Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 96 "...don't you dare touch me there..."

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"Oh lord I completely forgot to call Mom" Grace said as she came out of the bathroom and stopping to see her girlfriend getting dressed by the bed."Are you trying to get me going again?"

"I couldn't go again if you wanted to," Sarah said with a giggle. "Your hot little ass wore my cock out my baby."

"MMMMMM don't even get sore anymore," Grace said with an eyebrow raise. "A nice way to spend an hour huh?"

"Oh yeah," Sarah said as she put on her shirt and came over to kiss Grace softly. "Thank you for loving me."

"What was that for?"

"How many people would just drop everything to fly across the country with me?" Sarah asked, "One, you Grace Manning, because you love me. So thank for loving me."

"Thank you for loving me too," Grace said as the phone rang and both groaned. "You and me are gonna throw that fuckin thing out the window when we get back."

"Get it, and then call your...I mean mom," Sarah said with a bright smile as Grace rolled her eyes and picked up the phone a moment later. "Hello?"

"Is this Grace Manning?"

"Yes it is," Grace said.

"This is Sherri Templeton over here at We Love Pooches dot com," she said. "We have an order for you already to be processed."

"I have no idea what your talking about," Grace said, "and I'm not paying for anything."

"No, no this is a gift from a client who wishes to remain anonymous," Sherri said. "Can I read you the attached note to ease your worries."


"Grace, this is a small gift for you and Sarah, I hope one day you can forgive me," Sherri read. "Who ever it is and what ever they did, they sure did go to a good amount of effort to make up for it. A boyfriend?"

"No, the Sarah in the note is my girlfriend and the piece of shit who that's from can go to hell," Grace said as Sarah came back over and touched her back, rubbing it gently.

"The fact remains that the order has been placed and we are required to make at least an attempt at delivery upon completion of the order." Sherri said calmly. "Is this OK?"

"What is the gift?"

"That I cannot comment on1" Sherri said. "I will notify you when it's prepared for delivery. Gotcha down, see ya then bye."

"What was that?" Sarah asked with a kiss to Grace's lips.

"My Dad, ordered me and you something from a place called 'We Love Pooches dot com'," Grace said.

"Great not only did he try to hurt me and you but now he's ordered us a years supply of dog shit," Sarah said as Grace laughed.

"My goofy blue eyes," Grace said as she kissed Sarah for a long moment as the phone started ringing again. Grace groaning in anger as Sarah hugged her and said, "I'll get it and then it's coming out of the wall."

"Hello?" Sarah asked.

"Hey honey is Grace staying at your place tonight?" Lily asked.

"Oh hey Mom," Sarah said as Lily smiled, "Yes, she is and how's mom?"

"Frazzled out of my mind," Lily said. "Cori's being a teenager again."

"That tends to happen," Sarah said. "Now don't go and get upset with her, she's going through a lot and you got a new brother or sister of mine on the way."

"Sarah Renae, my girl you are too lovable," Lily said as Sarah grinned victoriously. "And I am gonna take that advice and go lay down."

"Wait, I do have one very important thing to tell or ask I guess"

"Go on tell her," Grace said, and marveled at the relationship Sarah had developed with Lily.

"My dad called, Jeffrey?"

"Yeh" Lily said.

"He wants me and Grace to come to Florida for the weekend to meet my grandparents. Can we go?" Sarah asked.

"Why are you asking me for?" Lily asked. "You're a very independent person Sarah, I have no authority over you."  

"Because you love me," Sarah said softly, "and Grace is going with me; I don't want you to be mad."

"Sarah, you made my day," Lily said as Sarah smiled. "Yes, you two go and call me from the airport and when you land in Florida, OK?"

"Of course," Sarah said. "The minute we land."

"Oh, Sarah?" Lily said as Sarah got ready to hang up. "I love you too sweetie."

"Duh Mom," Sarah said as her and Lily laughed.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Book Lovers, out front

"Can I talk to you?" Marissa asked Joey as she came out of the front door and was soon followed by Henry and Judy as they locked the door.

"Of course," Joey said with a smile.

"You need a ride home Joey?" Henry asked.

"That's what I wanted to ask you," Marissa said to Joey and looking to be a little scared at the moment. "Can I ask you a huge favor?"

"Again, of course," Joey said as she stuck her tongue out and got Marissa to laugh.

"Will you ride home with me?" Marissa asked. "My dad's sending the car for us."

"Love is so in the air," Judy commented with a knowing smile as she hugged Henry. Marissa turned and saw the knowing smile directed to Joey and seemed mystified.

"Love is in the air this is true," Joey said, "I'm more in love with Cori than ever."

"Good for you1" Marissa said with a warm hug as her and Joey smiled at each other and Judy observed what she thought to be electric chemistry between the two as they seemingly blanked out everyone else in the world as they got lost in conversation.

"Look at those two," Judy said quietly to Henry. "What does that look like?"

"Will you stop picking on them," Henry said as Judy laughed.

"Answer me am I wrong?" Judy insisted.

"Drop it, you're gonna cause trouble," Henry said firmly as Judy took a deep breath and shrugged.

"Joey?" Henry asked as Joey looked over like she had just noticed the two were still there. "Ride home?"

"Nope, the cute brunette is going home with me," Marissa said with a smirk as she pushed Joey and ran off down the street.

"I'm gonna kill you," Joey said with a huge smile as she stopped and told Henry. "Thanks anyway, see ya tomorrow."

"Night." Judy said as she watched Joey chase Marissa.

"Oh god the lesbian is gonna grab me," Marissa said as she slowed purposely and let Joey catch up. "What you gonna do now?"

"Nothing I have a girlfriend," Joey said as she stopped, now only inches from Marissa as both grinned.

"Yeh me," Marissa said as Joey blushed.

"So that's what the whole dump her stuff was about?" Joey asked, "You wanted me huh?"

"Joey Larue, I have changed and I stopped trying to hurt people for sport," Marissa said confidently. "I have a friend who I like, a lot and if she's got a girlfriend or not, wouldn't change anything."

"So you'd say no if I asked you out?" Joey asked with a determined smile. "Come on Marissa you're gonna answer me."

"I'd consider it," Marissa said honestly and then in what Joey thought sounded like a last second add-on comment. "After all I am straight."

"Yeh so you say" Joey said, "Then why do we keep flirting like mad with each other?"

"You started it," Marissa said in what Joey thought was a piece of the old 'Barbie princess' coming back out as she sounded defensive. Joey said, "Hey it was just an idle question, no reason to get upset and scared that I'm gonna come on to you OK?"

"Good cause I might like that," Marissa said as Joey smiled at the sudden and immediate return of playful Marissa. Finding herself staring into Marissa's eyes for a moment and heard herself say, "You are so adorable."

"So you say Joey Larue," Marissa said, not resisting as Joey tucked a stray hair behind her ear, before jerking her hand away and trying to figure out what exactly was happening. Looking down at the sidewalk and pretending to inspect the cracks, Joey said, "So can your driver take me home after?"

"No," Marissa said as Joey looked back in confusion.

"I'm scared to be by myself," Marissa said. "Will you spend the night with me, please?"

"Scared?" Joey asked. "Why?"

"The whole Alex thing and my dad's gone for the night and Logan just..." Marissa said as her tears began coming down her cheeks. "Please, I'm begging, I'm scared."

"Yesss," Joey said as she hugged her and realized what kinda of an effect all of this may be having on her new friend. "SHHHHHHHH, I'll stay as long as you need me."

"I know I'm being a huge strain on you and Cori, but I need you so bad right now," Marissa said.

"No, you're not, Cori and Me are fine," Joey said. "Now stop crying OK?"

"How pathetic am I?" Marissa asked.

"Pretty pathetic," Joey said with a jab to her friend's side as Marissa squealed and jumped away.

"Stop that!" Marissa said as she backed away with a smile on her face again. Joey slowly marching after her as Marissa tried to fight her off. Both being stopped with the blowing of a horn. Joey's mouthed dropped open as she saw the car it came from, a long jet black stretch limo. Marissa giggled at Joey's drop jaw expression as she asked, "Impressed?"

"Nice wheels," Joey said as Marissa pulled her along by the hand.

"New friend Miss Marissa?" The Tall black driver asked with an approving smile.

"Nope new girlfriend," Joey said and sensing an opportunity to get Marissa good.

"Huh?" Marissa asked as she looked back and saw Joey grinning. Joey could see Marissa's mind working over time and was surprised at her reaction. "One more word big mouth and you're gonna get kissed right dead on those beautiful lips and I am so deadly fuckin serious. Then I'm gonna tell Cori about it. One up that Larue."

"You win," Joey said with a smile as Marissa grinned victoriously and chirped. "Yes!"

"Johnson this is my friend Joey Larue," Marissa said. "And no she is not my girlfriend."

"Nice to meet you," Johnson said with a tip of the cap.

"Likewise talk dark and handsome," Joey said with a flirty smile.

"By the way I wouldn't have told Cori, just me bluffing," Marissa said as they settled into the back and Johnson pulled away from the curb.

"I bet you would have," Joey said with a grin. "You want me for yourself."

"OK, ha ha funny," Marissa said as she touched Joey's cheek and said in a serious but sweet tone, Joey thought. "If you wanna be with me, you're gonna have to be single. I'm not doing the while 'get involved with someone already in a relationship' game ever again. I've done that and it hurts too damn bad when you realize they only wanted you for sex and nothing else. So if you come knocking on my door, you better make sure I'm the one you want. Me and only me, cause I think I deserve that."

"You do," Joey said. "You're a lot more..."

"Miss Marissa?" Johnson said from the front seat after rolling down the glass divider as Marissa reluctantly looked away from Joey and asked, "Yes?"

"Your friend Derrick called," Johnson said as Marissa smiled. "He said if you needed to talk to call him anytime."

"Thanks Johnson," Marissa said as he rolled the glass divider back up and she turned back to Joey and asked, "What were you gonna say?"

"Nothing," Joey said with a shrug. "It's not important."

"OK," Marissa said with a shrug and reached to pick up the phone. "You mind if I call Derrick back? He might worry if I don't."

"My company not enough for you?" Joey asked as Marissa smiled and blushed and dialed Derrick's number without another comment.

"Hey Derrick1" Marissa said as she leaned back and laid her head on Joey's shoulder.

"You OK tonight?" Derrick asked.

"Better than I've been in a long time," Marissa said. "I'm with Joey."

"Joey who?"

"Joey Larue from school?" Marissa asked.

"Don't know her but if you like her she's my friend too." Derrick said.

"Thank for you calling to check on me," Marissa said. "Did Logan give you a hard time again?"

"No we talked about football," Derrick said. "Maybe I won't make him a tackling dummy."

"He deserves it sometimes," Marissa said.

"Hey, I gotta go finish the dishes," Derrick said. "Call me back if you wanna talk OK?"

"I'll do that, bye1" Marissa said as she yawned and hung up the phone.

"How come the only two friends you have in this world are gay?" Joey asked with a smirk but seeing no smile on Marissa's face as she seemed to be taking the question seriously.

"Skanky whores like me..." Marissa started to say before Joey covered her mouth and Marissa tensed up.

"Don't call yourself that again, please?" Joey asked as she moved her hand away and Marissa smiled.

"I'm tired, can I rest my head on your shoulder till we get home?" Marissa asked as Joey pulled her down on the seat as Marissa giggled and laid back so her head now rested on Joey's thighs. "Wake me when we get home?"

"If you want1" Joey said as she tickled the end of Marissa's nose as she giggled and smacked her away. Then doing it again as a wrestling match started and the car became filled with giggles and laughter.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning, early Saturday morning

"Stephanie?" Lily asked as she tapped on the door of the garage apartment.

"Come in" Stephanie said as Lily opened the door and saw a surprising sight, Jessie and Stephanie seemed to be lost in a game of checkers and looking rather winded. Glistening from head to toe with sweat.

"What have you two been doing?" Lily asked as both Jessie and Stephanie began to giggle as they said in unison, "Taebo."

"See1" Jessie said holding up the DVD case to show Lily. "I love Taebo first thing in the morning."

"You know I used to hate it, but Jessie makes," Stephanie said as they laughed and Lily thought something was going on but feeling she was creating worry where there was none, she quickly tried to wash that thought from her mind.

"Anyway you two, Stephanie you just had a phone call."

"Who would be callin me this early?" Stephanie asked as she stood and as Lily watched offered a hand to Jessie and pulled her up and kissed her cheek. "MMMM salty."

"Your dad1" Lily said as all attention came back to her.

"Oh lord, I bet it's time for the 'are you coming home yet' speech," Stephanie said. "Why is it so hard for them to get that I wanna be with Jessie for a while?"

"I see that, I can talk to him if he gets too cranky and maybe calm him down1" Lily offered.

"You'd do that for me?" Stephanie asked, "You barely know me."

"I let you move in under the loud protests of my very vocal husband didn't I?" Lily asked. "I know you better than you think."

"Yeh you maybe older, but you get what's it's like to be in love," Stephanie said as she laced her fingers with Jessie's. "My mom is great, but I do wish she was a little more understanding like you. Let me live my life for a while and see what happens."

"You're with me Stephanie Lynn Dimitri," Jessie said. "What does your Mom want you to be alone or back with Kyle instead of me?"

"Kyle, she loved him," Stephanie said as Jessie hugged her. "And I never told her the real reason we broke up when I begged to move in with Uncle August."

"He hurt you?" Lily asked as she moved next to Stephanie and saw very clearly the hurt in her eyes.

"Just emotionally," Stephanie said. "He cheated on me, a number of times cause I wouldn' get the idea."

"That scumbag!" Lily said as Stephanie and Jessie started laughing in surprise. "Well he is, you're better off here with Jessie and this family."

"See, I told you she was cool," Jessie said. "She sees when people hurt and unlike my mother makes an effort to help."

"I'm not going back to Omaha unless you guys run me off1" Stephanie said firmly. "No one but Jessie understands how happy I finally am to be here with her."

"Yeh Kyle had his chance to love you, now it's mine1" Jessie said as Stephanie smiled and both started to giggle.

"Young love1" Lily said with a roll of her eyes as the phone started ringing again. "It's for you he said he'd call back in a minute."

"Thanks1" Stephanie said as she took the phone from Lily and watched her leave as Jessie moved behind Steph and hugged her. "Hello?"

"How's my girl doing?"

"I'm good Steve1" Stephanie said as her and Jessie laughed. "Why are you bugging me this early?"

"Your mother and I are coming down to visit you and August and this new flame of his1" Steve announced as Stephanie's lip dropped.

"Dad I'm not coming home and if you think I am..."

"Steph no one is gonna make you do anything1" Steve said softly. "Your mother has warmed to the idea of you living there."

"And I'm having a blast too," Stephanie said. "You know how I love playing games?"

"Pulling people's chains, sorta of a family tradition, well our family1" Steve said as he and Stephanie laughed.

"My girl is just like me," Stephanie said and hearing a slight pause on the other end of the phone. "Daddy I thought you were OK with my choice."

"Stephanie it's still a surprise when you say she is your girl," Steve said. "You'll have to give me a little while longer to completely adjust."

"Look dad I've had enough drama recently, so if you're gonna be all hyper about it," Stephanie said as Jessie hugged her tighter," maybe you should just stay home."

"I'm coming to meet this girl that's stolen your heart so completely," Steve said as Stephanie smiled. "And your mother is coming too and you know how she is. But if you're in love as much as you say I'm pretty sure she'll be OK with it."

"She still whining about poor Kyle?" Stephanie asked.

"Yeh she is," Steve said. "He came over and told us all about his visit to Indiana and how he got threatened and how you broke his heart."

"Yeh and I'll just bet Mom jumped to his defense huh?"

"Honey it's hard to stop loving someone." Steve said. "Kyle was like a member of the family."

"Well there's a lot you don't know about Kyle the dickhead and no I am not going into this over the phone," Stephanie said. "But I'm gonna lay it out for you and Mom when you get up here and then let her make the decision on who she believes."

"Honey did he do things to you?" Steve asked as his voice rose in anger. "Tell me Stephanie."

"It wasn't what you're thinking," Stephanie said. "I'll explain it I promise, just...let me do this in person?"

"OK1" He said simply. "Well we're leaving for the airport, how about you and this new girl..."

"Jessie, is her name," Stephanie said, "not your girl or my girl or that girl. Jessie is her name Dad and I love her. Get used to it."

"I love you too Stephanie Dimitri," Jessie whispered in her ear as Stephanie smiled.

"Ok, don't get your panties in a bunch Steph, Jessie, you and her meet us at the airport?" Steve asked, "We can have dinner at the restaurant at O'Hare and drive down to see August."

"Ok, we'll do..." Stephanie said as her mind began working and Jessie looked at the almost devious smile forming on her face. "Ok, Dad I got it. We'll be there. Love you too bye."

"Ok what's the plan?" Jessie asked as Stephanie clicked the off button on the phone and laughed, wondering how Jessie could already know her this well. "I got a feeling Dad is gonna get it."

"Oh he is, if you'll play along," Stephanie said as she turned in Jessie's arms. "Will you play the straight Stephanie game with me in front of my Mom and Dad?"

"Ohmigod you are bad!" Jessie said with a smile as Steph wrapped her arms around Jessie's neck loosely. "That sounds like fun."

"Ok, let's kick it up a notch," Stephanie said. "I wanna yank their chains hard."

"Go on..."

"How about we pretend I have a boyfriend and you meet us at the airport and take me away from him?" Stephanie said as Jessie looked at her shock. "Huh?"

"Ohmigod, that's down right evil!" Jessie said as she kissed Stephanie for a long moment. "But they already know about me."

"Yeh they do and I'm so proud of loving you," Stephanie said with an adoring smile and her hands cupping Jessie's neck. "But I wanna fuck with my mom so hard. She's had this coming."

"I got no problem," Jessie said. "But who's gonna be your boyfriend?"

"I know, almost a perfect plan1" Stephanie said. "Damn, I wanted to do that."

"Maybe someone will turn up1" Jessie said and as if on cue a knocking came at the door.

"Come in?" Jessie asked as the door opened and Eli walked in with RaeAnn on his arm.

"Hey little sister," he said as Jessie practically jumped into his arms and hugged him, her mind coming to a startling revelation.

"Please tell me you two don't have plans tonight," Jessie said. "Cause I got something I want you to help me with. Well me and Stephanie."

"Huh?" Stephanie asked as Jessie moved back in front of her and said. "Him, your boyfriend, your parents? He could so sell that."

"Am I the only one confused?" RaeAnn asked as Jessie hugged her and said. "You wanna help me and Steph pull off a mother of a practical joke?"

"As long as no gets hurt," RaeAnn said.

"Nope," Jessie said. "We got this plan where someone plays Stephanie's boyfriend when she meets her parents at the airport and I start coming on to her and take her away."

"Oh good lord!" RaeAnn said as she laughed and Eli's mouth dropped open in shock.

"So I'm the soon to be dumped boyfriend?" Eli asked as Stephanie squealed and hugged him.

"Yes you are," Stephanie said as Eli laughed, "this is gonna make Mom shit herself."

"So if you two are pretending, can we?" RaeAnn asked with a devious grin as she wrapped Jessie in her arms and gave her a knowing smile as Jessie looked at her in surprise. "How bout it Jess? You know I had the hots for you from day one."

"Lucky me" Jessie said as they giggled and Stephanie and Eli gave them dual dirty looks.

"Fine, I think Eli's a big hunk anyway," Stephanie said with a challenging smile towards Jessie. "Maybe you won't break us up at the airport missy."

"You two stop," Eli said as RaeAnn made a show out of nuzzling Jessie's cheek. "Gimme my girlfriend back before you make her like that."

"Yeh, you belong to me Jessie Elizabeth Sammler," Stephanie said as she pulled a giggling Jessie away from RaeAnn and into her arms.

"Lover..." RaeAnn said with a teasing smile as she reached for Jessie and saw Jessie do the same thing as everyone laughed.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning, downstairs, a while later

"HEY PEOPLE!" Marley screamed from the front door as Cori came out of the living room and asked, "What big mouth?"

"Girl at the door," Marley said as she pointed. Cori looked out and could have fainted at the sight she saw, the girl standing outside almost made her heart stop she had such a gorgeous smile. "Say hi."

"I will, Mar Bear," Cori said as she picked Marley up and opened the door and stepped out onto the front porch and noticed this girl was wearing a sash that looked to be from a girl scout uniform. Cori smiled nervously and watched her do the same as their eyes locked on each others for a long moment and not a word was said as Marley looked back and forth between them and spotted something in the girls hand.

"You got cookies?" Marley asked as Cori snapped back to reality.

"Yeh, I'm selling them," she said and Cori noticing her eyes never looked away as she absentmindedly handed the box to Marley. "My names Rayne."

"Cori," Cori said as Marley shrugged and opened the box after a small struggle and found the cookies now wrapped in a plastic cover. Cori's eyes still locked on Rayne's as they smiled at each other.

"Cori, it won't open," Marley whined in a frustrated voice as Cori looked to see Marley struggling with the plastic wrap.

"Here, let me," Rayne said as she ripped the plastic open to Marley's delight and now stood only a foot or so from Cori. Marley excitedly reached in and pulled one out and stuck it in her mouth as she said, "Tank ewwww."

"Oh, this is embarrassing, those are four dollars a box" Rayne said as Cori just then realized what had happened. "I am so absentminded."

"You was looking at her," Marley announced as Cori and Rayne blushed and looked away. "She's nice Cori."

"Yeh and pretty too," Cori said to Marley as her sister laughed. "How about you go ask Mom for four dollars?"

"No, that's ok, let her keep them," Rayne said as she touched Cori's hand and then pulled away. "I mean she's sweet and her sister is pretty too. It's only one box."

"This little boogerhead is Marley, my little sister," Cori said with a proud smile as Marley fished out another cookie and said with a mouthful of it, "Hi."

"Hi," Rayne said in a sweet voice to Marley.

"Here, go show Mom," Cori said as she set Marley down.

"Ok, bye Rayne," Marley said as she clutched her box of cookies and went running down the hall towards Lily in the kitchen.

"She is adorable!" Rayne said.

"What about me?" Cori asked and then blushing and saying, "Sorry."

"Same effect," Rayne said with a flirty smile. "How come I never seen you before, you're not one of the Sammlers or Mannings right?"

"No, I was sort of adopted by Mom and Dad, I mean Rick and Lily," Cori said. "I was in an accident, I pushed know Jessie?"

"Name only."

"Yeh well I pushed her out of the way of a car and it hit me," Cori said as Rayne looked at her in shock.

"But you look ok."

"Yeh I'm a lot better," Cori said. "And her family took me in, my real mom is gone."

"So you call them Mom and Dad now?"

"Yep, and I love them more than I think I ever did my parents," Cori said. "I lost most of my memory too, so everything is kinda foggy."

"WOW!" Rayne said. "Weird how you can just meet someone and fall into such a easy conversation, no stupid awkward pauses or anything. I already feel like I know you."

"Well tell me something about you," Cori said as Rayne smiled.

"I live right down there," Rayne said as her and Cori moved onto the grass. "The house with the VW bug in front of it? That's Stillwater Ranch. What my dad calls it anyway."

"Yeh I like that and the car is yours?" Cori asked as Rayne nodded and watched Cori as she jumped back on the sidewalk feeling the wet grass on her bare feet, prompting Rayne to laugh. "Damn just met me and already getting me wet."

"What did you say?" Rayne asked as she laughed in shock at Cori's comment.

"The grass it's wet on my feet1" Cori said and blushing as she realized what the comment could have also meant. "Yeh, I have this problem the last few days of saying stuff that I shouldn't. I'm sorry."

"It was funny," Rayne said, "and from the way you looked at me I get idea that's not to far off, or am I wrong and if I am I'm sorry."

"No, I like girls," Cori said bluntly as Rayne smiled. "And yes I was looking at you and you at me."

"True dat;" Rayne said, "I just wanted to make sure before I get myself into trouble."

"What kinda trouble?"

"Beat up," Rayne said.

"Not by me," Cori said. "You like girls too?"

"Oh yeah," Rayne said as their eyes met again and Rayne boldly stepped forward and onto the sidewalk, directly in front of Cori and smiled. "I never met anyone where I had this kinda chemistry."

"Me either," Cori said as Rayne gently touched her hand and feeling no resistance moved closer.

"You sure you're ok with this?" Rayne asked softly in a 'for your ears only' voice as Passion came to the entrance and stopped and watched in shock.

"Yeh I said..." Cori said as Rayne leaned in a bit and put a finger over Cori's lips. Then moving it away and leaning in a bit more as Passion pushed the door open loudly and walked outside with an icy stare towards this mystery girl as Rayne jumped away and Cori's heart began pounding as she looked back and saw Passion.

"Hey mate," Passion said.

"UMMMMM...I live down ther,e" Rayne said as she backed away slowly. "If the cars there I'm home. Come see me sometime?"

"Yeh ok," Cori said, her mind reeling at what had just happened.

"Rayne, STOP FLIRTING AND LETS GO DYKE!" A girl screamed from the street.

"Coming," Rayne said with a hopeful smile towards Cori as she then turned and went sprinting across the grass.

"What was that?" Passion asked. "And don't tell me to mind my own business."

"We were talking," Cori said with a shrug. "Nothing."

"You have a girlfriend Grapefruit head." Passion said as Cori smiled. "You almost kissed her."

"No I didn't..."

"You've changed, you just lied to me," Passion said with a hurt look. "I don't like it when you do that."

"Ok, Pash, I did," Cori said as Passion hugged her warmly.

"That's my Cori," Passion said. "Don't do you any good to lie to me, I know you too good."

"I know, Pash, I'm sorry," Cori said she hugged her sister. "I don't know what just happened."

"I do," Passion said. "You don't love Joey anymore."

"Yes I do," Cori said.

"You let that girl almost kiss you Cori," Passion said. "Things have changed between you and Joey."


"Am I wrong and I hope I am1" Passion said with a worried look in her eyes and hoping against hope that Cori would convince her other wise.

"I don't know Pash, I'm just so confused about everything1" Cori said with a hurt look. "No one understands."

"I do, Cori Molloy and yes I know what I called you, you're my sister and I love you," Passion said. "I understand what's going on, that poor brain of yours is going crazy."

"Yeh it is," Cori said as she smiled. "You do understand."

"Told you I did," Passion said. "You're my sister and my best friend, I know you better than me."

"I love you too Pash," Cori said as she smiled. "Help me figure this thing with Joey out?"

"I think you just did that," Passion said. "Joey's not as important to you anymore or you wouldn't have let that Rayne girl do that."

"Maybe1" Cori said softly as she held on to her sister. The world, at least in her mind, just got a lot more confusing.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ The Palace, Mandy's Bedroom

"Hey cutie, I gotta run downtown can you hang out till I get back?" Mandy asked from the door to her bedroom. "Won't be long. Just take my dad his briefcase."

"Like I have a choice?" Zoe asked as she stood and giggled as she saw Mandy rush her and sweep her into her arms. "HMMMMMM."

"And when I get back..." Mandy said with a devilish grin, "...I'll google your yahoo."

"You really like yahoo huh?" Zoe asked as both laughed.

"MMMMMMMM baby, the results of my search are always...sooo good1" Mandy said as Zoe blushed. "I love that we can be like this and there's no pressure."

"Me too now go," Zoe said with a kiss. "Hurry back."

"You got it my girl," Mandy said as she smiled and kissed Zoe one more time and asked. "You are my girl right?"

"I have been since that night at the courts1" Zoe said as Mandy smiled.

"Shady and Katie are gone by the way, so do whatever you want you got the run of the Palace1" Mandy said. "And Sam should be back in a while, just try and be civil?"

"We're trying to be friends again1" Zoe said.

"Good and oh yeah, I know I suck," Mandy said as she stopped at the door. "Can you do your girl a huge favor if I promise to make it up to you?"

"Your back?"

"No, you took care of that last night, I still feel great1" Mandy said as Zoe smiled. "The laundry just came back, can you sort it and hang it up?"

"What am I the help?" Zoe asked as Mandy laughed.

"No, but Dad asked me to do it and..."

"I got it Amanda," Zoe said as she joined her by the door. "You owe me one."

"I do and I promise it'll be great," Mandy said with a kiss. "It's already sorted really, names are on the paper, just hang them in the closet?"

"No problem," Zoe said as Mandy dashed off before stopping as Zoe came into the hallway.

"Hey, I love you," Mandy said.

"I love you too, now go and get back," Zoe said as Mandy went bouncing down the stairs to the second floor landing and then disappeared. Smiling as she spotted the laundry now hanging on the banister she picked out all the hangers with Shadys name on them and a moment later hung them in Shady's closet. Then doing the same to Mandy's closet and picking up the rest and headed for Sam's room as she heard someone come in downstairs. Thinking it was Shady, she rushed back into the hallway and spotted, to her surprise, that Sam had just come in with a guest, Jennifer. "Get 'em Sam."

"Wanna hang out for a while?" Zoe heard Sam ask as she looked back at Jennifer. Leaning against the wall by Sam's bedroom door, so she wouldn't be spotted, Zoe listened.

"Sure you want me here, you ain't called me in forever1" Jennifer said.

"I thought we decided to date guys?" Sam asked as she sat down on the sofa and Jennifer sat down beside her.

"We did, mostly cause you wanted that, but I'm ok with it," Jennifer said. "But Zoe acts like I don't exist now and I don't have a lot of other friends."

"Yeh she treats me that way too," Sam said. "Mandy turned her against both of us."

"Fuck both you little bitches," Zoe snapped under her breath. "Like it's my fault."

"I got a new boyfriend1" Jennifer announced after a short pause.

"Yeh?" Sam asked as she clicked on the tv.

"Yeh he's new, Kenny Brakkons you know him?" Jennifer asked.

"Yeh he's a dork," Sam said as she nudged Jennifer and both laughed. "Couldn't do better huh Jenn?"

"Well not like my number one choice will let me be more than a friend1" Jennifer said with a look directly to Sam. Sam trying her best to not look back. "Samantha look at me."

"What?" Sam asked. "Me?"

"Yes you," Jennifer said as Sam smiled. "My mom would have a fit..."

"I decided I wanna be normal and I got a new boyfriend too," Sam said.


"Yeh," Sam said, "He's not all that great either. He's Zoe's ex, Michael Logan."

"What are you fuckin obsessed with me?" Zoe thought.

"What are you in love with her?" Jennifer asked as she stood and moved into Sam's field of vision, "Trying to make her jealous again?"

"No I'm not trying to make her jealous1" Sam said as she tried to look around Jennifer and found her view again blocked as she gave up on the tv and turned it off. "We met in the courtyard and he said I was nice and pretty and he asked me out. I didn't even know he was Zoe's ex."

"So you not gonna answer my question?" Jennifer asked. "Your feelings for Zoe?"

"Drop it," Sam said as she stood. "I don't wanna talk about it."

"Ok, that tells me everything I need to know," Jennifer said. "What about me?"

"Can we talk about something else?" Sam asked as she shifted from foot to foot nervously.

"So you used me and lied to me?" Jennifer asked.

"No I did not," Sam said. "If you remember the first time it was your idea not mine."

"Yeh which means you only did it cause..."

"I liked you ok?" Sam asked, "I liked you from the first time we kissed. I still do, I think. I didn't use you one time. Didn't I always make you feel good too?"

"Yeh you did," Jennifer said as she stepped closer. "Every time, like you were making a special effort or something."

"I was kinda," Sam said. "You did the same."

"So you liked what I did?"

"Yeh I did," Sam said as Jennifer smiled and leaned forward and kissed her. Zoe noticed that Sam offered not one ounce of resistance as her lips pressed against Jennifer's for a long moment. "What was that for?"

"An invite," Jennifer said. "The house is empty."

"Don't tease me, you know how I am once you do that1" Sam said.

"Yeh I do and when did I ever do that and not do it?" Jennifer asked. "Not once."

"I've been about to jump out of my skin you know1" Sam said as Jennifer turned and gave Sam a knowing smile as she went running towards the steps. Zoe froze for a moment before snapping back to reality and backing up into Sam's room with her load of laundry still in her arms. Realizing now she was trapped as she heard both of them thundering up the steps. Thinking quick she slipped into Sam's walk in closet and pulled the door closed behind her and turned out the light as she hung up the laundry and stayed quiet. Thinking they might have went to a different room after a few long minutes or so of silence she moved back to the door of the closet and slipped it open in a crack and saw the room was dark. But she could vaguely tell that two people were on the bed.

"Sam what are you doing?" Jennifer asked, "This is weird even for you."

"I saw it in a movie," Sam said. "I'll stop if it hurts."

"Oh shit their doing..." Zoe said in shock and realizing what was going on.

"Oh wow..." Jennifer said in a light moan, "...that just stopped being weird."

"Yeh I know," Sam said as her breath seemed to be coming a little raggeid.

"MMMMMMM Sam, you make it..."

"Is it ok?"

"It's good yeh, keep going," Jennifer said in an urgent voice. Zoe's eyes adjusted to the light finally and she could see what looked like Sam over Jennifer in a missionary position, but she couldn't be sure. "Ohhh a little more, please?"

"Yeh don't stop." Sam said in a barely audible voice. "Oh wow, it's soooo....MMMMMMMMMM."

"It's not so weird...anymore1" Jennifer said and following that with a louder moan and now leaving no doubt in Zoe's mind what she was listening to and half seeing. "MMMMM ohhh, MMMMM a little...spasming."

"OHHHHH me too1" Sam said in the same urgent voice as the room soon fell silent. Zoe listening to both of them lay panting on the bed.

"WOW3" Sam said in a giggle. "How can anything that feels that good be wrong?"

"I don't think it's wrong1" Jennifer said. "We did it cause we wanted too. No ones business."

"And you can't get me pregnant1" Sam said as both laughed. "I just like how it feels."

"I like how it feels with you1" Jennifer said as Zoe watched and saw them kiss for a long moment.

"Me too Jenn1" Sam said. "I'm not using you, you know?"

"We're just in a weird place1" Jennifer said. "Can we hang out some?"

"Yeh, I'm gonna stop being so much like my loony mother and start being good to you," Sam said. "You're my best friend. Want me to buy you some stuff?"

"How about a laptop like you did for Zoe?" Jennifer asked in a giggle. "You do that and you can have me anytime."

"Like I can't anyway?" Sam asked as Jennifer gasped and they started to wrestle on the bed as the room filled with laughter. "Stop, oh god, Samantha, don't you dare touch me there, oh damn, ok go ahead..."