Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 84 "She Loves Me Too"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"Hey" Kevin said as Mandy got out of the car and seemed to be floating on cloud nine as she spun around once and then plopped down on the steps by Kevin and said in dreamy voice, "Hey handsome."

"Someones in a much brighter mood" Kevin said as he noticed she could barely contain her happiness as she started bouncing around and bumping into him in a fit of giggles.

"I'm sorry, I'm just insanely happy right now" Mandy said. "Nothing could bring me down."

"Something good happened I gather?" Kevin asked as Mandy laid her head on his shoulder and said, "No, something wonderful happened and I just have to tell someone. Please?"

"I'd be honored if it's that good" Kevin said with a casual smile.

"Me...Amanda Gail in love" Mandy said as she laid back on the porch and started kicking her feet and arms in excitement as Kevin laughed. "Did you hear me? I'm in love you big handsome hunk of man."

"Well shouldn't I have a say in this?" Kevin asked, "Maybe my feelings are different."

"Not you, although, meow" Mandy said with a flirty giggle as Kevin blushed, "It's my best friend, and SHE LOVES ME TOO."

"I don't think I've seen anyone this happy...since that morning that Katie and Shady kissed on the porch at the house" Kevin said as Mandy sat up and asked. "My sister?"

"Yeh, you should have them seen them it was..." Kevin said as he paused for a long moment, "...good to see Katie so in love."

"I like Katie, since she and Shady started dating, things are a lot better around here" Mandy said as Kevin smiled and asked, "Really?"

"Yeh she keeps Shady's psycho bitch in check and she beat the fuck out of my looney tunes mother" Mandy said. "Trust me she deserved everything she got. See how screwed up Shady is? My mother did that."

"I see" Kevin commented.

"Actually you really don't know" Mandy said, "Shady's a lot better off now than she was."

"So tell me about this girl of yours" Kevin asked as Mandy closed her eyes and smiled.

"Such a good kisser and everything I have dreamed of in a person" Mandy said, "I don't wanna come down just yet."

"No reason too" Kevin said, "But if you're headed in be careful, Samantha I think it is, has a date."

"Who is it?" Mandy asked in surprise as she stood and to her shock saw Will Carmichael and Sam walk out of the house. Hand in hand.

"Samantha Rose McCree what in hell are you doing with this evil little prick?" Mandy asked as her mood drastically changed. Kevin quickly jumped in between Mandy and Sam and held Mandy back.

"He's my new boyfriend" Sam announced proudly as she kissed Will's cheek.

"Ohmigod" Mandy said as she stepped back and started to laugh. "Kevin, I'm OK, seriously I'm in too good of a mood to let this stuff bring me down."

"You said she was gone" Will said as Mandy stepped on the porch. Will, now fearing for his own safety, took a step back and put Sam in front of him.

"I live here you evil little toad" Mandy said and then looking at Sam said, "This part of your plan to get Zoe back?"

"What? No. She just wishes she could be my friend now" Sam said as Mandy laughed.

"Sam, this pathetic waste of skin you're loving on is the one who groped Zoe" Mandy said as Sam looked back at Will and asked, "Did you really do that?"

"Tell the truth shit stain or it's gonna get ugly real fast" Mandy said as Will stepped back again and Kevin put a hand in front of Mandy.

"OK, OK, OK, it happened but I changed and I like Sam now" He said.

"You know what, you deserve him, Samantha" Mandy said. "Grow up."

"You grow up, you're the one wanting to bed a 10 year old, bitch" Sam spat as Mandy felt Kevin hold her back as Sam grinned.

"You know what I could kick your ass" Mandy said after a moment. "But I'm gonna put an end to this once and for all."

"You two go on and get in the car and I'll give you a ride home" Kevin said to Sam and Will and then turning to Mandy as she pulled out her cell and punched in three keys, "And you..."

"Chill, Kevin I'm cool, I'm gonna end this" Mandy said as she smiled as she said, "Hey my girl, whats up?"

"I'm standing in front of the mirror in nothing but a smile" Zoe said, "Kinda hard to talk."

"Meow" Mandy said as Zoe blushed from head to toe, "Do me one favor?"

"OK" Zoe said.

"I want you to tell someone how you feel about me" Mandy said, "Will you?"

"Of course" Zoe said as Mandy stepped down off the porch and handed the phone to Sam.

"Say hi, cunt" Mandy said to Sam.

"Hello?" Sam said.


"Zoe?" Sam asked in confusion.

"Ask her Sam, now you got her on the phone" Mandy said without a trace of a smile. "Ask her how she feels about me."

"You're friends right? Zoe you're only friends right?" Sam asked in what Mandy knew was her last string of hope.

"No, we're not" Zoe said.

"Stop lying to me, she made you say that" Sam said as she threw Will's hand away and asked, "Tell me she's making you say that."

"Sam, I'm sorry she's not, I'm in love with her" Zoe said softly as Sam looked as if she could kill Mandy at the time as she felt rage surge through her body. Sam started to throw the phone down in frustration before Mandy grabbed her hand and took it away.

"Hello?" Zoe asked in confusion.


"SCREW YOU ZOE" Sam screamed as she ran down the driveway with Will chasing after her.

"What was that?" Zoe asked.

"Sam and me ending this thing over you" Mandy said, "I wanted her to back off and let me and you be together."

"Really?" Zoe asked.

"Zoe, I'm seriously in love with you" Mandy said.

"I love you too" Zoe said softly. "We gotta tell my mom."

"Hot cup of coffee and conversation with my girl and her mom" Mandy said with a smile. "Don't tell her without me."

"I won't" Zoe said softly. "See ya in the morning."


"Bye." Zoe said as she hung up, still with a smile on her face.

"WOW that was interesting" Kevin said as he came up behind Mandy, who leaned back against him and looked up. "I think you broke your little sisters heart."

"Yeh, maybe, but at least now she can move on" Mandy said as she heard Sam scream down the driveway watched Will trying to hug her. Mandy saw red as she took off running but was out sprinted by Kevin who arrived just before her as Will backed away and said, "I was just trying to make her feel better."

"I'LL SHOW YOU FEEL BETTER ASSHOLE" Mandy screamed as she charged forward and speared Will to the ground with a thud but felt herself being pulled off before she could hit him. Will now lay on the concrete crying and holding his chest as he cried.

"Now calm it down it's over" Kevin said as he stood in front of Mandy. "I'll take him home, you take care of Sam."

"I'm sorry Mandy" Sam said as Mandy turned around and looked at her torn shirt as Sam hugged her. "He was trying to grope me. Said it would make me feel better. ASSHOLE."

"I was not...I tried to hug you" Will spat back as Sam held Mandy tighter.

"Get in that car little boy or you're dead" Mandy said.

"Forget about it, Sam" Mandy said as she hugged her sister as Will got into the car and Kevin backed out.

"I let him go up my shirt and everything" Sam said a few moments after Kevin had drove off with Will. "God he's a pig."

"Welcome to the real world" Mandy said as she walked by her sister and back towards the house.

"Don't you even care?"

"Not really" Mandy said as she stopped, "You tried every way you could to come between me and Zoe and it failed. So you know what screw you, Samantha."

"But I'm your sister I should be more important" Sam said as she moved closer.

"You know what he did, cause I told you and you wanted so bad to get back at me and Zoe that you went out with that low life little pig anyway" Mandy said, "But it failed. And you know what? You got exactly what you deserved tonight. You don't fuck with people's emotions for your own gain."

"He tried to get to me to do some other stuff too" Sam said softly. "I told him no, he said I better change my mind or he wouldn't date me."

"Samantha, you are beautiful and smart" Mandy said as she put her hands on her sisters cheeks gently, "Why don't you use that big brain of yours before you do this stupid shit?"

"Because you took my friend" Sam said, "She was my friend first."

"I'm sorry for having to do you the way I did" Mandy said, "But now you know, and it might hurt for a while. But now you know you can't just treat people like crap."

"You really love her? Seriously?" Sam asked as she leaned against Mandy. "If you do it's OK with me."

"Yeh I see the Zoe no one ever has" Mandy said, "I'm the luckiest person in the world."

"Good for you" Sam said, "I'm not in love with her, I just wanted a friend."

"What about Jennifer?" Mandy asked as Sam walked away with a crimson blush on her face.

"Well you screwed her" Mandy said as Sam stopped and looked back. "You did."

"We both decided we wanted to be with guys" Sam said.

"You know..." Mandy said as her and Sam sat down on the porch. " got more experience than me now."

"Need some pointers huh?" Sam asked as Mandy laughed.

"Did it taste good?" Mandy asked as Sam blushed and covered her face and refused to answer.

"Shut up" Sam said as Mandy leaned closer and said, "Tell me and I'll leave you alone."

"Yes, it was good" Sam said, "Now shut up."

"MMMMMM sweet huh?" Mandy asked as Sam jumped up and walked into the house as Mandy fell over laughing.

** ** ** Meanwhile, the next morning @ The Palace

"Morning" Kevin said as Mandy came out of her bedroom.

"Shhhhh, is Shady or the girlfriend up yet?" Mandy asked.

"Haven't heard anything" Kevin said as Mandy grabbed her jacket and asked, "You talk to my dad?"

"Yeh he said it was OK, said he might have a job for me" Kevin said. "Nice guy."

"Yeh he is" Mandy said as she pointed at Kevin and said, "So are you."

"Thanks" Kevin said, "Where you off to it's barely daylight."

"Pick my girl up" Mandy said, as she smiled and spun around. "You didn't see me."

"Gotcha" Kevin said as Mandy went bouncing down the steps, still on top of the world. Barely a moment before Shady came out of her door.

"What's got her so happy?" Shady asked in a yawn as she stretched.

"In love" Kevin said as Shady looked at him, confused for a moment. "That Zoe girl, she's crazy about her."

"Well..." Shady said as she smiled. "She finally got her one."

"One what?"

"A Katie" Shady said with a giggle. "Things sure will be different around her from now on I bet."

"Ya think?" Kevin asked.

"Well you're here, so no more knock down drag outs, and Zoe will be around a lot and she has the same effect on Mandy that Katie does on me."

"Good thing" Kevin said as he sipped his coffee. "Place could use some peace and quiet."

"Yeh it could and now with Mom carted off to the looney bin..." Shady said in a yawn again, "'s really nice being home for a change."

"You want a cup?" Kevin asked as he took a sip and watched Katie slip out of Shady's room undetected and slip in behind her girlfriend as Shady yawned again. Grabbing her in a bear hug, pinning Shady's arms to her side as Kevin laughed. Shady started to drive an elbow into the persons stomach before she realized who it was. Kevin shook his head and walked off and disappeared down the steps. Katie playfully kissing Shady's neck as she whispered, "You are my prisoner now Shady McCree."

"You just had to start it early didn't you?" Shady asked as she playfully tried to get loose. "Now you gonna make me pay for holding you last night?"

"Nope I love that" Katie said as she laid her chin on Shady's shoulder. "Do me a favor?"

"Yeh?" Shady asked as she felt Katie's hand move under her shirt and to her abs as Katie said, "Let me feel them."

"That better?" Shady asked as she tensed her stomach up and let Katie feel the muscles ripple.

"Oh wow, I love that" Katie said. "Why don't you ever wear a belly shirt and show those off?"

"Because I'm more of a tomboy than you are" Shady said with a grin. "I don't feel comfortable showing my body off."

"That's OK" Katie said softly. "Tell me something..."

"OK" Shady said.

"What do I think of your body?" Katie asked, "I want you to tell me what I think, or at least what you believe I think."

"Kinda weird" Shady said. "But..."

"Just tell me, it's my own version of therapy" Katie said as she moved in front of Shady.

"You definitely like my abs, I do kinda" Shady said, "And you seem to like when I flex my massive muscles."

"You start looking like those man-bitches on ESPN that body build for a living, I'm gone" Katie said as Shady flexed and Katie smiled. "But that's sexy, you're so perfectly tone. Go on."

"You think I'm pretty, hard to believe..." Shady said as Katie stopped her with two fingers over her lips.

"This is about what I think, not you" Katie said, "I happen to think you're very pretty."

"Overall, your attracted enough to...want me?" Shady asked.

"Yeh Shay, I do" Katie said with a kiss. "So you don't have a models body? Neither do I."

"Oh, come on Singer, you're hot as hell" Shady said, "Why do you think I wanted you so bad that night at the party. God your body just does things to me."

"Who's better? Me or Joey?" Katie asked with a giggle and not expecting an answer.

"You, no contest" Shady said as she kissed a stunned Katie. "Not saying it to get laid either. I just thought you were hot...and now, I know you're a lot more than just a hot body. You're smart, sensitive to my needs, patient, and a million other things that escape me at the moment."

"WOW, thanks" Katie said as she kissed Shady and asked quickly, "How is it you feel about me?"

"I love you...oh shit" Shady said as Katie laughed. "You said it that time without even thinking."

"You tricked me" Shady said with a smile. "I would have said it, might have taken longer."

"I know, I just hate seeing you struggle so much with it" Katie said as she hugged her.

"But I am getting better, right?" Shady asked as Katie smiled.

"You told me you love me, that was a huge victory for you and me" Katie said. "And I do have to ask you something..."

"Oh boy" Shady said, getting nervous.

"No, Shay nothing bad" Katie said as she felt Shady relax, "This evening will you apologize to Mandy if me and Zoe are here to calm it down?"

"Katie I said I was sorry" Shady said with pleading eyes. "This isn't fair..."

"Then do it for me, you love me you said that" Katie said, "Then do this for me...Please?"

"OK, OK, turn it off" Shady said, "You win."

"I don't wanna win" Katie said as Shady gave her a confused look. "I want peace. Between you and Mandy."

"Ohhhh, I just always thought someone has to be right and wrong, you know" Shady said.

"Not always" Katie said, "Sometimes we can both make points and disagree, it's just on this, I really think it's best."

"OK, I'll do it, no argument" Shady said, "You been to good to me, and I hate it when you look at me when I hurt you."

"You always make me feel better" Katie said, "And you more than make up for it. Kinda reminds of that song, See Me Through, by Rascal Flatts."

"Don't like country" Shady said as Katie looked at her strangely, "I don't, and no amount of hurt eyes will make me change my mind, OK it would. But I just don't care much for songs about Mama and her hound dogs."

"No these guys are really sort of pop" Katie said and in a flirty voice asked, "Buy me the CD?"

"You know I will" Shady said with a soft kiss. "I been trying to throw my money around for weeks now and you for some reason like the simple things, like love and cuddling and walking on the beach. Now you tell me who's screwed up in the head?"

"Yeh, what was I thinking" Katie said as she laughed. "We got school, let's go."

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning, that night

"We'll be in as soon as Amanda gets here" Zoe said as Lily stuck her head out the door. "We need to talk to you about something anyway."

"Oh boy this should be good" Lily said with a laugh and then looking at Zoe and asked, "What's different about you this morning?"

"Hair do?" Zoe asked as she flipped her hair. "I stuffed my bra."

"Zoe Manning, you are perfectly normal for your age" Lily said.

"You know I kinda don't worry so much about that now" Zoe said, "Weird."

"Are you moving out anytime soon, cause you sure are maturing faster than I care to admit" Lily said as she saw Mandy's car pull to the curb.

"Go on, we'll be in, we wanna make out for a while" Zoe said with a wry smile.

"You're gonna get it young lady" Lily said as Zoe laughed and saw Mandy getting out of the car and coming up the walk as Zoe slipped her shoes on and spied Lily going into the kitchen. Looking into the glass door, she could see Mandy slip behind her and hug her as Zoe giggled and fought to get loose.

"Help Mom, she's trying to make me a lesbian" Zoe giggled as Mandy rolled her eyes as she kissed Zoe's neck. "You know I kinda like that."

"Morning my girl" Mandy said as she smiled at Zoe in the reflection of the glass door. "Think about me?"

"All night" Zoe said as she began giggling when Mandy pulled her off the porch and behind the bushes in the front yard.

"Me too" Mandy said as she pulled Zoe into her arms. "You still love me?"

"Yeh I do" Zoe said, "But that Sam thing was weird last night."

"She showed up with groping Will" Mandy said, "Thinking you'd get jealous and I dunno."

"Well I didn't wanna hurt her, but..."

"I'm sorry for putting you on the spot, but she's just makes me so mad that I wanted it over" Mandy said as Zoe touched her cheek.

"It's OK, I understand" Zoe said as Mandy smiled. "She's not gonna come between us."

"I been on cloud nine since last night" Mandy said as she leaned forward and kissed Zoe softly, and licking the girls upper lip almost immediately as Zoe responded in kind and began to massage her tongue against Mandy's for a long moment. "MMMMMM I was dying to do that."

"I was dying for you to do that" Zoe said, "You make it feel better than Sarah ever did."

"You know why?"

"Yeh, she explained that and now I get it" Zoe said, "Maybe I should get my own series, call it..."

"Confusion?" Mandy asked as Zoe pulled away and stomped across the yard and back onto the porch, pretending to be mad. Laughing as Mandy crashed into her from behind and hugged her to keep her from falling. "Or how about...I Love Zoe?"

"AWWWWWWW" Zoe said as felt her heart melt. "I like that one, I'd watch it I bet."

"How about just living it with me?" Mandy asked.

"Yeh, and episode one, telling my mom" Zoe said as Mandy smiled nervously and then pulled away and started to walk across the yard as she said, "Let me know how it goes."

"AMANDA GAIL MCCREE GET OVER HERE" Zoe said as Mandy laughed and came running back as Zoe laughed and braced for the charge as Mandy stopped just short and bumped her gently. Zoe rolling her eyes as she led Mandy into the house and stopping at the bottom of the steps as Mandy asked, "Do you like to wrestle?"

"Play fight" Mandy said as Zoe seemed confused. "Nothing, it's something Katie and the bitch does."

"Shady is her name" Zoe said, "Don't call her that please?"

"OK, Shady" Mandy said.

"Play fight? Like you chase me and I chase you type of stuff?" Zoe asked as she opened the door to the front hall.

"Pretty much, it's just something they love doing" Mandy said, "But I'm not looking to copy them, we'll do what works for us."

"Hey love birds" Stephanie said as she came down the stairs. Wearing Jessie's robe with it hanging open and wearing her usual, barely there night clothes as Zoe and Mandy both stopped to admire the eye popping package.

"Hi, I'm Mandy McCree, do you have a girlfriend?" Mandy asked as Stephanie laughed and Lily came out of the kitchen undetected.

"Excuse me?" Zoe asked as Mandy laughed.

"I'm kidding Zoe" Mandy said with a smile as she moved quickly in front of her without regard as to where they where and kissed her softly on the lips. "You're only one I see."

"AHEM" Lily said with a shocked look on her face as she looked at Mandy and Zoe. Stephanie quickly closing her robe and slipping through the situation and practically running off laughing. Zoe froze in place and a million thoughts blasting her mind, some regret, some relieve but confusing as hell she thought. Not knowing what to say or how to explain what her mother had just seen.

"Morning Lily, is the coffee ready?" Mandy said as Lily rolled her eyes and laughed. Breaking the uneasy tension in the room.

"What was that I just saw?" Lily asked softly.

"It was a kiss" Mandy said, "We were coming to tell you, right?"

"Yeh" Zoe said as she felt her body recover somewhat from the shock. "It was a kiss and it's not the first one, or the last I hope."

"But that's up to you" Mandy said as she looked at Lily's still shocked face for a reaction. Getting none for a long moment she went on. "I'm crazy about your daughter, I never planned for this to happen I swear to you, it's just Zoe is the one person in this world I just can't live without anymore. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her. She's my best friend, and sometimes after you've been crapped on enough, the sun does shine on you, Lily she's my sunshine. I adore her and I swear on my heart that I'd never do anything to hurt her. So if there's any chance of us being together..."

"Mom?" Zoe asked as she saw Lily fight back tears.

"Did I say something wrong?" Mandy asked in confusion as Lily hugged her and Zoe at the same time. Then touching both of their faces and smiling.

"I don't know why I didn't see it" Lily said as Mandy breathed a huge sigh of relief.

"So I can see Zoe?" Mandy asked as she bit her lip nervously.

"Please?" Zoe asked.

"After what Mandy just said, even if I didn't approve I'd let you" Lily said as Mandy felt her heart almost jump out of her chest in joy as she grabbed Zoe in a hug and Zoe squealed in laughter and kissed her cheek. And again without regard to who was watching turned her around and kissed her on the lips.

"I love you" Mandy said with her eyes only on Zoe's and Lily watched her daughter's eyes light up like she'd never seen before in Mandy's gaze.

"I love..." Zoe started to say before pausing nervously and looking to her mom, seeing a smile, she looked back at Mandy and went on, "I love you too."

"You two are gonna make me cry" Lily said as she put an arm around both of them and lead them into the kitchen.

"It's true mom, you believe that right?" Zoe asked as her and Mandy sat down at the counter and Lily went to get some coffee.

"Honey, I see it in your eyes" Lily said.

"You know all the things she said earlier?" Zoe said as she looked at Mandy and smiled. "She's like my best friend too. Only more, I'm not to good with words, I just know I feel like she does. I wanna be with her."

"Honey I should have known that from the time you two got me to agree to let you date" Lily said.

"No, no, Lily this is new, this like just happened" Mandy said, "Last night we just talked after you came in. That was us...getting on your nerves."

"We do do that well huh Mom?" Zoe asked as Stephanie spit her juice all over the table, drawing the attention to her as she coughed in laughter.

"That was a...good one" Stephanie said as she laughed.

"I gotta better one for you Mandy" Lily said as she sat a cup of coffee in front of her, "I let Jessie's girlfriend move in, you are not moving in here, no matter how much you beg."

"But Mom..." Zoe said in a mock horror voice as Mandy slipped off the stool laughing.

"Cutie, you got the coolest mom" Mandy said, "I actually like sitting and talking to you, and I can't say that about most people your age."

"You make it sound like I fought in the civil war" Lily said as Mandy laughed.

"Which side did you fight on mom?" Zoe asked, trying not to laugh as she jumped away from the counter as Lily tried to hit her with a dish towel.

"Are you two picking on my wife again?" Rick asked as he came into the kitchen being trailed by Cori and Passion.

"Yeh we are" Zoe said as Rick kissed her forehead.

"Good, keep it up" Rick said with a laugh as he took his normal spot at the table, with Cori and Passion sitting down on either side, like had become the usual.

"Oh, damn, Zo we gotta be stomping" Mandy said as she checked her watch. "Thanks for the coffee and, you know."

"You ready to stomp baby?" Mandy asked as Zoe took her hand and laced their fingers and grabbed her back pack off the floor.

"Stomping with you never sounded so good" Zoe said as Mandy pulled her down the hallway and in front of the steps as cover.

"What was the big rush?" Zoe asked as Mandy smiled and cupped her hands around Zoe's neck softly and said, "I was dying to do this."

Pressing her lips softly to Zoe's and finding Zoe's lips falling in perfect time with hers as Zoe's hands clutched to Mandy's belt loop and pulled their bodies together. Licking Mandy's upper lip before Mandy's tongue met hers and they began to massage one an others in a slow kiss. Moving back against the wall as Mandy increased the pace and worked her tongue harder against Zoe's as both of their bodies came to live like never before in their lives. One of Mandy's hands still caressing Zoe's cheek as the other found it's way to her hair as she tilted her head a bit more and found herself getting completely lost in this girl she had fallen so in love with. While Zoe clutched at Mandy's belt with one hand and wrapped the other around to the girls back and felt a bit of bare skin just above her jeans, jerking her hand away at first in shock and slowly bringing it down again as she realized it was OK. Zoe slowly slid her hand under Mandy's shirt to her bare lower back, as both worked their tongues more intensely against the others for a few more seconds. Mandy pulling back as Zoe grinned and kissed her again softly.

"Sorry" Mandy said.

"No, don't be" Zoe said, "I'm OK with it."

"Those lips are lethal" Mandy said with a grin. "God their soft, I've never felt anything like that kissing anyone else."

"Me neither" Zoe said as Jessie emerged from the top of the steps with a smirk on her face.

"Can't get enough?" Jessie asked as Mandy and Zoe blushed. "Huh?"

"No, I can't" Mandy said pulling a giggling Zoe in front of her and hugging her. "You jealous?"

"Nooo, she's not" Zoe said, "She's completely into that scorching hot girl in the kitchen, I mean...I can't believe I just said that."

"It's true" Mandy said, "Jessie, do you have something on her?"

"No, she loves me" Jessie said, "Not my fault, she's the hottest girl in the state. Maybe 3 states or maybe 5."

"Yeh, can we go?" Zoe asked Mandy with a worried look on her face.

"Sure, see ya Jess" Mandy said as Zoe walked outside. Stopping her on the front walk and asking, "What's wrong? Let me guess..."

"Just all that talk about being hot..." Zoe said as Mandy hugged her and suddenly had an idea as she checked her watch. "You got any plans after school?"

"You" Zoe said as Mandy blushed.  

"MMMM, I like the way you think" Mandy said. "This afternoon I'm gonna change the way you look at yourself."

"How?" Zoe asked as Mandy pulled her along to the car but refused to say what. As she stopped at the passengers' side door and glanced back at the house and was met by Zoe's lips as she looked back.

"I knew that's what you had planned" Zoe said as her and Mandy both laughed.

"Yeh, pretty much" Mandy said as she kissed her once more. "After school...I'm gonna show you."

"OK, I guess" Zoe said as she climbed into the car as did Mandy a few moments later.

** ** ** Meanwhile, later @ The Palace, after school

"Will you please tell me what we are doing here?" Zoe asked as Mandy practically dragged her into the front door of the Palace and soon up the steps as Shady and Katie came out of Shady's room and Katie stepped in front of her and asking "Mandy can we talk to you and Zoe for a minute?"

"In a minute? I need your help..." Mandy said as she pulled Zoe into her room, and then sticking her head back out said, " too Katie. Chill here for a minute."

"I'm gonna change your mind right now" Mandy said as Zoe found herself pulled into Mandy's bedroom and playfully pushed down on the bed.

"Oh so you ready for that huh?" Zoe giggled as she laid back on the bed and watched Mandy blush.

"No, I'm gonna change in the walk-in, and when I say come on, you come in" Mandy said as Zoe shrugged and Shady and Katie came to the door.

"Where's Mandy?" Katie asked as Zoe pointed to the walk-in closet and said, "She's acting weird, even for her."

"Get used to it" Shady said as Zoe laughed, Katie giving Shady a warning look as Shady wiped the smile off her face. "I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to start anything."

"Can I have a second to talk to her?" Katie asked as Shady shrugged and kissed Katie's cheek and said, "Sure, I'll be in our room."

"Our room?"

"You're staying here it's your room too" Shady said as Katie smiled and watched to make she was inside the room before she motioned Zoe into the hallway.

"You have this thing with Mandy that you can calm her down, I've seen it" Katie said as Zoe nodded her head, "I can do the same with Shady, so can you help me get in between these two and settle this stupid fight."

"Of course" Zoe said, "Amanda came over crying last night."

"You know you should think about being more than friends with Mandy I think she likes you, a lot" Katie said as Zoe almost laughed.

"That's right, you and Shady don't know" Zoe said as she blushed and Katie knew something was up with her and Mandy. "We're more now friends now."

"No shit?" Katie asked with excitement in her eyes.

"Nope, she told me she loved me last night" Zoe said as Katie started bouncing around and then hugged her.

"And you?"

"What do you think?" Zoe asked, "Of Course I'm crazy about her..."

"Come on in" Mandy said as she stuck her head out of the walk-in closet and spotting Zoe in the hallway. Seeing Zoe standing close to Katie and grinning as she said, "Keep your hands of my girl Singer, you got more than you can handle already."

"This is true" Katie said as Mandy closed the door back and waited for Zoe. Watching her come through the door of the closet laughing a moment later.

"What are you wearing?" Zoe asked as she saw Mandy in a long black plush robe. "Going for a shower?"

"No" Mandy said as she stepped in front of Zoe and said, "I wanna see how much you trust me."

"OK" Zoe said as Mandy opened her robe and Zoe's eyes opened in surprise as what she saw. Mandy dropped the robe to the floor and couldn't help but smile at the look on Zoe's face as she took in the gorgeous site that was Mandy's body. Zoe tried her best to tear her eyes away as she looked at Mandy's body, clad only now in a bikini. But she saw the smile on Mandy's face and knew she was liking the attention at least somewhat. She watched to her shock as Mandy stepped closer and smiled.

"So what do you think?" Mandy asked with a smirk and knowing the answer by now.      

"Are you trying know...get me too.." Zoe asked as she blushed a million colors a minute.

"No, it's nothing like that" Mandy said, "This is something you needed to see, I'm comfortable like this, I like my body."

"Didn't know you had a tan" Zoe said as she smiled into Mandy's eyes now. "It's beautiful."

"Thanks" Mandy said as she took Zoe's hands and placed them on her bare stomach and felt Zoe freeze.

"What are you doing?" Zoe asked as she felt Mandy's bare skin under her stomach and wondered again if this was gonna end up on the bed.

"This is trust, I trust you completely" Mandy said, "You're hands won't move, and you know why."

"Because if I did, it would make both of us...uncomfortable" Zoe said as Mandy smiled.

"Exactly" Mandy said as she kissed her before she thought. Finding Zoe's hands moving instinctively as they moved their lips in a slow rhythm for a long moment and then feeling Zoe's tongue lick her lip before she pulled away.

"MMMMMM whoa" Mandy said as she backed away and blushed. "That was a bad idea."

"Yeh" Zoe said as she looked away.

"OK, anyway, do you trust me now?" Mandy asked as Zoe looked back and smiled.

"Yeh I do" Zoe said as she saw Mandy hand her a similar looking bikini and saying, "Try this on?"


"Remember you trust me" Mandy said with a smile. "Have faith in me?"

"But this will never fit me" Zoe said as she looked at it again.

"You'll be surprised" Mandy said as she picked up her robe and slipped it back on and pointed to another on the wall and said, "Put that on after you change and let me know when to come in."

"Can you please explain what the point of this is?" Zoe asked as Mandy looked back from the door.

"It'll all make sense, I promise" Mandy said as she closed the door to the closet and saw Katie standing by the door to the room still.

"What are you two doing?" Katie asked as Mandy smiled wickedly and opened her robe for a moment and gave Katie a peak and saw her smile in surprise.

"It's something you can help me with" Mandy said quietly. "You've seen what Zoe looks like now, right?"

"Yeh she's not a little girl anymore" Katie said.

"I'm trying to convince her of that" Mandy said.

"So what?"

"If I can get her to do what I'm thinking about..." Mandy said, "Just say something positive."

"I think that'll be pretty easy" Katie said as Mandy pushed her and laughed. "I told you hands off the merchandise."

"I'm ready" Zoe said as Mandy motioned to Katie to sit down on the bed as she slipped back inside the closet and looked at a visibly nervous Zoe. "Now what?"

"Trust me" Mandy said as she moved in front of Zoe, "Let me see?"

"Fine" Zoe said as she closed her eyes and opened her robe. Mandy almost fainted as she saw Zoe's body, she definitely wasn't a little girl anymore. Zoe heard nothing but opened her eyes to see Mandy in shock or laughing she couldn't tell which. But neither seemed to be good in that moment as she snapped the robe closed and said in a hurt/angry tone, "You didn't have to laugh."

"Wait" Mandy said as she grabbed her as she tried to walk away and hugged her as Zoe fought to get loose till she heard Mandy say, "Girl you are hot."

"Huh?" Zoe asked as she looked at Mandy over her shoulder in stunned disbelief. "Are you blind?"

"I never thought you'd look that good" Mandy said as Zoe smiled, "Zoe, in case you didn't notice, that bikini is a tad bit tight on you."

"So?" Zoe asked.

"That means your body has out grown it" Mandy said as she kissed her neck and laid her chin on Zoe's shoulder. Looking at her now in the full length mirror on the back of the closet door. Mandy slowly untied the robe and pulled it apart and Zoe blushed and swallowed. "Look at yourself, you are so beautiful, that bikini was one I wore last summer."

"Really?" Zoe asked as she smiled and looked at her body in a new way now. "Maybe, I do have something to be proud of."

"You do my girl" Mandy said softly. "How about you trust me one more time?"

"OK" Zoe said as Mandy smiled and said. "How about we get an impartial opinion?"


"Katie's sitting on the bed" Mandy said, "It's up to you if you want to."

"Did she see you?" Zoe asked.

"Yeh I flashed her" Mandy said as both laughed, "I told you, I'm proud of my body."

"OK" Zoe said as Mandy smiled and reached forward and opened the closet door as Zoe kicked it open.

"Hey" Katie said, "Now what's up?"

"You won't believe what Zoe's been hiding" Mandy said as she untied Zoe's robe and with Zoe offering no resistance let it fall open as Katie smiled and said, "Damn Zoe, we should hang out."

"Shut up" Zoe said as she blushed and closed her robe. But having to admit it made her feel a bit more confident in her own body.

"Zoe, you have nothing to be shy about" Katie said as Shady came to the door and her and Mandy locked eyes in a rather cold stare.