Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 69 "In My Arms You'll Love Again"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"OH MY GOD!" Jessie screamed in shock at the face smiling at her from the bottom of the stairs. "You came, you really came."

"I said I would" Stephanie said with a sweet smile as she made her way up the steps.

"Get your ass up here" Jessie said as she hugged her and felt like she never wanted to let her go again and felt Stephanie hug her back in what she thought was the same manner. "Oh my god I'm so glad to see you, you just have no idea."

"Me?" Stephanie said as she felt her hands shaking slightly as she held Jessie.

"Yesss, you" Jessie said, "Joanna and I just broke up."

"But I saw her leaving and she was smiling" Stephanie said.

"It wasn't a horrible break up, we agreed I was in love with someone else and so was she" Jessie said as she bit her lip and gently touched Stephanie's face and heard herself say before she could stop it. "God I am so crazy about you...I mean..."

"I know what you mean" Stephanie said with a flirty smile. "So who is it your heart belongs to now?"

"You don't wanna know" Jessie said as she resisted the urge to just kiss her. "You'll think I'm crazy..."

"Is it me?" Stephanie asked as Jessie froze and saw the smile on Stephanie's face and said in a barely audible whisper, "No, Steph you couldn't..."

"But what if I said I do?" Stephanie as her heart raced, little did she know but Jessie's was on the same pace.

"You better not be playing a game, cause I swear..." Jessie said as she was stopped in mid-sentance by Stephanie's hand on her cheek as she leaned closer and touched her forehead to Jessie's.

"Kiss me" She said as Jessie smiled, "Kiss me and find out."

"So beautiful..." Jessie said in a barely audible voice as Stephanie smiled and leaned in and softly pressed her lips to Jessie's. Feeling her mind almost go numb in shock, Jessie some how managed to get her lips to move in time to Stephanie's and all too soon she felt Stephanie pull away. Opening her eyes she saw Stephanie smile brightly and lick her lips seductively. "Please tell me you mean that."

"I do" Stephanie said softly as she pressed her lips to Jessie's again and this time, kissed her slowly as she licked at Jessie's upper lip and felt Jessie's tongue meet hers. Moaning quietly into Stephanie's mouth now Jessie massaged her tongue with Steph's and felt the numbness began to wear off as the excitement of this new developement set it. Touching her hand again to Stephanie's cheek, she felt Stephanie's hand touch hers as they kissed. Feeling Stephanie lace their fingers together as they parted again. Both smiling into the other's eyes, "So is that what's it like?"

"Yeh" Jessie said softly as she couldn't help kissing her once more for a long moment. Letting it linger in a sizzling fashion. "You like?"

"Well I'm not resisting anymore" Stephanie asked as Jessie giggled.

"I noticed that" Jessie said softly.

"Your eyes, your smile" Stephanie said as she squeezed her fingers around Jessie's, "You are just simply irresistable."

"Keep talking..." Jessie said with a playful smile, "'s getting hard to resist."

"What can't you resist?" Stephanie asked as she boldly licked across Jessie's bottom lip, "Huh?"

"Your body" Jessie said as Stephanie opened her eyes as if to say, "Oh really?"

"Your tan, oh my that tan" Jessie said, "I've spent so many moments thinking about it."

"Well I kinda did have you in mind when I started working on it" Stephanie said, "Wanted to impress you."

"I'm impressed, I'm impressed" Jessie said as both giggled. "I also like the way you look at me."

"I just love stairing into your eyes" Stephanie said as she kissed her softly. "And I never thought I'd say this, but I really like kissing you."

"So which do you like more?" Jessie asked as Stephanie blushed and said, "Don't make me pick?"

"I'm just so happy right now" Jessie said, "God this feels amazing."

"I know" Stephanie said, "I was worried all the way up here about what would happen when I saw you. I even stopped to get gas and almost turned back, but I just wanted to see you sooo bad. I kept fighting myself and now..."

"Yeh?" Jessie asked as her heart beat faster and she prayed Stephanie wasn't regretting coming.

"I just don't care anymore. I wanna be with you, that's all I know" Stephanie said softly. "You seriously changed my entire life with just one visit."

"I don't know....what to say" Jessie said softly as Stephanie smiled and whispered, "Tell you me you wanna be with me too."

"Of course I do, of course I do, come here" Jessie said as she suddenly got an idea as she pulled Steph by the hand over beside the bed and both laughed as they looked at it nervously, "No not that, god you have a dirty mind."

"Then what?" Stephanie asked as Jessie turned around and clicked the power button on her boom box and clicked play as she selected the track she wanted. Stephanie's eyes opened in surprise as Jessie slipped arms back around her neck and the first simple chords of the song, "True To His Word" began to play. "I love this song."

"And I love you" Jessie said as Stephanie looked at her to see if she was serious and realizing she was, leaned in and kissed her softly.

"And I love you too" Stephanie said as Jessie excitedly hugged her and Stephanie again wrapped her arms around Jessie, "God this feels so good."

"You're in love Stephanie Lynn Dimitri" Jessie said as she kissed her softly and said, "And I am the one you love."

"You are so right" Stephanie said as the chorus on the song played for the first time and Jessie began to softly sing, starring deep into Stephanie's eyes, "I'll be true to his words. The heart he broke I will earn."

"Yeh?" Stephanie said as Jessie stroked her fingers through Steph's hair as she went on, "In my arms you'll love again."

"I love that line" Stephanie said as she kissed Jessie softly and pulled her closer as the song played.

"It's true, you are" Jessie said.

"I know" Stephanie said, "I could spend the whole day right here and never move."

"I could too" Jessie said as they kissed again.

"Jessie, honey" Lily said from the bottom of the stairs as Jessie and Stephanie jumped apart and both blushed.

"Yeh?" Jessie asked as she took Stephanie's hand and laced their fingers together as she walked to the top of the stairs.

"You're dad just left for work and I'm going in for a couple of hours to fill in at the station" Lily said, "I'm gonna take Cori with me and show her around."

"Wait, Mom" Jessie said as she and Stephanie walked down the steps. Lily noticed right away that both seemed to be glowing from head to toe and then looking down she saw them holding hands. "Someone I want you to meet."

"Stephanie" Lily said, "Joanna introduced me a while ago."

"No, wait, this is Stephanie Dimitri" Jessie said and both could tell Lily was taken slightly aback by that announcement. "August Dimitri is her Uncle."

"Oh, wow" Lily said as Stephanie smiled nervously. "I'm not sure what to say."

"Stephanie had nothing to do with what Grace did with August" Jessie said firmly, "I wanted you to meet her cause, well, I'm in love with her."

"In love?" Lily asked in surprise, "Jessie honey isn't that a bit soon?"

"No" Jessie said, "I was in love with her all along I just, I dunno, didn't know it till Joanna forced me to face it."

"It's nice to meet you, Stephanie, again" Lily said, "And you don't have to feel uncomfortable about being here. If Jessie is that crazy about you, I'm sure we'll get along fine."

"Thank you" Stephanie said quitely, "I feel the same way about Jessie too."

"Well, I'm off, Cori's waiting in the car" Lily said with one last smile as she soon disappeared down the stairs. Jessie took a deep breath as her and Stephanie looked at each other and a sense of relief washed over both of them. Smiling again, Jessie touched moved her hand to Stephanie's cheek and cupping her chin she drew their lips together.  

"MMMMMMM god I love kissing you" Jessie said and watched Stephanie blush, "What?"

"It's just all so new and I'm just so glad I'm here with you" Stephanie said as Jessie grinned and kissed her again as both licked their lips and began laughing. "How about we tell Grace? And Sarah?"

"They here?" Stephanie asked excitedly.

"Yeh I think" Jessie said, "Sarah's going to Florida to find her dad or something like that, but they should still be here."  

"Wanna have some fun with them?" Stephanie asked as she got an evil grin on her face.

"Like how?"

"Let's pretend nothings going on" Stephanie said as the smile left Jessie's face, "No, Jess, I don't mean I don't wanna tell them or I wanna hide it, I just wanna fuck with them."

"Ok go on" Jessie said as she pressed her body to Stephanie's and again began to play with her hair.

"Walk into the kitchen with me and follow my lead" Stephanie said, "Just act casual, and then when you hear me say..."


"We need a signal" Stephanie said.

"How about I just grab your butt?" Jessie said with a giggle and seeing Stephanie's eyes light up with interest as she said, "Oh that's so perfect and you try and get me to kiss you. Play it up real good."

"And then we kiss?" Jessie asked.

"Oh yeah" Stephanie said as she kissed her softly. "Just like that, MMMMMMMM only longer."

"This is gonna kill Sarah" Jessie said with a giggle, "After what we did to them last time."

"It just might" Stephanie said as both laughed and Jessie started down the hall before she felt Stephanie stop her and hug her from behind. "Just so you know, I really am in love with you."

"Same here" Jessie said as she touched Stephanie's cheek and both smiled as they headed down the steps finally and down the hall way into the kitchen. Stopping just before the entrance and getting their giggling out of the way, Stephanie being surprised as Jessie kissed her again and coining a phrase in the moment, "Game on."

"STEPHANIE?" Sarah asked in excitement as she and Grace got up and greeted her with a warm hug at the same time.

"Hey guys" Stephanie said as she gave Jessie a devilish smile.

"What in the world are you doing here?" Sarah asked she pulled Stephanie down by her and Grace.

"Yeh it's been forever since you called or anything" Grace said.

"I know, I just wanted to come and see you guys" Stephanie said, "Apparently you were never coming back down to see me."

"They probably got bored the first time" Jessie said with a giggle as Stephanie looked at her in mock horror.

"We did not" Grace said as Jessie shrugged and Sarah could swear she looked different this morning.

"You should hang for a while" Sarah said, "Keep Jessie company till we get back."

"You're going to find your dad?" Stephanie asked.

"Yeh, me and Grace are leaving in about an hour" Sarah said, "Get to the airport early."

"You're just so hot" Jessie said from the counter as she looked at Stephanie. Sarah looked over and saw a different look in Jessie's eyes as she staired at Stephanie.

"You talking to me?" Stephanie asked as she stood and confronted Jessie, "I'm about tired of you hitting on me."

"Yeh, knock it off" Sarah said as she moved in front of Stephanie, "You're making her uncomfortable."

"But it's true" Jessie said as Stephanie signaled her to go for it. "That body just rocks."

"You know what I'm leaving if you don't shut up" Stephanie said and again signaled Jessie to go for the butt slap.

"Knock it off Jan" Sarah said seriously as Jessie leaned across the counter and grabbed a handful of Stephanie's butt cheek and giggled as Stephanie jumped away, acting horrified and playing her part to a tee, Jessie thought.

"Baby, gimme some of that" Jessie said as Stephanie almost lost it as her hand went to her mouth to cover her smile.

"That's enough Jess" Grace said as she stood, "You ok, Steph?"

"Yeh I'm ok" Stephanie said, selling the fact that it upset her.

"I'm gonna kick your ass if you don't stop" Sarah said as her anger began to flare.

"Bite me Marsha" Jessie said as she pushed past her and moved in front of Stephanie and said, "Tell me you didn't like it and I'll stop."

"Well..." Stephanie said as Sarah and Grace watched in shock as Jessie leaned in and kissed Steph softly for a long moment.

"JESSIE!" Sarah and Grace both screamed at the time.

"What? She liked it I bet" Jessie said as everyone's attention turned to Steph as she seductively licked her lips and said to Jessie, "That wasn't that bad, try it again?"

"Huh?" Sarah asked as her body went numb with shock as she watched them kiss again. Jessie's hand gently touching Stephanie's face as their lips fell in time with the others, Jessie pulled away and made a show out of licking Stephanie's lips and kissing her again. Trading her tongue for Steph's as they massaged the others softly and gently. It now being Stephanie's turn to playfully lick at Jessie's lips as they switched sides and kissed like lovers now, their lips in perfect time with the others as they massaged tongues in a french kiss.

"MMMMMMMMM damn Jessie, what have I been missing?" Stephanie said as she kissed her one more time.

"Yeh, see that's what I was dying to do all along" Jessie said.

"From now on you can do that anytime you want" Stephanie said as she pulled Jessie into her arms.

"Holy shit knobs" Sarah said as both Jessie and Stephanie looked to her and Grace. Both having a look of total disbelieve over what they had just witnessed.

"I think we sold that pretty good" Jessie said as her and Stephanie started laughing.

"WHAT?" Sarah said as Grace grabbed into the counter to hold herself up. "YOU WERE FUCKIN KIDDING?"

"OH...MY....GOD....JAN...SHIT...HER ...PANTS" Jessie said between laughs as her and Stephanie lost their breath and fell to the floor.

"Jess, Jess, look at Grace" Stephanie said as they broke up laughing again as they saw Grace's stunned expression.

"I thought you were straight" Sarah said to Stephanie as her and Jessie got back to their feet, still giggling.

"God that was so funny" Stephanie said as she wrapped her arms around Jessie, "You guys are so easy."

"You fuckin kissed her like you liked it" Sarah said as she again noticed the look in Jessie and Stephanie's eyes.

"I did" Stephanie said as she hugged Jessie tighter. "I'm in love with her."

"Oh yeah sure" Sarah said, "and I'm Ronald Fuckin McDonald."

"Sarah it's true" Jessie said, "That kiss was real."

"Ok I get it, you got me good, ha ha ha" Sarah said as she started to leave the room when Grace grabbed her arm and stopped her and said, "Look."

"And I love her too" Jessie said as she turned and put her arms around Stephanie's neck and kissed her. "We were playing, but Steph was acting. Not me."

"I don't get it" Sarah said.

"We wanted to tell you guys about us" Stephanie said as she looked at Jessie, "But you know me, I love pulling people's chains."

"So we got you good" Jessie said as her and Stephanie began to laugh.    

"Bull shit" Sarah said before Grace said, "Sarah, look at them. You can't pretend like that."

"Sarah" Jessie said as she took Stephanie's hand and moved in front of sarah, "This is me telling you the god's honest truth. I'm in love with her."

"We already told Grace's mom" Stephanie said. "It's the truth."

"Holy shit" Sarah said as she realized Jessie was telling the truth. "But how? When?"

"Last couple of weekends at August's place in Indiana" Jessie said, "She called me a couple of times and she just showed up a while ago and I told her."

"I think I been in love with her all along" Stephanie said.

"That is so great Jess" Grace said as she hugged her, "And I'm so happy for you guys."

"Thanks" Stephanie said.

"So tell me, what have you two been doing upstairs all this time?" Sarah asked as she poked Jessie in the ribs.

"Kissing" Jessie said teasingly as Stephanie blushed.

"Don't listen to her" Stephanie said, "We didn't just kiss."

"Shut up" Jessie said as Stephanie laughed. "That is so not true."  

"Are you saying you don't want to Jan?" Sarah asked as Jessie blushed and felt like she wanted to crawl under the table.

"Shut up, you too" Jessie said as Sarah laughed.

"You guys need a ride to the airport or sometbing?" Stephanie asked as she kissed Jessie's cheek, "I got the hummer for the day."

"Well we've got her Mustang" Grace said.

"You do not wanna leave that fine lookin machine at the airport" Stephanie said. "You come back it'll look like a pop can."

"I never thought of that" Sarah said.

"How about me and Jess give you a ride to the airport and hang on to your mustang for you?" Stephanie asked. "I mean I know you trust Jessie."

"That's not a bad idea at all" Grace said.

"Yeh Jan's my best friend" Sarah said, "We got history, so I trust her with my life."

"History?" Stephanie asked, "You guys dated?"

"No, she dated my ex, Katie Singer" Sarah said, "But after I made an ass out of myself trying to get Katie back, I realized it was over. And I apologized to Jessie and we became friends."

"How she met Grace" Jessie said, "She came to apologize to me and found me and the middle of something."

"I remember that" Sarah said with a giggle, "I was like, who is this girl at the door and oh my god she's cute."

"You did not" Grace said as Sarah hugged her and said, "Actually I did, you looked adorable with your hair all in tangles and in those PJ's, after me and Katie talked, I just couldn't stop thinking about you."

"You came back cause you locked yourself out" Grace said, as Sarah laughed and said, "Or so I told you."

"You lied to me?" Grace asked as Sarah laughed and said, "Nooo, but I coulda taken the bus home and not come back but I really did wanna see you again."

"Well that's ok I guess" Grace said, "But it was only for like five minutes."

"You don't need long to know you're really attracted to someone" Sarah said as Grace touched her cheek and kissed her.

"I just don't get how people could hate you for being in love" Stephanie said as she looked at Jessie.

"Get used to it" Jessie said as Stephanie smiled and said, "It doesn't bother me what people think, only you Jessie."

"Yeh people do suck sometimes" Sarah said, "but it takes all kind to make it go round. For every Karen, there's an August."

"Actually her mom is chillin out" Stephanie said, "She goes to therapy all the time and it seems to be helping."

"Enough talk about that" Sarah said, "You wanna chill at my place till we get back?"

"Seriously?" Stephanie asked.

"Yeh, no kidding" Sarah said, "I'd feel a lot better if someone was there. I don't have a lot but what's there is mine...and a lot of Grace's too."

"Yeh you guys could hang out" Grace said.

"I don't have any reason to be back home till like Monday" Stephanie said as Jessie suddenly got excited and jumped into her arms. "You like that idea Jess?"

"Yesss and don't kid me, you really will?" Jessie asked.

"I have to call Uncle August but I think he'd be cool about it" Stephanie said as Jessie kissed her and said, "I love you."

"Me too Jess" Stephanie said with a smile as she wrapped her arms tighter around her.

"UMMMMM guys we gotta get going if we gonna make our flight" Grace said, "So what just leave the Mustang here?"

"Yeh we'll take the hummer" Stephanie said, "What day you guys back on?"

"Friday's the plan" Sarah said, "But I'm begging my girl here to stay a few extra days."

"Sarah Renae you know as well as I do that I would if school was out" Grace said as Sarah pooched her lip and asked, "You saying school is more important then me?"

"Very funny" Grace said, "You know what's most important to me."

"Me" Sarah said with a huge smile as Grace laughed and said, "Yes you are."

"Why don't I drop them at the airport and you at school?" Stephanie asked Jessie.

"But why?" Jessie asked.

"Because it'll give me time to get settled in and you don't need to miss" Stephanie said as Jessie shrugged and said, "You better be glad I love you."

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, after school

"Cori, can you get that?" Rick asked from the kitchen as he and Lily prepared dinner.

"Sure dad" Cori said as she made her way down the hall, no longer needing to hold the wall Rick noticed as he watched.

"Hello?" Cori asked as she picked up the phone.

"Is Cori Tyler there?" The Female Voice asked and Cori noticed right off that she sounded a lot like Kile, same accent she noted.

"This is her"

"Oh cool" She said, "My name is Passion Molloy, you don't know who I am do you?"

"The Molloy part yeh" Cori said as she took a seat in the chair next to the phone. "But I don't believe I know you."

"We've never met" Passion said softly, "I'm Kile's daughter, your biological father?"  

"Oh my god, you're my sister" Cori said excitedly, "This is so cool."

"You mean you're glad to talk to me?"

"Yes of course" Cori said, "What made you think I wouldn't?"

"My dad said you didn't wanna meet us" Passion said quitely, "Can I ask why?"

"No it's not that I don't want too, but you guys live so far away" Cori said, "I just don't wanna leave my family."

"Well we can be your family too" Passion said, "I don't really have anyone my age to be...well sisters with."

"But Kile said you had two other sisters, right?" Cori asked.

"Yeh Kelly is 19 and a bitch, and Marley, well I love her but she's only 4" Passion said. "You're like almost my age, right?"

"16?" Cori asked.

"15 here" Passion said. "See I bet we'd be like best friends."

"I bet we would" Cori said with a smile.

"But that will never happen huh?" Passion asked, "Cause you hate my dad."

"I do not" Cori said, "He was talking about taking me away from my mom and dad and I got scared. You do know I lost my memory?"

"Yeh he told me and I'm sorry" Passion said.

"I seriously don't even remember my real mom" Cori said, "And I just came home from the hospital a few weeks ago."

"I guess I'd be scared too" Passion said, "I couldn't even imagine what it would feel like to wake up and not remember anyone or anything."

"Well it's mostly people and places" Cori said, "I remember most other stuff like reading and stuff, but I still forget stuff sometimes. My doctor says I'm getting better and I guess I am cause I remember more stuff now than I used too."

"Well just remember you got a sister half way around the world who thinks you're uber cool" Passion said as Cori again noted her accent and decided that was cool too.

"What does uber mean?" Cori asked in a giggle.

"Uber is like in super in American english" Passion explained. "It means I think you're really neat."

"Well I think you're neat too, I like your accent it's different" Cori said.

"Hey, hey, you wanna talk to your little sister, Marley?" Passion asked.

"Yeh cool" Cori said as she heard Marley take the phone and asked, "Who is this?"

"I'm Cori, your sister in America" Cori said, "Who is this?"

"I'm Marley, I'm 4" She said as Cori smiled.

"I'm glad to meet you Marley I'm 4" Cori said with a giggle.

"Noooo, I'm just Marley" She said as Cori laughed.

"Ok then, I'll call you Marley" Cori said.

"Are you gonna come meet me?" Marley asked.

"I'll try too" Cori said.

"Good cause I don't like my big sister, Kelly is mean to me" Marley said as Cori covered her mouth to stop from laughing. "And Mommy a lot too."

"What about Passion is she good to you?"

"Uh huh, she's a big boogerhead sometimes, but I love her" Marley said.

"Well she told me you were a boogerhead too" Cori said as Marley pulled the phone away from ear and said in a demanding voice, "She said you called me a boogerhead, you're sooo mean to me."

"Did you tell her off?" Cori asked.

"Uh huh, she told me you lied on her" Marley said, "But I don't believe her."

"Why not?" Cori asked as she heard Marley sigh as if it were a pain to say.

"She told me Big Bird on sesame street was a boy and I don't like boys" Marley said as Cori laughed and covered the reciever for a moment. "So I don't trust her anymore."

"What about Barney?" Cori asked, "He's a boy too."

"Are you kidding me?" Marley asked in a seemingly shocked voice as Cori laughed harder.

"Nope and you know Santa Claus is too?" Cori asked.

"This is true" Marley said, sounding like she was deep in thought.

"Some guys are pretty cool" Cori said in a whisper, "But don't tell anyone."

"I'll do that" Marley said in a whisper as Cori shook her head.

"Hey it's me again" Passion as she took the phone back, "She really likes you."

"She's so sweet" Cori said, "You're really lucky to have a little sister like that."

"Yeh I like her most of the time" Passion said, "But when I got friends over she's a pain."

"You have a lot of friends?"

"Just one good one, Brenda" Passion said, "She's always here, you'd like her she's cool."

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Nope, but I like this boy down the street and he comes over a lot" She said. "Do you?"

"No I got a girlfriend" Cori said before she thought and worried for a moment that Passion wouldn't approve.

"A real true girlfriend?" Passion asked with obvious interest, "You mean like a kissing girlfriend not just a best friend."

"Yeh her names, Joey Larue" Cori said, "She's been there for me since I woke up from the coma."

"Do you loooove her?" Passion asked with a teasing giggle.

"Yes I do" Cori said, "I love her a lot."

"That's so sweet, you gonna make me cry" Passion said, "I wish I could meet someone who liked me that much."

"I bet you will" Cori said, "Just takes time I guess."

"Is kissing a girl different?" Passion asked.

"I don't know, I can't remember ever kissing a guy" Cori said.

"Oh yeah" Passion said, "I'm just curious I've read about being gay on the internet but I don't know anyone who's like that way here."

"Curious about what?"

"Kissing mostly" Passion said, "I think it'd be weird kissing a girl."

"I like it" Cori said as they both laughed. "Not weird at all if you like girls."

"No chance of that here, I'm sooo boy crazy" Passion giggled, "My mom says I'm a female hormone with skin. Oh, hold on ok?"

"Ok" Cori said as she heard Passion talking to someone but couldn't make out their voice. "Hello?"

"Hello?" Cori asked in confusion as a man's voice came on. "Is this Cori?"

"I told you it was her daddy" Cori heard Passion say. "Talk to her, she's really sweet."

"Kile?" Cori asked.

"Yeh it's me" Kile said, "How you doing?"

"I'm ok" Cori said, suddenly getting nervous. "I'm sorry for yesterday."

"No, no, Cori I am the one who should be sorry" Kile said, "I acted like such an ass yesterday, and please tell Mr. Sammler I am horribly sorry, I realized a lot of things he said were true on my way home. How did you end up talking to Passion?"

"She called me" Cori said as Kile asked Passion, "You called her?"

"Yes, I wanted to know why she didn't wanna come and meet me and Marley, and even Mom if she...anyway" Passion said, "She's just scared daddy."

"I know baby" Kile said to his daughter, "So Cori, you and your new sister get along ok?"

"Yeh we talked about boys and everything"

"You're already actin like sisters" Kile said as Cori smiled. "Did you talk to your youngest sister?"


"Uh huh"

"Yeh she's so sweet and she said Passion was a boogerhead" Cori said with a laugh.

"She is a boogerhead sometimes" Kile said as Passion smacked him in ptotest.

"Can I like...send you a video of me?" Cori asked tentatively.

"Will you please? I would really love that" Kile said as Cori smiled.

"Yeh, me and Jessie, that's my sister, I think, anyway she was saying I could" Cori said, "I can show you guys all kinds of stuff."

"Would make my day" Kile said, "And my year, you just have no idea how much I love you already."

"Whoa" Cori said as she touched her heart. "I'll do that ok?"

"Will you please?"

"Yeh, my friend, I mean my girlfriend, Joey has a camera and she can like tape it for me" Cori said.

"What Passion?" Kile asked as he pulled the phone away from his ear.

"Do you think I could go visit her in America?"

"Honey, I think we should give it some time first"

"Can she?" Cori asked as Kile put his ear back to the phone and asked, "Excuse me?"

"Can she come visit me?" Cori asked as she heard Passion say, "Please Daddy? She wants me too."

"Well I'd have to talk to Mr. Sammler and Mrs. Sammlker first" Kile said as Cori pulled down the phone and screamed, "MOM, DAD."

"What?" Rick asked as he poked his head around the corner.

"You can talk to him right now" Cori said as she motioned Rick down the hall and handed him the phone, "It's Kile, he wants to ask you something."

"Mr. Molloy?"

"Mr. Sammler" Kile said as his heart beat faster. "I dunno what to say, but I am terribly sorry for the way I acted yesterday, I asked Cori to tell you, but I'm glad I got to apologize myself."

"You don't have to apologize" Rick said, "We both got a little emotional."

"Well this is gonna seem bizarre, but my two daughter's have concocted a scheme were they can meet" Kile said, "Passion, that's my middle girl is dying to meet her new sister and she wants to know if she can come and stay with your family for a few days."

"Please Dad?" Cori asked as she hugged Rick with pleading eyes. "Please?"

"Cori, sweety it's ok with me" Rick said to both Kile and Cori.

"Well I guess it's a start" Kile said with a deep breath. "Are you sure this is not putting you out, Mr. Sammler?"

"Mr. Molloy we'd love to have her" Rick said, "You have no idea how hard it is to say no to these pleading eyes."

"YESSSS" Cori screamed as she hugged him tighter, "I love you Dad."

"I'm hoping one day to find out" Kile said softly. "Passion is jumping around now in a fit of excitement, so I think we made the right decision."

"How about we split the fare as a peace offering" Rick asked, "I mean this is for Cori too."

"That's a very generous offer Mr. Sammler" Kile said as Lily came out of the kitchen too see what the screaming was about. Her eyes opened in surprise when she saw Cori run the few feet to her and hug her.

"Cori, you were running" Lily said in shock.

"My sister is coming to visit, if you say it's ok" Cori said with pleading eyes.

"Cori, I'm lost honey, what sister?" Lily asked.

"My sister, Passion, that's Kile's middle girl and she called me to see why I wouldn't come and see her and her sister and her mom is being weird or something, and she asked her dad to let her come visit me" Cori said in one long breath, "And dad just said it was ok, but I don't wanna make you mad at him so I'm asking you too, please Mom?"

"Cori, you are the sweetest person I know" Lily said as she kissed her forehead, "And if Dad days it's ok, I don't see why it wouldn't be."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you" Cori said as she hugged Lily excitedly.

"Cori, your sister wants to talk to you" Rick said as he handed her the phone.

"I'll see you in a few days ok?" Passion said excitedly.

"Yeh, I'm so excited already..."

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, after school in Zoe's bedroom

Bored out of her mind and still thinking about the 'kissing in the courtyard' incident, Zoe sat on her bed for the longest time and thought about just picking up the phone and dialing the number and asking for Mandy and seeing if she wanted to hang out. Groaning at how pathetic she was, she finally snatched the phone up and dialed the McCree's number before she could chicken out.

"Hello?" A Voice said as they picked the phone up.

"Is Mandy home?" Zoe asked nervously.

"What?" Jennifer asked above blaring music.

"Who is this?" Zoe asked.

"Jennifer, your ex-friend the one you dumped for Mandy" Jennifer said in a bitter tone, "By the way she's not here. Mandy I mean."

"What are doing answering the phone?" Zoe asked.

"I just eat lunch with Sam and she invited me over for the night...I mean for a little...and she told me to answer the phone" Jennifer said with a giggle as she pulled the phone away from her ear and Zoe heard her say, "...don't you dare put your hand there, oh geez..."

"What's going on?" Zoe asked as she heard the other end go silent. "Hello? Jenn?"

"Sorry Zoe, Sam's..." Jennifer said before she again was distracted by what Zoe guessed was Sam. "Stop that Sam, if you keep doing that we gonna get caught."

"Hey Zoe" Sam said as she took the phone, "What do you want?"

"Not you, I was calling for...nevermind" Zoe said. "What's going on with you and Jennifer? You're both acting weird, even for you two."

"We're just messing around...I mean just..." Sam stammered. "Nothing, we're not doing anything."

"OH geez, fuck, stop that" Sam said as Zoe heard Jennifer giggle and say to Sam, "You don't like it when I do it to you huh?"

"Let me get off the phone and then do it" Sam said.

"Ok" Jennifer said as Zoe listened and could swear it sounded like she kissed Sam's lips for a long moment and said, "MMMMMMMM Samantha."

"Did she just kiss you?" Zoe asked. "What the hell are you two doing?"

"Noooooo, I gotta go Zoe, bye" Sam said as the phone went silent and Zoe was left wondering what was going on with those two.  

To be Continued....