Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 87 "Jan and the Three Stooges"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"Lily what's wrong?" Rick asked as a visibly shaken Lily came down the stairs into the basement.

"Mom you OK?" Cori asked as Lily could barely contain her emotions.

"Cori, honey, I am fine, nothing is wrong" Lily said with trembling hands. "You, Passion and Joey, take the first load out to the car and wait for me OK? Please just go and let me talk to Dad for a minute."

"OK, Mom" Cori said as and her and Passion collected some of the various bags of garbage and followed Joey up the stairs. Hearing the door close behind them Lily started crying in frustration.

"OK, tell me what's wrong, is the baby OK or you having some symptoms you shouldn't?" Rick asked.

"No, no, it's that son-of-a-bitch ex-husband of mine" Lily said, "He goes on another bender and calls and threatens Grace and Sarah and scared them half to death and now she's leaving for Indiana for the weekend to stay with that evil August Dimitri."

"What in the hell?" Rick asked in shock. "Did the world go crazy in the last five minutes?"

"I had a huge fight with Grace over this and hung up on her" Lily said, "Her and Sarah are going down there to see him."

"We'll go and bring Grace back" Rick said as Lily stopped him.

"It won't do any good Rick, she admitted her and Sarah have snuck down there a few times before and saw him" Lily said as Rick's face went red. "She'll be 18 in a few days and we can't control her anymore."

"So we just sit here and let that man do god knows what with her?" Rick asked as he picked up a porcelain figurine and shattered it in frustration.

"Honey, I don't think it's like that" Lily said but not wanting to defend August Dimitri in the least. "Grace says her heart belongs to Sarah and that she was invited down by Jessie and Stephanie."

"I should have know not to let Stephanie move in here..."

"Damn it man will you get off that" Lily snapped, "That young girl is not been one minutes trouble since she has been here. Now I'm sick of hearing you bitch about her being here. Jessie would have been heartbroken without her."

"She shouldn't be living here" Rick said, "You know I'm right."

"Then what do you propose?" Lily asked. "We throw her out, she goes back to West Lafayette and you lose your daughter cause Jessie will follow her and you know it."

"Why did Karen have to fall under than man's spell?" Rick asked. "He's nothing but trouble."

"But she did and their having a baby" Lily said.

"I know, I found out when me and Jessie had a screaming match over him" Rick said in a barely controlled rage. "She's fallen under his spell too and it kills me."

"Rick, honey, Jessie just wants to be with Stephanie and her Mom and her are finally gaining some ground in their relationship" Lily said. "If we interfere, she's just gonna hate us. I won't be a party to breaking her heart."

"She'll get over it" Rick said coldly.

"Rick Sammler, you dare try to..." Lily said as Rick hugged her and said, "We have to go down there and see if we can salvage this."

"Rick Sammler, you are not going to fight him" Lily said in a firm voice.

"I didn't say nothing about fighting, there's a few things that I think need to be said" Rick said as he took Lily's hand, "We have to go before Jessie is gone to Indiana for good."

"If we go and make things worse, she won't come back" Lily said as Rick took a deep breath.

"I dunno what else to do" Rick said. "You know, either I've been wrong about him or he knows mind control."

"I don't understand" Lily said.

"Karen, Grace, Sarah, now Jessie" Rick said, "For some reason they adore him."

"Yeh all impressionable young girls" Lily said.

"Lily are you insane?" Rick asked. "Grace has been 35 years old since the day I met her. I don't believe that now, there has to be something we're missing. My own son has said he liked him."  

"That's quite an impressive list" Lily admitted, "Do you seriously think we could be missing the boat on this?"

"The car, and a hundred miles of highway are standing between you and me finding out" Rick said as he and Lily made their way out of the basement and into the kitchen, being met by Joey, Cori and Passion.

"Is everything alright?" Joey asked as Mandy and Zoe walked in hand and hand.

"Yeh, and we need you're help Joey" Rick said as he motioned her over. "We need you to keep an eye on things here for us, me and Lily need to take a road trip and we might not be back till in the morning."

"Where?" Cori asked.

"We're going to Indiana" Rick said.

"To visit August?" Cori asked as Rick looked at her in surprise and said, "You were listening at the door?"

"No, I know he lives in Indiana and you don't like him" Cori said, "I talked to him on the phone and he seemed really nice though."

"That's becoming the consensus" Rick said as he took car keys off the peg board and flipped the house keys to Joey. "You're in charge Larue."

"Me?" Joey asked as she caught the keys.

"You" Rick said, "That means I'm trusting you."

"Yes, sir" Joey said as a smile crossed her face. "I'll make sure the young ones are in bed by 8."

"Larue, they're four of us and only one of you" Mandy said as Cori and Passion stood up and got behind Joey and Mandy and Zoe stood in front of her.

"Help!" Joey said.

"Have fun Joey" Rick said with a smirk. "Girls seriously, keep it down to a low roar and no parties."

"No reason being here tonight" Mandy said as Zoe giggled.

"Can I go..." Zoe asked as Lily laughed and cut her off.

"Yesss but home by nine and Joey will tell me if you're not" Lily said as Mandy hugged Zoe from behind.

"I'll have her home by nine" Mandy said, "We just gonna hang at the palace for a while and probably back here."

"Yeh I got this" Joey said, "We'll be OK, you guys go. Trust me."

"We do" Rick said as he and Lily exited the kitchen.

"I hope nothings wrong" Passion said.

"No, of course not, if it was they'd have told us I'm sure" Joey said. "So what's up, you wanna finish taking out the trash from the basement?"

"Better wait till Mom and Dad goes through the rest of it" Cori said.

"Why don't you guys pile in with us?" Mandy asked as she looked to Zoe.

"Sure we just go out and mess around at the lake or back at the Palace" Zoe said and seeing the smirk on Joey's face knew one of her famous comments was coming as she pointed at her and said, "Shut up, Larue."

"I don't feel like going out..." Cori said as she hugged Zoe with a certain look in her eye that Mandy noticed. "But Passion can if she wants to."

"Yeh, yeh, I don't think Lily would mind" Joey said as she smiled at Cori.

"Nah, I'll just stay here" Passion said as Mandy about laughed out loud as Joey and Cori's reaction.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Mandy asked Zoe.

"Girl needs a night out" Zoe said.

"Hi, I'm Mandy and this is Zoe" Mandy said as she took Passion's hand and led her towards the exit to the kitchen.

"I know that already" Passion giggled as Zoe suddenly grabbed Passion's other hand as they dragged her squealing in laughter down the hall. "Stop, stop what are you doing?"

"You're going stomping with us tonight" Mandy said as Passion looked back at Cori and Joey with a confused look. "They wanna be alone for a while."

"I'm in the way" Passion said as a heart broken look came over her face.

"NOOOOOO" Mandy said as her and Zoe attacked Passion's ribs at the same time as she squealed and ran for the steps before Zoe caught her in a hug.

"Will you come out with us tonight?"

"You don't want me either" Passion said as she looked like she wanted to cry.

"Who told you that?" Mandy asked as she looked at Zoe and winked. "You told her that didn't you big mouth?"

"I did not you skank you did" Zoe said as her and Mandy started wrestling and purposely felt on top of Passion as she tried to wrestle free and got lost in the giggling herself.

"Come on, come out with us, please?" Mandy asked as Passion smiled. "Please?"

"Only if you want me too" Passion said as she stood and found herself being stalked by both Mandy and Zoe as she grabbed a jacket off the coat rack and went running through the front door. Stopping to see them giving chase as she stopped and curled up as she laughed. But feeling nothing, she peaked out a moment later to see Zoe and Mandy standing by the car laughing. "I can see I'm not gonna get treated any better by you two."

"Yeh you are" Mandy said, "We'll show you the big city, how's that sound?"

"All of it?" Passion asked.

"As much as we can fit in by 8:30?" Mandy asked as Passion laughed. "Listen, OK?"


"Joey and Cori are involved like me and Zoe and sometimes they just wanna be alone, don't mean they don't love you" Mandy said as Passion seemed to think about it and got it. "So we get to hear that cool accent for a few hours tonight."

"You like my accent?"

"It's so cool" Zoe said as she opened the door and held the seat up. "You stomping."

"Now you speaking my language" Passion said as Zoe pushed her into the backseat and felt Mandy stop her from getting in. Looking back Zoe saw her smiling a moment before Mandy kissed her softly.

"AWWWWWW" Passion said with a giggle as she watched from the backseat.

"What's wrong Passion you want some too?" Zoe asked as Passion stopped laughing and watched Zoe crawl in the backseat after her.

"NOOOOOOO" She said as Zoe started tickling her. Mandy reached in and dragged Zoe back out and pushed her, giggling a mile a minute, in the passenger's seat and closed the door.

"You feel better?" Zoe asked as Mandy pulled away from the curb.

"Yeh but I don't have any money so I can't buy anything" Passion as Mandy smiled into the rear view mirror and asked, "If you see something you like will you tell me?"


"She'll probably buy it for you" Zoe said.

"Really?" Passion asked, "I am so not gonna complain about that. You can buy me anything you want."

"Are you taking notes?" Mandy asked Zoe.

"Bite me" Zoe said as she giggled and Mandy laughed.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Casa De August

"YEH RIGHT HERE?" August screamed over the roar of the engine of the flat bed truck carrying the helicopter. Telling the driver to set it off to the left of the house only out of the way of the view. After about 20 minutes, it was now sitting some 15 feet away from the porch with August and Eli making sure it was stable before giving the OK to the guy in the truck to drive away.

"You know why I wanted it there?" Stephanie asked Jessie in a whisper as they sat arm and arm on the porch steps.

"Not a clue" Jessie whispered back.

"I'm gonna take you in that" Stephanie said with a wicked smile as Jessie blushed. "It is sound proof."

"Oh lord" Jessie said as she blushed and looked at Stephanie who was grinning like a cat that ate the bird. "Just hush."

"Not a good idea?" Stephanie asked with a serious look.

"Too good" Jessie said as Stephanie smiled and replied, "I'll be good from now on."

"Just while the family is around" Jessie said, "Later, we might be able to get two seconds alone to talk."

"If that's all we did..." Stephanie said with an honest smile. "...I wouldn't mind one bit."

"Me neither" Jessie said as she kissed Stephanie's cheek and whispered, "I love you, do you know that?"

"Keep talking..." Stephanie said as Jessie giggled. "I love you too, you're still making me high."

"Trust me, I'm not coming down either" Jessie said. "Feels so good in your eyes."

"Get used to it, cause I'm not going anywhere" Stephanie said with a sweet smile as she laid her head against Jessie's.

"How are we doing men?" Karen asked as she came out of the house, flanked by RaeAnn as August and Eli came over.

"All done" August said.

"Seriously?" Jessie asked.

"Yeh and that is one seriously cool toy to have in your front yard" Eli said as RaeAnn rolled her eyes.

"Eli, you are one big kid" RaeAnn said with a smile.

"Is it safe to sit in?" Stephanie asked as August nodded.

"You're my hero" Jessie said as her and Stephanie hugged him at the same time. "What about the seats?"

"Well I was looking at that, I guess we could take them out if you want" August said. "But if you take those out where you gonna sit?"

"That's true" Stephanie said. "That's why I love the copter."

"You mean you're letting them decide what to do with it?" Eli asked as he pushed Jessie playfully and started running as she chased him across the yard.

"It's hers and Stephanie's not mine" August said, "They claimed that a long ago."

"But other people can borrow it right?" Karen asked from the porch as Eli carried a squealing Jessie back to the front porch and sat her down in front of Stephanie.

"Possibly, with a small rental fee" Stephanie said as she stuck out her tongue at Karen.

"Yeh, mom, ha ha" Jessie said as Karen smiled.

"You know I was thinking..." Eli started before Jessie cut him off.

"Hurt yourself?" Jessie asked with a giggle as she jumped behind Stephanie.

"As I was saying, this is a new form of hillbilly living, think about it, instead of a broken down car in the front yard" Eli said, "You got a broke down copter."

"Don't talk about Coppy that way" Stephanie said as everyone (except Jessie) looked at her weird. "He's a member of the family now."

"I see why you and Jessie are together now" Eli said as Stephanie gave him a dirty look and everyone else laughed.

"When will Grace and Sarah be here?" RaeAnn asked. "I'm dying to see them."

"Me too" Eli said.

"Shouldn't be too much longer" August said, "Didn't Grace call you Jessie?"

"Yeh" Jessie said, "From the highway, Sarah was screaming out the window at someone in the next car, it sounds weird but I could have swore she said Katie's name."

"You're ex?" Stephanie asked.

"Yeh, I said it was weird" Jessie said. "But they're only about 25 miles north when they called."

"Well there comes someone with some horsepower" RaeAnn said as the roar of an engine got louder and louder, when Sarah's mustang emerged up the driveway, soon revealing another car tailing them. "Who is that, and where did they get that fine machine."

"The Mustang is Sarah's" Jessie said, "And the firebird, looks like Shady McCree's. But why would she be here?"

"Beats me" Stephanie said as they joined August and Eli.

"Hey" August said as Sarah and Grace emerged from the Mustang and Karen came to stand beside of her son and August. "Have a safe trip?"

"Nooo, Grace Andretti here was trying to beat Shady Earnhardt back there" Sarah said with a smile, one that would soon leave her face as she spotted Karen. All attention turning to the other car as Shady and Katie emerged from it.

"Shady McCree?" August asked in surprise.

"Katie?" Jessie asked in shock, "I told you I heard Sarah say her name."

"Hey Mr. D." Shady said as she joined Katie at the front of her car. "Grace said it was cool we come down for the day."

"Well, of course, I always love seeing my old students" August said as he greeted Grace and Sarah with a hug at the same time. Smiling as he asked Grace, "You joining the NASCAR ranks anytime soon?"

"Nooo" Grace said as she blushed and pulled Sarah in front of her and wrapping the girl in her arms as she saw the cold as ice stare that Sarah was giving Karen. "She was freaked out the whole time."

"Grace can drive the hell out of that car" Shady said as Grace looked back. "You can, I've raced with people who got way less skill than that."

"You race cars?" Katie asked.

"I have" Shady said as August motioned for them to join the rest of the crowd. "Maybe I'll take you some time."

"I'd like that" Katie said with a gentle smile.

"I think I have something to say to a certain someone who is obviously still very upset with me" Karen said as all attention was drawn to her. "I want everyone quiet while I say this too, cause it needs to be said."

"Karen?" August asked as he looked confused.

"Honey, this was something that happened a long time ago" Karen said, "And I guess I never formally apologized."

"You damn straight, not that I'm shocked..." Sarah said as Grace covered her mouth and whispered in her ear, "Let her finish, please?"

"I'm sorry for what happened on the way to Nashville, I have made peace with Jessie for the most part about this and all I can do now is apologize from the heart and hope that you can except and will some day at least not hate me" Karen said as Grace felt Sarah's body relax a little. "You have no idea how much I regret what happened, and I don't want an apology from you, what you did was no doubt warranted considering my actions."

"Can I talk now please?" Sarah asked gently as she looked at Grace with pleading eyes as Grace took a step back, "I do have something to say."

"Jessie come over here, please?" Sarah said as Jessie moved in front of Sarah, "Turn around."

"Why?" Jessie asked as Sarah hugged her from behind and laid her chin on Jessie's shoulder and looked at Karen. "You are so weird, Marsha."

"So are you Jan" Sarah said in a giggle as the mood lightened, until Sarah looked back to Karen and said, "There are literally about three people in this world I cherish. Grace, her Mom, and this girl here. My best friend in this world. You better understand this, I will hurt anyone who tries to hurt her. I don't care what your reasoning is, and no I won't apologize for anything I did in Nashville. Because I was there with her and I saw her heartbreak. I swear to god..."

"Chill" Jessie said as Sarah watched her turn around and gently touched her face as tears came down Sarah's face. "I love you too, you're my best friend too. It's over, OK?"

"OK" Sarah said simply as Jessie hugged her. "I'm fine, and we are in a good place now. So can you let this go for me?"

"No" Sarah said, "I'll forget it, and try to make peace, for you. But I won't forgive, not now."

"I'll take that" Karen said as she touched Sarah's hand. "All I want is peace."

"Hope you can stay for lunch, we're cooking out" August said a moment later as an uncomfortable silence hung in the air. Looking to Shady and Katie and saying, "That means both you too."

"As long as everyone's OK with us being here" Shady said with a worried look. "I don't wanna get in the middle of a scene like what just happened. I'm just here cause Grace said it was OK."

"I'm the only one who don't like you..." Sarah said as Jessie wiped away her tears and hugged her again as Sarah went on, a smirk crossing her face as Shady looked at her, " big dork."

"Hey, I think she's starting to like me, she's picking in me" Shady said as Sarah laughed and started after her as Jessie held her back.

"Let her go Jessie" Katie giggled.

"OK, that's enough and around the house it's August, not Mr. D." August said with a casual smile to the group. Jessie moving back to Stephanie's side and making a goofy face as they started laughing at each other. Which made Sarah smile as she watched what was going on.

"Course some of us call him daddy" Jessie giggled as her and Stephanie broke up laughing as August blushed.

"Well, listen, we got plenty of food and August and Eli are gonna break out the grill in a minute, right guys?" Karen asked as she took a noticeably deep breath and walked back towards the porch.

"Yeh, and we need to get the picnic table out too" Eli said. Jessie looked back at Stephanie for a second and noticed something very unusual, that her new girlfriend seemed to be giving Katie a very nervous look as she stood with Shady. Thinking for a moment and wondering why she would be jealous of Katie or nervous about her being around, Jessie could have smacked herself as it came to her. She reasoned, with Stephanie's history with Kyle it was probably normal for her to be a little nervous with the ex of her new love so close. Not sure how to breach the topic at the moment, she decided to wait and see if she could find a moment later to ask her about it.

"You need some help?" Shady offered.

"Sure, not gonna turn down an offer like that" August said.

"You better watch this girl" Eli said referring to Shady, "I seen her work out and she's a brute."

"Where?" Shady asked.

"Downtown Fitness" Eli said, "I worked there for a couple of weeks."

"Oh yeah" Shady said as her, Eli and August disappeared around the side of the house.

"Stephanie do you mind helping me get the burgers ready?" Karen asked.

"Sure" Stephanie said with a kiss to Jessie's cheek. Jessie noticed the smile seemed to be pained as she followed Stephanie's eyes to Katie and was now convinced of what she had suspected earlier. She knew what the problem was and in that moment could care less what anyone thought as she touched Stephanie's cheek to get her attention before she got up. Leaning in and kissing her on the lips and letting it linger for a long moment and touching her cheek softly at the same time. Then standing and pulling Stephanie to her feet and into a hug, smiling at her with honest eyes, and breathing a sigh of relief when Stephanie gladly returned it. Jessie smiled and whispered in her ear, "I love you now. OK?"

"How did you know?" Stephanie asked as they touched their foreheads and both smiled and Jessie saw that familiar twinkle back in her girlfriends eyes.

"I just did" Jessie said as Stephanie smiled and said softly. "Me too Jess."

"Go help mom" Jessie giggled as she realized what she had just done. But couldn't care less in that moment as she watched the rest of the group look at her. Stephanie, RaeAnn and Karen headed inside to the kitchen then, while Grace and Sarah unloaded the luggage from the Mustang. Jessie smiled nervously and Katie walked over and said, "Hey."


"Was that hole display for my benefit?" Katie asked. "To prove you've moved on."

"Nope" Jessie said, "If was for her. To prove I love her now."

"Do you?" Katie asked with a flirty smile as Jessie pushed her and said, "Yes, I do. And what about you and Shady?"

"Funny thing is, this morning we screamed our love to the whole neighborhood" Katie said as Jessie's mouth dropped open as she hugged Katie impulsively and both stepped back in surprise. "And someone told us to shut up and go back to bed."

"Sorry about that, are you serious?" Jessie asked as she laughed now nervously.

"Yeh, she dragged me outside and just started screaming about how she loved me" Katie said, "Then I did, it was sooooo cool."

"I'm happy for you" Jessie said, "Shady's...she's something."

"Something good, very good" Katie said and Jessie could see it in her eyes that the girl had gotten to her heart. "If everyone could see what I do."

"Yeh, I kinda get that at times" Jessie said, "She's so intense and then you can tell she's...I dunno, sweet?"

"To me, she's a handful" Katie said, "But I think it's real. Sure feels like it is."

"You can tell" Jessie said, "I see you're crazy about her."

"And I can see why you're crazy about Stephanie too" Katie said as she moved closer and said in a hushed voice as Jessie blushed. "Shady thinks she gorgeous."

"She is, why do you think I can't keep my hands to myself" Jessie said as she saw Katie blush and a genuine smile crossed her face.

"I don't know how you managed to get that" Katie said with a teasing smile.

"Oh yeah like I'm the only one with a hot girlfriend" Jessie said as Katie felt confused for a moment and then asked, "Shady?"

"Duh" Jessie said, "Like you hadn't noticed."

"OK, yeh I have" Katie said, "But I didn't think most other people had."

"Well, you were wrong" Jessie said, "I'm glad you guys came down today."

"Yeh, maybe we can be friends?" Katie asked.

"Nah, I doubt it" Jessie said as she turned and ran as Katie chased her behind Sarah.

"Protect me Marsha" Jessie said as she hugged Sarah from behind. "You're skanky ex wants my body."

"What did you call me?" Katie asked as Sarah tried to keep them apart as all three started to wrestle and Grace sat down on the porch steps. Seeing Stephanie coming out of the cracking screen door with a plate of burgers for the grill.

"What's going on now?" Stephanie asked as she sat the burgers down on her lap as she joined Grace on the steps.

"WWE" Grace said with a giggle as she watched Jessie smack Sarah on the butt and go running away as Katie and Sarah chased her. Looking over, Grace saw Eli and August lugging the picnic table out as Shady carried the grill. Feeling Stephanie touch her arm, Grace looked back and said as she looked at Shady in a whisper, "Have you ever noticed she's hot?"

"Now that you mentioned it" Grace said as she blushed. "Come to think of it, since when do you think girls are so hot?"

"Jessie opened my eyes to a lot of things" Stephanie said, "Now I don't have to battle my brain to convince myself I'm not attracted to someone. Guy or girl. And what about you? I know for a fact that you were straight when you met Sarah."

"Same" Grace said as her and Stephanie bumped shoulders and shared a knowing smile, that both knew few others would ever understand. Before she could ask another question, her attention was drawn back to the yard as Shady asked, "What's going on?"

"WWE style melee" Stephanie giggled as Sarah and Jessie now chased Katie around Sarah's Mustang.

"Oh no, you don't do that to my girl" Shady said as she sat the grill down and went running to Katie's aid. Jessie had just caught Katie as her and Sarah began tickling her. Shady arrived just in time as she grabbed Jessie in a bear hug and Katie fought lose and pushed Sarah into Shady's grasp too. Katie laughing as Shady held them both at bay while she took her turn at the tickle torture.

"HELP GRACE" Sarah screamed, "THEY'RE KILLING ME."

"YOU DESERVE IT NO DOUBT" Grace screamed back as her and Stephanie laughed.

"Who started that?" August asked with a smile.

"Who else, Jan and Marsha" Grace giggled as the wrestling match continued and she explained the story behind the nicknames. Jessie broke loose and whacked Shady on the butt with a stinging thud and came running up the yard with all three chasing her now. Seeing her opportunity, she grabbed August on the way by and hugged him to stop herself and hid behind him.

"Protect me, they're trying to hurt your favorite soon to be daughter" Jessie said as Sarah was the first to stop and felt Katie and Shady crash into her as all three felt to the ground in a fit of laughter. Jessie now feeling bold, moved in front of August and grinned at him as she said, "WOW, dad, you got magic powers."

"Young lady, you start that again and I won't protect you anymore" August said as Jessie smiled and leaned back against him as he put his arm around her.

"What is going on?" Karen asked with an amused smile as she came out of the house and saw Sarah, Shady and Katie laying on the grass laughing.

"Jessie had to have dad protect her from the three stooges there" Stephanie said as everyone laughed.  

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor

"So what are we gonna do the next couple of hours with this big ole empty house?" Joey asked as her and Cori watched Mandy and Zoe leave with Passion.

"I can think of a few thinks" Cori said turning and kissing Joey softly. "Maybe things we haven't done before."

"Like what?" Joey asked as she wrapped her arms around Cori.

" know" Cori said as Joey looked at her in confusion. "What comes after kissing?"

"Sex?" Joey asked and looked in shock as Cori smiled. "Are you serious?"

"Yeh, I think" Cori said, "I have been thinking about it."

"Well, I kinda knew you had been, but I didn't think it had gone that far" Joey said, "I mean that's a big step Cori."

"So? You think I'm not ready?" Cori asked.

"I can't answer that" Joey said, "Since when have you been thinking about this, I mean doing this."

"Me and Passion talked about it" Cori said, "And she says it's OK to think about it. And trust me it's been on my mind like all the time since I had that dream. The one about the threesome?"

"Yeh it is OK to think about" Joey said with a smile, "I do too."

"About me?" Cori asked with an honest smile and Joey knew she'd probably just fell into Cori's plan.

"Cori Tyler, you planned this conversation so you could find that out" Joey said as Cori giggled and blushed, as good as giving herself away.

"OK, so I did?" Cori asked, "You are always on my mind, and never here anymore, so all I can do is fantasize."

"I guess I have been working too much" Joey said, "I just wanted to give you and Passion some time to bond. And I'm trying to save for College and a car."

"Me and Passion are fine, but I miss you and all the time we used to spend together" Cori said, "Is there someone else?"

"No, and don't you dare start to believe that" Joey said as Cori smiled. "You're my only one."

"So you do think about that?" Cori asked gently.

"To be honest..." Joey said and choosing her words carefully but realizing Cori was coming out of her protective shell. "...yeh I have."

"So Froggie thinks I'm hot?" Cori asked as Joey laughed and said, "Yeh, CoCo, you are."

"Good to know" Cori said as she backed away and pulled Joey by both hands down the hallway leading to her bedroom. "So you wanna find out what's it's really like?"

"Cori, don't tempt me" Joey said trying to her best to control her hormones as they reached the door to the bedroom and Cori suddenly came forward and kissed Joey on the lips and said, "You're killing me Cori."

"I must be doing something right" Cori giggled, "You're blushing all over."

"Cori, I just don't think you're ready for this" Joey said softly.

"Seriously?" Cori asked with an honest expression.

"Yeh, we haven't discussed any of this" Joey said as she hugged her again. "And believe me, I want too, you just don't know how bad."

"Me too, so what's the big deal?" Cori asked. "We got the house empty, both of us know what we're doing."

"But Cori, are you confused by all of this?"

"Yeh, but I'm used to that" Cori said. "It's my life."

"Have you even done anything, since your accident?" Joey asked, " know what I mean, by yourself."

"No, Passion said she feels guilty about doing it" Cori said, "So I figured I was only supposed to do stuff like that with you. Like I said, it's confusing."

"OK, first I'm gonna talk to Passion about this" Joey said, "You can do anything you want, if you feel like doing it, you're not hurting anyone. And you don't have anything to feel guilty about it either. And tell Passion that, cause you guys are obviously close."

"Why can't we just do it together?" Cori asked, "I really need it."

"Because you need to know what it feels first for yourself" Joey said, "Look, Cori, I don't have all the answers. But I do know I don't wanna just have sex with you."

"Then what?" Cori asked.

"I wanna make love to you" Joey said as Cori smiled and Joey knew instantly she recognized there was a difference. "Believe me, I'm dying to do that now."

"So if I did it myself I would be weird?" Cori asked.

"It's called self-love you know" Joey said.

"Knowing me, I won't even be able to do it right" Cori said with a worried look. "I mean losing your memory is not exactly a good thing when it comes to these things."

"Maybe, I can help" Joey said as Cori looked at her in confusion. "I got an idea, do you trust me?"

"Completely" Cori said as Joey backed away and pulled Cori along by the arm. Turning and heading up the steps with a confident smile on her face as she stopped at the bathroom on the second floor and opened the door as she pulled Cori inside. Turning the water on, Cori watched her, still confused as Joey laid a towel on the floor and sat down as she leaned back against the wall by the tub and motioned for Cori to join her. "Turn around and lay back against me."

"Why are we here?" Cori asked as she turned and sat down between Joey's thighs and laid back against her, like Joey had said.

"Cause, you said you wanted to try it, and you were afraid you couldn't do it" Joey said. Tentatively placing Cori's hand at the top of her waist band, "This way you can do it, and you won't have to wonder if you're doing it right."

"OK, even I know this is weird" Cori giggled.

"OK, I'll leave" Joey said with a giggle as Cori held her in position. "Five minutes ago you were gonna have sex with me, and now this is weird? Just try it."

"Are you sure?" Cori asked as Joey gently pushed Cori's hand down and under the waist band

"Yeh I'm sure" Joey said as Cori took a deep breath and slid her fingers into her shorts and gently touched herself for the first time she could ever remember. Seeing Cori's eyes open in wonder as she slowly moved her hand up and down. "That's it, that's what you needed?"

"MMMMMMMMM, so bad" Cori said as she laid her head back against Joey and no longer fought the desire as she let it overwhelm her body in the arms of the girl she trusted with her life. Joey gently stroked her hand up and down the skin on Cori's arm as it moved slightly up and down and she saw Cori's eyes shut and heard her moaning grow a little louder in her ear. "MMMMM MMMMMM."

"You don't have to be scared Cori, you're in my arms" Joey said softly and could Cori really let loose and let herself feel the pleasure that was now ravaging her body in soothing satisfying waves. Nothing like she had ever felt. A barely audible grunt was followed by more soft moans as Joey wrapped an arm around to Cori's stomach and felt it heave in and out and knew she was close. "Yeh, that's it, let it all out baby."

"AWWWWW" Cori moaned in a barely voice as she shook a time or two and Joey felt her body tense. Joey watched in surprise as Cori pushed back harder and her face showed her pleasure in the moment as she experienced her first real taste of true pleasure. Feeling Cori grunt and her body jerk one last time, she smiled as Cori relaxed in her arms. A dazed look in her eyes as she looked up at Joey.

"You OK?" Joey asked as she kissed her cheek and nuzzled her neck gently.

"MMMMMMMMMM so relaxed" Cori said. "So good in your arms."

"Never got to watch anyone do that before" Joey said as Cori blushed. "Not that I saw anything really. Other than your beautiful face lost in pleasure, god I loved that look on you."

"Thanks" Cori said as she wrapped Joey's arms tighter around her and sigh contently.

"For what?"

"For knowing what I needed more than me" Cori said, "And not letting me do something I might not be ready for."

"And just so you know, you can do this anytime" Joey said as Cori giggled. "Well you can."

"Yeh, but it won't be the same" Cori said as she looked at Joey. "You won't be here every time."

"I'll make it all up to you" Joey said softly, "I'm gonna make love to you, Cori Tyler. And really soon."

"How about now?" Cori asked as she giggled and Joey started tickling her as they wrestled on the floor.