.

"Seriously" Brittany said, "I think about you constantly. I have every day since I left here. I was in love with you too."

"Oh my god" Joanna said as she wrapped Brittany in her arms and said, "I don't know what I'm gonna do."

"This isn't too bad" Brittany giggled as Joanna blushed.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, the next morning

"MOM!" Cori screamed from the front room as she slowly made her way to the front door. Lily stuck her head out of the kitchen as Cori said, "Someone's at the door I'll get it."

"Hi" Cori said as she opened the door and saw a somewhat familar face, holding a big red teddy bear as he smiled and walked into the house. "It's Kile right?"

"No Cori, I'm your dad remember?" Kile said sweetly as he handed her the bear.

"For me?" Cori asked as she took it and smiled. "It's cute, thanks."

"You remember now?" Kile asked as the smile on Cori's face vanished.

"I remember you came to visit me once and never came back" Cori said with a bitter tone, "And then Gramdma came by and tried to convince my dad and mom don't love me."

"Honey who are you talking about?" Kile asked as she touched Cori's cheek. "I'm your dad, I thought you knew that."

"Stop touching me please" Cori said as she took a step back, "You're not my dad."

"Cori I understand if you're mad at me, but I have a job and I live so far away that it's hard for me to come and visit" Kile tried to explain.

"You could have come more than once" Cori said with a hurt look in her eyes as she hugged the bear.

"Well I was thinking, maybe you could come and visit me and meet your sisters and new mom" Kile said as he knelt on one knee.

"NOOOOO" Cori said as Rick came down the stairs.

"What's wrong Cori?" Rick asked as he got to the bottom of the steps and felt her hug him.

"He's scaring me" Cori said looking up at Rick, "Tell him your my dad."

"That's right" Rick said as Kile stood and obviously was taken aback by that announcement. "How are you scaring her?"

"I just..."

"He said he wanted to take me away from you guys" Cori said, "I'm not going anywhere with you. Right Dad?"

"Not unlesss you want to" Rick said as he kissed Cori's forehead.

"I was only saying for a couple of days Cori, I'll bring you back I promise" Kile said pleading as he saw Cori look away.

"I don't wanna see you anymore" Cori said as she moved behind Rick and hugged him. "Will you please make him leave?"

"Ok, calm down Cori" Rick said in a calm voice and pulling her around to face him, "Go help Mom with dinner ok? I'll take care of this."

"Ok" Cori said softly with a huge smile as she hugged Rick, "I love you Dad."

"Excuse me?" Rick asked as Cori giggled, and said it again. "I love you too."

"Kile" Cori said as she held the bear up, "Thanks for the present, can I still keep it?"

"Of course" Kile said as Cori smiled and walked off slowly down the hall.

"Can we talk outside?" Rick asked as he and Kile stepped out onto the porch.

"Why is my daughter calling you dad and saying she loves you?" Kile asked pointedly.

"Have you not noticed that she's still very fragile?" Rick asked. "She just now getting comfortable, so if she wants to call me dad it's not that big of a deal."

"It is to me, I'm her father" Kile said as his anger flared. "You've got her convinced that she's your daughter."

"I didn't convince of her a damn thing" Rick snapped, "that young girl has been through hell and back in the last months. She's scared all the time and I'll be damned if you're gonna add to her problems."

"Look I can't help that, all I know is she's my daughter I want her with me" Kile said. "And you have no right to keep me from her."

"Actually I do" Rick said, "Her Uncle, the Talerus guy signed over legal guardian ship to her."

"WHAT?" Kile asked. "He had no right to do that. I'm her father."

"Yeh, look Mr. Molloy I get that I do" Rick said as he tried to calm the sitaution, "Why don't you call her when you get home and get to know her. And when you can come back and me and Lily will go out with you and Cori until she feels comfortable."

"No, I shouldn't have to ask you for permission to see my daughter" Kile said as he paced, "You know I could sue you."

"Oh good lord" Rick said as Lily came to the door and asked, "Why is he talking about suing us?"

"For custody of my daughter" Kile said.

"I'm begging you not to do that" Lily said as Rick stopped her and said, "Lily, honey I got this."

"But he's gonna scare her to death" Lily said with worry in her eyes.

"Calm down" Rick said as he kissed her, "Go back in the house and let me handle this."

"You're not welcome in my house again" Rick said as the door closed, "You are scaring my wife and daughter have to death. And I'll promise you Mr. Molloy when you drag me to court, I'll bring the wrath of this world down on you. There's no way IN HELL YOU'RE GONNA TAKE HER AWAY FROM US."

"She's my daughter, not yours" Kile said in frustration as he picked up a potted plant busted it against the ground in rage. "FINE, YOU WANT HER, KEEP HER."

"Good lord, thank you" Rick said as Kile got into his car and drove off in a rage. Taking a deep breath, he walked back inside and was surprised to be met by Cori with a hug.

"What's this for?" Rick asked as Lily watched with an approving smile.

"Not letting him take me away" Cori said as she looked up at him. "You're right I am scared a lot, and I know you guys ain't my real mom and dad. But I love you guys like the real thing."

"You're home Cori" Rick said as he hugged her. "You don't have to scared anymore, you're home."

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Book Lovers

"Judy you here?" Joey asked as she walked through the front door and saw no one at first.

"YEH YEH" Judy said running in from the back. "Me and Henry were paving over the cracks in the concrete in the alley outback."

"What happened to the door?" Joey asked referring to the door next to Book Lovers, leading to the offices above. "Looks like someone tried to take it off the hinges the fast way."

"Yeh I saw that, oh yeah guess what?" Judy said in excitement as she grabbed Joey, "Mr. Castinelli had a change of heart and gave us a 3 year lease."

"He owns this building right?" Joey asked in shock as she remembered Shady's promise from yesterday.

"Duh yeh" Judy said as she hugged Joey, "It means you still got a job."

"That's wonderful" Joey said, hugging her back as Henry came in with dust all over his clothes.

"That's gonna be a nice place to have a party or small informal gathering when we're done" Henry said as Judy put her arm around him and said, "I told Joey the good news."

"I don't know how to say this" Joey said, "But I think my friend Shady had something to do with that."

"How?" Judy asked with an amused smile.

"She told me she'd took care of it" Joey said. "I don't know what she did but it sure changed his mind."

"I guess so" Judy said, "Who cares how it happened, I think things are finally turning around."

"The Jake Manning karma is leaving the place I guess" Joey said as Judy hugged her and said, "Larue, you're totally nutty, but I can't imagine this place without you. Thank Shady for me I guess."

"Customer" Henry said as he pointed to the door and made his way back outside with Judy soon following him as Joey said, "I got it."

"Welcome to Book Lovers, can I help you?" Joey asked as she gave the man by the door the once over. Noticing he was dressed in all black and wearing sun glasses.

"I think so" He said taking his glasses off and hanging them on his shirt. "I'm looking for a pretty rare book, by Lyndey Von Clay. The Mythical Eye."

"Well I can look and see if we have it" Joey said as he followed her to the counter as she sat down behind it and typed the authors name into the computer.

"Looks like we do have it" Joey said as she smiled and seemed to be taken aback by her. "Would you like me to get it for you?"


"Here it is" Joey said after a minute or so of searching and finding it at the very bottom of the shelf. "It's 57.98 is that ok?"

"That's fair" He smiled as Joey feared he would change his mind upon hearing the price. But he simply smiled and pulled out his wallet and laid a hundred dollar bill on the counter. "Out of a hundred?"

"No, keep the change" He said sweetly.

"But this is a hundred dollar bill" She said holding the bill up and showing him.

"I said you could keep the change pretty lady" He said as she blushed and slipped the book into a bag. "Joey huh?"

"Yeh" Joey said as she noticed he was looking at her name tag. "Can I ask your name?"

"Joseph" He said nicely, "but my friends call me Joey too."

"Well nice to meet you Joseph" Joey said.

"Pardon me for being a bit forward and I apologize if i make you uncomfortable in anyway" Joseph said with an adoring gaze towards Joey. "But young lady, you are breath taking."

"Thank you" Joey said blushing as she smiled.

"I just bet you're already taken though" He said, "Am I right?"

"Yes I am" Joey said, "And I'm very much in love."

"I can tell" He said as he took his book. "You just have this glow about you. It really is beautiful to see."

"Well it's the first time I've ever felt this way and she is..." Joey said and stopped as she realized what she said and rephrased. "I mean they are very special."

"It's ok, love is beautiful in every form" He said sweetly. "It's plain to see this new person in your life has made a great impression on you."

"New?" Joey asked in confusion. "I didn't say it was new."

"I assumed" He said as Joey got a bit nervous.

"Do you know me?" Joey asked as he smiled confidently and said, "No I don't, I had a meeting with Mr. Castinelli and wanted to see this charming book store that he seemed bound and determined to close. I can clearly see he was wrong."

"Yeh he was threatening to close us down, our lease was up" Joey said, "But he called sometime earlier today and had a complete change of heart."

"I thought he might" Joseph said and asking before Joey could question him any further on that topic, "I assume you work here full time?"

"Yes I do, assistant Manager actually" Joey said proudly. "Judy Brooks and Henry Higgins are the owners."

"Well thank you for the book" Joseph said with a smile. "It's been nice chatting with such a lovely young lady."

"I hope you come back and see us again soon" Joey said as she again blushed and looked to see Judy coming through the back door, "Thank you for the tip, and the compliments."

"Joey are you flirting with the customers again?" Judy asked with a smirk.

"I was not" Joey said.

"Ma'am I am guilty of indulging in a little innocent flirting with your charming assistant" Joseph said with a smile.

"See he was flirting with me" Joey said as Judy grinned, "Not that I minded."

"Well thank you" Joseph said as he took Joey's hand gently and kissed it before saying, "I certainly see why someone would be so crazy about you."

"You keep talking like that she'll go with you" Judy said as Joey's mouth dropped open in shock and she blushed a deep crimson as she smacked Judy's arm playfully.

"Thank you for your time ladies, and for the book" He said holding it up as he made his exit rather suddenly.

"Who was that handsome stranger?" Judy asked as Joey shrugged and said, "I don't know, but damn he was hot, let's just say I'm glad he left."

"Joey's got a crush" Judy said poking her in the ribs as Henry came in from the back where he had been watching much of the time and asked, "Who's Joey got a crush on?"

"This cute guy that was flirting with her" Judy said, "You never did tell me who it was."

"He didn't tell me" Joey said, "Just said he had a meeting with that nasty old Mr. Castinelli and wanted to check out the store. He also give me a forty dollar tip."

"Hmmmmmmmm" Judy said, "He must have liked what he saw."

"Hey I am taken and very happily so" Joey commented, "No amount of sweet talk is gonna make me forget that fact."

"In all that black he kinda looked like Batman" Henry said as Joey started laughing out loud.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, in Jessie's bedroom

"God I'm tired" Jessie said as she crashed down on her bed and rested her eyes for a moment. Noticng a minute later that the message light on the answering machine was flashing on and off. Thinking it was probably Joanna, she clicked the button and heard the machine say, "You have one new message."

"Hey, Jess, just wanted to hear your voice" Stephanie said as Jessie felt her heart beat faster and a warm feeling wash over her a little when she heard that and couldn't figure out exactly why. "Ok, I know that was lame. Anyway if you got a minute call me when you get in, k? Bye."

"Wanna be lesbian" Jessie giggled as she picked up the phone and dailed August's number.

"Hello?" Stephanie said as she answered the phone.

"What are you doing sexy?" Jessie asked in a husky voice and hoping Steph wouldn't know who it was.

"Thinking about you" Stephanie said in a flirty voice. "Well your eyes mostly."

"Huh?" Jessie asked as she blew her cover and heard Stephanie start to laugh. "How did you know?"

"It says Jessie Sammler on the call box" Stephanie said as Jessie blushed and laughed. "Real smart there Jess."

"Ok so I'm not as good at games as you are" Jessie said.

"No but you are good at other things" Stephanie said sweetly.


"Modeling" Stephanie said, "The camera loves you."

"And so do you" Jessie said with a giggle, "You just liked seeing me prancing around naked, you slut."

"I did not" Stephanie said and hearing Jessie laugh, knowing she was kidding. "I loved taking pictures of you."

"Yeh it wasn't so bad" Jessie said laying back on the bed.

"If I ask really nicely with pudding on top, will you let me do it again?" Stephanie asked.

"We'll see" Jessie said, "Depends on what you want me to do."

"I was thinking the waterfall at the Cove and you wearing some shorts and a bikini top" Stephanie said as Jessie thought to herself that that sure seemed to be a well thought out plan.

"You been thinking about that one huh?" Jessie asked.

"It was just an idea" Stephanie said and sounding disappointed, Jessie thought.

"I like that idea" Jessie said as Stephanie smiled. "That was so much fun the first time."

"You couldn't have had as much as me" Stephanie said as she laid down on the couch, "Taking pictures is..."

"What?" Jessie asked as Stephanie paused for a long moment.

"It's just what I love doing" Stephanie said, "And you are the first person to ever really let me do it."

"Am I?"

"Yes, everyone else just gets annoyed and wants me to quit" Stephanie said. "You let me show you it could be fun."

"It was" Jessie said, "This weekend coming, me, you and the waterfall."

"Really?" Stephanie asked in excitement.

"Yep, but you just better be prepared for me to keep my clothes on this time" Jessie said as Stephanie laughed.

"Anything you want Jess, I just wanna be with you for a while" Stephanie said and realized how that sounded and for a panic moment thought about rephrasing but changed her mind and decided to let Jessie respond.

"Yeh me too" Jessie said and couldn't for the life of her figure out why she was suddenly feeling so warm all over and a long moment of silence began as neither knew exactly how to continue the conversation.

"Anyway" Stephanie said, "Maybe you wanna return the favor, I mean with some pictures of me?"

"No thank you, I do not wanna see you naked again" Jessie said as Stephanie blushed and Jessie tried to push the thought of that picture Steph had showed her out of her mind.

"Oh yeah I'm sure" Stephanie said with a teasing giggle. "Still can't get it out of your mind huh?"

"You act like you wanted me to like that for some reason" Jessie said as Stephanie's giggling stopped, "Yeh Steph tell me now, is it true?"

"I plead the fifth on that one" Stephanie said with a giggle.

"Oh no you don't, Stephanie Dimitri" Jessie said, "You're gonna answer me right now."

"Make me" Stephanie said, "What you gonna do take me over your knee?"

"Yeh and you'd like that" Jessie said, "Lesbo."

"MMMMMMM baby make me one" Stephanie said as she fell back on the couch in laughter as Jessie rolled her eyes, knowing she could probably never get one on Stephanie no matter what kinda of position she got her in.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, downstairs

"Joanna, sweety are you ok?" Lily asked as she answered the door.

"No I'm fine it's just been a really long day" Joanna said with a smile. "Can I see Jessie?"

"Of course honey, she's in her room, but don't stay long it's getting late" Lily said as she headed off towards the kitchen. Joanna took a deep breath and made her way up the stairs, lightly knocking at Jessie's door and thinking she heard her say, "Come in," she opened the door and stopped as she heard  Jessie say aloud, "I'll tie your ass up and have my way with you."

"MMMMMMMM baby" Joanna said to herself as she closed the door behind her and stopped again as she realized Jessie wasn't talking to her but someone else. Not hearing another voice, she figured out she must be on the phone.

"You'd never be so lucky" Stephanie said as Jessie blushed anbd replied, "I wouldn't want to anyway."

"Oh yeah, you drooled over that picture" Stephanie said, "Did it give you some...ideas?"

"Fuck you" Jessie said as Stephanie laughed harder, "I still say you wanted me too, you liked that fact."

"You'll never know Sammler" Stephanie said in a sexy voice. "Cause you have a girlfriend."

"And you wanna be my new one I think" Jessie said as she heard Stephanie's laughing stop.

"Nooooo" Stephanie said softly, "I don't wanna break anyone up, I know how bad it feels to get dumped for a new fling."

"I know, Steph I was just kidding" Jessie said, "I know you'd never do that."

"Broken hearts suck" Stephanie said quietly.

"Yeh and believe me girl it's no different being gay" Jessie said, "Some girls are the same. Just dump you for some stupid reason and then you find out they fucked some other slut."

"That happened to you?"

"Yeh..." Jessie began to say before Stephanie cut her off.

"I just wanna be in love for a while, I'm tired of having to deal with Kyle's bullshit" Stephanie said as she felt tears in her eyes. "I hate him so much."

"Come on Steph don't cry" Jessie said

"How did you know I was crying?" Stephanie asked.

"Because I do the same thing" Jessie said.

"You are my best friend Jessie" Stephanie said quietly. "I love you, do you know that?"

"No I didn't" Jessie said as Steph laughed, "I love you too girl."

"Ugh, your mom wants the phone to call Pat Robertson again" Stephanie said as Karen took the phone and said, "Jessie, how do you put up with her?"

"It's not easy" Jessie giggled.

"I do need to make a phone call is that ok?"

"Sure, tell Pat I said hi" Jessie said as Karen warned her, "Tell Steph I'll call her tommorrow."

"Bye mom"

"Bye Jessie"

Joanna's mind literally raced with the things she had just heard and fought back tears, for what seemed like the millionth time in the last 24 hours. She realized now as she stood frozen as the silence loomed over the room. She thought quick and knocked on the door and was relieved when Jessie said, "Come in".

"It's me" Joanna said as she opened and closed the door and then walked up the steps.

"Hey girlfriend" Jessie said as she stood and and met Joanna at the top of the steps with a kiss.

"Hey" Joanna said as she hugged Jessie back.

"What's wrong?" Jessie asked as she noticed the look on Joanna's face.

"Nothing" Joanna said.

"Yes there is" Jessie said softly, "Tell me maybe I can help."

"Jess it's nothing really" Joanna said, "I just don't feel good."

"Bet I can make you feel good" Jessie said with a soft kiss and watching as Joanna smiled. "Want me to try?"

"Are you saying you wanna..." Joanna asked as she motioned with her eyes towards the bed and both laughed.

"I dunno, it don't sound so bad" Jessie said with a playful kiss as she took Joanna's hands and pulled her towards the bed. "Come on."

"Jess I don't know" Joanna said as she felt her body being pulled towards the bed.

"If you don't want too" Jessie said playfully as she raised her shirt and showed Joanna her stomach. "I'll show you what's in those pictures and you can do more than look at me."

"You're serious" Joanna said as Jessie kissed her firmly and said, "MMMMMM HMMMMMM."

"You sure?" Joanna asked as she slipped her arms around Jessie. "I mean positive?"

"Why not?" Jessie said, "But you gotta be quiet."

"Oh really?" Joanna said as she bit her lip and followed Jessie as she crawled up the bed. Taking her coat off and dropping it to the floor.

"I don't know what's going on with you lately" Jessie said as Joanna laid down beside her, "But I wanna show you how much I care."

"You don't have to sleep with me to prove that Jessie" Joanna said softly.

"But I want to" Jessie said as she rolled over and slipped across Joanna's body. "You gonna make me stop?"

"Yes I am" Joanna said with a giggle as her and Jessie began to wrestle. "I don't want your body anyway."

"Oh my god, you skank" Jessie said as Joanna laughed. "I wouldn't give it to you now if you begged."

"I just might do that" Joanna said as she wrapped her arms around Jessie and kissed her softly.


"What the fuck?" Jessie asked as Joanna laughed and said, "My phone."

"Ohhh ok" Jessie said as she stopped her from going after it, and said, "Screw it, make love to me right now before anyone can stop you."

"Ummmmm" Joanna said as the tone sounded again, "But it might be something important."

"Ok" Jessie said as she rolled off and picked Joanna's coat up and fished out her phone and handed it to her.

"What?" Joanna asked in a frustrated voice as she picked it up.

"Wanna go riding with me?" Brittany asked as Joanna froze and Jessie gave her a questioning look. "Hello?"

"Oh...yeah...Ummmm...sure...Logan" Joanna said as she sat up.

"This isn't Logan" Brittany giggled, "Are you poking some smot my girl?"

"Your girl?" Joanna heard herself asked as Jessie gave her a even weirder look.

"Yeh you are" Brittany said, "I just wanna see you for a while."

"Logan you're so crazy, you know I'm at Jessie's" Joanna said as she gave Jessie a pained expression. "What did Rose do?"

"Oh shit, you're at your girlfriends house?" Brittany asked.

"Yeh I am" Joanna said as she looked at Jessie and listened to Brittany and struggled as to what to do.

"I can come and pick you up" Brittany said, "Please Jo? I really do wanna see you."

"OK, me too" Joanna said as she ran her fingers through her hair.

"Really?" Brittany asked.

"You know I do Logan" Joanna said as she got up, "We'll pick Rose up and make sure she gets home."

"You're a horrible liar, you know that?" Brittany giggled as Joanna said, "Bite my ass."

"I've done it before" Brittany said as she laughed and Joanna blushed and picked up her coat as Jessie noticed.

"Meet me at the bus stop ok?"

"You got it my girl" Brittany said as they hung up.

"Rose in trouble?" Jessie asked as Joanna hung up.

"Yeh...she's...ummm...drunk and out of control and me and Logan gotta go and pick her ass up" Joanna said. "I'm sorry Jess."

"Hey it's ok" Jessie said as she kissed her softly. "You know your the only girl I'm crazy about."

"But..." Joanna started as Jessie kissed her softly and pushed her down the steps. "Go help your friend and I'll see you tommorrow, we'll get back to what we were gonna do."

"Yeh, yeh ok" Joanna said as she looked at Jessie one last time from the bottom of the steps and felt her stomach again turning inside out as she tried to figure out what to do. "Goodbye, Jessie..."

To be Continued....