Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 78 "Never Been Kissed"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"Mornin' Mom" Zoe said coming into the kitchen, seeing Rick reading the paper, with Cori in her usual spot beside of him lookin at the comics. Passion sat on Cori's other side, reading over her shoulder as they giggled together. Zoe slowed as she noticed something, finding all eyes now peeled on her and what she thought had to be the object of their interest, that being the new leather jacket she was sporting.  

"Morning sweety" Lily said as she came over and looked at the coat closely and asked, ""Zoe Manning, where did this come from?"

"It's Amanda's" Zoe lied, but reasoned it was better to tell a small lie than to have to explain what exactly she was doing with it. "She let me borrow it for a few days."

"You know, I don't care much for those McCree girls and their money" Rick said as Zoe's head snapped around, "Only use it to try and impress people."

"No they don't" Zoe said, "You don't even know Amanda, she bought me this cause we're friends not to impress me."

"Excuse me young lady?" Lily asked and Zoe knew she'd blown her cover.

"Yeh ok she bought it for me" Zoe said, "And I happen to love it, and before you go on hormone trip number 25 please think about how well you already know Amanda."

"Young lady, I have not gone on any hormone trips" Lily said.

"Ask anyone who knows you" Zoe said. "And you're not talking to little Zoe Manning, I'm my own person now and I'm not a little girl anymore. I should be able to make my decisions about who I date or, I mean be friends with."

"Well I just don't see it" Lily said as Zoe's anger shot up a notch.

"Why not?" Zoe asked.

"Because, I'm always emotional, I just don't think I'm acting any more emotional than normal" Lily said and Zoe sensed her chance to escape with her life as she followed her mom's lead.

"You're right mom, you're not that bad" Zoe said with a kiss to the cheek. "I'm stomping with Amanda after school ok?"

"I'm sorry for judging your friend Zoe" Rick said as he came over and kissed her on the forehead. "I should know better."

"It's ok" Zoe said.

"Jacket looks great on you" Rick said as Zoe smiled. "And you're gonna do what after school?"

"Stomp" Zoe said as she heard a horn blow as she grabbed her backpack and went flying down the hallway.

"Stomping what?" Rick asked in confusion.

"Rick Sammler, you are so out touch" Lily said with a laugh, "It's means hang out, even I know that."

"Stomp you mean?" Passion asked as everyone looked to her. "We say that sometimes it's not that unusual."

"Do they use grapes?" Cori asked as her and Passion broke up in a fit of giggles.

"I think you got grapes on the brain" Passion said as her and Cori poked at each other.

"Might explain why I forgot so much" Cori said as Passion lunged at her and both crashed to the floor in a fit of giggles.

"I love ya sis, I don't care if you do have grapes in your head" Passion said as Cori laid on the floor laughing.

"You do to, you the one who wanted to fly twenty five thousand miles to meet me" Cori said as Passion jumped on her and started poking her as Rick and Lily watched from across the room with a smile. "What does that say about you, grape head?"

"When you're done killing each other, clean the mess up ok?" Rick asked as he and Lily left the kitchen a moment later as the two started wrestling on the floor.

"I'm a kiwi, not a grape head" Passion said as she pinned Cori's arms down and sat now across her stomach.

"OK, kiki head" Cori said as she laughed.

"Kiwi, not Kiki" Passion said as she poked her in the stomach. "Get it right."

"My sisters a kiki head" Cori said as she rolled over and covered up as Passion continued the assualt until she felt Cori grimace and grab her back.

"Ohmigod I hurt you, I'm so sorry" Passion said as she got ready to scream for help.

"No, I'm ok" Cori said as she rolled on to her back again and took a deep breath. "God that hurts when I twist the wrong way."

"Did I hurt you?"

"No, I twisted around and I heard something pop and then it hurt" Cori said, "It's happened before."

"Try and stand?" Passion asked.

"Yeh" Cori said as she took a deep breath and sat up and felt virtually no pain. "That was weird."


"It didn't hurt hardly at all when I set up" Cori said as Passion held her arms out and pulled Cori to her feet and hugged her.

"I guess we need to be more careful huh?" Passion asked as Cori got her balance.

"Maybe a little" Cori said, "But I like having a sister to wrestle with and just goof."

"Me too, I love being here with you" Passion said as she laid her head on Cori's shoulder. "Never had a sister than cared about me before."

"I already love you" Cori said as she hugged her. "I wish you could stay here."

"And I wish you could come and live with us" Passion said, "We could have so much fun."

"Well you're not going home for a while" Cori said, "So instead of both of crying and missing each other already, let's just have fun while you're here."

"What do you wanna do?" Passion asked. "We can't go far, or little Cori will cry for her Joey."

"Stop picking on me, you already hurt me, you big bully" Cori said as Passion laughed. "I was wondering though, do you like joey?"

"She's funny" Passion said, "Hey I know, we can go and keep her company at that book store she works at."

"Yeh Judy is the owner she's cool" Cori said, "She's like my adopted Aunt and her new friend, Henry helped me a lot after my accident."

"Does everyone love you?" Passion asked as she walked back over to the table and picked the chairs up they had knocked over.

"No I doubt it, I was a big trouble maker before my accident" Cori said as she leaned on the counter. "Pretty wild too I think."

"Wild how?" Passion asked as she took a seat at the counter.

"Not sure" Cori said, "I know I wasn't a virgin."

"SHHHHH" Passion said, "Don't want your mum to hear."

"Oops" Cori said.

"So was it with Boys?" Passion asked as she looked to make sure no one was listening.

"Girls I think" Cori said. "I only have a few memories and I'm not sure if any of it, happened for sure."

"Well, I'm a virgin" Passion said. "I wanna save myself for the perfect man."

"Or girl" Cori giggled, "I'll turn you into a lesbian yet."

"EWWWWWW, no thank you" Passion said as she laughed and looking down the hall, spotted Joey as she then lowered her voice and said. "Here comes Joey."

"Hey Pash" Joey said as Passion smiled.

"Pash?" Cori asked as she hugged Joey and kissed her softly. Both seeing Passion watching intently from the counter.

"Just a nick name, short for Passion" Joey said as she noticed the look of what she thought was intense interest from Passion. "What are you staring at bug eyes."

"I like watching you guys kiss" Passion said with smile. "It's fascinating."

"Is is huh?" Joey asked as she took Cori's and they sat down on the other side of the counter. "Wanna see two girls french kiss?"

"Joey..." Cori said as Passion broke in and said, "I would kill to see that. I'll never get to back home. Just on tv."

"Wanna do it?" Joey asked Cori.

"I guess, but why do you want too?" Cori asked.

"Cause I'll take any reason to kiss you, and she's curious" Joey said, "Nothing wrong with watching us kiss, are they?"

"No" Cori said as Passion glanced down the hall and seeing the coast was cleared, glued her eyes back to Cori and Joey as they leaned into each other and began a soft gentle kiss. Their lips falling into the, by now familar rhythm, with the other as Cori lead the kiss. Something Joey secretly adored as Cori licked at Joey's upper lip and they parted for a second with a grin on each's face and a looked to see if Passion was watching. Passion was by now wide-eyed with interest as she leaned across the counter and watched intently as Joey licked at Cori's lips now and they began to kiss again, in that same rhythm. After a few moments, Cori's tongue met Joey's and the real show began as they massaged one and another's tongue on the others, their lips moving slightly faster now as Joey slid one hand to Cori's partially bare thigh and laying the other on the counter. Cori moaned ever so softly into Joey's mouth as she worked her tongue a bit harder on Joey's trying to increase the pleasure as she clutched a hand on to Joey's shirt and pulled her closer. Passion by now in a daze, slowly moved her hand across the counter and touched Joey's hand as she watched the pace increase again and both melt more into the other. Joey instinctively squeezed her fingers into Passion's, not realizing who's it really was as she squeezed her other into the soft smooth skin of Cori's thigh and matched Cori's pace to perfection. Both tilting their head slowly as they kissed for a last moment more before parting with a smile. "MMMMMMMMM someone got you hot this morning."

"I like being watched" Joey giggled as Cori blushed.

"So, freakin cool" Passion said as she almost swooned.

"Why are you holding my sisters hand?" Cori asked with a smirk as Joey looked and realized she was.

"I could ask you the same thing Pash" Joey asked as Passion seemingly realized it to as she tried to pull away and felt Joey hold on. "No I wanna know."

"I don't even remember doing it" Passion said as Joey grinned and turned to her and asked, "Were you hoping you'd be next?"

"EWWWWWWWW nooooo" Passion said as Cori laughed. "I wouldn't kiss my own sister."

"No, not her, but thinking of it..." Joey said as both Cori and Passion pushed her and laughed. "...but I was thinking me."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO" Passion said as Joey laughed.

"I think she wants it Cori" Joey said as she turned to look at Cori as Passion pulled her hand away. "Can I?"

"Sure" Cori said, playing along perfectly.

"Come here, Pash" Joey said as Passion got up and moved from the counter as she laughed.

"I said no twice already" Passion said she backed into the wall as Cori and Joey laughed. Getting up, Joey quickly moved in front of Passion and blocked her route to an escape as she said, "Come on Passion, do what your name says."

"Cori, please, help me" Passion said with a smile. "She's gonna make me kiss her."

"Go for it sis" Cori said as she about lost it in laughter.

"Just one five second kiss?" Joey asked as Passion seemed to be considering it.

"5 seconds...I mean, noooo" Passion said as she tried to push Joey away but felt Joey hug her as she laughed and said. "I'm just playing Pash, I do think you're very kissable though."

"You do?" She asked in surprise.

"Told you, she thinks she's not pretty" Cori said.

"Come on, I could so hook you up with at least 5 guys I know" Joey said as Passion smiled. "Real nice guys."

"I might go for that" She said as she relaxed against Joey. "Am I weird for liking to watch you guys kiss?"

"Yeh very" Cori said as she laughed as Passion shot her a hurt look. "I'm kidding sis."

"Everyone's curious about something" Joey said softly. "You're completely normal."

"Hello..." Cori said, "...have you talked to her any?"

"Sooo mean to me" Passion said, "Says she loves me though, but sooo mean to me."

"Stop picking on her" Joey said and laughing when Cori and Passion exchanged dirty looks.

"I do love you" Cori said as she came around counter and hugged her, "I love having a sister."

"Go on Pash, kiss her" Joey said with a giggle. "Those lips are so soft, they kill me."

"Not funny" Passion said, "I come all this way to be abused."

"Everybody's doing it" Joey said with a giggle.

"Ok, I'm leaving" Passion said as she left down the hall as Joey laughed and chased after her. Passion looked back and squealed as she took off and detoured into the living room as Joey crashed into her and sent them over the back of the couch. Passion grabbing onto Joey to keep from crashing to the floor as they landed on the couch. "You tryin to kill me?"

"Just playing, now kiss me" Joey said as Passion groaned and turned over as Joey laughed and rolled off on to the floor in a fit of giggles.

"I'll have you know, I've never even been kissed" Passion said as Cori arrived in the living room. Joey stopped and looked at her and asked, "Passion, I was playing, I wouldn't take that away from you. A first kiss is something special."

"Like I'll ever find out" Passion said.    

"How many times do I have to repeat?" Cori asked, "You are not ugly."

"You're my sister you gotta say that" Passion said as Cori sat down by her head.

"I'm not your sister and I think so" Joey said, "And I know I kid you about kissing me, but truth be told, I think you're pretty. You could have a boyfriend if you just had some confidence in yourself."

"I guess" Passion said as Rick came down the stairs with his video camera and into the living room.

"Cori, you still wanna make that video?" Rick asked as she looked up.

"Yeh I do" She said as she stood up and he handed the camera as she took it carefully.

"Thanks, dad" Cori said as she hugged him, "I'll be careful with it."

"Rather have you than the camera" Rick said with a smile as Passion watched from the couch. "Put it back in Mom's room when you're done?"

"I will, promise" Cori said as Rick headed off to the kitchen.

"You really love him don't you?" Passion asked as she sat up and Cori looked at her and said honestly, "He's my dad. Of course I do."

"I saw the way he looked at you" Passion said as she stood, "Bout made me cry, he loves you so much."

"Yeh, they been good to me" Cori said as Passion hugged her.

"I won't ever ask you to leave them" Passion said, "Cause I know it would hurt them"

"Wanna say Hi to your dad?" Cori asked as Passion smiled as her and Joey posed for the camera and Cori laughed and started filming.  

** ** ** Meanwhile @ The Offices of Phillips, Lowell & Brashear

"What are we gonna do about this moving and selling business?" Sarah asked Grace as they waited for Mr. Phillips to return from lunch.

"I don't know" Grace said, "We both have people who are important to us here."

"Yeh your family" Sarah said with a giggle as Grace smiled and said, "Right."

"It's not like we can't come back anytime we want" Sarah said, "If this thing is for real, we will never have to worry about money again."

"I think that causes more problems than it solves" Grace said as Sarah thought about it and had to admit she at least agreed somewhat.

"I just wanna give you everything you ever wanted" Sarah said. "And yes I do know I'm all you ever wanted."

"Duh my goofy blue eyes" Grace said as Sarah growled playfully and kissed her just as Mr. Phillips came through the door.

"Ms. Grasser" He said as Sarah looked up and grinned sheepishly.

"Wassup Andy" Sarah giggled as Grace covered her mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

"The name is Andrew, Ms. Grasser" He said in a montone voice. "Follow me to my office."

"You know I bet Eugene didn't hire you for your personality did he?" Sarah asked as they entered his office and he cracked a small smile. Taking a seat behind the desk as Sarah and Grace took the two chairs down front.

"Ms. Grasser I have reviewed the documents you sent over and it seems to be in good order" Andrew said. "I assume you are already to sell?"

"We've talked about it yeh" Sarah commented as she took Grace's hand.

"Well Mr. Marsoon informs me that the person or persons interested in your property maybe ready to move at anytime" Andrew said. "Two months at the most is the word I got."

"So I just sign it and Jamison and you will handle the rest?"

"Pretty much" Andrew commented as he handed Sarah a very expensive looking pen and the papers. Sarah held the pen up and saw the gold flecks reflecting off the light and smiled. "A gift from a special friend."

"You mean you have friends?" Sarah asked as Grace giggled and Andrew rolled his eyes.

"Sign the papers will you goofy?" Grace asked as Sarah shrugged and signed her name and handed them back to Andrew. "So when do you think we'll get to see some money out of this, general time frame."

"Ms. Manning is it?" He asked as Grace nodded and Sarah sat back down by her and listened. "UMMMMM I'm not a real estate expert per say but Jamison plans to be very agressive in his pursuit he informed me."

"I like him" Sarah said with a smile. "So you will keep me informed?"

"No I'll let you guess when it happens" Andrew said with a wry smile as Sarah laughed in surprise.

"See now I like you old long name" Sarah said as her and Grace both laughed as Andrew took a deep breath.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Joanna's Apartment

"Hey Ms. Parker" Joanna said as she stood in her doorway and watched her landlord slowly making her way.

"Don't you give me that dazzling smile" Ms. Parker said with a finger point. "You owe me some money."

"I paid my rent in full and I have the reciept" Joanna said.

"Your friend Rose borrowed some money from us and said it was for you" Ms. Parker said as Joanna groaned. "Now I want it."

"How much?" Joanna asked.

"Two hundred dollars" Ms. Parker said as she held her hand out.

"Well then I guess you have my 2 week notice then" Joanna said with a tired look.


"Because I ran rose off a few days ago and that was her way of screwing me" Joanna said as Ms. Parker put her hand down. "I don't have that kinda of money, my girlfriend has to's just not a very good time. I barely have money for food right now."

"Good lord child" Ms. Parker said. "This new girl is the same I take it."

"No, she's working unlike that whore Rose" Joanna said with a smile. "I hate her job but at least we got a place to live or we did."

"My horny old goat of a husband was the one who made that business decision" Ms. Parker said. "He thinks with his small head way more than he does his common sense."

"It's not fair I should have to clean up Rose's mess when your horny old goat of a husband went wild for her fuckin titties" Joanna said. "But I guess like always I do."

"That 200 hundred dollars was the last of what we had saved" Ms. Parker said. "But you are a terrible liar and I can see you had nothing to do with this."

"I am a terrible liar" Joanna said. "Look I can ask my friend if she let me have it, she bailed me out before."

"This Shady girl?" Ms. Parker asked.

"Shady McCree" Joanna said.

"Loud car and wild girlfriend, I never did cotton to that Katie girl you mooned over forever" Ms. Parker said. "I can't ask you to put yourself in a hard place to clean my own mistakes."

"Thank you, but Katie's not so bad, you don't like her cause she told your husband off" Joanna said.

"When did this happen?"

"You didn't hear?"

"Not a single word"

"Mr. Parker was making eyes at me and Rose at the pool one day and Katie asked him to leave" Joanna said, "I know the horny old thing is harmless but she didn't and let him have it."

"Serves him right" Ms. Parker said as Joanna laughed. "Lord I've considered divorce from that man every day of my life with him."

"It'll never happen" Joanna said as Ms. Parker shook her head and walked as she continued the conversation by herself. Joanna laughing as she spotted Brittany walking up the walk. "He's drove her bat shit crazy."

"What's wrong Britt?" Joanna asked as she saw Brittany's face and knew she'd been crying.

"Nothing, can you...I mean we just go and lay down, hold me a while?" Brittany asked.

"Tell me what's wrong please?" Joanna asked as she touched Brittany's cheeks with both hands. "Somebody touch you?"

"No" Brittany said as she hugged Joanna. "Just a bad night."

"Hey" Joanna said as she got Brittany to look at her and saying softly. "You're still my girl."

"Really? The one and only?" Brittany asked as Joanna smiled and kissed her.

"No one compares to you, they never have" Joanna said as Brittany smiled brightly and wrapped her arms around Joanna neck.

"If you're looking to get laid you just did" Brittany said as she kissed Joanna softly.

"No I was not" Joanna said. "But if you're offering..."

"Joanna Marie when have you ever had to ask me to do that?"    

"Never, part of the problem" Joanna said as Brittany groaned. "You never turn me down so I'm always in the mood."

"And that's a problem?" Brittany asked.


"I would" Brittany said.

"PICK ME UP, PICK ME UP, PICK ME UP BIOTCH" The Ringtone sounded as Joanna groaned.

"I hate that fuckin thing" Brittany said as she pulled Joanna's phone out of her girlfriends jeans and looked at it. "Oh, god, it's your charming former parental units."

"Let me see" Joanna said and looking at the name and number and groaning. "Hello?"

"Hi Mommies babygirl, how are you?" Joanna's Mother asked.

"What do you want Veronica?" Joanna asked. "I ain't got no money."

"Well don't you think I could just be calling to talk?" Joanna asked as Brittany hugged her protectively.

"No, cause I'm not brain damaged" Joanna said as Brittany giggled. "Again, I ain't got no money."

"Well fine then if you wanna play little smart ass then, your whorin friend Rose came by and delivered the news that you have come into some money cause you helped some pervert friend of yours right a book" Veronica said.

"August is not a pervert you bitch" Joanna said, "And he didn't pay me to help him I volunteered. No money involved, he was good to me when I stayed with him. And that fuckin skank Rose is not exactly truthful."

"Well we can agree on that, the little faggot stole 500 dollars off your father and you are gonna give it back to me" Veronica spat. "I know you got it."

"No I don't you dumb bitch" Joanna said. "You and that loser of a father of mine can go to hell."

"FUCK YOU, I HATE YOU" Veronica screamed into the phone as Joanna grinned and closed the phone with a satisfied smile on her face.

"You are so good my girl" Brittany said as the phone began ringing yet again. Joanna looked to make sure it was who she figured it was. "What?"

"It's August's number" Joanna said as she opened the phone and said, "Hello?"

"How's it going partner?" August asked as Joanna's face spread into a wide grin.

"Oh my god, wassup Augustus" Joanna said. "How did you get my number old man?"

"Jessie" August said as Joanna blushed and laughed. "Duh."

"Jessie who?" Joanna asked as August laughed. "Oh yeah her."

"Yeh her" August said. "How you doing?"

"New girlfriend, you know?" Joanna asked nervously.

"Yeh Jessie and Stephanie explained the whole thing" August said, "It took a few flash cards and a storyboard but I got it finally."

"The way you pay attention I'm surprised you did get it" Joanna said as August groaned. "Her names Brittany Lang..."

"Hey, August Dimitri is it?" Brittany asked as she took the phone away from Joanna.


"The names Brittany Lang, and I don't believe in being introduced by my girlfriend" Brittany said before August replied, "Nice to meet you."

"You too" Brittany said as she hugged Joanna. "I hope you're gonna come and meet me in person and see Joanna soon. She misses you guys like crazy."

"You guys?" August asked and then figuring out that Brittany must mean he and Karen.

"She says your girlfriend, Karen is it?"


"Says she's really nice once you get to know her" Brittany said as Joanna smiled and kissed Brittany.

"Big mouth" Joanna mouthed to her as Brittany blushed and shrugged.

"She is at that" August commented. "I'll see what I can do about that little visit."

"Well here's Joanna, hope I get to meet you soon" Brittany said as she handed the phone back to Joanna.

"So you gonna come see me huh?" Joanna asked.

"Yes I am" August said. "And I just might have a surprise for you. Still working on it, so don't hold your breath."

"I won't" Joanna said. "You can bet on that."