Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 81 "Stay A Little Longer"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"Jessie can I come up, it's Zoe?" Zoe asked nervously from the bottom of the steps.

"Sure I just got up" Jessie said as Zoe appeared at the top of the steps.

"WOW" Jessie said with a smile, "Where did you get that jacket?"

"Amanda, I mean Mandy, I call her Amanda" Zoe said as Jessie moved close and rubbed her fingers on it and grinned and said, "Here let me see something."

"What?" Zoe asked as Jessie moved behind her and searched for a tag and said, "Holy shit Zoe that's from LTI on the mall."

"Yeh?" Zoe asked with a smile.

"That's like for rich people only" Jessie said, "She bought you that?"

"She sure did" Zoe said as Jessie sat down on the bed in shock and said, "She must seriously wanna be your friend."

"It's not like that" Zoe said, "Amanda and me are...I dunno."

"You like her or something?" Jessie asked as she jumped up excitedly and saw Zoe's slowly spreading smile. "You do."

"Maybe, I dunno" Zoe said trying to control her smile.

"Does she feel the same way?" Jessie asked with a huge smile.

"We kissed" Zoe said as Jessie squealed and Zoe laughed.

"You seriously kissed her?" Jessie asked.

"More like she kissed me and I kissed her back" Zoe said as a huge crimson blush covered her face.

"WOW" Jessie said, "I always thought Mandy like girls but..."

"She doesn't really" Zoe said, "See we've double dated a few times and it turned out bad for me and she can't seem to get into this great guy she met named Wylan."

"How bad Zoe?" Jessie asked as the smile left Zoe's face and she lowered her jacket off one arm and showed Jessie the dark bruise on her upper arm.

"Who did that?" Jessie asked as she touched it gently. "Did Mandy do this?"

"What? NOOOOO" Zoe said as Jessie jumped back. "Why would you think that? She would never hit me."

"I'm sorry" Jessie said.

"It was that creep Brian Switzer" Zoe said, "Amanda sort of saved me."


"We went to the park across town, you know that one across from Shay McRae's or whatever that resturant is called?" Zoe asked as Jessie nodded, "Brian was a creep from the first minute we picked him up. Well, Amanda and Wylan, this really cute guitar player from the mall, were up the walk a little and not paying attention. Me and Brian got into an argument over some stupid rumor he claims he heard."

"The one about you and Mandy dating?" Jessie asked.

"That one didn't bother me" Zoe said with a confident smile. "He claimed he heard from someone that me and Amanda were sleeping together and he asked me out so he it with both of us."

"What a creep" Jessie said.

"Yeh and anyway, he tried to get me to do some stuff that I am not ready to do and he was laughing at me as I tried to get away, then I screamed and tried to pull away again" Zoe said as she pulled her jacket back up. "And Amanda came running down the sidewalk and just launched herself at him and knocked him off me."

"Damn" Jessie said as Zoe went on, "He pushed her off like she was nothing, I swear I thought he hurt her. And then he started after me again, Wylan caught up to Amanda, he was like trying to stop her so she wouldn't get hurt, he cleaned Brian's clock with one punch."

"He was trying to protect both of you" Jessie said as Zoe smiled.

"Yeh and that's when Amanda pulled me up and checked my arm" Zoe said softly and Jessie could see the smile return in that moment of pause, "Then she kissed me. And I kissed her back."

"Make a good story, danger, intrigue and a happy ending" Jessie giggled as Zoe blushed. "Not to mention that kiss, huh Zoe?"

"It wasn't like that" Zoe said, "She said later, she did it cause it felt natural."

"Did it?"

"I kissed her back" Zoe said. "I just wanted to tell someone I trust."

"Lily doesn't know does she?" Jessie asked.


"You afraid she won't let you see Mandy anymore after all that?" Jessie asked.

"No" Zoe said without hesistation Jessie noted. "We put her on the spot a few days ago and she said Amanda could ask me out."

"Well" Jessie said in surprise as Zoe looked at Jessie's desk strangely and then looked back at Jessie before walking towards it. Jessie spun around and almost fainted when she saw what caught Zoe's eye.

"What are you doing?" Jessie asked as Zoe opened one of the drawers and pulled out a thong. Jessie felt her heart nearly stop as she searched for a reasonable explanation. "What? Their mine."

"No their not, remember I do the laundry and I know for a fact you've never owned a thong in your life" Zoe said as she held it up and saw the letters 'SLD' printed in black marker on the tag. "So you're initials are SLD?"

"Oh shit" Jessie said as Zoe laughed and watched her jerk them away and stuff them back inside the drawer and cover her face.

"SLD? Stephanie?" Zoe asked as Jessie shot her a look of panic.

"No, of course not" Jessie said as she turned around and hoped Zoe would leave.

"What are her..." Zoe said and then looking at the bed and back at the drawer and covering her mouth in shock as Jessie looked back at her. " two...did...that?"

"What?" Jessie asked as Zoe almost screamed, "You did it with her."

"No we did...ok...we did, but you can't tell mom, I mean Lily, please Zoe?" Jessie asked with pleading eyes. "If you do they'll make her go home and then I'll be...god I'd be screwed."

"Chill, Jess, it's ok" Zoe said as she smiled. "You really did it?"

"We didn' it...we made love for the first time" Jessie said with a proud smile.

"First time?" Zoe asked in confusion, "I know you're not a virgin, was she?"

"She was" Jessie said as she sat down on the bed.

"WOW" Zoe said, "You guys have only known each other a few weeks."

"Zoe, you wouldn't understand" Jessie said as Zoe gave her a dirty look.

"You have no friggin idea what I would understand" Zoe said, "You and everyone else thinks I'm still 12 years old and little Zoe Manning. I'M NOT."

"Ok then" Jessie said.

"Amanda sees that, and so does anyone who bothers to look for a second" Zoe said.

"Ok, fine you wanna know?" Jessie asked.

"Whatever" Zoe said as Jessie stopped her from leaving.

"I'm in love with her, and she's in love with me and she asked me to" Jessie said as Zoe smiled. "So I made her first time really special. And those are sort of a result of it."

"A trophy?" Zoe asked as Jessie blushed.

"Noooo" Jessie said as Zoe laughed. "She just, told me to keep them."

"You are growing up Zoe" Jessie said as Zoe smiled, "We're talking about sex, and you're not giggling or blushing a mile a minute."

"Trust me, me and Amanda have had some conversations a lot more detailed than that" Zoe said as Jessie seemed taken aback by that. "Tell me about it?"

"It was a special night" Jessie said, "That's all you're gonna find out."

"Why?" Zoe asked, "I promise you I won't tell anyone."

"Ok, maybe" Jessie said, "Maybe. But not now cause we got school."

"I'm gonna hold you to that" Zoe said, "One more question?"


"How did you know you were in love?" Zoe asked as Jessie smiled and hugged her.

"You got feelings for Mandy?" Jessie asked gently, "You do, don't you?"

"I'm confused" Zoe said, "And it's a little scary."

"Just don't run away from it" Jessie said, "Go for it."

"She's so cool and I just like being with her" Zoe said as Jessie laughed at the expression on her face.

"You got it bad" Jessie said, "And I mean, bad."

"I never planned to fall for her" Zoe said.

"You think I planned to fall in love with Katie? or Stephanie?" Jessie asked. "No, it just happened. Your heart makes those decisions."

"Yeh I get that" Zoe said as Jessie smiled, "You think you could ever look at me as a friend?"

"I do now Zoe" Jessie said with a hug, "Someone totally her own person. Someone I'd like to hang out with."

"Wanna go stomp with me and Mandy tonight?" Zoe asked, "I'm sure she wouldn't mind, give you and Stephanie a chance for...whatever you want."

"Stomp?" Jessie asked as Zoe laughed and said, "It's sorta of our thing, we say that. Hang out."

"I'm in, I'll ask Steph" Jessie said as Zoe walked down the stairs before she said, "Wanna ride to school?"

"Hell yeah" Jessie said, "Let me get ready...and we'll stomp?"

"You know it" Zoe said with a giggle as she closed the door to Jessie's room.

"Mornin" Stephanie said as she came out of the garage apartment. Zoe's eyes opening in surprise at Stephanie's clothes, more like her lack of. A navel bearing belly shirt and a painted on pair of bun showing shorts. Zoe felt the weirdest tingling as she gawked at Jessie's girlfriend and even though she didn't wanna look she had to. Finally pulling her eyes away she quickly started looking at the pictures on the wall. "Sorry, I know I look like a hoochie."

"No you don't" Zoe said with a half smile and her eyes floating back to Stephanie's bare dark tanned stomach. "You wanna ride with me and Amandy to school this morning?"

"Ok, yeh" Stephanie said and could swear Zoe was checking her out.

"I asked Jessie already, so just meet us downstairs when you're ready" Zoe said as Stephanie smiled and headed towards the bathroom.

"What is wrong with you?" Zoe asked herself as she stopped at the top of the steps and battered herself for liking what she just saw. "God, get a hold of yourself."

"Hey" Mandy said from the second step as she spotted Zoe at the top. "Wondering what happened to you."

"Talking to Jessie about a few things" Zoe said as she met Mandy on the second step. "She's riding with us, ok?"

"Whatever you want" Mandy said with a smile. "I'm not gonna argue as long as you're there."

"What about if I invited Jessie and Stephanie along tonight too?" Zoe asked with a nervous smile.

"So we'll drop them off or they'll hang with us" Mandy said, "And oh yeah, I made plans with your mom for tommorrow night, that Aliens movie is playing at the Classic on Norton or somewhere around there and I said we'd go and it's on her."

"You just think you can tie up all of my nights huh?" Zoe asked playfully as Mandy smiled and nodded her head.

"Yeh I do think that" Mandy said as Zoe again found herself desperately wanting Mandy's attention on her. "And you are not gonna argue with me."

"Poor poor me" Zoe said as she smiled and blushed when Mandy moved closer, both getting lost in the others eyes for the longest time as they talked in an almost whisper as the seconds turned to minutes. Zoe reached down briefly to adjust her shoe and as her and Mandy's eyes met again, Zoe felt Mandy touch her chin gently and bit her lip as she leaned in and hesistated for a moment. Zoe never resisted and finally gave into the thought that Mandy was gonna kiss her, not caring where she was or who could see her. If it happened, it was fine with her, she thought. Before that thought could progress any farther her heart nearly jumped out of her chest as Jessie and Stephanie's giggles could be heard as they appeared at the top of the steps.

"MOM!" Zoe and Jessie screamed at the same time as both started to laugh.

"Yeh?" Lily asked.

"Jess and Steph are riding with me and Amanda" Zoe said as Lily smiled.

"Tommorrow night, be ready about 6?" Mandy asked Lily.

"Looking forward to it" Lily said.

"You ready to stomp baby?" Mandy asked Zoe as she held her hand out and Zoe took it as she said, "Let's stomp."

"Look I know I'm from Omaha, but what the hell is stomping?" Stephanie asked as the other three laughed.

"It's complicated" Mandy said as they left through the main entrance.

"Rick, honey" Lily asked as he came down the stairs. "I've got plans with Jessie and Mandy tommorrow night, think you can keep an eye out for Passion and Cori?"

"Lily are you going through you're second childhood?" Rick asked as he kissed her cheek. "I hope so, I always liked younger woman."

"Have you told Cori yet?" Rick asked as Lily smiled and said, "No."

"We'll tell her together" Rick said as they made their way back to the kitchen.

"Sooo mean to me" Passion said as she pushed Cori, "She's picking on me again."

"And you can't make me stop" Cori said with a poke to the ribs as Passion squealed in laughter and moved away.

"Ok, you two knock it off" Rick said as he stepped between them and sat down. "Cori, we need to talk."

"About what?" Cori asked as she got a worried look in her eyes.

"Is something wrong?" Passion asked in the same tone of voice.

"No, not at all" Rick said, "It's just, we have to start getting you back on track with your education."

"I don't wanna go to school" Cori said, "I'd be scared to death."

"No, no, honey, here at home" Lily said, "I'm gonna home school you."

"Whats that?" Cori asked in confusion.

"School work at home only your mum gives it to you" Passion said as she touched Cori's hand, "It's kinda fun and a lot easier than school."

"How do you know?" Rick asked in surprise.

"My mum taught me for a couple of years" Passion said. "I can help, I know how everything works."

"Well, ok" Lily said as she smiled, "I was nervous about it, but I feel better now."

"I'm still nervous about it" Cori said without a hint of a smile.

"Cori" Passion said as she hugged her from behind. "I am not gonna let you get scared one time."

"Ok" Cori said softly as her smile slowly returned and Lily marveled at the bond she saw forming between Passion and Cori already.

"You're getting better every day I can see it" Passion said as she laid her head against Cori's, "And I'm good at math so I'll help you."

"When do we start?" Cori asked with a nervous deep breath.

"The books and manuals will be here today and we'll get started in the morning" Lily said.

"This is gonna be fun" Passion said as she poked Cori in the ribs and then pulled her to her feet and backed away teasingly, "Come on Cori, see if you can catch me."

"You two be careful" Lily said as Passion backed away and Cori stalked her.

"Come back here sis" Cori said as she reached for her as Passion giggled and slipped away just out of Cori's reach and she backed down the hall. Both jumping when they heard the phone ring. "I'LL GET IT."

"Cori, honey?" Kile asked in what Cori could tell was a panic voice. "Let me talk to Passion, please Cori, it's important."

"It's your dad" Cori said as Passion looked confused as she took the phone and Cori listened and Passion said, "Hi, Dad, what's up?"

"Sweetheart, your mom has been in a bad accident..." Kile said as Passion felt her heart almost stop, "...she's ok though, calm down baby, she just faces a long road to recovery."

"Yeh ok" Passion said as Cori hugged her instinctively and noticed Passion seemed to be remarkably calm, "She's ok right?"

"Yes honey just in a lot of pain and still in the hospital" Kile said as he took a deep breath and went on, "Which means you'll have to come home, and stay with your gramdmother."

"But why?" Passion asked in confusion, "Where are you gonna be?"

"Passion you know there's days I don't ever get home and a few times more than that" Kile said, "So I can't trust you're care to Kelly and you are not staying at the house on your own. So I'm taking Marley to your grandmother's and I'll be picking you up and taking you there."

"Noooo I won't go" Passion said, "She hates me for Grandpa's death. She said so and I don't ever wanna see her again."

"Honey I am sure that is not true" Kile said, trying to remain calm. "You have no choice."

"Yes I do, let me stay here" Passion said as Cori looked at her in confusion. "I love being here with Cori and her family is so nice."

"Passion, no" Kile said as Passion started to cry and laid the phone down and slumped into the chair as her tears poured out.

"Kile?" Cori asked as she picked up the phone. "What's wrong, she's crying."

"Cori, sweetheart, your mom, I mean your step-mom was in a bad accident, a lot like you" Kile said, "And she's facing a long road to recovery, I'm gonna have to leave Passion and her little sister with her Grandmother."

"SHE HATES ME" Passion screamed in frustration as tears poured out of her eyes. "I'll run away I swear."

"She can stay here" Cori said, "Please Kile? I love her so much already and she's like my best friend now. Please?"

"Cori sweety, you are making this too hard" Kile said, "I am doing what's best for Passion..."

"If you loved me you would trust me to take care of her" Cori said in anger as Passion looked up, "My mom and dad would never do me this way."

"Cori Tyler I do love you" Kile said, "You just don't..."

"Then prove it" Cori said in a firm voice as Passion's smile returned, "Let her stay with me step-mom...gets better."

"Cori this is something you just can't understand" Kile said as Cori lost her temper.

"No, you don't understand, she's over here crying and scared half to death of whoever you're gonna send her too and I swear if you make her go through that I'll never speak to you again" Cori said as she pounded her fist on the desk. "And I am not kidding, she is my sister, and I love her."

"Thank you" Passion said as she hugged her tightly, "I love you too Cori."

"Cori...ummmm" Kile said in a shocked to silence voice. "I just..."

"Let her stay..." Cori said in a pleading voice, "My mom and dad love her, she's like a member of the family now. Please dad? I know what I mean."

"You called me dad" Kile said in a stunned voice as Rick came down the hall to see what was wrong.

"Yeh and if you let Passion stay with me...I'll come and visit you for a while" Cori said as Passion went bouncing down the hall in excitement and hugged Rick and asked, "Can I stay with you guys? Please?"

"Honey what are you talking about?" Rick asked.

"My mom, Cori's step-mom was hurt in an accident but dad days she's ok and he wants to send me to my grandmother's and she hates me" Passion said in a rush, "She says when Grandpa died that I caused it, he like drowned when we was fishing and she blames me..."

"Passion, calm down" Rick said as he hugged her, her tears started to fall again.

"Please don't make me go home" Passion said with pleading eyes, "She really does hate me and I won't go live with her."

"Honey I can't make that decision" Rick said. "I mean if I could I would in a heartbeat."

"So if my dad says it ok, I can?" Passion asked with hope in her eyes. "Right?"

"Yes" Rick said as Passion hugged him and went running back down the hall and crashed in to Cori excitedly.

"You talk him into it?" Passion asked as Cori smiled and handed her the phone.

"Daddy, please..."

"Ok, Passion, you win if it's ok with Mr. Sammler I guess for a little while it would have to be ok" Kile said, "Your sister must think the world of you to go to bat for you like that."

"I know she does" Passion with her arm around Cori, "We're real sisters now dad, not like me and Kelly."

"Honey, Kelly..." Kile started before Passion burst in and said, "Talk to Mr Sammler."

"You're staying?" Cori asked as Passion squealed in excitement and hugged her as Lily came down the hall.

"Mr. Sammler?" Kile asked.

"Mr. Molloy" Rick said.

"I guess I am in need of a monumental favor" Kile said slowly.

"You don't have to ask" Rick said. "Passion and Cori are just fine and will be until your wife gets better."

"That Cori really stood up to me for her sister" Kile commented. "She left me really no choice."

"Well, I hope you know that you just made two girls very happy" Rick said, "You are free to call anytime day or night, and I hope this helps ease your mind with all the stuff you have going on right now."

"Well I don't know about eased mind, but I have to do what is best for Passion and I know she's happy with your family" Kile said. "I better go, tell Passion I love her and Cori I love her too, and I'll call as soon as I can."

"OK, take care of your wife, you have our prayers" Rick said as he hung up and turned around as Passion looked at him with a hopeful expression as he smiled.

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" She screamed she jumped into his arms, "Thank you so much. You're my new hero Mr Sammler."

"How about you think about calling me something else now?" Rick asked as Passion gave him a weird look and then looking at Cori as both seemed to be in on the joke and saying, "Dad?"

"How about just plain Rick?" He asked as Cori and her laughed.

"Boring but I guess so" Passion said as Lily got caught up on the events. Watching Cori and Passion hug each other as they giggled and practically bounced off the walls with excitement. Rick and Lily soon disappeared back into the kitchen a moment later as he explained what was going on.

"Thank you so much for standing up for me" Passion said to Cori as she hugged her, "No one's ever taken my side like that."

"I'm not letting him send you to that mean ole woman" Cori said as she hugged her back. "Did she really say that?"

"Yeh" Passion said in a somber tone, "We were fishing and Grandpa had like problems with his ears and he got dizzy and fell in. I was only like 8 years old and I just sat in the boat and cried the whole time until daddy came running down to the creek and tried to save him. But it was too late."

"But what could you do?" Cori asked as Passion shrugged. "You were 8 years old."

"She's hated me ever since" Passion said, "And now I'm tired of crying over her and I hate her too."

"I hate her already" Cori said as she hugged her sister tighter, "No one hurts my sister like that. Bitch."

"Yeh she is" Passion said with a giggle. "She's a huge bitch."

"You're here with me now" Cori said with a smile. "And you are not going anywhere."

"Damn straight" Passion said with a giggle as she kissed Cori's chin and saw Cori's confused look. "It's a family thing, me and Marley got it from mom. Just something to show I love you and I do. More now than ever."

"Lesbo" Cori giggled as Passion pushed her away and walked off, pretending to be mad. Stopping at the kitchen door as Cori caught up to her, she said something that Cori was beginning to adore, "Sooo mean to me."

"Always will be, sis" Cori said as she poked her in the ribs as Passion squealed again in laughter. Her and Cori started wrestling and soon crashed into the wall in laughter and to the floor as Rick and Lily watched from the table with a smile as both Cori and Passion lost their breath in laughter and continued to wrestle.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Upton Sinclaire, main hallway

"You guys hear what happened to Brian Switzer?" Grace asked as she caught up to Zoe, Mandy, Jessie and Stephanie at the lockers.

"No" Jessie said as Zoe noticed Mandy smiling knowingly and wondered what exactly she knew.

"He transferred to Queen of peace down on South Linder" Grace said.

"Good" Zoe said. "You hear why he changed schools?"

"He had surgery last night on a very sticky area" Grace said as she pointed down to her thighs as everyone laughed. "And I heard he won't tell anyone what happened and his parents are keeping him home for now."

"Told you I'd protect you" Mandy said as she turned her back to the lockers and whispered into Zoe's ear.

"What's wrong Zoe?" Grace asked as Zoe's mouth dropped open in shock.

"Amanda is being a perv" Zoe said after a moment's pause as she pushed her.

"Well all I know is, we're not going to state without him" Grace said.

"He got what he deserved" Jessie said as she moved beside Zoe, "Fuck that stupid basketball tournament."

"Is there something I should know?" Grace asked as Zoe gave Jessie a pleading look as Jessie stammered.

"Brian came on a little strong last night with Zoe and I got into it with him and she's kinda of mad at me" Mandy said as she brought the attention to herself. "I am trying to get her to see he's a creep. Right Zoe?"

"Yeh, she's right" Zoe said as she felt her heart begin beating again. "I'm not going out with him anymore and I forgive you Amanda."

"Finally" Mandy said with a hug.

"Well I got class" Grace said, "I'll see you two love birds later."

"You know we are" Mandy screamed after her and pulled Zoe in front of her and hugged her from behind. "Bye sis."

"You saved me" Zoe said as she turned and hugged Mandy. "God you're brain is huge."

"Just good at covering up stuff" Mandy said, "Not that I would ever lie to you though."

"Kiss her" Stephanie barked as Zoe and Mandy shot her a dirty look and a bunch of other students began laughing.

"Well we got class to" Jessie said as she took Stephanie's hand and they disappeared into the crowd.

"Brian so got what he deserved" Zoe said as Mandy smiled and said, "He sure did and he knows now who not to fuck with."

"So you were responsible for last night?" Marissa asked from across the hall. "Cause I know he had to have some reason to be scared for his life."

"What are you barking about skank?" Mandy said as she turned and started after Marissa before Zoe grabbed her in a hug and said, "Stop it, please for me?"

"I'm not looking for trouble" Marissa said, "He tried to rape me last year too. And when I heard about you were going out with him I was gonna say something."

"Why?" Zoe asked in confusion. "You hate me."

"No not really" Marissa said as she looked down. "I know we don't get along. But I don't necessarily hate you."

"Look Princess do you think we care?" Mandy asked with a glare.

"OK, you need to chill Amanda" Zoe said moving in front of Mandy. "That was mean."

"Like she's not been mean and cruel every chance she gets" Mandy said as she tried to stay mad but found herself calming down as Zoe touched her face.

"I know, but let's be cool" Zoe said, "For me? Please?"

"Did he try to rape you too?" Marissa asked as Zoe turned and said, "Not sure what he would have done, Amanda kinda knocked him on his ass and then our friend, Wylan Keller, cleaned his clock."

"You tackled Brian Switzer?" Marissa asked in surprise as Mandy shrugged and resisted the urge to say something. "I'd have never thought...I mean, she was lucky you were there."

"What did he do you?" Zoe asked and seeing the hurt in Marissa's eyes, she knew this wasn't acting or a part of a scheme. "You don't have to tell me."

"He forced me too....ummm you know...blow" Marissa said as she motioned with her fist. "It was disgusting and then he tried to rip my dress off when I was able to get away."

"Whoa" Mandy said, "How can anyone do that?"

"He left these huge bruises on my arm and neck" Marissa said as Zoe lowered her jacket off one arm and showed her the bruise on her own arm.

"Like this?" Zoe asked as Marissa's eyes open in surprise.

"Yeh almost exactly" Marissa said as she started to touch it before jerking her hand back. "Does it hurt much?"

"Sore" Zoe said as she put her coat back on. "But it'll get better, and he got the worse end of it. Scum bag."

"Look I know you don't respect me and care about me" Mandy said softly as she moved behind Zoe, "but Zoe's mom and sister would freak over this if they knew and I'd appreciate if you'd just...well...not say anything."

"Like you're not gonna threaten me again regardless" Marissa said.

"Look, princess, Zoe is more important to me than you could ever know and anyone who hurts her brings the wrath of my family down on them" Mandy said in a sinister tone as Zoe hugged her and pulled her back. "I'm asking as nicely as I can without...I'm asking ok? Not demanding or threatening. Asking, it's up to you for once to be a normal human being and say you'll do it."

"Look, think about it this way" Zoe said to Marissa, "Being on her good side is a lot better than carrying on this stupid fued."

"I only said something to you cause you started with Logan, and now he is scared to death" Marissa said defensively.

"He should be and so..." Mandy said before Zoe cut her off by covering her mouth.

"Let me handle this, ok?" Zoe asked softly as she moved in front of her. "I can deal with this, you're way to upset."

"I'm just gonna be down the hall" Marissa said as Mandy touched Zoe's hand and walked off.

"What kinda power do you have over her?" Marissa asked as Zoe looked confused and asked, "Huh?"

"She wanted to rip my head off like five times already and you back her down without even trying" Marissa said, "I've never seen anyone do Mandy that way, she's a house of fire when you get her pissed off."

"I dunno" Zoe said, "We're friends and she does...I don't know."

"She's in love with you" Marissa said as a smile crossed her face. "She's got it bad for you."

"Go on make your jokes" Zoe said, "I'm trying to make peace here. If you don't want to, fine, then next time I'm gonna let her rip your damn head off."

"No nasty remarks, sorta my trademark" Marissa said, "I'm being serious. Don't you see that?"

"Why are you trying to change the subject?" Zoe asked.

"Because either you don't feel the same or you're just blind" Marissa said, "She's insanely protective over you."

"Friends are like that" Zoe said, "You'd know that if you ever gave someone a chance."

"Look ok, I'm nasty and skanky" Marissa said, "Fine ok, but you seriously don't see it? About Mandy?"

"Well she did sorta kiss me" Zoe said and not believing she had told Marissa that.

"Shit, and?" Marissa asked as Zoe noticed she sure seemed to be interested in her love life all of a sudden.

"Look what's this about?" Zoe asked, "You got some kind of stupid plan to embarrass me with this?"

"Actually no" Marissa said as she shrugged, "It's just you don't see it and I would honestly kill to have someone look at me like that. Boy or girl. I mean boy obviously..."

"Did someone kidnap the other Marissa?" Zoe asked Marissa laughed.

"They might have" Marissa said, "This is the real me, not the barbie doll as Jessie likes to calls me."

"Nice to meet the real you" Zoe said, "You should bring her to school more often, I think she'd have more friends than the other you."

"That wouldn't be very hard" Marissa said. "I've pretty much got the whole school against me."

"You do have skills" Zoe said as Marissa laughed.

"It was nice having a conversation with someone without trading stupid insults" Marissa said softly. "I'm sorry for what Brian did to you."

"You too" Zoe said as she gently touched Marissa's hand, "I don't care who you are, you didn't deserve that."

"Mandy really sacrificed herself for you?" Marissa asked.

"Yeh she came running down the sidewalk like a missile and almost speared him" Zoe said with a smile. "And then Wylan, punched his lights out."

"Wylan Kelly or wait, no it's Keller, right?" Marissa asked.

"He plays blues at the mall sometimes" Zoe said, "Amanda's friend. Super cute."

"He sure is" Marissa commented as Zoe wondered if she really knew him and was gonna ask when Marissa went on. "Brian so deserved what he got."

"Yeh he did" Zoe said, "He won't be doing any other girls like that any time soon I bet."

"Perfect I just wish I could gotten one shot to his balls" Marissa said in anger. "I'm just glad he didn't hurt you. And before you say something, I won't say anything, we sort of are members of the same club."

"True" Zoe said simply.

"Thanks for at least being nice to me" Marissa said. "You might wanna think about what I said. About you and Mandy?"

"Yeh I will..." Zoe said as Marissa walked off and Zoe stood there for the longest moment, wondering if Marissa could be right and then saying under her breath. "...I guess I'm just gonna have to go for it and find out."