Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 70 "Pink Cowboy Hat"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"I'LL GET IT" Zoe said from the top of the stairs as she ran to the phone and hoped it would be Will or at least someone for her.

"Hey cutie" Mandy said as Zoe's bottom lip dropped. "What up?"

"Ummmm, nothing what's up with you?" Zoe asked as she found herself smiling and didn't exactly know why.

"Hitting the mall in a few, you stompin with me?" Mandy asked as Zoe felt like she could jump out of her skin in excitement. Thinking Mandy really did wanna be her friend.

"Me, you and Sam?" Zoe asked. "or just us?"

"Oh yeah take along Sam, good way to ruin any chance of having a good time" Mandy said with a laugh as Zoe smiled. "I told you once already, I wanna hang out with you. We'll have fun I promise."

"You so don't have to convince me" Zoe said, "I been in the house all day and bored out of my mind."

"Good" Mandy said, "Be over in a few. Bye."

"K, bye" Zoe said as she hung up and smiled. Looking down at the necklace Mandy had let her keep and feeling a slight sadness that she would have to give it back. She'd gotten use to wearing it now.

"Mom?" Zoe asked a few minutes later as she came into the kitchen. "Can I go riding with Mandy McCree?"  

"Her and Sam coming over?"

"No, just Mandy" Zoe said as Lily gave her a strange look. "She actually called to ask me to hang out with her. Sam and Jennifer are being...well I just wanna hang out with someone who likes me for me. And it gets me out of the house for a while. That is if you say I can go."

"I guess so Zoe, but back by 9" Lily said as Zoe heard a car horn, "There's my new girlfriend."

"Zoe Manning" Lily said as Zoe laughed and ran out of the kitchen.

"What no skank wear tonight?" Mandy asked as Zoe came out of the house and met her by the car.

"No, that was Sam's idea, I'm comfortable this way" Zoe said with a smile. "Where we going?"

"Anywhere you want" Mandy said as she got in on the driver's side.

"I gotta be back by 9 too" Zoe said with a frown. "I'm 14 and Mom thinks I'm still 10."

"You're mom loves you, a lot" Mandy said with a smile, "I can tell, mine just wishes I were never born."

"I'm sorry" Zoe said softly as she watched Mandy shrug and say, "I don't have a lot of real friends, money does weird things to people."

"I hate that" Zoe said, "Sam always throws that up, that she has plenty of money."

"Yeh, that's my...little sister" Mandy said as seemed to pause and fight the urge to call Sam something else, but laughing softly. "She just wanted to impress you and when she couldn't, she moved on and tried to impress Jennifer. Who sure seems to be just what Sam wants."

"Yeh, I'd rather have no friends than them too" Zoe said without a smile. "I mean anyone who would say cruel things like Jennifer did is not my friend. Sam either."

"I do know we can be friends" Mandy said, "You're one of the few real people I've ever met. You're mom must be really cool."

"She can be" Zoe said.

"And yes, I probably will throw some money around tonight but you can always tell me to stop" Mandy said as she pulled out.

"It doesn't bother me to see you buy things, but when people start buying me all these things it's weird, I just wanna hang out" Zoe said, "Sam was forever buying me stuff, and I liked the stuff, some of it, but she didn't understand that I just wanted to be her friend."

"Ok, then you can pay for half the gas tonight" Mandy said as Zoe rolled her eyes. "And if I offer to buy you something that you don't want, then tell me."

"Can I ask you a question?" Zoe asked after a few long minutes of silence as they turned the final corner headed to the mall.

"Sure" Mandy said as she pulled into the parking lot at the mall.

"Did you and Logan ever make up?"

"Kinda, but not really" Mandy said as Zoe listened, "That whole fake kissing thing on the picnic table. Got him a little too well and then you hadda act like you were in love with me."

"You deserved that" Zoe said as Mandy smiled and shrugged.

"No doubt" Mandy said as Zoe laughed, "But big dork has been an ass ever since."

"So, no boyfriend?" Zoe asked as Mandy gave her a weird look. "And I'm serious, no girlfriend either?"

"No why?" Mandy asked, "Who told you I liked girls?"

"Sam" Zoe said.

"You can't believe everything you hear Zoe" Mandy said as she got out as did Zoe. "Sam's not exactly a big user of the truth. You know that by now."

"She said you liked to get smashed out of your mind and fool around with them" Zoe said as Mandy blushed.

"Once or twice I made out with a girl when I was literally bombed out of my mind" Mandy said as they walked through the doors of the mall. "But it was defintely one of those drunk things."

"So you don't even like kissing girls?"

"Not really, I prefer guys" She said, "Not that I'm against it, but I liked to think I'm straight."

"Do you even remember kissing them?" Zoe asked.

"Not really, I was so drunk I'm liable to do anything when I'm like that" Mandy said with a shrug. "I'm actually tired of the party scene. I could get fucked up every night if I wanted to."

"Isn't that better than this?" Zoe asked as they strolled past the stories aimlessly.

"No, actually it's not" Mandy said as she slipped her arm Zoe's neck, "I been looking forward to this night and just hanging out with you."

"Right" Zoe said with a smirk as Mandy gave her a serious look and said, "I was, I'm free now, we can hangout all we want."

"We'll see if I give you a second date" Zoe said as Mandy laughed and rolled her eyes.

"Check out the cowboy hats" Zoe said as they stopped in front of a vendor with the name tag of Leroy 'Hatman'. "They even got them in pink. Those are so cute."

"How much?" Mandy asked.

"For you pretty lady?" Leroy asked, "15.00 dollars."

"Here you go, gimme the pink one" Mandy said as she handed the guy 15 dollars. Zoe watched and felt herself get a bit jealous as Mandy took it from the man. Then turning and planting it on Zoe's head as she looked at Zoe and smiled. "Damn, you gonna break hearts in that."

"Whatta ya think Leroy?" Mandy asked moving beside him as Zoe adjusted her hat to her liking and looked at the two of them.

"You have a very pretty friend Mandy" Leroy said as she smiled, "That hat is the perfect color for you."

"Thank you" Zoe said as she admired her new hat in the mirror.

"See ya Leroy" Mandy said sweetly as her and Zoe walked off.

"And before you say anything, I wanted you to have it" Mandy said, "You look adorable in that."

"Thanks" Zoe said with a smile. "You know I think is what it was with Sam, is she'd usually buy what she liked and then give me the same thing. Which is generous but I never wanted half the stuff."

"I saw the way you looked at it and I knew you liked it" Mandy said as she spotted some cute guys ahead and coming their way. "Wanna see me make his weiner stand up?"

"Ohmigod, no I don't" Zoe said as she blushed.

"I mean by flirting" Mandy said as her and Zoe laughed. "Here watch this."

"Hey baby" Mandy said as the guy stopped and offered a shy smile, sipping on a frosty.

"Hi" He said as Mandy eye balled him.

"You gonna gimme some of that?" She asked with her best flirting smile.  

"UMMM...ummmm..." He stammered as Zoe tried not to giggle out loud.

"I meant your frosty, dirty mind" Mandy said with a giggle as she took it from his hand and sipped it as he recovered some of his senses.

"I know what you meant" He said now with a casual smile. "What's your name?"

"Zoe" Mandy said as Zoe turned away as she started to laugh, pretending to be interested in one of the store windows behind them.

"Kenny Ryan" He said and then asked, "You come here often?"

"Nope, just in town on business with my dad" Mandy said as she quickly began to lose interest. "What's that Zoe?"

"She didn't say anything" Kenny pointed out as Zoe snapped back to attention and caught onto what Mandy was doing.

"I said look at this summer dress" Zoe said as Mandy smiled and waved as a voice down the corridor screamed, "KEV, DUDE BRING IT."

"Gotta go" Kevin said, running after his friends as Mandy and Zoe laughed.

"God, can I pick the losers out of a crowd or what?" Mandy said as Zoe took the frosty and sipped on it.

"Yeh, but he at least had a cold frosty" Zoe said as Mandy agreed, "More effort than most guys make."

"You know that's actually true" Mandy said, "With me, it's always about my money, I bet if I didn't have it no one would wanna hang out with me. Especially guys."

"I would" Zoe said as Mandy smiled and seemed to be touched by Zoe's comment as another group of guys came up the corridor. Mandy seeing Zoe's eyes open a little with interest as she watched them stroll by. "I soooo love basketball guys."

"Hit on one of them" Mandy said as Zoe blushed and said, "Are you kidding? Geez I'd be babbling like a 4 year old."

"It's easy, look just say Hi" Mandy said, "Trust me it'll work."

"No" Zoe said as Mandy pushed her into the path of the group of guys as Zoe looked up at the one she had been checking out.

"Ummmm...Hi?" Zoe said as he grinned and her heart beat faster. Looking to Mandy, she saw her motion with her hands to say something else. Then reading her lips as Mandy mouthed to her "Where you from?"

"Hi" He said with a smile as the others moved on down the corridor.

"Where you from?"

"South side and you?" He asked as Zoe's confidence slowly built.

"North side, you play basketball?" She asked and knowing it sounded dorky, but he seemed not to notice.

"Yeh, starting point guard" He said, "22 point average."

"That's so interesting" Zoe said as Mandy starting rolling her eyes in the background and Zoe had to fight against laughing.

"Yeh, we're going to state this year and I'm looking at going to a division 2A college if I can stay healthy..." He rambled on as Zoe wondered what she did to get herself into this mess.

"Oh, I'm sorry, my friend is waving me to hurry up" Zoe said a little louder than normal as Mandy started waving to her to hurry up, on cue. "See ya."

"I didn't get your name" He said as Zoe stopped and said with a smirk, "It's Mandy."

"Collin" He said pointing to himself. "Maybe we'll see each other again."

"Yeh sure maybe" Zoe said as she ran to meet Mandy, "Dork, I hope not."

"I should kill you" Zoe said as Mandy fell in step by her now.

"Why, now you have the confidence to do it yourself" Mandy said as Zoe realized she was right. "Was that not easy?"

"Yeh all I did was say hi" Zoe said as Mandy took back the frosty, "He just started babbling about basketball, ugh, I think I need more practice. Then I'll be as bad as you."

"You're funny" Mandy said with a laugh as they walked by the music store as some guy was playing a guitar in front of the store. "Whoa he's good."

"He sure is" Zoe said as they stopped to listen and made their way through the crowd to the front. "Wylan Keller."

"I love the blues" Mandy commented as she began to sway to the music and Zoe pretended not to now her at first. The pace on the music picked up as Mandy spun a few times and started stomping her feet to the beat as people moved back and watched and began to clap along. Throwing her hair from left to right as she got lost in the music and Wylan noticed and moved in front of her and she watched him play up close and began to wave her hand and blow on his hands as if she were fanning away smoke. The crowd had doubled in size in just the last few moments, Zoe noticed as Wylan played what now looked like a show for her. She spun again and stomped her feet in perfect tune to the music as the crowd clapped along and Zoe found herself being drawn into the party atmosphere. Mandy then danced over and took Zoe's hand and pulled her into the middle of the crowd and getting her to dance. Feeling like a complete dork as she did the few moves she thought looked OK, Mandy took her hand and spun her around a time or two and both began to stomp their feet to the music and sway from side to side. The song slowed as Mandy took Zoe's hand and spun her away and then back towards her and into her arms as the song ended at that exact moment. A huge roar went up from the crowd as Wylan bowed and pointed to his "dancers" as the crowd approved, Mandy and Zoe bowing also.

"Hey" Wylan said before Zoe and Mandy could leave. "Here, I want you to have these."

"Cd's?" Mandy asked as she took them.

"It's my first cd, tell me what you think sometime, I'm here every weekend" He said sweetly as Mandy blushed. "Feel free to stop by anytime."

"I might do that" Mandy said as Wylan waved bye and headed back to the store.

"That was so cool" Zoe said as she pushed her hat back on her head and took the CD Mandy handed her.

"Yeh it was, I'm having fun" Mandy said as she bumped hips with Zoe, who giggled as she did it again.

"Me too" Zoe said as she thought about what had happened tonight. Mostly aboout the fact that Mandy wasn't treating her like a little kid and how so far she really seemed to want her company. They turned a moment later to go into a sporting goods store as Logan came out.

"Logan?" Mandy asked as Zoe stopped short and bumped into Mandy and had to stop herself from giggling. "What are you doing here?"

"Had to pick a few things for baseball season" Logan said as he showed Mandy a bunch of bags from the 'Sports Zone' and Zoe feared her night of fun with Mandy was gonna be stunted with this latest developement. "So, now we can hang out?"

"Yeh right" Mandy said, "You been acting like an ass for two weeks now. So I'm with someone who wants to be with me."

"Her?" Logan asked as he pointed to Zoe.

"Yeh her" Mandy said, "She wanted to hang out with me tonight, unlike you."

"What does she see in this loser?" Zoe thought to herself but covered her mouth before she started laughing out loud.

"So you're hanging out with the pre-school crowd now?" Logan asked as Mandy gave him a dirty look.

"This pre-schooler says you can go screw yourself" Zoe snapped as she flipped Logan the bird and noticed Mandy smiling her approval.

"She's 14 dumbass, not 5" Mandy said, "And if I wanna hang out with her, what's it to you?"

"Because we are supposed to be seeing each other" He said.

"Oh really? And when was the last time you called?" Mandy pointed out. "I told you me and Zoe were goofing that day in the courtyard."

"Honestly, nothing happened" Zoe said in her best attempt to help Mandy. "She saw you and wanted to get a rise out of you."

"Whatever" Logan said as Zoe gave up and decided she no longer cared if he was mad.

"See" Mandy said. "You just wanna be a dickhead about this."

"Fine, I'm sorry ok?" Logan said as Mandy pushed him away when he tried to hug her. "Come on Mandy, you know you like me, look, I said I was sorry. Now let's just hang out for a while. Food courts just over there."

"Yeh and I already said I was hanging out with Zoe tonight" Mandy said firmly as Zoe smiled.

"She don't mind, do you Zoe?" Logan asked with his best smile, and Zoe had to admit it was a nice one but it made her mad the way he was trying to horn in on their night.

"I think she already said what I was thinking" Zoe said as Mandy laughed. "Get the picture yet?"

"So you gonna choose her over me?" Logan asked pointedly and in a way Zoe thought that might just change Mandy's mind.

"You are one big jerk" Mandy said, "You don't even call me for a fuckin week over something stupid and expect me to be fine with it, which I was. Then when I find you had nothing better to do than run around at the mall, and I'm having fun, you decide I'm important enough to buy you dinner."

"I didn't do that" Logan said defensively. "And I'm sorry I don't have a rich daddy so I always have loads of money. I never once mentioned you buying me dinner."

"I bet you don't have the money to buy me anything and I mean anything" Mandy said, "Not even one of those dollar roses over there."

"You know that is so unfair" Logan said, "You know I don't have a lot of money."

"Logan, it's a dollar rose and you're holding what 400 dollars worth of crap for baseball?" Mandy asked as she let her anger get the best of her and tears start to fill her eyes. "It's not even about the money."

"Come on..." Zoe said as she saw Mandy fighting back tears as she hugged her from behind, "...let's just go, ok?"

"I have to have all of this" He said as he again glared at Zoe as she hugged Mandy. Zoe found herself getting mad as hell now as Mandy looked back at her.

"Whatever Logan" Mandy said as she walked off.

"You are such an asshole" Zoe barked.

"Whatever little girl" He spat as he stomped off in the opposite direction.

"Mandy wait up" Zoe said as she caught up to her and stopped her. "You ok?"

"No" Mandy said as her tears streamed down her face. "God I hate being used for my money. He is such a jerk."

"Here" Zoe said as she placed the hat back on Mandy's head and hugged her. Feeling Mandy hug her back as they stood there for a few long minutes. Zoe feeling like she was for the time in her life, making a real connection with someone. A true friendship forming. Looking at Mandy again she touched her face, "Stop crying ok? I am not interested in your money, I'm here cause you are so cool. Fuck him, he is such an asshole."

"No, I want you to have that Zoe" Mandy said as she put the cowboy hat back on Zoe's head, "I didn't mean you were, Just keep it ok? I know you liked it."

"I did and thank you" Zoe said she adjusted it and stuck her tongue out as Mandy laughed and they made their way to the food court and found an empty booth. Suddenly she got an idea. "Wait here."

"Ok" Mandy said as she took a seat at one of the booths in the food court. Zoe ran back to the rose seller with the name tag of 'Bahama' and fished out a dollar and said, "One please."

"Is dat for your friend, de one wit the jerk guy friend?" Bahama asked in a thick Jamaican accent as he took the dollar and Zoe replied, "Yeh, just wanna make her feel better."

"Tell her she can do better" Bahama said as he handed her a single rose, Zoe flashed a smile and said, "Thank you, I'll do that."

"Here" Zoe said a moment later as Mandy raised her head and gave Zoe a weird look. "Take it?"

"Thanks" Mandy said with a sweet smile, "I think that's the first time anyone's ever bought me anything."

"Well I..." Zoe started and thought about Mandy's last comment and decided to rephrase, "...just wanted to show you, some people do like you for more than you're money."

"Thanks Zo" Mandy said as she wiped her tears away. "You're sweet."

"Excuse me" Wylan said as he knelt down next to the booth a few minutes later as Mandy and Zoe ate. "I just wanted to say something."

"Ok" Mandy said as she looked at him.

"Unlike that jerk at the door a minute ago, I think you're really pretty, and he deserved what he got" Wylan said.

"Thank you" Mandy said with a huge smile. "I really do hope you can come by and keep me company some night."

"I might do that" Mandy said.

"No pressure" Wylan said. "It just made me mad the way he did you. Have a nice night."

"You too" Mandy said with a smile now plastered across her face as she looked back at Zoe.

"We've both hit on other guys, you bought me a really cool hat, and dinner and I bought you a rose" Zoe said, "This has got to be the weirdest first date in history."

"Pretty much" Mandy said as both laughed.  

 ** ** ** Meanwhile @ The Palace, in Shady's room

"'re hurting my arm" Katie whimpered as Shady's eyes went wide with fear, she immediately released Katie's arm.

"Are you ok?" Shady asked with concern on her face, "I swear I can't do anything right."

"Shay, no I'm fine" Katie said setting up and rubbing her wrist, "You just leaned on it the wrong way, you didn't do it on purpose."

"But I have before" Shady said sliding off the bed and walking to the window.

"No you haven't" Katie said as she got up and moved in behind her, "You've never hurt me."

"I did with Joey a couple of times" Shady said, "made her cry more times than I can count."

"Yeh and you lost her" Katie said as Shady looked back at her, "So you could do it right with me. She forgave you too."

"She always did" Shady said as Katie wrapped her arms around Shady's neck.

"You know why I like you so much?" Katie asked as Shady smiled and looked at her reflection in the window. "Besides that smile, you try so hard to make me happy."

"Yeh well..." Shady said as she blushed as Katie smiled.

"You remember the night on my porch when we kissed?" Katie asked, "after we fought over Jessie?"

"Of course" Shady as she turned.

"I saw you by the car, bouncing around like something was in your panties" Katie said as Shady covered her face and blushed again. "But what you don't know is, I was dancing around in the living room on cloud nine at the same time."

"You were not" Shady said Katie smiled and said, "Yes I was, that kiss made me realize Shay, that there was life after Jessie. It was you."

"You made me feel better, ok?" Shady said as Katie smiled and kissed her.

"How about I make you feel really good?" Katie asked with her tongue poking the side of her mouth suggestively.

"No" Shady said as Katie's face turned to one of confusion.

"Why not?" Katie asked, feeling a growing sense of disappointment.

"Because we already tried that, feel better for the moment sex" Shady said, "I actually really like you, probably a little to much, and I don't wanna start that again."

"So when?" Katie asked.

"The first time we do..." Shady said as she seemed to be choosing her words carefully. "...I make love to you."

"HMMMMMMM, Shady McCree, I think I like the sound of that" Katie said as Shady smiled and bit her lip for a long moment and seemed to be fighting herself. Wondering if she should say it, Katie thought. "What?"

"I think...and this sounds so...I dunno" Shady said as she nervously walked away, and then turning as Katie moved in front of her again.

"Tell me Shay" Katie said as she touched her face gently, "Whatever it is I wanna know."

"I get this weird feeling every time I'm around you, it's good weird, like I'm happy you're my friend or whatever we are and I wanna make you smile and just do things for you" Shady said as she noticed Katie's growing smile. "I've never felt this way, at least that I can remember. I mean with Joey it was something like this, but by the time I realized it, she was in love with someone else. It's just I've liked you for so long, long before we ever really met, and it just keeps growing every time I'm with you."

"Shay..." Katie said as Shady stopped her.

"Please don't be scared" Shady said softly, "But...I think...I'm falling in love with you."

"WOW" Katie said as she smiled, "I'm not scared, believe me. It's like everything you just said...I've kinda been thinking that too."

"No shit?" Shady asked as her eyes sprang open with excitement as she hugged Katie and kissed her.

"No shit" Katie said as Shady kissed her again.

"I swear I am crazy about you" Shady said with the biggest smile Katie had ever seen her have. "I'd do anything anything you ask me too."

"Then stop blaming yourself for everything" Katie said as she playfully flipped Shady's hair into her face. "You've done a lot of things good, like me."

"Damn" Shady said as her phone began ringing.

"No, I want you to hold me for a while" Katie said with a playuful grin as she reached to grab the phone and opening it as she held it to Shady's ear and said, "Talk."


"Hey what's up?" Joanna asked.

"Hey Jo, I got my arms around Katie at the moment" Shady said as she pulled Katie closer. "She's literally holding the phone."

"Hey Joanna" Katie said as she put the phone to her ear for a moment. "You ok?"

"You two are nuts" Joanna giggled, "And yeh I'm good, a little sore but Brittany's rubbing my shoulders so it's ok. Thanks for still caring about me."

"Of course, always will...who's Brittany?" Katie asked. "And where's Jessie?"

"With her new girlfriend I bet by now" Joanna said as Katie heard her moan softly, "MMMM, right there Britt. We broke up, K. It wasn't some horrible break up though. We both found different people in different ways."

"How do you mean?" Katie asked.

"The girl I was in love before I moved in with that skank Rose, came back and we been through so much together, this just feels good" Joanna said, "She loves me K, and I love her."

"And Jessie?"

"She's in love and I mean love with August Dimitri's niece Stephanie" Joanna said, "MMMMMMMMMMMM down a little."

"That good baby?" Katie heard a girl asked in a whisper.

"It's not hurting anymore I tell you that" Joanna said. "So I'm where I always wanted to be and so is Jessie I think."

"Things worked out for the best I guess" Katie said as she smiled at Shady.

"Hey the famous Katie Singer" Brittany said with a giggle as she took the phone from Joanna, "It's nice to meet you, Joanna says you're a really special person."

"She is too" Katie said. "You be good to her."

"That's what I'm doing right now" Brittany said.

"Nice to meet you too" Katie said as Brittany handed the phone back to Joanna. "I'll talk to you later, Joanna."

"Hey" Shady said as Katie giggled as she held the phone back to Shady's ear. "You really happy?"

"Yeh as crazy as it sounds, I sure am" Joanna said, "And, Shay, I just wanted to say thanks, you saved me."

"I told you the calvary was on it's way" Shady said with a smile. "I always got your back."

"You sure do" Joanna said softly, "And tell, Joey, I mean Batman...thanks."

"I will" Shady said with a smile. "And let Brittany know, her little problem has been solved, dude that attacked you this morning has....ummmm....been dealt with."

"Yeh he tried to hurt her, he wasn't trying to take her back to her parents" Joanna said, "I'm just glad Joey showed up when he did."

"Hi, Shady?" Brittany asked as she again took the phone. "This is brittany, thank you and who ever...Batman is, tell him I owe him a kiss on the cheek, Grey was gonna rape Joanna before he showed up. She literally tried to stop him from hurting me and almost got killed."

"Doesn't matter, no one hurts my girl" Joanna said as Shady listened and smiled. "And you know Joey's gonna show up now and expect that kiss."

"'s nice to meet you too" Shady said into the phone, "And you don't have to worry about him anymore and neither does Joanna, I promise you that."

"What are you in with the mafia, girl?" Brittany asked as she laughed.

"Something like that" Shady said as Katie rolled her eyes. "My dad's the don of a mafia family. You believe that right?"

"Nooooo" Brittany said with a giggle as she handed the phone back to Joanna.

"If you need anything you call me" Shady said.

"I will, I love you girl" Joanna said softly. "Talk to you later?"

"Of course, love you too" Shady said as Katie hung up the phone.

"10,000 comedians out of work and here you are auditioning" Katie giggled, "You're dad's a mafia boss. Good one."

"I thought it was" Shady said as she laughed along and the room grew quiet as Shady began listening to a weird noise. "What the hell is that?"

"Music? Sounds like it's coming from Sam's room" Katie said as Shady listened more closely.

"No, not that" Shady said as she took Katie's hand and led her over to the wall and said, "Listen it sounds like moaning."

"It's one of those god awful rap songs" Katie said with a giggle.

"I don't think so" Shady said moving around Katie and walking out her door and banging on Sam's door, "SAMANTHA MCCREE YOU GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE NOW."

"What's going on?" Mandy asked as she came up the stairs followed by Zoe, just as Katie arrived in the hallway.

"OPEN IT, OR I'LL BREAK IT DOWN" Shady screamed as Sam stuck her head out the door with what looked to be a sheet wrapped around her.

"What? I wouldn't do anything Shady" Sam said.

"You and your little friend Jennifer were making some weird noises to just be doing nothing" Shady said as Sam's face went red with blush. "JENNIGER GET OUT HERE NOW."

"What the fuck?" Zoe asked as she saw Sam's door open and Jennifer walk out with nothing but one of Sam's dad's old business shirts on. Looking down she saw Jennifer wasn't exactly wearing panties as it became quiet clear when Zoe spotted the seemingly smooth patch of skin between Jennifer's legs. Jennifer followed Zoe's eyes and covered herself as she ducked back into the room and slipped on some shorts before reappearing.  

"Yeh you weren't doing anything huh?" Shady asked as she watched the whole scene with Zoe and Jennifer, noticing the very same thing Zoe had. "Wanna tell me what you two were really doing?"

"Looks like to me, Sam just got her some of the cute blond" Mandy said with laugh as she held her hand for up a high five as Sam glared at her. "Way to go Samantha."

"SHUT UP" Sam barked as Mandy shrugged and put her hand down, "Look just leave us alone."

"You mean, you were?" Zoe asked in shock as both of her hands covered her face. "Ohmigod."

"My room...NOW!" Shady said in a rage.

"Calm down Shay" Katie said as Sam and Jennifer walked off into Shady's room. "NO, Shady if you go in there you're gonna say something you'll regret."

"My sister..." Shady said as Katie covered mouth.

"I know, let me handle this ok?" Katie asked, "You're gonna come down on her way to hard and she'll never forgive you."

"You're right" Shady said as she kissed Katie, "I'm going downstairs, you got this?"

"Yeh" Katie said as she took a deep breath and watched Shady walk off with Mandy and Zoe.

"Where's the queen bitch at?" Sam asked as Katie closed the door.

"Downstairs cooling off" Katie said as she pulled up a chair. "Were you guys really having sex?"

"Maybe" Sam said.

"I just wanna go home" Jennifer said as she sounded like she were about to cry.

"Jenn, calm down, no ones gonna scream or anything" Katie said gently, "I just wanna know what was going on."

"She wanted to try it at first" Jennifer said. "And it just happened."

"You did too" Sam said as Jennifer looked away.

"And you said you liked me" Jennifer said as she turned her back to Sam.

"Who says I don't" Sam said as Jennifer looked back at her.

"Ok, listen, how far did this go?" Katie asked.

"All the way" Sam said, "it's not the first time either."

"When was the first time?"

"A few days ago at Jennifer's house" Sam said.

"Jennifer, did she talk you into it?" Katie asked.

"She didn't make me no" Jennifer said. "I guess I was curious and it just happened."

"You guys don't understand what you're doing and most importantly what it's for" Katie said firmly, "And don't fuckin tell me you do."

"Yes I do, and don't tell me what I know" Sam said, "It's my body why I shouldn't be able to do it if we want to?"

"That is a good question" Jennifer asked. "It's not like we hurt anyone. Right?"

"Sam, you're supposed to do that with the person you are in love with" Katie said, "Not just a random horny friend. You don't understand it."

"Answer my question" Jennifer said softly. "Who are we hurting?"

"You are not ready to do that" Katie said.

"Why? You tell me you're always in love with the person you screw?" Sam asked. "And before you answer, remember I know what you and Shady did the night of the party. You wouldn't in love with her and if you was. What about that other, who was it? Riley something? You in love with her too?"

"Good point" Jennifer said with a smug smile as her and Sam smiled at each other.

"I am old enough to make..."

"So am I" Sam said firmly. "I'm not 10 years old being talked into it by some old pervert."

"Yeh, she ask me if I would" Jennifer said. "I liked it cause it feels good."

"I can't argue that point..." Katie said before she was cut off again by Sam.

"Whatever, Shady's gonna scream at me next anyway" Sam said.

"No she won't" Katie said. "I'll calm her down."

 ** ** ** Meanwhile @ The Palace, downstairs

"Why are you so mad Shady?" Mandy asked, "You lost your cherry at 13, to that whore, Kelly Holbrook."

"I was 14 and that was a stupid mistake" Shady said as she paced.

"Well then why not let Sam make her own mistakes?" Mandy asked. "She the same age you were, and ok, I understand they shouldn't, but it's not like she's gonna get preganant knocking the boots with that little skank."

"You think they really did it?" Zoe asked and still being in a state of shock.

"Looks like it" Mandy said as she sat down by her and slipped her arm around Zoe's neck. "Have you?"

"Nooooooo, but it's just I've never done it and they have now" Zoe said, "I feel like I'm missing out on something."

"So you wanna be like those two and go screw the first horny ass girl you meet?"

"Shady, chill geez" Mandy said as she turned back to Zoe and asked. "Did you know, that...I'm a virgin too?"

"You are?" Zoe asked.

"Mmmmm-hmmmm" Mandy said, "I'm saving it."

"For what a porno?" Shady asked with a smirk as Mandy flipped her off and Zoe laughed.

"You're not alone Zoe" Mandy said, "What you have is precious, and you better not let anyone take it from you until you're ready."

"God knows I wish I had waited" Shady said as she sat down on the couch, "What are you doing with Zoe anyway?"

"Why do people keep asking me that?" Mandy asked. "I wanted to hang out with her tonight, Sam and Jennifer pretty much abandoned her for a one way ride to slut town. So I dunno, I wanted someone to hang out with."

"Yeh stop picking on her" Zoe said, "Logan already made her cry."

"He did what?" Shady asked as she jumped up and started to leave the living room, "I'm gonna take a ride over there and give him a lesson in respect."

"Shady, no" Mandy said hugging her sister. "It was stupid, he just doesn't wanna be with me as much as I thought."

"Oh come on, I'm already mad as hell" Shady said as Mandy hugged her tighter, "Just one punch and maybe one for that whore Marissa."

"I love you Shady" Mandy said, "I don't say that often, but I do."

"You're my little sister, It's part of my DNA to protect you" Shady said. "Just one punch for Marissa?"

"Go on, I gotta take Zoe home" Mandy said as she grabbed her car keys and Zoe's hand at the same time and pulled her up.

"Don't be so hard on Sam, ok?" Zoe asked as she touched Shady's hand. "Just think what you'd felt like if someone would have done you that way."

"Are you sure you're 14?" Shady asked as Zoe giggled and said, "What my mom says."

"How'd you do?" Shady asked calmly as Katie came down the steps.

"No one screamed at anyone and you're not gonna start" Katie said with a serious look.

"You're right" Shady said, "Mandy's buddy Zoe, made me see things in a different light."

"No screaming and name calling?" Katie asked.

"I promise" Shady said. "Let's just forget this for tonight, I better get you home."

"You promised me" Katie said.

"I did" Shady said, "And for once in my life a promise means something to me."

"It means you got someone to care about" Katie said as Shady grabbed her keys. "And someone who cares about you."

"Yeh, you" Shady said as she kissed Katie's cheek.

 ** ** ** Meanwhile in Mandy's Car

"Do you think Sam will regret losing it the way she did?" Zoe asked.

"I don't know" Mandy said, "I'm glad I'm still a virgin and you heard what Shady said. I bet Sam will in a way."

"I hope she's ok" Zoe said, "It's hard enough being 13 without having to worry about that stuff."

"I remember those days" Mandy said, "I had a few boys that wanted me to go all the way but I said no."

"I did too, my first boyfriend Michael, said I should just do it and get it over with" Zoe said, "He was such a jerk now that I think about it."

"A little birdie told me you had a new flame" Mandy said as she poked Zoe in the ribs. "Maybe his name is Will?"

"He's sooo cute" Zoe said as Mandy laughed, "I mean like hubba hubba cute. He's so nice too, we're going out I think. Soon I hope."

"Let me know when and I'll drive" Mandy said as Zoe asked, "Really?"

"Yeh why not" Mandy said, "That way I can keep an eye on this Will character."

"Funny" Zoe said, "And just for that I'm gonna call you when we do decide to go out."

"I said I would" Mandy said as they pulled up in front of the house. "Come on I'll walk you to the door."

"Thanks for letting me hang out" Zoe said as she placed the cowboy hat on Mandy's head and ran off laughing as Mandy chased after her.

"I didn't let you hang out" Mandy said as she caught up to her on the front walk. "I had the most fun I've had in a while. Despite the Logan incident."

"Me too, it was so neat when that Wylan guy came over to the table and said you were pretty, I swooned" Zoe said as she spun around. "Soooo cute."

"Yeh, I'm gonna go over and hang out with him one day" Mandy said smiling, "He was really sweet."

"Don't go home and start crying over Logan either" Zoe said as Mandy smiled.

"I won't" Mandy said. "He's such a jerk."

"Yeh and you're a lot cooler than that he is" Zoe said, "You should just forget him."

"I think I will, my friend Zoe doesn't approve" Mandy said with a smile as she stepped closer and took the hat off her head and put it back on Zoe's head, "This is yours, to remember tonight by."

"I love this hat" Zoe said as Mandy smiled. "Thank you. For tonight I mean, for the first time I felt like someone looked at me like I was more than a little kid. You treated me like a friend."

"You're the coolest person I know Zoe" Mandy said. "And you made me feel like I had a friend who likes me for me. You don't know how much that meant to me. Being the middle kid you don't get to feel special a lot. Tonight I did."

"I better be getting in, it's almost 9" Zoe said as Mandy leaned in and hugged her warmly.

"Yeh don't wanna get you in trouble with mom" Mandy said as she plyafully pulled the hat down over Zoe's eyes before she turned to walk away.

"Mandy?" Zoe asked as she watched Mandy stop a few feet away and turn back around, walking down to meet her on the grass. "Can I ask a stupid question?"

"Sure" Mandy said.

"If we were older, like you know, and we were both still, well, you know, virgins" Zoe said nervously, "Would you like...wanna lose it together? I'm just asking."

"I can honestly say, I couldn't think of a sweeter way for it to happen" Mandy said, "Cause I know you'd care about me."

"Mmmmm-mmmm" Zoe said as she smiled, "And you'd care about me too."

"You know what?" Mandy asked.


"You're impossibly cute in that hat" Mandy said as she ran her fingers through her hair and seemed to be fighting against herself as she moved in front of Zoe, their bodies almost touching. Zoe smiled and watched as Mandy touched her face gently and like she had done a few times already, trailed a finger down Zoe's cheek. Bringing it to rest under Zoe's chin, and in a moment Zoe knew she'd never forget, she leaned slightly closer as Mandy did the same, their lips meeting softly.

"What was that?" Zoe asked as she touched her lips and smiled.

"It was for the sweetest girl in the world" Mandy said as she did the same thing to her own lips before going on, "Who doesn't even know it."


"And because I never kissed a girl sober before" Mandy said, "And, just so she knows, if things were different, I think I'd be crazy about her."

"Wow" Zoe said as she smiled sweetly and saw Mandy smile in the same way. "Night Mandy."

"Night Zoe" Mandy said as Zoe watched her bounce down the lawn and drive off a moment later.

"You must have had a good night" Lily said as Zoe came in with a smile on her face.

"I did, the absolute best time ever" Zoe said as she spun around and kissed her mom on the cheek. "Like my hat?"

"It's cute" Lily said laughing as Zoe danced around her. "Where did you get it at?"

"Mandy" Zoe said, "she's sooooo cool."

"I can see that" Lily said with a smile. "And your friend, Will, called."

"He did?" Zoe asked.

"Yeh, he said call him when you get in" Lily said.

"Nah, I will tomorrow" Zoe said as she bounced up the stairs one at time, saying good night to Lily along the way. Then touching her hat as she reached the top and saying softly. "I don't wanna come down yet."

To be Continued....