Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 68 " your arms I'll love again"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"But...but...but I have a girlfriend" Jessie mumbled in her sleep. After the conversation with Stephanie the previous night, she went to bed with that still on her mind. Waking up a few times and laying there in the dark thinking about some of the things that had happened. Like the kiss in her bedroom, which still made Jessie think Steph was a lot more interested than she let on. Then the copter conversation, which pretty much confirmed Jessie's suspicion, and then the obvious moments of flirting and the not so obvious ones. Slipping back to sleep, she relived the moment in the hallway were Steph showed her the picture. But instead of them being alone, this time Joanna was standing beside her and watched as Jessie pulled Stephanie to her and said, "I've made my mind up, I want you."

"What in the fuck was that?" Jessie asked as she was snapped awake by the ringing of the telephone. "What's going on with me?"

"What?" Jessie asked grumpily as she picked up the phone after it had rung for the fifth time.

"Get up and talk to me" Stephanie said as Jessie felt her beat faster, that warm feeling that was becoming common place by now washing over her and a smile spread across her face.

"Steph?" Jessie asked as she jumped up in the bed excitedly.

"Yeh, did I wake you up?" She asked with a giggle.

"No I always get up at 15 minutes after 5" Jessie said as Stephanie laughed.

"Well I wanted to hear your voice before school" Stephanie said. "And I don't care if you were sleeping."

"Yeh well you better be glad that I like you" Jessie said as she yawned. "You are so gonna get it this weekend."

"Yeh I can't wait" Stephanie said, "I miss you already."

"I miss you t0o" Jessie said softly.

"Do you really?" Stephanie asked, "Or do you just say that cause I'm annoying you at five fifteen?"

"Well I was just dreaming about you" Jessie said and then covered her mouth, not meaning to let that cat out of the bag.

"Yeh I'd be touched if you were" Stephanie said with a giggle.

"For your information I was" Jessie said as Stephanie's giggling stopped.

"What was I doing then?" Stephanie asked, "Wet dream huh?"

"God you are the most sex obsessed virgin I ever met" Jessie said as Stephanie laughed. "And no it was not a wet dream. I better not say anything, I don't wanna make you feel weird."

"Tell me" Stephanie said softly. "I'm serious..."


"Tell me, it must be something good" Stephanie said, "Is it?"

"It wasn't bad, no" Jessie said, "You really wanna know?"

"Yes I do"

"Ok" Jessie said with a deep breath and went on, "It was about when you showed me that picture in the hall way, and instead of us being alone, Joanna was there, and suddenly I pushed her away and pulled you close to me and said to you, I made my mind up, I want you."

"And in your arms I'll love again" Stephanie said softly as Jessie's mind reeled as she couldn't for the life of her figure out what that meant until she remembered what happened by the cove and her singing the song to Steph.

"Actually, it's in my arms you'll love again" Jessie said.

"Same difference Jess" Stephanie said. "You really had that dream?"

"Yeh" Jessie said, "I know it's weird..."

"No it's not" Stephanie said softly, "Not weird at all."

"It's not?" Jessie asked.

"I just said it wasn't" Stephanie giggled as Jessie rolled her eyes then being stopped in mid breath by Stephanie's next statement. "It wouldn't be so bad if you looked at me like that."

" wanna repeat that?" Jessie asked in a stammer.

"No, you heard me" Stephanie said, "Deal with it."

"Ok, wanna be lesbo" Jessie said in a rush of confidence. "If you like that idea so much then come get me and I'll show you exactly what I'm feeling...I mean what's it like. Now what you gonna do?"

"I'll be there in a couple of hours then" Stephanie said as Jessie's jaw dropped open as she heard her say, "See ya then, bye Jess."

"Steph, this is not funny" Jessie said as she heard dead silence on the other end of the line. "Hello? Stephanie, come on, talk to me. HELLOOO?"

 ** ** ** Meanwhile @ Joanna's Apartment, an hour or so later

"Hey baby, wake up it's almost 7" Brittany said sweetly as she rubbed Joanna's cheek softly, "You ok? Sleep good?"

"Yeh I did" Joanna said as she smiled at Brittany. "Course after last night I can kiss whatever I had with Jessie goodbye."

"Good news" Brittany said.

"Well it's not to me" Joanna said as she started to slip out of bed and felt brittany hug her from behind.

"I don't know what your stressing about, we didn't do anything" Brittany said, "We drove around and you let me spend the night."

"You honestly think Jessie is going be ok with that?" Joanna asked as Brittany wreslted her to the mattress and before Joanna knew what was happening she was on her back with Brittany sitting across her stomach.

"Who cares what she thinks, you don't love her" Brittany said as she covered Joanna's mouth, "Joanna Marie, you know you don't, and you also know you still love me."

"That doesn't mean I wanna hurt her" Joanna said. "I think she's in love with someone else anyway."

"You serious?" Brittany asked.

"Yeh she has a friend named Stephanie in Indiana and well it's complicated but I heard her last night on the phone tell her she loved her" Joanna said, "Talk about a wake-up call."

"She didn't know you heard her?" Brittany asked.

"No, I was at the bottom of the steps" Joanna said. "I wasn't trying to spy on her but it just happened. It really hurt."

"Then why the fuck are you still worried about how she feels?" Brittany asked as she grabbed Joanna's hair said in a growl. "Do something about it, show her you're not her personal plaything."

"What do you suggest, like I gotta ask" Joanna said with a devilish grin, "Does it involve you and me naked?"

"No for once it does not" Brittany said as she rolled off Joanna and slipped into her shoes, "You're gonna stand up to her, and dump her worthless ass."

"Brittany it's more complicated than that" Joanna said as Brittany grabbed her car keys and pulled Joanna off the bed. "Stop!"

"Ok, look" Brittany said as she thought for a moment before going on. "Do you think I love you? Answer me Joanna Marie."

"I'm just confused right now" Joanna said as Brittany smiled and said pateiently, "I do, I love you."

"You're not just saying that?" Joanna asked as she touched her face gently.

"What have I got to gain by loving you?" Brittany asked as she leaned close and waited a moment to see if Joanna would pull away before kissing her softly. "There is no one else with me Jo, nobody but you that is."

"But you left me once already" Joanna said softly as she let her lips linger near Brittany's.

"Yeh and you know why" Brittany said softly as she playfully pulled Joanna's hair into her face and laughed. "Next time I'm taking you with me."

"Next time?"  Joanna asked as Brittany smiled.

"If, I'm saying, if" Brittany said, "I got a feeling he's gonna figure out where I went to sooner or later."

"Do I get to be with you?" Joanna asked with a smile as Brittany grinned.

"You sure do" Brittany said, "Might be kinda fun at that. Me and you on the run."


"I think it would" Brittany said as Joanna smiled and suddenly saw Britt's eyes go wide with fear.

"He's back" Brittany said as she pointed at the window at a guy lurking around her car.

"How do you know?" Joanna asked as she looked out the window too. "Maybe he likes the car."

"Get over here" Brittany said as she pulled Joanna out of front of the window into a corner. "What are we gonna do?"

"I need to get to my phone in my jacket and call Shady" Joanna said softly as Brittany hugged her from behind and they watched the guy try to open the door and finding out it was locked. "Britt, calm down."

"I'm not going back with him" Brittany said as tears ran down her face.

"I'm not not letting him take you either" Joanna said as Brittany hugged her tighter. "Get down on the floor and stay there. I'm gonna get my phone."

"Hello is anyone home?" Grey asked as he knocked at the door as Joanna reached her jacket and dialing Shady's number and listening to it ring a few times as the knocking came again only harder. "Pick up Shay, please."

"Brittany sweety I know your in there" Grey said with a smarmy voice.

"Yo?" Shady said as she picked up.

"Shady, oh my god you gotta help me" Joanna said in a hush voice, one which Shady could clearly hear was in a panic. "Some fuckin loser is after Britt and he's gonna break my door any second."

"Who's Brittany?" Shady asked in confusion as the knocking came again only louder.

"My friend, look just get over here I know you got friends" Joanna said as the door rumbled from the pounding it was taking. "Help me please."

"I'm on my way Jo, don't worry no ones gonna hurt you" Shady said, "The cavalry's on it's way."

"Get over here" Joanna said to Brittany as she was froze in the corner. "Brittany get over here."

"No, I'm scared he's gonna hurt me" Brittany said in an all out panic as Grey began kicking at the door.

"Open up you little whore" He screamed as Joanna reached under her bed and grabbed a bat as the door gave way and Joanna looked into Grey's eyes. "I knew you were in here."

"I'm not Brittany you fuckin retard" Joanna said as she rose and took hold of the bat. "You're gonna die before you hurt her."

"And you're gonna stop me?" He asked, marching towards her as Joanna swung and missed and he lunged towards her and knocked the bat out of her hands. "Now what are you gonna do?"

"FUCK YOU GREY, YOU WANT ME, HERE I AM" Brittany screamed as she stood and got his attention, Joanna seeing her oppurtunity jumped on his back and clawed his eyes as he screamed and pulled her over his head and slammed her to the floor with a thud. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. STOP IT."

"She started it" Grey said as he picked Joanna up by the hair and acted as if he were gonna hit her but instead dragged her over to a terrified Brittany and said, "You're gonna watch while I rape her."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE JUST STOP" Brittany begged as he pushed her hard into the corner and threw a dazed Joanna back on to the bed.

"Never been with a real man huh whore?" He asked as he started tearing at Joanna's clothes as Brittany picked up the bat and swung and connected on Grey's arm. Hearing him scream in pain as he grabbed his wrist and lunged towards her and knocked her down and with it the bat. "Just for that, you're gonna get it next. Then mommy and daddy can have you."

"FUCK YOU" Joanna screamed from the bed, drawing Grey's attention back to her. "RUN BRITTANY, GO."

"NOOOOOOOOO!" She said as Grey seemingly paid no attention to Brittany and jerked Joanna to the end of the bed as she fought him as best she could. Brittany, deciding to try and go for help, ran for the door and made it to the front walk before she crashed into another man.

"NOOOOOOO" Brittany screamed, fearing Grey had a partner as the mystery man gently lifted her to feet.

"You Brittany?" He asked calmly.

"Yes, please don't let him hurt her he's gonna rape her" Brittany cried, "She's all I got, I'll go with you, please just stop him."

"My names Joey and I'm your dark angel sweet thang" He said in a charming voice with a smile to match, "He won't be hurting no one."

"Huh?" She asked as Joey stopped at the door and watched Grey shread Joanna's shirt as she screamed.


"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?" Grey said coming towards the door as Joey stepped inside and smiled and said, "I'm Batman. Shit for brains."

Joey ducked a wild haymaker a moment later and hit Grey square on the jaw with a right cross and waited for him to recover and make another attempt at a punch, one which missed wildly. Joey moved back and landed a sidekick to the jaw as Grey staggered and Joanna rose from the bed and reached for the bat. Dazed from two solid shots, Grey turned and attempted one last time to lung at Joanna as she moved and blasted him with the baseball bat to the knee. Joey smiled as Grey cried out and fell to the floor holding his knee. The crunching of the bone under the force of the bat echoing in the room.

"Get in the car and go" Joey said to Joanna as he took the bat with a sinister tone to his voice. Joanna turned to run outside as Joey pulled Grey to his feet and delivered a body shaking blow between his legs as Grey screamed for mercy and crumpled to the floor. Joanna watched as Joey pulled him up again by the hair back to his feet and screamed in his face, "YOU HAVING FUN YET?"

"OH MY GOD" Brittany said as she jumped into Joanna's arms and kissed her on the lips as Joanna took her hand and said, "Get in the car, and drive now."

"Where are we going?" Brittany asked as she pulled out and pulled into traffic as Joanna lay back in the seat and grimaced from the pain shooting up her back. "You ok?"

"Yeh just took a pretty shot on the floor" Joanna said as she laid back and took a deep breath, "I'm fine Britt, just drive."

"Where to?" She asked a second time. "And who the hell is Joey?"

"Ohhhhhh, Shady's friend I think" Joanna said, "He showed up a couple of times when Shady's big mouth got us into trouble."

"I thought he said Batman" She asked as Joanna laughed.

"They call him Batman cause he wears black all the time" Joanna said, "He's a sweet guy really, just don't fuck with him."

"I can see that" Brittany said as her nerves seemed to come back to normal as they drove. "And will you please tell me somewhere we can go?"

"Jessie's" Joanna said as Brittany slowed and stopped at a red light and gave her a look of disbelieve. "Trust me, let's just get this over with."

"Excuse me?" Brittany asked, "Get what over with?"

"I'm gonna tell Jessie about us" Joanna said as Brittany smiled. "She doesn't love me anyway. But I still care a lot about her and we are gonna tell her everything."

"We? Meaning me too?" Brittany asked.

"For me?" Joanna asked.

"For you" Brittany said as she touched Joanna's hand and laced their fingers.

 ** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor

"Mornin CoCo" Jessie said as she came to the bottom of the steps and saw Cori standing by the door and holding the teddy bear Kile gave her. "Cori? You ok?"


"Ok, what's wrong?" Jessie asked as she moved in front of her.

"It's nothing" Cori said softly.

"Cori, I know I'm not Joey, but we used to be friends too" Jessie said, "I'm here for you."

"I don't wanna hurt Kile" Cori said softly.

"You mean your dad?" Jessie asked in confusion.

"No he's not, well he don't feel like it" Cori said, "My dad is Rick, and he said he loves me."

"He does" Jessie said as Cori smiled, "You might as well face it, you're stuck with us."

"I like that" Cori said with a smile. "But what about Kile? He looked so hurt yesterday."

"What do you want?" Jessie asked, "You could get to know him you know."


"Call him" Jessie said, "We could make him a video and my friend Stephanie takes pictures she could take some of you to send to him."

"I've got sisters too you know?" Cori said looking down.

"I know" Jessie said making her look up, "And they would love to get to know you. I bet."

"I just don't wanna go and stay with him" Cori said as Jessie hugged her.

"No one will make you go" Jessie said, "No one."

"You smell so pretty" Cori said as Jessie grinned and said, "Thanks."

"Where's the bear from?"

"Kile" Cori said softly. "He's pretty huh?"

"Cori Tyler, Joey's gonna be jealous of your new friend Teddy" Jessie said as Cori laughed.

"She can just get over it" Cori said with a grin. "She knows she's more important to me."

"What about my ideas?" Jessie asked.

"How do we make a video?" Cori asked. "Would it be fun?"

"I'd say so" Jessie said, "Course once he gets the video and sees how goofy you are, he'll change his mind and decide to let us keep you."

"Huh?" Cori asked as Jessie started to laugh as she backed away and Cori came after her. Moving a lot faster than normal as Jessie kept backing away and Cori said, "Come back here Jessie."

"Whoa, Cori look at you" Jessie said as Cori looked back and realized how far she'd made it. "You were almost running."

"I was" Cori said excitedly as Jessie grabbed her and hugged her.

"You sure were" Jessie said as she kissed Cori's cheek and Cori looked at her strangely.

"What?" Jessie asked as Cori rubbed her cheek and seemed to be deep in thought. "Well?"

"Before my accident, did I break you and Katie up?" Cori asked as Jessie's whole body went nearly numb with shock. "Did I?"

"Why what do you remember?"

"Kissing you" Cori said, "It's foggy, but it was like in some parking lot."

"No Cori, you didn't break us up" Jessie said, "What you're talking about was a lifetime ago."

"But I kissed you" She said.

"Mmmm-hmmmm" Jessie said, "At one time I really had a thing for you."

"What kinda thing?" Cori asked as Jessie laughed and said, "I had crush on you, maybe more I'm not sure really."

"Did I like you?" Cori asked as Jessie took her hand and led her into kitchen and sat down at the kitchen table.

"Yes you did" Jessie said, "You said right before you got hurt that you loved me."

"Seriously?" Cori asked.

"Yeh and I said I loved you" Jessie said, "And at the time I guess I felt that way."

"You don't no more?" Cori asked.

"I do love you" Jessie said, "But in a different way, that was a lifetime ago Cori, and you were a lot different back then."

"I get that" Cori said, "Apparently not many people liked me."

"I don't really know" Jessie said, "But I do know, now we all love you."

"That's more important" Cori said softly.

"Yes it is" Jessie said, "Much more important, cause now you a family who will fight like hell for you."

"Me too" Cori said, "I mean I love you guys too."

"Mornin girls" Rick said as he came into the kitchen.

"Mornin Dad" Jessie and Cori said in unison as both then started to giggle. Rick shook his head as Lily came in and put the coffee on.

"Mom, Dad" Cori said, "Can I make a video to send to Kile?"

"If that's what you wanna do" Lily said as Cori looked to Rick who was opening the paper.

"I think that's a great idea" Rick said, "but let's wait a few days and let him calm down and then you call him and tell him ok?"

"Ok" Cori said as she kissed Rick on the cheek and took the comics away from him as he laughed and pulled out the chair beside him as Cori sat down. "I wonder what Marmaduke did today?"

"I'll get it" Jessie said as the doorbell rang. Getting half way down the hall she looked in stunned disbelieve at what she saw. Joanna was barely standing with her arm hung over a girl, Jessie didn't know. Running to the door and jerking it open she saw Joanna's shirt was nearly off her body as she looked up and said, "I'm ok Jess, can we come in?"

"Of course" Jessie said as she took Joanna's other arm and helped her inside. Having her sit down on the couch in the living room. "What happened?"

"I did" Brittany said, "I mean, not I beat her up, but she was just trying to protect me."

"But, who are you?" Jessie asked.

"My names Brittany Lang" Brittany said, "I'm sorry for all of this."

"It's not your fault" Joanna said as Jessie noticed their fingers wrapping around each other.  

"Someone please tell me what happened" Jessie said.

"I'm being chased by this fruit loop and he found me this morning at Joanna's place" Brittany said, "And he broke in and tried to rape her."

"Oh my god" Jessie said.

"I'm ok, Jess" Joanna said. "Just a little banged up."

"Are you guys friends or what?" Jessie asked and saw the nervous glance they exchanged.

"It's a long story" Joanna said as she took a deep breath. "Can I have a couple of aspirin?"

"Of course" Jessie said as Lily came into the room and nearly fainted at what she saw.

"Sweetheart, what happened?" Lily asked as Joanna smiled and said, "I wish people would quit asking me that."

"Come on get up" Lily said, "I'm gonna get you another shirt and put some ice on those scrapes."

"No, really I'm fine" Joanna said.

"Ok, Jessie you don't let her leave, I'm gonna go get some ice and young lady you will use it" Lily said as she left the room.

"How about that story now?" Jessie asked as Brittany and Joanna both looked at her.

"Jessie, Brittany is my ex girlfriend" Joanna said.

"You told me..."

"I know, and the reason is...well Brittany left and it was just so new that I just couldn't handle talking about it" Joanna said.

"So you guys are over?" Jessie asked but knowing that was probably not the case.

"No" Brittany said as she took Joanna's hand. "I came back to Chicago for her."

"Yeh" Jessie said as she felt the air leave her lungs. "So you been screwing her behind my back?"

"No" Joanna said softly, "I kissed her one time Jess, and she spent the night at my place. But we haven't done anything."

"Why not?" Jessie asked, "She just told me she came back for you."

"Because of you" Joanna said as Jessie's heart raced. "I was confused about what to do, my feelings for you were real and then Brittany showed back up."

"Were? Meaning they've changed?"

"I heard you tell Stephanie last night on the phone you loved her" Joanna said with a hurt look. "I knew you were into her but not that much."

"I said I love you girl" Jessie said pleadingly. "As in I love you, you're my best friend. I wasn't declaring my love for her."

"Sure could have fooled me after this past weekend" Joanna said as Jessie's heart sank, "You didn't even barely think before running off with her to take those fuckin naked pictures."

"SHUT UP" Jessie hissed, "My parents are just in there. God what did I do so bad?"

"That" Joanna said, "Now if you want her you can have her."

"I don't fuckin want her" Jessie said as she rose to her feet, "I've tried to tell you that, but you're too into your own delusions to fuckin listen to me."

"Jessie, I saw the way you look at her" Joanna said as Jessie stopped cold. "I saw the way you looked at her while she...took those..."

"I wasn't looking at her, it was the camera" Jessie countered and willed herself to believe that.

"And all those other times?" Joanna asked. "Jessie you're trying so hard to prove me wrong, you won't even let yourself feel it."

"Oh my god" Jessie said as the phone call from earlier came back to her as it suddenly hit her like a ton of bricks. Slumping back to the couch in shock, she said simply, "You're right."

"I know" Joanna said as she grimaced while sliding over to Jessie's side and putting an arm around her. "Listen, can we just not hate each other?"

"Yeh....ok" Jessie said in shock as she finally let herself feel everything she had been fighting so hard not to. That same warm feeling came over her and her heart raced as she relived every moment of the phone call just a couple of hours past. "But she's straight and I..."

"Jess, that girl loves you" Joanna said with a smile as Jessie looked at her. "She does."

"Oh my god" Jessie said as she ran her fingers through her hair and tried to regain her senses. "I must have really hurt you."

"Yeh" Joanna said, "But you didn't do it on purpose."

"I swear I'm so clueless" Jessie said as Joanna and Brittany laughed. "It's been there the whole time."

"I just really saw it this past weekend" Joanna said, "You ok?"

"In shock" Jessie said. "Are you in love with her?"

"Oh...." Joanna stammered as Jessie looked at the two of them. "Just tell me."

"I love her yes, and I have for a long time" Brittany said, "Not sure about her."

"Yeh I do Jess" Joanna said as Jessie shook her head. "She's...."

"You proved how much you loved me a few minutes ago" Brittany said as she laid against Joanna's chest. "If you hadn't been there, he would have hurt me and bad."

"You protected her?" Jessie asked as Lily came back into the room with an ace bandage, ice in a plastic bag and a clean t-shirt.

"Don't you dare argue with me" Lily said as she motioned for Joanna to stand. "Put this on your head and lay down here, don't argue with me."

"Yeh ma'am" Joanna said with an amused look on her face as she laid down with the ice on her forehead.  

"Here take these" Lily said as she handed some aspirin to her with some water.

"Can I please talk to you?" Brittany asked as she moved next to Jessie. "In private?"

"Ok, Mom we'll be back in a second" Jessie said as Lily looked back and watched them exit on to the porch as she tended to Joanna.

"Yeh?" Jessie asked nervously as Brittany suddenly began to cry and covered her face with her hands. "What's wrong?"

"Thank you" Brittany said as she wiped her tears away and tried to stop, "For giving me Joanna back."

"I didn't..." Jessie started before Brittany touched her hands and said, "Yes, you did, Joanna would never have let me back in her heart without you saying it was ok, I really believe that."

"You just better be good to her" Jessie said as Brittany smiled. "Cause she's just one of those people you care about, no matter what."

"Yes she is" Brittany said as a car pulled up in the driveway as both looked to see who it was. "Smokin Mustang."

"That's my best friend Sarah's" Jessie said as Sarah and Grace emerged from the car and Jessie noticed how nice both were dressed. Grace looked like a million bucks she thought in a pair of tight jeans and Sarah's leather jacket. Sarah also looked quiet nice too, Jessie thought, blue jeans and Grace's jean jacket sure made her look like a head turner. Shaking herself back to reality, she watched Brittany's mouth drop open.  

"Brittany?" Grace asked in shock as she came onto the porch. "What are you doing here?"

"Long story" Brittany said as Jessie looked at Grace and then Sarah as she walked up. Reaching back she pulled the front door closed before turning and saying in a teasing voice, "You three are sluts."

"What? Why?" Sarah asked as she pushed Jessie playfully.

"I heard about your little adventure here" Jessie said as Sarah stopped and looked at her in shock. "Thought you didn't do those type of things, Marsha."

"I talked them into it" Brittany said as Jessie turned to her and asked, "And since when do you go sleeping with two other girls when your supposedly love Joanna so much?"

"That was before I ever saw Joanna again" Brittany said calmly. "I wouldn't have done it had I been able to find her first."

"And we did it cause we wanted too" Grace said with emphasis on the word, we, as she put her arms around Sarah's neck. "We made the decision together and it didn't hurt anyone. So back off sis."

"But..." Jessie said as Sarah and Grace laughed. "It's just so weird thinking of you two doing that."

"Wait, talk about weird" Sarah said as she looked at Brittany, "So you're with Joanna now? But she was Jessie's girlfriend right?"

"I'll give you the quick version ok?" Brittany said as she reeled off the short version of the story as Sarah and Grace listened.

"Wow" Grace said as she looked at Jessie, "You're ok with all this?"

"Yeh" Jessie said with a smile, "I'm sorta of into someone else and Joanna helped me realize that."

"Who?" Sarah asked as she poked Jessie in the stomach. "Is it me Jan?"

"No it's not, Marsha" Jessie said as she wrestled with Sarah as Grace rolled her eyes and walked inside.

"Mom?" Grace asked as she stopped in the living room and saw Lily sitting beside Joanna. "Is everything ok?"

"Yeh I'm fine, your mom's just forcing me to lay here under my own protest" Joanna said with a laugh. "Free Joanna!"

"Why are you so dressed up for?" Lily asked as she stood and walked across the room to Grace. "You look so beautiful dressed up like that."

"Thanks Mom" Grace said as she nervously looked back and waited for Sarah before going on. "Sarah, get in here."

"OK, OK" Sarah said through a laugh as Jessie chased after her into the house and behind Lily.

"Protect me Mom" Sarah said, "She's being mean to your favorite daughter."

"Will you two stop" Lily said with a laugh.

"We're leaving for Florida this morning" Grace said as Lily snapped her attention back to Grace.

"You are what?" Lily asked in surprise.

"Yeh we made the reservations last night online" Grace said as she took a deep breath, "Mom please don't make a big deal about this."

"Yeh we're leaving from O'Hare at noon today" Sarah said as she moved next to Grace. "And we're coming back on friday, so it's not a big deal."

"Well we talked about this...but..." Lily said as she saw Sarah hug Grace.

"Mom, I have my cell and Sarah has plenty of money" Grace said, "I swear to you we'll be safe."

"We'll call you from Charlotte when we land" Sarah said as she slipped behind Grace and hugged her. Laying her chin on Grace's shoulder.

"Charlotte, but I thought you said, this man lived in Naples...ummm..Florida?" Lily asked.

"Lay over" Sarah said as she looked to Grace and asked, "and then we land in Tampa or Fort Meyers?"

"See why she needs me?" Grace asked as Sarah smiled and kissed her neck softly and said, "I sure do."

"Girls, that is just a long way to go by yourself"  Lily said, "And what about school?"

"We're out on friday" Grace said, "I'm pretty much up to date on my work, so I won't miss hardly anything."

"I graduate in January so I'm pretty much just coasting I don't even really have to be there" Sarah said.

"You do?" Jessie said as Sarah giggled and nodded her head yes. "Bet they can't wait to get rid of you."

"You're lucky I'm leaving or I'd beat you" Sarah said as she came after Jessie as both laughed. Jessie barely made her getaway as she went rumbling up the stairs as Sarah chased her to the bottom of the steps.

"Come and get me Marsha" Jessie said teasingly from the top of the stairs as Sarah started up them and stopped as Jessie laughed headed on up to her room. Still laughing as she fell down on the bed, she couldn't believe all that had happened this morning. Slipping out of her pajama's and into some clean clothes, she thought about Joanna and Brittany and secretly hoped that Brittany did love her. Pulling at the tangles in her hair, she heard someone tap on her door. "Come on up."

"Hey I'm leaving" Joanna said, now wearing one of Jessie's old t-shirts, with a smile on her face that Jessie couldn't quite figure out.

"You feelin ok?" Jessie asked, "Why are you smiling like that?"

"You won't believe who's downstairs" Joanna said with that same smile.

"Who?" Jessie asked.

"I'm not telling you" Joanna said, "And yes I'm fine."

"Who it is then?" Jessie asked.

"You want me to tell them to come on up?" Joanna asked mysteriously.

"Well, apparently you're not gonna tell me" Jessie said as she hugged Joanna warmly, "I'm gonna miss you so much."

"You two, JFine" Joanna said with a smile as she leaned in and kissed her softly, letting it linger for a moment as Jessie moved her lips against Joanna's for an instant and wondered if she was making a mistake as her beat faster and Joanna pulled away with a dazed look on her face. Feeling the same exact thing Jessie thought. "And we can still be friends?"

"Yeh, I don't see why not" Jessie said as Joanna looked as if she were about to cry as she flashed Jessie the 'love' sign and held it to her heart as she disappeared down the steps. Taking a deep breath and trying to clear her mind, she sat down on the bed and smiled, despite herself, she smiled and felt warm all over. Standing back up and slippin into her shoes, she walked to the top of steps and reached for her back pack as a light knocking came at the door. Jessie rolled her eyes as she said to herself, "Girl just can't get enough of me."

"Come on in...again" Jessie giggled as the door opened and Jessie's jaw dropped when she saw who it was. "OH MY GOD!"

To be Continued....