Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 88 "Peace Offering"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"Can I pull up a seat?" August asked Sarah as she sat on the front porch steps. Watching Jessie and Stephanie passing a football and Shady and Katie giggling as they wrestled on the grass.

"Your pad" Sarah said as August smiled.

"Kinda wanted to talk to you for a second without Grace and Karen" August said softly, "Just between me and you."

"What you wanna tell me you got over Grace and now you want me?" Sarah asked with a wry smile as she bumped August's shoulder and saw him smile and loved that she made him blush. "Just kidding, Grace and RaeAnn will be back from the store in a minute, so shoot."

"I don't know the complete story of what happened in Nashville..."

"And unless Karen tells you, I've got no comment" Sarah said. "I said my piece and I meant every word."

"Sarah, just listen" August said softly. "Karen has made an effort, a real effort to change and she's excepted Jessie and Stephanie's relationship a lot better than I thought she might."

"So, now that's she's done being a homophobe, I'm supposed to forget those horrible memories?" Sarah asked as she looked at August. "That's like being molested and then the son of a bitch telling you, he was on drugs and now he's better. I'd still hate him."

"WOW" August said as he was taken aback by Sarah's isolated rage. "I guess those events cut you deep."

"I told you and her they did" Sarah said. "And I also made my feelings for Jessie very clear."

"Thing is, we kinda share those feelings for Jessie, the more she stays here, the more I get attached" August said.

"She's not hard to love" Sarah said, "Between me and you, if there was no Grace and Stephanie in the picture, I'd be so on that."

"I kinda get the feeling she wouldn't exactly turn you down" August said as Sarah found herself smiling as he nudged her shoulder.

"Shut up, that is seriously between me and you" Sarah said as August smiled and zipped his lip. "I don't want people feeling weird cause I said something completely hypothetical."

"Here comes your soon to be ex" August said in a whisper as Sarah punched his arm and blushed as Grace and RaeAnn pulled up by Shady's pontiac and got out with the groceries Karen wanted.

"What did ya buy me?" Sarah asked as Grace smiled and said, "Nothing."

"Don't love me no more" Sarah said with pooched lip as Grace leaned down and ran her fingers through Sarah's hair as they're eyes met. Grace kissing her in a moment both felt that was completely natural and said, "Don't even go there, Marsha."

"We better get these in to Karen and Eli" RaeAnn said as Sarah giggled and pushed Grace along behind RaeAnn. Moments laster the cracking screen door slammed shut as the two headed down the hall.

"Brings back memories" August said, "Don't tell anyone this..."

"Yeh, you owe me a good secret" Sarah said with a smile.

"The way Grace looks at you, she used to look at me like that" August said as Sarah looked at him in surprise. "But when you guys came down the first time I saw that. I told her I had feelings for her, but she was yours by then."

"Seriously?" Sarah asked as Eli came out and bounced down the steps and into the yard and took off running after Jessie and Stephanie as they ran into the clearing, laughing.

"Yeh, completely true" August said. "But now, my heart belongs to Karen."

"Do you miss Grace looking at you that way?" Sarah asked.

"Only in the way of a fond memory" August said. "We were never meant to be."

"Talk about a good secret" Sarah said as August smiled.

"Pinky swear?" August asked as he held his up and Sarah smiled and matched his with hers.

"Pinky swear" Sarah said as she looked down the road and almost felt her heart stop as she looked in horror at the person coming up the road in a truck.

"That son-of-a-bitch actually followed us down here" Sarah said as August looked to see Jake Manning stopping and opening the drivers side door and getting out. Sarah jumped up and ran into the house and screamed, "GRACE GET OUT HERE."

"What's wrong?" Grace asked as she stuck her head out of the kitchen.

"YOUR PSYCHO DAD" Sarah said as Grace came running down the hall and out onto the porch as Jake stopped when he saw Grace.

"There you are, get in the car" Jake said calmly as he glared at August who stood and made an attempt to calm things down.

"Jake just get in the truck and leave" August said, "Please."

"He's fuckin drunk...again" Sarah said as Karen came out.

"Dad, this is not the place for this" Grace said as she came down in the yard and tried to calm him down. "You're gonna end up in jail."

"Shut up and get in the truck" He said as he grabbed her arm as Grace cried from the pain.

"OWWWWWWWWWW, you're hurting my arm" Grace cried as it fell on deaf ears.

"LEAVE HER ALONE YOU PIECE OF SHIT" Sarah screamed as she bolted from the porch and August watched in shock and went after her as soon he realized what was gonna happen. Jake turned just as an enraged Sarah came running down the driveway and slammed into him, knocking him off Grace and knocking herself to the ground in a daze.

"Get in the house Grace" August said as he tried to get to Sarah before Jake got up.

"NOOOOO HE'S NOT GONNA HURT HER" Grace screamed in a panic as Jake staggered back to his feet with a trickle of blood trailing down his face. Karen ushered Katie and RaeAnn into the house and watched Shady go running down the driveway in a rage.

"SHADY NOOOOOO" Katie screamed from the porch as Jake punched August, sending him to the ground and pushed his daughter against the car and jerked Sarah up by the hair.

"You've had this coming for a long time, you made Grace what she is, you little whore" Jake spat as he drew back his hand and apparently relishing the look of fear in Sarah's eyes. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye he caught a blur of red hair and white t-shirt as a shoulder was driven into his stomach. The wind leaving Jake's body as Shady speared him to the ground and was the first one to her feet as she shook with rage.

"WHAT? YOU GONNA FUCK WITH MY GIRL BITCH?" Shady screamed at Jake as everyone watched in disbelief as Shady waited for Jake to get to his feet before delivering a staggering punch to the jaw. "YOU EVER HIT SARAH AGAIN YOUR LIFE IS OVER GOD DAMN IT. YOU HEAR MEEEEEEEEEE?"

"STOP!" August said to anyone who would listen as Grace ran to cover Sarah with her body and Shady ducked a wild swing from Jake and delivered another punch that was even harder than the first as Jake fell limp to the ground. Katie knew that Shady was lost in her rage as she screamed at Jake, "I SAID YOU EVER TRY AND HURT SARAH AGAIN I'LL HAVE YOU DICED AND SLICED. YOU DON'T KNOW WHO YOU'RE FUCKIN WITH."

RaeAnn came running out of the house with August's softball bat and ran down the driveway before Karen could stop her and watched the action and was unsure at the moment as to what to do.  

"HIT ME BACK YOU PUSSY" Shady screamed in a rage as she dropped to her knees and pounded her fists into Jake's stomach and face four or five times as he tried to roll away. Jake, finally being safed by of all people, Katie, who tackled Shady off of him as RaeAnn struck Jake's truck with the bat as everyone stopped.

"I CALLED THE POLICE" Karen screamed from the porch.

"Please stop, Shay" Katie said as she laid on top of her and made her girlfriend look into her eyes. "Please it's over. Calm down."

"You got two chooses asshole" RaeAnn said as she pointed the bat at a confused, dazed and bloody Jake. Eli emerged from the woods to see Jake now staggering to his feet and seeing the carnage, charged at him with a reckless abandone with rage in his eyes. "No, Eli..."

"What the..." Jake said as he barely caught sight of Eli before he was blasted in the ribs by Eli's airborne body. Both crashing to the ground as Eli jumped up first and started kicking Jake for all he was worth.

"KILL HIM" Shady screamed from the ground as Katie held her as tight as she could. "HE TRIED TO HURT SARAH."

"I WILL FUCKIN KILL YOU OVER THOSE GIRLS" Eli screamed as August ran to the site of the new attack and grabbed Eli in a bear hug and pulled him off as Jake tried to get up but was unable too this time.

"He wasn't attacking me baby" RaeAnn said as she moved in front of Eli as August released him. "He hit Sarah and Grace."

"I'll kill him" Eli said with an icy cold expression as he took the bat from RaeAnn.

"Help me with Sarah" Grace said with pleading eyes she finally got up and stepped in front of Eli and hugged him. Eli saw Sarah stagger to her feet as sirens sounded in the background and he picked Sarah up in his arms and carried her into the house, followed by Grace. Jake somehow got to his feet for a moment as the police cruiser stopped in front of him.

"They attacked me, all of them" Jake said as one officer attended to him and the other looked to August.

"Officer Kelly, this man attacked this young lady on the ground and myself along with several other people, unprovoked" August said, pointing to Shady as the second officer pulled out his handcuffs and pushed a confused Jake against the car. "We have a history."


"Officer Kelly, Johnny" August said, "This man came on my land, and attacked my family and friends. I don't know why he's rambling about his daughter for."

"CAUSE SHE'S HERE" Jake screamed in a slur as Katie hugged Shady from behind as both got up finally.

"Officer Collins put him in the car" Officer Kelly said before turning back to August. "Is everyone ok?"

"Yeh I think so" August said as he looked back and saw Eli come to the door and give a thumbs up, indicating that Sarah was ok.  

"EMT could be hear in a few minutes" Officer Kelly said.

"No, no, I think everyone is pretty much ok" August said as he shook Officer Kelly's hand.

"If you could come down to the station later and make a statement?" Officer Kelly asked.

"Would it be ok if I did that on Monday?" August asked as the Officer agreed and climbed into the car and was gone with Jake a few moments later.

"Are you sure you're ok?" August asked Shady as he surprised her with a hug. "You saved the day."

"It was nothing" Shady said as Katie smiled.

"I was scared to death but she sure did" Katie said with a huge smile.

"Well you're welcome here anytime" August said as Shady blushed as Karen came down to join the group and hugged her too.

"Is Sarah ok?" Shady asked as August put his arm around her and Katie said, "Let's go make sure."

"Looks like it" Katie said as Sarah came onto the porch.

"What the hell did you do that for?" Sarah asked as she came down the steps, her eyes locked on Shady's. Shady stopped in shock wondering what she had done this time. Shocked to silence when Sarah hugged her and said, "You crazy bitch, you saved me."

"'s nothing" Shady stammered as Sarah kissed her cheek and said, "Thank you, I don't know why you did that, but thank you."

"Gonna make me cry" Shady said as she smiled and felt Katie hug her. "You sure you're ok?"

"Yeh, thanks to you" Sarah said as Grace came out of the house.

"You..." Grace said as she pointed at Shady, "...are crazy. You could have been killed."

"Someone had to do it and I'll be damned if he was gonna hurt you two" Shady said, "I know we're not exactly friends...but you two are important to you know."

"We are now" Sarah said as she hugged Grace, "Friends I mean."

"Where did you learn how to fight that way?" Katie asked as Shady turned to her.

"Golden gloves" Shady said. "Dad let me do it for a year and I won my age group against guys."

"I'll bet" August said as everyone laughed.

"Has anyone seen Jessie and Stephanie?" Karen asked as she stood on the porch.

"Yeh I chased them into the woods and they disappeared" Eli said laughing as he came out of the cracking screen door.

"If they don't come back in a little while we'll go looking" August said. "Burgers are on and anyone wanna guess who gets first choice?"

"It should be me" Shady said as August laughed and put his arm around her and said, "You are right."

** ** ** Meanwhile @ The Mall

"I have never seen anything like this" Passion said as her and Mandy strolled through the mall. Just having lost Zoe as she stopped at the toy store a few feet behind them. "I've been to the mall back home, but it's not near this big."

"Yeh it's a great place to come and get lost" Mandy said. "You having fun?"

"I love Chicago" Passion said, "Not sure I ever wanna go home."

"AMANDA, come here" Zoe screamed from the toy store a few feet behind Mandy and Passion.

"What?" She asked as Zoe pointed to a huge panda bear hangin from the wall.

"Sooooo cool" Passion said. "I love Panda bears."

"You want it?" Mandy asked.

"Yeh, but..." Passion started to say before Mandy put a finger over here lips and told the guy behind the counter, "Gimme the big Panda."

"149.72" He said as he handed it to her over the counter.

"Nooo" Passion said in protest as Mandy pushed it into her arms and made her hold it. "A gift."

"Thank you, thank you" Passion said as Mandy smiled and handed the guy a credit card. "It's beautiful."

"I knew you'd do that" Zoe said with a teasing smile as she watched Passion hug the huge panda like a long lost friend. Now not paying anyone any attention as she floated on cloud nine.  

"Sometimes you can make someone feel loved by doing that" Mandy said into Zoe's ear. "She's lonely."

"I get that" Zoe said as she kissed her cheek. "That's why I pointed it out to you."

"You didn't have to do this" Passion said a few moments later as they made their way to the food court, "But I'm sooo glad you did."

"Cori has one like that, right?" Zoe asked.

"Yeh and now I do" Passion said, "I wish I could do something for you."

"Don't feel like Cori is your only family" Mandy said, "Zoe and I go out and lots of times and just chill, you can always come hang with us. And I like spending money on people I like."

"Then what are you gonna buy me?" Zoe said as she took both of Mandy's hands and swung them back and forth. "Huh?"

"I know" Mandy said as she moved in front of Zoe and pulled her across the corridor as Zoe spotted a familar face.

"Hey Bahama, one please" Mandy said as she handed him a dollar and he handed her a rose.

"You two sure seemed to be in love" He commented as Mandy turned to Zoe and handed her the rose.

"We are" Mandy said as she turned and stepped in front of Zoe and offered her the rose. "This ok?"

"You are unbelieavable" Zoe said with a huge smile as she took the rose and sniffed it. Hugging Mandy a moment later and feeling Mandy hug her back. Touching Mandy's cheek gently a moment later as their eyes met and touched foreheads.

"Just like you did me that first night we hung out" Mandy said as Zoe remembered it then as Mandy kissed her softly. "I love you."

"Is that ok my girl?" Mandy asked as Zoe smiled.

"Yeh, so right" Zoe said as she smiled and held the rose to her heart. "I love you too."  

"Sooo sweet" Passion said with a huge smile. "You guys are gonna make me cry."

"Who is this beautiful friend of yours?" Behama asked as Mandy turned and felt Zoe take her hand.

"This is our friend from New Zealand, Passion Molloy" Mandy said as she touched Passion's hand. "First time at the mall."

"This is for you" Bahama said as he handed Passion a rose, "Welcome to America, be good to her and she will be good to you."

"Thank you" Passion said as she took the rose and bounced around excitedly. "I'm starting to sooo feel at home here."

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Casa De August, in the woods

"This is nice" Stephanie said as she smiled back at Jessie. Who was sitting behind on the same milk crate as she leaned against a tree and Stephanie leaned back against her. "Finally five minutes to spend with just you."

"Yeh, thanks to Eli" Jessie giggled.

"We should have flipped him off earlier" Stephanie said as Jessie laughed.

"Yeh" Jessie said as she ran her fingers through Stephanie's hair. "So peaceful out here, do we have to go back?"

"Hell for all I care they can come and find us" Stephanie said, "Let Mom, I mean Karen flip out, and you know she just might."

"Maybe" Jessie said with a giggle. "We're lucky though, we can be together."

"That's all I've wanted to do for weeks now" Stephanie said. "Be with you?"

"I know what you meant" Jessie said as her mind wondered for a moment and came to the fight she had with her dad. "Have you told your mom and dad yet?"

"Yeh my dad's happy for me" Stephanie said, "He wants to meet you."

"I'd like that" Jessie said. "Mom?"

"She's coming around" Stephanie said. "I'm uber close with my dad, mom calls me his princess."

"Princess Stephanie?" Jessie asked as Stephanie laughed and said, "Yeh I kinda do get whatever I want from him."

"Is he a lot like August?"

"God is he ever, those two had to be hatched out of the same egg" Stephanie said. "Long hair, just like August only dad's got a ball spot that he refuses to cover up."

"I just wish my dad would quit being a pain about August" Jessie said as Stephanie sat up and asked, "Will you please tell me why your dad, Lily and Grace's dad hates him so much?"

"You mean you don't know?"

"No, August won't talk about it" Stephanie said as Jessie pulled her back into her arms again and said, "Let's just say, you know the way Grace looks at Sarah now? She used to look at August that way."

"They know?" Stephanie asked with a playful grin.

"Nothing ever happened, Jake, that's Grace's psycho dad, my dad, Lily and Mom somehow found out Grace had been to his place and rode home in his car I guess and they lost it" Jessie said. "Grace says nothing happened, and I believe her."

"That's good" Stephanie said with a giggle.

"But what you also don't know is he kissed her" Jessie said as Stephanie gave her a shocked look. "Yeh, me and Katie, when we were dating, went with Grace and Sarah to a concert and he by chance met her in the parking lot and kissed her."

"The things you don't know about the people you live with" Stephanie said. "Anything else?"

"Yeh, her and Sarah came down here once before you got here and that's where Sarah and Grace fell in love" Jessie said.

"I heard that part before" Stephanie said, "But why did they did come here for?"

"Grace wanted to see if she had feelings for August, I think, about that I'm not sure" Jessie said.

"And you came down after Katie dumped you?" Stephanie asked as Jessie nodded and said in reply, "Yeh, weird how things just fall in place."

"Just think if she hadn't dumped you" Stephanie said.

"I seriously don't wanna think about that" Jessie said. "I'm just glad you had the courage to drive a hundred miles to see me and that it all worked out."

"Trust me Jess, it was only easy once I saw you and then I couldn't resist any longer" Stephanie said.

"Followed your heart into my arms" Jessie said as she hugged Stephanie, "You know I did too."

"I'm so in love with you" Stephanie said as Jessie smiled. "I did follow my heart and now I realize the only reason it was scary was I made it that way."

"You weren't the only one that was scared" Jessie said as Stephanie looked back at her. "I honestly didn't know if you felt the same."

"Know you know" Stephanie said as she turned and said, "I love you, want me to repeat it?"

"Yes, please" Jessie said as she touched Stephanie's cheek gently and leaned forward and kissed her softly. "Go on..."

"I lo...." Stephanie started before both heard a voice calling their names.


"Nice while it lasted" Stephanie said as she pulled Jessie to her feet and turned to walk towards the house and felt Jessie hug her from behind and whisper in her ear. "Don't forget, I love you now."

"I know that" Stephanie said, "I just get a little nervous sometimes."

"Me too" Jessie said, "I think I'm in love for real this time."

"Yeh this is defintely different than me with Kyle" Stephanie said, "I feel so at ease with you, because I know your heart is mine and I'm really getting used to this kinda of feeling."

"Me too" Jessie said as Eli spotted them finally.

"How long have you two been deaf?" Eli asked.

"We've had five minutes to ourselves all weekend, if you don't like it bite my ass" Jessie said. "It's not like I wanna be alone so I can just screw her."

"Jessie, I was kidding" Eli said as he held his hands up.

"Whatever, I know mom told you to keep us occupied" Jessie said as Stephanie giggled.

"Nooo, I chased you guys earlier, cause I always liked picking on you" Eli said. "Besides you missed it, Grace's psycho dad showed up."

"Oh no" Jessie said.

"Everyone's ok" Eli said, "Jake got his ass kicked twice."

"How?" Jessie asked.

"Shady" Eli said with a wry smile, "She punched his lights out defending Sarah and Grace, and then I got back right as he was threatening Rae and I jumped his ass and August had to pull me off."

"Shady McCree?" Stephanie asked as Eli laughed and said as he started to float around like a boxer, "Yeh she was like, hit me back you pussy. He tried to Sarah said. I wish I had seen that."

"Me too" Jessie and Stephanie said at the same time as both started to laugh. "Come on let's get back."

** ** ** Meanwhile back @ Casa De August

"Eli went to find Jessie and Stephanie" August said as Karen came out with all the condiments. Katie and Shady laying on a blanket beside the picnic table.

"Those two being alone in the woods does not sit right with me" Karen said as Sarah looked up and asked, "Why? You afraid she might kiss her girlfriend?"

"Sarah" Grace said softly, "She is Jessie's mother, she has a right to feel that way."
"Ok, that's enough" August said, "I will turn this car around if you two don't hush."

"You're right, that did come out wrong" Karen said softly as she sat down and watched Sarah look the other way.

"Let's just avoid the topic can we?" Grace asked. "No one wants to fight and if we start talking about it, someone's gonna get hurt."

"Yeh..." Sarah started to say before Grace covered her mouth and said in a forceful tone, "Shut up, get mad at me if you want too."

"Ok, you're right" Sarah said, "Shutting up."

"Me too" Karen said softly.

"I'm glad, you two are getting on my nerves" Katie said from the blanket as everyone laughed and looked to see a car making it's way up the road.

"Now who's coming?" August asked as Eli, Jessie and Stephanie emerged from the woods.

"That looks like Mom" Sarah said as she spotted Lily and Rick as they stopped behind Sarah's mustang. Grace took Sarah's hand and pulled her along as she went running down the driveway to meet Rick and Lily as they got out. Seeing this, Jessie froze as she reached the picnic table.

"You ok Jess?" August asked as he put a protective arm around her as a shocked Karen came around to join them.

"Don't even bother getting out" Grace said as she met Rick and Lily. "Dad's already been here and tried to kill Sarah and me, I swear I'll never forgive you two if you start some shit."

"Jake was here?" Rick asked.

"I'm serious" Grace said as Rick looked ahead and saw August with his arm around Jessie and his blood begin to boil. "Just leave please?"

"Honey, we are here to make peace" Lily said as she looked to Rick. "Right?"

"That was the plan" Rick said. "Did he hurt you and Sarah."

"Yeh and punched August..."

"Have to say that I agreed with" Rick snapped.

"HE WAS TRYING TO DEFEND ME YOU BASTARD" Grace screamed as she stormed off and Rick's heart sank as he began to realize the depth of hurt his feelings may be causing.

"You hate him, so do whatever want" Sarah said as she turned and followed after Grace.

"Honey, let's just leave, you are already upset" Lily said.

"Go in the house, Jess, I'll handle this" August said as Rick came up the driveway slowly with Lily.

"No, if he's gonna hate you, then he'll hate me too" Jessie said as she stepped in front of August and wrapped her arm around her, "You've been good to me, when you didn't have to be."

"Mr Sammler" August said as Rick could barely control his anger.

"Rick Sammler, you start and the cops will be back out here in minutes" Karen said as she stepped in front of Rick. "She is my child too and you are not gonna tell me who I can and can't see."

"Why are you with him?" Rick asked as Lily stepped in between them and he asked August, "And why the hell do you have your hands on my daughter?"

"Because I feel safe with him" Jessie said before August could. "Unlike you lately. Acting like someone's gonna hurt me cause you can't get over the past."

"I'm telling you one time to get your hands off my daughter" Rick said as August felt Jessie hold him in place as he hugged her tighter. Karen and Lily both pleading with Rick to calm down.

"Dad, chill out" Eli said as he moved in front of Rick.

"Get out of my face" Rick said as Eli pushed him back.

"You wanna fight him, then you're gonna go through me" Eli said as Rick gave him a disbelieving look.

"What is wrong with you?" Rick asked.

"No dad, it's you" Eli said, "You act like a control freak and everyone is supposed to just see your side of it, well this time, we are all in agreement. August has been good to me and RaeAnn ever since we moved down here. You see that car over there..."

"Yeh" Rick said, "He bought that, it's used but a great car and gave it to me. No pay me back when you can, free and clear."

"So you're gonna take his side over me, cause he bought you a junker" Rick snapped as he turned and tried to calm his temper.

"Ok how about getting me a job on the weekends with his friends construction company" Eli asked. "Me and RaeAnn got our own place now, downtown, cause he called the land lady and asked her to give me a chance."

"So those 18 years I loved you, don't count?" Rick asked as Eli felt like pulling his hair out.

"I LOVE YOU" Eli screamed, "But you are not the only person in my life that cares and tries to help. He didn't do those things cause he wanted me to like him, he did it cause he loves Mom, and me and Jessie are apart of that package."

"You wanna know what else?" Jessie asked, "See those rooms on the second of those is mine."

"Those?" Rick asked as he looked at the side of the house. Which now featured a completely enclosed two level addition to the house.

"Yes those" Jessie said, "He treats me so good, and Mom has never been this happy. He's always respectful and I'm sick of HEARING ABOUT GRACE."

"It's ok Jessie" August said as she started to cry as she hugged August and laid her head on his shoulder. "Stop crying, please?"

"You are driving her away" Eli said in a somber tone as Stephanie came over and hugged August. "And me too."

"I know why you hate him now" Stephanie said. "So I guess that's why you always give me this look like I'm scum."

"I've never looked at you that way" Rick said softly. "I made some comments to Jessie that I maybe shouldn't have said."

"I'm a Dimitri" Stephanie said, "And we may not be much, but we stick together. So if you hate him, then I'm assuming I'm no longer welcome in your home."

"Oh my god" Rick said as he turned his back and felt like crying at the amount of damage he felt he suddenly caused.

"I won't be back either Dad" Eli said, "Me and Rae, I can't do this over and over."

"You have a decision to make" Karen said softly. "Give him a chance or live alone in your world of hate."

"I'm not going home with you" Jessie said, "I'm staying here with Mom and Steph. And you can't make me."

"I knew this was a mistake, I told you that" Lily said. "You just won't let this go."

"You said you hated him too" Rick snapped.

"Rick Sammler, I am having a baby, my emotions sometimes get away with me" Lily said and turning to August said, "I didn't know how a simple misunderstanding could lead to this. Breaking up of a family."

"I'm not asking anyone to break up your family" August said, "I've apologized for my actions with Grace when I was a teacher. I have a baby on the way and a real family here with Karen and Eli..."


"Oh my god" Lily said.

"I just tried to keep him hurting anyone, Shady really saved the day" August said as everyone looked to a blushing Shady. "She risked her life to protect Sarah."

"There's another person you hate too" Jessie snapped, "Too much money for you."

"I never said I hated anyone in her family" Rick said. "Jessie..."

"Save it" Jessie said, "Unless you feel like apologizing, then I seriously don't wanna hear anymore."

"Apologize" Lily said in a demanding voice. "Damn it, if I can forgive him so can you."

"Now you're taking his side" Rick said.

"DAMN IT" Lily screamed as Grace and Sarah slowly made their back up to the crowd, "It's not about sides. For once just shut up and listen. Both of your kids are saying you're pushing them away and I am so tired of hearing this. Get over it. Look at that girl you claimed to think of as your own. She's terrified of her own father now and you are acting just like him now over some stupid thing that is over and everyone but me and you have moved on."

"I need you" Grace said with tears in her eyes as she hugged Rick. "Stop being a jerk, please."

"I love you so much" Rick said as he hugged Grace, "You are like my own daughter and I'm gonna make sure Jake never gets to hurt you again."

"I love you too" Grace said as she pulled Sarah around and hugged her too.

"Did he really hurt you?" Rick asked.

"Tried too, he blames me for Grace being..." Sarah said as she started to cry.

"I hate him" Grace said as she hugged Lily. "Don't tell me I don't have that right. I'll never forgive him for that and I mean never."

"Mrs. Sammler, Mr. Sammler, I wanna invite both of you to stay for lunch" August said. "Peace offering?"

"Please?" Sarah asked as she hugged Rick. "I don't want you to leave."

"You don't?" Rick asked as Sarah laid her head on his shoulder and said in a pleading voice, "Please don't go."

"Me either" Grace said. "I feel safe when you're around. Like I do when I'm here."

"Maybe if you stop being a jerk, you can see what we see" Jessie said as she came over and hugged Sarah and Rick both. "I get that your protective over us, but sometimes you go way over board."

"Yeh, old man, thinks he's ruler of the free world" Eli said with a punch to the arm. "He can't even handle me."

"I'll show you who's old" Rick said as Eli jumped behind Shady and pulled her up and put an arm around her as she laughed. "This is my body guard. Go on fuck with her, I bet you'll regret it."

"Yeh Mr. Sammler you better watch it" Katie said with a giggle. "She beat the drunk out of that scum bag Jake. Sorry Grace."

"It's true" Grace said as Katie laughed. "I so don't care what people say about him anymore."

"How about that offer for lunch?" August asked as he extended his hand to Rick. "I think we can all agree that a lot of stuff has been...washed under the bridge today."

"I agree" Rick said as he smiled and took August's hand.

"It's this place..." Karen said as Stephanie came over and hugged her.

"I asked Steph if this was heaven..." Jessie said in a giggle as she pulled Stephanie away from Karen and into her arms.

"And I said, no it's Indiana" Stephanie said as everyone laughed.