Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 72 "Dance Baby"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"Thought we were going to the lake" Zoe said as her and Mandy came up the steps at the Palace.

"We are, I just need to grab my shades before" Mandy said as she came up the stairs and spotted Shady and Katie standing by the big bay window looking out. Both wearing pajama's she noted. "Hey, what have you two been doing?"

"Nothing" Katie said as Shady smiled and looked at Zoe following Mandy.

"You guys hanging out again?" Shady asked.

"Yeh, going to the lake as soon as she gets her shades" Zoe said as Mandy walked off towards her room.

"You keeping an eye on her?" Shady asked as Zoe shrugged and smiled. "Don't let her drag you into anything you knows not right."

"You guys have fun last night?" Katie asked.

"We had soooo much fun" Zoe said.

"Cute hat" Shady said as Zoe touched her pink cowboy hat and smiled, "You're new girlfriend buy you that?"

"I sure did" Mandy said as she emerged from her room and putting her arm around a visibly blushing Zoe's neck. "Tell me is she not gonna be a heartbreaker with those looks?"

"Shut up" Zoe said as everyone laughed.

"Where you guys headed...on your second date?" Shady asked with a smirk.

"The lake" Mandy said, "Michigan that is, the one that Zoe didn't know the name of."

"I did too, I just forgot" Zoe said. Mandy just laughed and took off Zoe's cowboy hat and put it on. "Geography is not my best subject."

"Yeh I get that now" Mandy said as Zoe gave her a dirty look but secretly liked the fact that Mandy was picking on her.

"Better watch it Zoe, the lake is where is Mandy takes her all of her second dates" Shady said with a devilish look towards her sister.

"And maybe she'll get lucky tonight" Zoe said with her hands on her hips as Shady's jaw dropped and her and Katie broke up in a fit of giggles and exchanged a high five.

"Maybe I should....have said that to you...Mandy" Shady said in a fit of giggles.

"What's all the laughing about?" Sam asked coming out of her room on the phone. "Hold on, Jenn."

"Nothing Sam, go back to your girlfriend" Mandy said with what Zoe noticed was a slightly bitter tone.

"Shut up" Sam snapped as Shady and Katie finally got their giggles under control. "Where you two headed?"

"The lake" Mandy said, "What's it to you?"

"Can I go?" Sam asked.

"Nope" Mandy said as Zoe was about to say something and found herself feeling a bit vengeful towards Sam for the way her and Jennifer had been acting the last week.

"Why not?" Sam asked in anger.

"Because you got your little girlfriend on the phone now" Mandy said.

"Zoe come on, we can go pick up Jennifer and we can all three hang out like we used to" Sam said in a slightly pleading voice.

"And what about Mandy?" Zoe asked. "She's just the driver?"

"She'll find her own stuff to do" Sam said, "Come on Zoe, it'll be fun."

"You know what that sucks" Zoe said as she looked back at Mandy briefly, "We got plans and now you want me to ditch her for you, no way."

"Besides the little princess gets on my nerves with that mouth" Mandy said.

"You're just like Mom" Sam snapped as Mandy left Zoe's side and grabbed Sam by the hair and screamed, "I'LL WHIP YOUR ASS, I'LL FUCKIN SHOW YOU MOM, BITCH."

"OWWWWWWWWWWW STOP!" Sam said as Zoe jumped in and pulled Mandy off.

"Stop Mandy, stop you're gonna hurt her" Zoe said as Mandy pushed Sam away. "Let's just go, come on."

"Chill guys" Shady said stepping between them. "Go on Mandy, you and Zoe have fun. Don't let her ruin your night, that's what she wants."

"Come on, you promised me" Zoe said as she pulled Mandy down the stairs. Noticing Mandy still fuming from the confrontation with Sam, she thought distracting her might be a good idea. So reaching up she snatched her cowboy hat back and went running down the steps as Mandy hesistated for a second and then chased after her. Running out the front door, Zoe slowed and stopped on the front porch as she spotted Mandy's dad, coming up the walk with a large number of men in business suits. Mandy came bounding out the door just then in hot pursuit and almost knocked her down as she grabbed Zoe in a hug to keep from falling, both laughing as Mandy spotted the entourage. "Hi, Mr. McCree."

"Hi, Zoe right?" Donald asked.

"Yep and this is Mandy" Zoe said as she giggled and Mandy took the cowboy hat back and put it in her head again.

"Nice too meet you Mandy" Donald said as some of the men now standing behind him began laughing.

"Funny dad" Mandy said as she pushed Zoe forward and said, "We're headed to the lake, won't be out late."

"Have fun" Donald said with a smile as Mandy began chasing after Zoe again.

"Nachos right?" Zoe asked as her and Mandy slipped into the car. "You said remind you."

"Oh yeah, they are so good" Mandy said as she pulled out and headed out of the neighborhood. "So good you can't sit still."

"Not many things in life are that good" Zoe said as Mandy seemed to just blurt out, "These are, it's like an orgasm in your mouth."

"What?" Zoe asked as Mandy gave her a confused look and asked, "You do know what an orgasm is right?"

"Duh, yeh" Zoe said as if it were a silly question.

"What is it then and I don't want your sex-ed answer" Mandy said as she they stopped at a red-light. "In your own words."

"Self-love, or what happens when you do that" Zoe said and felt herself get a little embarrassed.

"And what's, IT called?" Mandy asked as they turned and Zoe could see the lake off in the distance.

"Masturbating?" Zoe asked.

"Yeh just wanted to hear you say it" Mandy said as she stuck out her tongue out and both laughed before a long silence ensued as Mandy pulled onto the side of the road and up onto a grassy spot as she got out and Zoe followed her.          

"It's just weird" Zoe said as they sat down in front of the car.

"Talking about, what we were?" Mandy asked.

"Yeh" Zoe said.

"You know you can ask me anything" Mandy said as she bumped Zoe's shoulder, "it doesn't have to be weird, I mean it's just us."

"Do you feel guilty when you do it?" Zoe asked in an almost whisper as she looked down.

"Do you?" Mandy asked as she tried to get Zoe to look at her.

"Maybe" Zoe said with a worried look on her face.

"You shouldn't" Mandy said softly, "You're not doing anything wrong. And no I don't feel guilty."

"You mean you still do it?" Zoe asked.

"Zoe everyone does, and I mean everyone" Mandy said, "It's natural, it feels good for a reason."

"Just everyone says you shouldn't do it" Zoe said, "I just feel like I'm doing something wrong."

"Then stop listening to those people" Mandy said as she put her arm around Zoe's neck, "Listen, when you close your bedroom door, what you do is your business, not anyone else's. Sometimes it just...well you just need to feel good."

"Yeh" Zoe said as she smiled. "But...isn't it kinda know, addictive."

"Sure is" Mandy says, "Don't tell me you worried about going blind or some stupid shit like that?"

"Of course not" Zoe said looking away as Mandy said, "Zoe that's next to impossible and you should know better."

"I do" Zoe said as she blushed.

"But you still worry about it?" Mandy asked.

"No" Zoe said all too quickly.

"If you're not gonna be honest, then you don't need to ask me stuff" Mandy said as she shook Zoe playfully.

"Ok, yeh maybe sometimes" Zoe said.

"Like I said, I know for a fact it's not gonna happen" Mandy said, "I'd long ago been blind if it had been impossible."

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" Zoe asked as Mandy laughed and shrugged.

"Hey, there are sometimes I need it more than once" Mandy said.

"Seriously?" Zoe asked as Mandy laughed.

"You'll find out" Mandy said and then getting a smirk on her face as she asked, "When was the last time?"

"I am not tellin you that" Zoe said as she blushed a deep crimson.

"Last night?" Mandy asked as Zoe felt like she could crawl under a rock.

"Shut up" Zoe said as Mandy laughed and poked her in the ribs.

"You was thinkin about that kiss huh?"

"God I hate you" Zoe said as she rolled away from Mandy and felt herself being tackled.

"Get off me, lesbo" Zoe giggled as Mandy tickled her until she lost her breath in laughter and the cowboy hat went falling to the grass. Both laying on the grass for a long moment laughing at the silliness of the situation.

"Zo?" Mandy said to get her attention as both lay looking up at the clouded sky for a few quiet moments. "I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable last night with that kiss."

"You didn't" Zoe said as she rolled over and looked at Mandy. "It was just one of those things, right?"

"Actually yeh" Mandy said as Zoe picked up her hat and laid it across Mandy's face as both laughed. Mandy putting it back on Zoe's head a moment later. "I didn't plan to, it just happened, you know?"

"Yeh, it was nice" Zoe said as she rolled over and laid her head on Mandy's stomach as she laid her hat back on the grass. "I mean, I don't like girls that much or at all really, I dunno, but it just seemed...not weird?"

"You just kill me with those puppy dog eyes and that hat" Mandy said as she played with Zoe's hair. "You're gonna a heartbreaker Zoe, you know that?"

"Me?" Zoe asked as Mandy smiled.

"Oh yeah" Mandy said, "You got everything a guy wants. Your smart, pretty and fun to be with."

"You are too" Zoe said, "You make me feel like I'm your friend instead of some little kid tagging along. No ones ever done me like that. And I can talk to you about things that I can't with mom or Grace or even Sarah about."

"Like what we just talked about?" Mandy asked as she playfully flicked a hair into Zoe's face.

"Yeh, I just felt like you wouldn't make fun of me" Zoe said.

"Because I know how it is to be your age, I was not to long ago" Mandy said. "And you don't wanna know how I got my information."

"Yeh. the internet?"

"Some, and from some friends who knew less than me"  Mandy said as she rolled her eyes. "It was pretty bad."

"It sucks being fourteen and people treating me like I'm 10" Zoe said.

"It sucks being 16 too" Mandy said as Zoe looked at her. "It doesn't get easier as you get older."

"Thanks for the good news" Zoe said as Mandy laughed.

"How bout we hit that snack bar now?" Mandy asked as Zoe felt her belly rumble and shook her head and said, "My belly's rumbling."

"Mine too" Mandy said as they got up and Mandy snatched the hat from the ground and stuck her tongue out at Zoe before running off with Zoe giving chase.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sarah's Apartment

"That shower felt really good" Jessie said as she came out of the bathroom and spotted Stephanie quickly closing some windows out on Sarah's computer before she turned and looked up as if nothing happened.

"What's up Steph?" Jessie asked, "You cruisin some of Sarah's favorite porn sites?"

"I was not" Stephanie said as Jessie took the second towel out of her hair and tossed it into the laundry hamper as Stephanie got up and pulled her camera out.

"Nooo" Jessie said as she tied her robe tighter.

"Please just a few?" Stephanie asked moving in front of Jessie. "I won't bug you again."

"Fine" Jessie said as she began to untie her robe before Stephanie stopped her. "What?"

"I don't want that" Stephanie said as she kissed her.

"Ok" Jessie said with a confused look. "Then what?"

"Lay down on the bed and keep your robe on" Stephanie said as Jessie crossed over and laid down across Sarah's bed on her stomach as Stephanie sat down on the floor in front of it and started clicking away. "Come on, baby give me that smile, make love to the camera, give me that look that kills me. Perfect Jess, ok roll on your side and let your hair fall down. So hot, so beautiful, gimme that smile, oh yeah that's the one I can't resist, blow me a kiss. Yeh so good, roll on your back and hang your head off the bed a bit, so hot Jess, you're really killing me. Ok set up slowly and crawl around in a circle, keep your eyes on me Jess, perfect."

"On my knees?" Jessie asked as Stephanie directed her to crawl across the bed to her.

"One leg at a time baby, make me want you with those eyes" Stephanie said as Jessie slowly moved towards her as she now sat on the far side of the bed.
"Throw your hair to the side and come a little closer. Keep your eyes on the camera, so good, now stop and get on your knees and set up, yeh just like that. Run your fingers through through your hair, slowly, ok look away and act I'm like I'm not here, sling your hair around, that looks so cool like that. Perfect ok look at me, no leave it in your eyes and crawl towards me a little bit, now gimme a heart broken look. Oh god Jess, you're selling it. Ok blow some of the hair out of your eyes, that's so hot, I think it's impossible to take a bad picture of you."

"Right" Jessie said as Stephanie put her camera down and leaned down and kissed her softly. Both giggling as Stephanie got hair in her mouth.

"It's true" Stephanie said as she slipped off the bed and headed back to the computer.

"Then why did you stop for?" Jessie asked as she rolled of the bed and picked up her shorts and slipped them on under the robe.

"Don't wanna be annoying with it" Stephanie said as she looked back and watched Jessie from behind as she slipped on one of Sarah's shirts.

"I was having fun" Jessie said as Stephanie spun back around to the computer as Jessie walked over. Having Stephanie scoot forward a bit as she sat down behind her, like she had seen Grace do to Sarah and vice versa so many times in the past. Wrapping her arms around Stephanie's waist and laying her chin on Steph's shoulder and watching her click through the new pics now on the computer screen. "I love you."

"Keep talking..." Stephanie said as she looked at Jessie playfully.

"I do, and you know it" Jessie said as she stroked her hands across Stephanie's flat tanned stomach, a couple of fingers meeting bare skin and the others across the cloth of her shirt. Noticing that Stephanie had grown quiet for a long moment as she clicked out of the pics and went to the internet. "You gettin nervous or something?"

"A little" Stephanie said as Jessie smiled, "But not why you think."

"How then?" Jessie asked.

"I'm getting in deep with you" She said softly and finally looking back at Jessie. "And I'm scared something will go wrong and this time I'm not sure I could handle it if you did me the way Kyle did."

"I won't" Jessie said softly as she hugged her tighter, "I swear on my heart, I won't."

"It's ok to be scared?" Stephanie asked as Jessie smiled and said, "I am too."

"I love feeling like this" Stephanie said, "You just don't know how much pain you took happened all at once too."


"That moment in your room when you just looked at me and said like, God I'm crazy about you" Stephanie said, "I forgot everything about Kyle and his bullshit cheating."

"He didn't love you" Jessie said in a determined voice, "He only wanted you for one thing. Fuck that prick. Besides he's in Omaha and you're here and your in my arms now, and I promise you, he'll never hurt you again."

"I hate him so much" Stephanie said as Jessie felt her tense up.

"Stop, you're letting him get to you, even when you're happy again" Jessie said, "He doesn't have that power over you anymore."

"You're right, you do" Stephanie said as she leaned back against Jessie and laid head against Jessie's. "Cause I love you now."

"I'd love to meet him and watch his face when you kissed me" Jessie said as Stephanie laughed.

"He'd totally poo his pants" Stephanie said as she grinned devilishly. "Like Sarah, only way worse and I'd wanna fucking hangin his dumbass with that chain."

"Come here dickhead, let's play in traffic" Jessie said as she ran her fingers through Stephanie's hair and both laughed.

"He's actually dumb enough to play in traffic" Stephanie said, "But I did hear he had a big one."

"You never saw it?" Jessie asked as Stephanie shook her head no.

"I told you, I'm seriously a virgin" She said as Jessie laughed. "Until I moved in with Uncle August I had never even seen a porno I don't think. Although dickhead tried to get me to watch one."

"How I lost my virginity" Jessie said as Stephanie looked at her with questioning eyes.

"Yeh, me and Katie, she brought it over and it just happened" Jessie said, "No I don't regret it, because I loved her then."

"Wow" Stephanie said, "That's the way I wanna do it, when it feels natural. Not some planned night of romance and you're fuckin nervous and it's always in the back of your mind, so you can't have a good time. I just wanna start kissing you one night and let you take me where you want. You know I want it anyway, so don't feel this huge need to slow down if we get to that point."

"Ok" Jessie said as she again ran her fingers through Stephanie's hair. "As long you don't stop me, I won't."

"I like that idea" Stephanie said as she seemed deep in thought about something before she finally asked. "Are you seriously gay, I mean like no guys at all for any reason?"

"I really haven't thought about it all that much" Jessie said softly.

"Does that interest you at all?" Stephanie said, "I mean like...Ugh...How do I say it?"

"Pecker?" Jessie asked as Stephanie laughed and agreed. "I guess it would in the right situation. Possibly..."

"Say like, me you and another guy?" Stephanie asked, "Not planning anything, just hypothetical."

"Well you'd defintely have to get me going" Jessie said, "Hint hint."

"But would you actually do anything with him, other than watch?" Stephanie asked. "Seriously."

"I don't know" Jessie said honestly as Stephanie smiled and said, "I love you."

"What was that for?"

"You're honest" Stephanie said, "I adore that."

"What about just me and you?" Jessie asked, "You ever thought about that?"

"Yeh a few times" Stephanie said as she bit her lip nervously. "What if I don't like it? I mean...this sounds stupid, but the taste. I've heard different things."

"Here lean up" Jessie said as Stephanie leaned up. Letting Jessie take control of the mouse back as Jessie clicked on a link and opened her email. Purposely now trying to destract her with anything possible. "Send Sarah a message for me."

"Ohhh ok" Stephanie said in confusion at Jessie's sudden need to send an email. Jessie watched Stephanie began to type as she rose a bit and moved her hand slowly away from Stephanie's stomach and to her own as she dropped it under her waist band. Closing her eyes at the soothing sensations she felt with just a few gentle strokes up and her own bare sex. "MMMMM tell her we miss her and her car is fine and so is her stuff."

"Got it, anything else?" Stephanie asked and could swear she not only heard Jessie moan briefly but was sure she felt a hand against her butt slowly sliding up and down and then moving away. Suddenly she felt Jessie pull her back against her and say in a whisper, "Here taste this."

"Taste wh..." Stephanie asked as Jessie gently pushed two fingers past her lips to her tongue. Stephanie's eyes opened a little at the sweet, almost honey like flavor that flooded her taste buds as Jessie pulled her fingers away and asked, "Was it bad?"

"HMMMMM" Stephanie said as she caught Jessie's hand and licked her fingers again and then licked her lips. "That wasn't what I think it was, or was it?"

"Let's just say it came from me" Jessie said with a playful kiss to her cheek. "Now what'd you think?"

"That mystery is solved" Stephanie said as she licked her lips again. "God that's sweet."

"Is it?" Jessie asked as Stephanie again licked at her fingers and then made a small show out of sucking them slowly.

"MMMMMMMMM damn" Stephanie said as Jessie smiled knowingly. "That's me going."

"You're welcome" Jessie said as Stephanie looked at her with a wicked grin.

"Now you're gonna gimme the real thing" Stephanie said as Jessie watched her get up. Pulling Jessie up as she laughed and dragging her onto the bed as Jessie fought to get lose.

"Nooooo, you can't have it" Jessie giggled.

"I didn't ask you, tease, I'll just take what I want" Stephanie said as she wrestled Jessie to the mattress.

"Then take it" Jessie said, "I trust you."

"Can we just kiss for a while?" Stephanie asked as she got over Jessie's stomach and leaned down, "Maybe we'll get there?"

"MMMMMMMM come here my Stephanie" Jessie said as both giggled and then kissed softly.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, later that night....

"Why couldn't I go with Dad to pick her up?" Cori asked as she glared at Lily from across the kitchen.

"Because young lady" Lily said, "You already fell once this week trying to do much and I'm not taking a chance on you getting hurt at the airport."

"But I'm fine" Cori said as she got up with just the assistance of the chair and walked across the kitchen. "Mom, you worry about me too much."

"Yeh and you might as well get used to it" Lily said as Cori hugged her. "I didn't spend all those nights in that hospital room for no reason."

"Did Dad stay a lot too?" Cori asked.

"He did" Lily said, "Although the idiot writer conveniently left that part out."

"I'm lucky" Cori said as she hugged Lily. "I got you guys instead of somebody else."

"We feel lucky too Cori, we got to love you" Lily said as Cori's eyes filled with tears.

"I love you, mom" Cori said softly as the roar of an engine outside made her look up.

"That sounds like Dad's truck" Lily said as Cori's eyes lit up. "You think?"

"Only one way to find out" Lily said as Cori led the way and made Lily almost cry in pride as Cori seemingly bounced down the hallway in excitement, walking free and easy for the first since her accident.

"It's him" Cori said looking out the door and seeing Rick get out and open the door for a girl that looked remarkably like Kile. "Ohmigod, she's so pretty."

"Calm down kitty" Lily said playfully as Cori waited and Rick opened the door and saw him step aside as Passion came in after. Passion smiled nervously as she kicked off her shoes just inside the door and looked to Lily and Rick and asked, "It's ok? Leave them on?"

"Whatever your used to do doing" Lily said, "I'm Lily, and you can make yourself at home."

"Passion Molloy, Cori Tyler, Cori this is your sister" Rick said as Passion smiled nervously and walked a few feet forward.

"G'day mate" Passion said with a bright smile as Cori wiped away a few tears and moved in front of her.

"G'day mate" Cori said as Passion smiled at the imitation as they hugged. Cori hugged her tigher around the neck as Passion closed her eyes and breathed in a deep breath of relief at finally meeting her sister. Lily almost cried as she hugged Rick, and noticed him almost lose it too.

"How are you?" Passion asked as Cori touched her cheek to see if she was real and said, "Good, thanks."

"How did you know to say that?" Passion asked as Cori hugged her again.

"I read some stuff in a book Joey bought me" Cori said. "You tired?"

"Bushwhacked" Passion said as Cori giggled.

"That means tired?" Cori asked as Passion smiled and nodded.

"And a bit peckish" Passion said, "I was too nervous on the plane."

"Peckish? hungry?" Cori asked as Passion smiled and said, "Yes."

"Well then how about something to eat?" Lily suggested as Passion laced her fingers with Cori's and asked, "Coming?"

"Yeh" Cori said, still being a little in shock that she was actually here.

"What would you like?" Lily asked as they reached the kitchen and Cori playfully laid her chin on Passion's shoulder.

"Greasies or a pie would hit the spot" Passion said, "Ummmm, that's fish and chips."

"Pie is a pizza right?" Cori asked as Passion smiled and looked at her and said, "I think, it's like a mince meat pie. But I'm totally not picky."

"Well how about we order out?" Rick suggested as he picked up the phone.

"So you gonna tell me to stuff off yet?" Cori asked with a giggle as Passion turned to her in surprise.

"No I am not" Passion said, "You did do some reading huh?"

"Some" Cori said proudly. "I wanted to know a little about my sister."

"I'm impressed" Passion said as she hugged her again. "Dad says to tell you, he loves you."

"I wish you guys lived closer" Cori said softly, "I don't wanna hurt him, but I scared to..."

"I understand" Passion said. "He just wanted you to know."

"Pizza's on it's way" Rick said as he took Lily's hand and mouthed, "Leave them alone."

"Be back in a minute" Lily said as Passion and Cori set down at the table.

"So can you show me around Chicago?" Passion asked, "I need a out of it first though."

"A nap?" Cori asked as Passion grinned.

"Yeh a nap" Passion said. "That flight just bushwhacked me."

"Long huh?"

"Oh yeah, unending" Passion said, "And also, Marley says, G'day mate."

"I love her, she's so cute, does she look a like you?" Cori said.

"Yeh she got the curse" Passion said with a giggle.

"You are not ugly and don't you say that again" Cori said in a demanding voice. "You are really pretty."

"Ok" Passion said with a nervous grin.

"You are" Cori said. "I told mom when I first saw you getting out of Dad's truck, I said, she's so pretty."

"I don't usually get called pretty" Passion said, "Marley is the baby, and Kelly is the one who everyone says is"

"No one?" Cori asked.

"Not anyone who matters, well dad but he don't count he has to say that" Passion said.

"Well I just met you and I don't have to say it" Cori said, "I think you're pretty, really pretty."

"Thank you" Passion said with a smile.

"Bet I could get you a girlfriend, I mean boyfriend."

"Boyfriend please" Passion said as both cracked up.

"You sure?" Cori asked with a teasing grin as Passion blushed and said, "Yes, totally and completely."

"Kissing girls is fun though" Cori said as she poked Passion in the ribs. "You know you wanna try it."

"Not with you" Passion said as Cori opened her mouth surprise.

"You mean sisterly love don't sound fun?" Cori asked as both laughed.

"I'm not saying it's gross but I wouldn't try it with you" Passion said as she pushed Cori away.

"HMMMMMMM" Cori said, "Gonna send you back home a lesbian."

"God, you're sooo mean to me" Passion said as Cori fell back laughing at her blushing. "I don't know really know many cute guys or any really. But I bet Joey does."

"Now I'm listening" Passion said as she yawned and stretched. "It just really hit me."

"You can lay down for a while if you want" Cori said as she stood and lost her balance as Passion grabbed her and pulled her back up before she fell.

"You ok?" She asked.

"Yeh, my legs and back don't like each other sometimes and my legs go one way and my back the other" Cori said as Passion hugged her.

"Want me to walk with you?" Passion asked as she slipped an around her back and held on to her pj's. Cori put her arm around Passion's shoulder and walked with her to the bedroom as both sat down.

"Thank you for coming" Cori said as Passion laid her head on her sisters shoulder.

"Thank you too" Passion said softly.

"This sounds so stupid I bet" Cori said, "but...I'm already starting to love you."

"Not stupid at all" Passion said, "I feel so close to you already."

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Lake Michigan

"Best nachos ever?" Mandy asked Zoe as they both finished their plates.

"Oh man, so good" Zoe said with cheese dripping down her chin. Mandy pushed her plate away and leaned over and took a napkin and wiped away the cheese and then smeared it in on Zoe's nose. "Hey, stop that."

"Now you're a cheese head" Mandy giggled.

"If I wasn't so full, I'd say something but my brain is crowded inside my head now" Zoe said as rubbed her belly. "I'm completely filled with food I think."

"Saved the best for last though huh?" Mandy asked as she finshed off Zoe's nachos. "Told you orgasm in your mouth."

"Will you knock it off with the sex talk" Zoe said.

"Why it's not like either of us has any real experience" Mandy said, "Do you?"

"Just a little kissing" Zoe said.

"How many of each?" Mandy asked as Zoe blushed.

"More girls than guys" Zoe said as she felt weird.

"Zoe's been holding out on me" Mandy said as she rubbed Zoe's leg with her foot and both laughed as Zoe kicked her away. "Who were they?"

"Sarah Grasser was my first real kiss kiss" Zoe said, "I kissed a guy before that but he was gross."

"Sarah and you?"

"She taught me how to kiss" Zoe said.

"And I felt weird for kissing you at the door" Mandy said and before Zoe could question her she went on. "Who else?"

"Michael Logan my first real boyfriend" Zoe said, "I taught him to kiss. He was ok, I think but not as good as Sarah."

"HMMMMMM" Mandy said as Zoe blushed.

"Then Jennifer and then Sam" Zoe said in a rush.

"You kissing slut, you kissed both of those little skanks?" Mandy asked in shock.

"Jennifer was barely a lip kiss..."

"Then that barely even counts" Mandy said.

"Sam counted though" Zoe said.

"You got a crush on my sister?" Mandy asked, "That why you acted like that last night?"

"Nope" Zoe said and was surprised at how calm she reacted to Mandy's obvious attempt to get a rise out of her. "Just a really nice kiss. She kissed me even after I said I didn't want too, but I dunno it was a good kiss."

"Interesting" Mandy said as her and Zoe laughed.

"Then you" Zoe said. "I need a boyfriend."

"Me too" Mandy giggled.

"What about Logan, you know he apologized this morning to me" Zoe said, "and said he did to you too."

"Oh yeah some apology, tried to convince me it was all my fault" Mandy said, "I am fuckin tired of guys pissing on me."

"Yeh" Zoe said and then smiling and asking, "How about Wylan?"

"Oh yeah, so cute I love that grunge rock star look too" Mandy said with a smile suddenly. "Do you approve?"

"Me?" Zoe asked and thinking about how Logan commented that Mandy had changed.


"Definitely, he's sooo cute" Zoe said, "Why do I have to approve?"

"You're a better judge of people than me" Mandy said firmly. "It's true."

"I like Wylan he's sweet and boy can play that guitar" Zoe said with a giggle.

"That is sooo true" Mandy said, "God the blues make"

"Hot?" Zoe asked as Mandy blushed and said, "Yes, hot."

"Ooooooook" Zoe said with a giggle.

"I am sure they're plenty of things that get your clock ticking" Mandy said as Zoe looked totally confused. "Horny, Zoe, god you're goofy."

"I AM...." Zoe began to reply in anger when she realized Mandy wasn't making fun of her in the little kid way most people do. But just as a friend. "I am not."

"Well what is it?" Mandy asked as she rubbed her hands together. "What gets you going?"

"Nothing, at all" Zoe said as Mandy stood and took the cowboy hat off her head and sat it on Zoe's as she pulled her up and put her arm around the girls neck.

"Right, my little friend" Mandy giggled as Zoe gave her a hurt look as Mandy said, "Chill, Zo Glow, it was a joke."

"Zo Glow?" Zoe asked as it started to drizzle and Mandy looked up at the sky and saw it began to rain a little harder. Thinking quick she took Zoe's hat and grabbed an empty plastic bag out of the trash and stuffed it inside to keep it dry. Tying the end so it wouldn't fall out.

"Yeh cause your eyes sorta glow when you're mad" Mandy said as she stopped and looked up as the rain came harder and Zoe said, "Shouldn't we like head for the car?"

"Why you afraid us turds will melt?" Mandy asked as she pushed Zoe playfully. "Huh Zo Glow?"

"You're the biggest turd" Zoe said pushing her back as the skies seemed to open up and the rain began to pour. "Mom's gonna kill me for getting wet."

"So the truth comes out huh?"

"What truth?"

"I make you wet?" Mandy asked as she fell down in the grass and began to laugh as Zoe gave her a dirty look. "Oh come on Zoe, I'm picking on you."

"What? What are you doing?" Zoe asked as Mandy began to make angels in the grass as the rain poured harder and a loud crash of thunder sounded.

"It's called fun Zoe" Mandy said as she rolled over, her hair now soaked as well as her clothes. "You were having it before I started picking on you."

"I don't care much for getting wet" Zoe said as Mandy got up and moved behind her, hugging her around the neck, she said, "Zoe life is too short to worry so much."

"I know but..." Zoe said as Mandy moved beside of her and stretched her arms out and laid her head back and let the rain wash over her face.

"It just feels good" Mandy said, as Zoe watched and then looked up at the rain and did almost the same thing as she felt the rain wash over her face and figured out what Mandy already knew, this did feel good. Mandy screamed a moment later as loud as she could, Zoe thought it must be for joy, and at this moment she agreed, it just felt good to be alive. "Come on Zoe stomp with me."

"What?" Zoe asked as the rain began forming puddles on the concrete as Mandy began stomping in them and swaying her hips as she swung her hair all around and then spun around to meet Zoe. Stomping again and swaying left and right and watching Zoe begin to mimic her as they laughed and then did it again as she smiled at Zoe and started stomping her feet with a different rhythm, and challenged Zoe to set the next rhythm. "Come on Zo, you got it, stomp."

"Like this?" Zoe asked as she stomped and swayed and loved watching Mandy mimic her as she now set the pace. Spinning a few times and stomping down the sidewalk as another loud crash of thunder and a streak of lightning roared across the clouds. Zoe froze as she looked up and Mandy bumped into her and asked in confusion, "What happened?"

"I think we might wanna get back, look" Zoe said as she pointed at the dark clouds.

"You know what's happening?" Mandy asked aloud over the sound of pouring rain and crashing thunder as she touched Zoe's cheeks with her hands, rain dripping off both of their faces. Zoe looked into Mandy's gorgeous eyes and asked, "What?"

"You're soaked to the bone and having the time of your life" Mandy said with a huge grin as Zoe smiled in return and said, "So are you, right?"

"Dance baby" Mandy said as she trailed her finger down Zoe's cheek and grinned seductively as they again started to stomp to a rhythm set by Mandy.

"Yeh I'm gonna dance baby" Zoe said as ran back to pick up her cowboy hat, now in the bag as her and Mandy danced for a while longer as the lightning streaked across the sky and finally sent them running for the car. Both soaked to the bone as they peeled out and headed towards Sammler-Manning manor. Mandy pulled up and turned the car off as Zoe tried to get out, Mandy grabbed her and they started wrestling for no apparent reason as Mandy crawled out of the passenger's side and chased after as both giggled loudly and finally reached the porch with a thud as they crashed against the door. Lily came to the door and seeing both laying on the porch, she worried something had happened.

"Zoe Manning what's wrong?" Lily asked as she came out on the porch.

"OH NO, ZO GLOW, MOM'S MAD AS A WET HEN, WE'RE GROUNDED" Mandy said as both her and Zoe cracked up in laughter.

"Mommy gonna spank me?" Zoe asked as Mandy laid back and laaughed till she lost her breath almost.

"Where have you too been and what happened?"

"Believe it or not..." Mandy said as she tried to get up and started to again wrestle with Zoe, "...dancing in the rain."

"Sooooooooo much fun" Zoe said as she finally got up and helped Mandy up. "We danced in the rain for real mom."

"You're soaked to the bone, both of you" Lily said.

"So my mom couldn't care less" Mandy said.

"Well I could and you're not going anywhere till you dry off, now inside, get" Lily said as Mandy and Zoe both laughed and went aside. Crashing back to the floor in a fit of giggles as Rick came into the room with a confused on his face. Mandy grabbing Zoe in a hug from behind and saying, "RUN DAD'S MAD."

To be Continued....