Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 98 "Joey's New Passion"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"August can I talk to you for a minute?" Joanna asked from outside the cracking screen door.

"Sure," August said as he got up from beside Karen and walked outside. "What's on your mind?"

"Your brother and his wife are coming down right?" Joanna asked as she stuffed her hands in her pockets nervously.

"Yeh, Steve and Linda," August said.

"And then Eli, RaeAnn and Jessie and Stephanie..." Joanna said as she looked down, "... right?"

"That's the whole crew," August said with a laugh. "What's bothering you?"

"Maybe me and Brit should clear out for a few days and let you guys have the space," Joanna said softly.

"Noooo that is not gonna happen," August said as Joanna smiled. "You are just as much family now, partner, as they are. You and Brittany are not going anywhere, want me to tell Karen about your idea?"

"Nooo," Joanna said as she waved her hands. "I don't think she'd like that."

"Me either," August said. "We'll make room the best we can. Two new bedrooms on the second floor you know."

"You know we could like camp out," Joanna said. "Be fun for us!"

"Joanna, I'm not gonna get into you and Brittany's personal life, but you need to be careful and you know what I mean" August said.

"Dad," Joanna said as August laughed and offered no denial. "If you knew what all I been through, you'd know why I feel like I'm already 30. And you wouldn't worry so much about me and Brittany doing something."

"Joanna, I'm just saying in this day and age..."

"I know, you care, thank you for that," Joanna said. "And I promise we'll cool it while we stay here. I respect you and Karen more than that."


"Besides it's not like she can knock me up," Joanna said with a smirk.

"Joanna Christianson," August said with a warning look.

"I like it when you go all dad on me," Joanna said with a smile. "My old man never gave a shit about me. When you do it, it's a trip."

"Whatever," August said with a smile.

"Besides when you have that kid, you know you got two great babysitters right here," Joanna said, "That kid is gonna be spoiled rotten."

"I'm hoping for a girl," August admitted, "But don't tell Karen."

"Augustina?" Joanna asked with a bump to August's shoulder as he laughed.

"No, Joanna," He said with a smile.

"Right," Joanna said.

"I'm serious," August said as Joanna bit her lip. "Me and Karen talked about it and we both like the name and if it's a girl..."

"After me?" Joanna asked in shocked.

"Yeh," August said as Joanna covered her mouth and tried not to cry as Brittany came onto the porch.

"What's going on?" Brittany asked with a confused look as she saw Joanna almost in tears and August looking nervous. "What happened Jo? Something wrong?"

"I just figured out someone in this world other than you loves me," Joanna said as Brittany smiled and hugged her.


"Him," Joanna said as Brittany looked back for a moment at a now smiling August, "Britt... look at me."

"But how?" Brittany asked as she looked at Joanna.

"The baby..." Joanna said as she wiped away a few tears, " gonna be named Joanna."

"Ohmigod," Brittany said as she turned to August. "Seriously?"

"Completely," August said as Karen came to the door.

"You already told her didn't you?" Karen asked as Joanna suddenly hugged August and held on for a long moment as he hugged her back.

"You just don't know what that means to me," Joanna said softly as Brittany hugged her from behind.

"Yes I do, all those hours we spent working on that novel and just talking let me get to know the girl who I adore," August said. "That father of yours must be some kind of awful not to see the amazing girl he threw down like trash. Well now you know how I... mean we feel."

"I love both you guys," Joanna said as she hugged Karen and August with a giggling Brittany hanging on and dragging Joanna away as soon as she could.

"Will you stop," Karen said to a giggling Brittany. "We got dinner to put on."

"Oh yeah duh," Brittany said as Karen laughed.

"Hey, Joanna..." Karen said softly as Joanna looked at her. "We love you too."

"Go on and get my dinner on the table woman," August said as he hiked his pants up like he was getting serious.

"Any more of that and you'll be the one not eating," Karen said with a kiss as her and Brittany disappeared inside.

"What about the middle name?" Joanna asked with a smirk. "How about Brittany?"

"You better knock it off," August said. "Pretty name but it doesn't go together."

"Ok..." Joanna said as she slipped down the steps and said as she backed away, "Joanna... Grace?"

"You're gonna get it," August said as he began to run after her as she laughed.

** ** ** Meanwhile, on Marco Island, Naples, Florida

"Mornin Pops!" Sarah said as she and Grace came into the living room and spotted Jeffrey lounging on the couch reading the newspaper.

"Mornin my girls," He said with a huge smile. "If you're hungry I can whip up some breakfast."

"Don't say it if you don't mean it," Sarah said as Jeffrey got up and headed for the kitchen as they followed. Both taking a seat at the table as he checked the fridge for whatever it was he was gonna fix.

"Omelets ok?" He asked as he held the eggs up, "So good you can't sit still and eat them."

"That sounds great I'm starved" Sarah said as Jeffrey's cat Ms. Sarah pranced in from outside and stopped and looked up as if she expected to be petted.

"Hey beautiful" Grace said as she lifted Ms. Sarah onto the table as Sarah watched with a smile. Ms. Sarah walked around and around in circles as Grace petted her. Stopping for a moment and meowing at Sarah as she walked over to her and made Sarah pet her too as Grace laughed.

"You know she don't like most people," Jeffrey commented as he put the eggs on.

"Including you most of the time, hey pops?" Sarah asked with a giggle as Ms Sarah laid down in between Grace and Sarah and looked back and forth between them, wondering who would pay her attention next.

"She can't stand me most of the time," Jeffrey said in a laugh. "She's spoiled rotten."

"Did you hear what he said about you?" Grace asked Ms Sarah as she meowed and looked back at Jeffrey as the room erupted in laughter.

"So when do I get to meet Gram and Grandpops?" Sarah asked as Jeffrey turned the eggs and looked back.

"Well as soon as you two wolf these down we'll go see Mom, see if the crazy old bat can tear herself away from the soaps long enough to meet her only granddaughter," Jeffrey said as Sarah and Grace laughed.

"Will she have a problem with me and Grace?" Sarah asked seriously as Jeffrey scooped the now cooked omelet from the griddle to two plates and before answering set them down in front of Grace and Sarah.

"Nope," Jeffrey said simply as Sarah breathed a sigh of relief. "She don't have a prejudice bone in her body, she's just crazy."

"Raising you I bet helped that process along huh?" Grace asked as Jeffrey laughed.

"Yeh I'd say it probably did," He said.

20 minutes later, Grace and Sarah finished their omelets, both agreeing they were to die for and Jeffrey headed to get the car. Sarah found herself getting more and more nervous as her and Grace got in and made their way off of Marco Island and down Rodeo road and past the DMV to one of the numerous trailer parks that seemed to litter the landscape in the city. Pulling up to a colorfully decorated trailer and turning the car off, Sarah asked, "You got all that money and you make my Grandma live here?"

"Don't blame me, she's refused to move, says these are her peeps," Jeffrey said as he opened his door motioned for them to follow as a kindly older lady came onto the porch in an apron reading "Grandma... well some day!"

"What are you doing here?" She barked at Jeffrey as he smiled and held the gate for Grace and Sarah and all three made their way up the green painted wooden steps to the porch. "And who are these young ladies? A little young for you huh Jeffrey?"

"Charming as always Mom," Jeffrey said with an amused smile as he kissed her cheek. "And before that big mouth opens again, this is two people you'll wanna meet. One you've waited to meet for years."

"Oh my lord, Jeffrey you better not be kidding me," She said. "There is no way you could have managed to squirt out anything that could be as beautiful as these two."

"Mom!" Jeffrey said as Sarah and Grace laughed and Jeffrey touched Sarah's shoulder and said. "This is your Granddaughter, Sarah Grasser. Sarah this is your grandmother, Evelyn."

"What are you doing standing over there?" She asked as she held her arms open and Sarah hugged her and seemed like she never wanted to let go. Grace felt a few tears come to her eyes as she watched. Jeffrey smiled as he moved behind Grace and put an arm around her shoulder as he asked quietly, "You ok?"

"On top of the world," Grace said as she looked up at him. "She's been through so much, I just want her to be happy so bad."

"Yeh, well now she's got a whole crazy family to love her and you too," He said softly.

"Child you are breath taking," Evelyn said as Sarah beamed a huge smile.

"I have a grandma again," Sarah said.

"You sure do and I'm not gonna go another 18 years and not see you again, you might as well just move down here," She said as Sarah laughed.

"I promise I'll come back so much you'll be sick of me," Sarah said as she hugged her again, looking back and reaching her hand for Grace's. "Can I call you Grandma?"

"You better" Evelyn said as Grace took Sarah's hand. "Now let me guess who this is. I can already tell with those eyes that she adores you."

"This is the most important person in this world to me," Sarah said as she laced her fingers with Grace's. "This is Grace Manning, my girlfriend."

"Just by that description I guess I can get used to that beautiful face too huh?"

"Yep," Grace said as she excepted Evelyn's offer of a hug too. "Nice to meet you finally."

"I'm sure if you are that important to Sarah, then you will be to me too," she said as Sarah hugged Grace and kissed her. Grace closing her eyes as she wrapped her arms around Sarah's neck and enjoyed a quiet moment.

"I love you with all my heart," Sarah said into Grace's ear.

"I love you too my baby," Grace said.

"They're always like this," Jeffrey said to his mother as Sarah and Grace shot him a dirty look. "You'll get used it to Mom."

"Yeh and Grandma he said you were crazy," Sarah said with a devilish grin as Evelyn chased Jeffrey off the porch as Sarah and Grace laughed.

"Well you two are staying for a while I hope," Evelyn said as Jeffrey snuck back up on the porch.

"Well we do have a long drive ahead of us; I do wanna meet my Grandpa," Sarah said.

"Now there's a real crazy person," Evelyn said as Sarah and Grace laughed. "Lord he could drive a woodman to wish for termites."

"He's not that bad, Mom," Jeffrey said. "He's just grumpy."

"Cusses at the kids for no reason, whistles at the woman, don't know why since he's blind as a bat," She said. "You might have to scream who are you, he's deaf as a post too."

"Sounds charming," Grace giggled as Evelyn smiled.

"Why don't you save those charming remarks for when you meet the crazy ole coot," Evelyn said. "Man gets on my last nerve."

"We don't have to leave till tomorrow, so how about we come back and visit you before we leave?" Sarah asked as she hugged her. "Is that ok?"

"Plan to spend some time when you come back," Evelyn said as a horn blew on the road behind Jeffrey's car.

"EVIE!" A voice screamed as Evelyn turned and smiled as she saw her seniors bus.

"Who is that?" Sarah asked.

"That's her seniors group," Jeffrey said. "Senile for a long while."

"Your working on a bitch slap Jeffrey," Evelyn said as Sarah and Grace laughed. "But that does give me an idea, I'm gonna introduce my new granddaughter to those nagging old bitches..."

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, front door

"Hey Pash," Joey said as Passion opened the door. "What's wrong, Kiwi?"

"Nothing," Passion said as she hugged Joey warmly, "I just missed you."

"Are you sure you got no interest in girls?" Joey asked as Passion smiled.

"Nope, but if I did, you'd be my first pick," Passion said with a bright smile.

"I bet I could change your mind with one kiss," Joey said and figuring Passion would start blushing and walk off.

"Nah, you got a girlfriend," Passion said. "If you didn't maybe we could talk."

"Maybe I'll just dump Cori for you," Joey said as Passion giggled and smiled.

"I have a guy who likes me I'll have you know," Passion said.

"But you said we could talk," Joey said with a pooched lip as Passion laughed softly.

"I've never been kissed before," Passion said.



"I'll bet I could so make you remember your first kiss," Joey said as Passion seemed to be deep in thought.

"Maybe," Passion said as she watched Joey's eyes go from a light twinkling to a darker tone.

"Hey," Cori said softly.

"What's wrong Cori?" Joey asked and knowing the peace she had experienced last night with Cori now seemed to be completely gone.

"I'll leave you guys alone," Passion said as Marley came tearing down the hall and crashed into Passion as both started laughing.

"G'day mate," Marley said as she smiled at Joey.

"Hi," Joey said as she walked past Cori and kissed a giggling Marley's cheek. "G'day to you too mate."

"Come on Mar Bear, let's leave them alone," Passion said as she turned and walked off down the hall as Marley whined.

"Let's walk outside?" Cori asked softly as Joey shrugged and followed her.

"I've got something to tell you," Joey said softly and knowing this was no doubt gonna cause more trouble than it solved, but she still felt the need to be completely honest.

"I saw you leaving with Marissa this morning, I already know," Cori said.

"No Cori, I mean yeh that was just work," Joey said.

"Didn't sound like it, sure seemed to be having a good time," Cori said as she walked out onto the lawn as Joey followed.

"Ok, I was, I'm not gonna lie," Joey said. "I like being with Marissa, she's a good friend and she don't make it feel like this."

"And this is my fault?" Cori asked.

"You know what..." Joey said as she ran her fingers through her hair, "...we can't even have a simple conversation anymore without fighting. I thought last night was a change for us. I thought we were past this."

"You said you had something to tell me?" Cori asked, "And I do to."

"Yeh, well not like it's gonna do any more harm we're already fighting," Joey said. "Marissa needed me last night and I spent the night at her house, we slept in the living room, before you start with the cheating stuff, her on one couch and me on the other. She just needed me and now she's a lot better so now if there is any chance we can still work this out, I'm yours for the..."

"I almost kissed another gir," Cori said in a rush as Joey's words stopped and she looked at Cori and knew she was serious. "I'm sorry."

"You didn't kiss her?" Joey asked as the numbness wore off a bit.

"No," Cori said, "Actually she was gonna kiss me and Passion sort of came out and stopped it."

"Whoa," Joey said as she covered her mouth for a moment in shock and walking away onto the grass and trying to collect her thoughts as she glanced down the street and saw a familiar face. Seeing the girl leaning against the back of her car and looking towards Sammler-Manning Manor with a very interested look on her face, "Do you know her?"

"Who?" Cori asked as she joined Joey and spotted Rayne. "Why is she looking up here like that, please tell me she's just being nosey like always."

"I don't know," Cori said, turning back to Joey.

"Something's not right here," Joey said as Rayne began to walk towards them along the street slowly. "Now she's coming up here, why is she coming up here?"

"I don't know," Cori said as Joey's temper flared.

"Stop fuckin lying to me Cori Tyler!" Joey snapped in a loud voice as Rayne started moving faster as she crossed the street onto the Sammler-Manning's lawn. "You suck at lying..."

"Hey Joey," Rayne said softly as she stopped beside them.

"What in the fuck are you doing here?" Joey asked and suddenly it became clear as she looked at Cori and Rayne and saw a shy smile being exchanged between them. "You two? Ohmigod, you are one evil little bitch Rayne."

"Huh?" Rayne asked. "Why am I evil?"

"You knew she was my girlfriend and that's why you come on to her," Joey said. "Tell me it's not true, tell me Cori, tell me this is not the slut who was hitting on you?"

"Ok, first you need to stop calling me names, Larue, I had no idea you two were together when I met Cori," Rayne said as she stepped in front of her.

"It's true she didn't, I didn't tell her until later when me and Marley helped her wash her car," Cori said.

"After she came onto you, you went to her damn house?" Joey asked before turning back to Rayne and asking, "This your revenge for me dumping you? Take away my girlfriend?"

"You're insane, you've always been that way," Rayne said. "I don't know why this is such a big deal. You're chasing after your new damsel in distress and all Cori and I did was hang out."

"You came on to her you whore," Joey said as her temper flared. "You're jealous cause I can keep a girlfriend and you can't?"

"Joey lay off," Cori said as she saw Rayne turn away and look as if she were gonna cry. "She didn't know, blame me not her."

"And what's this shit about me chasing some damsel... what?" Joey asked in confusion.

"She said you do that," Cori said. "She explained and it sure sounded right."

"Explained what?"

"The way you helped me get off drugs and then when we could enjoy our time together when I got out of rehab you dumped me for that freakin looney Shady McCree," Rayne said. "And then you dumped her for Cori and now you're moving on again."

"Are you insane?" Joey asked as she started after Rayne. "Don't you ever call Shady that again you BITCH!"

"FUCK YOU!" Rayne screamed as Cori tried her best to keep Joey and Rayne apart. "You know how bad that hurt? I loved you, and now you're doing it to Cori too, I just wanted her to know after I found out you were dating her."

"You know why the fuck we broke up?" Joey asked as she saw Passion come to the door and step outside. "We broke up because all you ever wanted to do is FUCK, YOU SLUT!"

"So like it's a crime to wanna be with your girlfriend?" Rayne asked and then lowering her voice as she realized where they were. "I was good to you in other ways too, it wasn't all..."

"Oh yeah right," Joey spat back. "All you ever wanted to do was screw me, you never once acted like you cared."

"I did too," Rayne said in a stunned voice as tears started streaming down her face. "Fine, believe what you want, I'm sorry I got involved, I was just coming to help Cori explain so you wouldn't be mad at her."

"WHAT IS YOUR FUCKIN PROBLEM?" Cori screamed at Joey as she finally brought the attention back to herself as Passion made her way down the sidewalk and onto the lawn. "This is between you and me not her, you don't have to be cruel."

"Cori..." Joey said as she felt someone hug her from behind and pull her away gently.

"Come on let's go," Passion said with her arms now around Joey. "Come on, Joey, come with me."

"What the hell are you doing Pash?" Cori asked but recieved no response from her sister. Passion simply pulled Joey back across the lawn and got in front of her.

"What are you doing?" Joey asked as they reached the edge of the lawn and Joey watched in shock as Cori turned her back and hugged a now crying Rayne.

"I dunno, I just don't like that Rayne girl and you look really upset," Passion said as she took Joey's hand in hers and pulled her across the street and up the driveway. "I just wanted to help."

"You did Pash," Joey said softly as Passion smiled. Motioning for her to follow and being surprised when Passion did just that as they went inside.

"Hey, I'm sorry for the way Cori did you," Passion said in a soft tone. "I tried to explain it to her but she's changed."

"You just took my side over your sisters," Joey said as Passion shrugged.

"You're my other best friend," Passion said. "I never told you, but I love you like my own sister."

"Oh really?" Joey asked as Passion grinned and knew Joey was gonna start flirting. "Or is it another kind of love Pashy?"

"Noooo," Passion said as she blushed. "If I did feel that way, it would probably be about you."

"I almost wish you did," Joey said. "Just so you know, if you asked me out I wouldn't turn you down."

"WOW!" Passion said with a bright smile. "Does this mean it's over with Cori?"

"Yeh I'm pretty sure we just ended it," Joey said as she started to cry, and felt Passion come over and hug her. "I'm just so tired of fighting with her. And that troublemaking little bitch Rayne just made it worse."

"Yeh she tried to kiss Cori earlier and I came out and stopped it," Passion said.

"I know Pash," Joey said as she hugged her back. "Cori told me."

"Cori's acting weird you know, it's like she's a completely different person now," Passion said. "I don't love this Cori as much."

"I don't love this Cori either," Joey said as Passion carefully wiped away her tears. "Thank you for being on my side."

"You are just so sweet and beautiful," Joey said as she caressed Passion's cheek softly. "Who ever gets to love you is gonna be really lucky."

"Me?" Passion said as she smiled and watched Joey nod with a smile as she leaned in and kissed her softly. Being taken aback at first, but then realizing how soft Joey's lips were and how incredible it felt, almost instinctively moving her lips against Joey's in a slow and steady rhythm. Her body awakening slowly as she fell under Joey's spell and kissed her now without regard to who it was she was kissing. Clutching her hands in to Joey's coat and feeling the girls tongue lick her upper lip and responding in kind as she followed Joey's lead. Almost fainting with the soothing sensations of her tongue massaging Joey's began to take over her body and still feeling Joey's hand caressing her cheek as their lips continued in a rhythm like Passion had never known or even considered before. Joey's other hand finding it's way to Passion's hair, their tongue's working harder against the other in an attempt to increase the pleasure that both girls felt flooding their bodies. Passion pu lled Joey more into her arms as she now took the lead and kissed her friend with what her name implied as she got slowly lost in the mind numbing pleasure of the moment, deciding she trusted Joey completely and not worrying about what this meant as the moment turned to a few longer moments of soft lips on soft lips until finally both slowed and let the kiss linger for the longest moment. Bringing a sizzling end to a now not so shocking event. "Joey Larue..."

"You sure did get the hang of that," Joey said as Passion smiled. "Hope I didn't freak you out."

"My first kiss," Passion said. "I'll never forget that."

"Oh wow, it was," Joey said. "I'm sorry..."

"Noooo I'm glad it was you." Passion said. "You made it so nice. It felt just right."

"I guess it's really over with Cori now," Joey said as Passion laughed. "I just made out with her sister."

"Yeh we're sooo mean to her," Passion said as Joey laughed and hugged her.

"This doesn't change anything does it?" Joey asked with a smirk.

"Noooo," Passion said. "I just kissed you, that's all."

"How about one more?" Joey asked as Passion pushed her away, both laughing. "Come on Pashy you already stuck your tongue in my mouth."

"Oh god," Passion said as a crimson mask covered her face and she sat down on the couch and covered her face as Joey laughed.

"Hey, I'll stop," Joey said. "It was an sweet kiss, no more kidding."

"Thank you," Passion said. "I guess I better head home..."

"You wanna a soda?" Joey asked from the entrance to the kitchen.

"If you got extra," Passion said as she followed Joey into the kitchen and spotted the pool outside the glass sliding doors. "Can I see the pool?"

"Why don't you just hang out with me for the day?" Joey asked as she handed her a soda and motioned to follow her outside. "You don't wanna see Cori anymore than I do right now."

"I sure don't," Passion said with a smile. "Wish I had a suit I'd love to go for a swim."

"I've got one that might fit you," Joey said, "You wanna try it on?"

"Only if you come in with me," Passion said as she sipped on her soda.

"Why not, I'm yours as long as you'll have me today," Joey said, "I got no other plans."

"Me either," Passion said as Joey smiled and led her into the house. Both knowing something had changed in them and in their relationship with Cori. But having no idea what would come next. Or really caring in the moment.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Casa De August, West Lafayette, Indiana

"August someone's coming up the road," Joanna said as she stuck her head inside the cracking screen door and saw him watching TV with Karen. "Your brother?"

"If he's got long hair with a bald head it is," August said as he and Karen made their way onto the porch as Brittany emerged from the woods with a basket full of berries.

"Look what I found," Brittany said as August took one and ate it. "Fresh blueberries."

"You know those would go great in some muffins," Karen said.

"I was thinking that or a cake," Brittany said. "Can you help me?"

"You're becoming quite the cook, young lady," Karen said as Joanna moved beside her and kissed Brittany's cheek.

"That's my girl," Joanna said as Brittany smiled and a car stopped behind her Cadillac.

"You worthless piece of garbage," August said as Steve emerged from the first car.

"You're one to talk dirtbag," Steve said as August greeted him with a warm hug. "Good to see you little brother."

"You too," August said as he spotted Linda. "Don't tell me this is Linda? Looking as lovely as ever."

"You always were a big charmer August Dimitri," She said as she hugged him.

"You go meet your future in-laws, I'll get dinner on ok?" Brittany said as Karen agreed and left the porch to join August.

"Hey Britt, hold on, I want you with me," Joanna said as she took her hand. "I'm nervous enough as it is."

"Can't do anything without me?" Brittany asked with a hug.

"I don't want too, no," Joanna said as a second car pulled up behind Steve's and Joanna watched as Eli and RaeAnn got out and then Jessie and Stephanie. Joanna's eyes meeting Jessie's as her face spread in shock as did Stephanie's.

"Joanna?" Jessie asked as Joanna took Brittany's hand and met them at the bottom of the steps.

"Hey JFine," Joanna said as Jessie practically knocked her down with a hug.

"I missed you," Jessie said. "What are you doing here?"

"I missed you too," Joanna said as they smiled at each other, "Britt and I are staying with August for a few days."

"We moved down here," Brittany said as she pushed Jessie away playfully. "You can't have her anymore Jessie, she's mine now."

"Who said I even liked her?" Jessie asked as Joanna smiled and put her arms around Brittany.

"You better not," Stephanie said with a smile as she took Jessie's hand. "Looks like the family's all here."

"Yeh, it does," Jessie said as she hugged Stephanie and asked Joanna. "So how did you two get the money to move down here?"

"Can I show her?" Brittany asked with a proud smile as Joanna nodded her head and motioned for the group to follow her to the black Cadillac now parked in front of Coppy the copter to the right side of the house. Opening the trunk and pulling out a box, Brittany smiled as she opened it and saw the shock on Jessie and Stephanie's face.

"Ohmigod," Jessie and Stephanie said at the same time as they read the bi-line with Joanna's name on it.

"You're an author," Jessie said as she hugged Joanna. "I am so proud of you."

"Thanks Jess," Joanna said as Brittany closed the box. "August helped us out of a pretty big spot and he's helping us get a place down here."

"And their working on a new novel," Brittany said as she leaned back against Joanna. "What's this one gonna be called?"

"The Dairy of Horatio Nelson Jackson," Joanna said. "This guy like started out in San Fransisco in 1903 and drove all across the country, first person to do it."

"That Burns guy made a movie about him," Stephanie said. "Right?"

"Ken Burns, we watched the movie and did all kinds of research and now we're laying out the stuff we wanna do," Joanna said. "It was August's idea and he made me do it."

"Oh yeah sure, lie about the man that's gonna name his baby after you," Brittany said.

"Excuse me?" Jessie asked as Joanna blushed and gave a giggling Brittany a dirty look.

"Big mouth," Joanna said as she hugged Brittany from behind as she laughed.

"He's gonna name the baby after you?" Stephanie asked.

"If it's a girl," Joanna said with a dazzling smile. "Joanna Elzabeth Lynn Dimitri."

"Holy shit," Jessie said. "He's naming it after all of us."

"His three favorite girls," Stephanie said with a smile.

"I pushed for Brittany," Brittany said with a laugh. "But for some reason he loves this girl behind me and just had to name the poor kid after her."

"I'm gonna drown you Brittany Erin Lang," Joanna said.

"Speaking of drowning, you guys been back to the cove?" Stephanie asked as Eli and RaeAnn joined them.

"Joanna this is my brother Eli and his girlfriend RaeAnn Parker," Jessie said. "Eli this is my ex-girlfriend, Joanna Christianson and her new girlfriend, Brittany Lang."

"Nice too meet you" Eli said.

"You too."

"What about me?" RaeAnn asked with a knowing smile towards Jessie, "Not gonna let them know about us dating huh?"

"You dated her?" Joanna asked as Jessie and RaeAnn laughed.

"For about five seconds," RaeAnn said as she grabbed Jessie in a hug and felt Stephanie pulling her off as all three fell to the ground laughing.

"What's up with that?" Brittany asked.

"We played a practical joke on Stephanie's dad," Eli said as he relayed the story of the 'couple switching' that happened at the airport as Joanna and Brittany listened in shock and then started to laugh. "It's the funniest thing I've ever seen."

"Let go of my girlfriend lesbo," RaeAnn said aloud in a fit of giggles as she pulled Jessie away from a giggling Stephanie.

"Eli I think you lost your girlfriend to your sister," Joanna said with a smirk. Eli rolling his eyes and laughing.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ The Palace

"Hey love birds," Katie said with a smile as Mandy and Zoe came out on to the porch.

"We're going stomping over at the mall," Mandy said. "Can you tell my dad?"

"Sure," Katie said.

"Yeh Mandy's gonna buy me all kinds of things," Zoe said with smile as Mandy hugged her from behind and kissed her neck as Zoe smiled.

"If you'd let me I would," Mandy said. "Anything you want."

"You're the only thing I want," Zoe said as she smiled at Mandy, "Amanda."

"You guys better roll, here comes Sam and her new boyfriend," Katie said as Zoe looked and saw Sam coming up the drive play fighting with Michael Logan, who Zoe noted was still cute.

"Zoe?" Michael asked as he saw her with Mandy's arms around her. "You look awfully cozy with her."

"Their dating brick head," Sam said, "That's my sister with her arms around Zoe. Mandy this is Michael Logan and no Zoe this is not about you."

"No one said it was and I could care less if you do like him," Zoe said as Mandy shrugged. "He dumped me for Jennifer and you'll probably do the same to him."

"Huh?" Sam asked and then figuring out what a now laughing Zoe was talking about.

"If you dumped me for Jennifer that would make you a..." Michael said as he figured it out. "...HEY! That's not funny and since when are you into girls?"

"I'm not," Sam said as she shot a dirty look towards Zoe.

"MMMMMMM Jenn baby so good," Mandy moaned as her and Zoe started laughing as Sam blushed and growled at them as they walked off towards Mandy's car.

"Are they saying you like girls or something?" Michael asked.

"Go in the house and get something to drink," Sam said as Michael shrugged and walked inside.

"What do you see in him Sam?" Katie asked. "He's barely functional as a human being."

"He's nice," Sam said, "I'm just in a weird spot right now."

"Hey I'm not one to give advice on love, but you can do better than that," Katie said. "You're smart and pretty."

"Yeh I could huh?" Sam asked as she smiled.

"Yeh," Katie said.

"Which way is the kitchen?" Michael asked as he came back to the door.

"Come on I'll show you, it's hard to find it's the room with the big white thing that gets really cold and the short thing that gets really hot," Sam said as Katie tried not to laugh. "Maybe try and remember it this time?"

"Oh no," Katie said as she spotted a very familiar looking car coming up the block as Donald came to the door undetected. She knew it had to be her father and as the car pulled up in front of the house she saw to her horror that Kyle was with him too. Kyle, big bad brave Kyle, was the first out she noticed as he slammed his door like he was here on serious business. "What are you doing here pussy?"

"That's enough Katie," Graig said as he too got out. "Now you've had your little fun, it's time to come home."

"Yeh you're grounded," Kyle said with a smirk. "And for a long time too. Right dad."

"Kyle do us all a favor and shut up," Graig said as Katie flipped him off.

"Yeh ok Dad, let me get my stuff, no wait, you can't ground me because I'm gonna 18 in 3 fuckin days," Katie said as she stood. "I made my decision when you chose your dickless wonder of a son over me."

"Screw you fag," Kyle spat back as Katie got ready to smack his brains out when Graig stepped between them and took hold of Katie's hands.

"I'm not asking this time," He said as he started to pull her towards the car and Kyle moved next to him and took a hold of her arms as Katie screamed.

"Excuse me?" Donald said as he tossed down his apple and walked onto the front porch in a march. "You either release her or I'll show you what a real man does in defense of the female members of his family."

"Fuck you old man," Kyle said as Katie managed to slip loose as Shady arrived on the porch, seeing Katie run back onto the porch and practically jump into her arms.

"Come on up on here little girl," Donald said in a warning voice to Kyle. "You too father of the year. Bring it on."

"What's going on?" Shady asked as Katie hugged her.

"Their trying to force me to leave you," Katie said as she stepped behind her father and spotted Kyle.

"This is all your fault," Kyle said to Shady. "You tore my family apart. Why can't they just lock people like you up."

"Kyle shut up," Graig said as he ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. "I knew you'd make this worse than it had to be."

"Let me see, dickless wonder, you grope me, and do everything you can to break me and Katie up and when it back fires and cost you your brother and sister it's my fault?" Shady asked as Katie hugged her from behind to keep her on the porch. "YOU ARE ONE PATHETIC LITTLE LOSER, KYLA."

"See Dad, see that temper, that's why I think Katie shouldn't be allowed to see her anymore," Kyle said.

"I've made my decision," Graig said in a demanding voice. "Katie get in the car."

"You groped my daughter you little shit?" Donald asked as Shady moved in front of her father.

"Lying little whore I did not," Kyle spat back.

"Please let me pound him Katie," Shady said as her rage showed it's explosion point was near. "Please let me fuck him up for all the shit he's done to you."

"You wish little girl," Kyle said confidently.

"Go ahead," Katie said as the smile left Kyle's face and he froze.

"You won't be mad at me?"

"Nope," Katie said as Shady turned and ran off the porch in pursuit of Kyle.

"DAD!" Kyle screamed as he backed away as Shady stalked him. Katie followed after Shady and watched her catch Kyle by the back of the car. "I'm telling you little girl you hit me I'm gonna fuck you up..."

"THEN HIT ME YOU PUSSY!" Shady screamed in a rage as she swung and landed a punch that staggered Kyle backwards as he looked at her in shock. Shady stopped in front of him and spit in his face and dared him to hit her and to everyone's shock he did. In the stomach as Shady doubled over and Katie ran to her side.

"YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" Katie screamed as she ran to Shady's side. "You're a pussy, hitting a girl."

"She needs a good beating to learn some respect for me," Kyle said as he took a hold of Katie's arm as Graig ran around the car, for what Katie wasn't sure. "You're coming home with me and Dad."

"Kyle stop, you're gonna hurt her," Graig said as he tried to stop it.

"Good then maybe she'll start thinking like a normal person instead of the way she does," Kyle said as he watched Shady straighten up and give him a smile.

"Want some more little..." Kyle started to say when Shady charged him and speared him into the side of the car as Kyle groaned and grabbed his ribs. Getting to him as he tried to get up she landed a stiff punch that knocked him back to the ground.

"NOW YOU GONNA FIND OUT WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE BEAT!" Shady screamed in a rage as she started pounding Kyle with both fists in a blind rage as Graig tried to run to his son's defense when Katie tripped him. "CALL HER A FAG AGAIN, CALL HER A WHORE SMALL DICK!"

"Stop her please, she's gonna kill him," Graig begged as Donald stopped him from trying to break it up with a devastating punch to Graig's jaw. Shady rose and pulled Kyle to his feet by the hair as she screamed and drove his head into the back of the car as he slumped back to the ground. Then doing it again as Graig laid on the ground and watched helpless.

"YOU'RE NOT BIG AND BAD NOW HUH KYLE?" Shady screamed in his face as Katie moved behind her and hugged her. Both seeing the fear of death in Kyle's eyes as Shady released him and watched him collapse.

"It's over Shay, calm down," Katie said as she pulled a still shaking Shady away on to the grass.

"YOU TELL HIM TO LEAVE DAD OR HE'S NEXT!" Shady screamed as Katie held her. Graig staggered to his feet and stumbled as he went to check on his son. "DADDY'S LITTLE BOY GOT HIS ASS BEAT BY A GIRL YOU PATHETIC OLD MAN!"

"You could've killed him he's barely conscious," Graig said as Donald came around and grabbed Kyle by his shirt collar and jerked him up and said in a sinister voice, "You ever try and hurt my family again, I swear to god you piece of shit I'll wipe you and your old ass OFF THIS FUCKIN PLANET! DO YOU HEAR ME? ANSWER ME!"

"It's over Shay," Katie said as she moved in front of Shady a few feet away in the yard. Noticing Shady's rage calm in her gaze. "You ok?"

"Yesss, yesss god yess, never again," Kyle said as Donald threw him back down and turned to Graig and said. "That's goes for you too. Try me I dare you."

"Katie's not your family," Graig said as he tried to help a staggering Kyle to his feet.

"She is now," Donald said as Graig pushed Kyle into the backseat and practically ran for the driver's side.

"HEY!" Donald said as Graig stopped and looked at him. "Try me old man find out what happens, I better never see you again."

"Is Shady ok?" Donald asked as he joined them on the grass.

"Yeh she's ok," Katie said as Shady smiled. "Right?"

"If you're ok I am," Shady said with a soft kiss.

"You ok Katie?" Donald asked gently.

"Thank you, for letting me be with Shady," Katie said. "You don't know how much she means to me."

"I get an idea," Donald said as he hugged both of them. "I also know how she feels about you."

"Yeh I think she likes me," Katie said as Shady laughed and started tickling Katie.

"HELP DONALD SHE'S HURTIN ME!" Katie screamed in laughter as she broke away and ran for the house. Watching to make sure Shady was following, letting Shady catch her on the porch. Squealing as Shady hugged her and kissed her cheek softly. "Big bully, Shady McCree you're a softy."

"For you yeh," Shady said as Katie smiled and kissed her as she again ran off into the house as Donald smiled and joined his daughter on the porch. "See what kinda mean stuff she does to me."

"Go get her and beat her up," Donald said as Shady grinned and was about to respond when Katie re-appeared at the door as she stuck her tongue out at Shady and ran off laughing. Screaming when Shady came charging after her. Up the front steps to the second floor landing and up the steps again to the third floor as Katie sprinted into Shady's bedroom and turned as Shady charged in and closed the door behind her.

"Come here Singer," Shady said as Katie crawled backwards onto the bed and as Shady jumped on to and pinned her down. "Now what were you saying?"

"I said you're sexy as hell," Katie said as Shady looked at her in surprise. "And I'm not kidding Shady McCree, you are so hot."

"Ok you win," Shady said as she smiled and released Katie's hand. "Anything you think?"

"Abs," Katie said as she raised Shady's shirt and saw a red mark over her stomach. "You ok?"

"Yeh it's ok," Shady said softly. "He punches like a pussy."

"This feel better?" Katie asked with an adoring smile as she stroked her girlfriends stomach softly. "I bet it does."

"Yeh and you know it does," Shady said with a smile. "You wanna feel them ripple huh?"

"Please?" Katie asked with a huge smile as Shady made her abs ripple under Katie's fingers. "Ohhhh yeah, god Shay you're sexy. You just don't know what you to do me."

"MMMMM do I know?" Shady asked as Katie sat up and kissed her and spun Shady on to her back and got between her girlfriends thighs. Looking down now with a victorious smile.

"Oh yeah take it Katie," Shady said. "You're in control now."

"Yeh right," Katie said.

"I'm telling you I wanna play the submissive, I want you to be in control," Shady said. "I'm serious, I want you to."

"Like total control?" Katie asked as Shady nodded her head. "So if I order you to get me a soda you'd do it?"

"Kinda weird but ok," Shady said as Katie laughed. "I'm saying, big brain, that when we do, you know, if we play games I wanna do that."

"I've never done it before but I'm game," Katie said as Shady sat up and asked in a voice that sent shivers down Katie's body, "May I kiss you, Mistress Katie?"

"Oh wow," Katie said as Shady waited for her answer. "Yes you may."

"MMMMMMMM!" Shady cooed as she kissed Katie softly.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Casa De August

"Where's the girlfriend?" RaeAnn asked as she came out onto the porch and saw Jessie sitting by herself in the porch swing.

"Rode with Eli to get some take out," Jessie said as RaeAnn gave her a knowing smile.

"What is it with you and these looks?" Jessie asked as RaeAnn laughed. "You like me or something?"

"What would say if I said I had a crush on you?" RaeAnn asked as she sat down by Jessie.

"I'd say you, boyfriend, my brother, me, girlfriend, hurt RaeAnn," Jessie said as both laughed.

"Me, crush on you, me still love Eli" RaeAnn said. "No reason to be jealous of anyone."

"Me?" Jessie asked.

"Yeh you, I always liked you," RaeAnn said. "Not like you'd would run away with me anyway, I've seen Stephanie, damn. You blackmail her?"

"Oh god, Rae, she kills me she's so hot," Jessie said. "And on top of that we play these games, I'm hyper 24/7 anymore."

"Can I read your eyes?" RaeAnn asked, "While Eli's not here."

"What Eli don't like that?"

"No he says it's stupid and I don't really see stuff" RaeAnn said without a smile as Eli's car came rumbling up the drive and pulled up behind Brittany's Cadillac.

"Come with me," Jessie said as she took RaeAnn's hand and walked to meet Eli.

"We need to talk big brother," Jessie said as she met him at the front of the car. "I heard you told Rae she couldn't do her readings anymore."

"Yeh and you need to butt out little sister." Eli said.

"Good one Eli, act like an asshole like always and your gonna screw up the one thing you ever managed to do right" Jessie said in anger. "You think no one else cares about her?"


"Screw you," Jessie said. "It's not stupid and I know for a fact she has a gift, your just to damn thick headed to see that."

"What kinda readings do you do?" Stephanie asked.

"She reads people's eyes and it's so cool," Jessie said. "She can tell you stuff that you might not even know."

"It's a crock is what is it... owww fuck Jessie," Eli said as Jessie smacked his arm.

"Say it again, can't you see you're hurting her feelings," Jessie said as she glared at Eli.

"Fine do whatever you want," Eli said as he stormed off and slammed the cracking screen door as he went inside with the take out. Linda came out on to the porch just as Eli disappeared inside and asked, "Stephanie honey what's wrong with your boyfriend?"

"Bite me Linda," Stephanie said as her mother laughed and joined the group.

"Mind if an old woman joins the youngsters? They're killing me with that novel," Linda said. "August and your friend Joanna are annoying."

"She can be," Jessie said.

"So Rae you wanna read my eyes?" Stephanie asked as RaeAnn smiled and suddenly got excited.

"Yess, I love doing this," RaeAnn said. "And Jessie thanks for standing up for me, Eli just gave in, that's the only way he knows to lose an argument."

"You're welcome."

"Read what?" Linda asked.

"Just watch, it's so neat," Jessie said.

"OK Steph relax and look into my eyes, and don't try to hide anything let me see the real you," RaeAnn said as she put her fingers gently on Stephanie's cheeks and concentrated on her eyes for what seemed like a minute or more before she smiled and said, "WOW our little Stephanie's got some secrets."

"Just watch what you say," Stephanie said as RaeAnn smiled. "My mother is here."

"Oh stuff it Steph," Linda said as Jessie and RaeAnn laughed. "Go on hon."

"First, you've had your broken pretty bad, right?" RaeAnn asked.

"Yeh, I did, hurt for hell," Stephanie said. "But you could have heard that here."

"True," RaeAnn said. "But would I know that you also hold a grudge to this day against someone close to your Uncle?"

"Who?" Jessie asked.

"Karen," RaeAnn said as Stephanie looked shocked to her core.

"How could you possibly know that?" Stephanie asked.

"So it's true?" Jessie asked as Stephanie nodded and said, "yeh, it still hurts me the way she treated you."

"It's ok," Jessie said as she hugged Stephanie. "I love you for caring that much."

"That's amazing, young lady," Linda said as RaeAnn smiled proudly. "OK, weird question, but what do you see about her and Jessie? Is this real?"

"MOM!" Stephanie hissed as RaeAnn smiled and said, "It sure is, their soul mates, I think."

"Seriously?" Jessie asked.

"Let me read your eyes to be sure," RaeAnn said as Jessie laid back against Stephanie, who now had a huge smile on her face, and looked into RaeAnn's eyes. Concentrating and hoping RaeAnn would see the same thing in her eyes, cause it sure felt like it was true. "OK, good news and bad news."

"Oh boy," Jessie said. "Bad news first."

"You've still got a deep hurt in you and it's gonna be a long time till it's healed," RaeAnn said as Jessie fell back against Stephanie. "Right?"

"Yeh," Jessie said.

"For some reason I couldn't quiet see who it was, but I'm guessing it was Karen," RaeAnn said.

"Yeh it still hurts," Jessie said as Stephanie hugged her.

"I love you Jessie Sammler," Stephanie said softly as the smile returned to Jessie's face.

"What about them being soul mates?" Linda asked, by now dumbstruck at this girls talent.

"That's the good news," RaeAnn said as Linda smiled. "All the signs point to yessss."

"WOW!" Jessie said, "It sure feels that way."

"Young lady, you are simply amazing," Linda said. "I am very impressed. Would you read me?"

"I'd love too, no one ever takes me serious, I mean no one that's had life experience like you," RaeAnn said as Linda moved beside Jessie and Stephanie as RaeAnn looked deep into her eyes and seemed to be concentrating and seeing more stuff than usual. "WOW, not sure where to start."

"You be careful what you tell," Linda said with a smile. "Only good stuff."

"Yes Ma'am," RaeAnn said with an amused smile as she looked to Stephanie and said. "You'll be glad to know that your Mom is happy again."

"Happy? Meaning she was sad?"

"Yeh her and Mr. Dimitri had some trouble a while back and now they're happy again, am I right?" RaeAnn asked as Linda's mouth dropped open in shock.


"Yes she's exactly right," Linda said as RaeAnn smiled. "You're father and me did have a rough patch, we have those, not really serious I don't think. But we worked through it as a team in therapy and now we're happy again."

"I can also see you're mom has a juicy secret," RaeAnn said.

"What?" Stephanie asked as Linda gave her a warning look.

"She has a big ole crush on August," RaeAnn said as she jumped behind Jessie and hugged her, pulling her away from a stunned Stephanie as Linda came after the two of them playfully.

"Young lady, you have one big mouth," Linda said as she followed after a giggling Jessie and RaeAnn as Steve came on to the porch and watched with a smile.

"MOM?" Stephanie said as Linda looked back at her, "Should I tell dad?"

"DON'T YOU DARE!" Linda said as Stephanie, Jessie and RaeAnn started laughing out loud.