Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 94 "I'll Be Damned"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



** ** ** Meanwhile @ Larue house

Rising a few minutes early to get to the shower ahead of her mom. Joey quietly closed the door to her room, leaving Marissa still sleeping on the pullout sofa and snuck off to the shower. Returning a few minutes later, wearing only a towel now, and realizing that she wasn't alone like most mornings. Peaking inside the door and seeing Marissa still sleeping comfortably, she snuck in and quietly opened her closet and pulled out the clothes she planned to wear for the day. With one last look to make sure Marissa was still unconscious she dropped her towel and slipped into a pair of panties and her bra. Suddenly she had the weirdest feeling that she was being watched. Looking back she could swore she saw Marissa's eyes open just a little, but couldn't be sure.

"Morning" Joey said as she slipped into a pair of jeans and saw Marissa opening her eyes slowly as she stretched and yawned. "You just wake up?"

"Of course" Marissa said as if that were a crazy question. "Why?"

"Nothing, just me being weird" Joey said, "I had the weirdest feeling you watched me change."

"You just can't stop thinking about me can you?" Marissa asked, but Joey felt it was an attempt to swerve away from the weird moment at hand.

"You seem to love that idea straight girl" Joey said with a challenging smile. "Since when does a straight girl flirt like you do with someone you know...well I like girls mostly."

"I dunno, I like the attention" Marissa said. "It doesn't make me uncomfortable. It's just fun picking on you."

"I think our little Marissa has a got a thing for girls" Joey said and trying to get a rise out of her.

"Larue, you're good but that's lame" Marissa said as she rolled over on her stomach and seemed to be watching Joey's every move intently. "I'm not gonna fall for that."

"Besides..." Joey said as she pressed on with her plan of attack, "'s not girls is it? It's just me."

"Joey you're beautiful" Marissa said softly, "So saying I did, what of it? And I know you got a girlfriend so it's not like I'm gonna break you two up."

"Are you admitting you do?" Joey asked with a smile.

"No" Marissa said, "Just pointing out their's plenty to be attracted too. To be honest I do think I'm straight. Who knows what would happen if I met a girl I was into and was into me, girlfriend free of course, but I'd say that will never happen."

"I think you'd like if it happened" Joey said as she slipped on a shirt.


"Kissing a girl is nicer than with a guy, for me it is, and a girl usually gets you, you know?"


"Yeh and sexually" Joey said, "Think about it, who knows a female body better than another female?"

"HMMMMMMM Joey" Marissa said as both laughed. "Can I borrow your shower before we head out?"

"Yeh, you wanna ride with me this morning?" Joey asked, "Dad's day off he can take us in."

"Cool" Marissa said as she smiled.

"I'm gonna walk across the street and see Cori for a few just hang out if you get out before I get back k?" Joey asked.

"Sure" Marissa said as Joey flashed a smile and went thundering down the steps. Bouncing across the street and happy for a reason that she couldn't quite put her finger on. Catching Cori as she came out of the front door of Sammler-Manning Manor.

"Hey CoCo" Joey said with a smile as Cori gave her a rather cold look. "What?"

"Where were you last night?" Cori asked pointedly.

"Working, I didn't get home till like 20 minutes till 11" Joey said, "Honest."

"You could have called"

"I did, didn't Rick tell you?" Joey asked.

"Yeh barely mentioned it like it wasn't important" Cori said. "It's no fun having a girlfriend I never see."

"Cori last night was unusual, Marissa found us some computers and we had to go with Henry and pick them up and then we got lost in setting them up and trying to get the internet working" Joey said.

"Who's Marissa?"

"Oh, ummm, she's kinda working for Judy now, she goes to school with me" Joey said as Cori glared at her. "We're friends Cori, nothing more and now will you give me a kiss good morning and stop grilling me? What have I done to make you so mad?"

"Never being around anymore for one" Cori said, "You spend all your time at that stupid book store."

"Wow" Joey said as she backed away and realized something had changed in their relationship. "How many times did I ask you to come down and hang out?"

"A few" Cori said softly.

"So don't go blame this all on me" Joey said, "It's takes two to screw up a relationship."

"If you wanna break up then fine" Cori said.

"Why do you think I am here?" Joey asked, "To see you, you my CoCo. And you won't even let up for a second and believe me."

"Great five minutes a day" Cori snapped.

"I said you could come down to the fuckin..." Joey said in anger as she turned away and took a deep breath. "The book store, Cori, you are welcome to come hangout with me all day. I want you too."

"I'm not so sure about that" Cori said and for the first time Joey could see the merging of Cori's old personality with her new one. Not a particularly nice thing she noted to herself. She had never seen Cori like this.

"Look I love you, regardless of what you think inside that pissed off brain of yours" Joey said, "Wanna act like a spoiled little girl who can't her way then fine. I'm trying my best to save for college and get a car, so I work a lot, and you done ready know how Judy feels about you, so me working is no excuse."

"I'm so tired..."

"I don't care" Joey said as she cut her off, "I'll be at Book Lovers after school till 7, and when I get home I'll come over and see you if you won't make the effort to come and see me."

"OK, OK, message recieved" Cori said as Joey breathed a sigh of relief and hugged her. "Who's the girl at your front door?"

"Where?" Joey asked as she looked around to see a nervous looking Marissa standing on the front stoop of Larue House. Cori looked at her intently and could swear she knew her. Thinking intently for a second she couldn't quiet place the face or put a name with it.

"Oh, Cori that's Marissa, see she's harmless" Joey said as Cori pulled away and thought again and still couldn't quiet remember why she seemed to be so familar. "It was late so she crashed at my house."

"She spent the night with you?" Cori asked as Joey covered her face and groaned.

"Yes Cori she did, I slept in my bed and she slept on the sleeper sofa, we barely even looked at each other" Joey said, "As a matter of fact I'm thinking of having her bumped off."

"Don't try and make me laugh" Cori said, "You screwin around on me?"

"NOOOOOOOOOO" Joey screamed as Cori stepped back and watched Joey start to cry. "What did I do? I didn't break your heart, jesus I'm sick of this. Never have I gave you a reason to be jealous."

"Joey, ok I'm sorry" Cori said as Joey pushed her hands away.

"Now, after you made me cry" Joey said as Passion came running out the door.

"What's wrong mate?" Passion asked, lookin in confusion at the twosome. "Joey why you crying for?"

"You're damn sister is in a jealous mood" Joey said, "Accusing me of screwin' around on her."

"Cori Tyler" Passion said as she glared at her sister. "What's happening to you? Since you banged your head on that table you been acting weird. What makes you think Joey would do that?"

"I have not been acting weird" Cori said, "And she let that Marissa girl, and I swear I know her, anyway, she let her sleep over in her room last night."

"Pash, please just believe me, me and Marissa are just friends, she works for Judy" Joey said as Passion turned and hugged her.

"I believe you mate" Passion said softly and whispering in Joey's ear, "I'll talk to her."

"Used to be my job" Joey said softly. "You and her come down after school to the store ok?"

"Only if you want me there" Passion said with a grin.

"Pashy you so cute" Joey said as Passion giggled and let Joey kiss her cheek. "You'll come and bring her."

"I'll talk to Lily" Passion said as Cori watched Joey walk off.

"Where's she going?" Cori asked.

"Away from you" Passion said, "Why did you make her cry for?"

"I didn't mean too" Cori said.

"Cori, I don't understand what's happening" Passion said. "She was cheating on you? I never thought I'd hear you say that."

"How do I know she wasn't?"

"It's Joey, your Froggie" Passion said as she grabbed Cori's shirt. "You act like you got grapefruit on the brain. She loves you, and don't argue with me on that."

"But that Marissa girl..."

"FROGGIE" Passion screamed, "She loves you. You're gonna lose her Cori and I'm telling you now to stop this. I love you with all my heart but I'm not gonna let you keep on hurting her. We're going down to Book Lovers tonight and hang out. And you and Joey can spend some time together. I'm asking your Mum right now. If you don't go, I'm telling Joey you don't love her anymore."

"What, why?" Cori asked as her heart beat faster.

"Because you'll prove me wrong when I say that you love her enough to make an effort to see her" Passion said with a hug.

"What happened to her?" Joey asked looking back as she came up the walk at her house and was met by a worried looking Marissa.

"I know her" Marissa said as Joey stopped.


"Mmmmmm-hmmmmm" Marissa said, "We used to hang out a while back, and suddenly she just disappeared off the face of the planet. I thought she was dead."

"She had an accident" Joey said.

"Yeh Logan filled me in and said she was still kinda foggy on a lot of stuff" Marissa said. "I miss her so much, she was seriously the only person who ever gave me a real chance."

"Whoa" Joey said in shock. "Talk about a plot twist."

"Not really, Logan mentioned it in chapter 44" Marissa said as her and Joey laughed. "And now she doesn't remember me?"

"I guess not and she's being uber jealous too" Joey said.

"Maybe it's best if I don't hang around anymore"

"That's not your doing" Joey said, "I asked her to come down to the store tonight and spend some time with me and she acted like a bitch. I'm not going through this again, Shady treated me like this for months and I'll be damned if she's gonna treat me this way."

"Hey it's ok" Marissa said as she hugged Joey, before realizing what had happened and jumped away. "Sorry, I didn't mean to..."

"It's ok, that's called being a friend" Joey said as she touched her hand. "We got school anyway. Maybe things will look better after that."

"Wait, one question?" Marissa asked as she stopped Joey in the entry way.

"What?" Joey asked.

"Am I still the cute blond?" Marissa asked with a flirty smile.

"MMMMM oh yeah" Joey said and then groaning as she said, "I'm sorry, I need to have that treated."

** ** ** Meanwhile, a few hours later @ Upton Sinclaire, main hallway

"Hey cutie" Mandy said as she bumped Zoe from behind and watched her smile as she looked back.

"Hey girlfriend" Zoe said as she turned.

"Stompin with me after school?" Mandy asked.

"Duh Amanda" Zoe said as Mandy's smile suddenly left her face as she shifted in pain.

"Maybe rub my back too?" Mandy asked with a nervous smile. "It's tight as hell this morning."

"Turn around" Zoe said as she slipped Mandy's jacket off and laid it down and took hold of her girlfriends shoulders and dug her fingers into them slowly. "Why do you let it get this bad for?"

"I asked you didn't I?" Mandy asked, "You said you wanted me too."

"If it starts this next time just let me know" Zoe said as Mandy shifted her head from right to left as Zoe worked the muscles under her fingers until they finally relaxed and Mandy's pain eased off again as it always did when Zoe went to work.

"I will, ok?" Mandy asked as she took one of Zoe's hands and turned and hugged her. "I feel ten times better."

"But I barely did anything" Zoe said as Mandy kissed her and said softly, "Don't need much just enough to get me through the day and that will."

"OK" Zoe said with an adoring smile.

"Maybe if you want, we can, go back to the palace after school and you can finish?" Mandy asked and Zoe knew she was serious but wouldn't push it.

"And what do I get for all my hardwork?" Zoe asked.

"I'll put some hits on your search engine" Mandy said as Zoe blushed and looked around to see the hallway was empty at the time. "Yeh?"

"Well, as long as it's an...advanced search" Zoe said as both laughed and kissed softly. Zoe seeing a look in Mandy's eye as they touched foreheads a few moments later.

"Have you ever seriously thought about it?"


"Google yahoo" Mandy said as both fought a battle of the giggles. "Seriously, have you ever thought about it?"

"I'm in love with you aren't I?" Zoe asked.

"Yes you are and I am with you too" Mandy said as she kissed her softly. "And that don't mean you have."

Yes I have" Zoe said. "You?"

"Yeh me too, and it's not really something new" Mandy said, "I made out with a couple of girls and maybe felt one of them up. I wasn't exactly out of it every time."

"So you did like it?"

"I liked the kissing but I've kissed guys that I liked and it was better and worse" Mandy said. "Depending on the person."


"What about you?" Mandy asked and Zoe felt obligated to come clean now about her own feelings.

"I honestly was curious and have been for a while" Zoe said, "But I had never met any girl I was attracted to until I met you."

"I honestly think I was in love with you all along" Mandy said as Zoe's eyes opened in surprise. "I was. I just hated the way Sam treated you and the things she got you to do. I thought at first it was just trying to break that cycle before she talked you into something dangerous, but now I don't think it was."

"So you've had the hots for me since when?" Zoe asked as Mandy blushed. "Oh wait I know, the night of the 3-on-3 tournament?"

"No, it serously wasn't like that" Mandy said, "No one ever seemed to stand up for you and that bitch Marissa, well then she was, just got under my skin the way she talked about you. You can't help it that you're parents aren't rich, I know for a fact they try their best. And then in the kitchen with Sam when you backed me down, I knew after we talked that you wanted to be my friend."

"I seriously did" Zoe said as she ran her fingers through Mandy's hair. "I liked the way you looked at me."

"And I like the way you look at me" Mandy said as she kissed Zoe softly for a long moment.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Upton Sinclaire, a while later

"Hey" Marissa said nervously as she stopped behind Joey.

"Oh hey" Joey said with a smile. Seeing Marissa seemingly relax considerably at that moment.

"Didn't know if you'd talk to me in school or not, I am sorta the outcast" Marissa said.

"I hate the way people do that" Joey said, "And I already said I'm your friend, in school and out."

"It's the blond thing isn't it?" Marissa asked as she flipped her hair and Joey laughed.

"And the brunette thing" Joey said as they fell against each other in laughter.

"Judy is gonna get so sick of us goofing like this" Marissa said.

"Nah, she's pretty laid back as long as we don't pick a fight with a customer" Joey said, "Besides she really needs this internet cafe to take off."

"Yeh I know, it feels good to help someone, you know, who deserves it" Marissa said, "And no this is not the rich girl doing charity."

"No one said it was except you" Joey said with a poke to the arm. "You're doing it cause you want too. I kinda like having you around."

"Well, partner, tonights gonna be a long one I bet" Marissa said as she froze as she saw Jessie and Stephanie coming down the hall.

"I thought Cori was imagining shit" Jessie said as she stopped and looked in disbelieve at the site of Marissa and Joey talking like friends. "Are you nuts Joey? Do you know what kinda viper she is?"

"Jessie, chill, she's changed, she's workin..."

"Yeh right, her change?" Jessie asked. "Barbie don't have a heart to change."

"Why do you think people can't change?" Joey asked. "Look at your girlfriend."

"What does she have to do with that whore" Jessie asked as Joey felt her heart sink at that accusation and looking back she saw Marissa's eyes fill with tears as she got ready to walk off.

"No, wait, I want you to hear this" Joey said as she stopped Marissa, and looked back to Jessie and said, "Stephanie was straight before she met you and realized what an amazing person you are, and she changed, changed her whole outlook on life to be with you. People can change."

"Yeh most people" Jessie said, "She so got what she deserved."

"Jessie shut up" Stephanie said, "You don't know what you're talking about, cool it."

"No, that skanky whore gives it up for anyone" Jessie said as her anger raged, "She made Joanna's life a living hell and I'll be damned if I'm gonna just forget what she did."

"Call her a whore again and I swear..." Joey said before she stopped as Marissa walked off crying. "...if you just knew what was going on, she was raped by that greasy shit Alex Parks, you bitch. Call her that again and....I'm not sure I wanna be your friend anymore."

"Holy shit" Jessie said in shock as Joey turned to go after Marissa.

"Good one Jess" Stephanie said.

"What? I didn't know" Jessie said.

"I asked you to cool it but you just had to run your big mouth a little more and make her cry" Stephanie said, "Sometimes in life keeping your mouth shut is a good thing."

"I'm sorry" Jessie said.

"No don't give me those eyes" Stephanie said, "You always get to me with those, not this time."

"What do you want me to do?" Jessie asked.

"How about from now on when I ask you to cool it you take my advice" Stephanie said, "You got your revenge you happy?"

"No" Jessie said as she fell against the lockers and took a deep breath.

"MARISSA WAIT" Joey screamed from across the parking lot as she ran after her. Catching her by the last row of cars. "Hold on, it's me Joey."

"Just go away and..." Marissa said as she leaned back against one of the cars and cried in sobs. "That bastard made me do things that I'd never do..."

"SHHHHHHHHH it's over" Joey said as she hugged her and felt Marissa relax as she cried and hugged her back. "It's over forever. You're life has changed now, you have a friend in me."

"Maybe I'll switch schools" Marissa said softly.

"No, you won't" Joey said, "I told Jessie we can't be friends anymore if she keeps this up."

"Over me?"

"Yeh, the cute blond" Joey said with a teasing grin as Marissa laughed through her tears. "Remember I got a thing for you."

"I almost think you do" Marissa said, "I mean you just defended me to one of your best friends."

"Not really, Jessie and me have never been that close" Joey said, "She just lives across from me and Cori is her new like sister or something. It's weird."


"I would have defended you to anybody over this" Joey said, "Sometimes people should just shut up and forget the past."

"Thank god I never sprayed you with my venom" Marissa said as Joey laughed.

"Can I kiss you?" Joey asked with a straight face as she leaned in and watched Marissa give her a shocked look for a moment before she said, "Go for it."

"You're no fun, you never give an inch" Joey said as Marissa gave her a knowing smile.

"And you're fun cause you never stop trying to get a rise out of me" Marissa said, "That was a good one by the way."

"HMMMM" Joey said, "What would you say if I seriously wanted to?"

"I'd think seriously about it" Marissa said, "Honestly. You're nice and you're gentle, I can tell you'd be good to someone you loved."

"I just like you cause I can flirt with you and you know it's just me being goofy" Joey said.

"Yeh, why can't you be male and not have a girlfriend?" Marissa asked.

"Blame my Mom and Dad, those two could screw up a three car parade" Joey said as Marissa lost it in laughter and fell back against the car laughing. "I tell you I'm surprised they managed to figure out where everything went."

"Shut up, you're killin me" Marissa said in laughter.

"How does a blond turn on the lights after sex?" Joey asked as Marissa stopped laughing and gave her a dirty look as Joey went on, "Opens the car door."

"Ohmigod I'm gonna kill you" Marissa said as Joey backed up and knowing she'd broken Marissa's bad mood as she was now smiling. Marissa seemed to stop suddenly as the smile left her face, spotting someone behind Joey. "I better go."

"No, why?" Joey asked as she chased after her and didn't realize what it was until she got in front of Marissa and saw Shady and Katie watching with a confused/shocked look on their faces. "Shady?"

"She hates me" Marissa said.

"Let me try and make a little peace" Joey said as she stopped Marissa from leaving.

"I've cried enough for one day, please just let me go" Marissa said softly, "If you think Jessie was bad, we both know Shady will try and beat me."

"No she won't not with me here" Joey said softly as Shady and Katie joined them.

"Have you lost your mind Joey?" Shady asked as Marissa turned and again tried to walk off as Joey stopped her.

"Shady I am begging you with all my heart please don't start" Joey said as Katie noticed Marissa'a eyes seemed to be puffy and swollen from crying. "This is the worst possible time."

"Don't start, something's wrong" Katie said as she stepped in front of Shady, "I'm serious please, something's not right."

"Did she do something to you Joey?" Shady asked in a soft voice.

"Nooo, Shady, someone did something to here" Joey said as she hugged Marissa. "I'm just trying to make some peace before someone else attacks her."

"So Alex was telling the truth?" Katie asked as she touched Joey's hand.

"Yeh all of it" Joey said as Marissa started crying again, wrapping her arms around Joey's neck and holding on it looked to Katie. "She just needs a friend right now, so can you please just leave us alone, I'm begging Shady."

"Will someone please tell me what's wrong?" Shady asked as Katie looked to Joey who gave her a helpless look. Katie took a deep breath and knowing Marissa was already beyond upset, figured the least mentioned would be best. So moving beside Shady, she cupped her hands around Shady's ear and whispered, "Alex Parks raped her. It's all over school he was bragging."

"Are you sure?" Shady asked as Katie pointed to Marissa still crying in Joey's arms and said, "That tell you anything?"

"Like actually forced you?" Shady asked as Joey could see the fire in Shady's eyes about to explode in a rage.

"Yeh pretty much" Marissa said as she briefly looked back at Shady and Katie. "I just gave in after a while and just hoped it'd be over."

"Whoa I had no idea" Shady said in shock.

"Logan got suspended for beating the crap out of him" Marissa said and drawing Katie's attention away from Shady's words.

"How did you two become friends?" Katie asked. Watching Joey give Marissa a devilish look as Marissa seemed to catch on.

"Who says we're just friends?" Joey asked with a knowing smile as Marissa looked at her in shock. "Right baby?"

"No I'm not your baby, you lesbo" Marissa said as Joey tried to stifle a giggle. "You are not my girlfriend."

"Oh come on they understand, Shady loves it as much you do" Joey said as Marissa nearly fainted in embarassment.

"Ohmigod, Joey Larue, ohmigod you're evil" Marissa said as she turned to Shady and Katie and said, "She is not my girlfriend she's trying to embarrass me."

"Ok, Marissa we can keep it on the down low" Joey said before she broke up in laughter and Marissa covered her face and had to laugh.

"Seriously Jo?" Shady asked.

"No, I just did it to get a rise out of her and look at her, she's about to pee her panties I got her good this time" Joey said in a giggle as Marissa glared at her. Joey hoping she hadn't really gone to far.

"You listen to me now Joey Larue, you will pay for this" Marissa said as she moved in front of Joey, both grinning. "This means war."

"Excuse me?" Shady asked and for a moment thinking Marissa was really threatening her.

"Shady, chill it's just empty talk from the cute blond" Joey said as she flipped Marissa's hair, "We're just playin, it's not real."      

"Well just so the cute brunette knows, you started it this time and I always repay my debts" Marissa said as she flipped Joey's hair into her face as both laughed.

"I'm soooo scared" Joey said as they stuck their tongues out at each other. "Just not in front of Cori, that would cause real trouble."

"Yeh I don't want that" Marissa said softly. Katie watching all of this with an amused smile as she noticed Joey's eyes and the way she looked at Marissa and could swear she saw something more than friendship developing between them.

"Are you two hot for each other?" Katie asked.

"No" Joey and Marissa said at the same and started laughing.

"She's helping Judy out with some stuff at Book Lovers and we sorta became friends" Joey said. "I guess everyone hates her but I don't."

"We just fell into this stupid flirting thing and we try to one up each other" Marissa said, "I dunno, people are gonna think we do like each other, but I don't care."

"So you're not straight huh?" Joey asked as she caressed Marissa's cheek with her hand. Hearing Marissa groan and push her hand away she had to laugh at her friends reaction.

"Ugh just turn it off lesbo" Marissa said as Joey laughed and blew her a kiss.

"Yeh and they are just friends?" Shady asked in a whisper into Katie's ear as she watched Marissa and Joey start to wrestle against the car now.

"Don't look like it huh?" Katie asked as Joey grabbed Marissa in a bear hug from behind and began tickling her as Marissa screamed in laughter.

** ** ** Meanwhile, Book Lovers, a few hours later

"Mom can we stay until Judy closes tonight?" Cori asked from the back seat.

"I think Judy can answer that better than me" Lily said and then looking to Passion beside her she said, "Honey I can take Marley with me, she'll have a time at the radio station."

"No, Joey said it was ok for her to come with us, I wouldn't want her to be scared without me or Cori" Passion said.

"Where we are going?" Marley asked from her car seat to anyone listening. "I don't like this seat."

"Well good thing for you, we are already here" Lily said as she pulled up in front of Book Lovers and saw a large collection of boxes being loaded off of the UPS truck and stacked up in front of Book Lovers.

"Yeh maybe I can help some" Passion said as Marley scrambled out of her car seat as soon as Cori unlocked her and crawled after her two sisters as they got out.

"Don't be any trouble" Lily said as Cori nodded her head and closed the passenger door as she took Marley's hand. Watching Lily drive off, Cori said aloud, "I love her but she can be a bitch."

"Huh?" Passion as they walked onto the sidewalk. "Since when do you call your mum names like that?"

"Well it was..."

"I don't like the way you're acting Cori" Passion said, "That's not the Cori I love so much. You're mean sometimes now."

"I'm sorry Pash, it's just it's been a long day" Cori explained.

"And the woman in that car loves you and it would hurt her if she heard you say that" Passion said softly. "Did you get some memories about your real mom back?"

"Yeh" Cori said, "This morning before Joey came over, I don't think she loved me cause I' know."

"And that's why you acted so weird?" Passion asked.


"Cori, you can't take it out on other people just because you're hurt" Passion said. "Tell me and we can talk about it. Please?"

"I'm just soooo confused" Cori said as Passion hugged her. "Everything in my life, nothing hardly makes sense."

"Joey loves you, I love you, Marley loves you, Lily and Rick love you and Daddy loves you" Passion said, "Everything else we can figure out together. It's not scary."

"HEY!" Marley screamed at the guy unloading boxes a few feet in front of them.

"Yeh short stuff?" He asked with an amused look on his face as he knelt in front of her.

"What you got in them boxes mister?" She asked with a curious look.

"I don't know but they're heavy" He said. "We could pack you up in one."

"No, no" Marley said as she giggled and ran behind Cori. "Boogerhead."

"She calls everyone that, that's some of my family that run Book Lovers" Cori said as Marley peaked out from between her and Passion up at the delivery guy.

"Well my names George it's nice to meet some of Judy's family" He said and peaking down at Marley and asked, "Would you like a lollipop cutie?"

"What kind?" Marley asked as George pulled one out of his shirt pocket and handed it to her. "Thank you, you're nice."

"You coming in or you gonna stand out here all day and makes eyes at George?" Joey asked from the door as Cori smiled and followed her inside.

"Hey" Cori said as they reached the counter on the inside of the store, Joey turned and stopped. "About this morning?"

"Yeh?" Joey asked and fearing another fight was coming.

"I had some memories come back about my mom and they were bad, so I'm sorry" Cori said.

"Then why couldn't you tell me that?" Joey asked, "Instead you like act a paranoid...all you had to do was tell me and I would have understood."

"I don't wanna be mad at you anymore" Cori said, "Please forgive me?"

"Cori I'm not gonna fight with you like that all the time I had that with Shady before we met and I won't..." Joey started before Cori kissed her softly and said, "I'm saying I'm sorry, I'm just scared and confused. From now on I'll try and explain my feelings better, ok?"

"Of course CoCo" Joey said as she touched Cori's face. "Now listen, Marissa works here, and I am your girlfriend, so you don't need to be uber jealous of her. She actually remembers you, you were friends."

"We were?" Cori said in shock as she looked around at Marissa, who was sitting in the back near the now full table of computers and working quietly on something. Suddenly a flood of memories came rolling back as she saw Marissa smile shyly and stand up to walk up front and meet them. Cori first pictured the night of the concert when she kissed Jessie in the parking lot, only this time it was her and Marissa hitting on some guys at the entrance. Then to Cori's shock she pictured Marissa, "performing" a certain sexual act on one of the guys for some reason unknown to her. The next moment the scene changed to what looked like the mall as they stood making awful comments about people and laughing. "Why would I say that?"

"Say what Cori?" Joey asked as Marissa joined them and said, "You don't remember me do you?"

"Yeh I do, Marissa Turner" Cori said, "You and me did some bad things right?"

"You did?" Joey asked.

"Yeh I just kinda remembered some stuff and it wasn't like good stuff"

"Yeh I wasn't nice to a lot of people" Marissa said, "But I'm trying to show people that I'm not like that anymore."

"She's doing a good job too" Joey said with an approving smile as Cori watched them look at each other and felt a bit jealous again. But fearing another fight she tried to push it aside, being thankfully distracted by her little sisters voice as Marley said to Joey, "You gots a big hole in your wall mate."

"Yeh we made it by throwing little girls named Marley into it" Joey said as she chased Marley away giggling.

"But I'mma a good girl" Marley said as she crawled onto the couch and sat down as Joey poked at her ribs.

"You were the only friend I ever had who treated me decent" Marissa said as Cori looked back at her.

"I was?"

"Not sure how much you remember but I knew you liked girls and I still wanted to be your friend" Marissa said.

"So nothing ever happened?" Cori asked as Marissa stepped closer and asked, "You don't remember the night Logan left with Joanna and that Brittany girl and me and you got smashed on kick ass kool-aid?"

"A lot of stuff is still foggy, I'm not even sure what I remember is real sometimes" Cori said.

"Then don't worry about it" Marissa said, "No reason to dig up stuff that you can't remember."

"Joey we'll be back ok?" Cori asked Joey, as she looked up from playing with Marley now.


"Walk outside?" Cori asked as Marissa followed her past George coming in with a dolly overloaded with boxes. Walking down to in front of the UPS truck and looking to make sure no one was watching or listening, she asked, "I know I don't remember, but no one will tell me the honest truth about who I was before the accident and I'm not getting everything back I don't think, can you tell me? Like start with that party or smashing thing."

"We got kinda drunk" Marissa said softly, "And we did some stuff that night."

"Like what?"

"We lost something together" Marissa said nervously.

"Did we find it?" Cori asked as Marissa laughed and smiled.

"Nooo, we lost our virginity together" Marissa said as Cori's eyes popped open in surprise. "Yeh and I was the one who got you into girls in the first place. At least you told me that."

"WOW, cool" Cori said with a smile. "I sure picked good huh?"

"What do you mean?"

"You're hot" Cori said and then covering her mouth as both laughed. "That sorta slipped out."

"It's ok, but listen, Joey thinks I'm straight and she don't know anything about this, so unless you wanna tell her, it's ok with me if the past stays in the past. Cause I was finally beginning to like guys when ummm, well anyway, I just wanna make friends now" Marissa said.

"Why would you wanna make yourself feel things?" Cori asked. "That seems like it would hurt."

"It did at first and I dunno" Marissa said, "And after what happened..."

"Something really bad happened didn't it?"

"I'm tired of talking about it" Marissa said, "I'm just sooooo confused and frustrated, I've fought so hard to be straight and..."

"It's ok what happened?"

"MARISSA" Joey screamed from the store front as she came running down the sidewalk and saw her crying into her hands and barked at Cori, "What did you say to her?"

"Nothing honest" Cori said as Joey hugged Marissa.

"What did she say?"

"No, not her it's me" Marissa said in a sob, "Cori was just being nice."

"Yeh see, you blamed me for nothing" Cori snapped, "What's going on with you two? You came running like someone was hurting me only it was her you ran too."

"What was I was supoosed to think?" Joey asked as she confronted Cori, "You suddenly disappear outside and then five seconds later I look out and Marissa is crying her eyes out."

"STOP IT" Marissa screamed in frustration as both Joey and Cori looked to see her face stained with tears. "I told you it wasn't her, it's me..."

"Then what is it?" Joey asked as she touched Marissa's face gently and they're eyes meeting as Cori turned, undetected and walked off, "You can tell me I promise I'll help you anyway I can."

"I lied to you" Marissa said as Joey looked at her in confusion and started to pull away when she felt Marissa take her hand and say, "Please just listen and don't push me away like everyone else? Please I'm begging."

"OK, OK" Joey said as Marissa took a deep breath and said, "...I'm...the thing is...I'm..."