Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 86 "Screaming My Love Out Loud"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"MMMMMMMMMMM....what the fuck?" Katie said as she tried to stretch as she had just woken up and found her hands pinned down. Opening her eyes she saw Shady smiling at her with a playful smile on her face. "Come on, stop for a minute, let me go and use the bathroom."

"No" She said as Katie struggled in her grip and tried to pull away as Shady giggled. Katie's bladder feeling like it was about burst.

"Shady I'm gonna pee myself, please let go" Katie said with pleading eyes as Shady grinned and said, "No."

"Shady, please?" Katie asked in a softer tone, "I'm serious, I'm hurting here..."

"I'm sorry" Shady said as she backed off and let Katie roll out of the bed and watched her run to the bathroom. "You OK?"

"Katie?" She asked as she came to the other side of the door after not hearing a reply. Getting worried she asked a little louder, "Katie?"

"Katie, come on, I'm sorry I was just playing" Shady said as the door opened and Katie emerged with a smile.

"Huh?" Katie asked. "I couldn't hear anything you just said, the water was running."

"I asked did I hurt you?" Shady asked as she checked Katie's wrists for signs of a forming bruise.

"No, you didn't" Katie said, "I just really had to pee, badly."

"But you said you were hurting" Shady said as Katie kissed her.

"You don't know how bad I had to pee" Katie said. "No more wake up bondage?"

"Sorry" Shady said as Katie smiled and jumped back on the bed and said, "But now that we're up..."

"Screw that I'm hungry now" Shady said with a smirk as she started towards the door and watched to make sure Katie was coming after her. Stopping at the door and covering up as Katie pushed the bedroom door shut and started wrestling with her and pinned Shady's arms to the wall. With little or no resistance Katie noted.

"Why do you let me win?" Katie asked as Shady giggled.

"Cause I like it when you...whip me" Shady said as Katie blushed. "Besides you let me win sometimes too, when I know you had the advantage."

"Maybe" Katie said with a grin.

"You know it is" Shady said as she suddenly pulled her hands away from Katie's grip and grabbed her in a bear hug and began tickling as Katie squealed in laughter. "Give up?"

"NEVER!" Katie squealed as Shady loosened her grip and let Katie escape to the bed. "Wait, seriously do you think I could get away if you didn't want me too?"

"I dunno" Shady said as Katie covered up but felt Shady simply hug her from behind. "Does it matter?"

"No, but I'd like to find out" Katie said as she squirmed in Shady's grip.

"No" Shady said.

"Why not?" Katie asked.

"OK, say we do start wrestling, what's gonna happen when you can't get loose?" Shady asked. "You're gonna try harder and so will I. And I'll end up hurting you. So, no and no amount of pleading eyes is gonna get me to change my mind."  

"WOW, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning" Katie said as Shady started tickling her in response. "Stop, stop, please?"

"Don't you agree though?" Shady asked.

"Yeh I guess" Katie said as she slipped out of Shady's grasp and ran for the door and said, "I'd prolly end up hurting you, you're right."

"I'm gonna show you pain" Shady said as she chased her. Katie squealing as she opened the bedroom door and looking back to make sure Shady was coming and slammed into Donald as he came up the steps. Katie bouncing back into Shady's arms.

"Sorry, Mr. McCree" Katie said as Shady tried not to laugh as she pulled Katie back to her feet and hugged her.

"I heard screaming" Donald said as Shady started tickling Katie for a moment as she tried to wrestle free.

"We were playing, Daddy" Shady said as Katie looked back up at him.

"Yeh we play rough sometimes and I was whipping her...ummmmmm, butt?" Katie said as she covered her face and tried not to laugh.

"Sounded like someone was hurting someone else" Donald said.

"Does it look she's hurt?" Shady asked as she wrapped Katie in her arms. "Huh?"

"We had this same conversation with Kevin a few days ago" Katie said, "He didn't get it either. No one gets hurt and she knows I can defend myself pretty good."

"She actually can Daddy" Shady said, "She's a challenge."

"I don't know if I like this" Donald said.

"Daddy it's our thing, if she didn't like it I'd stop" Shady said, "But she starts it most of the time."

"I do not, she makes me do it" Katie said with a giggle. "She abuses me."

"You're gonna get me killed" Shady said as she tickled Katie and making her laugh. "Not tell him the truth. Please?"

"It helps her burn of some of her nervous energy" Katie said, "She's never hurt me. And she wouldn't."

"So you wake up doing this in the morning?" Donald asked.

"One of us usually makes a smart ass comment and the other chases her" Shady said, "It's sort of always been our thing."

"You remember the night you first met me?" Katie asked.


"We had just been wrestling and the big bully here was forcing me to kiss her" Katie said with a giggle, "No, we were play fighting that night and it ended up in the kitchen. That's kinda were it started."

"Wait, you know I don't pay attention unless you bring it to my attention, but are you two sleeping together?" Donald asked.

"Nope" Shady said, "We share a bed, yeh, but nothings happened. Right?"

"Right" Katie said.

"I'm not too comfortable with that young lady" Donald said.

"Daddy, I already told you we're not doing that" Shady said, "Besides in a few days I'll be 18."

"So will I" Katie said, "A few weeks later."

"How does that matter?" Donald asked.

"It matters because, daddy I'm in love with her" Shady said as Donald smiled. "I'm planning my life with her now."

"I have an appointment, we will discuss this further" Donald said. "And I'm very happy for you my girl."

"Bye" Katie said as Donald turned and disappeared down the steps. Shady squealed as she hugged Katie and lifted her off the floor in excitement as Katie giggled. "Put me down."

"I love you Katie Singer and I am serious about planning my life with you" Shady said as Katie looked at her in surprise at how quick and easy that came out. "I said it, I meant it."

"I just never thought I'd be planning my life with you" Katie said as the smile left Shady's face as she started to pull away, "Shay, stop. Listen?"

"What?" Shady asked with a hurt look in her eyes.

"I couldn't, but I can now" Katie said she kissed Shady and hoped she would smile. "Smile for me? I love you too."

", you know, make this permanent?" Shady asked with a hopeful smile. "I mean, me and you moving into the pool house."

"You have a pool house?" Katie asked as Shady gave her a dirty look.

"Yeh out back of the pool" Shady said.

"You have a pool?" Katie asked in pretend shock as Shady laughed.

"Seriously?" Shady asked as she smiled. "Yes or no?"

"This is a little overwhelming" Katie said as Shady smiled and asked, "You wanna think about it?"

"No" Katie said, "I can't go back home with what happened and I chose you over my family for a reason. I wanted to be with you."

"So yes? Please?" Shady said as if she were praying for Katie to say yes.

"Yes, Shady Lynn McCree" Katie said as she watched Shady start jumping around the floor and pumping her fist in the air. Katie giggled and before she could try and stop it she felt Shady crash into her and wrap her in a hug and kiss her softly.

"Do you hear me? I love you" Shady said, "I am in love with you, Katie Singer."

"Yes, yes I get that..." Katie said as Shady got a look in her eye that Katie had never seen as she took Katie's hand and pulled her down the steps to the second floor landing and then down the first flight to that first floor and quickly to the front door and then outside. Shady kissed her for a long moment before turning and screaming, "WAKE UP, HEY!"

"Shut up you gonna get us killed" Katie said as she covered her face.

"I'M IN LOVE, I'M IN LOVE WITH KATIE SINGER" Shady screamed before she turned around and saw Katie now smiling at her. "God that felt good."

"AND...AND I LOVE...I LOVE SHADY MCCREE TOO" Katie screamed in reply as a few lights come on down the street as both hugged and shared a long kiss as they smiled at each other. Neither wondering now, if they really were meant to be together, or caring, they just knew this felt real.

"SHUT UP AND GO BACK TO BED" The Angry Voice screamed in reply as Shady and Katie fell into each other laughing.  

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Casa De August

"SHHHHHHHH, no one else is up" Jessie said as Stephanie came out of the bedroom to see Jessie standing in the hallway, "We got five minutes of silence to be alone."

"Yeh, like you even like me that much" Stephanie said as Jessie gave her an evil look and kissed her as she wrapped her arms around Stephanie's waist. "OK, maybe you do."

"I still can't believe you threatened to whip my dad over me" Jessie said quietly as Stephanie blushed. "Did you ever whip anybody over Kyle?"

"A few bitches, until I gave up on him" Stephanie said softly, "I hope that never happens...."

"Noooo" Jessie said as she covered Stephanie's lips. "I won't ever cheat on you. You're heart is mine now, and it'll never get broken. It is right?"

"It has been for a long time Jess" Stephanie said. "I love being you're new play thing."

"Funny" Jessie said as Stephanie laughed. "I'm glad Kyle dumped your ass..."

"Huh?" Stephanie asked in confusion and knowing full well this was one of Jessie's games.

"Cause, if you'd never come down here I wouldn't have met you" Jessie said as Stephanie smiled. "So I'm glad."

"God I'm so into you" Stephanie said as she gave Jessie a knowing smile, "You know it was honestly never this way with Kyle. He didn't..."

"Give a fuck about you?" Jessie asked. "Cause I do, I'm insanely crazy about you, and Stephanie Lynn Dimitri you better not forget it."

"Just keep loving me" Stephanie said as she wrapped her arms around Jessie's neck. "I won't forget it that way."

"Oops, sounds like Mom's up" Jessie said as she heard voices. "What about me and you disappearing for a while later?"

"Huh? I don't think so" Stephanie said as Jessie giggled. "I'm made myself very clear about the fact that I don't like girls."

"Right Steph" Jessie said as she stopped her from walking away with a hug from behind as she whispered in her ear, "That's not what you said a few moments after you were moaning my name."

"Well that was different" Stephanie said as both giggled. Karen coming out of the bedroom and sighing as she saw the two hugged up in the hallway.

"Jessie, could you please go five minutes with your hands to yourself?" Karen asked as Stephanie grabbed Jessie's arms and held her in place.

"Karen, seriously, I like it when Jessie hugs me like this" Stephanie said as Karen half-smiled. "My ex thought this was illegal."

"And truth be told Mom you don't understand" Jessie said with a smirk.

"What exactly is it I don't understand" Karen asked as she folded her arms across her chest.

"That this..." Jessie said as she stepped away and lifted her and Stephanie's hands in the air. Then motioning to her as if she were presenting Steph for a prize. "Well...let's just say that god was showing off when he made this."

"I am not even gonna respond to that" Karen said as Stephanie blushed and watched Karen disappear into the kitchen before she smiled at Jessie and asked, "So really?"

"Oh yeah" Jessie said in a whisper as she kissed Steph, "You are so hot it kills me."

"Never thought I'd like you looking at me that way and now I can't get enough of it" Stephanie said softly. "'s not like I can't say the same thing about you."

"Keep talking..." Jessie said with a raise of her eye brows.

"Seeing you in that bikini the first time..." Stephanie said as August came out of the bedroom and they giggled and stepped apart as he passed by them without a word. Seeing the coast was again clear she looked back to Jessie and said simply, "...just killed me."

"You're killing me right now..." Jessie said as she started to kiss her before Karen cleared her voice as she looked out from the kitchen. "...yes Mom?"

"Do you want breakfast?" Karen asked as Stephanie turned her back and whispered into Jessie's ear, "Gimme ten minutes alone with you and I'll give you honey for breakfast."

"Yes, mom" Jessie said as she tried valiantly to maintain a straight face as Karen gave them a weird look and shook her head as she ducked back into the kitchen. Jessie, then turning to a laughing Stephanie and saying, "That is not fair to do me that way..."

"MMMMMMMM...." Stephanie said after she cut Jessie off with a kiss and said before Jessie could reply, "...make that 8 minutes."

"God, you're gonna get me in so much trouble" Jessie said as Stephanie laughed and replied, "Seriously, we are not gonna get two seconds alone without a major distraction."

"Grace..." Stephanie said as Jessie giggled and finished the sentence, "...and Sarah."

"And you know you haven't seen your loving brother in a while either" Stephanie said.

"What about that girlfriend?" Jessie said as they grinned at each other. "I can't wait to see them."

"They so need a vacation" Stephanie said as she and Jessie ran into the kitchen excitedly.

"Can we invite Sarah and Grace down?" Both asked at the same time as Karen and August looked up in confusion.

"They need a vacation and can we invite Eli and Rae up for the day?" Jessie asked. "Maybe we can have a cookout?"

"Yeh, I don't see why not" Karen said as Jessie walked across the room and sat on a surprised August's lap and asked in a giggle, "Is it ok, Daddy?"

"Jessie, you get up from there" Karen said as she blushed.

"I'd love to see Grace and Sarah again, and they could use a vacation" August said as he surprised Jessie with a hug as Karen got the warmest feeling come over her as she saw Jessie give him a genuine smile of affection. Then watching August pushing her up and towards the door and saying, "Go on, go call them."

"She's starting to love you" Karen said with the brightest smile on her face.

"Karen you know how I feel about you, and the more time I spend with Jessie..." August said softly. "...the harder it is to see her go home every sunday."

"Well, hopefully soon we can all be family" Karen said making a motion with her eyes as she held up her hand.

"Very subtle" August said as Karen growled at him and replied, "You better ask me and I mean soon."

"I'll do no such thing..." August said with a sly smile and long pause as Karen's mouth dropped opened in surprise. "...until I am good and ready."

"August...Dimitri, you better be glad I think you are charming or I might not say yes when you do ask" Karen said as they shared a laugh.

"But that idea about a cook out really sounds nice, I love having family around" August said. "I'm hoping Eli will be able to except me the way I guess Jessie has."

"She has" Karen said, "She is so happy when she's here."

"I think there's two huge reasons why...part of that is you" August said as Karen smiled and hoped after all her hardwork that Jessie was beginning to forgive her.

"I just hope you are right" Karen said. "And if, I'm one part what's the other you mentioned?"

"The person who hasn't left her side for two weeks" August said with a confident smile as Karen at first was confused and finally figured it out as she had to smile when she thought about how much August was right. She couldn't remember ever having seen her daughter this happy, well, ever. "Karen as much as I know you are battling your demons on this side, and I love you for that, I just wanna point out, that this looks like it's love."

"August, sweety, I saw that the minute I looked into their eyes" Karen said, "I still have my own selfish desires for grand children and that will never happen now."

"Why won't it?" August asked, "Eli and RaeAnn are definitely in love and I no doubt expect a beautiful grandchild...that we...can spoil rotten."

"I mean by Jessie" Karen said as she took a deep breath. "With her choice of lifestyles, it's..."

"Karen, honey, stop" August said as he rose and pulled Karen to her feet and into his arms. Stephanie and Jessie stopped in the main hall and watched silently for a moment as they returned. "You are killing yourself still over this, and you are having my baby, and I will not have you putting you and it in danger for this."

"I'm trying my best" Karen said. "I just love her so much..."

"So do I" August said as Karen looked at him with a smile as August went on, "I do love her, I will fight for her the same way I would for you and Stephanie. It feels like she's my daughter already and I promise you, she'll never feel like she's not loved in this house. Cause I'll never make any difference between her and this baby."

"And as big a pain in the butt as that niece of yours is, I secretly adore her" Karen said quietly. "She has so much inner strength and it's a comforting thought to know that, our baby...will be coming into a world surround by a lot of love."

"We are lucky" August said as Jessie and Stephanie emerged from their hiding spots, both with huge smiles on their faces. Jessie going to hug August and Stephanie hugging Karen for a long moment.

"It's this place..." Karen said as she put a protective arm around Stephanie. Jessie turned and leaned back against August as she smiled at her mom and the girl she was in love with. She felt August put his arm around her and kiss her forehead as Jessie giggled. "It's like there's magic here."

"You know Jessie and me talked about that once" Stephanie said, "We were hanging out in the copter, you know Coppy, and..."

"The old helicopter?" August asked.

"Yeh, down in the clearing" Stephanie said. "I love Coppy."

"Coppy is so cool" Jessie said as her and Stephanie giggled.

"You named the helicopter?" Karen asked as Jessie and Stephanie laughed and nodded.

"Why don't we have it moved up here in the yard?" August asked as Jessie and Stephanie looked at him in excitement.

"That would make such a cool hangout" Stephanie said as she joined Jessie by August. "We could take the seats out, and put one of those futons down and you could sleep out there."

"I don't know about that" Karen said.

"Why not, it's really romantic when it rains" Stephanie said as she pulled a giggling Jessie away from August and into her arms. "If you two old grumps would trust us, we could too."

"Yeh, please? Just one night?" Jessie asked with pleading eyes. "Not like we'd be behind closed doors."

"Yeh it'd be behind closed glass" Stephanie giggled.

"Let's discuss that when August decides to have it moved" Karen said.

"I'll call my friend at the scrap yard and see if he handle the job" August said, "I think he should be in today."

"Really?" Jessie asked as August smiled.

"Jessie you and Stephanie know I can't say no to those smiles" August said as he picked up the phone and dialed the number as he left the room for a moment. Jessie and Stephanie started to bounce around excitedly as they looked to Karen, with a very approving smile.  

"Oh yeh, Grace and Sarah are on their way" Jessie said, "Said to make sure you said it was ok."

"Well it's August's place, so..."

"And yours too" Stephanie said, "You know that. It's ok right?"

"Yeh, I just hope Sarah can forgive me for what happened in Nashville" Karen said nervously.

"Mom, Sarah Grasser is fearless when it comes to protecting people she loves" Jessie said, "She's my best friend and that's what she was doing. I'm pretty sure she'll forgive you."

"Well, I'll make an honest attempt at an apology" Karen said as August returned with a huge smile.

"Said he can try and move it today as a favor to me" August said, quickly followed by Jessie and Stephanie screaming, "YESSSSSSSSSSS!"

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sarah's Apartment

"Look, I don't wanna be around her" Sarah said as she sat down on the bed. Grace looked back after she had hung up with Jessie.

"Who Jessie?"

"No, her lovely mother" Sarah said as her anger grew. "That bitch has one time to make one of her Pat Robertson observations about being gay and I'll smack the fuckin hate out of her head."

"Jessie says she's changed" Grace said as she pulled Sarah to her feet and into her hug. "She excepted Jessie and Stephanie, she's trying I think. Can't you give her a second chance?"

"Grace you don't know how much I hate her for what she did" Sarah said, "She smacked the piss out of Jessie, for what? Cause she was gay. Well pardon the fuck out of me for being mad as hell when someone abuses someone I adore. Truth be told Grace, you are the only person in this world I cherish more than Jessie."

"I know" Grace said as she kissed Sarah softly and made a goofy face to get her to smile. "See, it's not so bad. Just, if she's tries will you? Just keep peace, for me?"

"You had to say for you" Sarah said seriously. "Cause you know there's nothing I wouldn't do for you."

"Yeh exactly" Grace said, "And me for you. Nothing I wouldn't do."

"So are we going?" Grace asked as Sarah gave her a serious look and bit her tongue as she said, "Ok, but I'm not gonna take her crap."

"I understand" Grace said as she pulled Sarah's bag out from under the bed and started filling it with her and Sarah's clothes as Sarah watched with an amused smile.

"What?" Grace asked after a minute or so.

"You act like we're married, you don't even ask me what to pack anymore" Sarah said with a proud smile as she laid back on the bed.

"Cause you suck at packing" Grace said as she poked a giggling Sarah in the stomach. "We both know that."

"But I do some stuff good, huh Gracey?" Sarah asked with a suggestive smile as Grace blushed and gave her a look that made Sarah laugh. "I'll take that as a yes."

"Shut up ok?" Grace asked. "We can talk about that later."

"Maybe me and you can disappear for a few hours back to the Cove?" Sarah asked. "Ya think?"

"If we can sneak off" Grace said with a smile. "I just hope you remember what you promised me."

"I will, I'm very forgiving unless you break my trust" Sarah said, "And you never have."

"I never will either" Grace said with her hand on Sarah's stomach. "Cause in case you hadn't noticed...I'm kind of into you."

"Are you sure?" Sarah asked as she laced her fingers with Grace's.

"Yeh, I'm sure" Grace as she crawled over Sarah's stomach and kissed her, "Such a good kisser."

"MMMMMM is there another thing I'm good at?" Sarah asked as Grace giggled and nodded. Getting ready to move farther as both's mood changed in an instant to the need for each other's touch as they feel into a french kiss. Both groaning as the phone began to ring. "You wouldn't let me have it took out, now would you?"

"Just get it" Grace said as Sarah giggled and spun over so she was now on top of Grace. "Maybe just let it ring?"

"You're way too tempting my baby" Sarah said as she slipped off Grace and ran to the phone.

"Hello?" Sarah asked as she saw Grace pull her shirt up and show off her flat sexy stomach as Sarah smiled knowingly.

"Is Grace there?" The Voice asked impatiently.

"Yeh, but we're leaving for Indiana in a minute and she's busy unless this is important" Sarah said as Grace shot her a 'thank you' smile.

"And just who are you and Grace going to see in Indiana?" They asked.

"Who is this?" Sarah asked as Grace rolled off the bed and came over to the phone. "And that is none of your damn business."

"I'll say it is, you're with my daughter, it's my business" He said as Sarah groaned and handed the phone to Grace.

"It's your bastard of a father" Sarah said right into the reciever.

"What?" Grace asked as Sarah put the phone in her hands and walked off as Grace took a deep breath and put the phone to her ear. "Hello?"

"Who exactly is it your going to see in Indiana?" Jake asked as Grace felt her anger coming on like an advancing storm.

"It's Sarah's cousin, Shell" Grace lied and hoped she could keep a fight down. Hearing something in the background that sounded oddly familar.

"Well, I don't know her and you're not going" Jake said as Grace felt like beating the phone on the desk and screaming at him, but resisted as she realized that the sound she'd heard earlier, sounded like ice clinking around in a glass and knew instantly that her father was again drunk. "So you tell Sarah she can go by herself. Not like she'd mind, probably be glad to get rid of you."

"FUCK YOU" Grace screamed. "She loves me you bastard."

"You apologize to me right now" Jake demanded, "Or I'll come over there and take it out of your ass."

"No" Grace said in a deadly serious tone, "As a matter of fact you wanna know where I'm going with Sarah? We're going to see August Dimitri. You like him right dad? Bye."

"Holy shit knobs" Sarah said as she saw Grace hang up with a victorious smile on her face. "Do you think that was smart?"

"Fuck him" Grace said, "Let's go before his drunk ass staggers over here."

"What about Mom?" Sarah asked as Grace suddenly felt a huge surge of adranaline and said, "I'm gonna call her and tell her."

"You are?"

"As soon as we're ready to leave so she can't stop me" Grace said. A few long moments later, now packed and ready to head out the door, she did indeed dial her home number on her cell phone and motioned for Sarah to join her by the door as the phone rang and Grace asked for Lily. Sarah flipped the lights off and the power switch on her computer as her and Grace slipped into the hall and locked the door. "Mom?"

"Yes, honey what is it? I'm really busy with Rick cleaning out the basement" Lily said as Grace wondered why exactly.

"I just wanted to tell you something that I'm about to do" Grace said, "Dad just called all drunk and threatened me and Sarah."

"He did what?" Lily asked as Sarah suddenly understood what Grace was trying to pull off.

"Yeh, so Jessie and Stephanie said we could spend the weekend in Indiana with them and her mom" Grace said as they got onto the elevator.

"Grace I don't think so" Lily said, "I'll take care of your father."

"No thanks we'll just hide out for the weekend in Indiana with my sister, besides Eli and RaeAnn are coming" Grace said, "August is gonna cook out and it would break his heart if I didn't show. I mean me and Sarah didn't show."

"Grace Brooks Manning..." Lily said in a warning tone.

"Don't Grace Brooks Manning me" Grace said, "I'm an adult mom and if I wanna see my friends, I will."

"Grace, you know how I feel about him" Lily said as her emotions got the better of her.

"Yeh and I know how you and dad blame him for everything except global warming" Grace said as the elevator reached the main floor. "But guess what? I'm gonna be 18 in a few days and then you can't throw these fits on me anymore about him. Besides it's not the first time I've been down there and I can promise you it won't be the last."

"What do you mean you've been down there before?" Lily asked.

"I mean, me and Sarah have been down there before and he's never even touched me, not that you and dad could believe me" Grace said as Sarah loaded the luggage into the trunk of her mustang. "You think I'm 12 years old or something. He didn't do anything to me, I made the advances on him. Get that straight."

"Grace Manning you are not going" Lily said as if she had made up her mind.

"And how are you gonna stop me?" Grace asked. "Send the police to get me and I swear when I'm 18 I'll leave and never come back. And that goes for you and Rick too, cause I know how he feels about him."

"Grace, damn it, I hate that man" Lily said as Grace smiled that the truth was finally coming out.

"I know you do" Grace said calmly. "I love Sarah with all my heart and if you think I'm stupid enough to give up what I have with her for a retarded night with him. Well then, you don't me very well. And did you know, he and Jessie's mom are about to get married and she's pregnant. Having a baby together, I think he's serious about her."

"Grace that doesn't change shit" Lily said as she lost her temper and covered her mouth in frustration. "He tried..."

"NOOOOOO HE DIDN"T" Grace screamed into the phone. "I don't care how much you hate him, I'm going to see my sister and Stephanie for the weekend and be with people who wanna be with me for a couple of days."

"Fine, you know what I'm done with this" Lily said as she slammed the phone down and Grace breathed a noticable sigh of relief and closed her phone. "God I hated that."

"She had to know" Sarah said as she hugged Grace. "Why can't she just trust you?"

"I don't know" Grace said, "It's like she thinks I'm still the 15 year old virgin who mooned over my good looking drama teacher."

"What was it with him?"

"I admired him" Grace said, "But now I am insanely in love with you. You know that right?"

"Me lucky" Sarah said with a huge smile as Grace laughed and kissed her. "MMMMMM, now me horny."

"You're impossible" Grace giggled. "And I am lucky too. Because I got you."

"Seriously, you weren't the only one who had a crush on him" Sarah said. "About half the girls in his class did, I thought he was good looking, but I only had eyes for Katie."

"I don't remember you in that class" Grace said.

"He had two or three different classes" Sarah said. "But I did he hear you were his favorite student."

"That just seems like a lifetime ago" Grace said as she looked at her phone and quickly opened it as she held down the power button. "I could care less what else anyone thinks."

"Except me" Sarah said as Grace smiled and said. "Yes Sarah, except you."

"You ready?" Sarah asked as a loud horn blow made them jump and look back as a steel blue pontiac firebird skidded to a rubber burning stop beside of Sarah's mustang. "Who the hell?"

"Hey" Katie said as she rolled down the window and Sarah saw Shady behind the wheel. "You guys headed out?"

"Going to Indiana for the weekend" Grace said as her and Sarah walked over to the car. "Jessie and Stephanie invited us down to August's place."

"Hey Sarah" Shady said with a smile as Sarah nodded. "August who?"

"August Dimitri" Katie said with a smirk directed at Grace, "She's always had a thang for him."

"So what you had a thang for me" Grace said as Katie blushed and giggled as Shady looked at her for a explanation.

"Gawking at her in Mr. Dimitri's class is how I met Jessie" Katie said, "And well you pretty much know the rest."

"I liked Mr. D he was fine" Shady said as Grace rolled her eyes as Sarah hugged her from behind and said, "But now she's all mine. So he can't have her."

"What's he up to anyway, I heard he wrote a book" Shady asked.

"Yeh, best seller too, Ride Away Cowboy?" Katie asked.

"I got the first copy" Grace said proudly. "Sarah's got it in her safe deposit box."

"Love to see him again" Shady said, "He actually said I had talent at acting."

"No wonder he got fired" Sarah said as she stuck her tongue at Shady. Shady rolled her eyes and smiled.

"Fair enough" Shady said.

"Come down with us then" Grace offered, "Seriously, he's always saying how much likes to see his old students and you guys could leave anytime you want."

"Want too?" Shady asked. "Maybe for the day?"

"Yeh it's ok with me" Katie said. "Mr. D. was always nice to me."

"Cool, how about you follow us?" Grace asked as Sarah went to start the Mustang.

"She doesn't know who she's talking too does she?" Shady said as she roared the engine. "This baby has horses that love to run. Can you say that the same about that pretty red pony of Sarah's?"

"Oh yeah it'll go fast" Grace said, "You looking for a race?"

"First one to Indiana gets to share the other's girlfriend?" Shady asked with a smirk.

"Gives new meaning to the phrase, Pink Slip Trip" Katie said as Shady fell back in the seat laughing as Grace looked confused. "It means, racing for pink slips Grace. Car racing?"

"I knew what that means" Grace said. "Anyway, so you know the way to West Lafayette?"

"Yeh, I got family south of there" Shady said, "Just hit I-65 south and drop the hammer, literally."

"Stay with in eye shot k?" Grace asked.

"Yeh and Grace try to keep up with us in that pony" Shady said as Grace flipped her off as both laughed.