Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 90 "Sooo Mean To Me"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"Hey mate" Passion said as she met Mandy at the bottom of the steps with a smile. "Bored, wanna hang out?"

"Joey and Cori run you off again?" Mandy asked as she stuck her tongue out. Prompting Passion to give her a dirty look.

"They're mean to me" Passion said with a pooched lip as Zoe came down the stairs with her jacket on.

"Looks like we gotta a third is that ok?" Mandy asked.

"Really?" Passion asked excitedly.

"We going to the batting cages" Mandy said.

"Batting what?" Passion asked as Mandy laughed.

"Cages, baseball?" Mandy said as Passion shrugged.

"I'll just stay here" She said.

"Nope come on you have to go" Mandy said as she moved beside of Passion said in a loud whisper, "Help me keep an eye on Zoe. I think she likes girls."

"Good thing you're not one" Zoe said as Mandy smiled and both laughed.

"Well I am straight" Passion said with a finger in the air. "Not that any guy cares, but I am."

"You thinkin what I'm thinking?" Mandy asked Zoe.

"Wylan?" Zoe asked with a grin as Mandy squealed excitedly and said, "Keller."

"Any wonder why I love this girl?" Mandy asked as she pulled a giggling Zoe into her arms and kissed her. "Cause I do."

"So you say" Zoe said as Mandy pooched her lip and making Zoe kiss it and say, "Yeh, ok, I love you too."

"Who's Wylan Keller?" Passion asked with obvious interest as Zoe and Mandy giggled.

"He's the sweetest guy in the world and he's gonna love you" Mandy said as Passion blushed.

"I doubt that" Passion said without a smile.

"Girl I'd jump you" Mandy said as Passion looked up in shock, "I would, if I wasn't totally in love. You're hot."

"Thank you, I think" Passion said with a huge blush of crimson red and a smile.

"Hey, I'm not gonna hit on you" Mandy said, "I know you like guys, Zoe and I both still do, I just wanna be friends."

"I don't mind, Joey and Cori do it a lot" Passion said with a shy smile. "Nice to be noticed."

"So you wanna meet him?" Mandy asked.

"I dunno, I'm not good with boys" Passion said nervously.

"Then come over to the other side" Zoe said as she fell against Mandy laughing. "Googling yahoo is fun, huh Amanda?"

"Mmmm-hmmmm" Mandy said as both laughed and Passion looked totally confused.

"How about if we stay until you get to know him a little?" Zoe offered as she looked to Mandy, "We could go to the cages later, right?"

"Cool with me" Mandy said. "Pash?"

"I guess" Passion said without a smile.

"Why don't you just call Wylan and have him come over?" Zoe asked. "Tell him to bring his guitar."

"Guitar?" Passion asked as her eyes popped open in interest and Mandy nodded to Zoe to follow her lead.

"Yeh, Blues guitar, boy got skills" Mandy said.

"I like guys who play guitar" Passion said as Mandy jumped in the air and spiked her pretend football and screamed, "TOUCHDOWN."

"You playing fottball now Mandy?" Lily asked as she came through the front door.

"Mom, I mean Lily" Mandy said as she hugged Lily impulsively. "I have got the greatest guy in the world, can I introduce him to Passion? Please?"

"Yeh Mom he's sweet and he's perfect for Passion" Zoe said. "Please?"

"Why are you begging while Passion seems to be not very interested" Lily said.

"I don't wanna get my hopes up" Passion said as Rick came down the stairs and saw Passion looking like she had lost her best friend.

"What's wrong?" Rick asked as he put his arm around her.

"I got this guy I want her to meet and she wants to I think" Mandy said to Rick. "But for some reason she's just not sure. Can I invite him over to meet you guys? At least we could all hang out and let Passion meet him."

"I think it'd be a nice gesture to our newest family member" Rick said as Passion looked up as Rick kissed her forehead and she smiled. "You're family now kid, whether you like it or not."

"I do" Passion said as she hugged Rick. "Can I meet him?"

"I think so" Rick said as Lily smiled.

"Hey, baby" Mandy said with a flirty giggle, already on her cell phone. "You wanna stomp for a while?"

"With you? I thought you and Zoe were a thing" Wylan asked from the other end of the line.

"Yeh we are she's my girl now" Mandy said as Zoe smiled and knew Mandy was referring to her. "I got another I'm dying for you to meet. Can you come over?"

"Yeh I think so" He said.

"And oh yeah, bring your ax" Mandy said. "You can impress everybody with your skills."

"Oh I'm sure, well I'll bring it" Wylan said. Mandy gave him directions to the place and said to a nervous looking Passion, "He's coming over to meet you."

"Cool, thanks mate" Passion said as she hugged Mandy. "I hope he likes me."

"If doesn't me and Zoe will kick his a....whip him good" Mandy said as everyone laughed.

"Well what do you say we get finished taking the trash out to the curb?" Rick asked as Mandy slipped off her coat as if she were already planning to help.

"I'll help too" Zoe said as she tossed her coat on the rack by Mandy's as they left with Lily.

"Rick?" Passion asked as Lily, Mandy and Zoe disappeared into the kitchen.

"Yeh?" Rick asked.

"My dad, Kile, is always offering advice on what to do" Passion said, "You got any advice?"

"I sure do" Rick said as he put his hands on Passion's cheeks gently and said, "Be your sweet self and don't pretend to be anything you're not. Cause you won over everyone in this house with your spirit."

"Really?" Passion asked as Rick hugged her.

"Yes really" He said, "Why do you think we're going to so much trouble cleaning out the basement? Because we like having you here. You're family now."

"Keep saying that and I'm gonna start thinking you like me mate" She said with a giggle.

"You're right we don't" Rick said as Passion gave him a shocked look and before she could say anything he went on, "I know, soooo mean to me right?"

"Well, yeh" Passion as her and Rick both laughed. "Told you, I already know what you're gonna say."

"Ok if I wait here? I'm already nervous" She asked as Rick smiled.

"Yeh just holler if anyone rings k?" Rick asked as he left the room and Passion sat down on the couch and picked up a magazine and tried to get interested in it, but kept thinking about all the possibilities of what he would look like and if he would like her or not. Being lost in thought for the longest time and not realizing almost a half hour had passed. She was about to turn on the tv, when a light knocking came at the door. Her mind still stuck somewhat in her day dreams about her fictional guy, she absentmindedly opened the door and stared into the eyes of the most gorgeous creature she'd ever seen. Suddenly feeling a surge of confidence she smiled brightly and asked. "Can I help you?"

"Is Mandy here?" He asked.

"Yeh she's here" Passion said. "Come on in she'll be up in a minute if you'd like to wait."

"Yeh ok, you're going to be my company I hope?" He asked as she smiled.

"If you'd like" She said as they walked into the living room and she noticed his guitar case and suddenly realized this must be Wylan. Thinking she was about to get uber nervous she opened her mouth to holler for someone to come in and heard herself say, "My names Passion Molloy."

"Pretty name for a pretty girl" He said as she looked at him in shock and asked, "Are you talking to me?"

"Only pretty girl in the room" He said as he took a seat beside her on the couch. Not to close she noted. She smiled and felt herself about to faint from the compliment.

"Not so bad yourself" She said. "You're Wylan?"

"Wylan Keller I am" He said as he offered his hand and shook hers, shaking her hole arm playfully as both laughed and Passion felt herself relaxing somewhat. "Wylan Keller and the Alley Cats to be exact, my band."

"Will you please play something?" She asked as he smiled and took his guitar out of the case and set up his mini amp on the table. "Anything you wanna hear?"

"What do you like?" She asked.

"How about this?" He said as he played a few chords and watched her smile. Beginning to sway from side to side as he continued to play.

"I like that" She said. "I like guitar guys..."

"What?" He asked as she covered her mouth and blushed at what she had just said. "And just so you know, I like girls with an accent."

"Good thing I have one" She said with a smile and wondered exactly where she got the confidence to say that. "I'm from New Zealand."

"Seriously?" He asked, "I was so gonna say Alabama or Mississippi."

"Yeh right..." Passion said and then realizing he was kidding she covered her face as she again blushed. "...not fair making me blush."

"Not fair that I just met you either" He said. "Where you been all my life?"

"Not here" She said as both laughed. "I don't know how long I'm here for either."

"So, we can be friends while you are" He said, "Always good to have friends who are easy on the eyes."  

"Yeh, so you say now" Passion said with a challenging smile. "I'm sure you have other girlfriends."

"Honestly? no" He said, "Mandy was the first girl I've been out with in a long time. Music takes up most of my time."

"So you won't have time for me?" She asked and trying to make him blush now.

"If you want me too, I'll find time" He said.

"I'm thinking I might like that" Passion said softly and liking the way he was looking at her and only her. She found herself getting lost in his eyes and she could swear he seemed to be doing the same thing. He slowly reached over and touched her hand and Passion felt her heart race and wanted to see where this was gonna lead. Neither hearing a giggling Cori as she watched from the hall.

"Who are you and why are you hitting on my sister?" Cori asked from the entrance to the living room as Passion and Wylan looked over and saw her come closer.

"Go away" Passion said in frustration as Cori giggled.

"No, you gonna introudce me" Cori said with a teasing smile.

"Cori this is Wylan Keller" Passion said.

"You two are sisters?" He asked.

"Yeh for a while now" Cori said as Wylan laughed and Passion groaned and wanted her sister to leave. "We just met a few weeks ago. And I'm very protective over here, Mister."

"Understood" Wylan said with a hands off smile.

"Get out" Passion said as she stood and tried to make Cori leave as Cori started to wrestle with her and giggle. "I'm sooo gonna hurt you."

"You love me and you know it" Cori said as she kissed Passion's chin and saw her sister about faint. "Besides Wylan, Pashy likes girls anyway, so you're out of luck."

"Ohmigod, soooo mean to me" Passion said as Cori laughed and watched Joey come into the room.

"Hi" Joey said as Wylan smiled. "What's going on?"

"Torturing my sister" Cori said as she jumped behind Joey.

"Will you please take her and leave?" Passion asked with pleading eyes, "And I do not like girls that was mean to say that."

"Cori?" Joey asked as she turned. "That was not funny."

"It was a joke" Cori said as Joey took her hand and pulled her out of the room and down the hall.

"I'm sorry about her, she had an accident and she's not to..." Passion said as she tried to control her anger as she looked back to see a smiling Wylan. "...she's just got grapes on the brain."

"I thought it was funny" He said. "She really loves you. Sisters do that."

"But I am straight" Passion said, "Not even the least bit curious."

"Well I hope so" He said as Passion sat back down by him.

"Before one of the eight hundred other people who live in this house wander in, will you play something?" She asked as he nodded.    

"We do a song live that's really really cool called Promise Land" He said as Mandy came into the room with Zoe as Passion looked up.

"How long you been here?" Mandy asked.

"Ummm just a little while" He said as he smiled back at Passion and Mandy saw they had obviously made somewhat of a connection already.

"He was just about to play a song" Passion said. "Is it too much to ask for me to get two minutes alone to talk with him?"

"Meow, kitty" Mandy said to Passion as she pushed her playfully.

"What song you gonna play?" Zoe asked as she pulled Mandy into the middle of the floor with her as Rick and Lily arrived at the edge of the living room undetected.

"Called Promise Land right?" Passion asked as Wylan nodded with a smile directed at Passion and took out his pick.

"You girls gonna dance?" Wylan asked as Mandy and Zoe flashed smiles of interest. "This one rocks."

"Stop chompin and get us stompin" Mandy said as Wylan found the right chord and ripped off the few licks as the room fell silent with the exception of his playin.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, an hour later

"You think we can go out sometime?" Wylan asked as he and Passion stood by the car in the driveway.

"I don't know" She said. "They are really protective over me, being that my dad's still at home and going through a lot of stuff."

"Understandable" He said. "Maybe you can come with Mandy and Zoe one night and we can hang out."

"That might work, but I have to tell them about you" Passion said, "They do care about me a lot."

"I can see that" Wylan said as he glanced up and saw Cori watching from the entrance way. "I think you're sister is a little jealous."

"Cori? I doubt it, she has a girlfriend" Passion said as she followed Wylan's eyes and saw Cori's head suddenly disappear from the door. "She's not jealous, she thinks I'm mad at her."

"How can you be so sure?" Wylan asked.

"Cause I know Cori" Passion said. "We have this bond, we can like read each other's mind."

"Well, call me ok?" He said, "I'm playing tonight at the Club Nash but tommorrow night I'll be home."

"Got your number" Passion said. "Thanks for hanging out and all."

"Thanks for inviting me" He said as he touched her hand and with that he was gone. Driving off a few moments later as Passion started to bounce around excitedly. Seeing Cori walk nervously onto the porch as she watched her sister bounce up the walk.

"He likes me" Passion said as she hugged Cori. "And he is so cute. I think I'm in love."

"You not mad at me anymore?" Cori asked with worried eyes.

"GRRRRRR" Passion growled as Cori smiled. "No, I'm ok, but that was not funny."

"I'm sorry" Cori said.

"You better be glad he still likes me" Passion said.

"I said I was sorry" Cori said as she pulled away and walked off.

"Wait, sis, wait up" Passion said as she got in front of Cori and said, "I was just embarrassed, not mad. I forgive you ok?"


"Honest" Passion with a warm hug.

"I don't know these things" Cori said, "Remember, brain damage."

"You are so not brain damaged" Passion said as she playfully tossed Cori's into her face and watched her giggle and push it away. "And if you say that again, I will be mad at you. Cause it's not true."

"Yeh like you could" Cori said with a teasing grin as Lily came out to see what was going on just as the girls starting pushing against each other and giggling. Passion tackling Cori on to the grass as both laughed and tried to gain the upper hand on the other one. "Can't even beat me up, Kiki head."

"It's Kiwi, grape fruit brains" Passion said as she got over Cori's stomach and tried her best to pin her sister down. Cori quickly leaned up and kissed Passion's chin to freeze her and then holding her lips in place for a second, blew a rasberry in the same spot. Passion squealed as she pushed Cori away and fell to the grass laughing as hard as she could. Wiping her chin as Cori raised her arms in victory and sat up, pain free she noted, and tried to get up as Passion grabbed her sister's pants at the thighs and jerked them down as Cori's eyes went wide with shock and Passion laughed harder and held Cori's pants around her ankles as Cori tried to pull them up. "WOO HOO panties."

"I'm gonna kill you" Cori said as she fell back to her knees and finally got far enough away from Passion so she could pull her pants back up. Blushing 8 millions colors a minute. Passion rolled onto her back and pointed at her sister as she gasped for air in laughter now, Cori pounced and started to tickle her as they again started rolling around in the yard, both squealing and laughing.

"HELLO!" Lily practically screamed with a huge smile on her face as she watched the two. Both stopping and looking up, Cori now on top of Passion as she tried to pin her down, yet again. "How about coming back into the house before you show your panties to the rest of the neighborhood?"

"She's sooo mean to me, did you see that?" Cori asked with pleading eyes and a smile.

"After all the things you've done to her Cori, you had that coming" Lily said as Passion laughed and pushed Cori off her as she jumped up and ran over to Lily and hugged her.

"Thank you" Passion said as she kissed Lily's cheek. "She thinks I shouldn't pick on her too."

"I do not, it was funny" Cori said as she laughed and grimaced when she tried to get up from the grass. "OWWWWWW that hurts."

"You ok?" Lily asked as Cori held her back for a moment.

"Yeh this happened a few days ago" Passion said as she held her hands out, as Cori took them and let Passion pull her up to her feet into a hug. "She's ok right?"

"Yeh, Mom I'm ok" Cori said as Passion grinned and kissed her sisters chin.

"Now what is that?" Lily asked as Passion blushed and said, "It's a family thing, just shows affection."

"Are we going to eat or not woman?" Rick asked as he came out of the house as a large black car pulled up in front. Passion turning to see who it was as Cori put her arms around her sister protectively.

"That looks like Dad, Cori" Passion said as she looked at her sister. "I mean..."

"I know Pash, it's ok" Cori said as if on cue Kile popped out of the driver's side of the car.  

"DAD" Passion practically screamed in excitement as she grabbed Cori's hand and pulled her along to meet Kile at the front of the car. Passion hugging him and feeling like she never wanted to let him go. "I missed you so much, How's Marley?"

"Hi" Cori said nervously.

"Come here" Passion said as she pulled Cori over to her and Kile and said, "Hug him it's ok. No one's gonna hate you for loving him. You love me."

"Yeh I know" Cori said as she hugged Kile.

"Oh wow, I think I'm gonna cry" Kile said as he fought back tears. "You have no idea how much I missed both of you. And Passion your Mom is not doing so good, that's why I'm here."

"OK" Passion said calmly. Cori thinking about all the times Passion had commented about her Mom and how things didn't seem to be to good between them at home and this was no doubt why she was showing so little emotion. "I'm leaving huh?"

"Nooo, please don't take her" Cori said as she pulled Passion away protectively. "I don't want her to go."

"Listen, I'm not here for that" Kile said as a tapping came at the back window of the car.

"Dear me and my scattered brain" Kile said as he went to open the door and out popped the cutest little girl Cori had ever seen. Thinking she looked like a mini version of Passion.

"Mar bear" Passion said in excitement as she dropped to her knees in the grass and held her arms open as Marley smiled and dropping her teddy bear tore across the driveway and jumped into her sisters arms.

"Pashy!" Marley squealed as she hugged her and both fell to the grass laughing. "I missed you lots and lots."

"I love you Mar bear" Passion said as she sat up and Marley turned and sat back against her as Passion wrapped her in her arms. "Missed you so much too."

"Come on get up" Kile said as he pulled Passion to her feet with Marley still in her arms.

"Who dat?" Marley asked as she pointed at Cori.

"That Marley Molloy is your new sister" Passion said as she carried Marley over to meet Cori.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you" Cori said as Marley touched her face gently and said, "You're pretty."

"So are you" Cori said as Marley smiled and crossed into Cori's waiting arms as she hugged her.

"Did you just come to visit Daddy?" Passion asked as Cori and Marley giggled together now.

"No, your mom is not getting better with the treatment at home, so I had to make the decision to bring her here to a hospital in Cleveland, Ohio that can give her the treatment she needs. I'm gonna be in Cleveland for some time to come I guess. Which means you are gonna need to be brave for me and stay here with the Sammler's for me, until I can work out some other arrangements."

"Kile, you don't need any other...whatever you said" Cori inserted, Marley still hugging her around the neck. "We all love Pash now, Dad said she was family he even picks on her."

"They are sooo mean to me" Passion said as Cori giggled.

"I'm sure you've been the perfect angel huh Kiwi?" Kile asked as Cori laughed.

"No but she did meet a guy" Cori said. "He's really nice to Dad, I mean Kile."

"Settling right in are we?" Kile asked. Passion felt as if she could have killed Cori at that moment.

"I think we got her good" Cori said to Marley.

"Yeh we did" Marley said as both started to giggle.

"He's nice Daddy and he came over just to meet me and he plays guitar in a band and his name is Wylan Keller" Passion rambled.

"I feel like I already know him" Kile said with a smile. "Are we making wedding plans?"

"Everyone's mean to me" Passion said as she stomped off across the yard as Kile laughed. Seeing his heart sink a little as Passion wrapped her arms around Rick and give him a pooched lip look. "New Daddy, he's being mean. Make him stop."

"New Daddy?" Rick asked as Passion laughed and Kile saw that she was truly happy.

"Wanna meet my Mom and Dad?" Cori asked as Marley excitedly nodded her head.

"Wait, wait, Cori, bonzo" Marley said as she pointed to the ground at her teddy bear. "He'll be lonely."

"I bet he will" Cori said as she sat her sister down and watched Marley pick up the stuff animal and run back to her arms as Cori picked her back up.

"I thought you was hurt and stuff?" Marley asked as she held 'bonzo' in her arms.

"I'm getting better" Cori said as she stopped in front of Rick and Lily, followed by Kile, and said, "Marley this is my Mom and Dad."

"Hi Cori's Mom and Dad" Marley said with a sweet smile and wave. "I'm so bushwhacked."

"Nice to meet you" Rick said as he poked Marley and watched her laugh.

"Mr Sammler" Kile said nervously.

"Mr. Molloy" Rick said as they shook hands. "I am in dire need of your assistance once again."

"You don't have a thing to worry about with Passion here" Rick said, putting his arm around her. "She's made an impact on almost everyone, especially Cori. We all adore her."

"They been good to me Daddy, really" Passion said as she came over and hugged her Dad. "Don't be mad please?"

"Why would I be mad?" Kile asked and could see the worry in Passion's eyes.

"Because you think I love them more than you" Passion said as she laid her head on Kile's shoulder. "It's just Rick is so nice and Lily is too and Cori, Mandy and Zoe..."

"How many people live in this house?" Kile asked as Passion laughed.

"No, Zoe's Lily's girl, she a year younger and Mandy is her girl...ummm, friend and they been really nice to me too" Passion said. "You should see my big panda bear."

"We'll get to all of that" Kile said as she kissed his daughter's chin. "I do need to talk to Mr. Sammler though."

"Mr. Molloy, Passion is welcome here as long as you need her to stay" Rick said.

"I know that" Kile said, "And now with me in Cleveland I can come down on the weekends and spend time with my girls. Which brings me to my next question. I'm just gonna ask instead of bushwhacking it. Can you possibly see fit to take care of my youngest daughter until I'm able to make other arrangements."

"Hey that tickles" Marley announced in a giggle as she squirmed in Cori's arms.

"It's supposed to boogerhead" Cori said as Marley looked at her in shock. "What?"

"I like you" Marley said as she kissed Cori's chin and smiled. "Will you be my sister forever?"

"Yeh I will" Cori said as she felt her heart beat faster as she hugged Marley and felt like crying. "Forever and ever."

"I don't see why not" Rick said as he looked to Lily. Who smiled and agreed.

"Yeh she's in good hands with Cori and Passion" Kile said as he ran his fingers through Marley's hair and asked, "How about that Mar? You wanna stay here with Passion and Cori for a while?"

"Yeh I do" Marley said as she hugged Cori again. "Wait, where you are going?"

"I have to go take care of Mommy for a while" Kile said gently as she rubbed his daughter's cheek and saw her frown. "You be a big girl for me?"

"I don't want you to leave again, Granny was mean to me" Marley said as she hugged Cori and buried her head in her sisters shoulder.

"See, I told you Daddy" Passion said as she hugged Cori and Marley, "Mean ole woman hates everyone."

"That was your Grandmother" Kile said.

"I don't care" Passion growled. "She hated me for something I didn't do. It wasn't my fault Grandpa died. She was sooo mean to me. I hate her."

"Me too" Cori said as she moved behind Passion and put an arm around her sister's shoulder. "If she was mean to Passion I don't wanna meet her."

"She passed on over the weekend" Kile said as the mood turned somber, "And with no other recourse I had to make the move here."

"I don't wanna talk about her anymore" Passion said turning away from her father. "I'm sorry Daddy."

"I guess some things are just blind to a father's eye" Kile said as he watched Passion hug Cori. "So, Marley, be a big girl for me? I'll come back real soon and your new Grandma will come by and see you a lot."

"OK" Marley said softly as Cori and Passion both started tickling her.

"Where did everybody go?" Joey asked as she came out of the house and saw the collection of people. Her eyes opening in surprise as she saw Kile. "Hi handsome, long time no see."

"Cool it, young lady I'm married" Kile said with a smile.

"So are they" Passion giggled as she moved beside Joey and wrapped an arm around her. "She's like my big sister too."

"Yeh Pashy's like a rash that won't go away" Joey said as Passion groaned. "After a while you have to love her."

"See, everyone is..."

"...sooo mean to me" Cori, Kile, Joey and Rick said at the same time as the group broke up in laughter as Passion blushed and gave them all a dirty look.  

"Anyway, you wanna see my new room?" Passion asked her dad. "Mine and Cori's actually."

"New room?" He asked as Rick explained about the basement.

"It's big too" Passion said a few minutes later as her, Kile, Cori and Marley walked down the steps by the kitchen to the basement.

"Yeh we each got our own bedroom and still got plenty room for a pool table" Cori said as they reached the now virtually empty basement. "Well that is when Dad buys us one. Said he would."

"It's bigger than my whole house" Marley said as she wiggled in Cori's arms, wanting down and going running around in circles after Cori sat her down. "My bed goes here."

"No you're gonna sleep under the porch" Cori said as she chased after her and Marley ran away giggling.

"No, no boogerhead" Marley giggled as she ran to Kile and hugged his legs. Cori followed her and started tickling as Kile couldn't wipe the smile of his face. "Help, new sister is beating me up."

"Hey you started it" Kile said as Cori dragged her away and watched Marley laugh out loud as she tickled her and then kissed her cheek and then blew a rasberry as Marley squealed.

"EWWWWWW" Marley said, wiping her cheek, "Boogerhead slobbered on me."

"It's called a rasberry Mar bear" Cori said as Marley stopped and asked. "What you called me?"

"Mar bear" Cori said as Marley grinned and said, "You not a boogerhead really."

"You are" Cori said as she started tickling her again.

"Take care of those two for me?" Kile asked Passion, "I'm gonna get Mom better and then we can figure out what we wanna do from there."

"I don't think I wanna go back home" Passion said, "People are so nice to me here."

"We have family back home" Kile said.

"Kelly? She hates me and you know that" Passion said, "That was Grandma's pride and joy."

"And you were your Grandpa's" Kile said. "He loved you so much."

"I wish Cori could have met him" Passion said as the sounds of laughter filled the room as Marley and Cori fought playfully now on the carpeted floor. Cori on her back as she laughed and Marley pretending to be a bear as she sat on Cori's stomach.

"GRRRRRRR" Marley growled as she held her hands up and Cori pretended to be scared.

"Be careful Marley" Kile said gently. "Cori's still hurt some."

"I'm ok Dad, I mean, well...I'm ok" Cori said, "Really, me and Pash play rough sometimes and I'm a lot better now."

"Yeh we were wrestling in the yard when before you came up" Passion said, "She embarrassed me in front of the guy that came to meet me and I paid her back..."

"I said I was sorry for that" Cori said.

"I was just telling Dad what happened, I forgive you" Passion said as Cori smiled and laughed as Marley 'attacked', hugging her around the neck as both laughed. Then turning back to Kile she went on, "So I pants her in the front yard, got her good."

"Sooo mean to me Kile" Cori said as Kile noticed her struggling with what she should call him.

"Sooo mean to me" Marley said as she imitated her new sister.

"Making fun of me huh?" Cori asked as Marley got up and tried to run as Cori grabbed her and pulled her back and started tickling her as Marley squealed in laughter.

"Why can't you move down here for a little while?" Passion asked Kile with honest eyes. "Grandma Jean is here, she comes by when she can and Cori is here and Daddy I love her so much. She's my best friend ever."

"And that cute young man you've went on about is here to huh?" Kile asked as Passion blushed.

"Yeh he is and you can meet him" She said, "Rick and Lily said I could go out with him and Mandy and Zoe, if you say it's ok and Mandy is really nice, oh yeah wait here."

"For what?" Kile asked as Passion disappeared into one of the rooms as Marley broke away from Cori and went running across the room.

"Boogerhead" Marley screamed at Cori. "Come get me."

"Hey, Marley look" Passion said as she came out of her room with a panda bear as big as Marley and set it on the floor as Marley's eyes opened and her jaw dropped as she went running at it when she was caught by Cori.

"No fair" Marley said as Cori helds her in a hug. "Please new sister Cori, can I go see it, I love you."

"Go on" Cori said as she let Marley go and watched her hug the big stuffed animal. Cori grimaced as she twisted the wrong way and pain shot up her back, taking her breath away as she tried to get up. "WOW, that one stung."

"You ok honey?" Kile said as Passion walked over and confidently reached down and pulled Cori to her feet and hugged her sister to help her keep her balance.

"Better right?" Passion asked with a proud smile.

"Yeh as always" Cori said.

"Passion, honey, how did you know what to do?" Kile asked.

"She has trouble getting up sometimes and her back kinda gives out or something" Passion said as she laid her head on Cori's shoulder. "Joey showed me what to do. Once she's up she's ok, right?"

"Yeh it's not so bad anymore" Cori said as Marley tried to pick the panda bear up and flopped over as it fell on top of her.

"What's wrong Daddy's girl?" Kile asked with a smile as Marley got back to her feet and punched the bear in the head.

"Big stupid bear is clumsy" Marley said as everyone laughed out loud.