Pirates of the Bush

By Derek Morris (dmrb32@hotmail.com)

(Celeb, f/f, feet, scat, bestiality, oral, anal, pedo)

Disclaimer: This story is by request for a certain person. These are not my views nor should they be taken as his views either. This story is of complete fiction. Keira Knightley and Lucinda Dryzek are not lesbians, they are completely straight females. Since this story involves pedophilia, everyone should know that being a pedophile is wrong and it does deserve a jail sentence. I am not a pedophile nor is he.

Everyone was lined up outside the Man's Chinese Theater in downtown Hollywood to see the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere. Most of the stars were already inside but they were waiting for Keira Knightley and Lucinda Dryzek to arrive. They arrived together in a stretch limo and both were dressed in their best evening gowns. Lucinda had on a red strapless dress that showed off her 11-yr old body quite well. She also had on a pair of patent leather Mary Janes. Her hair was down in a braid. Keira on the other hand had on a Versace black dress with minute diamonds all over it. She too had on patent leather shoes but they were big black boots with about a six-inch heel on them and she towered above Lucinda. Keira was being on her best behavior since Lucinda's parents would sure to be waiting inside for their daughter. The two stars walked in and took their seats; Lucinda with her parents and Keira sat alongside Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp.

The movie ended and everyone loved it even the critics that were seeing it for the first time at the premiere. Lucinda wanted to find Keira and congratulate her on a good performance but she was no where to be found. After about five minutes Keira snuck up on Lucinda and her parents and pinched her cute little ass. Lucinda jumped when Keira did this and her parents turned to see the star.

"Hi Keira, nice of you to show our daughter the ins and outs of Hollywood."

"Oh, it is no problem Mr. Dryzek. Your daughter was very good on set and learned all her lines quite quickly, even quicker than me. I was wondering if it would be all right if Lucinda came with me back to my ranch this weekend since we have the overseas premiere on Tuesday?"

"Oh please can I daddy? I will behave."

"Oh all right Lucinda, as long as you stay with Ms. Knightley."

"Thank you dad."

Lucinda kissed her father on the cheek and she also kissed her mom on the cheek and the two of them climbed back into the limo and Keira told the driver to drive them to the airport. LAX was about a 30-minute drive from the Chinese Theater so Keira offered Lucinda a Pepsi. Keira poured herself a glass of wine.

On the way to the airport, Keira can not help staring at Lucinda's patent leather Mary Jane shoes. She feels her pussy moisten as she continues to stare. Lucinda looks at Keira.

"Keira, are you ok?"

Keira shocked that Lucinda caught her answers. "Yeah I'm fine baby." She thinks to herself that once Lucinda has gone to bed she will take her shoes and masturbate with them.

"Ms. Knightley, we are at the airport."

"Thank you driver, give us a few minutes."

The two of them exit the limo and got on their plane for Tempe, Arizona where Keira's ranch is. They arrive at the airport in Tempe at 1am. A limo is waiting to take them to the ranch. When they arrive at the ranch, the driver comes around and opens the door for Keira and Lucinda. They walk in through the front door and set their bags down. Keira's guard dog, Dutch comes running up to the two of them and is growling at Lucinda. Dutch is a German Shepherd. Keira takes him and puts him in his room and closes the door. Keira shows Lucinda to her room and asks her if she wants anything. An hour later, Lucinda is sleeping soundly in the bed.

Keira is on the couch watching TV waiting for Lucinda to go to bed so she can play. Finally the opportunity arises. Keira sneaks into Lucinda's room and takes her Mary Janes out into the living room with her. Keira is still wearing her Versaci evening gown from the premiere. She can feel her pussy moisten as she stares at the shoes and feels how smooth they are. She takes one and holds it up to her nose. She can smell Lucinda's stinky foot odor from the shoes, but it is turning her on more. She lies down on the couch with her shoe over her nose and hikes up her dress and begins to rub her clit. Keira is inhaling Lucinda's foot odor and it is turning her on more and more. Her pussy is soaking wet from the odor. She stops rubbing her clit and sits up. She removes her dress so that now she only has on her red thong. Her tits are too small to wear a bra with the dress. She licks the toe of the shoe and begins to give it a blowjob. She gently moans as she sucks the toe into her mouth. She takes as much of the toe as she can and then pulls her thong aside and pushes the toe into her cunt. Keira screams as the patent leather Mary Jane enters her wet pussy. She slides it in as far as it will go and begins to fuck herself with it. Lucinda who heard the scream wakes up and walks outside her room only to see the back of Keira's head moving up and down and from side to aside as she fucks herself. Lucinda walks around to see what Keira is doing and is disgusted by her co-star.

"Keira, what are you doing?"

"OH Lucinda, shit. You see I have a fetish for patent leather Mary Jane shoes and I was living out my fetish."

"With my shoes."

"Yes with your shoes Lucinda." Keira stands up and approaches Lucinda. She reaches her hand out and touches Lucinda's left breast.

"What are you doing Keira?"

"Lucinda I want you to have lesbian sex with me. I have a fetish for young girls and that is why I always tell directors to film a scene of my character as a child so that I can have sex with the young actress. I've wanted you since day one."

"That is disgusting Keira. I'm going to bed." However in the back of Lucinda's mind she is thinking to herself how hot Keira looked with her shoe in her cunt. She wanted to see Keira's mature looking pussy again with all its hair on it.

The next morning, Lucinda comes into the kitchen to find Keira making breakfast. Keira is dressed in a red nightie and Lucinda has on a T-shirt and sweat pants.

"I was figuring today I could show you around the ranch if you'd like?"

"That would be lovely."

"Great, would you like to get dressed up and walk around the ranch?"

"Um, sure Keira."

After breakfast is all finished, Keira and Lucinda both go into Keira's room to pick out what to wear for the day. Keira throws a lot of ball gowns onto her bed and Lucinda stands there puzzled. "I was figuring we could walk around the ranch all dressed up."

"Um, ok Keira."

Lucinda picks out a light blue ball gown that has an embroidered lace pattern down the middle of it. She also puts on a pair of black silk stockings and her Mary Jane shoes. Keira decides to wear an all black ball gown that ties in the back. She also puts on a pair of black silk stockings and her black patent leather high hell boots.

Keira and Lucinda walk around the ranch for a couple of hours. Keira is telling Lucinda all about the history of the ranch and how her grandfather came to own it. She shows her the barn where her horse Trigger is. They walk in and feed Trigger a few carrots and leave. Lucinda informs Keira that she is getting tired of walking around in her Mary Janes and is getting hungry. They walk back to the house and sit in the kitchen.


"Yes Keira."

"You know how last night you caught me with your shoes there. Well I also have a lot of other fantasies I was hoping to have fulfilled this weekend with you here." She reaches into the cabinet and pulls out 2 jars of ranch dressing. "You see one of them is sploshing. That is where we take this dressing and pour it all over each other and flop around. Would you be interested in that?"

"Wow, this is all new to me. I do not know if I can fulfill your fantasy Keira. You see what I saw last night scared me a lot but it also turned me on a lot. I will do this for you."

Keira lays a towel down on the floor so that she does not have to clean the floor up when this is all done. She lies on the towel and tells Lucinda to take the bottle and open it. Lucinda then pours the contents of the bottle all over Keira's black ball gown.

"OK now spread it all over me Lucinda."

Lucinda then kneels down and puts her hands on Keira's body and begins to rub the dressing all over her. She rubs it into her tits and all over her pussy and even on her boots. When she is finished Lucinda stands up and helps Keira up. Keira gives Lucinda a hug and kisses her on the cheek. The hug put some of the dressing on Lucinda's dress.

Lucinda lies down on the towel and awaits her sploshing. Keira opens the bottle and squeezes the contents all over Lucinda's body. She gets it in her hair and all over her ball gown. When the bottle is empty, Keira kneels down and begins rubbing the dressing all over Lucinda's body. She rubs it into her breasts and pussy. What Keira does not know is that Lucinda's pussy is getting wet from this. When she is done, she helps Lucinda to her feet and Lucinda kisses her on the lips. Lucinda even slides her tongue into Keira's mouth. Keira then sucks on Lucinda's tongue as the two press against each other. They can feel the ranch dressing soaking in.

Keira decides to remove her dress in front of Lucinda. Keira slides out of the dress so that now all she has on is her black silk stockings that are attached to a black garter and she has on black lace panties. Keira then sits in one of the kitchen chairs and sticks out her foot.

"Lick my shoes clean Lucinda."


"I want you to lick my boots clean." If you want to make it in this business then you will do what I tell you to this weekend before we go to the UK. I want to make you famous Lucinda. I want to make lesbian love to you. Now lick my boots!"

Lucinda gets down on her knees in front of Keira and lifts her left leg. She brings the shoe to her mouth and begins licking the toe clean. The smell of the ranch dressing plus Keira's sweat is intoxicating to Lucinda. She continues to lick the toe clean as Keira moans for more. Lucinda then takes the 5-inch heel and begins to clean that as well. She gives the heel a little blowjob. She takes it into her mouth and moves it in and out as fast as she can. Lucinda then lifts Keira's right leg and licks the toe clean. She manages to give the toe of the boot a blowjob as well. She licks all the ranch dressing off of the patent leather high heel boots. Lucinda takes the heel and begins to suck on it like she did the other one. She takes it as deep as she can into her mouth and gives it a nice cleaning.

"Good job Lucinda. Now sit down." Keira stands up and pulls down her lace panties so that Lucinda now sees what she saw last night and had fantasies of all last night, Keira's hairy pussy. Before Lucinda sits down she has a surprise for Keira. She unzips her light blue ball gown and lets it fall to the floor. Keira's mouth drops as she is now staring at a naked 11-yr. old actress. "Nice pussy Lucinda."

"Thank you, I like yours also. Would you mind shaving it for me so that we match?"

"Not a problem baby, but let me clean your shoes off first." Keira drops to her knees and begins licking the patent leather Mary Janes clean. She lifts Lucinda's right leg and licks the toe clean. She gives it a little blowjob like she did last night but today she fits it all in her mouth. Keira licks the bottom of the shoes as well. Lucinda's pussy moistens as she watches her co-star clean her shoes. When she is done with the right she lifts the other leg and gives that shoe the same treatment. Giving the toe a blowjob and the same treatment as she gave the right shoe. When she is done Lucinda stands up and helps Keira up and kisses her on the lips again. Their tongues meet once more as the kiss gets more passionate. Keira then leads Lucinda into the bathroom. Keira sits on the toilet and spreads shaving cream all over her hairy pussy. She lets Lucinda rub it in. Keira then takes a razor and shaves her pussy completely bald to match Lucinda's bald pussy.

"Now we match."

"Yes we do."

Keira runs her hand down her bald pussy and wonders why she never did this before.

"This is so much cleaner than a hairy pussy. I think I'm gonna stay shaved."

Lucinda has started sucking on Keira's neck and is making her way down to Keira's small but ample tits. Lucinda's hands are already on the tits gently massaging them and pinching the nipples. Keira is moaning as she has never done this with a girl before and she enjoys it. Lucinda then places a nipple between her teeth and bites gently on it. Keira's moans become louder. Lucinda begins sucking harder and harder on the nipple. She then switches and sucks on the other one. Keira's moans become louder and louder as Lucinda sucks harder and harder on her tits.

Keira then grabs Lucinda by the hand and leads her into her bedroom and throws her onto the bed. Keira then crawls up to Lucinda and kisses her on the lips as her hands explore her body. Keira kisses down to Lucinda's neck and sucks on it just like Lucinda had done to her. Keira then licks down to Lucinda's 11-yr. old tits and begins to pinch them in her fingers. She sucks on the right one as she pinches the left one with her fingers. Lucinda is now gently moaning as Keira is exciting this little girl. Keira then decides that it is time to taste this 11-yr old pussy. She kisses down to Lucinda's vulva and gently slides her finger over the bald pussy. She then rubs her clit with her finger and Lucinda moans loudly. Keira then sticks out her tongue and begins to eat Lucinda's pussy. She sucks on her clit harder and harder as the little girl moans louder and louder. Keira then slides her tongue inside Lucinda's hole and she feels how tight the little actress is. She begins tongue fucking Lucinda as she touches her own pussy with her other hand. Keira then wets a finger and gently slides it into Lucinda's tight hole. Lucinda screams as this finger invades her. She drives her finger into Lucinda faster and faster while sucking on her clit, but being careful not to break her cherry. Lucinda begins to buck her hips as Keira continues her tongue fucking. Lucinda starts to push into Keira's mouth as she gets closer and closer to her first orgasm. Then as Keira pushes her tongue in deep Lucinda cums all over Keira's face and hair. Keira licks up all the girl cum and climbs up and kisses Lucinda so that she can taste her own juices. Keira then slides back down and begins to lick Lucinda's ass hole with her tongue. Lucinda jumps as she feels the tongue on her puckered anus. Keira then licks Lucinda's ass hole. Her tongue gently rims it. Keira slides a finger into Lucinda's pussy as she rims her ass. Lucinda is now well lubricated and Keira slides a second finger into her pussy while continuing to rim her ass. Keira then surprises Lucinda by tongue fucking her ass. Once again Lucinda begins to buck her hips into Keira's fingers. Lucinda explodes with her second orgasm of the night.

"Oh my god Keira."

"Now eat me and rim my ass Lucinda."

Lucinda and Keira switch places and Lucinda starts by kissing Keira on the lips. Their tongues swirl around each other as the are tied in one big sloppy French kiss. Lucinda kisses down to Keira's neck and begins to suck on it heavily while her hands are all over Keira's small but ample tits. Lucinda then sucks on Keira's right nipple while fondling her left one hard. She then switches tits and gives the left one the same treatment. She slowly kisses down Keira's tight stomach region and down to her freshly shaved pussy. She runs a finger over her vulva, which causes Keira to jump. Lucinda then rubs Keira's clit to get it excited. Once it is excited she begins to lightly suck on it and bite it and pull it towards her. She then spreads Keira's lips apart and sticks her tongue in and begins to tongue fuck Keira. Keira is moaning louder and louder as Lucinda begins to drive her tongue deeper and deeper into Keira's cunt hole. Lucinda then sucks on two of her fingers and slides them inside of Keira. Keira's hips begin to push back into Lucinda's fingers as she nears her first orgasm. Lucinda sucks on Keira's clit and fucks her cunt with her fingers faster and harder. Soon, Keira is orgasming all over Lucinda's face and hand. Lucinda does not let Keira taste her own cum but she dives right into Keira's asshole and starts licking it. Lucinda spreads Keira's ass cheeks and slides her still wet fingers right inside of Keira's ass. Keira screams from all the pain that she is in. She then feels Lucinda's tongue rimming her ass. Lucinda continues with this until Keira once again explodes all over her. Now, Lucinda climbs up and kisses Keira. They exchange another sloppy wet French kiss.

"Lucinda, I think it is time that we popped your hymen sweetie."

"Won't that hurt Keira?"

"Yes it will but I promise to be very careful with you."


Keira leaves the room and comes back with Lucinda's patent leather mary janes as well as her leather stiletto heels. Keira positions Lucinda in a spread eagle position and kisses her pussy one more time. Keira then gives the heel of her boot a good blowjob and slides it up and down along Lucinda's clit. Keira then very gently slides it into Lucinda's cunt. Lucinda screams as the heel penetrates her tight cunt hole. She can feel it pushing against her hymen. Keira then braces Lucinda and pushes past her hymen with one thrust. Lucinda lets out a horrific scream as she is popped by this heel. Keira begins to fuck Lucinda with the heel of her shoe. Lucinda's pain gives way to pleasure as she is fucked by the heel. She begins to enjoy it and pushes back against the heel. Keira pushes it in deeper and Lucinda moans louder as she is nearing her third orgasm of the day. Lucinda can't hold it any longer and she cums all over the heel in one gush. Keira slows her fucking to let Lucinda relax. Keira then tells Lucinda to get on all fours but raise her ass in the air. Lucinda does as she is told and gets on all fours and raises her ass. She sees Keira sucking on the heels of her boots preparing them for something. Keira then shoves the heel back into Lucinda's pussy. Now Keira spreads Lucinda's ass cheeks apart and licks her ass. She shoves her tongue into Lucinda's ass. She moans as she can feel Keira's tongue pressing into her pussy where the other heel is. Keira then spits all over Lucinda's ass and slowly sticks the other stiletto heel into Lucinda's puckered hole. Lucinda gives out a tiny yelp as she is now being double penetrated by both of Keira's boots. Keira holds onto the upper portion of the boot and slides them in and out of Lucinda's holes. Keira gains speed and is fucking Lucinda closer and closer to her fourth orgasm of the day. Soon Lucinda is filling the ranch with screams of ecstasy.

"OH god Keira don't stop. I'm so close. Oh god that boot feels so good in my ass."

Lucinda cums all over the heel of the boot in her pussy and collapses onto Keira's bed as she has her fourth orgasm. Keira gives the girl time top recover before kissing her on the lips and sliding her tongue into her throat. They exchange a French kiss then Keira tells Lucinda to do the same thing to her but with her mary janes.

Lucinda picks up one of her shoes and does the same thing that Keira did and sucks on the toe of it. She then kisses Keira's pussy one more time and licks her clit before sliding the shoe into her cunt hole. Keira lets out a scream as the shoe enters her pussy. She has never been fucked by anything this wide before. It feels good though. Lucinda pushes it deeper into Keira. Keira then decides to get on all fours and raise her ass in the air. She tells Lucinda to leave the shoe in her pussy and eat her ass. Lucinda tongue fucks Keira's ass as she pushes the other shoe deeper and deeper into her cunt. Lucinda then spits into Keira's ass and slides a finger into her ass. Keira moans. Lucinda wants to make sure that this is what Keira wants. Keira reassures her of it. Lucinda slowly slides the mary jane into Keira's ass. Lucinda fucks Keira's pussy faster and harder as she pushes the shoe deeper and deeper into her ass.

"OH Lucinda, fuck me baby. Fuck both my holes. I love having your mary janes in my ass and pussy at the same time."

Lucinda does as she is told and rams both shoes in as hard as she can into Keira's holes. Keira then begins bucking back and forth and up and down.

"OH Lucinda, I'm gonna cum please don't stop!!!!!"

Lucinda just keeps fucking Keira. Keira cums all over both mary janes as she experiences her third and fourth orgasm of the day. Lucinda gives Keira time to calm down before kissing her on the lips and pulling the shoes out of her holes.

"Did you enjoy that Lucinda?" says Keira as she catches her breath.

"Yes very much so Keira. I love fucking your holes."

"Well I loved popping your cherry. Would you like to experience more?"


"Ok then. Follow me to the kitchen."

Lucinda follows Keira to the kitchen. Keira reaches up into the cabinet and pulls out a medicine bottle of ex-lax. She then takes one and tells Lucinda to take one.

"What are these for?"

"They help you in going to the bathroom. I want you to shit in my mouth Lucinda and I hope that I can shit in yours as well."

"That is disgusting Keira, but I will do it for you."

The two of them then walk to the bathroom and Keira lays down in the bathtub and has Lucinda sit over her mouth with her ass. Keira can smell the odor of shit on Lucinda's ass and it turns her on. She begins rimming Lucinda's ass as she waits for the shit to come. "You ready Keira, it's coming." Lucinda then shits all over Keira's beautiful face and hair but it all lands in her mouth. Keira then starts to chew on it and swallow it all as she sees that more is coming out of Lucinda. Keira can not eat it fast enough so it winds up covering her face and neck in shit, but she loves it. Lucinda then takes the shit that is on Keira's face and spreads it all over her body. She even rubs it into her pussy. Keira then stands up and switches places with Lucinda. Keira places her ass over Lucinda's wide- open mouth. Lucinda sticks out her tongue and rims Keira's puckered ass hole in the attempt to get a mouthful of shit, and it works. Keira drops a long log into Lucinda's mouth causing her to gag a little but she chews it all up and swallows it. Keira then moves down and drops a few more logs onto Lucinda's chest. She then rubs them into her body and even into her pussy. The two of them then kiss and decide to take a shower.

After their shower, Keira and Lucinda are sitting in the living room talking when they hear Dutch clawing at his door to get out. Keira walks over and lets him out and he stays right by her side so he is not to scare Lucinda. However, Dutch being the kind of dog he is can still smell the sex in Keira's pussy. He tries to nuzzle his way into her pussy. Keira then told Lucinda about her fetish with fucking animals. She lifted her leg up onto the couch giving Dutch access to her pussy. Soon his tongue was exploring her labia and giving her intense sexual pleasure. Keira told Lucinda to sit back and watch. Lucinda was so turned on that soon she started rubbing her clit with her hand. Keira could see Dutch's red cock coming out of its sheath. Keira then told Dutch to lay on the ground. Keira lied on the floor so that she could suck on Dutch's cock as he continued to lick her cunt. Soon Keira was giving her dog a blowjob. She did not want Dutch to cum all in her mouth so she then told Lucinda that she was going to fuck her dog. Lucinda was enjoying the show and hoped that she would get to fuck Dutch as well. Keira got on all fours and called Dutch over to her. He knew exactly what his mistress wanted and jumped up on her back. Keira then guided his monster cock into her cunt hole. Dutch shoved his cock deep into Keira's pussy giving Keira intense sexual pleasure. He began driving in deeper and harder. Keira could feel his balls slapping up against her ass. She looked under herself and saw that the knot was almost at her pussy, she knew that if it went in her and Dutch would be stuck together even after he cums. Keira moaned as Dutch fucked her faster and harder, and then she felt the knot enter her pussy. She let out a horrific scream as the knot now pounded her deep and hard. After another five good minutes of being pounded by Dutch's monster cock Keira could no longer take it and let out her fifth orgasm of the day. As her muscles tightened it squeezed so hard that Dutch let out a howl and came inside his mistress. However, the two of them were now stuck together until the knot goes away. Lucinda was still playing with herself even after Keira was done fucking her dog. Lucinda put her pussy right in Keira's face and Keira ate it as she waited for the knot to go away. 15 minutes and an orgasm later Dutch pulled out of Keira.

Dutch pulled his knot out of his mistress and lied on the floor to clean himself. Keira collapsed onto the floor and was out of breath. Lucinda wanted to eat the cum out of Keira's pussy. Lucinda got on the floor in front of Keira's pussy and darted her tongue inside tasting her cum as well as the cum of her dog. As Lucinda was eating Keira's pussy, Dutch smelt more sex and walked up behind Lucinda and began to lick her labia. She moaned as his tongue slid right inside her.

"Oh, Keira he is licking me."

"I know Lucinda, calm down and let him. Do you want to fuck him like I did?"

"Yes, it turned me on so much."

As they speak Dutch is licking Lucinda's pussy dry. She can feel another orgasm coming as his tongue slides up and down her swollen clit. Keira then commands Dutch to lie down. Lucinda mounts the dog in a 69 position and begins to suck his red cock. Dutch lets out a little howl. Lucinda slides his cock in and out of her mouth just like the heel to her boot. She is giving Dutch a better blowjob then even his mistress can. Keira tells Lucinda to stop because Dutch would have orgasmed in her mouth. Lucinda then gets on all fours like Keira had and Dutch jumps up on her back and slides his huge 9-inch cock into her fresh pussy. Lucinda lets out a moan as this is her first time with a cock. It is not a normal cock either it belongs to her co-star's dog. Dutch pounds the little girl with his huge cock and nears yet another orgasm for him. Lucinda has already come once from the cock inside her and is nearing her second orgasm with Dutch. Her pussy muscles tighten and she screams as she comes all over Dutch's rock hard cock. Dutch thrusts forward and the knot then slips inside Lucinda as she is still coming. Keira is on the couch playing with her pussy as she watches this young star take her dog's cock. She saw the knot enter Lucinda and she started fingering herself faster and faster. She knew Dutch was close but could Lucinda handle it. Dutch was fucking her hard and fast as he neared his orgasm and then it happened, he let out a horrific howl as he pumped his load into Lucinda's pussy. Keira shoves her pussy in front of Lucinda who eats it with pleasure as she waits for Dutch to pull out of her. Finally Dutch pulls out and Lucinda collapses onto the rug and Keira has to revive the young star.

"Lucinda, did you enjoy fucking my dog?"

"Yes, I did. It was not what I thought it would be. It was more intense."

"We are not done yet Lucinda. Follow me."

Keira leads a naked Lucinda out to the stable to where she keeps her families horses and all the other farm animals. Keira introduces Lucinda to Silver, their prize stallion. Keira walks over and grabs a stool and sits next to Silver and begins brushing him and patting his belly. She beckons Lucinda over and she takes a brush and brushes his mane. Lucinda then sees Keira's hand has moved to Silver's huge black sheath. She is massaging it with her hand. All of a sudden this huge red cock comes out and Lucinda nearly faints. Keira then tells Lucinda that Dutch is not enough for her. She needs a real big cock, and Silver has a 15 inch one. Lucinda is also excited by this and tells Keira that she will take Silver as well. Keira tells Lucinda to help her give Silver a hand job. Lucinda places her hand on Silver's cock and they both massage his cock up and down. Keira then pushes Lucinda aside and begins to lick up and down Silver's huge shaft. She then slowly takes the huge head into her mouth and begins bobbing her head up and down. Lucinda then decides to eat Keira's pussy as she sucks on this massive cock. She sticks out her tongue and licks Keira's clit. She inserts her tongue into Keira's pussy and tongue fucks her as she deep throats this huge cock. She then stops sucking on Silver and screams as she has a massive orgasm and cums all over Lucinda's face. Lucinda then kisses Keira and she can taste Silver on her lips and Keira can taste herself on Lucinda. Lucinda then licks Silver's shaft and with Keira's help she is able to get the head into her mouth. Her tiny head begins to bon up and down on Silver's cock. Keira then decides to get underneath Lucinda and return the favor. She sticks out her tongue and massages Lucinda's clit as she sucks on Silver's massive organ. Lucinda bobs her head faster and faster as she is able to fit more into her mouth. She then stops sucking and screams as Keira licks her to orgasm. Lucinda then kisses Keira and she tastes herself. They are both surprised that Silver has not orgasmed yet.

Keira then gets underneath Silver and positions her ass at his huge cock. She then lefts his huge cock and slides it into her cunt. She screams at first due to the massive size of this intruder. She gets used to the size of the horse. She begins to push back on his cock letting more of it slide into her tiny cunt. Soon Keira has about 9 inches of Silver inside her and she begins to feel very sexually satisfied as Silver is pushing his cock deeper into her. She has a massive orgasm and slides off of Silver's huge cock. Keira kisses the head of his cock and Silver nays. Lucinda then tells Keira that she wants to try fucking Silver. Keira tries to persuade her not to but she gives in. Lucinda then lines her ass up with Silver's cock. She then did as Keira did and raises her ass to meet his cock. Keira then pushes Silver's cock into her. Lucinda lets out a scream as this huge cock penetrates her tiny hole. She is screaming as Silver pushes harder and harder into her. Lucinda then gets used to the massive intruder and begins to slide her hips back and forth along this horse's cock. Soon she has taken 10 inches of Silver and yet Silver wants more of his cock in this tight pussy so he pushes harder and deeper into Lucinda's cunt. Lucinda then feels her pussy muscles tighten as she nears another orgasm and cums all over Silver's huge cock. Both lovers are surprised that Silver has not cum yet. Keira and Lucinda then decide to sit underneath him and stroke him off until he orgasms all over them. They both slide their hands up and down the length of his shaft and lick either side of the shaft as well. Soon Silver is bucking and naying as he nears an orgasm. Silver then shoots his load all over the lovers. Keira and Lucinda are then covered in a boat load of horse cum. Some of it even drips into Keira's mouth and she swallows it. The two lovers then spend the next five minutes licking it off of each other. They stand up and kiss each other passionately. Lucinda sticks out her tongue and slides it down Keira's throat.

The two lovers then begin walking back to the house to shower when Keira passes the pigpen and decides to jump into the mud and get all dirty. Lucinda looks at her host and asks no questions and joins her in the mud. Keira then crawls over to a pig and begins to stroke his sheath. A tiny cock then emerges and Keira wraps her lips around it and gives the pig a blowjob. Her mouth is taking the whole length of the pig's cock. As she is sucking the pig Lucinda is sitting in the mud rubbing her clit watching Keira. Keira's other hand is massaging her own clit. Keira stops blowing the pig much to his disliking and positions her self with her ass to the pig. The pig then immediately mounts her and tries to put his cock into her pussy but Keira has other ideas. She takes the pig's cock and slides it into her ass hole. Once the pig has a hole to fuck nature takes over. He shoves his cock deep into Keira's ass and begins fucking her. Keira moans and groans as a pig fucks her ass. Lucinda is rubbing her clit faster and faster. She has two fingers buried deep into her cunt. Keira is rubbing her clit like mad as the pig fucks her ass harder and harder. The pig forces his entire length into Keira and that does it. Her muscles tighten as she explodes all over her hand and thighs. Her ass muscles tighten naturally and the pig then explodes into her ass with all his cum. The pig then dismounts Keira and goes away a happy pig. Keira thanks the pig as well. She crawls over to Lucinda and puts her ass to Lucinda's face and says, "clean it." Lucinda then sticks her tongue into Keira's ass and licks away all the pig cum and rims her ass hole a little. Keira is now happy that she was able to share all these nasty fantasies with a younger actress.

The two lovers go back to the house and clean up and shower. After their shower they go to bed without eating dinner because tomorrow they have to fly over to London for the premiere of Pirates.

The End of Pirates of the Bush

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