Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 83 "1, pound and send"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning, that night

"Mom?" Zoe said from the door of Lily's bedroom as she saw Lily for the first time. "You look great."

"Really?" Lily asked, not sure if the jeans and simple white t-shirt were OK. "I feel so..."

"You look younger" Zoe said, "I mean it suits you, we are going to the movies tonight."

"So no one can see you with your old mom" Lily said as Zoe laughed.

"Lucky for me" Zoe said as she hugged her, "Thanks for letting me stomp with Mandy so much, I'm crazy about her."

"Excuse me?"

"We're best friends" Zoe said and wondering to herself why exactly that came out the way it did. "I mean, she's older and you always treated me like a little girl till she wanted to be my friend."

"Well I guess she was serious about being your friend, she's here every morning for coffee" Lily said as Zoe smiled.

"I told you mom, we bonded" Zoe said, "Weird knowing my mom likes my girlfriend...ummm, I mean, best friend so much."

"You are not funny Zoe" Lily said as Zoe smiled and played along as if her tongue tied screw-up was planned. "And are you seriously OK with me going tonight?"

"Mom, you are not that bad to hang out with" Zoe said, "besides Amanda likes you and not just so she can be my friend. Movie sounds like it's cool too."

"It is, I remember the first time I watched it" Lily said with a fond smile on her face.

"Did they have TV's back then?" Zoe asked as she fell back on the bed laughing as Lily rolled her eyes and wondered what she was getting herself into now.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ The Palace...

"Kevin, I'm serious my dad won't mind, I'll explain to him and he'll be cool" Shady said as Katie came up the stairs in a pair of pajamas and hugged Shady.

"I just don't want him thinking I'm moving in on his 17 year old daughter" Kevin said as Shady grinned and said, "Almost legal and don't think for one second your my type."

"Yeh cute mousy brown brunettes are your cup of tea huh?" Kevin asked as Katie laughed.

"Just take the guest room at the end of the hall" Shady said, "Dad will understand."

"Yeh he's actually very cool" Katie said as she laid her head on Shady's shoulder. "I'm glad I'm on his good side."

"Hello there" Mandy said in a flirty voice as she came out of her door, dressed in her customary jeans and a t-shirt, smiling at Kevin. "Who are you?"

"This is my slutty sister, Amanda, I mean Mandy" Shady said with a giggle as Mandy turned to her and said, "Shady, could you please just call me Mandy?. I'm serious."


"You've called me Mandy for 16 years of my life and now you wanna call me Amanda because Zoe does, well you don't have that right anymore" Mandy said as she turned back to Kevin and asked, "So tall and really cute, What's your name? Wanna be my boyfriend?"

"Turn it off Mandy" Katie giggled, "This is my older brother, Kevin. He's 22."

"What the fuck do you mean I can't call you Amanda?" Shady asked as she grabbed Mandy's arm briefly to get her attention, "I'm your sister, I have that right."

"Nooooooo you don't" Mandy said, "Not one time in my life do I ever remember you using my full name as anything other than a joke or to mock me."

"That is such bull shit" Shady said, "You just want your girlfriend to feel special."

"You are such a complete bitch" Mandy said, "I like it when Zoe calls me that, cause she's not making fun of me. She calls me that because she wants too and unlike you she likes my name. And she is not my girlfriend."

"Whoa, chill wildcats" Kevin said stepping between them as Katie had to smile. "I know this is a family thing, but I don't wanna see anybody get hurt."

"This is normal life at the Palace" Katie said with a roll of her eyes.

"You know what call me whatever you want" Mandy said as she pushed by Kevin and started down the steps, "You do this shit every time, all I wanna do is see Zoe for a while and you know what I might just stay gone. I AM SICK OF YOUR FUCKIN SHIT."

"YEH GO SEE YOUR LITTLE GIRLFRIEND, AND I DO MEAN LITTLE" Shady screamed as Mandy saw red and charged back up the steps as Kevin met her and kept her and Shady apart.

"GOD, why do you fuckin hate me?" Mandy asked with tears in her eyes as she stepped back down a few steps, "One simple request, I don't think it was that unreasonable. But you just gotta make my life a living hell. Get me crying and upset over this stupid shit."

"Shut up and I mean it" Katie said as she blocked Shady's view of Mandy, "What was wrong with her asking you to call her Mandy?"

"She's a cry baby" Shady said, "She does this shit all the time."

"And you Shady McCree are really getting on my damn nerves with this garbage" Katie said as she threw her hands up and walked off. "GOTTA MAKE A GOD DAMN ISSUE OUT EVERY FUCKIN THING."

"Look, go pick up your friend, is she your girlfriend?" Kevin asked.

"My best friend" Mandy said softly.

"Go pick her up and have fun and don't let this ruin your night" Kevin said as Mandy turned to Shady and give her a cold hurt look.

"Yeh I will" Mandy said as she picked her car keys up and slowly went down the stairs.

"What was that all about?" Kevin asked Shady.

"Cause she's a bitch" Shady snapped. "She's in love...fuck it."

"OK, I'm not family, but I am that girls family in your room right now and let me tell you..." Kevin said as he took a deep breath, "You keep that up and it will gonna cost you...her."

"Whoa" Shady said as she felt her heart nearly stop.

"You're sister was in a good mood I think and I don't know what you're history is, but that didn't seem like she was looking for a fight" Kevin said, "Maybe I'm wrong."

"I better go apologize, I'm getting good at that" Shady said as she started down the steps. Catching Mandy as she got into her car and was about to close the door.

"Mandy, stop, please?" Shady asked as she came on to the porch.

"Leave me alone, please" Mandy said, "I am not gonna cry anymore because of you."

"Mandy, I'm sorry" Shady said as Mandy got into her car. "Good grief."

"I don't care anymore OK?" Mandy said, "You always do this garbage and I always have to be the big one and forgive you and I'm so sick of it."

"I won't call you Amanda, I kinda get your point OK?" Shady asked.

"No it's not" Mandy said as she started the car. "I can't tell you how many times I've had to pull to the side of the road and cry over your little remarks. God I just wished for once you could shut up and leave me alone."

"Mandy where is all of this coming from?" Shady asked.

"It's your damn mouth and Sam's conniving trying to come between me and Zoe" Mandy said, "And every time I get to thinking I can be with her without everyone thinking I'm crazy, you start with your little comments. She's not little and if you bother to notice you'd see that too. She is so good to me, a lot better than you've ever have been."

"Mandy we've always fought like this" Shady said, "We forgive each other and move on."

"Noooo, correction, I forgive you and convince you to make up with me" Mandy said, "You can't have it your way and you go postal. You do realize that I might just have someone in my life now that cares for me?"

"Yeh" Shady said as she realized Mandy could be right.

"I'll hurt you, if you start on her" Mandy said.

"Why would I start on her?" Shady asked. "I like Zoe."

"Yeh it's not until they get close to you that you're crap starts" Mandy said.

"You're in love with Zoe aren't you?" Shady asked with a smile that Mandy confused for a smirk.

"I'm not kidding, you bitch" Mandy said as she jumped out of the car, "You go postal when someone hurts Katie, they'll have to pull me off you if you EVER HURT ZOE."      

"I'm trying to say I'm sorry" Shady said as she battled her own anger as Mandy got back in the car and slammed the door and flipped her off as she sped away.

"FUCK" Shady screamed in a rage as she picked up a potted plant and smashed it on the walk and followed it with another and soon another. "I SAID I WAS FUCKIN SORRY YOU STUPID WHORE. FUCK YOU AMANDA."

"Hey calm down" Shady heard as Katie hugged her from behind.

"I tried to apologize" Shady said, "and she's goes off about her little skank."

"I heard, I'm proud of you" Katie said as Shady felt her anger zapped as she looked back.


"You realized that it was your fault or well mostly" Katie said, "You and Mandy are both hot heads. So you gonna clash anyway. She does apologize a lot too."


"You're trying to change" Katie said, "and I am not gonna leave you as long as you keep trying."

"She's my sister..." Shady said, "I never realized how much anger and hurt she has."

"You should take her with you to therapy" Katie suggested, "You think?"

"She'd never go" Shady said, "Not with me, not after this."

"I'll talk to Zoe" Katie said as Shady gave her a weird look. "She'll talk her into it."

"How do you know?"

"It's the same thing your dad does with you" Katie said with a smirk, "He asks me to talk to you."

"I'm not shocked" Shady said as she took a deep breath. "I can't do..."

"...anything right, I know" Katie said with a giggle, "I read the script OK? Can we just skip this and lay down for a while?"

"You still wanna be with me after this?" Shady asked.

"I chose you over my own family Shady McCree" Katie said, "I don't know what I can do to prove to you anymore that I love you."

"Nothing" Shady said gently, "I believe you."

"Good" Katie said with a grin, "Want me to go to therapy with you tomorrow?"

"Yes please" Shady said as she gave Katie the puppy dog eyes as Katie laughed.

"Good puppy" Katie said as she patted Shady on the head and backed away, "Did the girl go poo on the paper in the kitchen?"

"Ruff ruff" Shady said as she came towards Katie. "Huh? You like it ruff ruff?"

"MMMMMMMM baby" Katie giggled as she took off running with Shady giving chase.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, downstairs    

"Mom, I think it's Mandy, you ready?" Zoe asked from the bottom of the steps.

"15 minutes maybe less" Lily said as she rushed off back to her room. Zoe thought first about complaining and then saw Mandy coming up the walk with her hand over her eyes and looking to be upset. Opening the door and meeting her on the porch. Zoe was relieved to see a smile on Mandy's face as she met her.

"What's wrong?" Zoe asked.

"I just wanted to be with you tonight OK?" Mandy asked as tears dripped down her face. Zoe felt her heart beat faster as she moved closer and surprised Mandy with a warm hug. Smiling at her a moment later, she said, "Yeh me too."

"My bitch sister had to start something and ruin my mood" Mandy said as she hugged Zoe back.

"You're here now" Zoe said as she touched Mandy's face and saw her smile and she felt her heart beat faster. "I for one am soo happy to see you."

"God, I was hoping you would be" Mandy said as her crying stopped, "I just can't deal with life without you."

"Yeh?" Zoe asked with a smile, "You think that much of me?"

"Zoe, you just don't know" Mandy said, "I'm in so much trouble."

"Is that trouble me?" Zoe asked as she bit her lip and carefully wiped Mandy's last tear as she smiled. Her heart beating faster and her palms getting sweaty, Zoe thought about pulling away, but in the moment, like a few others recently, she desperately wanted Mandy's undivided attention and to her heart's desire she was getting it. "Huh?"

"It has been since I kissed you that first night" Mandy said softly as she did something Zoe had come to love. Trailing a single finger slowly down Zoe's cheek and smiling at her and only her, Zoe thought. "I really do think I'm falling..."

"What?" Zoe asked with a smile as she felt Mandy jump away as the door opened behind them.

"Will you please stop hitting on me, wanna be lesbo" Mandy said teasingly as Zoe was confused before she spotted her mom behind them.

"Oh, come on" Zoe said playing along as she touched Mandy face and said, "Mom said you could try me out."

"Knock it off" Lily said as she put an arm around Zoe and Mandy, "I will seriously go back in that house if you start that again."

"Sorry" Mandy giggled as she wiped her tears away and hoped Lily didn't notice.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ back at the Palace

"Help!" Katie giggled as she ran around the couch with Shady in hot pursuit. "She's gonna beat me up."

"You damn straight, come here..." Shady said as she dove over the back of the couch as Katie squealed in laughter and was barely able to escape. Stopping to make sure Shady was coming after her, before running into the kitchen when she did.

"Missed me by that much" Katie said in a teasing voice as she held her fingers an inch or so apart. "You are just so clumsy."

"I'm gonna show you clumsy, Singer" Shady said as she shocked Katie when instead of coming around the kitchen's center island, she literally came over the top of it and tackled her on to the floor as both landed with a thump and started laughing. "You OK? I didn't hurt you?"

"Yes, you did, you big bully" Katie said in a fit of giggles as Shady smiled and kissed her cheek and began poking her in the ribs and trying to wrestle her to the floor. But this time, Katie turned the tables on her and somehow managed to pin one of Shady's hands to the cabinet and trap her down enough so she could she could get on top. Sitting across Shady's stomach now as she, to her absolute amazement, was now holding Shady captive as she pinned Shady's hands above her head. "Holy shit....wait, you're letting me do this?"

"Nooooooo I'm...not" Shady said as Katie giggled and fought to keep her in place as Shady relaxed again, seemingly giving up for the moment. "But I kinda like this."

"I just never beat you before, you always get me down" Katie said as she saw Shady smile. "You better not be letting me win."

"I'm not, seriously" Shady said honestly as she wiggled a little more, barely trying to get lose. "You won this time."

"WOW" Katie said, "I whipped your butt just like I said I would."

"Pain can be good" Shady said as Katie blushed. "You never heard that saying, hurts so good?"

"I'm not into pain Shady McCree" Katie said softly.

"You're with me aren't you?" Shady said as the smile left her face.

"No, Shay, please don't do that" Katie said, "You were in such a good mood. Come"

"What did you call me?" Shady asked as Katie purposely released her hands and slid off, and said as she scrambled to her feet, "I called you red...RED!"

"OK, you're so dead...I mean whipped" Shady said as the smile returned to her face and she dove after Katie's foot and barely missed as Katie ran for the kitchen door and stopped as she put her hands on her hips and stuck out her tongue as Shady got to her feet. Katie squealing yet again as Shady came after her and chased her back into the living room and around the couch. Shady taking another short cut as she grabbed Katie with an arm over the back of the couch and Katie screaming in laughter and felt herself falling backwards and falling on to the couch behind her as Shady dragged her down. Wrestling with her until Shady was now on top on the couch.

"Damn, Shay, you're strong" Katie said in amazement, "I know I'm not that light."

"You know it" Shady said as she moved across Katie's stomach and flexed her muscles as Katie laughed and saw some definition in both Shady's arms.

"Wait, do that again" Katie said as she pushed Shady's sleeve up to the shoulder and saw her arm flex as the muscle showed. Feeling it with her hand she grinned as Shady blushed.

"That is so sexy" Katie said, "No wonder you're a brute."

"Sometimes I go to the gym and work to burn off my aggressive energy" Shady said with a shrug.

"Let me see something else" Katie said as she lifted Shady's shirt half way up her stomach and looked in surprise as Shady grinned. "You got abs girl."

"Not a 6 pack, but yeh" Shady said proudly and squirming as Katie stroked her hand across the rippling muscles.

"That's so weird that I never noticed it" Katie said as she looked up at Shady and watched her relax considerably, "You like that?"

"Yeh I do" Shady said as Katie smiled and rubbed Shady's skin with both hands now softly. "How come I never noticed before?"

"I don't usually let people see with my stomach showing" Shady said as she took Katie's hands from her stomach and lacing their fingers together. Then pinning Katie's hand down without resistance, "You're gonna get me used to be being massaged."

"I don't mind, I'm good at massages, something you didn't know about me" Katie said as she squeezed her fingers into Shady's to let her know she liked it. "Grace, Sarah's girlfriend, she taught me some stuff and Joey did too."

"My Joey?" Shady asked in a surprised voice, "I mean, my ex, Joey, cause you're the only one I want now."

"I know what you meant" Katie said as Shady leaned down and now rested on her elbows and being barely above Katie as both smiled.

"Sorry about that thing in the kitchen" Shady said softly.

"It's OK, Shay that's why I love you, you're so real" Katie said, "Never boring, and always in the wrestle."

"Any reason to get close to you Singer" Shady said, "I am the luckiest person in the world that you let me love you."

"I feel pretty lucky too" Katie said as she squeezed her fingers around Shady's and resisted Shady's attempt to pull hers loose, "Nooo, I like this."

"MMMMMMMMM" Shady cooed as Katie kissed her for a long moment. "Damn girl, you are so hot."

"No so bad yourself, you get my motor running Shay" Katie said with a teasing giggle and could see the surprise in Shady's eyes. "You do, I'm serious."

"Ruff Ruff" Shady said as Katie laughed and said, "Yeh baby, I like it Ruff Ruff."

"Slow and steady too?" Shady asked as Katie nodded her head and smiled, "We can do anything you want. Wait, OK weird time I know, but what did you mean by aggressive energy?"

"Oh yeah, my therapist said I tend to store nervous energy and it comes out when I get mad" Shady said, "Like earlier with Mandy, and yes it was my fault, I know that."

"Shady, stop, it's me and you, we're happy, don't start that" Katie said, "Aggressive energy?"

"Yeh, you are so good to me, and for me" Shady said as Katie felt her heart melt as she kissed Shady softly.

"I love you that's why" Katie said, "Now what about what the doctor said, I'm interested."

"Oh OK" Shady said and thinking no one had taken this much interest in her feelings without being paid too, ever. "Ummm, it's like earlier with Mandy. I lose it and it all comes out at once. So I go to the gym sometimes and it helps, a lot, well at least for a couple of days until the tension just builds back up and I just have two have that release."

"But I've never seen you go to the gym" Katie said and worrying that she was missing something.

"Since we been going together I haven't" Shady said, "I don't need to for the most part."


"Because of this" Shady said as she squeezed her fingers into Katie's.

"Us laying here?" Katie asked in total confusion.

"No, Katie, us wrestling" Shady said, "It helps, I can be aggressive with you and you think it's fun and no one gets hurt."

"Yeh I do, you big bully" Katie said with a sad face as Shady laughed, "You hurt me all...duh time."

"I don't really do I?" Shady asked with an honest expression. Something Katie had noticed, was Shady's mood seemed to be more stable in the last few days. No more dramatic mood swings like early on in their relationship. She honestly seemed to be happy.    

"Yeh, and it hurts so good" Katie giggled as Shady blushed. "It really helps? The wrestling?"

"Mmmm-hmmm, besides it's my favorite thing" Shady said, "Joey hated it, said I was always hurting her."

"Jessie didn't care much for it" Katie said, "Sarah either really. And don't you dare ask me how many girls I've had or I'll kick your ass."

"How many?" Shady asked as Katie began to try and wrestle free as Shady let up a little as usual and let Katie wrestle free. Falling back on the couch in a ball and asking Katie in a fit of giggles, "25? 50?"  

"NOOOOOOOOOOO" Katie screamed in mock horror as she slapped Shady hard on one butt cheek as Shady jumped and rubbed it. "I'm no whore, Shady McCree."

"I am" Shady said as Katie looked at her in shock as she stood and kissed her lips and said, "For you."

"Wait, come back here" Katie said as she found herself now chasing Shady. Up the steps to the first landing and then up the second flight about half way before Shady turned and sat down and let Katie catch her. Looking up with a smile as she held her hands up to protect against Katie's attack.

"I'm so gonna hurt you" Katie said as she lowered to her knees and got over Shady as she poked her in the ribs and saw her girlfriend squirm in laughter.

"HELP!" Shady screamed in laughter as Katie continued poking her and started tickling her unmercilessly a moment later as their laughs filled the room. "She's hurting me, help me, I'M DEFENSELESS."

"No ones gonna help you" Katie said as she tickled her until Shady was gasping for breath and begged her to stop.

"Please, Katie, I'm gonna pee, please stop" Shady said as she squirmed away and held her hands up to protect against further attacks. Squealing out loud one more time when Katie grabbed her and tickled for a second more before stopping and kissing her cheek. "Help, I'm defenseless."  

"What? Someone hurt?" Kevin asked as he came running down the hall and saw the two sitting on the steps.

"Who screamed?" Kevin asked as Katie laughed and she slipped behind Shady and leaning against the banister. She pulled Shady between her thighs and wrapped the girls in her arms. Shady looked up at Kevin and said in a giggle, "Guilty."

"We were wrestling Kev" Katie said as she laid her chin on Shady's shoulder. "We do that a lot."

"Don't believe her, Kevin she was beating me up" Shady said as she saw the look of worry on Kevin's face and said, "I was kidding. I'd be far more likely to beat her up."

"Have you?" He asked as he sat down.

"NOOOOOOOOO, she has not" Katie said in an angry tone, "How dare you asked that, sounds like dad."

"Katie she said..."

"Far more likely...meaning she's stronger than me" Katie said as she touched Shady's face, "She'd never hurt me, I know that."

"Scream sometimes, but never hit her, I wouldn't either" Shady said honestly. "We were wrestling and she was tickling me and I was acting like I couldn't get away. She does the same thing."

"Yeh she always stops if I ask her too" Katie said. "It's just play wrestling. It helps her burn off some aggressive energy."

"Aggressive energy, that doesn't sound good" Kevin said.

"No, it's my therapist babble, it means if I don't do something to let off the energy I tend to use it for breaking things when I go off" Shady said and knowing that didn't help.

"I don't like the sound of that" Kevin said.

"Kev, she's never hurt me and she's not that good at explaining things" Katie said, "It's like going to the gym to burn off some energy?"

"Oh OK"

"Only with Shady, she's in therapy and she is in therapy seriously and trying her best to change, it's more nervous energy" Katie said as Shady smiled at her. "And when she does get upset at Sam and Mandy she breaks things sometimes. But she's never hit them, or even started to I don't think."

"And the wrestling and play fighting helps" Shady said, "Katie doesn't mind if I get rough, a little, with her and she does with me too. And we pretend we're in trouble when the other is, control?"

"Something like that" Katie said as she wrapped her arms tighter around Shady. "Like just then I was chasing her, but a few minutes ago she had me on the kitchen floor, making me beg for mercy."

"And no one gets hurt?"

"Not...intentionally" Shady said quietly as she looked to Katie.

"Kevin look at us" Katie said as she hugged Shady, "I love this girl, the worst I ever got from our wrestling was a rub burn on my wrist. She stops if she's hurting me. I promise you."

"I do, I'm just glad she said it, cause it sounds better" Shady said.

"I've never seen you like this Katie" Kevin said with smile. "I think you're in love this time."

"It sure feels that way" Katie said as Shady gave her a goofy smile as both laughed. "I think I needed someone who keeps me on my toes and this girl is a hand full."

"I sure am, ask my dad, my therapist, my sisters, Joey, Jessie, Sarah, Grace, The maid, the butler, the driver" Shady said as Kevin started to laugh and covered her mouth.

"Hush" Katie said as she put her hand over a giggling Shady's mouth and felt Shady bite at her fingers playfully.

"OWWWWWWWWWWW" Katie screamed as Shady laughed.

"Did you see that Kev?" Katie asked, "Now she is abusing me."

"Don't expect me to help you" Kevin said as he got up and headed to the bedroom, "You started it."

"I'm tired now" Shady said as Kevin disappeared back into the guest room. Resting her head on Katie's shoulder now and looking up at her, "How about you hold me tonight?"

"You'd like that?" Katie asked as Shady nodded her head. "I would too."

"Hey, Katie..." Shady said as she took a deep breath and seemed to stammer for a second, "...ummmmm..."

"Yeh?" Katie asked gently. "Take all night if you need too."

"...I...ummm...I love you" Shady said finally as Katie smiled and kissed her.

"Shay, I love you, I'm not gonna leave you" Katie said softly, "You've come a long way."

"How about a short way to the bedroom?" Shady asked with a giggle.

"Bedtime" Katie said as Shady stood and pulled Katie to her feet and posed like Hulk Hogan as Katie broke into a fit of giggles.  

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor

"Hey" Stephanie asked as she came into the living room and found Jessie laying on the couch, reading a magazine. "Where is everybody?"

"Mom went to a movie with Zoe and Mandy and Joey and Cori are sharing Passion in the guest room" Jessie said with a smirk as Stephanie laughed. "And dad had a headache so he laid down early. I'm just watching over things for him till Mom gets home."

"HMMMMMMMM, all alone, me and you?" Stephanie said as Jessie gave her a weird look and sat up as Stephanie rose and walked to the TV and hit the power button to turn it off. Then picking a CD out, she slipped it into the CD player and found the track she wanted and as it slowly started to play she began to sway as she gave Jessie a knowing smile. "Wanna dance with me?"

"No" Jessie said, "Cause we get caught slut dancing in the living room and we're gonna get in trouble."

"No, not of that" Stephanie said as she spun around and stopped in front of Jessie and offered her hand as Jessie took it nervously. Raising their hands together, Stephanie spun again as Jessie got the idea. "Slow dance with me."

"I don't know how to" Jessie said as Stephanie pulled her into the middle of the floor and into her arms a moment later.

"I said dance with me" Stephanie said as she kissed Jessie softly, "Just follow my lead, it's easy."

"OK" Jessie said nervously as she tried to sway in time to Stephanie's hips as she was doing so perfectly in tune to the song. "I can't do this."

"Yes you can, here turn around" Stephanie said as she wrapped Jessie in her arms and pulled Jessie's back tight to her chest and started to sway and Jessie smiled and started to let her lead. Feeling Stephanie kiss her neck and getting ready to say something when she pushed her away and spun her as Jessie felt she was gonna spin away. But at the last second feeling Stephanie's firm grip on her hand hold her and encourage her to spin back. Landing back in Steph's arms and now facing her, Jessie smiled in surprise as Stephanie stepped away and raised their hands in the air again. Putting her hand gently on Stephanie's back to balance her as she spun once like a ballerina and then came back into Jessie's arms and kissed her softly for a long moment. The song ended as Jessie hugged Stephanie and kissed her again as both felt just happy to be together. "Have fun?"

"Yeh, you make it easy for me" Jessie said as a faster song come on and Jessie said as Stephanie started to sway, "No slut dancing."

"You got it" Stephanie said as she turned and flipped back to the previous song and took Jessie back in her arms. "This is better anyway. Just sway a little with me and don't worry about your feet."

"OK" Jessie said as she tried to match Stephanie's steps one for one but kept getting frustrated as she couldn't keep up. "Damn it."

"Come here, look at me" Stephanie said, not letting her look down as she led the dance and found Jessie relax for a few moments. "Now don't look down, focus on me and it'll come to you."

"I've never done anything like this before" Jessie said as Stephanie wrapped her tighter in her arms. Leaning in and kissing her softly for a moment, Stephanie felt Jessie relax and as their eyes met again, Jessie wrapped her arms around Steph's neck and pulled her close as their cheeks touched and both took in the others sweet scent as they slow danced for the next few moments. Nothing in the world mattering in those few moments it seemed.      

Across the room...

"Hey" Cori said walking up on her sister, as Passion peaked around the corner into the living room.

"SHHHHHHHH" Passion said as she watched Jessie and Stephanie slow dance.

"What?" Cori asked in a whisper as she leaned against her sisters back.

"They're sooooo in love" Passion said with a huge smile.

"And you're a nosey kiwi" Cori said in a quiet giggle as Passion smiled and whispered, "It's just...beautiful."

"Yeh, now come on and quit being nosey" Cori said as Passion let Cori pull her away reluctantly.

"And since when do you call me a kiwi?" Passion asked as they reached the kitchen. Passing Joey, who was watching a movie in the guest room.

"Well you said it wasn't kiki it was kiwi" Cori said as she took two soda's out of the fridge and sat one in front of Passion.

"It is, and how did you know?" Passion asked as she held up the soda and wondered how Cori knew she wanted one.

"I just did" Cori said with a smile, "You're my sister, I think it comes along with the territory."

"The more I'm here, the more I wanna stay" Passion said, "I'm a little worried about Mum, but Dad says she's getting along and he's just glad I'm happy."

"I want you with me right now" Cori said, "That way I can take care of you."

"Never thought my best friend would be my sister" Passion said as she touched Cori's hand. "And your...mum and dad, are pretty terrific."

"Told you" Cori said, "See why I love them so much?"

"I do, my dad's a lot like Rick, he's really nice but he expects you to mind" Passion said as she glanced up over the fridgerator and noticed something weird. "I noticed that..."

"What?" Cori asked as she looked back.

"That door beside the fridge" Passion said as she took Cori's hand as she came around the counter and led Cori over to it. "Where does that go you wonder?"  

"Never noticed it before either, broom closet?" Cori asked as Passion shrugged and said, "One way to find out."

"It goes to the basement, I think" Passion said after she had opened it and saw a pair of steps leading into the darkness. She carefully stepped forward as Cori giggled and moved carefully behind her as Passion reached for a light switch and as it came on, screamed as Cori grabbed her. "Ohhhhhhhhh god, you scared half a year growth out of me."

"You...jumped..." Cori said in a fit of giggles as she leaned against the wall and laughed. "...two...feet."

"Soooo mean to me" Passion said as Cori kissed her chin playfully and said, "But I have that right."

"And why?" Passion asked as she put her hands on her hips and tried to hide a smile.

"Because you're my sister, and torture is in the hand book" Cori said with a laugh, "And I love you like crazy."

"OK fine" Passion said as she kissed Cori's chin and hugged her. "I love you too, but you should stop being mean to me."

"Not a chance" Cori said, "Never...gonna...happen."

** ** ** Meanwhile in Mandy's car, on the way home

"You still shaking from the monster scaring you half to death Lily?" Mandy asked as she stopped at a red light.

"That is not funny" Lily said from the backseat.

"Yes it was" Zoe said as her and Mandy cracked up. "You screamed like someone hurt one of your kids."

"Well it was big and ugly" Lily said as she blushed. "That's not exactly a kids movie you know."

"Yeh maybe next time we should take you to a cartoon, huh?" Zoe asked as Lily reached over the seat and swatted at her head as Zoe giggled.

"Thanks for treating us tonight to Lily, I could have paid for me and Zoe" Mandy said as she pulled away from the light and turned down Sammler-Manning drive.

"I will not have you paying for Zoe" Lily said, "I invited you both, it was only fair."

"I don't mind paying for Zoe" Mandy said, "She's my best friend. I take care of her."

"Still" Lily said, "I don't want you thinking you have to buy Zoe stuff..."

"I don't" Mandy said, "I love...her to death, like I said she's my best friend."

"Mom she knows I'd still be her friend even if she never bought me anything" Zoe said as she looked at Mandy with an honest look. "It's totally not like that."

"Well thank you Mandy for putting up with me" Lily said as Mandy pulled up to the curb.

"Not putting up with you, I had fun" Mandy said as she turned the car off and got out as Zoe and Lily did.

"I'll be there in a minute Mom" Zoe said, "Talk to Amanda for a second?"

"But hurry" Lily said as she smiled.

"Night Mandy"

"Night Lily" Mandy said as she watched Lily walk up the lawn and disappear into the house.

"Finally, ve are alone, my little muffin" Mandy said in a french accent as Zoe blushed and pushed her away.

"Get off me lesbo" Zoe said as she started to walk away and felt Mandy grab her from behind. "Hey did I say you could do this?"

"Then tell me to stop and I will" Mandy said as Zoe turned in her arms and smiled.

"I didn't say stop" Zoe said as she touched Mandy's face, "Amanda."

"But you would right?" Mandy asked.

"Yeh I would and I know you'd never make me do anything" Zoe said. "By the way, wanna tell me what happened earlier before you got here?"

"Shady being a bitch as usual" Mandy said. "I asked her to stop calling me Amanda and..."


"Because she only uses it to mock me or too push my buttons and I hate it when she uses it" Mandy said, "And you are seriously the only one I want to call me that."

"Me?" Zoe asked.

"Yes, you call me that and I feel special" Mandy said as Zoe smiled, "It's kinda like me calling you, Cutie, I do it cause you smile, and it fits."

"So Shady went off?"  

"Yeh starts calling you my little girlfriend and I start screaming and shit" Mandy said as Zoe hugged her, "I said I feel about you the way she does about K....Katie."

"Are you serious?" Zoe asked in a stunned voice.

"Yeh I did, and I said I'd do her the same way she does people over Katie, they'd have to pull me off her" Mandy said, "No one will hurt you while I'm around."

"Yeh I get that" Zoe said as she leaned into Mandy's arms.

"And if they do while I'm..." Mandy said as Zoe smiled at her and in that moment, only her. "...they better not."

"MMMMM danger gets me hot" Zoe said as she giggled.

"Zoe Manning you're gonna get me in sooo much trouble" Mandy said.

"But I am worth it, right?" Zoe asked with a shy smile.

"You sure are" Mandy said, "Where's the cowboy hat?"

"Well..." Zoe said. "You say I'm impossibly cute with that hat, so tonight I wanted to see if you felt the same when I didn't wear it."

"You still are" Mandy said, "You're gorgeous."

"Right" Zoe said as she pointed to herself, "I'm sure I'm hot with this body."

"I think you're sexy" Mandy said as Zoe's eyes opened in surprise. "I just never said it, because I didn't want you to feel uncomfortable."

"But..." Zoe said in shock.

"Zoe, you do not have a little girls body anymore" Mandy said as Jessie and Stephanie came on to the porch and spied around the bushes at the pair. "You're a beautiful young woman now. I'm serious. You're somebody I'd love to..."

"What?" Zoe asked as she touched Mandy's face.

"Go on a date with?" Mandy asked as Zoe smiled and jumped around in her arms and said, "YES! Yes, I will."

"Well you can think about it" Mandy said with a giggle as Zoe laughed.

"I wasn't sure you would ever look at me like that" Zoe said, "You think I'm that special?"

"Very special" Mandy said as she touched Zoe's cheek and trailed her finger down slowly as Zoe smiled and at that moment, much like earlier in the night, she wanted Mandy's attention on her and only her. But this time she didn't just want it, she wanted to be kissed and little did she know at that moment but Mandy wanted the same thing. Both smiled nervously for a moment and secretly prayed that for once no one would interrupt them as they slowly leaned in. Mandy stopped an inch or so away and letting Zoe kiss her. A soft warm inviting first kiss. Mandy almost felt her heart stop as she clutched one hand into Zoe's belt and touched the girls cheek with the other ever so gently as she moved her lips against Zoe's for the first time. Zoe moved and felt herself melt into Mandy as she moved her lips in a perfect rhythm with Mandy's and almost instinctively, licked her tongue at Mandy's upper lip. Mandy felt Zoe's hand in her hair as she almost unwillingly let her tongue meet Zoe's as they parted for a split second and resumed, now sure both wanted to be in this moment. Their tongues massaging the other's for a long moment, before parting finally. Mandy and Zoe both looking at each in shock as both smiled and touched foreheads. "That was an unbelievable kiss."

"Best I've ever had" Zoe said as she played with Mandy's hair.

"God those lips are so soft" Mandy said as she stroked a finger along Zoe's lips as Zoe giggled and kissed her finger. "Oh wow. You're an amazing kisser too."

"Sarah, Sarah Grsser? She taught me how to kiss" Zoe said as Mandy laughed. "This is, ummmmm....the first time I ever got to use my....skills."

"I might drop by and see Sarah on the way home" Mandy said as Zoe grabbed her hair gently with both hands and pulling their foreheads together again.

"You do that and don't bother coming back here" Zoe said as Mandy kissed her again softly for a long moment.

"Not a chance Zoe Manning, you're my pick" Mandy said.

"Lucky me" Zoe said as she hugged Mandy and felt her pull something out of her jacket.

"And I got something for you" Mandy said as she handed Zoe a cell phone. "Please don't argue with me over this?"

" mom will never pay the bill" Zoe said as Mandy put it in her hand.

"I will, don't argue with me" Mandy said as Zoe smiled, "I'm allowed to do nice things for you. Besides it's more for me than you."

"How do you figure that?"

"If you've got that, you're always safe" Mandy said. "And I don't worry about my girl as much."

"I already like the sound of that" Zoe said as she squeezed the flip phone in her fingers.

"I'm number one on speed dial" Mandy said, "1, pound and send."

"I may very well get annoying with this" Zoe said as Mandy smiled.

"Then be annoying" Mandy said with a giggle, "You're number 1, pound on mine too by the way."

"AWWWWWWW" Zoe said as she touched her heart and smiled.  

"Thank you" Zoe said as she hugged Mandy again and kissed her softly. "I better get in."

"Yeh and I gotta get home" Mandy said.

"Hey, call me if you need me" Zoe said holding her phone. "Please?"

"I'll call when I get home" Mandy said as she touched Zoe's cheek one last time and smiled as she cicled around the car and stopping before she climbed in and said. "Bye cutie."

"Night...Amanda" Zoe said as Mandy smiled, watching her climb in and drive off a moment later.

"WOOOOHOOOOO" Jessie said as her and Stephanie emerged from the bushes and Zoe looked at them in shock before feeling the rush of adrenaline that suddenly surged through her body and went running across the lawn, Jessie and Stephanie meeting her with a hug. "Zoe's in love."

"I am...I AM!" Zoe said as she bounced around excitedly on the sidewalk, and then turning as she saw Mandy's car stop at a red light, a few hundred feet down the road. She screamed as loud as she could, "I LOVE YOU AMANDA MCCREE."

"My sister's in love" Jessie said with a huge smile as she hugged Zoe around the neck.

"She's in love alright" Stephanie said as Zoe blushed and felt her phone begin to vibrate as she looked at it in shock and saw that Mandy's car was now gone from the red light as she opened the phone and pressed it to her ear and nearly fainted when she heard a soft voice say, "I love you too, Zoe Manning."