Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 92 "The Kissing Bandit"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"Shouldn't you already be home little Zoe?" Sam asked from the door as she came onto the porch and saw Zoe sitting on the steps.

"Bite me Samantha" Zoe said and watching Sam smile.

"Where's Mandy?" Sam asked as Zoe motioned for her to sit down.

"Not sure, your dad said she had to run to the store or something" Zoe said, "I was watching movies in the library with Katie and she slipped off."

"She's cheating on you" Sam said as Zoe looked at her in shock. "Wanna dump her for me?"

"Well you sure would have a better idea of what to do to me huh?" Zoe asked as Sam's bottom lip dropped. "Huh?"

"Shut up" Sam said with crimson blush covering her face. "So not funny."

"You wanna be my friend again?" Zoe asked softly as she turned to face Sam.

"Yeh I do, that's what I really wanted all along" Sam said.

"Then tell me about it, with Jennifer" Zoe said.

"Nooo" Sam said, "That's embarassing."

"So you're sorry you did it?"

"Nooo" Sam said as she shook her head. "Just I don't want everyone to know."

"I'm not everyone and if you wanna be my friend, a real friend, you have to trust me" Zoe said, "Besides I'm curious."

"You've seen videos" Sam said.

"Sam that's so fake, I wanna know what's really like" Zoe said, "And I swear it's just between us."

"You'll tell Mandy" Sam said as Zoe touched her hand and said softly, "Nooo. I won't. Me and you only. Promise."

"It" Sam said as Zoe moved closer.

"Is Jennifer hot?" Zoe asked as Sam smiled and looked away.

"I don't like her that way" Sam said as Zoe laughed.

"You did her I don't know how many times and you don't like girls?" Zoe asked in a hush voice, "Now how about the truth?"

"I still like guys more..." Sam said, "...but ok it was good."

"If you're not gonna try just don't bother"

"Ok, god she made me...horny" Sam said in a frustrated voice as Zoe gave her a knowng smile. "I liked seeing her that way and knowing I was the only one."

"Soo...what did it feel like?" Zoe asked in a quiet voice.

"Sooo good, after we sorta figure somethings out, it was like..." Sam said as she looked to see that no one was watching and then went on, " much better than doing it yourself."

"So I'm assuming you like..." Zoe said as she pointed down. "Right?"

"Of course, how else would you do it?" Sam asked as Zoe shrugged. "The only way I know."

"Did you like doing it too, I mean she did the same right?"

"We both did and ok...yeh I liked it" Sam said.

"What does it taste like?" Zoe asked and Sam saw that she was actually curious and not making fun of her now.

"Weird at first?" Sam asked, "But better once you get into it. It's not nasty, just it was something new."

"Yeh I'm betting her not having any carpet down there helped" Zoe said and trying to block the mental images of Jennifer coming out of Sam's room that night with nothing but a shirt on and what she saw.

"Yeh she was like, I got hair in my mouth after the first time" Sam said as her and Zoe laughed. "She made me shave if I wanted to do it again."

"Ohmigod, Sam was whipped" Zoe said as she fell back on the porch laughing.

"Will you shut up" Sam said as Zoe sat back up.

"I've heard rumors about shaving it" Zoe said.

"Oh boy it's a lot different after" Sam said.


"Yeh seriously" Sam said, "Just feels different."

"A lot better?" Zoe asked.

"Some" Sam offered simply. "And it's a lot better for her to she says."

"EWWWWWW who wants hair in their mouth" Zoe said.

"Tell me about it, I was lucky I guess"


"Jennifer didn't have any carpet?" Sam asked as Zoe laughed. "Duh Zoe."

"You must have be good at it" Zoe said after a moments pause, "She kept coming back."

"I told her I liked her" Sam said with a hurt look. "She got really hurt when she found out I liked guys more."

"You don't" Zoe said as Sam's head snapped around to meet her gaze. "Dont even deny it."

"I think I know..."

"You don't wanna admit it" Zoe said. "She really liked you, I think, I mean think about it Sam she did it with you."

"I wasn't just using her, honest" Sam said, "I got scared after we got close."

"I understand" Zoe said. "I got scared to when I realized Amanda meant so much to me."

"Zoe I wanna like guys now I decided that" Sam said.

"You're heart wants to love someone else Sam, it's pretty obvious" Zoe said as Sam smiled. "See you like her."

"So?" Sam asked as Zoe bumped her shoulder.

"You should tell her" Zoe commented.

"Maybe...can I just think about it?" Sam asked.

"Sure" Zoe said as she touched Sam's hand and smiled.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Book Lovers

"I'm gonna run home and take a shower" Judy said as Joey looked up from her book behind the counter. "You hold down the fort Larue. Henry's next door working on the wall and if you need anything, I got my cell."

"Gotcha boss lady" Joey said. "And let me say, you could use a bath."

"Josephine" Judy said as she pointed at her, "One of these days..."

"You're gonna quit and let me run this place right?" Joey asked as Judy threw a stuffed animal at her. "Maybe then we can make a profit."

"You're fired" Judy said as she left, leaving Joey laughing. Passing a girl as she came in and Joey could swear she recognized the face but it looked drastically different.

"Welcome to Book Lovers can I help you?" Joey asked as the girl smiled and stopped at the counter. Coming face to face with her, both recognized the other.

"Barbie?" Joey asked in shock.

"It's Marissa" She said as Joey tried to stifle a giggle.

"What happened to you?" Joey asked. "Someone steal your gold card?"

"No why?" Marissa asked nervously as she realized her hair was still in a make shift ponytail. "Oh yeah I know I look horrible."

"No, just different" Joey said, "It's honestly better than what you usually dress like."

"Really?" She asked.

"Yeh I can see your face now" Joey said.  "It's not buried under 10 pounds of chemicals."

"Yeh, well when you realize you've got no friends, you kinda start to take stock in your life and I did" Marissa said. "I'm kind of trying to find out who I really am."

"And you think it wandered in here?" Joey asked with a wry smile as Marissa covered her mouth and blushed.

"Could be" She said, "I'm not sure what it looks like."

"About your height, pretty and blond" Joey said with a flirty smile.

"Oh god you are so flirting with me" Marissa said as she blushed.

"Yeh and?" Joey asked.

"You have a girlfriend right?"

"Mmmmm-hmmmm" Joey said, "Cori Tyler, don't mean I can't flirt, besides you're straight so I was just doing it to get a rise out of you."

"I didn't think you meant it" Marissa said, "I mean look at me."

"I am, I am" Joey said with a raise of the eyebrows. "Hubba hubba."

"Oh god, you're impossible" Marissa said as Joey laughed.

"I'll stop, I'm not trying to make you uncomfortable" Joey said.

"You're not" Marissa said as she leaned on the counter and went on, "Believe it or not, you are the first person who's flirted with me in my life that saw the real me."

"Yeh, well stop pretending to be someone else" Joey said. "Maybe someone else will flirt with you."

"I doubt it, I have a rep by now" Marissa said, "I'm a skank and I'm easy. So every guy who I go out with thinks I automatically put out."

"Then don't go out with anymore of those kinda of losers" Joey said. "I'm sure if you try people will give you a second chance."

"You know I don't even want that" Marissa said, "I'd just like to go somewhere with someone and have a nice conversation. Boy or girl. Talking."

"Well you can come in here anytime you want and we can talk" Joey offered. "Place is usually pretty quite, although it's picked up lately."

"I'm gonna take you up on that" Marissa said, "But try and keep your eyes on my face huh?"

"Take away all the fun" Joey said as both laughed just as a loud crash came from the other side of the brick wall.

"What the hell was that?" Marissa asked as Joey grabbed her hand to calm her.

"It's ok they're working on that wall, we're gonna have a door or something there" Joey said as Marissa took a deep breath.

"Thought someone dropped a bomb" Marissa said. Suddenly another loud crash came as a brick or two fell to the floor as a foot could be seen crashing through what was left to create a bigger hole. "Does that foot work here?"  

"Yeh that's Henry, he's the store footler" Joey said as her and Marissa laughed and watched as the foot disappeared back in the wall and more of the bricks crashed to the floor and Henry emerged on his knees with a sheepish grin.

"We're through Larue, start the getaway car" Henry said.

"I got it running boss" Joey said as she helped Henry to his feet and dusted him off. "Didn't think you'd get it done this soon."

"Me either, those building plans you found at the library sure helped" Henry said. "Best thing Judy ever did for this place, aside from running Jake off, was hiring you."

"What's next door?" Marissa asked with obvious interest as Henry looked back.

"It's my rehab facility, Step by Step" Henry said as he looked back to Joey. "Who's the pretty blond?"

"That is Marissa, Marissa this is Book Lovers new co-owner Henry" Joey said.

"Nice to meet you" Marissa said softly.

"You too, I hope you won't be terrified to come back in here after this?" Henry asked.

"Not at all" Marissa said, "Besides the cute brunette has been hitting on me."

"Larue I warned you about that" Henry said as Marissa laughed and loved seeing Joey blush for once.

"I is so sorry boss, are you's gonna beats me now?" Joey asked in her best slave voice as she backed away and pulled Marissa in front of her as Henry followed. "I promises I won't do it again, Master."

"STOP" Marissa screamed in a fit of giggles as Joey and Henry fought around her.

"Get over here and help me clean this mess up" Henry said as Joey laughed.

"Come on you're my protection" Joey said as she grabbed Marissa and hid behind her as they moved across to where the hole was now.

"So all that flirting wasn't just for show huh?" Marissa asked as she looked back at Joey and saw a gleam in the girls eye as Joey said, "I think the cute blond would like that."

"Oh god" Marissa said as she covered her face and Henry laughed. "I walked into that one."

"I bet you do that a lot, after all you are advertise something huh?" Joey asked, flipping Marissa's blond hair in her face as she backed away laughing.

"I am not a dumb blond" Marissa said as she chased after Joey with a smile on her face.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, that night

"Hey, belly monster" Marley said as she pulled Ricks pants leg and looked up at him.

"Yeh?" Rick asked as he watched Passion and Cori make up their new beds for the first time.

"Do you know if they is any monsters down here?" Marley asked as Rick picked her up and poked her belly as she laughed.

"Nope, it's a monster free basement" Rick said as she smiled. "Except me."

"But you're a nice monster...grrrrrrr" Marley said as she showed Rick her mean look.

"Yeh I am" Rick said as Cori came over and poked Marley in the belly.

"Me and sis will protect you from all the boogerheads" Cori said as Marley jumped into her arms and hugged her.

"Well, I'm off to bed girls" Rick said as Cori sat Marley down.

"Dad wait..." Cori said as Rick stopped at the bottom of the steps as Cori told Marley, "Go play with sissy?"

"OK" Marley said with a shrug of her shoulders as Cori closed the door to her room and walked over to Rick, taking a deep breath.

"What is it?" Rick asked.

"I just wanted to talk to you" Cori said as Rick sat down on the steps and feared something was wrong.

"Whatever it is we'll get through it together" Rick said.

"No, nothing bad" Cori said. "I just wanna tell know with taking care of me and now letting my sisters stay here and all that stuff, I don't know how to say the way I feel."

"Cori you don't have to say anything" Rick said as Cori knelt on the step in front of him and hugged him.

"I love you so much" Cori said softly as she looked at him again. "You're my dad, no matter what happens, not just my dad cause you let me live here but because I love you most."

"Cori, you're home" Rick said as he touched her face. "I love being your dad, you know that?"

"I didn't till now" Cori said as she smiled proudly. "Good to know, Dad."

"Yes it is" Rick said as both laughed and hugged as Passion came out of the bedroom and said, "Marley flicked a booger on me."

"Well that makes you a boogerhead" Cori said as Rick kissed her forehead.

"Grrrrrr" Passion growled as Rick laughed. "I wish you'd stop being mean to me, boogerhead."

"It's in the handbook right dad?" Cori asked.

"Yep, page 102" Rick said with a smirk as Passion glared at both of them.

"HEY!" Marley screamed from the door of the bedroom with an angry look on her face.

"What?" Cori asked.

"Big stupid bear is being clumsy again" Marley said as the room erupted in laughter.

"I'm off to bed" Rick said. "In bed in a few minutes girls."

"Night Dad" Cori said.

"Night Rick" Passion said as she poked Cori in the ribs.

"Night boogerhead" Marley said with a wave as Rick turned and came rumbling back down the stairs and grabbed her as she squealed in laughter.

"I'll just take this one with me" Rick said as Marley wiggled and reached for Cori as she laughed.

"Take her dad we don't need her" Cori said as Marley gave her a mean look.

"Don't like you no more new sister" Marley said as Rick kissed her cheek and made her smile. "Night Mar bear."

"Night pretend daddy" Marley said as she hugged his neck warmly and Rick felt his heart melt.

"We're going to bed now" Cori said as she took Marley and Rick disappeared up the steps and out of the basement.

"You think Marley should sleep with me?" Passion asked and Cori noticed she was suddenly nervous.

"No I think she'll be ok" Cori said as she sat Marley down and watched her go tearing across the basement and jump onto her bed. "Why?"

"Nothing" Passion said as she started to walk away and Cori hugged her around the shoulders.

"I know you better than that" Cori said as Passion looked back at her. "What's wrong?"

"I'm scared" She said as Cori had her turn and hugged her protectively.

"It's ok, you got me on your side" Cori said as Passion smiled and laid her head on Cori's shoulder.

"I never loved anyone this much" Passion said, "I felt like I finally found someone to love. I mean..."

"I know" Cori said, "And why are you scared, you're mom?"

"No" Passion said, "First time in our new room and I sorta got used to sleeping with you in the big bed. When I had a bad dream you would always let me sleep close to you."

"Me too" Cori said. "I liked sharing a bed with you, you don't snore like Joey."

"Thanks" Passion said with a giggle.

"Wanna bunk with me tonight?" Cori asked as Passion grinned.

"If you insist" Passion said as both laughed.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, upstairs

"What are you doing back here?" Zoe asked as she opened the door and saw a nervous looking Mandy standing in the entrance way.

"I got something to show you and then ask you" Mandy said as she stepped in and Zoe watched Mandy close the door.

"Wanna show me your yahoo?" Zoe asked as Mandy smiled and blushed and Zoe noticed the garment bag over her shoulder.

"MMMMMMMMMMM search engine baby" Mandy said as she kissed Zoe before they broke up laughing.

"Ruin a nice moment" Zoe said. "What's in the bag?"

"It's for you" Mandy said as she held it up in front of her and let Zoe unzip it and watched her eyes light up.

"Ohmigod, it's beautiful and this is for me?" Zoe asked.

"For one night" Mandy said as Zoe looked confused.

"Mandy?" Lily asked as she came down the hallway from the kitchen. "It's getting late."

"I know, I just had to show Zoe something" Mandy said as she showed the dress to Lily and saw her smile.

"So beautiful huh Mom?" Zoe asked.

"Yeh honey it is, very beautiful and expensive?" Lily asked.

"To say the least" Mandy said as Lily carefully zipped the bag back up.

"She said something about it being mine for one night" Zoe said.

"If you'll go to the Queen Marriot ball downtown" Mandy said as she hung the garment bag up on the coat rag and turned back to Zoe, "Will be my date?"

"Ohmigod" Zoe said as Mandy smiled. "That was in the paper."

"Mandy, how did you get tickets to that?"

"My dad is the organizer, it's for all of his buddies and thier spoiled brat kids" Mandy said, "And it's super important to him. I promised him I'd go."

"Me and you?" Zoe asked as Mandy looked back to her.

"Yes, Cutie, me and you" Mandy said, "Please, this is important to me."

"If mom says I can" Zoe says.

"YESSSSSSSSS" Mandy screamed as she wrapped Zoe in her arms and kissed her softly, "I love you like crazy Zoe Manning."

"Ok, me too" Zoe said as she put her hands on Mandy's cheeks, "But Mom still has to say yes."

"She's a pushover" Mandy said with a smirk as she looked to Lily.

"Why the expeensive dress though?" Lily asked. "Zoe has plenty of nice clothes..."

"And in this she will look like a princess" Mandy said.

"Mandy honey I can't afford that" Lily said.

"You don't have too, I'm begging you to let me treat Zoe this once" Mandy said, "If she wears something she already owns she's gonna feel out of place but if she wears that she'll knock them dead."

"Her clothes aren't good enough?" Lily asked.

"FUCK, I can't do anything right" Mandy said in frustration, "That's not what I'm saying. You know that Zoe, I love you for how you make feel not for what you have or don't have."

"I know that" Zoe said pulling Mandy to her feet and hugging her.

"Shady is being a complete bitch and refusing to go, and Sam is being...just like Mom" Mandy said, "And this is so important to my Dad."

"I don't feel comfortable with you pretending to be something you're not" Lily said.

"MOM!" Zoe growled. "It's not about that, can't you see how important this is to her?"

"It's ok, Zoe just forget it" Mandy said with a hurt look in her eyes. "I just wanted to show everyone who I'm in love with. You'd be the prettiest girl in the place in that dress, bunch of rich fucks would spit soup on themselves when we walked in."

"I have to admit it would be funny" Lily said as Mandy looked around.

"Can she go, please?" Mandy asked, "You know me Lily..."

"OK, OK" Lily said.

"THANK YOU" Mandy said as she jumped into Lily's arms and hugged her. "You are the coolest Mom ever."

"You say that now cause you got your way" Lily said with a smirk.

"I know, you are such a push over" Mandy said as Zoe hugged her from behind and kissed her neck. "I love this girl, Lily, I love her, I swear I do."

"Lucky me" Zoe said as Mandy smiled at her and relaxed in Zoe's arms.

"We gonna knock'em dead, Cutie" Mandy said.

"9:30" Lily said checking her watch, "Time for..."

"Can't she stay for a little while Mom?" Zoe asked, "Till 11 you can keep an on us, we'll stay in the living room."

"I got nowhere to be" Mandy said, "We promise, in the living room."

"Lord, I am a pushover" Lily said as Mandy and Zoe hugged her.

"No, you like to see people happy" Mandy said, "I wish my mom was like that. And you know you can trust us."

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, the next morning

Lily came down the stairs and her eyes opened in surprise as what she saw in the living room. Zoe was asleep on the floor covered by a blanket. While Mandy was much the same on the couch. Zoe with her hand laying on the couch beside Mandy's, their fingers linked together. Lily had to smile even if just a little at the young love that had bloosomed between them. She cleared her throat as she saw Mandy stir for a moment and try and go back to sleep. "Ahem!"

"What...what...Zoe?" Mandy asked as her head rose from the pillow and she looked up to see Lily giving her a questioning look, "Morning Mom."

"Young lady..." Lily said as Zoe stirred on the floor and looked up.

"Car problems Lily, honest" Mandy said with a smile. "Zoe wouldn't let me leave last night with it acting funny."

"Well why didn't you come and wake Rick and I?" Lily asked. "He could have looked at it."

"That'd be kinda rude" Mandy said as Zoe kissed her cheek and smiled as Mandy returned the favor and kissed her good morning.

"Why would it be rude?"

"Huh?" Mandy asked as she looked back at Lily. "Oh, yeah, well you and Mr. Sammler work hard all day I know that, and you never get anytime alone. So I'm not gonna bug you like that."

"Yeh Mom she said that last night" Zoe said as she got to her feet and pulled Mandy up. "I agree, I mean it's not like we were asleep in my room. I said it would be ok if she crashed here."

"Why didn't you sleep in your room?" Lily asked.

"Come on Lily, stop being an ancient mom" Mandy giggled, "You know you trust us, all we did all night was hold hands."

"Right, Mom it's not like I was sleeping wrapped in her arms" Zoe said with an eyebrow raise. "Although she did try that."

"Stop that" Mandy said with a blush. "You know that's not true."

"From now on, all girlfriends leave by nine" Lily said and expecting Zoe to whine to get her way.

"Mom that's not fair" Zoe said in a calm voice. "What did I do to break your trust in me? I didn't want Mandy out on the road with her car in that condition and I know, you'd have said she could spend the night. Don't deny it. All I'm saying is, what's wrong with us watching movies till 11?"

"Young lady..."

"Come on Lily, please?" Mandy asked, "You're worrying about nothing, let us do something before you stop trusting us."

"What's going on?" Rick asked as he came down the steps and listened as Zoe filled him in on the events of the past few hours.

"What would you have done?" Zoe asked.

"I think you handled it right" Rick said as Zoe smiled and hugged him.


"Woman you are the one who insisted that Stephanie move in to make Jessie happy" Rick said with a smirk. "It's not like Mandy is staying here every night. It was an unusual situation. That your very mature daughter handdled the right way. Besides I'm glad she didn't bug us last night, sweetheart."

"Oh Rick Sammler" Lily said as she blushed.

"WOOHOO, Lily got her some off the hottie in the wife beater" Mandy said as Zoe's bottom lip dropped and she watched her girlfriend fall back on the couch laughing out loud.  

"I'm going to cook breakfast" Lily said with a huge crimson covering her face. Lily shook her head as she smiled and realized then how much she had come to like Mandy and the effect she had had on Zoe.

"LILY" Mandy screamed from the front door. "Skip the coffee this morning I'm gonna head home and get changed."

"OK, tommorrow?"

"You know it" Mandy said as her and Zoe walked out side hand and hand.

"Don't be so concerned with every move Zoe makes hun" Rick said from the table. "She's growing up, she'll make mistakes but I think you did a great job in raising her."

"Yeh you're right" Lily said as she opened the door to the basement and screamed, "CORI!"

"OWWWWWWWW FUCK" Cori said as she felt her heart race and jumped awake and screamed in pain as she rolled back and whacked her head on the night table beside her bed. "That's a nice way to start the day."

"What? What happened?" Passion asked as she rose from a sound sleep next to her sister. "You ok, is it your back?"

"No, I just knocked my fuckin brains out" Cori said with a sheepish grin as she rubbed her head and froze as she suddenly started picturing things she'd never seen before. Like a house, she'd never seen, a woman hugging her and giving her a house key. Then she remembered seeing Grace and Sarah with Katie and Jessie at a concert. The lonestar concert at the horizon to be exact, she smiled as she pictured Sarah and then as quick as that had come back she pictured kissing Jessie that same night as Grace and Sarah watched in shock. She knew they where watching cause Jessie told her later. Then suddenly she remembered coming up the steps into Jessie's room, the attic, but it was different. A moment later she could see a clear picture of her kissing Jessie and feeling a look of worry overcome her as Lily came up into the attic and caught them. Her bottom lip dropped as she felt the panic of the moment and relived the scene of her leaving Jessie's room as quickly as possible and spr inting across the yard to get away. "Ohmigod."

"I know sis, want me to go get you some aspirin?" Passion asked and before Cori could say anything she was gone. Cori raised her hand to protest as another flood of what she thought had to be memories came rushing on her. This time, she was sitting on the curb in front of the house as Jessie came running up to her and she remembered the conversation word for word as she sat there and listened like it was a movie. As suddenly as it began it changed as Cori pictured a mini-van coming towards Jessie. She pushed her as hard as she could and jumped but remembered it come towards her. Seconds later it was over. She could only hear a voice say "Cori, please don't die, I'm sorry.  Cori please don't die. I swear I don't hate you, please god don't take her. I love you Cori, I do I swear it. Just please don't die."

"She loved me" Cori said with a smile as she ran her fingers through her hair and yet another flood of memories came back as she pictured what she thought had to be her old house and even the address. She realized the woman from earlier must be her mother as she got the name Jeannie Tyler stuck in her head. "13124 Rockaway Lane. That's my old house, I have an old house and I remember my mother."

"Nooo" Cori said as she pictured something she didn't wanna remember, the same woman from earlier. This time she was in a rage as she smacked Cori as hard as she could and screamed, "NOOOOO GOOD LITTLE FUCKIN WHORE I HOPE YOU FUCKIN DIE. WHY COULDN'T YOU BE STRAIGHT?"

"Here" Passion said as she shook Cori from her day dream and offered her the aspirin. "What's wrong your pale white. You're not hurt?"

"I remembered a lot of stuff" Cori said, "My mom, my old address, Jessie loved me and I had a crush on Sarah and my mother's name was Jeannie the bitch."

"You should knock your brains out more often" Passion said as both laughed as Cori laid down on the bed and started kicking her feet and beating her fists on the bed and screamed, "I REMEMBER, I REMEMBER."

"YESSSSS!" Passion screamed as she jumped on top of her and hugged her as both started giggling. "MY SISTER REMEMBERED."

"You woke me up" Marley from the door to the bedroom with an angry look on her face.

"Sissy got her memory back" Passion said in excitement as she scooped Marley into her arms.

"You two still woke me up" Marley said as Cori jumped up and hugged both of them. Kissing Marley's cheek and saying, "I love you Mar Bear."

"What about me?" Passion asked with a smirk as she sat Marley down. Giving her sister an evil grin, Cori leaned forward and pressed her lips to her sisters for an instant and said, "You are my best friend in this world and I love you with all my heart, Pashy."

"You just kissed me grapefruit head" Passion said as Cori grinned and said, "Not bad either."

"EWWWWWWWWW" Passion said as Cori fell against the wall laughing. "That's gross, Cori, you are..."

"Chill, Pash" Cori said with a smile. "I was playin."

"Please don't do that again" Passion said.

"Why?" Cori asked. "I love you, it's only a show of affection, it's not like I slipped you the tongue."

"Double ewwwww" Passion said as Cori hugged her.

"I gotta talk to Mom and Dad and Jessie and Sarah and Grace" Cori said as she grabbed Passion's hand and dragged her up the steps as Marley followed.

"Wait for me" Marley said as she climbed the steps as fast as she could. Arriving in the kitchen as Cori hugged Lily and started to explain, "THEY LEFT ME!"

"You remembered?" Lily asked after Cori had explained everything she could think of and smiled proudly as Lily hugged her. Repeating the same story as Rick came into the kitchen and she jumped into his arms.

"I remembered a lot too Dad" Cori said as she looked at Rick with love in her eyes, "Now I know why I love you and Mom so much."

"Why?" Rick asked as Lily came over.

"I remembered my mom hated me for being gay" Cori said, "I don't wanna remember her anymore. You guys love me anyway and that's why I love you so much."

"You are one of our girls Cori" Lily said as Cori hugged her, "I love you like you were my own."

"I know you do Mom" Cori said, "I'm glad I remembered, now I know how good I got it."

"You sure do kid" Rick said, "You got a whole house full of people who love you."

"Belly monster man" Marley said as she pulled on Rick's pants leg.

"Yeh?" Rick asked as he looked down and she held her arms as Rick picked her up.

"I like my new bed and you was right, no monsters" Marley announced as Rick kissed her cheek.

"My name is Rick" Rick said as Marley shrugged.

"You said you was a belly monster" Marley said. "I'm only four, boogerhead, make up your mind."

"Mornin'" Jessie said as her and Stephanie came into the kitchen.

"JESSIE" Cori screamed in excitement as she ran over and almost knocked her down with a hug. "I remembered you loved me."

"Huh?" Jessie asked.

"By the curb, the accident, I saved your life" Cori said with a huge smile. "And then you said you loved me."

"Ohmigod that is so great" Jessie said as she hugged her and Cori then noticed something odd, Jessie and Stephanie both seemed to be glowing from head to toe.

"You guys..." Cori said and realizing where she was suddenly leaned close to Jessie's ear and whispered, "You and Stephanie have sex?"

"Ohmigod, how could you know that?" Jessie asked in shock as Cori laughed and gave her a knowing smile.

"Know what?" Rick asked as he sat down at the table with Marley in his lap and Passion sitting beside him like had become standard.

"Her and Stephanie had an early morning workout, right guys?" Cori asked as she could barely keep from laughing.

"Yeh Jessie wouldn't let me stop till we did it three or four times" Stephanie said as Jessie nearly fainted. "Nothing like a good workout."

"I bet you did work her out" Cori said into Stephanie's ear in a whisper as Steph squealed in laughter.

"You know I did" Stephanie said as her and Cori broke up in laughter.

"Well don't you think it's a little early to be working out so heavily?" Lily asked.

"You're right Mom" Jessie said, "Won't be doing that anymore."

"Yeh right" Cori said with a smirk as she pushed Stephanie playfully, "You hear that?"

"She's just mad cause her parents found out" Stephanie said as Jessie covered her face and Rick and Lily wondered what was going on. Stephanie sensed that as she looked to Rick and Lily and to Jessie's relief said, "Taebo? Billy Banks? We did the beginner routine a couple of times."

"Yeh" Jessie said as she turned around and flashed a thankful smile. "Taebo..."

"SARAH" Cori screamed as she went tearing down the hall and met her by the front door and explained what she remembered. Rambling on and on as Sarah's bottom lip dropped in shock as she hugged her in excitement. "And I remembered something about you and me."

"What?" Sarah asked and hoping it wasn't anything bad.

"This..." Cori said as she kissed Sarah's lips for a moment as Grace came into the entrance hall and froze at what she saw. "I had the biggest crush on you forever. I remember that much."

"Cori Tyler" Sarah said as she touched her lips, "You had a crush on me?"

"Yeh I wanted you and Katie to break up so I could get with you" Cori said and realizing what she had said, "I'm sorry for breaking you guys up. I feel bad now."

"That was a lifetime ago" Sarah said, "You'd never do that again."

"Nope you're right" Cori said, "Now you're a cool friend that I count on."

"Hey guys" Grace said as Sarah and Cori blushed and turned to her. "Interesting way to start the day Cori. Kissing my girlfriend."

"Oh I'm sorry..." Cori said as she leaned in and kissed Grace too, in much the same way she had Sarah. "I remembered a lot of stuff and I was jealous of you."

"Ummmmmmm ok" Grace said as Cori grinned. "Why?"

"You got Sarah and I was crazy in love with her" Cori said, "But I am so not gonna come between you two, I promise, I'm not like that anymore."

"I know that" Grace said with a smile as Sarah hugged her and explained a lot of what Cori had told her. "You're still our Cori, this don't change anything."

"I know, I got people who love me now, it's worth being good to people" Cori said as she smiled and spotted Joey coming up the lawn. "Now I finally get to tell my girl that."

"Go" Sarah said pushing her out the door as Cori left the entrance hall in a sprint as Joey stopped and watched her with a smile as Cori slowed and grabbed Joey in a hug and kissed her softly. "Joey, my froggie, I love you."

"You do huh?" Joey asked.

"I got my memory back my girl" Cori said as Joey felt tears of joy coming down her cheeks. "I remember my old house, my mom, some bad stuff about her, I remembered Jessie loved me and I loved her, I had a crush on Sarah, I saved Jessie's life. I pushed her out of front of a car, and lots of other stuff. But before you get worried, I still love you and only you."

"Never worried about that" Joey said. "I'm on cloud nine now."

"Me too, this feels so good" Cori said, "I feel like I'm me again."

"Well the old you wasn't so bad either" Joey said.

"Oh yeah" Cori said as she licked her lips seductively and said in a whisper so only Joey could hear, "I also remembered something else."

"What?" Joey asked and already knowing what Cori was gonna say by the look in her eyes.

"Going down?" Cori asked with a knowing smile. "Know what I mean?"

"HMMMMMMM" Joey said as she kissed her softly and both laughed. "My little CoCo is a woman again."

"Why don't you make me a woman?" Cori asked as she kissed Joey and slipped her tongue against Joey's for a long moment. "I'll gaurantee you I know what I'm doing now."

"Ohmigod you do remember" Joey said.

"I was the horniest girl in Chicago before the accident, I think" Cori said in a giggle, "What you say Larue, do I make you wet?"

"UMMMMM Cori I've never heard you talk this way" Joey said in shock.

"I think I was pretty good at talking dirty too" Cori said as Joey's eyes opened in surprise. "That's the look I was going for. How about we do it by the pool?"

"I love it by the pool" Joey said, "You have no idea how much. Only got to once."

"Let's go right now" Cori said.

"I can't you tease I have school" Joey said as Cori groaned.

"And then work?" Cori asked.

"Yeh that too" Joey said.

"It's no fun being your girlfriend if I can't be with you sometime" Cori said as she stood now a few feet away.

"Come and hang out with me at the store" Joey said. "Please? And bring Passion if you want."

"I have to take her she's like a keychain" Cori said as Joey laughed. "And I do have something to confess."


"I kissed Sarah and Grace and Passion this morning" Cori said with a sheepish grin.

"That's it were are over" Joey said as she turned to walk away and felt Cori rush her and tackle her to the grass.

"It was stupid and it didn't mean anything" Cori said as her and Joey fought in a fit of giggles.

"You kissed your sister skank" Joey said in a giggle as she could barely breath from laughing so hard, "Did you slip her the tongue?"

"Ohmigod you're dead larue" Cori said as she pounced on her girlfriend and as both squealed in laughter.

"I STILL LOVE YOU ANYWAY" Joey screamed as Cori stopped and looked at her for a long moment with a proud smile and then kissed her lips.

"I love you too Joey...."