Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Nasty Buffy and Dawn

By: Adam Smith

(Ff, inc., shoes, ws, scat)

This is my fantasy of an incestuous relationship between Buffy and her sister Dawn taken from the 5th season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It is meant for those 18 years or older. Anyone under 18 please leave the site. Any comments or feedback e-mail me at patentleather1@hotmail.com. Buffy the Vampire and the shows characters are trademarks of and copyright Joss Whedon and Warner Bros.

Buffy and her little sister Dawn got invited to go to a wedding by an old high school friend whom Buffy had not heard from since she graduated high school. Buffy and Dawn were not only invited to attend the wedding but they were also invited to be apart of the wedding party. Her friend asked Buffy if she would be one of her bride's maids, to which Buffy excepted, feeling honored that she was chosen. Dawn was asked to be the flower girl because there was not going to be any little girls at this wedding to fulfill this role. Although that Dawn was only 15 she was going to be the youngest girl at this wedding and that is why they asked her to be the flower girl. Dawn rejected it at first because she felt that being a flower girl would only make her look like a little girl instead of the woman that she felt that she was becoming, and she wanted everyone to look at her as. Buffy talked her into doing it by saying "Dawn you are not going to look silly being a flower girl, everyone will think you look cute. And besides never feel embarrassed to want to be a little girl again since you are becoming a woman and never will be a little girl again." Dawn changed her mind to be the flower girl because of what Buffy said, plus also Buffy also demanded that she would except this role.

The day of the wedding came and Buffy and her sister Dawn got dressed for the wedding. Buffy wore a formal black gown that a bride's maids wear. She also wore sheer black stockings and a very sexy pair of shiny patent leather high-healed shoes. Dawn wore a white lace flower girl dress with lace white stockings, and a very pretty pair of shiny schoolgirl mary jane patent leather shoes, the kind with buckle and strap. Dawn sure looked like a little girl all right, but Buffy encouraged her as her big sister so Dawn would not have second thoughts and ruin the wedding. Buffy and Dawn went to the wedding and the both of them did their part in the ceremony at the church. As Buffy was standing up at the front alter waiting for the bride to come she saw Dawn come down the isle doing her flower girl routine and she thought to herself "My goodness Dawn really looks so cute today in that flower girl dress and her shiny shoes, I cannot believe I have such a pretty sister." It was at this point that Buffy's sexual attraction towards Dawn began. After the wedding ceremony everyone including Buffy and Dawn went to the reception. There was a lot of food, loud music, and dancing of couples. This made Buffy feel lonely and depressed because she had recently broke up with her boyfriend Riley, and seeing all those couples dancing on the floor to the music only made her want someone to be romantic with and have sex with. Dawn was depressed as well, not because she did not have a boyfriend, but because Buffy and Dawn's mother had recently died and Dawn was not over her death yet.

With their condition of losing their mother both Buffy and Dawn had to lean on one another for support more than any other time in their sisterly relationship. They could not be typical sisters fighting over silly stuff anymore, they had to grow up and support one another because of the absence of their mother. At the reception Buffy wanted to dance, and she was determined not to let the lack of a boyfriend get her down and miss out on all the dancing. Buffy asked Dawn "Hey Dawnie would you like to dance with me." And Dawn replied "Sure I would love to dance with you Buffy." With that Buffy and Dawn danced with each other out on the floor to all the fast songs. When it came time for the slow songs and the slow dance Buffy said "Dawnie let me show you how to do a slow dance with a guy." Dawn said "Sure Buffy teach me what you know." With that Buffy and Dawn started to do a slow dance, with Buffy leading Dawn as a guy would lead. No one thought anything of it because girls dance together without them being lesbians, and plus everyone knew that Buffy and Dawn were sisters and could not be lesbian lovers. On the other hand Buffy was getting very aroused at dancing very close to her sister. She got so aroused while dancing with Dawn that she did not even notice that she had to pee, and instead of her stop dancing for a couple of minutes to go to the bathroom she just pissed in her panties. Lucky for Buffy that her gown was so big that the pee stain did not go through or she would have a very embarrassing moment. Although some of her pee dripped down her leg and onto the floor, but no one noticed with all the lights, excitement, and loud music. Buffy would take every chance she got to look down at her high healed patent leather shoes and Dawn's shiny schoolgirl patent leather shoes, and she would admire the glare that came off both her shoes and Dawn's shoes from all the light. Buffy then remembered how the Catholic Church used to never want girls to wear patent leather shoes because they feared that with the glare they reflected up and you could see a reflection of the girls panties on her shoes. Buffy was wandering if she would be able to see a reflection of Dawn's panties on her shoes. Buffy was getting so wet, and she knew that she was sexually frustrated, and that she was becoming increasingly more sexually attracted to Dawn. She got grossed out at the nasty sex fantasies that she was having of Dawn because she thought "I cannot be having these fantasies because she is not a guy, but my little sister, and that is incest and taboo." But Buffy new she could not ignore these repressed feelings, but that she was going to have to act her fantasies out in order to relieve her sexual frustration.

After the wedding reception Buffy and Dawn went home. Dawn immediately headed for her room so that she could change out of her flower girl dress and shiny shoes to a more comfortable nightgown. Buffy prevented her sister from going into her room to change and said to her "No you don't Dawnie I have some other things to teach you." And with that Buffy went to kiss Dawn on the mouth and Dawn immediately pulled away and said "Buffy what are you trying to do? Only guys kiss girls." Buffy said "That is not true Dawnie, sometimes girls will kiss girls, and I want to kiss you now." With that Buffy went to kiss Dawn again on the mouth and Dawn did not resist as she did before. They both were in a deep passionate kiss, which only led to them french kissing each other. Buffy's tongue went into Dawn's mouth and Dawn excepted it. Soon both Buffy's tongue and Dawn's tongue were intertwined. At this time Buffy felt her bowls filling with her feces. Everything told her to put her french kiss with Dawn off for a couple of minuets until she goes to the bathroom to shit, then she could come back and could resume her incestuous kiss with her sister. But she did not do that, she decided to shit in her panties. While she was kissing Dawn her shit came out of her asshole and into her panties which made her feel like she was on a sexual high. When Buffy and Dawn stopped kissing Dawn smelled Buffy's shit, and not knowing where it was coming from she said "Buffy something stinks in here." And with that Dawn put her hand up to her nose and held her nose. Buffy said "It is coming from me, for I had to do a poop and I pooped in my panties." Dawn said "That is so gross and nasty Buffy, why couldn't you go to the bathroom and taken a dump? I would have waited for you." Buffy said "Because Dawnie I felt that to take a shit in my panties would be erotic, and it was so erotic to feel my shit come out of my anus while I was kissing you." Dawn said, "I still think that it is nasty and gross Buffy." Dawn then tried to get away from Buffy and go to her room. Buffy grabbed her and prevented her from leaving her. Because Buffy is the slayer her strength was so great that she overpowered Dawn, that Dawn had no chance over her sister. Buffy immediately pulled up her black gown, then she grabbed her soiled panties and pulled them down her legs and then off her feet while making sure that she did not get any of her shit on her shiny shoes. Buffy then reached into her soiled panties and grabbed a handful of her own feces then she proceeded to smear her shit on Dawn's white lace flower girl dress. Dawn continued to hold her nose and say to Buffy "That is so stinky what you are putting on my dress, and it is so gross and nasty." Buffy said "I am so horny tonight Dawnie, and sexually frustrated that I have to be really nasty to fulfill my desires and fantasies." Dawn continued to hold her nose to the stinky smell for a while but she eventually got used to the foul odor while Buffy was smearing her shit on to her dress. Dawn started to get turned on by what Buffy was doing to her and her little virgin pussy started to get wet. Dawn's white lace flower girl dress was starting to become brown as Buffy smeared all of her shit all over that dress that it eventually was covered in Buffy's nasty and stinky feces. By this time Buffy was so wet and horny that she needed to come.

Buffy then had Dawn stand up. Buffy then unzipped Dawn's dress and slid that completely soiled dress off of her sister's body and then discarded it. Buffy then, in a very erotic way, took Dawn's training bra off of her only to expose her underdeveloped teenage tits. Buffy then went down to Dawn's crotch and smelled the sweet and sour smell of Dawn's cunt through her pretty pink panties. Buffy then very slowly and erotically pulled Dawn's pink panties off her legs and feet only to expose her virgin cunt that was very wet from excitement. The only thing that Buffy left on Dawn was her white lace stockings and her shiny school girl patent leather shoes. Buffy then took Dawn's panties and stuck the crotch part up to her nose and smelled the aromas of Dawn's pussy. Buffy said "Wow Dawn it is fantastic to smell your pussy odor in your panties for it smells both like sweet perfume and a stinky sour smell combined." Buy this time both Buffy and Dawn were completely horny and their pussies were so wet that they both knew that they were going to have to go all the way in their incestuous love making in order to satisfy their desires. Buffy then went and put her face to Dawn's chest and started to lick her small tits, and although that they were underdeveloped and were not as big as Buffy's tits were, Buffy never the less got a mouth full of her tits. Dawn's tits were being completely covered in Buffy's saliva, and Dawn's nipples were becoming erect from Buffy's treatment of them. After Buffy finished licking Dawn's tits Dawn though that Buffy was going strait for her pussy and she spread her legs to let Buffy have access to her most private of parts. But Buffy did not go for her pussy just yet, for instead she grabbed Dawn's left ankle that was covered in a white lace stocking. Buffy brought Dawn's ankle and foot up to her face and then Buffy said "Dawnie I have a fetish for your shoes, you have no idea how horny they make me feel looking at you prance around in them." Then Buffy started to lick Dawn's shiny schoolgirl patent leather shoes. Buffy's tounge slid all over that smooth shiny leather that had a glare under the light. Buffy licked those shoes from toe to the back of her ankle and sole of her feet. She even licked the shiny strap and buckle. This got both Buffy and Dawn so turned on that both of their cunts continued to get really wet. After Buffy was done licking Dawn's left shoe she grabbed Dawn's right ankle, but instead of bringing it up to her face and mouth to lick her right shoe, Buffy pulled up her black gown again and brought Dawn's right ankle and foot up to her crotch. Buffy positioned Dawn's right shiny shoe right under her cunt and then she pushed her shoe into her cunt. Buffy began to ride her own pussy over her sister's shiny smooth shoe like she was using it to masturbate herself. Buffy's pussy slid so smoothly over her shoe. Buffy pushed Dawn's shoe in between her pussy lips and she even tried to shove her shoe up into her cunt. She got the shoe a little up her wide opened exposed pussy. But what Buffy really like the most is when she rubbed her clit over the shiny front end of Dawn's shoe. Buffy began to feel her first orgasm for that night come on and she said "Dawnie I am going to come. Woooooo Aaaaaaa." And with that Buffy came all over Dawn's shoe, and Buffy squirted her sticky girl come all over that shiny shoe.

Buffy then had Dawn sit up and she said to her "Dawnie it is your turn to clean my shiny shoes with your tongue." Dawn said "Buffy I would love to lick your shoes the same way you licked mine." With that Dawn cooperated with her sister and Dawn grabbed Buffy's ankles that were covered in sheer black stockings and brought her ankles and feet unto her face. Dawn then went to lick Buffy's right shiny patent leather high healed shoe. Dawn's tongue also slid smoothly over that shiny leather that glared in the light the same way her shoes did with Buffy. Dawn licked Buffy's shoe from toe to the back of her ankle and sole of her feet. Only when Dawn started to lick the back of Buffy's shoe Buffy said "Dawnie suck the stiletto heal of my shoe." With that Dawn licked Buffy's shiny heal then she proceeded to suck on it. Dawn was sucking on that shiny stiletto heal almost as if she was giving a guy a blowjob. Buffy said, "That's it Dawnie don't stop, give my shiny high heals a blowjob, suck them clean!" Dawn sucked on Buffy's right heal for a while, then she switched from doing Buffy's right shoe to her left shoe. Dawn did all the same things to Buffy's shiny left shoe that she did for her right shiny shoe. When Dawn started to give Buffy's left shiny stiletto heal a blowjob Buffy started to take her fingers and masturbate by rubbing her clit. She said "Dawnie don't stop giving my left shoe a blowjob watching you is going to make me come, Wooooo Aaaaaaa." And with hat Buffy had her second orgasm for that night. Buffy then felt bad for Dawn because although she was bring a cooperative little sister in all her nasty sex activities Dawn had yet to have her first orgasm for the night. Buffy said, "Dawnie it is your turn to come, let your big sister make you come." Dawn said "Yes Buffy make me come, I want you to fuck me." With that Dawn spread her legs again and Buffy got down between her sister's crotch. Buffy again smelled the sweet and sour aromas that came from her pussy, to which it only turned Buffy on all the more. Buffy then started to lick Dawn's pussy. She spread her pussy lips apart and licked the inner pussy and found her way to her opening. She could not enter her tongue at this point because Dawn was a virgin and her hymen prevented entry of Buffy's tongue. Buffy then went down further and spread Dawn's ass cheeks apart and then started to lick Dawn's pink asshole. This made Dawn squirm a little because it made her feel uncomfortable that she said "Buffy that makes me feel so weird when you lick my bumhole like that." Dawn eventually got used to Buffy giving her anus that oral treatment and she eventually got into it and turned on. Buffy then brought her face back up to Dawn's pussy then she started to lick and suck on Dawn's clit. This brought Dawn over the edge and she said "Buffy don't stop I am going to come, Woooo Aaaaaa." And with that Dawn had her first orgasm for the night, and she squirted all her girl come into Buffy's mouth.

After Dawn came in Buffy's mouth Buffy had Dawn sit up on her knees and she said "Dawnie I have a big suprise for you, I want to give you pleasure with my shiny stiletto heals." Dawn waited in extreme anticipation to what Buffy had her for her. Buffy then took off her shiny patent leather high healed shoes off of her feet, and then she brought the right shoe up to Dawn's crotch. Buffy then turned the shoe so that the heal was pointing strait up at her cunt and the opening of her pussy that was shielded by her hymen. Buffy said "Dawnie this is gong to hurt a little, but when the pain is over you are going to feel the most intense sexual experience ever." With that Dawn held on to Buffy's shoulders real tight for support, and then Buffy just shoved the heal of her shiny shoe strait up into her pussy breaking her hymen immediate. The pain that Dawn felt was so great that she screamed and said "Buffy that hurts so bad." Buffy said, "Don't worry Dawn the pain will stop in a moment then you will be in extreme pleasure and will forget the pain that you felt." Dawn trusted her big sister and went with the flow of what Buffy was doing to her. When Dawn's hymen broke it was not to bad, for she only bled a little but the little blood that did come out of her broken hymen went all over Buffy shiny shoe. Dawn's pain went away and she started to feel please as Buffy said she would. When Buffy noticed that the pain was gone and Dawn was feeling pleasure she started to pump her shiny stiletto heal in and out of her pussy. Buffy then grabbed the left shiny shoe and then she brought the left shoe up to Dawn's ass. Buffy then turned the shoe so that the heal was pointing strait up at her anus. Buffy then shoved the left shiny heal up into Dawn's asshole. This brought Dawn into an extreme state of sexual excitement to have one of Buffy's heals up her pussy and the other up her asshole. Dawn said "Buffy please don't stop this makes me feel so good." Buffy gave Dawn a double penetration fuck as she simultaneously pumped both of her shiny stiletto heals up into her sisters pussy and asshole. She was able to push the heals all the way up both her pussy and poop shoot. Buffy continued to fuck Dawn's pussy and asshole for about a good 10 minuets until Dawn let out a pleasurable scream and said "Buffy don't stop I am about to come, Wooooo Aaaaaaaa." And with that Dawn screamed very loud and out came her second orgasm for the evening. Dawn squirted and covered Buffy's right shoe, the one that was up her pussy, with a load of her girl come.

Buffy then took both stiletto heals out of her pussy and asshole. Buffy first took her right shoes, the one that was up Dawn's pussy, and licked and sucked all of Dawns girl come off of it saying "MMM Dawn your pussy juice taste so good." Dawn said "I am so glad that you like it Buffy." After Buffy got finished with sucking all of Dawn's girl come off of her right shiny heal she turned her attention to her left shiny heal, the one that was up Dawn's asshole, and noticed that it was dirty from Dawn's feces. Buffy then stuck the heal into her mouth and licked and sucked off all of Dawns feces. Dawn said "Buffy that is so nasty and gross. How can you stand the smell and taste?" Buffy said, "I have gotten used to it." And with that Buffy continued to suck off all of Dawns feces that was on her shiny high healed shoe, smelling the stink of it and when she ate it tasted like very sour dirt, but it turned Buffy on al the more the nastier it got. Dawn then felt her bowls fill up with feces and then she got up to go to the bathroom. Buffy said "Dawnie where are you going?" Dawn replied "Buffy I have to poop, and I am going to the bathroom so I can take a dump." Buffy said "Dawnie don't go to the bathroom, I want to use my mouth as a toilet and take a dump in my mouth." Dawn said, "I don't know about this Buffy, I am a little uncomfortable with doing that." Buffy said "Please Dawnie do it for me, I want to eat your shit." Dawn agreed reluctantly to do as Buffy wanted, and with that Buffy laid back on the bed. She had Dawn crawl on top of her almost as if they were getting into a 69 position, but before the could get into that position Buffy grabbed Dawn's ass and brought it directly over her face. Buffy then spread Dawn's ass cheeks wide open to expose her little pink asshole. Buffy then placed her mouth directly over Dawn's pink asshole and said "Dawnie let me have it now, I am ready to eat your shit." With that Dawn let go of her bowls that by this time were filled with her feces. As Dawn began to shit Buffy reached her tongue to get the first taste of her sisters nasty turd. In about less than one minute Dawn flooded Buffy's mouth with her own nasty shit. The room began to stink of nasty and dirty human feces, and Buffy was getting into the nasty smell while Dawn still held her nose to the nasty smell. Buffy tried to eat it all at once but Dawn loaded so much shit into Buffy's mouth that she could not keep up with eating her shit as it came out of her rectum. As Dawn continued to shit into Buffy's mouth the feces ran over Buffy's mouth and onto her face completely covering her face with Dawn's brown stinky feces. Dawn fully unloaded her shit onto Buffy's mouth and face, and after Dawn was finished she go off of Buffy only to stare at her big sister's face covered in her own nasty shit. This kind of started to turn Dawn on and she asked "Buffy where do we go from here." Before Buffy answered Dawn she used her hands to scrape up some of Dawns shit that was on her face and she fed it into her mouth to eat more or Dawn's nasty shit. After Buffy's appetite was complete with eating Dawns shit Buffy scraped up the rest of Dawns shit that was still on her face and then started to spread it all over her black brides maids gown. Soon a part of Buffy's black gown was turning brown from Dawn's shit that she was spreading all over her gown.

After that Buffy finally answered Dawn and said, "So Dawnie you want to know where we go from her, well I am going to tell you. I think it is time that you gave me pleasure." Dawn replied "Sure Buffy I would love to pleasure you, I will do anything you want." With that Buffy asked Dawn "Dawnie d you think that you could help me unzip my gown in the back." Dawn said "Sure Buffy let me help you." With that Dawn helped Buffy unzip the back of her gown and Buffy slid the black and partially soiled brown gown off of her and then she discarded her dress. Buffy then undid her bra only to reveal to her sister Dawn her big perky tits. She grabbed Dawn and puled her face towards her breast and said "Dawnie lick my tits." And with that Dawn obeyed and started to lick Buffy's tits. Dawn was able to get a mouthload of Buffy's tits, and Buffy's nipples started to get erect with the treatment that Dawn was giving her. After Dawn was finished feasting on Buffy's tits Buffy then pulled her away and then got upon the bed in a dogie style position on her hands and knees. Buffy said "Dawnie you know what to do, give me pleasure, do the same thing to my cunt and asshole as I did to yours." Dawn said "Ok Buffy I will give it my best try. I do not know if I can eat your cunt and lick your asshole as good as you have done to me, but I will give it my best try." With that Dawn went down and got between Buffy's spread legs and started to lick her pussy. Dawn used both her hands to spread Buffy's pussy lips apart. Dawn licked between Buffy's pussy lips and she could taste the wetness of Buffy's cunt, and she could smell the same kind of sweet perfume and sour stinky odor in Buffy's pussy as Buffy smelled on her own pussy. This turned Dawn all the more and she felt like getting really nasty, just as nasty as her sister. Dawn then started to lick and suck on Buffy's clit, which drove Buffy insane with sexual pleasure. Buffy said "Dawnie please do not stop I am so fucking horny, and what you are doing to me feels so great I am about to come. Wooooo Aaaaa." And with that Buffy let out a loud cry and exploded into her third orgasm for the night. Buffy squirted all of her sticky girl come into Dawn's mouth and Dawn tried to lick an drink it all up, and what she could not finish went all over her face. Buffy said, "That was so great Dawnie, but I hope you are not finished with me yet, lick my asshole." Dawn said "I am not finished with you yet Buffy, I was just about to give your asshole a tongue treatment." With that Dawn spread Buffy's as cheeks wide apart to expose her pink asshole. Then Dawn dove into Buffy's asshole with her tongue and licked all around her anus. Dawn was able to softened Buffy's tight asshole to the point that Dawn was able to stick her tongue up into Buffy's rectum. This drove both Buffy and Dawn in a sexual frenzy, because Dawn was getting nastier and Buffy felt that she was teaching her sister well. While Dawn had her tongue in Buffy's asshole, Buffy began to feel that her bowls were filling up with her feces again like it was early in the evening. Buffy immediate stopped Dawn from tongue fucking her asshole and she got up to go to the bathroom. Dawn asked "Buffy where are you going?" Buffy said " I feel that I have to take another shit, and a really big shit this time, and I know that you are not into eating shit so I will go to the bathroom and do my poop, then I will clean my asshole, and then I will come back hear so you can finish your tongue job on my asshole.." Dawn said "No need to do that. I am getting hornier, and I want to try new and nasty things now. You ate all my shit tonight and I want to know what eating shit is all about. I am ready to eat your shit now Buffy." Buffy said "Are you sure you are up for this Dawnie. You might want to try this new nasty sexual thing but once my shit goes into your mouth you might get grossed out and get sick on my feces." Dawn said "Don't worry about me Buffy I am ready to eat your shit, plus I have learned what to do it from the best which is you, so please let me have it." Buffy said "Dawnie you are the best sister, I really love you." Dawn said "I really love you to Buffy." With that Dawn laid her back down on the bed and Buffy got on top of Dawn like she was getting into a 69 position with her, but Dawn grabbed Buffy's ass and brought it over her face the same way and position that Buffy had done when she shit into Dawn's mouth. Dawn then spread Buffy's ass cheeks wide apart and saw her pink asshole ready to explode from all the feces in her rectum. Buffy said, "Are you sure Dawnie that you want to go through with this? There is still time to change your mind." Dawn then said, "No Buffy I am not changing my mind, let me have it now." And with that Buffy's ass exploded and shit came out of her anus. Dawn immediate opened her mouth and tried to take all the shit into her mouth. Like Buffy said she had to take a really big shit this time and the shit filled Dawns mouth and then ran over onto her face until her face was completely covered in Buffy's brown shit. Dawn could smell the stink of Buffy's feces, but instead of it grossing her out this time it got her so horny. Dawn started to eat Buffy's shit that was in her mouth, and it first grossed her out with the nasty sour dirt taste, but she eventually got used to it and was then feasting on Buffy's poop. After Buffy unloaded all of her shit onto Dawn's mouth and face she got off Dawn only to stare at her baby sister's face covered in her brown shit. This got Buffy horny again and she started to get wet again needing of another orgasm.

After Dawn ate all of Buffy's shit that was in her mouth then she took her hands and was scraping up as much of Buffy's shit that was on her face so she can put it in to her mouth and eat it. Buffy then reached out to Dawn's face and scraped up some of her own shit into her hands. Buffy then took her shit that was in her hands and knelt down at Dawns feet. Buffy then proceeded to spread her own shit that was in her hands, all over Dawn's still clean and shiny schoolgirl patent leather shoes. Buffy spread her own shit all over Dawn's shiny shoes to the point that they were not shiny anymore, but were covered in Buffy's filthy brown feces. After Buffy covered Dawns shiny shoes in her feces she licked Dawn's shoes again and cleaned her very own shit off of Dawn's shoes so that they because shiny again though stained a little with shit. After Buffy was finished licking all of her shit off of Dawn's shiny shoes, and after Dawn was finished scraping up the last of Buffy's shit that was on her face, and putting it into her mouth and eating it, Buffy sat Dawn up. Buffy sat up on the bed as well and they sat across from one another. Then Buffy put her legs around Dawn's legs, and Dawn did the same as she put her legs around Buffy's legs. The two pushed their pussies together and rubbed each other cunts together like they were fucking each other. Sweat started to come off of both Buffy and Dawn as they were working towards their next orgasm. When their clits rubbed against each other they both went into a sexual frenzy and they both were screaming to the top of their lungs with pleasure. Buffy said to Dawn "Dawnie please don't stop, I feel that I am going to explode." Dawn said "Buffy I will not stop I feel like I am going to explode as well. Let's try to come at the same time." Buffy said "Sounds great to me, how far are you from coming?" Dawn said "Not to far Buffy. How about you?" Buffy said, "I am almost there." With that the whole house shook with both of their screams as then shouted "Woooooooo, Aaaaaaaaa." Then they both came simultaneously at the same time and they both shot their girl come all over each other's crotch, cunt, and ass. By this time Buffy had her fourth orgasm for the night, and Dawn had her third orgasm for that night. After they had their orgasm rubbing each other's pussies together they were exhausted. They both got up and lay on the bed together cuddling each other in each other's arms. They would kiss each other on the mouth, and take little licks on each others face to taste each others shit stained face from their scat session they performed on each other. Buffy said "Dawnie I really love you." Dawn said "I really love you to Buffy." Buffy said "Dawnie I am really glad to have you as my lesbian lover, even though you are my sister and that is incest. But I look forward to all the nasty things we can do to each other including using each other's mouth as a toilet." And with that the two of them fell asleep in each other's arms naked.