Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 75 "The Straight Stephanie Game"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"So we're finally on our first date" Will said as he and Zoe walked a few feet behind Mandy and Wylan on the beach.

"Yeh Mandy finally gave me permission" Zoe said with a smirk as Will smiled.

"You guys are together so much I thought you'd never find time for me" Will said.

"Well, I mean we always make plans with each other first" Zoe said, "I know it sounds kinda weird. But we hangout and she asks me if I wanna go somewhere the next night and yadda yadda."

"I'm glad you have a good friend to hang out with" Will said, "But you think we'll have time to get to know each other?"

"I don't see why not" Zoe said.

"I'm Will Carmiachael" Will said as Zoe found herself being drawn in by his gaze and smiled back as they stopped. "I really do like you."

"I'm Zoe Manning and the more I hangout with you, the more I like you" Zoe said.  

"I heard what happened with Logan in the hallway by the way" Will said.

"Yeh Derrick tossed him like a rag doll" Zoe said laughing. "It wasn't funny, but he deserved it, he's a prick."

"Yeh he's a lot like his sister" Will says, "I live not to far down the street and they've always been like that."

"Logan seemed so cool" Zoe said, "But guys are guys no matter what, but some are nicer than others."

"Meaning me?" Will asked with a grin.

"Meaning you" Zoe said as his smile broadened.

"Have I told you how nice you look tonight?" Will asked. "Cause you do."

"No you haven't and thank you" Zoe said with a sweet smile, "You look really nice too."

"Of course" Will said as he struck a superman pose as Zoe laughed.

A few feet ahead...

"Sounds like they're having fun" Wylan said as he and Mandy looked back. "She's like your little sister huh?"

"Nope" Mandy said, "She's my best friend."

"Oh ok" Wylan said after a moments pause in the conversation he went on, "So, I was kinda surprised to see you come by so soon after we met at the mall, it was a really nice surprise."

"Yeh I wanted to see you again, as dorky as that sounds" Mandy said as she blushed. "I'm not very good at the whole dating thing, it's much easier to meet guys and flirt than try and get to know them."

"Well you already know something about me" He said, "I play Blues and I hear from a little Zoe, that you really like them."

"That's not a little Zoe anymore" Mandy said as Wylan blushed, "She's all grown up, and she's right, I love blues."

"I'll have to play my guitar for you, if you want" Wylan said, "Working on a new song."

"I'd like that" Mandy said, "Something you've never played for anyone else?"

"Brand new" He said, "Instrumental, with a real bluesy feel to it, but I do mix in some elements of classical and classic rock. You just gotta hear it."

"Can we dance to it?" Mandy asked. "Not me and you, you can't dance while you play guitar, I know that. But me and Zoe might do a little."

"I like watching you dance" He said, "You seem to love it."

"Yeh it's like I can get lost in someone when I dance with them" Mandy said as she thought about her and Zoe dancing in the rain for a moment. "It's almost magical."

"You wanna come see me concert and try out some of those dance moves for me?" Wylan asked. "See I'm playing live in a few days at the Heart Broke Lounge downtown and you could come if you want."

"You mean like get on stage and dance for you?" Mandy asked as he grinned and said, "I think it'd get the crowd going big time."

"But me by myself would seem weird wouldn't it?" Mandy said as Wylan thought and admitted it would.

"How about we have a half circle in front of the stage and you and Zoe dance?" Wylan suggested. "You guys sure seemed to have fun the last time at the mall."

"We did" Mandy said. "Is it an over 18 club?"

"Nope 17 and under" He said, "For the night that is."

"I'll be there" Mandy said as Wylan looked back and said with a smile as they saw Zoe and Will kiss, "Looks like Zoe is getting her some."

"So you want some too?" Mandy asked as she stepped closer, "I mean to kiss me, you can if you want."

"Pretty bold aren't we?" Wylan asked as he grinned and kissed Mandy softly. Mandy felt her lips move instictively against his but for some reason it felt weird. She touched his face and willed herself to like it, almost as he pulled away with a huge smile on his face. "That was interesting."

"Yeh it was" Mandy said as she faked an adoring smile and tried to figure out why exactly it had felt so weird. Her mind drifted as she thought about the possibilities. Wylan touched her cheek to get her attention and asked, "I think you're friend is enjoying herself."

"Yeh" Mandy said as she felt a weird twinge in her stomach and turned away as she tried to figure out what in the hell was going on tonight. All of that was washed away in an instant when she heard Zoe's voice, shake her back to reality.

"KNOCK IT OFF" Zoe practically screamed as she pushed Will and walked off. Mandy turned and walked to meet her. "I told you not to do that."

"What's wrong Zo" Mandy asked as she stopped her as Will followed.

"Mr. feely hands back here can't take no for an answer" Zoe said, "He thinks his hands belong on my boobs when we kiss. I told him to knock it off and then he did it again. And I asked him to stop and he starts telling me all the girls do it and some fuckin shit about guys having needs."

"I'm sorry it was a mistake" Will said, "Come on Zoe give me one more chance."

"I'll show you mistake fucktard" Mandy said as she started to go after Will when Zoe stopped her and jumped in front of her.

"Calm down Amanda it's over" Zoe said as she stood in front of her. "He's just a jerk."

"It's ok Zo" Mandy said as she hugged her and glared at Will before asking her, "You wanna just head home?"

"Please?" Zoe asked as Mandy took her hand and said to Will, "You're lucky you're not walking home."

"Great dude, thanks a lot" Wylan said to Will, "You just had to grope the first girl you get the chance to go out with. "  

"Dude, whatever"

"I'll show you whatever little boy" Wylan said as he grabbed Will by the shirt and pulled him face to face. "Let me tell you something, you ruined my night with a girl I like, cause you're a fuckin pervert who can't take no for an answer. She said stop, that DON'T MEAN YOU DO IT AGAIN. And if I hear you say one time, you got needs, I will beat your ass and take you to the hospital myself, punk."

"Get in the fuckin car and shut up" Mandy said as she opened the car door a few minutes later and Will climbed in the back followed by Wylan. "Come on, Zo you grab shot gun. That way happy hands can grope Wylan if he gets the urge."

"Just fuckin take me home, I'm sick of this whiney baby garbage" Will snapped as Mandy got out of the car and pushed her seat up and said, "GET OUT OF THAT CAR YOU LITTLE PRICK I'M GONNA TEACH YOU A LESSON IN RESPECT FUCKFACE."

"Mandy chill, come on stop" Zoe said as she circled around the car and stood in front of her. Backing her away slowly. "It's over."

"He's not gonna treat you that way and then act like it's your fault" Mandy said as Zoe hugged her and stopped her from going after Will in the backseat.

"Chill, ok? I know you're just defending me" Zoe said as placed a hand on either side of Mandy's face. Zoe getting Mandy to look into her eyes, "Let's just take him home so this will be over. Please?"

"Ok, you're right" Mandy said as she looked at Zoe and felt herself calm down slowly as Zoe held her gaze for a long moment. "I'm cool now."

"You sure?" Zoe asked as Mandy smiled and found herself again staring into Zoe's eyes.

"Yeh, I just..." Mandy started to say before she looked away and said, "Let's go."

"You wanna take happy hands home and then drop Zoe off?" Wylan asked, "Then maybe we can get some coffee."

"No, if it's ok I think I'll just take you guys home and me and Zoe's gonna chill for a while" Mandy said as she looked to Zoe, "That cool?"

"Yeh I'd like that" Zoe said as Wylan seemed confused as he said, "Oh Ok, that's cool with me."

The car was mostly silent as Mandy drove, first dropping Will off as he made his exit to a dirty look from Mandy. Feeling Zoe lean across the seat and take her hand to stop her from again going after Will and pulling her back into the car. Mandy slowly driving off as Zoe encouraged her to calm down and Wylan watched from the backseat. Stopping a few minutes later out front of Wylan's apartment.

"Can I talk to you by the door for a minute?" He asked as they got out. Walking slowly up the walk to his apartment, he asked, "What's going on? You acted like you were into me until that kiss."

"Nothing, nothing" Mandy said softly.

"Mandy, you're the prettiest, smartest girl I've gone out with in a long time" He said as she smiled. "But something's off. Didn't you feel the chemistry?"

"No" Mandy said as she felt like she wanted to cry.

"Oh" He said as he took a deep breath and felt a huge twinge of disappointment. "I'm sorry."

"Me too, if I hurt you" Mandy said.

"I've been hurt before and worse" He said with a smile. "Will you still come and see me play?"

"You still want me too?" Mandy asked as her smile returned.

"I sure do" Wylan said, "You are so pretty."

"Thanks" Mandy said before Wylan, "Maybe we can take 5 minutes and talk, you know, who knows the chemistry could be playing hide and seek."

"You never know do you?" Mandy asked as she touched his hand, "You're sweet, can we really be friends?"

"Yeh I'd like that" He said, "Maybe some other hot girl will think you're with me and hit on me."

"Cheating on me already?" Mandy asked as both laughed. "I guess I deserve that."

"No, it's no one's fault" Wylan said, "Just didn't happen."

"You got my cell" Mandy said after a moment's pause, "If you need to talk I hope you'll call me."

"I'm the needy type you know" He said as she smiled and looked back at him and wondered what was wrong with her. If she couldn't have feelings for a guy this sweet what was wrong with her.

"And I'm the feely type baby" Mandy said as he laughed and blew him a kiss. "Bye."

"Hey, tell your friend I gave that punk Will a good talking too, I think he might have learned something" Wylan said. "Bye."

"Amanda" Zoe said as Mandy looked her way with a smile as they drove off towards Sammler-Manning Manor. "Thanks."

"For what?" Mandy asked as Zoe leaned the seat back and relaxed. Folding her arms behind her head and looking at the passing stars through the sun roof.

"For not dumping me tonight when he wanted you to" Zoe said as she looked at Mandy.

"I didn't feel anything for him" Mandy said, "No chemistry I guess."

"So that's why you didn't dump me?" Zoe asked as Mandy turned back down towards the lake and slowed the car as a silence loomed and Zoe thought that pretty much confirmed her last question. Wondering why Mandy had stopped the car and turned it off. Watching Mandy as she leaned her seat back and relaxed too as they looked at the stars.

"I didn't dump you because I'd rather be with you" Mandy said softly as Zoe smiled.

"Me too" Zoe said, "Besides Will wasn't really all that bad tonight, I mean he did grope me but I sorta made a bigger issue out of it than needed to be."

"Zoe, he touched you when you said not to" Mandy said looking over, "No one has that right."

"But..." Zoe said as Mandy took her hand and said, "NO one, I mean no one."

"I didn't feel anything" Zoe said after a long moment of silence. "When he kissed me."

"Nothing?" Mandy asked.

"It was a nice kiss" Zoe said, "I don't know how to explain it."

"Did you feel it with Michael?" Mandy asked as Zoe smiled and said, "Yeh, he was sweet for a while."

"What about with me?" Mandy asked as she broke into a fit of giggles and Zoe hit her on the leg.

"Why don't you kiss me again and find out" Zoe said as Mandy's giggles stopped and she looked at her to see Zoe challenging her. "Come on, see if it works."

"Zoe, you're my best friend and I'm not gonna take advantage of you for a stupid challenge."

"You're not" Zoe said, "I can kiss you if I want."

"If you did want to it would be different" Mandy said, "But you wanna just get me back at me for picking on you."

"Fine then don't kiss me" Zoe said as Mandy started laughing and Zoe soon followed.

"You ready to head home?" Mandy asked as she let her seat back up and started the car as Zoe nodded her head. Zoe laid back against the seat and watched the stars in the sky fly by as Mandy drove towards the house. Thinking about all that had seemingly changed in the past few days, she glanced at her clothes and for the first time in her life, she liked what she saw. What was it, that made her feel different, she wondered for a long moment, with no conclusion coming to her mind, it drifted. To tonight and the date with Will, and the kiss, not to mention the groping. She couldn't help but smile at some of Will's goofy comments and the Superman pose she laughed at till she almost cried.

"What would you think if I said, Will wasn't to bad, besides the groping?" Zoe asked as Mandy pulled up in front of the house. Zoe being surprised when Mandy got out and locked the car as her and Zoe made their across the grass.

"I think he's a creep" Mandy said finally as they arrived at the front door. "But Zoe you're old enough to make your own decisions."

"So you wouldn't drive if I wanted to go out with him again?" Zoe asked.

"I didn't say that" Mandy said as Zoe opened the door and motioned for Mandy to follow her. "I just think maybe you should explore some other oppurtunities."

"Like who?" Zoe asked as they walked down the hall and Mandy stopped her as she saw Lily briefly, before she disappeared back towards the other side of the kitchen, Mandy looked at her and said, "Let's shock your mom."


"Because you look great" Mandy said as Zoe smiled. "Wait, here and walk in when I tell you."

"You always tell me what to do" Zoe said as she stuck her tongue out playfully as Mandy smiled and said, "My wittle dwess up doll."  

"Shut up" Zoe said as she tried not to smile as Mandy walked into the kitchen and spotting Lily and said, "Mrs. Sammler, I mean Lily, I got something I want you to see."

"OK" Lily said in confusion.

"Come stand here" Mandy said as she stood by the counter and turned as Lily joined her and said, "Presenting the new Zoe Manning."

"She look great or what?" Mandy asked as Zoe came into the room and stopped at the entrance and saw her mom's eyes go wide with surprise as she covered her face. Mandy, seeing the proud smile on Lily's face, moved next to Zoe and took her hand as she pulled her to the middle of the room and had Zoe hold her arms out to the side and spun her around a time or two and hugged her proudly as Zoe smiled and hugged her back. "Well?"

"You look....unbelievable" Lily said as she hugged Zoe, "You dressed like this on your date tonight?"

"Mandy picked them out" Zoe said with an arm around her mom, "I'm her dress up doll."

"You are not" Mandy said with a poke to the ribs as Zoe pushed her away. "I did pick it out but Zoe picked the hat and decided she liked them, right?"

"Yep" Zoe said as her and Mandy took a seat at the counter. "Then Mandy had on a pair of hoochie shorts and I made her take them off, not in front of me though, and change to this."

"Mandy sweety, you look very nice" Lily said as she absent-mindedly sat a cup of coffee in front of Mandy, who gladly excepted it.

"Thank you" Mandy said with a smile. "Yeh, Zoe said they were too short, so I changed."

"Just like that?" Lily asked.

"I trust her" Mandy said, "She'll tell me if I look like a skank."

"Skank?" Lily asked in confusion.

"That's means like a street walker" Mandy said as Lily blushed and Mandy and Zoe started laughing.

"I don't get out much ok?" Lily said with a blushing smile as Mandy and Zoe fell off their seats laughing.  

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Jamison and Anita's Marsoon's

"Welcome ladies" Jamison said as he opened the door and motioned for Grace and Sarah to enter. "You both look very nice tonight."

"So do you" Grace said.

"Thank you" He said smiling casually, "Would you come in please? Anita will be along in a while, she's still worrying over dinner."

"So what's the news?" Sarah asked as they followed him into his den and took a seat in the love seat in the corner as he pulled up a chair and sat down opposite them.

"Well, I spent nearly three hours working the phone and finally I was able to verify the identity of a person who has great interest in your building" Jamison said, "He's gonna get back in contact with me and we'll start negiotations as soon as you have your lawyer review this document."

"What's this?" Sarah asked as she took the paper.

"Legal jargon" Jamison says, "but it basically says you retain me as your chief negiotator in this business transaction. Have your lawyer review and he should be able to explain it all. Don't sign it until you do though."

"Thanks" Sarah said as she looked back to Grace, "Ole long name will love this."

"You're crazy" Grace said as Sarah smiled and just had to say, "Only about you."

"ok, ok, enough of the mush" Jamison said as Sarah and Grace laughed. "Have you thought anything about a place to live once you sell your current building?"

"No not really" Sarah said and had the feeling of how fast this was suddenly moving. "I haven't decided for sure I wanna sell it yet."

"That 7 or 8 figure check will change that pretty little mind I bet" Jamison said. "And you should know that just around the corner is a small but nice little cottage house that would be perfect for you two lovebirds."

"Small?" Grace asked.

"Well it has two bedrooms, two baths, a nice size kitchen, living room is plus size, plush carpet wall to wall and a pool in the back" Jamison said, "I seriously think you would like it, it's all one level, I think it's 18 hundred square feet. Anita dear, how large was the cottage around the corner?"

"2000 square feet was it?" Anita asked as she came into the den and took a seat beside Jamison. "Why?"

"He's trying to sell us on it" Sarah said as she grinned at Jamison.

"Oh what a sweet idea" Anita said to Jamison. "Be so nice to have some younger neighbors to socialize with."

"I sure wouldn't mind living down here" Grace said off-handedly.

"Seriously?" Sarah asked. "I was thinking the same thing."

"That way you could be near you're dad and we already have friends" Grace said as Jamison and Anita smiled, "No red flags I can see."

"You know if you took that last class you'd be able to graduate with me" Sarah said, "In January."

"That's a lot more work" Grace said as Sarah took her head.

"And you know, I'll help you" Sarah said. "We got a lot to talk about don't we?"

"Ok, enough business and life changing decisions talk, I have a meal on the table to die for" Anita said as she rose, "So you better be hungry and I don't wanna hear not one word of protest."

"You heard her ladies, shall we?" Jamison said with a sweet smile as he followed Sarah and Grace into the dining room.  

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Casa De August, West Lafayette, Indiana

"What a morning to be alive" Jessie said as she rose from the bed and made a mental note of just how beautiful the sunlight seemed to look as it streamed in through the window on to the bed. Smiling, she headed into the bathroom and enjoyed the peace of the early morning, grabbing a cold glass of juice from the kitchen and then heading outside. She noticed immediately that the hummer was gone and wondered where exactly, August and most likely Karen had ran off to this early. Leaning against the post at the far end of the porch and just stairing off into the distance, she sipped on the juice and thought about her mom's reaction to her and Stephanie's annoucement the previous day. Getting excited again, as she remembered Karen's news about the baby. "I'm gonna be have a little sister, I hope it's a girl."

"Mornin'" Stephanie said as she came out of the cracking screen door, in what Jessie knew had to be the tightest fitting night clothes in history. The shirt barely contained her breasts and showed off all of her flat tanned, and oh sexy stomach and those shorts should be illegal, Jessie thought as she sat her juice down. Stephanie stretched as Jessie watched her bend back and seen just how tight the shorts were, not to mention short. Barely covering her cheeks as Jessie found herself almost drooling before realizing this incredible creature was her new...well, she was in love with her. "I said, Mornin'."

"Sorry, a little too busy gawking to say anything" Jessie said with a playful smile as Stephanie sure seemed to enjoy the attention. "Mornin' sexy."

"Like what you see?" Stephanie asked as Jessie nodded her head and agreed she did. "You gonna come over here and do something about it?"

"You're inviting me?" Jessie asked as Stephanie smiled. "But that sounds like a invite to do more than you've been known to do Stephanie Lynn Dimitri."

"Well, this is true, I don't really like girls" Stephanie said as she took a step or two and leaned against the post by the steps and looked at Jessie. "But you're basically undressing me with your eyes, so what's a girl to do?"

"Well, you are almost naked now" Jessie said as Stephanie shrugged playfully. "Not that I'm complaining, but it is really fair to tease me like this?"

"What do you mean tease?" Stephanie asked.

"You know I like girls" Jessie said and relishing the fact that she got to play such a delicious game with this girl.


"Well look at you" Jessie said, "How can I be expected to keep my hands to myself if you gonna dress like that?"

"So you saying it's unfair?" Stephanie asked as she too was loving the little game.

"Yeh, straight girls shouldn't be allowed to tease me like this" Jessie said with smile. "I'm a very delicate flower, but when I am forced to look at this, I might just lose control and..."

"What?" Stephanie asked as she purposely moved a step or two forward. "Try to get me to do things? Talk me into kissing you?"

"Oh yeah like you would" Jessie said, selling her 'sure you will' look perfectly Stephanie thought. "See more teasing."

"Well if you keep telling me how sexy I am, I might be forced too..." Stephanie said with a knowing grin. " things to me."

"Like for instance..." Jessie said as Stephanie took another step forward, " beautiful?"

"Yeh but what's beautiful about me?" Stephanie asked as she leaned against the post now only a few feet away from Jessie and giving her a look that made Jessie want to scream.

"Let's start with those gorgeous buns" Jessie said as she leaned to the side to try to catch a look at Stephanie's butt.

"You mean these?" Stephanie asked as she turned and made sure Jessie was looking directly at her butt and patted her hand softly on each cheek one at a time. Loving the look of awe on Jessie's face and her mind reeling at how much it turned her on to have a girl look at her this way, when just a few months ago it didn't appeal to her at all. "Are they as beautiful as you thought?"

"MMMMMMMM damn, even more so" Jessie said as Stephanie turned back around.

"What else?" Stephanie asked.

"That flat..tanned...stomach" Jessie said slowly as Stephanie looked down and admired it as she stroked her hand across it. "So...fuckin hot."

"Never thought of it that way" Stephanie said playfully. "Anything else?"

"Gorgeous legs" Jessie said, "Tanned too, you know a good tan just...well makes me wanna do things."

"HMMMMMMMM really?" Stephanie asked as she moved next to Jessie and stretched one of her legs out on the railing as Jessie watched. "I didn't know you liked a girl with a"

"Just does something to me" Jessie said as she playfully touched a finger to Stephanie's out stretched leg and felt her push it away.

"I don't think so" Stephanie said.

"Oh come on, just one little touch?" Jessie asked in a perfect whimper. "You're so sexy and beautiful."

"I maybe could be convinced to let you" Stephanie said as she put her leg down and stepped directly in front of Jessie, "but tell me something first."

"Ok" Jessie said as her eyes met Stephanie's.

" the world..." Stephanie said in a deliberate tone, "...have you...Jessie Sammler...went this entire time...without...kissing me?"

"MMMMMMMM I have no idea" Jessie said as both smiled and kissed softly as Jessie pressed her body to Stephanie's, running her fingers through the girls hair as their lips fell into a soft gentle rhythm. Stephanie sliding one hand under Jessie's robe and finding a little bare skin at the bottom of her night shirt, she stroked her hand across the skin as her arm circled around to Jessie's back as she licked the girls upper lip. Jessie found Stephanie's tongue with her own and began to massage hers with Steph's, feeling her body come alive with the gentle touch of fingers on her bare lower back now. Moaning softly into Stephanie's mouth and feeling herself get more and more lost in this girl's kiss. Stephanie held onto the railing with her other hand as she could almost feel her knees weaken at the sensations this gentle frenching was causing in her body. Jessie's fingers clutched into a fist in Stephanie's hair as their bodies mashed into the others and their tongues massaged harder agasinst the other's in a desperate attempt to intensify the sensations each were experiencing. Stephanie released the railing and cupped her hand gently to the back of Jessie's neck as she kissed her with more passion, clutching at the back of her shirt now as she pulled her tighter. Jessie's other hand moved to Stephanie's lower cheek as she no longer cared about stopping. Stephanie had one last thought cross her mind about not letting this go to far, but as they parted suddenly, she saw Jessie's adoring smile and kissed her again. Wanting desperately to have Jessie take her in that moment or the next few as her body burned with desire now.

"Whoa, wow" Jessie said as she swallowed hard and breathed ragid as she stopped. "Slow down, I can't do this much more without wanting to go all the way."

"You remember what I said?" Stephanie said as she touched Jessie's face and kissed her softly, before Jessie could reply and drawing her into another slow soft kiss. Licking her tongue at Jessie's and almost smiling when she felt Jessie's meet hers again. Massaging each other's tongue again as Jessie's mind went blank with her previous worries as she moved her other hand into Stephanie's hair and let Stephanie lead her this time. Their lips in a perfect rhythm that kept increasing in it's pace as again their tongues worked to increase the pleasure of the moment. Stephanie again was the one to pull away as she took Jessie's hand and pulled her along as she walked backwards to the door.

"Wait, Steph, no" Jessie said as Stephanie stopped and met her. Wrapping her arms around Jessie and kissing her again. Jessie this time managed not to get lost in her embrace as she pulled away and said, almost out of breath, "Mom, and August, we can't."

"Gone, picnic, Brown County" Stephanie said as she kissed her again and opened the screen door as she smiled and pulled Jessie inside. "You're gonna make love to me Jessie Sammler."

"I am?" Jessie asked as they stopped again just inside the door and crashed roughly against the wall in another passion filled kiss. Jessie's hands almost instictively going into Stephanie's hair as her lips followed Stephanie's lead as they seemed to be increasing the pace of the rhythm at every turn. Jessie being the one this time to lick Stephanie's lip and search for her tongue as she kissed her with no thought as to having to stop. Stephanie returned the favor and met Jessie's tongue as she stroked her hands up to Jessie's shoulder and pushed her robe down as the kiss broke with Jessie's disgarding of the robe. "You sure about this?"

"Positive, I love you" Stephanie said as she pulled Jessie's shirt now up her stomach and seeing Jessie's adoring smile as she raised her arms willing and let Stephanie lift it over her head. Playfully throwing it aside as it landed on the floor and then Jessie figured it was her turn as she stood clad in only a bra and shorts.

"And I love you too" Jessie said as she watched for Stephanie's approval as she raised the girls shirt.

"It's ok Jess, I want you to" Stephanie said with a gentle lingering kiss, that left Jessie panting for more. Pulling back Jessie skinned Stephanie's shirt over head and found she wasn't wearing a bra.

"WOW" Jessie said as she dropped the shirt and smiled as Stephanie seemed to be loving the attention she was getting. "UMMMMM...You just took my breath away."

"I want you to take something else away" Stephanie said with a dazzling smile as she pressed her body to Jessie's and kissed her softly again. "You do want too?"

"Ever bit as much as you do" Jessie said as she kissed her again softly. Neither hearing the slow cracking sound of a car coming up the gravel covered driveway quietly as they again crashed against the wall, getting even more lost in the other as desire and passion began to overtake both of them. Jessie's mind reeled for a moment in panic as she thought she had heard something like a car door slamming, but as she broke the kiss to look she found Stephanie take her hands and pull her down the hall a few feet. Stopping once again, Jessie's back now to the door, as she fell willingly back into Stephanie's arms and kissed her as the previous thought of panic washed from her mind. A hesistant set of shoes advanced up the walk, seemingly nervous as Jessie's tongue found Stephanie's again and her hands went back into the girls hair as the passion seemed to be a ticking timebomb just begging for release. The clicking of foot steps on the porch did nothing to distract the twosome just a few feet inside the door. A light knocking did neither as they seemed to be completely oblivious to the sounds of all other things as there tongues worked now against the others in a much harder massage as Stephanie reached for and fumbled with Jessie's bra as she tried to undo the velcro holding it across her back. In a moment neither would ever forget, Stephanie broke the kiss to infact focus on the task at hand as Jessie giggled. Then watching her would be lover's eyes go wide with shock and disbelieve as she screamed, "OH MY GOD!"

To be Continued....