Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 79 "First Time...The Second Time Around"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"No, I'm picking out my own clothes for the date" Zoe said as she came up the steps. Hearing Mandy laugh and knowing she was no doubt rolling her eyes. "Why don't you think I can do it?"

"Zoe, I'm not like everyone else, I thought you knew that by now" Mandy said. "You can do anything you set your mind too. But if I suggest some changes, don't be crushed? This whole dressing like an adult thing is new to you."

"At least I know you'll be honest" Zoe said as Mandy smiled. "My best friend wouldn't lie to me."

"I am your best friend regardless of what certain people will try and tell you" Mandy said. "And you better not forget that you are mine."

"Bet you'd just love for me to be more huh Amanda?" Zoe asked she reached the top of the steps. Seeing Stephanie standing by the door to the Garage apartment.

"Zoe Manning, you're lucky I have to go and see what's wrong with Dad's computer or I would so answer that" Mandy said, "Bye."

"No fair" Zoe said as Mandy laughed and hung up. Zoe saying to the phone, "You're sooo mean to me."

"You and Mandy having another flirting contest?" Stephanie asked.

"Stop making fun of me" Zoe said calmly.

"I'm not, I think you like her more than you're letting on" Stephanie said softly. "Am I wrong?"

"She's my best friend" Zoe said as she smiled and touched the pink cowboy hat that seemed to be glued to her head lately.

"And your sister was my best friend when I fell in love with her" Stephanie said as she heard foot steps on the stairs and thinking this may be her only chance to say it, moved close and whispered into Zoe's ear. "Don't be scared to go for it."

"Sure, ummmm...night Steph" Zoe said with a noticably confused look that Stephanie recognized all to well as Zoe walked off and disappeared into her room a few moments later. Just before Lily emerged at the top of the steps.  

"Night honey" Lily said as she walked by what she thought was a very nervous looking Stephanie.

"Can I ask you a question before you go to bed?" Stephanie asked softly as Lily stopped and looked at her and knowing something was on her mind.

"What's wrong?" Lily asked as she absentmindedly cleared Stephanie's hair out of her eyes.

"How old were you when you lost your virginity?" Stephanie asked bluntly.

"UMMMMMMMM..." Lily said and being floored by Stephanie's honest questioning. "Why do you wanna know?"

"I dunno, my ex, a scum bag named Kyle Raymore back home in Omaha wanted me to lose it with him and said all girls lose it by the time their 16" Stephanie said, "And you grew up in a different time I know, but you were still a teenager, so I thought I'd ask you."

"Yeh I still miss having to strike two rocks together to get a fire going" Lily said as Stephanie laughed.

"I didn't say that, I said it was a different time" Stephanie said as Lily smiled. "You just automatically think people consider you old. I don't."

"Thank you" Lily said, "And to answer your question, cause I'm hoping you will come to me if you have any more questions before something happens, I wasn't much older than you."

"Guy or girl?" Stephanie asked as Lily's lip dropped and Stephanie began laughing out loud.

"I'm going to bed young lady, good night" Lily said as she blushed and walked off towards her bedroom. Watching Lily's bedroom door close and looking to see that Grace's and Zoe's was also closed. Stephanie pretended to go back into the garage apartment as she opened the door and closed it back and looked to see if anyone noticed before she slowly made her way down the hall and took a hold of the door knob leading to Jessie's bedroom. Feeling a case of nerves like she'd never known she pulled it open and slipped inside and stood there to see if anyone was gonna catch her. Finding no voices or taps on the door after about a minute. She crept up the stairs and spotted Jessie with her back to the stairs laying on her stomach reading a magazine.  

"Hey" Stephanie said as Jessie looked back and smiled.

"Who invited you?" Jessie asked with a smirk and Stephanie knew she was already in the mood to play a game of "Straight Stephanie", smiling she let Jessie lead the way in hopes it would ease her nerves. "My Mom's gonna be mad you're up here."

"But I just come to see what you were doing" Stephanie said as she leaned against the wooden railings of the stairs.

"Why do you keep doing this to me?" Jessie asked.

"Doing what?"

"Showing off that unbelievable body and you know I like girls" Jessie said and slamming her fist on the bed in a pretend fit, "It's fuckin unfair."

"This body?" Stephanie asked as she raised her arms over her head and lifted to her tip toes as Jessie's eyes opened a little at the site of Stephanie stretching. Her shirt lowering back down now as she now walked a step or two forward. "Maybe you need to look closer?"

"Stop it, it's unfair" Jessie said as Stephanie smiled. "You are too sexy for me to resist Stephanie Dimitri."

"Oh maybe I should stop?"

"Unless you plan on giving me some" Jessie said with a bold smile.

"Some of what?" Stephanie asked. "A certain part of me you find sexy?"

"Well I've seen all of you remember?" Jessie asked as Stephanie started to laugh and broke from 'character' and asked, "You have seen me huh?"

"Yeh, that picture is why I dumped Joanna for you" Jessie said as she moved to the end of the bed and saw Stephanie give her a look as if to say 'you didn't do that'. "Ok ok, we both know that's not true. It was a joke."

"I don't even like it when you say that" Stephanie said softly as she touched Jessie's face and caressed her cheek gently. "I want you to be mine free and clear."

"I am" Jessie said with a smile as Stephanie returned that smile and kissed her softly for a moment. "I'm not Kyle the dickhead. I hope you know that."

"Yeh I do" Stephanie said as she sat down in the floor in front of Jessie. Jessie turning and laying down on her stomach and facing Stephanie as she asked, "You do know what's about to happen?"

"Well aware and so in the mood" Stephanie said with a smile. "You?"

"I been in the mood ever since you came up those steps the first time" Jessie said as Stephanie laughed. "And you're gonna think I'm just saying this, but it's the truth. You are the hottest girl I've ever seen. I lay in bed and think about how in the hell I ended up with something like you."

"You'd get laid after that even I didn't like girls" Stephanie said as Jessie blushed.

"Are you serious?"

"I could see myself doing that" Stephanie said, "Kyle never got that, all he had to do was make me feel special to get me to give it up. I probably would have if he had."

"Hello? I will" Jessie said as she waved her hand and Stephanie laughed. "And you don't have to put out for me. I wasn't trying to make you feel special, I'm glad I did though."

"It's like that singing thing back at the Cove"


"You won my heart that day, well that was part of it" Stephanie said. "Like..."

"This..." Jessie said as Stephanie listened to her begin to sing softly, "I set out on a narrow way many years ago. Hoping I would find true love along the broken road."

"So beautiful" Stephanie said as she leaned on the end of the bed, laying her head on her arms and looking into Jessie's eyes. Jessie gently sweeping a hair out of Stephanie's face as she smiled down at her and sang again, "But I got lost a time or two. Wiped my brow and kept pushing through. I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you."

"It did lead to me" Stephanie said as she kissed Jessie softly before Jessie again sang softly, "Every long lost dream lead me to where you are. Others who broke my heart they were like northern stars. Pointing me on my way into your loving arms."  

"Yeh?" Stephanie asked softly as Jessie once again kissed her softly before going on, "This much I know is true. That God blessed the broken road. That led me straight to you."

"Oh wow, I am so in love with you right now" Stephanie said with a dreamy look in her eyes. "Now you're getting laid, even if you don't want too."

"As Toby Keith said, a little less talk and a little more action" Jessie said as she rose and kissed Stephanie softly on the lips and guided her onto the bed. "Yeh?"

"HMMMMMMMM yeah I like that" Stephanie said as she leaned down and kissed her again softly. Their lips falling into a slow but steady rhythm as Stephanie crossed her legs over Jessie's stomach and leaned down onto her elbows. Jessie almost instinctively slipped a hand into Stephanie's hair as she licked at the girls lips and waited for a moment as Stephanie licked hers back and slid her tongue against Jessie's. Their lips increasing the pace as their tongues massaged against each other now as the gentle soothing pleasure began to over take both of them. Jessie being the first to moan into Stephanie's mouth as she clutched her hand into the girls hair as she kissed her with a little more passion. Stephanie's hands clutched at the sheets now gently as she knew now she wasn't stopping for any reason. Their tongues working harder against the other's to try and produce more pleasure as the pace of the kiss increased yet again. Both losing themselves in the other now as Jessie's other hand slipped up Stephanie's back and clutched onto her shirt and began to drag it up her back, almost unintentionally. Stephanie felt it and didn't even think twice as she pulled away a moment later and let Jessie skin her shirt and toss it aside with a giggle.

"No undies tonight?" Jessie asked as Stephanie sat up and let Jessie take it all in. "You take my breath away Steph. Can I?"

"MMMMMM HMMMMMM, start here" Stephanie said as she placed Jessie's hands on her stomach and encouraged her to explore. Jessie smiled as she felt the smooth, velvet like skin beneath her touch and thought she was now free to go anywhere she wanted on Stephanie's gorgeous body. Stephanie smiled as she relaxed on top of Jessie and moaned almost silently from her gentle touch. Moving her hands up ever so slowly and enjoying the feel of Steph's skin under her fingers as she came to the bottom of her breasts and looked again for approval. "Go on, this is your night to, show me how good it feels."

"Oh, girl you have no idea how good I'm gonna be to you" Jessie said as she sat up and slowly cupped Stephanie's breasts in her hands and squeezed them softly and rolled the girls nipples between her fingers as Steph leaned down and licked Jessie's lips playfully. Then kissing her softly and slowly as the moment lingered and their tongues once again found each others and began to massage against the others in an endless search for pleasure. With Jessie's hands now massaging her breasts, Stephanie moved her hands first to Jessie's hair as the pace of the kiss increased and clutched her fingers into Jessie's blondish-brown locks. Their tongues worked harder now as the sensations became more and more noticable, Stephanie felt her body tingling slightly from the anticipation and buildup that had already happened. Pulling her hands from Jessie's hair, she pulled away slowly as Jessie said, "MMMMMMMMM so good, I swear I could kiss you all night and never need anything else."

"Talk like that some more and we'll never get to the promised land" Stephanie said and following it with another soft lingering kiss as she began to slip Jessie's shirt up her body as she pulled away. Jessie willingly raising her arms as Stephanie pulled it off and tossed it aside. Smiling as a plan of attack came to her pleasure filled mind. Taking Jessie and lacing their fingers she slipped off the bed and pulled Jessie along. "Come here Jess."

"What are you doing? I thought..." Jessie said as Stephanie kissed her softly before saying, "Trust me I think I found something you like, and judging from last time I did it, you loved it."

"What?" Jessie asked as Stephanie had her turn around. Her back now to Stephanie as she felt herself being wrapped in the girls arms and pulled tight into a hug.

"Ohhhhh yeah I remember this" Jessie said with a giggle as Stephanie's hands stroked slowly up and down her bare stomach and her lips found Jessie's shoulder. She planted small kisses across to her neck slowly. Paying attention to each spot for a second or two and moving on. Jessie's soft contented moans, gave Stephanie all the direction she needed as she moved her hair gently and began kissing on the back of her neck, up a little and then down and up again and then down, then across, in no particular direction at all. Jessie moaned a bit louder as she tilted her head and give Steph complete access, her body slowly beginning to resemble a house fire. Her hands moving back and feeling Stephanie's skin tight shorts under her fingers she clutched into them now as Stephanie, licked small circles with her tongue and then kissed that spot. "Oh no, not that, you're killing me, MMMMMMMMMM."

"Yes baby, that is exactly what you need" Stephanie said into Jessie's ear as she again licked a small circle and kissed it for a moment as she hugged Jessie tighter in her arms and held her in place. Feeling Jessie's hand and soon both hands on her shorts as she began licking and kissing across her neck at a slow pace causing Jessie to squirm in her arms now. "MMMMMMMMMMM baby you like this?"

"MMMMMMMMMMM you just don't know how much" Jessie said in a light moan as she felt Stephanie lick another of her seemingly endless small circles and kiss it softly, squirming away a little as this time she started kissing down a little lower. Stephanie smiled knowngly as she once again changed methods and instead of just a soft kiss she began to suck on the spot very softly. She could feel Jessie clutch harder at her shorts as she kissed to the bottom of her neck and licked a small circle and then sucked it softly. Jessie's eyes opened and she moaned in pleasure as her body responded in an instant as Stephanie felt the immediate reaction as she grinned and thought to herself that she might have found something special. "OH god Steph, please don't do that again, you're killing me with that."

"You mean this?" Stephanie asked innocently as she licked a small circle and holding Jessie tighter as she sucked on the spot a bit harder and felt Jessie literaly jerk in her arms as she moaned in pleasure. "Seems to be your magic spot Jess."  

"Oh god you're setting me on fire witb that Steph, please, god MMMMMMMMMMMMMM" Jessie moaned in a low growl, and feeling Stephanie again move her tongue in a circle slowly, once. Tensing up and expecting the sucking to start, surprised when she felt Stephanie now making an endless amount of circles around that same spot as Jessie moaned and groaned. Not sure if she wanted to pull away or let Stephanie continue this wonderful torture. Then it happened, Stephanie attached her lips to the spot ever so gently and then pressed her tongue to it and sucked hard as Jessie almost felt her knees go weak as the sensations sent shivers down her spine. Steph holding her in place as she sucked a little harder as Jessie moaned like she was being hurt and clutched her hands into Stephanie's thighs and rocked forward in an attempt to pull away somewhat. Stephanie had a firm grip though as she sucked it harder and worked her tongue relentlessly now as Jessie's body felt like a flaming inferno and begged for any kinda of relief it could get. She began panting as Stephanie pulled away with a popping sound and Jessie slumped in her arms with a loud moan. "GOD GIRL, oh my god, I'm so hot now."

"Fuck yeah, that's what I wanted" Stephanie said, "What are you gonna do Jessie?"

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM no one has ever done that to me" Jessie said with a pleasure soaked smile as she crawled onto the bed and turned to face Stephanie, "MMMMMMMMMM fuck that felt good."

"You ready?" Jessie asked as she kissed Stephanie and watched her smile knowingly. Steph putting her hand on Jessie's chest and pushing her playfully back on the pillows and as she slipped down the bed and moments later got between her girlfriends thighs and looked up with a wicked smile. "Guess that answers that question huh?"

"It should blondy" Stephanie said as Jessie laughed and felt herself blush all over.

"So you been lookin forward to lickin my pussy huh?" Jessie asked in an attempt to get a rise out of her girlfriend but saw her smile wickedly and reply in a sultry tone, "Every night since we got together."

"Then go for it" Jessie said as the giggling and games stopped as Jessie tensed up and could almost scream for joy as Stephanie lowered her head without another wasted moment and slid her tongue into the folds of Jessie's sex at that very moment and slowly licked up the center and closed her eyes as she savored the flavor and then repeated this simple method. Jessie squirmed and couldn't believe even in the moment that she was really doing it. The straight girl Stephanie was going down on her and willingly. It was almost too good to comprehend, "Ohmigod I can't believe you're doing that."

"Me either" Stephanie said as she placed a hand on the inside of one of Jessie's thighs and held her gently and exposed Jessie's clit and circled her tongue around it slowly and then licked over it softly. Feeling Jessie's hips buck slightly against her face as she repeated this method one more time. Before going back to stroking her tongue up the folds of Jessie's pussy and pressing her tongue now more firmly into the center and feeling it slip inside more and more as the scent of Jessie's arousal filled her nose and the sweet taste flooded her mouth. Sinking her tongue all the way inside now she felt Jessie's body tense up a little and squirm, her inner walls closing around Stephanie's probing tongue as she pumped it in and out a few times. Pulling away and licking her lips she asked a still moaning Jessie, "Which is best?"

"You're asking me?" Jessie asked and not caring how Stephanie did it just wanting her to continue but realizing this what was she had always wanted her lover to do. Be patient and do what she wanted in the way she wanted it, something Katie had never shown any interest in.

"Yeh I wanna know what you like" Stephanie said softly.

"I like it best when you lick right around my clit and then over it" Jessie said in a moan and squirm as Stephanie did just that. Licking around her exposed clit and then over it slowly and softly. Smiling up at her and asking, "Like that?"

"Ohhhhh wow yesss" Jessie said in a whimper as Stephanie again slowly repeated this method. Jessie not being able to help but buck her lips as Steph licked her clit more roughly and now focusing on the rose bud as she licked in a tantalizingly slow pace as Jessie's eyes rolled back in her head as she stretched her arms over head and clutched at the pillows. Her mouth opening as she moaned in a whimper and wanted to beg for a faster pace, but loving every second of Stephanie's attention in the moment. Stephanie loving the sound of Jessie's moans of pleasure in her ears as she licked now relentlewssly over the place she knew made Jessie feel best and felt the girls stomach heave and thought she might be getting close. "MMMMMMMMM so good."

"Do you like it inside?" Stephanie asked as she pulled away and Jessie settled down for the moment.

"MMMMM yeah I do" Jessie said as Stephanie pressed her lips back to Jessie's pussy and sunk her tongue back inside and started to pump it in and out, again slow and steady, and rubbing it right on the under side of Jessie's clit. Jessie feeling her inner walls closing around Stephanie's probing tongue and knowing she was only a few moments away from a mind numbing orgasm as she squeezed her thighs around Stephanie's head and arched her back and felt the wonderful sensations over taking her. Stephanie pumping her tongue a bit faster in and out and could feel Jessie's pussy spasming and knowing a little more would bring her off. "Ohhhhhhhhh Steph please don't stop..."

Stephanie placed a hand on Jessie's stomach to stop her from squirming away as she pumped her tongue as deep as it would go in and out, and felt the most wonderful thing she could ever remember, the person she loved most in this world, experiencing the most wonderful pleasure you can give someone. Jessie arched her back and clutched her hands at the pillows as it surged through her body for a long moment and then slowly faded as she went limp and shook as Stephanie sucked softly in a mind numbing effort to drain Jessie of her girl cum. Jessie's whole body shaking from the effects for a long moment before Stephanie pulled out and kissed Jessie's pussy once more as she smiled proudly up at Jessie.

"Good?" Stephanie asked as Jessie rolled her eyes.

"Oh god that was so good I could barely take it" Jessie said, "You look like you just had the time of your life."

"MMMMMMMMM you have no idea" Stephanie said with a coy smile as she rose and kissed Jessie's stomach softly. "That is such a completely unique experience."

"Now how about me experience the same thing?" Jessie asked as she kissed Stephanie softly. "Let me show you how good I can make you feel."

"Nah, I'm not really in the mood" Stephanie said as Jessie glared at her before she laughed.

"Fine, then get out, cause I need to get some sleep" Jessie said as Stephanie laughed and kissed her girlfriend once again. "Reconsider?"

"Please?" Stephanie asked as Jessie giggled and kissed her softly one more time before slipping down the bed and Stephanie shifting to the center and spreading her legs. Jessie settling in on her stomach as she was now between Stephanie's thighs and looked down at the most beautiful patch of smooth skin she had ever seen. Closing her eyes and inhaling the wonderful sweet scent and then looking up to Stephanie as she kissed one of her thighs softly. Stephanie squirming a bit and smiling as she watched every movement with intense interest. "Please don't tease me."

"I love you so much" Jessie said softly as Stephanie opened her mouth to reply and tensed for a moment as Jessie lowered her head and sunk her tongue into the folds of Stephanie's sex and slid it up slowly. Stephanie trembling in disbelief at the sensation as she moaned softly and clutched her fingers into the pillow behind her head as Jessie did it again and started a slow and wonderful rhythm now. Jessie's mind reeling at the sweet almost honey like flavor now flooding her senses as she made trip after trip up Stephanie's lips and felt the girl squirm a bit and moan louder with every pass it seemed. "MMMMMMM is it good?"

"MMMMMMM OH wow, that is unreal" Stephanie said in a light moan as Jessie went back to licking slowly up and down her lips and started to dip her tongue inside the whole slowly now. Stephanie's beautiful face showing her pleasure Jessie noted as she slowly began to pump her tongue in and out now and felt Steph's thighs quiver as she now squeezed them around Jessie's head and moaned a bit louder. Jessie wrapping her arms around the outside of Stephanie's thighs and bringing her hands to rest on her girlfriends slowly heaving stomach. Stephanie whimpered once and then again as the pleasure took her to places she had never dreamed of. "MMMMMMMM Jess, oh god you're so good to me."

"Do you love me now?" Jessie asked with a knowing smile as she stopped momentarily and Stephanie relaxed.

"MMMMMMM I love you so much, please just make me...MMMMMMMMM" Stephanie moaned as her mind lost it's train of thought with Jessie's now soft licking of her clit. Her thighs squeezing around Jessie's head and her moaning growing louder as the sensations became almost too much to take in the next few moments with Jessie's soft licking of her pleasure source. Stephanie's moans of pleasure growing louder as she arched her back and turned slightly to the side and her body began to shake and drew close to her ultimate reward. "MMMMMMMM soo close, please make me...oh my god yesssssss that's it."

"MMMMMMMMM yeh my girl it is" Jessie said as she licked softly over Steph's clit again and again as her girlfriend shook in her first orgasm. A light film of sweat now formed on her body. Stephanie's hands now sliding into Jessie's hair as her calfs, thighs and thighs tensed, and her body shook in the most wonderful way possible. Moaning in pure pleasure for a few more long moments until she settled down and felt Jessie softly lick at her lips now as the cum began to ooze and bubble out slowly. "MMMMMMMMM damn that is honey."

"MMMMMMMMM oh wow, I am so a lesbian now" Stephanie said as her and Jessie both laughed.

"Good?" Jessie asked as she crawled up and got over Stephanie's flat sexy stomach and kissed her softly. Massaging her tongue with Stephanie's for a long moment as they shared the reward now on Jessie's tongue. "Huh?"

"Sooo good words can't describe it" Stephanie said. "I know for a fact that Kyle could never be that gentle. And that cum, oh wow that was almost too good to believe."

"It's called pleasure and it's ok for someone to give it to you with no strings attached" Jessie said as she kissed her softly. "And you Stephanie will never have to beg for a moment for it with me."

"I'm gonna hold you to that promise" Stephanie said as Jessie grinned. "I am so lucky I found you."

"What about me?" Jessie asked. "I get to be with the hottest girl in 5 states. I'm the lucky one."

"Not so bad yourself" Stephanie said. "The more I see you like this the more the lesbian in me comes out."

"Well come on out Stephanie Lynn" Jessie said with a soft kiss. "I love all of you so no worries on that."

"You sure do love all of me huh?" Stephanie asked with a smirk.

"Hey what can I say" Jessie giggled.

"Did it taste good?"

"MMMMMMM honey, strawberries and...." Jessie said as she pretended to think. "...addictive."

"The addictive part I like best" Stephanie said. "Because I have got to feel that again."

"You will, believe me" Jessie said. "And how did I taste?"

"Let's just say you won't have to beg either, I'll so volunteer for the job" Stephanie said. "Every day, every night, anytime we get five minutes alone."        

"So different with you" Jessie said as she kissed Stephanie softly. "So much better already."

"Why?" Stephanie asked as she played with Jessie's hair.

"You act like you'd stay all night to make me feel better" Jessie said as Stephanie grinned knowingly. "You would I know."

"I told you, after that I am so a lesbian now" Stephanie said softly as Jessie laughed. "Soooo good, oh my god."

"So you're saying you're mine now?" Jessie asked and already knowing the answer as she kissed Steph's chin.

"Completely and totally" Stephanie said, "Sing to me again?"

"Anything in particular you wanna hear?"

"True to his word?" Stephanie asked.

"He said he'd always stand beside you" Jessie sang as Stephanie smiled brightly and stroked her hand along Jessie's cheek and replied a moment later in a hushed 'for your ears only' voice, "He didn't, but I bet you will."

"He swore that he would never leave. But a promise made and a promise kept. That's the difference between him and me" Jessie sang before kissing Stephanie softly, and then going on, "I'll be true to his words. The heart he broke I will earn. In my arms you'll love again. You can rest assured. I'll be true to his word."

"MMMM sooo in love right now" Stephanie commented as Jessie grinned, "Sooo in love with you."

"And how do you think I feel?" Jessie asked.

"You feel the same way I do" Stephanie said as Jessie nodded her head and sang on, "You built a wall out of his memories. That brick by brick I'll break through."

"Now there's a line that's not true anymore" Stephanie said. "You already broke that wall down Jess."

"Goods news" Jessie said as Stephanie grinned and listened intently once again, "For every lie he ever told. I'll spend a lifetime proving to you."

"You really feel that way?" Stephanie asked as she ran her fingers through Jessie's hair, "Seriously?"

"The way it feels right now, yes" Jessie said. "Sooo in love with you too."  

"He's a tough act to follow. He's a master of the art. But if you just have faith in tommorrow. It's his word against my heart" Jessie sang as Stephanie kissed her and cut her off for a long moment.

"Thank you for letting me showing you how good it can feel" Jessie said as Stephanie laid down beside her and pulled Jessie's stomach against her own and putting an arm over Jessie's body now. Smiling as Stephanie kissed her softly, "MMMMMM I love you."

"Keep talking..." Stephanie said as Jessie giggled and pulled the covers over them.

"Did I make it special like I promised?" Jessie asked as she caressed Stephanie's cheek gently. "Because I do love you."

"You sure did" Stephanie said. "I love you too."