Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 8 "Stay the Night"

Written by: TVM (



"First the winner of the Female Category and the chance to record a demo for New Hit Records Nashville." Brian said as he started to open the envelope and looked back in Jessie and Sarah's direction, "Is......"

Brian looked in shock as he saw the contents of the envelope and then announcing to a stunned house, "Folks we have a tie."

"OH MY GOD" Katie said jumping around excitedly beside Jessie.

"The First winner is" Brian said, "Sarah Grasser."

A look of complete shock and amazement came over her face and she just stood there. Grace hugged her and pushed her towards the front of the stage. Slowly she looked at Jessie, who was smiling politely and clapping as were the rest of the crowd. A huge commotion was coming from the front of the stage as security was trying to keep someone from getting on.

"She's my cousin you asswhole," Shell screamed as she was being taken away from the stage, "let me go, I'm telling you flat foot, she's my cousin."

Sarah pretended not to know her and accepted the trophy. Taking a bow next and returning to stand beside Grace.

"You won, you really won" Grace said noticing that Sarah was still in complete shock.

"And the second winner is..." Brian said letting the tension build, "and I have to say she blew me away. Jessie Sammler...."

"YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS" Katie screamed jumping up and down and pumping her fist, pushing Jessie out to centerstage.

Brian announced that Travis had won the Male competition and talked for a minute about what would be happening in the coming weeks to the winners. Jessie and Sarah where in shock as the ceremony wrapped up. Jessie was mobbed by Rick and Lily and of course Katie and Grace. Sarah took a seat in the corner and kept to herself as she watched the celebration. This didn't go unnoticed as after a few minutes Grace noticed what was happening and excused herself from the Sammler/Manning Party and went to find Sarah.

"Hey What are you doing over here?" Grace asked pulling Sarah up to her feet.

"I didn't wanna interrupt" Sarah said smiling at Grace, "Jessie won and all."

"You did too" Grace said taking Sarah's face in her hands and trying to wake her up.

"I know" Sarah replied taking Grace's hands in hers and moving them from her face, "I'm going crazy on the inside. Just trying to remain calm on the outside." Grace hugged her anyway and pulled her along to the rest of the group. Katie was the first to see them and ran up and hugged Sarah, congratulating her, which drew strange looks from both Sarah and Jessie. Maybe a little jealousy from Jessie too, Grace observed.

"Sarah" ZoŽ screamed and ran up and hugged her after Katie.

Sarah smiled as Lily suggested they go out and celebrate, Jessie and the rest of the gang readily agreed. Sarah suddenly faced with the prospect of not having a ride home, now that Shell had been carted off, decided to tag along. Only to later find out Shell was thrown out of the club and decided to drive on home.

"Hey you know I'll give you a ride home" Grace said as they reached the door to the pizza place, "and who knows maybe more...."

"Is that a promise?" Sarah asked starting to giggle and taking Grace's hand in hers.

"Only if you have a good time" Grace said as she walked away and met the rest of the family at the booth.

"A toast" Rick said, "to both of the winners, Jessie and Sarah."

Sarah finally let her excitement show as the party rolled into the night, even she and Jessie seemed to be getting along,singing a duet for the crowd later on. Sarah's excitement was even more evident as Rick and Lily and the kids all piled into the car and headed home.

"I'm gonna give Sarah a ride home" Grace said at the last second, as the family went inside.

"I'm going to Nashville baby" Sarah screamed as her and Grace got out of the car at Sarah's place. Sarah then ran around the front and as Grace was locking the car door, jumped on her back and hugged her tightly, "Thank you, thank you."

"What did I do?" Grace asked feeling a little confused as Sarah jumped down and took Grace's hand in hers.

"You're my good luck charm" Sarah said hugging Grace again, "and my best friend."

"I am" Grace asked smiling in surprise at Sarah.

"You sure are" Sarah said pulling Grace by the hand, "now we're gonna celebrate."

"Wait" Grace said laughing and trying to keep up with Sarah who was now hopping along the sidewalk. A million miles above the city, Grace thought.

"HEY" Sarah screamed to the entire block, "I'M GOING TO NASHVILLE AND I'M GONNA BE THE NEXT BIG THING BABY."

"Sarah shut up" Grace said putting her hand over Sarah's mouth and laughing harder, "you gonna get the cops called."

"THIS IS MY BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD" Sarah said again aloud after playfully biting at Grace's hand, "AND I LOVE HER".

Putting her arms around Sarah's neck, she covered her mouth with her hand and said quietly, "you get me arrested Sarah Grasser and I'm gonna kick your ass."

"You gonna be a good girl?" Grace asked as Sarah motioned her head yeh and Grace slowly removed her hand, "Ok that's much better."

"I promise I'll be good" Sarah said looking at Grace with a dreamy look in her eyes, "I'd never ever do anything to hurt you."

"Sure you say that now" Grace said walking ahead and giggling to herself.

"You know I'm serious" Sarah said catching up to Grace and taking her hand.

"Yeh" Grace said.

"Come on let's go" Sarah said pulling Grace again by the hand and heading into her apartment, "time to really celebrate."

Unlocking the door and walking inside, Grace thought how much she had come to like Sarah's place in such a short time and how tonight seemed particularly nice. Sarah made a visit to the bathroom while Grace took off her coat and made a visit to Sarah's closet. Selecting an interesting title,"Bi Bi Bi", she quickly popped it into the VCR and took a seat on the bed with the remote. Trying to keep a straight face as Sarah came out of the bathroom. Grace hit the play button on the remote and smiled at Sarah.

"Well since you won: to the winner go the spoils" Grace said confusing herself, "What I mean is you deserve a prize and I hope I'll do."

Sarah's eyes bugged out at the sound of Grace's voice and she slowly walked over to the bed and then noticed what was playing on the TV. Three girls where already naked and going at it. Sarah smiled and tried to get her thoughts straight, but before she could, Grace began to direct her.

"Now get up on the bed and you'll get exactly what you deserve..... till you're blue in the face." Grace said as Sarah smiled and moved to the top of the bed as directed, kicking her shoes off to the side and never for one second taking her eyes off Grace. Grace slipped the button-up sweater she was wearing off and kicked her shoes off. Then as slowly as she could, with a million thoughts running through her mind, she crawled up the bed until she was over Sarah.

"Are you ready for what you deserve?" Grace asked trying her best to keep it together. Sarah was nodding yes and waited for Grace's next move. Grace took Sarah's hand and placed it on her side, touching her bare skin just a little and then smiling as she leaned down, letting her hair surround Sarah's face. Coming closer and closer, Sarah rose to kiss Grace, and Grace blocked her lips with her finger tip and pushed her softly back down to the bed.

"Guess what?" Grace said moving within inches of Sarah's lips and being able to smell Sarah's perfume and having to admit for the first time in her life, at this moment there was no where else she wanted to be.

"What?" Sarah asked quietly tilting her head ready for Grace's kiss.

Moving up just a little, Sarah felt Grace gently kiss her nose, much like she did earlier and she heard Grace whisper in her ear "I can be a tease too."

Grace started laughing and flopped down on the bed, laughing hysterically actually.

"OH COME ON" Sarah said looking at Grace in total disbelief, "you're dead, you are so fuckin' dead."

Grace rolled off the bed and ran behind the TV. "Come here girl, you got a spanking coming." Sarah said chasing Grace back on to the bed and grabbing her leg and pulling her back. She whacked her on the ass with her hand and then did it again, but not nearly as hard, as Grace whimpered and fought to get away.

"That was so cruel" Sarah said moving over Grace and fighting with her till she held her hands to the mattress, "now you're gonna get what you deserve."

"Oh NO" Grace said laughing and still fighting to get way. Sarah moved one of her hands to Grace's waist and pushed her shirt up, almost to her bra and then smiled an evil grin before going on. She lowered her head and started blowing bubbles on her stomach, much like you would do to a baby.

"Stop Sarah Stop" Grace said barely able to breath for laughing so hard and squirming to get out from under Sarah, "I'm gonna pee if you don't quit. SARAH STOP."

Sarah just smiled as she stopped for a second and went on doing it four or five more times, before stopping and starting to tickle Grace. Grace finally managed to get loose and ran for the door. Opening it, she ran outside and down the hall with Sarah hot on her heels.

"Grace stop" Sarah said out of breath as they both stopped at the elevator, "I'll quit I promise."

"You come near me and I'll scream" Grace said moving her hair out her eyes and still trying to catch her breath. Sarah walked one step at a time closer to Grace, as she smiled and when she was finally close enough, she said "We're even ok."

"Ok" Grace said walking ahead of Sarah back to the apartment. Then feeling Sarah's arms around her waist and fearing the worse again, but this time Sarah just walked behind her acting goofy and making Grace practically drag her back inside. Falling down on the bed, Sarah said "that was so wrong..."

"I know I'm sorry" Grace said sitting down in the chair a few feet away.

"No, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings" Sarah said sitting up, "I just meant it was perfect payback."

"OHHHH, so you're not mad" Grace asked Sarah seriously.

"No way, your my best friend" Sarah said, "I could never stay mad at you."

Grace then joined Sarah on the bed. As they talked and chatted for a while, before falling into a long silence and just staring at each other for a while.

"So when do you think they'll call?" Grace asked.

"You mean the record guys?" Sarah asked.

"Yeh" Grace answered.

"Said it would be a few weeks." Sarah responded.

"I'm so happy for Jessie" Grace said smiling.

"Me too" Sarah said smiling at Grace, "hard to believe it was a tie huh."

"Yeh when he looked at you and then Jess, I didn't know what to think" Grace said.

"You were like "you won, Sarah you won" Sarah giggled "and they announced Jessie's name and Katie goes nuts, followed by that scream."

"I guess I see some of what Katie sees in her now" Sarah said looking away, as Grace touched her back and Sarah looked back at Grace as she asked "you ok?"

"Yeh I just miss her sometimes" Sarah said sitting up and moving off the bed, walking slowly to the window and letting a few tears drop down her cheeks. Grace sat there not knowing what to do as she watched Sarah cry. Not being able to think of anything to say, she moved from the bed and tentatively approached Sarah from behind. Touching her shoulder and fearing the worst, Sarah took Grace's hand from her shoulder and pulled her close. Wrapping Grace's arms around her tightly from behind. Grace laid her head on Sarah's shoulder and met her eyes in the glass and tried to smile.

"You'll find someone new" Grace said feeling her heart jump, "and they'll never break your heart."

"I know you won't" Sarah said touching her hand to Grace's cheek and confusing Grace for a second until she figured out what Sarah meant. Then she could feel her heart start to pound like before, "you're my Amazing Grace."

"I'm not that Amazing" Grace said, still with her head on Sarah's shoulder and meeting her eyes in the window. Then she thought that it was so much better that her and Sarah were the same height, before her mind drifted again. Strange thoughts you have in those situations.

"I think so" Sarah said smiling again just a little, "that's why....."

Grace stood there waiting for Sarah to finish the sentence, but she never did and Grace wondered what she was gonna say before trailing off.

"What where you saying?" Grace asked softly.

"Nothing" Sarah said wiping her face with her sleeve and getting quite again.

"No tell me please" Grace asked as Sarah turned around slightly and faced her, "I swear I won't get mad or anything."

"You sure you wanna know" Sarah asked one more time as Grace nodded her head yes and Sarah smiled and moved the stray hair from Grace's forehead. "I was gonna say...."

"Yeh" Grace said as Sarah looked away again, seemingly worried about something, "Sarah what is it?"

"Grace I'm falling for you" Sarah said softly and looking Grace in the eyes before continuing on, "you're just so Amazing."

Grace's heart began to pound and she moved back a step or two, trying to figure out everything.

"You wanted to know" Sarah said walking back over to the bed, leaving Grace still standing by the window. Grace stood there for a long time thinking as Sarah had now lain down on the bed and was reading or pretending to. Grace thought about how much she had changed since falling for Mr. Dmitri and of course for Eli and how this new thing with Sarah was so similar to those. Looking back she noticed something strange, what Sarah was reading.

"Stories by Anton Chekov" The book jacket read as Grace moved back to the bed crawling up again beside Sarah and asked "you like him?"

"Yeh I love him" Sarah said not really noticing Grace for the moment, "Why?"

"He's like my all time favorite author" Grace said moving her hand over Sarah's and moving the book so she could see, "this one is so cool."

"You ok" Sarah asked softly, "you're not freaked out are you."

"No" Grace said bringing her back to reality as it was, "I ummmmm....sorta....."

Grace stumbled over the words as Sarah smiled at her, with a look on her face like she had never seen anything like her before. "Tell me you're for real" Sarah said running her hand down Grace's cheek, "and when you wanna tell me what's going on in that beautiful head of yours, I wanna hear every word."

Grace smiled shyly and seemed to relax Sarah observed, as she turned back to her book. Grace picked up the remote and hit the play button and got a shock when 'Bi Bi Bi' started playing again. Sarah looked up and started to laugh as Grace fumbled with the remote trying to find the stop button, blushing a deep crimson. Then after successfully stopping the tape, threw the remote down and shot Sarah a dirty look.

"It's not that funny" Grace said unsuccessfully trying to hide a smile.

"That's payback for what you did to me" Sarah said through a giggle as Grace whacked her with a pillow and started tickling her.

After a few seconds both lay on the bed laughing, when Sarah asked "This is gonna sound bad, but I swear I don't mean it the way it sounds."

"What?" Grace said looking at Sarah.

"You wanna spend the night?" Sarah said as the smile left Grace's face and she feared she had went to far too soon.

"Why, so you can have your way with me?" Grace said sitting up, "Rip my clothes off and make mad passionate love to me till where both exhausted."

"And you call me a perv" Sarah said laughing at Grace's response, then leaning close to Grace and asks, "But that doesn't sound too bad does it?"

"NO" Grace said simply as Sarah looked at her intently and Grace began to realize a lot of things had changed in her life.

"I just don't wanna be alone tonight" Sarah said, "something good finally happened and I wanna share it with someone. I mean..... I wanna share it with you."

"OK if your gonna beg.... Geez" Grace said as her mind raced and she laid down on the bed and said, "take me....."

Meanwhile back at the house in Jessie's room.

"Yes, they said me and Sarah both get to go" Jessie told her Mom excitedly.

"Honey that is so wonderful" Karen said from the other end of the phone, "and Henry says congratulations. Here, he wants to talk to you."

"Jessie" Henry said into the phone as he took it from Karen.

"Hey Henry" Jessie said.

"Congrats" He said as Jessie thanked him before he went on, "I've got a friend in Nashville that you and Sarah can stay with if you decide to."

"Thanks Henry" Jessie said, "You don't have to do that."

"He's a nice guy and that way we can all stay together, that is if you don't mind if I tag along." Henry asked.

"Are you kidding, of course not" Jessie said.

Jessie talked a few more minutes with her mom, making plans for the weekend and trying to convince Karen to let Katie go with her. But Karen said she'd have to ask Katie's mom, not her.
"You're going" Jessie told Katie, "or I'm not."

"How am I going get there?" Katie asked Jessie.

"You can drive out with me and Sarah and Mom." Jessie said, thinking about the plans her and Sarah had made about driving out to Nashville instead of flying and using the money they offered for plane fair to take Katie and now Henry.

"If my mom will let me" Katie said standing up and pacing.

"She better, I'll go crazy without you." Jessie said laying back on the bed.

"Huh" Katie said with her hands on her hips now, "A minute ago you said you wouldn't go without me and now it's I hope you get to go, but I'm going regardless."

Jessie sat up and saw the smile on Katie's face and knew she was only kidding.

"You know what I mean" Jessie said.

"Well if Mom says no" Katie sitting down and looking serious, "then I'm stowing away."

"Yeh" Jessie said as both started laughing, "and every hundred miles we'll let you out to stretch your legs."

"If it means being with you I'd do it" Katie said as Jessie smiled and they soon kissed, "you think we could be quiet?"

"For what?" Jessie asked really confused.

"You know" Katie said giggling as Jessie looked at her while starting to laugh.

"You know what?" Jessie asked making Katie blush.

"Do you wanna fuck me?" Katie said almost in a whisper.

"Nice way to celebrate huh?" Jessie asked as she kissed Katie giving her the answer that way.

"Yeh you already won one award and you're about to win another. "Katie said wrapping her arms around Jessie's neck as they fell to the bed.

At the bottom of the stairs, ZoŽ was listening at the door and about to sneak up the steps, when the phone in the hall rang.

"Hello" ZoŽ said out of breath after running all the way to the end of it.

"ZoŽ, tell Mom I'm spending the night at Sarah's and I'll be home early in the morning." Grace said.

"Why are you staying over there?" ZoŽ asked, getting a little jealous.

"Because I want to, that's why" Grace replied and got ready to hang up the phone, when Sarah took it.

"Hey my little monkey" Sarah said.

"Sarah" ZoŽ exclaimed excitedly, "Can I come over please?"

"I don't see why not" Sarah answered. But Grace on the other end was waving her hands in the air saying no.

"ZoŽ" Grace said taking the phone, "I'm not coming home to get you and that's final. It's too late. You can find something to do there tonight. And I promise, me and Sarah will come and get you in the morning."

"OK" ZoŽ said not wanting to, but accepting what Grace had to say and hanging up the phone.

"And you're right Grace, there is something to do tonight" ZoŽ said looking down the hall at Jessie's door, before going down the hall and twisting the knob and opening the door.

"Oh Katie that's so good" ZoŽ heard Jessie moan as she pulled the door closed......

To Be Continued....