This story contains sexual acts between two women. If you are offended by such acts, please do not read any farthar.

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For all of you Sailor Moonies you must nit pick, like me, Naoko-sensei has indeed claimed that Uranus and Neptune are homosexual with each other. Also, this work takes place about part-way through the Sailor Moon Super series. It is known who Uranus and Neptune are, but the Talismans have not been found. Sailor Pluto and Sailor Chibi Moon have appeared, but Saturn and Mistress Nine haven't.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune

By: Lord Charon

Sailor Moon stood over the body of her best friend, Minako Aino. She had had her Heart Crystal, the Crystal that exists inside only the purest of pure hearts. Without the Crystal, she would soon die.

Haruka Ten'ou and Michiru Kaiou, students and a local school, watched in amazement at the performance of Sailor Moon. Who would have known that such a clutz could be the globaly known soldier for love and justice?

Sailor Moon shouted at the Daimon who popped out of her friend's chest, "Going after a pure girl who wanted to treasure her pure heart? I won't forgive you! I am the beautiful girl soldier Sailor Moon, and in place of the Moon, I will punish you!"

A woman with bright red hair appeared behind the ugly Daimon. "Daimon Mina, attack Sailor Moon!" she commanded.

Sailor Moon stared at the Daimon as it started moving towards her. "Uh-oh, what am I supposed to do?" she cried.

Michiru placed a hand on Haruka's shoulder. "Haruka, we have to do something!"

The taller, blonde girl looked down at the other. "But we're supposed to find the Talismans, not defend the universe!"

"Guess again," said the girl with aquamarine hair. "During the Silver Millinium, our job was to defend the solar system."

"But, Michiru -!"

"I don't care what you say, Haruka," Michiru broke in, "I am defending Sailor Moon." She removed a small wand with a green sphere on top from her pocket, and raised it in the air. "Neptune Planet Power, Makeup!"

A flash of green light embraced Michiru. Once it faded, she wore a white sailor suit with an aquamarine skirt and shoes. She wore a pair of white gloves with aquamarine bands. A golden tiara with an aquamarine set in it rested on her head.

"Fine," said Haruka as she removed her own transformation pen. "Uranus Planet Power, Makeup!"

Haruka was embraced in gold light. Once it disappeared, she dressed the same as Michiru, except she wore indigo, rather than aquamarine.

Haruka placed a hand on Sailor Moon's shoulder. "Need some help, odango?"

Sailor Moon looked up at Haruka, her eyes filled with shock. "Huh? Haruka-san? You're Sailor Uranus?"

"And Michiru is Sailor Neptune," said Michiru, from Sailor Moon's other side.

"Let's bust this thing," said Uranus. She raised her right hand. Golden energy flowed up from the ground, and collected in a large sphere over her hand. "World Shaking!" she shouted, and let the energy fly along the ground.

The gold sphere split the ground open under the Daimon, causing it to fall in.

A wave of water rose from behind Sailor Neptune, and streaks of blue energy from it collected in her hands. "Deep Submerge!" She pushed the energy towards the Daimon.

The blue sphere entered the pit, knocking the Daimon flat on its back. The wave of water then crashed in, filling the pit with water.

The Daimon swam out, and pulled itself up. It looked very tired. "Sailor Moon, use your Spiral Heart Rod!" Sailor Neptune commanded.

The Spiral Heart Rod fell from the sky, and landed in Sailor Moon's hands. "Moon Spiral Heart Attack!" she shouted, which caused the Rod to release a large, stone heart that crashed into the Daimon, destroying it.

Sailor Uranus picked up the large, purple crystal that lay beside Minako's dieing form. She laid it on Minako's chest, and it returned to its owner. Minako stood up.

Uranus returned to Neptune's side. "Not a Talisman," she reported.

Sailor Uranus and Neptune started walking away. "Wait!" Sailor Moon cried. "Why are you two so concerned with these Talismans?"

The two Sailors' uniforms disolved, and were replaced by their street clothes. Haruka chose to answer. "You will find out in due time."

Back at the mansion that Haruka owned, the two girls fell onto the black, leather couch in the gargantuan living room. Haruka flipped on the TV. The news anchor was talking about a bombing somewhere in the United States. She switched it off.

Michiru rested her hand on Haruka's. "Haruka, why are you so mean to Usagi-chan? She's just a girl."

Haruka looked down at Michiru. Michiru's aquamarine eyes had a sad, confused look to them. Haruka sighed. "I don't know, Michiru. I just do it. I really don't mean to."

Michiru kissed Haruka's cheek. "Well, either way, I love you."

Haruka turned, and kissed Michiru's lips. She slipped her tongue into the shorter girl's mouth. She pulled back. "I love you, too, Michiru."

Michiru raised her small hand, and ran it through Haruka's short, golden hair. "Haruka?"


"Make love to me. Please?" Michiru's eyes alone begged, and Haruka felt there was no need for words.

Wordlessly, Haruka stood up, picked Michiru up in her arms, and carried the girl to their shared bedroom. She laid her down on the bed, and proceeded to undress.

Michiru watched in awe as Haruka slowly unvieled her beautiful body. Somehow, the blonde girl managed to hide her firm breasts and hour glass figure. Michiru stood up, and undid the buttons on her blouse. She let the white silk fall to the ground, and then kicked it aside. She unzipped her blue skirt, and put that with her blouse. Finally, being deliberatly slow, she removed first her bra, then her panties.

Haruka advanced on Michiru. She wrapped her arms around the aquamarine-haired girl. She then laid Michiru on the bed.

Haruka placed her right hand over Michiru's sex. She ran her thin fingers through her girlfriend's aquamarine pubic hair, then over her labia. As she felt Michiru start to get wet, she slipped one of her fingers into her vagina. Gently, she stroked Michiru's vaginal walls.

Michiru started moaning as she got more and more turned on.

Haruka knelt between Michiru's legs, and positioned herself so that her head was to Michiru's groin. She placed two fingers just past Michiru's small lips, then parted them. Tentitively, she stick out her tongue, licking the sides of Michiru's lips.

Michiru groaned.

Haruka stuck her tongue in a little farther. She licked the opening of Michiru's vagina, which resulted in a louder moan. Becoming more bold, Haruka slipped her tongue into Michiru's vagina as far as it could go. The juices from Michiru's sex tasted very sweet to Haruka. She wished she could collect them in a glass, and drink them like water.

Michiru started whispering gibberish as she became closer to climax.

Haruka moved back a bit, and started licking the hood that covered her girlfriend's clitoris. Soon, her clitoris was poking out from under the hood. Haruka gently took that into her mouth, and started sucking.

The other girl started screaming in extasy, and she put her hands on Haruka's head. "Haruka!" she cried. "I'm - I'm cumming!"

Haruka pried Michiru's fingers from her hair, and backed off. "You want something nice?" she asked, as she started fumbling around under the bed. "I'll give you nice." She presented a double-ended dildo. She put one end of the dildo into Michiru's vagina, and the other into her own. "How's that?" she asked.

Michiru moaned. "Oh, Haruka! I love you so much! You're so good!"

The two girls rode the dildo for quite some time, but that's another story.