Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 76 "Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"KYLE RAYMORE?" Stephanie screamed in disbelief as she stared at the door and Jessie looked to see a guy standing in the door with an equally as shocked look on his face. "WHAT IN THE FUCKING HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE YOU SCUM?"

"ME? What the hell are you doing with this girl?" Kyle asked in shock as Jessie scrambled to pick up Stephanie's shirt and covered her chest a moment later.

"I WAS FUCKING KISSING HER, WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE?" Stephanie screamed in a rage as Jessie stepped in front of her and placed her hands on either side of Stephanie's face and making the girl look at her.

"Look at me, calm down, you're gonna have a panic attack" Jessie said soothingly as she saw the fire in Stephanie's eyes and her rage seemed to calm. "SHHHHHH, calm down your in my arms now, he's not gonna hurt you again."

"Yeh I can see that, since when are you a dyke?" Kyle asked as Stephanie tried to break free from Jessie.

"No, no, calm down" Jessie said as she held her. Looking back as best she could she told Kyle, "GO THE FUCK OUTSIDE, ASSHOLE. NOW."

"You don't tell me what to do" He said as the screen door slammed behind him as he stepped in.

"Put your shirt on" Jessie said as Stephanie turned her back and slipped it on. Jessie spotted August's softball bat in the corner and picked it up as Kyle stumbled backwards as he saw her turn. "I SAID GO OUTSIDE. ASSHOLE."

"I hate him" Stephanie said as Kyle made his way out the cracking screen door with eyes trained on Jessie and her bat and then leaving the porch and stopping in front of his car. Jessie quickly picked her shirt up and put it back on as Stephanie began to cry and leaned back against the wall and sobbed louder, "I FUCKIN HATE YOU."

"Me or him?" Jessie asked in confusion.

"Him, god him, how could it be you?" Stephanie asked as she hugged Jessie, "I love you so much."

"It's just the way you said and looked at me it confused me" Jessie said, "I love you too. Want me to make him leave?"  

"Nooo" Stephanie said, "I'm gonna tell him everything I've wanted to since I left Omaha."

"You sure?"

"Positive, I'm OK I can feel my hands again" Stephanie said as her and Jessie laughed. "You wait at the door, please, that way maybe you'll get enough time to use that bat when I'm done."

"36 inches, 23 ounces" Jessie said looking at the knob of the bat. "My new friend easton is a nice guy and I know how to swing it."

"Be my first girlfriend?" Stephanie asked with a kiss.


"Yeh, that way I can tell him you are" Stephanie said, "And won't have to lie."

"So it's to get back at him?" Jessie asked with a playful expression as Stephanie giggled. "Yeh I will."

"I love you" Stephanie said.

"I love you too" Jessie said as she followed her to the door and watched Stephanie march down the steps and confront her ex.

"You got 1 minute asshole to tell me what in FUCKIN HELL you are doing here" Stephanie said as she stopped a few feet away from him.

"Steph calm down, I'm sorry about walking in on you and your little dyke friend" Kyle said, "When did this happen?"

"That is my girlfriend you fuckin BASTARD" Stephanie said, "And if you know what's good for you, you won't call her names anymore."

"GEEZ, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, calm down a little" He said, "What crawled in your panties and died?"

"You walked in on a very private moment between me and her" Stephanie said as she tried to control her anger, "You always screwed up everything you ever did. You couldn't even buy me a simple Valentine's day card that made any sense, and too fuckin cheap to buy me a rose for the day. Hell, forget about a box of candy. Is 15 dollars to much to FUCKIN SPEND ON ME? HUH? I bet that god damn whore you left me for got the same treatment huh? You dump her for some other whore yet? Huh? ANSWER ME YOU PIECE OF SHIT."

"WOW" Kyle said in shock as he fell back against the car. "God, you really hate me."

"Nooooo you think?" Stephanie asked, "You just fucked around on me for the better part of a year with EVERY WHORE IN OMAHA. You are so damn right, I FUCKIN HATE YOU. DID YOU HEAR ME?"

"Yeh I get it now" Kyle said, "This ones not gonna be easy to fix."

"There is no fix for this" Stephanie said as she motioned with her finger from herself to him. "I am so through with your cheating, your mind games, and your lies. All of it, will never happen again. Cause I found someone who loves me honestly."

"Oh come on, I admit I cheated once with that blond at the car wash" Kyle said, "But what lies? I never played any mind games."

"You tried your best to convince me it was my fault you had to cheat" Stephanie said with tears in her eyes. "Because I wanted to save myself to make sure we were in love."

"We were in love and I still am" Kyle said as he attempted to touch her face and found his hand being smacked away.

"Don't you EVER touch me again" Stephanie said in a menacing tone. "You'll be going home in a ambulance."

"OK OK, I'm sorry, a little touchy huh?" Kyle asked, "We both know you fight like a girl Steph so don't make threats you can't back up."

"I'LL BACK IT UP" Jessie screamed from the porch as she showed him her softball bat. "You were saying?"

"I didn't come for trouble" Kyle said as Jessie gripped the bat now in her hands.

"Then you better leave" Stephanie said, "Cause if she comes after you I'm gonna do nothing to stop her."

"I know how to use it too" Jessie said.

"Come on, we were just getting past some of the stuff in our past" Kyle said, "Then you had to butt in."

"She can butt in anytime she wants" Stephanie said, "Cause unlike you, she loves me honest."

"I don't understand how you go from being straight to carpet muncher in just a few months" Kyle said with bitterness in his voice.

"Dating you had that effect on me" Stephanie said as Jessie fell back against the post laughing.

"You turned her gay shit head" Jessie said as Stephanie started to laugh as well. "Thanks."

"Bull shit I bet you can't even get her semi-hot when you're trying your best" Kyle spat towards Jessie in anger.

"No that's you, ole wood tongue" Stephanie said, "For your information, I was half way to losing my virginity to her."

"Holy shit" Kyle said as his face showed his utter disbelief. "You were...gonna...for the first time?"

"Yes I was" Stephanie said.

"You were with me for a year and you wouldn't let me go to second base" Kyle said, "What the hell? Has she brainwashed you? You on drugs."

"One more comment and me and my friend easton are gonna..." Jessie started as Stephanie came onto the steps and kissed her softly on the lips and pulling Jessie to her arms as Jessie's lips fell in time with hers. Stephanie licking Jessie's upper lip and begging for her girlfriend to return the favor as their tongues began to massage the others. Jessie knew Stephanie wanted to make a show out of this and she had to admit she kinda liked it. Pulling away Stephanie smiled and kissed Jessie once more as they massaged tongues once more briefly before parting a second time. "MMMMMMMM damn."

"Well...OK then" Jessie said as Stephanie laughed and both smiled. Turning back to Kyle, Stephanie glared at him.

"You see that Kyle?" Stephanie asked. "That's how you kiss someone you love."

"I think I know that" Kyle said as Stephanie laced her fingers with Jessie's and pulled her beside her as she moved back in front of Kyle. "I'm not brainwashed, you tried that. I've gotten drunk a few times yeh, but that was to try and feel good after I had another meeting with you on Yahoo or one of your wonderful phone calls. But right now, I am stone cold sober."

"Right, well how do you explain that weird twinkling thing going on in your eyes?" Kyle asked as Jessie had Stephanie turn and looked at her. "Looks like to me you're on drugs. Cause your eyes never did that when you were with me."

"I've seen that look every day for the last week or so" Jessie said as Stephanie smiled and looked back to Kyle.

"That's because I never loved you" Stephanie said to Kyle with a cold, deadly serious tone to her voice. "And if you had treated me right, I'd still be in Omaha with you. Instead of here with her. Thank you for being such a complete piece of shit. Cause, now I'm happy. Really happy, not cry myself to sleep, fake happy. You know the way I was with your pathetic ass."

"Me too" Jessie said.

"You know I haven't cried myself to sleep one time since we got together?" Stephanie said as she moved in front of Kyle. "You made me cry every night. You broke my heart in a million pieces. I wanted to love you with all my heart. I wanted to have your kids and live in a house like my mom and dad and do everything people do who are in love. But you fucked that up, not me. When she holds me it feels so good, she kisses me I melt, she walks into the room and I smile..."

"Damn" Kyle said as he took all of this in.

"...she tells me loves me I feel ten feet tall and bulletproof, I would walk over hell and half of Texas to see this girl smile. Why? You wanna know why? It's not sex, it's about the way she feels about me. She loves me with all her heart, How do I know? Cause I feel it when she touches me. I feel it in her kiss, I feel it in every part of my body. And you say I can't feel desire for her? God you are so retarded, she makes me feel like I'm an inferno. You never got past small brush fire, even if that. Cause all you ever wanted was my FUCKIN PUSSY."

"Calm down Steph" Jessie said finally as she pulled her away.

"I guess I got my answer" Kyle said as he walked around the car.


"I come a thousand miles to get my heart broke I guess" Kyle said as he got into the car. Stephanie crying now in Jessie's arms.

"GOOD, I HOPE YOUR FUCKIN HEART IS BROKE" Stephanie screamed as she took the bat in a rage and slammed it into one of his headlights as panic set in and he tried in vain to start the car. "I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU. DO YOU HEAR ME NOW YOU SON OF A BITCH?"

Kyle finally got the keys into place and started up the car as Stephanie smashed the bat into the car again, as he backed out as fast as he could. Stephanie started walking after the car, tears streaming down her face.

"STEPHANIE STOP!" Jessie screamed as she went after her as Kyle disappeared down the driveway and Stephanie dropped the bat and fell to her knees crying.

"It's OK, it's over, he's gone" Jessie said as she pulled Stephanie to her feet and hugged her from behind. Holding her for the longest time as she cried and laid her head on Jessie's shoulder and breathed a sigh of relief. "You broke his heart."

"I hope I did" Stephanie said as she turned and looked at Jessie, "Do I still get to be loved by you?"

"Yes, yessss, yessss" Jessie said as Stephanie smiled. "Yes I still love you."

"Don't ever stop OK?" Stephanie asked. "I'm scared to death, I'm so in love with you."

"I am too, scared to death" Jessie said, touching her face gently. "And I am so in love with you."

"You think you're mom, I mean Lily would let me stay in the garage apartment for a while?" Stephanie asked Jessie look shocked, "And we can be together."

"Yeh, she will I know it" Jessie said as she kissed her softly. "You would move to Chicago for me?"

"Yes I will" Stephanie said, "I told Uncle August I was thinking about it."

"What did he say?"

"He said for a couple of months until the construction is done" Stephanie said, "And then I want you to move down here with me."

"OK" Jessie said, "Anything for you."

"Does that sound OK?" Stephanie asked.

"Yeh it does" Jessie said honestly. "Mom and my no doubt soon to be step-dad are gonna need some help with your new cousin and my new baby sister or brother."

"Your mom is already home Jess" Stephanie said, "And in a couple of months we'll be a family."

"MMMMMMM sissy loving?" Jessie asked as Stephanie started laughing as she took Jessie's hand and lead her back towards the house.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Upton Sinclaire, the next morning...

Mandy came out of last period and smiled as she saw Zoe down the hall, her back turned, stuffing books in her locker one at a time from her backpack. Laughing to herself as she moved closer and watched Zoe not exactly paying attention to anyone or anything, she moved behind her. Touching her ear on one side and jumping to the other side to avoid detection as Zoe looked around in confusion. Suddenly feeling someone hug her from behind and hearing Mandy's giggles as she said, "Hey cutie."

"Scare me to death, Amanda" Zoe said as she looked back at Mandy's smiling face. Feeling Mandy's hand slide across her flat stomach as she released her, Zoe hated to admit it, but she did like it, at least a little.

"What's up?" Mandy asked as she leaned against the locker. "Sorry if I scared you."

"If I didn't like you so much I'd be mad" Zoe said as she poked Mandy in the stomach.

"Well lucky me" Mandy said as she noticed Zoe was wearing the same clothes as last night. "I got a hot girlfriend."

"No you don't" Zoe said, "Wait, what are you talking about?"

"We're the hottest new couple of the year" Mandy said as Zoe rolled her eyes and started to laugh and asked, "You serious?"

"What I heard" Mandy said, "Headline reads: Sophomore spoiled rich girl Mandy McCree dates freshman cutie Zoe Manning."

"Shut up" Zoe said as her and Mandy laughed. "And you are not a spoiled rich girl. People just don't get to see the side of you that I do."

"You're my best friend" Mandy said simply, "I feel different when we hang out. Like I don't have to be the spoiled rich girl. You don't even care about my money."

"Right, I just like hanging out with you" Zoe said with a confident smile that was not lost on Mandy. "And you really heard that rumor?"

"Sure did, wait, you mean you're not gonna have a Zoe type meltdown and start stopping people in the hall and telling them you're not my girlfriend?" Mandy asked in a hush voice and a playful smile on her face as Zoe blushed.

"I guess not" Zoe said, "I feel different when I hang out with you, it's like I don't care what people think anymore."

"Zoe Manning you are..." Mandy said as Zoe cut her off and said, "Growing up, I know."

"You are" Mandy said with a smile. "It's cool to watch. And oh yeah, I also heard that Brian Switzer likes you."  


"The starting point guard on the basketball team?" Mandy said as Zoe nearly fainted.

"Really?" Zoe asked, "I love basketball guys."

"That's exactly what I heard" Mandy said. "Maybe he'll ask you out."

"Or, maybe I'll ask him out" Zoe said with a confident smile.

"Damn straight" Mandy said with a proud smile as she spotted Grace and Sarah emerging from the crowd as they walked towards them, "Go for it."

"What is going on with you two?" Grace asked as she suddenly came to a stop in front of Mandy and Zoe.

"Huh?" Zoe asked as she looked at Grace in confusion. "Who?"

"You and...her" Grace said as she pointed at Mandy.

"The name is Amanda, not her" Zoe said as Mandy smiled at the mention of her full name. "And what's it to you?"

"It's very important, if you've become a lesbian while I was away" Grace said as Zoe found herself wanting to laugh. "I heard you two are the hottest new thing of the school year."

"When did this happen?" Sarah asked before Zoe could reply, as if she knew the rumors were true, Zoe thought.

"While you..." Zoe said pointing her finger at Grace, "...had basically moved in with Sarah. I ain't even seen you in a month for more than five minutes I bet. Now you so worried about me being a lesbian, yeh convincing Grace. I'm touched."

"You know I love you" Grace said.

"And me too My Little Monkey" Sarah said as Zoe suddenly realized what that name sounded like. She thought for a moment about telling Sarah off but decided against it as she addressed Grace first. "I'm fine and I finally have a best friend who gets me and everyone in the world suddenly wants to know what's up with Zoe. I've changed and that's the reason why."

"Her?" Grace asked as she pointed to Mandy.

"Her name is Amanda, did you not hear me the first time?" Zoe said as Sarah and Grace both noticed this wasn't a normal Zoe type anger, no foot stomping, cry baby antics or tears. "Get it straight Grace."

"So it's true?" Grace asked as Mandy slid beside Zoe and motioned with her eyes to play along as Grace and Sarah watched. Feeling her anger subside as Mandy smiled at her, she still wanted to get back at her sister. Slipping her arms the girls neck as Mandy hugged her and kissed her cheek playfully. Mandy having to turn her head to keep from laughing as Grace and Sarah's jaw dropped in shock at the scene before them.

"What did that look like?" Zoe asked as Grace nearly fainted on the spot. Zoe was the first to break up laughing as she saw the look on her sisters face and knew she'd gotten her revenge. Mandy was next as her and Zoe fell against each other laughter at Grace's stunned/shocked to silence reaction.

"I can't believe this" Grace said. "When did this happen?"

"Gracey not to bright?" Zoe asked her sister as Mandy fell back against the locker laughing as it dawned on Grace that she had been had.


"We're just friends" Mandy said, "I heard the same rumor, we were just laughing about it like five minutes before you walked up."

"You mean you're not gonna start stopping people and telling them it's not true?" Grace asked as Mandy broke up in laughter again as she said, "I asked...her that too."

"And I'll tell you the same thing I told her, I feel different when Mandy's around" Zoe said, "I don't care what people think of me."

"Good for you my little monkey" Sarah said as Zoe felt that same anger fly through her as for some reason she no longer wanted to be called that.  

"I'm not your little monkey" Zoe said as Sarah looked confused, "I'm not little anymore."


"Shove it Grace, I know what she meant" Zoe said firmly. "And my name is Zoe, not monkey."

"I'm sorry Zoe" Sarah said. "I didn't know it bugged you so much."

"Well it does" Zoe said as Mandy moved behind her asnd said, "Hey come on chill, Zo, she didn't say it to hurt your feelings. No reason to hurt her feelings like that."

"You're right, I'm sorry Sarah, if I hurt your feelings" Zoe said. Sarah marveled at the way Mandy seemed to calm Zoe down so easily. Thinking it used to be her that could do that.

"I won't call you that anymore" Sarah said. "Zoe."

"Anyway, how did that rumor get started?" Grace asked.

"I was trying to get Zoe to have some confidence in herself and I was holding her hand when we came in a few days ago" Mandy said. "It was stupid."

"No it wasn't stupid, that helped me" Zoe said as she smiled at Mandy, "It made sense once you did that."

"Now these gossip whores believe it" Mandy said with a smile towards Zoe. "Not that I care."

"Me either, screw these idiots" Zoe said as she took Mandy's hand and asked, "Wanna get them talking? Let's give them a show."

"You ready to stomp baby?" Mandy asked.

"Let's stomp" Zoe said

"Hey" Grace said as they got ready to walk off. "Were you headed?"

"With her" Zoe said as she smiled at Mandy and then raised her and Mandy's hands above the gathering crowd as they made their way towards the exit. Grace and Sarah watching in almost shock as they wondered who had kidnapped the real Zoe Manning. Both had to admit though that this Zoe was a lot more confident and well, she was growing up before their very eyes.

Mandy pulled Zoe outside as the gathering in the hallway got more crowded. Heading for the car, Zoe was the first to spot Logan across the parking with Marissa as they got ready to leave in their car.

"LOGAN!" Zoe screamed as she stood in the middle of the exit and watched him look as she flipped him off with both hands. "FUCKIN PRICK."

"Zoe" Mandy said pulling her arm and dragging her to the car. "What was that for?"

"I wanted him to know I love him" Zoe said as Marissa came bouncing across the parking lot in a determinded march. Mandy was about to jump in front of Zoe when Zoe stopped her and I said, "I started this, now I'm gonna finish it."

"I don't care if you do hang out with this rich skank here, you don't talk shit to my brother" Marissa said as Mandy spotted Logan watching across the parking lot. From a safe distance she noted. "You shouldn't be talking to anyone considering you look pretty pathetic with those rag doll clothes."

"Sorta like your dime store rejects" Zoe said as Mandy laughed. "After what my sister did to you at the rally I'm surprised you even got the guts to show you're wicked witch face in public."

"You're just full of yourself, and you need to be taken down a notch" Marissa said as she took her earrings out as if she were gonna fight. "Then you'll go back to being pathetic little Zoe Manning. Whose mom adopts the city retards."

"What did you say monkey face?" Zoe asked as she pushed her back, "Come on, talk about Cori again you bitch."

"You heard...heard me.. she's a..." Marissa said as Zoe stalked across the parking lot as Marissa stumbled into the back of the car. Zoe moved in front of her and then with a grunt she punched her in the stomach.

"That hurt dime store princess?" Zoe asked Marissa coughed from the effects of the punch and moved to get into the car with Logan, "I'm not the old Zoe, you're gonna learn that."

"Yeh you better get in that car" Zoe said as Mandy ran over and stopped Marissa from closing the door.

"You remember what I told you little boy?" Mandy asked as Logan held his hands up and said, "I didn't do anything."

"Fuck with Zoe again you stupid whore" Mandy said as she grabbed Marissa by the hair, "I swear to god I'll have both of you....put on my dad's shit list. Look up the name Ch-Town Don. Then tell me what it says, cause I call him daddy."

"Amanda, Amanda, come on" Zoe said as she pulled Mandy away from the door as Marissa and Logan peeled out and drove away as fast as they could. "I started it."

"I know you did and you finished it" Mandy said with a smile. "I just wanted to put an end to her mouth permanently."

"There's Brian" Mandy said a few moments later as they drove out of the parking lot and passed by the school's basketball courts.

"HEY BRIAN" Zoe screamed as he looked and came over to the fence. "I heard you liked me."

"Where?" He asked with a sheepish grin.

"You wanna go out?" Zoe asked as Brian told his buddies he'd be back as he came over to the car.

"Seriously?" Brian asked.

"Seriously" Zoe said before Mandy said, "I'm driving, we'll double that cool?"

"Yeh ok, cool" Brian said as Zoe thought she'd just melt in his eyes. "I don't have practice tommorrow night."

"Be ready to stomp about 7" Mandy said as Brian looked confused and asked, "Stomp?"

"It's what we say" Zoe said, "You you stomping?"

"Yeh, that sounds good" Brian said as he stomped his foot and both Mandy and Zoe laughed. "I'm looking forward to it."

"Me too" Zoe said as Mandy drove off and Brian headed back to the court.

"He's the conquering hero now" Mandy said as she watched him in the rear view trade high fives with his buddies.

"Why?" Zoe asked. "For getting a date with me?"

"Nooo" Mandy said as she tried to stop laughing, "Because he stole you from me."

"Well then screw that I'm not going" Zoe asked as both fell into the other laughing.  

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, the garage apartment

"Thank you...Lily" Stephanie said, "This is a huge favor."

"Well you are welcome here as long as August allows you to stay" Lily said, "But you two had better remember the rules of the house on this arrangement."

"Yes, ma'am we will" Stephanie said. "No sex, drugs or rock and roll?"

"Not funny young lady" Lily said as Jessie hugged her girlfriend. "Jessie, you are not allowed down here after bedtime and Stephanie the same goes for you."

"Gotcha" Stephanie said as Jessie hugged her tighter.

"Well I guess I'm off to work" Lily said, "So you two get back to work and no making out."

"MOM!" Jessie said as Lily laughed and left the room as Jessie blushed.

"I like her" Stephanie said after Lily had closed the door behind her.

"I love you so much" Jessie said as she pulled Stephanie tighter and made Steph hug her back. "Thank you for doing this for me."

"Jessie, I fell in love with you" Stephanie said as she touched Jessie's face. "You healed my broken heart with your love. I'm finally over Kyle and I am so happy right now I could literally open that window and scream to everyone how much I adore you."

"Feels good doesn't it?" Jessie asked.

"It's addictive" Stephanie said with a smile. "You're my drug."

"And you my cute Stephanie can have all of me you want" Jessie said, "No nasty side effects either."

"I don't think I could take much more" Stephanie said with a teasing smile.

"Wait till we make love, and you'll see how good I can make you feel" Jessie said with a soft kiss. "MMMMMMMM god I still love kissing you."

"MMMMMMM me too" Stephanie said as she moved back a bit and locked the door. "Go stand by the window."

"Why?" Jessie asked as she watched Stephanie lean against the back of the door and give her that look. The one she'd seen the previous day on the porch.

"Game on" Stephanie said as Jessie's mind kicked online and she realized what Stephanie was referring to.

"So why are you standing all the way over there?" Jessie asked, "After yesterday I figured you'd be all over me."

"You wish, I've so moved on" Stephanie said with flirty hand wave.

"To another girl?" Jessie asked.

"Yeh" Stephanie said simply.

"Well, will you at least tell me about her?" Jessie said as her tongue poked at the side of mouth suggestively. "Please? Can't you resist her?"

"No I can't" Stephanie said.

"Tell me what you can't resist about her" Jessie said as she raised her shirt slowly and revealed her belly button and let it fall back down as Stephanie watched closely.

"Her smile, for one" Stephanie said, returning the favor as she showed Jessie her own belly button for a moment. "It kills me, I'd do anything for that smile. Walk all over hell and half of Texas, it's my favorite thing in the world, well almost."

"Yeh?" Jessie said as she smiled knowingly at Stephanie. Being a bit taken aback at the same time by Stephanie's honest admission. "What else?"

"Her eyes, those amazing eyes" Stephanie said as she stepped away from the door and leaned against the wall behind it as her gaze never left Jessie. "They just draw me in and hold me, like I'm in her arms or something. I've never felt like that before. I could spend hours staring into them and never want to stop."

"I think I know this girl" Jessie said with a teasing smile. "Sounds like you got it bad for her too."

"Oh I do, so bad it feels good" Stephanie said, "But there are other things that I like but just never got to tell her."

"Oh really?" Jessie asked, her eyes trained on Stephanie's. "Like?"

"She has this amazing...flat...lightly as hell...stomach" Stephanie said as she licked her lips slowly. "It's enough to drive a girl crazy."

"Yeh I bet it is" Jessie said as she raised her shirt to the bottom of her bra and gave Stephanie a view she obviously liked. "Like this?"

"You're killing me girl" Stephanie said as she took a step or two along the wall. "So sexy."

"Tell me more about this girl" Jessie said, "There has to be more you didn't tell her before."

"I like her hair" Stephanie said. "It's like brownish-blond, just a little past her shoulders, wavy, curves around her beautful face so perfectly."

"I'm positive I know this girl" Jessie said as Stephanie again took a few steps and leaned against the wall. Now only a few feet away from Jessie.

"You'd be lucky too" Stephanie said. "She's also got these great legs that...ohhhh mmmmm...just kill me, just so toned and again lightly tanned. She just doesn't know how much I like them."

"Like mine?" Jessie asked with a devilish smile.

"Mirror image" Stephanie said. "Then there's her breasts."

"So you like those?" Jessie asked as she turned to Stephanie as she made her way to the other side of the window.

"MMMMMMMMMM, they're like so perfect for her body" Stephanie said, "I'm definitely looking forward to getting a more personal view of them...really soon."

"I'll bet as gorgeous as you are, she'll be easy prey" Jessie said, "That all?"

"No, one more thing" Stephanie as she stepped beside Jessie and gently turned her around as she looked at her butt and said, "Her picture of perfection. Heart shaped, sticks out just right, MMMMMMMM it's so beautiful."

"Well Stephanie Dimitri, I do think you're talking about me" Jessie said as she slipped her shorts down and briefly showed Stephanie her panty clad butt. "Am I right?"

"MMMMMMMMMM smart too" Stephanie said as she admired the view for a second before Jessie slipped her shorts back up. Then pulling Jessie back into her arms. "You are absolutely killing me with these games, Jessie Sammler."

"You started it" Jessie giggled as she smiled at Stephanie's reflection in the window.

"It's all I can do to control myself right now" Stephanie said softly in her ear as she kissed Jessie's neck. "Can't...take...much...more."

"MMMMMMMM go with that feeling" Jessie said as lowered her head a bit and letting Stephanie kiss her neck all the way across. "For someone who's never been with a girl, Steph, you sure know the magic spots."

"MMMMMMMMM....just....doing...what...feels...good...on me" Stephanie said slowly as she now licked small circles with her tongue and kissed it and then moving to another spot and doing it again. Jessie sighing and moaning contently as her pulse raised. "Speaking of magic spots, can I ask a question about your"

"MMMMMMMMM, anything you want, just don't stop, please" Jessie cooed as Stephanie kissed up her neck now to the back of her ear then doing this on the other side. Jessie's eyes had long since rolled back in her head, her mind going insanely blank as the sensations and gentle soothing pleasure made her body almost tingle. "Please don't stop."

"I remember from the pictures you posed for..." Stephanie said before taking a long pause and kissing her way again ever so slowly across Jessie's neck. One spot at a time, licking a small circle and kissing it and now sucking softly at the spot as Jessie literally began to squirm everytime as Stephanie smiled and held her tighter. Licking another circle and sucking so gently at the spot for a long moment until Jessie squirmed to get her to stop. " I was saying, do you always keep it smooth?"

"MMMMMMMMMM fuck, Stephanie you're killing me, that feels soooooooo good" Jessie whimpered and tried not to moan. Knowing no one had ever paid her this kind of attention, and loving every second of it, while taking mental notes when she got the chance to return the favor. Her eyes clamping shut as the pleasure was unending, her hands no longer able to resist as she clutched onto Stephanie's partially bare thighs and loving the feel of the girls smooth skin under her fingers. Trying to form a reply, as her mind wanted nothing to do with thinking in it's quest to experience the pleasure more completely.

"Well?" Stephanie as she stopped and heard Jessie groan in slight disappointment.

"God, that felt so good" Jessie said as smiled back at her, "And yesss always. Babies butt ok?"  

"Makes two of us" Stephanie said with a smile. "I can't wait much longer, can we just pick a time and do this?"

"Tommorrow night, after everyone goes to bed" Jessie said, "Come spend the night with me."


"I promise you a night you'll never forget" Jessie said, "No pressure, we'll start with a little of this and see if we get to the promised land."

"Oh so you think you can make me feel that good?" Stephanie asked.

"I just wanna make love to you" Jessie said. "Be a first for me too."


"My ex, whats her name, didn't believe in love making" Jessie said, "I wanna make love to you. Really make love."

"Believe me Jess..." Stephanie said with one last kiss to her neck, "...we will."