Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 99 "Perverts of the Morning"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



Cori lay in bed and wondered what exactly had gone so wrong in her life since she had hit her head on that table. Her world seemed to be spinning out of her control and she was helpless to stop it. Everyone seemed to be turning against her; Passion hadn't spoken to her in almost two days and she'd also been absent from the house totally as she stuck to Joey like glue. While, Joey, the girl she had loved from the moment she could remember meeting her, was now in the same camp as Passion, she hated her too. Tears came down her face and she slammed her fists in frustration as she felt her heart was slowly breaking; she wanted something to fix this, but couldn't understand how it had gotten this bad. Taking a deep breath and seeing the light come on Passion's room across the hall in the basement2 she sat up and rolled out of bed and stood in the doorway in her own room as she waited patiently, growing more and more determined to fix her relationship with Passion. Passion's door o pened finally as she stopped and Cori could see the nervousness in her eyes and knew there was something Passion wasn't telling her. No doubt involving Joey she feared.

"You hate me I guess, but I'm sorry, will you forgive me?" Cori asked as Passion looked at her. "Well?"

"I do not hate you," Passion said, "And don't you ever tell me I do, cause I don't. I still love you Cori Tyler..."

"Then why you been acting so weird around me?"

"I don't like the way you been acting, the way you did Joey was wrong," Passion said. "And don't even start about that Marissa stuff, Joey told me it was only flirting and she hadn't done anything with Marissa and I believe her. You used to be like that."

"Is there something between you and Joey?" Cori asked as she saw Passion freeze and she felt her stomach grow into knots as she feared there was. "Just tell me Pash I can handle it."

"We kissed," Passion said as she looked down and Cori's mouth dropped open.

"Holy shit, but you're straight or so you keep saying," Cori said with a growing smile for some reason. "So you like her now?"

"We're best friends Cori, that's all," Passion said as Cori took a deep breath and relaxed, "No way would I hurt you like that. It was just one of those moments where she was crying and upset after you took that... Rayne girls side over Joey's and I hugged her and she kissed me."

"You didn't hear the things she said to Rayne," Cori said.

"Yeh and you don't know that all of it wasn't true," Passion said. "You barely know that girl Cori and you take her side over the girl you love?"

"Well maybe I don't love Joey anymore," Cori snapped in anger and grabbed onto the wall as the shock of what she had just said began to sink in. She could see the same look on her sister's face as the words now hung in the air. "I mean... maybe I do have grapefruit on my brain."

"I don't know what it is," Passion said. "But this Cori, I don't love her as much, she's mean. And you hurt Joey really bad with that stuff with Rayne. She cried Cori, a lot, and I'm telling you cause I want you to know not to hurt you."

"She hurt me too," Cori said. "I missed her so much. And I just don't understand how I can stop making people hate me now..."


"You and now Joey, it's like the world is turning on me, next thing Mom and Dad will stop loving me too," Cori said as tears came down her cheeks.

"I love you sis," Passion said with a kiss to Cori's chin as she hugged her. "Ya hear me Kiwi?"

"I'm not Kiwi, you are," Cori said as she hugged her sister back and wanted to hold her for a while this time.

"No, Kiwi can be anybody you love," Passion said. "You're my kiwi, and I do not hate you, I can be mad at you and not hate you. Kiwi."

"Am I still your best friend?" Cori asked and knowing by the smile on her sister's face that she was.

"Yeh, forever CoCo," Passion said as Cori laughed. "And Joey is my other best friend, you OK with that?"

"I can deal with that," Cori said. "What about Rayne, can I be friends with her?"

"I don't like her Cori," Passion admitted honestly.

"And you don't know her, she came over Saturday and me and her watched movies," Cori said. "She's really nice and I like her, I wish you would give her half a chance."

"She's dresses like..." Passion said as Cori covered her mouth.

"She was washing her car that day," Cori said. "She doesn't always dress that way. I'm asking you to be my sister and stop listening to just Joey's side of this and give her a chance so I can be her friend. Cause I don't wanna do anything that causes us trouble."

"Fine I will for you," Passion said as Cori smiled. "But she starts talking bad about Joey and I will say something."

"Fair enough," Cori said. "Speaking of Joey... how was that kiss?"

"My first real kiss," Passion said with a smile that just oozed confidence, Cori thought. "It was sooo good."

"You got thing for her now huh?" Cori asked and figuring Passion would blush and go into "sooo mean to me" mode, but she didn't. Cori noted that same confident smile as she replied, "Nope, I'm really straight I know that now. Was a nice kiss but I don't love her that way, if I did I'd tell you and ask for your permission to see her."

"And if she felt the same way I'd be happy for you... and her," Cori said as Passion smiled.

"Good cause we're going on our first date tonight," Passion said and laughed as Cori's lip dropped in shock. "Gotcha... sis."

"HEY PEOPLE!" Marley screamed from the bed on the other side of the room. "SHHHHHHHHHH!"

"What?" Cori and Passion asked as they looked over and walked to the end of the hallway.

"You keep waking me and Bonzo and Pandy and Carl up," Marley said with a mean look.

"Who's Carl?" Passion asked with a laugh as Marley slipped out of bed and picked up the big plush teddy that Kile had brought to Cori on his first visit, which now sat permanently beside of the huge Panda Mandy had bought for Passion. "Him Carl."

"She named him after some guy on TV she thought was funny," Cori said. "She's changed his name about 10 times now. Yesterday she called him Booger head for a while, then Rick after my dad, and then Cori's big dumb bear."

"How about picking a name and sticking with it, like Bonzo?" Passion asked Marley, and noted her little sister seemed to be deep in thought.

"OK, you pick da name," Marley said as Rick came to the top of the steps and Marley smiled and went running to him and jumped into his arms. "Mornin daddy."

"Mornin sunshine," Rick said he greeted her with a kiss to the cheek and a tickle as Marley squealed.

"Marley Molloy what did you say?" Passion asked.

"Daddy," she said. "Him my daddy now. My other daddy is gone."

"Marley sweetheart, no, your daddy is coming back to see you real soon OK?" Rick asked.

"Nope, him not," Marley said in a matter of fact way. "You my daddy now."

"No, honey listen, I know you miss Daddy OK?" Rick asked as Marley seemed to be listening intently. "Your daddy is with your Mommy and she's gonna get better real soon and you can go home with both of them."

"Yeh, Mar bear, Daddy is gonna come and visit us in a few days OK?" Passion said.

"Nope," Marley said, "Daddy gone."

"Marley Molloy..." Passion said in anger as Rick touched her face and said. "It's OK Pash. She's just four."


"Go see if Lily has breakfast ready OK?" Rick asked Marley as he sat her down and she went tearing up the steps and disappeared into the kitchen.

"Did you tell her that?" Passion asked.

"Passion honey no," Rick said with a warm hug. "She's confused and if we make a big deal out of this... I'm not sure what to do."

"Why does she keep saying that?" Passion asked. "Daddy's gone."

"She misses him a lot and she doesn't understand why he keeps leaving," Rick said. "How about me you and Marley take a trip and see him?"

"Really?" Passion asked as she hugged Rick. "I love you Rick. Thank you."

"Well count me as a member your of fan club too," Rick said, "I love you too."

"I'd like to see Kile again too," Cori said as she hugged both Passion and Rick.

"HEY PEOPLE!" Marley screamed from the top of the stairs. "Breakfast ready."

"OK, who wants to play tickle the Mar bear?" Rick asked as Cori and Passion followed him as they ran up the stairs and into the kitchen.

"No, no booger heads," Marley said as she giggled and ran away to Lily.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, upstairs

"Morning!" Stephanie said as she came out and saw Zoe coming out of the bathroom in a towel. Noticing for the first time that she was definitely growing into her body. Attention that didn't miss Zoe's eyes as she saw Stephanie's eyes and wondered if she really was checking her out. In a small way she had to admit she liked the attention.

"Morning!" Zoe said as she returned the attention and for the first time let herself enjoy the sight that was Stephanie Dimitri. Dark rich tan and a body any girl would kill for. And in her current attire virtually nothing was left to the imagination, with her painted on bun hugger shorts and a top barely long enough to cover her breasts. Is she even wearing a bra Zoe wondered for a moment before she snapped her eyes away and found herself now standing opposite Stephanie in the hallway. "Ummmm... do you ever wear clothes?"

"Why are you complaining?" Stephanie asked and Zoe could swear she was flirting with her. "Or do you not like what you see."

"I have a girl... well we're dating, I'm Amanda's," Zoe said as Stephanie smiled.

"No one said you weren't," Stephanie said. "I asked didn't you like what you saw, simple direct question, like yes or no? For instance if you asked me the same question I'd say yes."

"Be serious," Zoe said.

"I am Zoe," She said as Zoe blushed. "No reason to feel uncomfortable, you have a beautiful body."

"Thank you," Zoe said and not quiet believing that someone this gorgeous was almost hitting on her. "And yes, OK?"

"Yes what Zoe?" Stephanie asked with a challenging smile.

"Ugh, you know," Zoe said.

"Not a clue," Stephanie said with a 'gotcha' smile.

"I like what I'm looking at, OK?" Zoe said as Stephanie beamed a knowing grin. "God how did we get into this."

"Because we both have girlfriends that we totally adore and if I'm not mistaken you used to be straight, just like me," Stephanie said. "Right?"

"Yeh I was," Zoe said with a smile. "Then I met Amanda and she changed my life."

"And you must think she's sexy right?" Stephanie asked as Zoe looked around nervously and didn't offer an answer as Stephanie took her hand and led her down the hall and into the garage apartment as she closed the door.

"What are you doing?" Zoe asked. "People are gonna think things."

"Why?" Stephanie asked as she handed Zoe a clean pair of shorts and a shirt, "Put these on I wanna chat for a minute."

"OK," Zoe said as she slipped on the shorts and then the shirt as Stephanie took a seat on her bed and asked, "Now answer my question."

"About Amanda?" Zoe asked as Stephanie nodded impatiently. "OK yeah I noticed and she did too, so she says."

"She did Zoe," Stephanie said. "I've seen the way she looks at you."

"Really?" Zoe asked as Stephanie smiled.

"Oh yeah that girl is into you," Stephanie said. "Body, mind and soul."

"Body?" Zoe asked with a slightly devilish grin as Stephanie grinned and said, "Yeh, Zoe, she's hot for you."

"Ohmigod this is so weird," Zoe said as she covered her face with her hands. "I have no idea what I'm supposed to be thinking."

"You said you noticed," Stephanie said as Zoe sat down in the chair by the bed. "And damn so did I."

"So you just went from straight to gay?" Zoe asked.

"No, and stop being Pat Robertson," Stephanie said as Zoe laughed. "Jessie let me feel the things that I was hiding all the time, I've always thought girls were beautiful and sexy but I never let myself feel it and when I did, oh damn it's a turn-on, but guys, are still hot.. MMMM hot."

"Me too, what you said," Zoe said as Stephanie touched her hand and asked, "So you have thought about Mandy that way?"

"You're just gonna tell Jessie and it'll be embarrassing," Zoe said.

"No I won't," Stephanie said. "Private conversation, promise, pinky swear?"

"OK," Zoe said as they linked pinky fingers and giggled as both shook there bodies. "And yeh I have thought of her that way. Some."

"A lot," Stephanie said knowingly as Zoe blushed. "Bet your curious huh?"

"God I have been for like 2 years now," Zoe said. "But since Amanda and me hooked up I'm like what you said, letting myself feel those things and it's killing me."

"Come sit by me so no one will hear," Stephanie said as she sat now Indian style on the bed and let Zoe set down opposite her in the same fashion. "So I'm hoping you're still a virgin."

"Yeh of course, little Zoe."

"No not little Zoe, beautiful grown up Zoe," Stephanie said softly. "Now stop putting yourself down."

"Thanks Steph," Zoe said as she smiled. "And yes I'm a virgin."

"Good, cause you don't need to be doing that yet," Stephanie said. "Not about age, you'll know when you're ready."

"I don't wanna go there yet, I just wanna be in love with Amanda for a while," Zoe said with a smile. "Feels so good knowing she loves me, me lit... Zoe Manning. She loves me."

"You and me both, I'm in love with Jessie so bad it hurts," Stephanie said, "She's sooo good to me."

"Unlike your ex huh?"

"She loves me, he didn't or he wouldn't have done me that way."

"Asshole," Zoe said as Stephanie laughed. "Well he is."

"I bet it fuckin kills him that I like pussy now," Stephanie said as Zoe's mouth dropped open. "What?"

"You just said..."

"I know, and get this, you got a girlfriend and so you better like it to or someone's gonna be mad," Stephanie said as Zoe fell back on the bed laughing. "It's true."

"I know that," Zoe said as Stephanie pulled her up and asked. "So what are you thinking?"

"Like I said, curious, very," Zoe said as she looked away with a shy smile on her face.

"No look at me, I promise this is between us," Stephanie said. "So dying to go south huh?"

"That's it I'm leaving," Zoe said as Stephanie stopped her with a laugh.

"Come on Zoe, you know you have," Stephanie said. "Just tell me, we are members of the same club."

"What club?" Zoe asked. "Perverts of the Morning?"

"Nooo, good one though," Stephanie said as both laughed. "Straight girl gone les."

"Yeh we are," Zoe said. "Weird I never thought about that."

"So, this is our first club meeting," Stephanie said as Zoe giggled. "And you can totally trust me this once, if I blab you'll know not to trust me again. I'm just so interested in this gay-straight thang suddenly."

"OK, yes I am, dying is a good word," Zoe said as Stephanie gave her a knowing smile. "Not that I have any idea of what it's gonna be like."

"So you never tasted your own girl spunk?" Stephanie asked.

"Ewwww and that is gross," Zoe said as Stephanie groaned.

"God you are a virgin," Stephanie said as Zoe gave her a dirty look. "It is not gross, farthest thing from it."

"But why would you want to?" Zoe asked.

"It's a turn on," Stephanie said. "I'm serious it is, wanna know something totally insane?"

"OK," Zoe said as Stephanie leaned close and said, "You're gonna laugh no doubt but this is true, you'll never in your life taste anything as sweet as your spunk on the lips of the girl you love."

"Whoa," Zoe said as Stephanie smiled and noticed no giggling from Zoe. "I'll bet it is."

"It is," Stephanie said. "And just so you know, once you do it, it's addictive."

"Oh damn," Zoe said as she ran her fingers through her hair. "So I don't have anything to worry about?"

"Not a thing," Stephanie said. "You'll fall in love with it."

"MMMMMMMMMM," Zoe said as her and Stephanie fell into each other laughing.

"Oh yeah baby," Stephanie giggled as they both laughed. "Listen to me for a second OK?"

"OK," Zoe said as she tried to get her giggling under control.

"Don't go rushing into it though OK?" Stephanie asked. "Take it from someone who waited till she was 17. OK?"

"I get that," Zoe said. "But what if Amanda and I decide we want to?"

"Come talk to me about it first?" Stephanie asked. "Not a sister, not gonna blab to your mom."

"OK," Zoe said softly. "Sometimes it's hard to stop."

"But it's worth it to wait," Stephanie said, "I promise."

"Googling yahoo," Zoe said.

"What in the hell does that mean?" Stephanie asked as Zoe laughed. "You and Mandy never would explain it. I got a pretty good idea but I want a first hand explanation."

"Google..." Zoe said as she pointed to her tongue and then rubbing between her thighs and saying, ""

"Oh shit, I knew that," Stephanie said as she leaned close and said softly, "A lot like... Taebo."

"You mean that's what you and Jessie are talking about and not like working out?" Zoe asked in shock as Stephanie nodded with a wicked grin crossing her face. Zoe remembered several times over the last few days when she had heard them mention that and start laughing and now she understood why. "Oh damn, Mom and Rick are so clueless."

"Great ain't it?" Stephanie asked as both laughed out loud as a knocking came at the door.

"Yeh?" Stephanie asked as the door popped open and Lily stuck her head in and saw Zoe and Stephanie giggling about something.

"Morning," Lily said. "Zoe, what are you doing in here?"

"Bonding," Zoe said. "We just started talking and Steph was... giving me some advice."

"Yeh, Zoe's really cool," Stephanie said as she pushed a giggling Zoe down on the bed.

"Advice?" Lily asked with a questioning look.

"Yeh I was saying that her and Mandy should come up one day and... Taebo with me and Jessie," Stephanie said as Zoe looked at her in shock and laughed out loud. "What do you think?"

"Excellent advice in my book," Lily said as Zoe covered her face with a pillow and laughed so hard her sides hurt. "Zoe Manning, what is wrong with you?"

"It's sort of a running joke we have," Stephanie said, and deciding to flip the attention back to herself, "Your a good mom, I know you don't hear that a lot. No Mom does. But you are."

"Thank you," Lily said, "And just for that you can have anything you want for breakfast."

"Bacon and eggs?" Stephanie asked as Lily smiled and closed the door.

"Ohmigod you are fuckin nuts" Zoe said in a hushed voice. "Taebo?"

"You heard her hot stuff," Stephanie said with a knowing smile as she slid her hand over Zoe's calf casually and watched her jump away. "Come on Zoe, your mom said it was OK."

"That's it I quit the club," Zoe said as Stephanie fell back on the bed laughing this time.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ The Palace

"SHUT UP!" Came Shady's voice as Mandy and Sam ran into the hallway at that moment and knew instantly Katie and Shady were fighting.

"There they go again," Mandy said with a smirk.

"Feuding bitches," Sam said as Mandy laughed and Shady's door opened as Katie stormed out.


"FUCK YOU!" Shady screamed. "I did not wanna fight, all I asked was for you to get up a few minutes early so we could get to school for assembly."

"Oh yeah," Katie said as she looked at Mandy and asked, "How do you think she asked?"

"Not nicely?"

"'Get up you bitch you sleep too fuckin much,'" Katie said with a defiant look to Shady who walked a few feet forward.

"I DID NOT SAY THAT!" Shady screamed, her hands clenched to fists at her side. "I don't give a fuck how much you sleep, bitch."

"Whoa, Shady, chill before you say something you regret," Mandy said as she moved in between Shady and Katie. "Go back in your room and cool off."

"Go see your damn girlfriend and butt out Amanda," Shady said as she glared at her sister. "This is between me and Katie."

"Fine, kill her and then when you realize you lost the most important thing in your life, don't come crying to me," Mandy said as she walked off and disappeared back into her room as Shady glared at Katie for a long moment and raised her hand in a fist and screamed in frustration as Katie held her ground and watched Shady turn and walk off and slam her bedroom door violently.

"Damn what was that about?"

"Shady being a cunt," Katie said as Sam laughed. "She's good at that."

"Yep, but she's not as bad since you moved in," Sam said. "Is this serious?"

"Nah, we've had worse," Katie said, "she just pisses me off with her bullshit and demands."

"Lord, see that's what I always say and everyone tells me I'm like Mom," Sam said. "She is a queen bitch."

"Yeh and unlike your lovely mother, Sam, Shady has a big heart and she apologizes when she hurts people" Katie said. "But this time it's my turn to apologize."


"I made a bigger issue out of this than it needed to be," Katie said. "I didn't sleep good last night and she just got on my nerves with her mouth and I let her have it."

"I like you," Sam said, "You give as good as you get, she needs someone to get in her face and tell her shit sometimes. And she'd never hit you."

"I get that..." Katie said as Jennifer suddenly appeared at Sam's door wearing nothing. Wrapped in a sheet, freezing when she saw Katie.

"You dyke," Katie hissed at Sam.

"Are you coming back?" Jennifer asked as Sam nodded and watched Jennifer close her door.

"You are gonna get killed," Katie said as Sam shrugged.

"Dad said she could spend the night," Sam said. "And before you start with that too young bullshit, it's my body and if I wanna...3you know, it's between me and Jennifer."

"Sam..." Katie said as her mind reeled, "What about your boyfriend? And her boyfriend?"

"You've met Michael, he's so clueless it's funny," Sam said. "I don't even like him."

"That cute blond in your bedroom is who you like?" Katie said as Sam grinned and Katie said, "I'm not gonna say anything but..."

"Let them catch me, I won't rat you out, I know what happens when I do," Sam said, "I don't care."

"OK," Katie said as she walked off and quietly opened the door to Shady's bedroom and saw Shady standing with her back to the door looking out the window. Closing the door behind her, she went through the options in her mind of what she could do, and the easiest and simplest was to be direct and honest, she figured.

"Shay?" Katie asked as Shady looked back with a glare. "I'm sorry."

"Fine, whatever." Shady said as Katie smiled and slowly moved closer. "Just leave me alone."

"That's not what you want," Katie said softly. "This was my fault I know that."

"AND HOW THE FUCK WOULD YOU... you know..." Shady screamed and then trying to control her temper turned away and took a deep breath as Katie boldly sat down in front of her on the window seat and looked up at her.

"Can you forgive me?" Katie asked. "Please?"

"Can't you just let me be mad for a while?" Shady asked as Katie smiled and touched her hand and felt Shady tense and start to pull away before she relaxed and let Katie take her hand. "I'm sorry too. You're not a bitch."

"Yes I am and so are you," Katie giggled as Shady shot her a dirty look and tried to fight back a smile. "That's why no one else will have us. Especially you."

"I am this close to beating you up," Shady said as she showed Katie her fist.

"Ohhh I'm so scared," Katie said as she kissed Shady's fist and grinned at her. "You're such a big softy."

"See I hit you," Shady said as she playfully pushed her fist against Katie's shoulder gently. "You deserved it too."

"Owwww," Katie said as she rubbed the spot. "Big Bully."

"Wanna hit me back?" Shady asked with a smile.

"I would never hit you for real," Katie said.

"Me either, for any reason," Shady said as she touched Katie's face and caressed her cheek gently. "I don't get what I did wrong this time."

"You woke me up and I didn't sleep good," Katie said. "This one was me, I made an issue out of it. I'm sorry."

"No big deal," Shady said. "Had to burn off some nervous energy anyway."

"That reminds me, it's been like 3 days since we wrestled," Katie said. "Slacking on my obligations."

"Yes you are," Shady said as Katie rose and found herself now in Shady's arms. "But I also like fighting with you. You even make that fun."


"You don't take my shit and just go away like Joey did, you fight back," Shady said. "I love that about you."

"So you wanna fight again now?"

"Nooo," Shady said, "I wanna make up, OK?"

"Yeh me too," Katie said as she kissed her softly. "Wanna know a secret?"


"I don't think about Jessie anymore," Katie said as she wrapped her arms around Shady's neck. "Now you are all I think about."

"WOW!" Shady said. "You're all mine now."

"That's the way it looks." Katie said with a huge smile as Shady kissed her cheek and wrapped Katie tighter in her arms. "I love you Shay."

"You're all I think about too," Shady said. "I love you too Katie Singer, I love you too."

"It's coming easier for you now," Katie said with an adoring smile. "You don't struggle to say it anymore, I think I'm good for you."

"You're the best thing that ever happened to me," Shady said. "I don't regret that night at the party anymore. I'm glad it happened, cause I ended with you."

"MMMMMMMMMM, yeh me too," Katie said with a sizzling kiss that took Shady by surprise. "Hottest night of sex of my life. Maybe we should call Riley up again."

"I got her phone number," Shady said as her and Katie touched foreheads and shared a knowing smile.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Upton-Sinclaire, main hallway

"Hey," Marissa said nervously as she stopped behind Joey in the hallway.

"What do you want?" Joey asked with a smirk as Marissa smiled.

"Wondering where you were all weekend," Marissa said. "I didn't wanna be annoying or anything."

"Next time just call me or come by, I was hanging with a friend is all," Joey said, "We're friends I like having you around."

"I like being around you," Marissa said. "You make me feel better knowing someone likes me for me."

"Well there's a lot to like," Joey said as Marissa smiled knowingly and fired back. "Yeh I am the cute blond after all."

"You sure are," Joey said. "You don't even know how cute you are."

"I really like it when you look at me like that," Marissa said as Joey grinned. "You could so convince me that you were into me."

"Maybe I am," Joey said as she finally let herself feel the emotions that she had to this point successfully suppressed since the day she met Marissa. Now unchecked, she realized this could be more than just a simple flirting game. "So what did you want this weekend?"

"You," Marissa said and being surprised when Joey moved closer and said in a sultry voice, "Now you can have me straight girl, I dumped my girlfriend for you."

"OK sure you did," Marissa said as she stood her ground.

"It's over between me and Cori," Joey said. "Seriously."

"Nooo you mean you guys had a fight, you'll make up," Marissa said in what Joey could tell was a hopeful voice.

"Nooo, we had this huge ass fight in her front yard on Saturday, my ex stuck her nose in and it just got ugly," Joey said.

"Shady got involved?"

"Nooo, no, my first girlfriend, a skank named Rayne that lives down the road from me," Joey said. "She came onto Cori and almost kissed her and Cori admitted she wanted her too and then she took up for Rayne over me. Rayne and I were screaming at each other like Feuding bitches and I was saying shit that was half true and half not, I just hate her I guess."

"Joey I'm sorry," Marissa said as she hugged her. "I hope this didn't have anything to do with me."

"No," Joey said and knowing it was a small lie but figuring at this point that there was no reason to try and drag Marissa down with her. "She's changed and I'm sick of her jealous bullshit, I'm just gonna cut my losses on this one. Besides I kinda of kissed her sister right after the fight so I'm sure it's over."

"Her sister?" Marissa asked in shock as Joey laughed.

"Yeh, she's impossibly sweet and it just happened," Joey said, "I could so go for her, but she's straight."

"Joey Larue, the playerette," Marissa giggled. "How many more girls have you already hooked up with?"

"None and right now I just want someone to hang out with," Joey said as she looked at Marissa. "Wanna be my other best friend?"

"Other best friend?" Marissa asked.

"Cori's sister, the one I kissed is my other best friend," Joey said. "You'd like her and she'd like you."

"Threesome?" Marissa asked as she whispered into Joey's ear. Joey blushed and then checking to see if anyone was listening asked, "Would you?"

"Oh god I can never win these contests with you," Marissa said as Joey's smile never faded and she asked again, "I'm serious Marissa would you? You brought it up."

"With you?"

"Yeh duh," Joey said. "I'm just curious you've been flirting like mad with me and I think you're more than a little interested."

"Maybe," Marissa said as her smile matched Joey's. "We talking 3... ummmm..."

"3 girls," Joey said in a soft sultry voice and sensing in that moment that she had seriously peaked Marissa's curiosity and became convinced the girl wasn't completely straight anymore. "Me, you and whoever."

"How about just me and you?" Marissa asked.

"No, no you answer my question yes or no," Joey said. "No cute remarks, just a simple answer. Please?"

"Bell," Marissa said as Joey groaned as the bell rang and the hallway began to fill with other students.

"Forget it," Joey said. "Meet me for lunch?"

"You got it, best friend," Marissa said as Joey smiled and started to walk off as Marissa suddenly felt a rush of courage and wanting to have Joey thinking about her until they met again, she grabbed Joey's arm and stopped her as she leaned against the girls back and said into her ear, "With you I would."

"What we talked about?" Joey asked as Marissa giggled and didn't offer a reply as she picked up her book bag and walked off laughing. "NO FAIR."

** ** ** Meanwhile in West Lafayette, Indiana, Baker Apartments

Joanna and Brittany walked out the front door of the Baker apartments after having been given the tour of one of the empties. A Ms. Crivson was only convinced to give them a chance based on Brittany's promise of more rent per month. But the place, as Joanna would soon note, was a dump and not worth what the bitter old lady was asking for it let alone what the girls had been forced into offering.

"Well that's the third of three shit holes we've now seen in the last two hours," Joanna said as Brittany laughed and agreed as both now stood on the first floor landing. Thinking no one was listening.

"Well I'm sorry my humble apartment is not up to your standards, miss big time author," Ms. Crivson said in a nasty tone as she appeared at the door. No doubt eaves dropping, Joanna figured.

"Don't even start with me lady," Joanna said. "This place is a shit hole."

"Well I'm glad you think so, I'd rather not have the likes of you around anyway," she snapped as Joanna and Brittany walked past her and back onto the sidewalk.

"You mean people that pay rent?" Joanna asked as Brittany laughed. "I've seen some of the scum you let live here."

"These apartments are in perfect shape missy," She hissed.

"BULL SHIT!" Joanna screamed in a laugh. "The fuckin roaches are taking up a petition to have this dump condemned."

"Well... I never..."

"And with that face I bet you never will again," Joanna said with a smirk as Brittany laughed out loud. "Might do you some good to get laid."

"I'll have you know I'm a married woman," Ms. Crivson said. "We are perfectly content with each other."

"Deaf, blind and crippled is he?" Joanna asked as Mr. Crivson looked to be about to lose her temper. "Come on Britt let's roll before this dump collapses."

"Good riddance," Ms Crivson said as Joanna turned back to flip her off with both hands.

"Baby you kill me when you get going like that," Brittany said as Joanna stopped and leaned back against Brittany's Cadillac as Britt hugged her. "My girl knows how to talk shit."

"Did you like that line about the cock roaches?" Joanna asked as Brittany laughed.

"Best one," Brittany said. "What are we gonna do?"

"Keep looking, we'll find something and August and Karen got our back," Joanna said as Brittany hugged her tighter. "It'll be OK Britt."

"You know I worry anyway," Brittany said softly as she laid her head on Joanna's shoulder. "Just wish for once something would go easy for us."

"And then we've always got to worry about someone discovering us," Joanna said. "Fake IDs only get you so far."

"You know, Karen and me had an idea," Brittany said as Joanna listened. "We could just take one of the rooms they added on."

"Yeh but, I wanna be with you and not have to worry about what they think every second," Joanna said as Brittany grinned. "You can't be quiet if you tried."

"And I'm never gonna try," Brittany said as she kissed Joanna. "You make it feel so damn good."


"JOANNA!" A Voice screamed from across the road and as Joanna and Britney both looked, they saw a grinning Eli sprinting down the sidewalk. "Don't tell me you're thinkin about renting from psycho Crivson?"

"Anything is possible except that," Brittany said. "Joanna just talked some serious shit to her. So that's out."

"Good," Eli said. "Cause I just found out Ms Waters is looking for new tenants and I told her about you guys and explained your situation and she agreed to meet with you."

"Thank you so much," Brittany said. "We been to one shit hole after another and nothing is even clean."

"Hey Rae and mines place ain't five-star but it's clean and we got plenty room and Ms. Waters is a nice lady," Eli said, "Just be respectful and ask for one chance, I'm pretty sure she'll give it to you."

"Thanks," Joanna said as Brittany hugged her again. "Good to know we have friends already."

"Hey you guys are family," Eli said. "Let someone try saying something bad about you guys in front of August or my Mom. See what happens."

"Wouldn't be pretty," Joanna said with a smile. "Sooo lead the way Eli."

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, living room

"I'm coming mother," Zoe said as she laid the remote down and left the living room just as the station broke away from the movie she'd been watching for a 'breaking news' update.

"This is a Fox57 special report, I'm Tony Tucker," the Anchorman said as he appeared on screen with live shots of cop cars and ambulances surrounding a crashed helicopter in an open field. "As we reported earlier, a Medevac flight from Cleveland to Chicago crashed near Joilet earlier tonight. We can now unfortunately confirm that all aboard have been killed, a man and woman. The names of the victims are being withheld until such a time as their families can be contacted. We will have more on this heart breaking story as it becomes available. This has been a Fox 57 special report."