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Just a heads-up, this story starts off pretty quickly with a masturbation scene. I know that some people, including myself, enjoy a slow build-up to a final climax, so do not be put off by the first scene. I promise that the story will build and get deeper as you keep reading.

This story is supposed to take place between the third and fourth seasons of the television series Yu-Gi-Oh! after the Battle City Tournament has ended. I hope you enjoy the story. Please send me feedback by emailing me at Quite a bit of research went into writing this story and I do not want it to be for nothing. I would appreciate knowing that I have an audience.

Sweet Serenity
by Nathan Warford


It was another boring day in class. Téa Gardner was recalling the events that had taken place over the past week during the Battle City Tournament. She remembered how her best friend, Yugi, had participated in the tournament to save the world. She remembered how her mind was controlled by Marik. She remembered meeting Joey's sister, Serenity, for the first time.

Suddenly, Téa felt her breath catch. There was a bit of light-headedness and an increase in her heart rate. This feeling was not surprising to the sixteen-year-old. She had felt it many times before, especially when Yugi's alter-ego, Yami, was dueling. What was surprising was that Téa was not thinking of Yami. The person that Téa was thinking of was... 'Serenity?' the brunette thought to herself, dismayed by her own thoughts. She tried to forget about it, but her mind kept wandering back to Serenity. Téa could not forget the first time she saw the thirteen-year-old. She was with Tristan, Mai, and Duke at Domino Pier with bandages over her eyes after the operation that had saved her vision. Téa admired Serenity's shiny, auburn hair and small, innocent form. However, when Serenity threw her bandages off and opened her eyes, that was a sight to behold. She had the most beautiful, bright, hazel eyes that Téa had ever seen.

The school bell rang. "Finally," Téa said to herself, picking up her pack and walking out of the classroom. Téa was very uncomfortable walking home. She felt dizzy and there was a constantly growing spot on wetness on her panties. Before Battle City, the brunette had never even thought about masturbation, let alone to the thought of another girl! However, for some reason, Téa was getting aroused by the thought of Serenity Wheeler! Maybe it was some residual part of Marik's spirit that was left behind after his control of her mind. At that point, Téa did not care. All that she wanted was to get home and make herself come.

As soon as Téa had closed the front door, she immediately dropped her pack and ran straight to her bedroom. She threw herself down on the bed and pulled down her white briefs. There was a small patch of curly, brown hair above her pussy. Somehow knowing exactly what to do, Téa threw her right hand between her legs and started rubbing her erect clitoris. A bolt of electricity shot through Téa's young body and she yelped, a bit frightened at the new feeling. However, after regrouping from the sudden jolt of pleasure, Téa continued ribbing the hard nubbin above her opening, this time slower. This time, Téa was able to continue rubbing. She started moaning in pleasure as she stimulated her hard clitoris.

Suddenly, Téa started feeling pressure on her nipples. It was as if they were straining to break free from her shirt. She tried unbuttoning her pink overshirt with her left hand, but could not do it. She had to use her right hand as well, but she did not want to stop rubbing herself. She decided that her clit could wait for a few seconds, so she brought her right hand from between her legs and unbuttoned her overshirt. Next came her white undershirt, which became unbuttoned as well. It took almost no time at all for Téa to unclasp her white bra, letting her 32C breasts loose. With the pressure on her chest released, Téa's right hand dove back between her legs and frantically rubbed her throbbing clitoris. Téa's left hand unconsciously moved to Téa's left breast and started squeezing it. The girl cried in pleasure as her fingers started pinching her nipples.

Téa's thoughts drifted back to Serenity. The brunette started imagining that Serenity was on the bed with her and that it was Serenity's fingers that were rubbing her hard clit. "Oh, yes," Téa moaned. "Keep going, Serenity. "Oh, keep going. It feels so good."

Soon Téa started feeling something start to build up deep inside her. Although she had never experienced one before, Téa was quite sure that it was an orgasm that was building. She kept going down on herself, crying out in bliss, her hips rocking in time to her fingers, juices dripping from her pussy onto her hand. "Oh yes," she cried. "Oh. Serenity. I'm gonna come." Téa could feel that she was very close and started rubbing her clitoris even harder. "Oh God!" Téa cried. "Serenity! I'm coming!" Then, her back arched and she gave out a loud scream of ecstasy as her very first orgasm hit. All of the energy in her body seemed to rush straight to her pussy and it caused a flood of juice to spew from her cunt, soaking her hand, her skirt, and the sheets below her.

After what seemed like hours, Téa's body relaxed. Her hand left her breast and she collapsed on the bed, her eyes closed, breathing heavily after the first orgasm of her life. A few moments passed and Téa's eyes opened. She noticed a strange, but pleasant odor in the air. She brought her hand from between her legs to her nose and inhaled. It was the smell of the juices that her hand was sodden with. She licked one of her fingers and was surprised by how sweet it tasted. Téa quickly licked the rest of her juices off of her hand.

After several moments of savoring the flavor of her own honey, Téa noticed how wet she had gotten herself. She changed into some casual wear and threw her school uniform into a laundry basket. She then found a cleaning solution, applied it to the wet area on her bed, and cleaned her sheets. "Next time," she said, "I'll masturbate in the toilet." With the evidence of her masturbation erased, Téa turned on the television to watch one of her favorite sitcoms.

Again, Téa thought of Serenity. 'What am I going to do?' she wondered. 'Should I tell Serenity how I feel? Or should I keep it to myself?' Either way, Téa wanted to see Serenity. They had become friends quickly after they had met, and even if Téa was not going to tell Serenity of her thoughts about the thirteen-year-old, she still wanted to see her.

The next day, Téa called the Wheelers' residence. "Hello?" a male voice said through the phone.

"Hi, Joey," said Téa.

"Oh, hey Téa," Joey said, recognizing her voice. "What's up?"

"Not much," Téa said. "Hey, is Serenity there?"


"Yeah. I was hoping to see her again before she goes back to live with your mom."

"I see. I'll go get her."

Téa waited for a moment while Joey went to get his sister on the phone. "Hi Téa," a heavenly voice said.

"Serenity, hi," said Téa sounding a little more enthusiastic that she intended. "I was wondering. Would you like to meet some time?"

"Meet?" Serenity asked. "You mean just the two of us?"

"Uh, yeah," Téa said, hopeful that Serenity would not hear in her voice what she was attracted to the thirteen-year-old.

"That sounds great," replied Serenity.

"Good," Téa said, again surprised by her own enthusiasm. "How about today? Twelve o'clock at Domino Station?"

"Sure, Téa."

"Maybe a slumber party?" Téa tried to stop herself from asking, but was too late. The words just flew out of her mouth.

"It's a date."

Although it was only an expression, hearing Serenity refer to it as a date reinforced Téa's attraction to the young girl. "Yeah. I'll see you there."

"Bye, Téa."

After they hung up, Téa realized that her panties were soaked! Just hearing Serenity's voice made her wet! Téa entered the bathroom, pulled down her pants and sat down on the toilet. After taking off her T-shirt and bra, she started. Both of her hands went to her C-cup breasts and started fondling them. She pinched her nipples, making them stand out. She moaned and sighed as she stimulated the hard buttons that were protruding from her breasts.

Téa could not take the tension any longer. She needed release. Keeping her left hand on her left breast, her right hand slid down her toned abdomen and to her sixteen-year-old pussy. Now familiar with the feelings that she got when she touched herself, Téa started fingering her hard clit without having to pull away. The brunette started moaning in pleasure as she fingered her clitoris and pinched her nipples at the same time. Again unable to contain her own thoughts, Téa started fantasizing about Serenity. "Oh yeah," she moaned. "That feels so good, Serenity. Keep going."

Téa's fingers went a little lower to her opening. She was about to put in a finger when she was met with some resistance. She realized that her hymen had not been broken. Knowing that the breaking of the hymen was sometimes painful, she decided not to enter herself. The stimulation on her clit was enough for the time being. She continued rubbing the throbbing button above her opening and she continued moaning in bliss.

Téa felt the pressure of her orgasm building up inside her. Wanting to experience the amazing feelings that only an orgasm could provide, Téa started rubbing her clit faster, applying more pressure to the sensitive nubbin. She cried at the increase in attention and her hips started rocking back and forth. "Serenity," she cried. "Keep going. I'm gonna come." The tension kept building. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Téa cried as she reached her peak. She started loosing control of her motor functions and grabbed a hold of the towel rack on the wall beside her. That was all she had to keep herself steady as a violent orgasm hit her sixteen-year-old body. She gave out a loud cry of euphoria as her hips thrust forward, her pussy spewing juices into the toilet bowl, splashing into the water, filling the air with the sweet scent of girl-sex.

Téa came down from her orgasm and relaxed. She brought her hand to her mouth and lapped up the juices that had coated her hand. At this point, it was clear to Téa that she had to tell Serenity how she felt. However, Téa still had to decide when. She did not want to scare Serenity.

As Téa recovered, she thought about trimming her pussy. There was a thick bush between her legs and she thought that it might be easier for her to masturbate without the extra hair. Already naked, all that Téa had to do was get a pair of scissors and draw a bath.

With the bathtub filled with water, Téa stepped in and felt the heat of the water soothe her. Téa picked up the bar of soap sitting next to the tub and started lathering up her body. She payed extra attention to wash between her legs so that the trimming would be easier. After she had rinsed herself, she sat up on the side of the tub and started trimming the wet hairs that clung to her body. When Téa was finished there was a sizeable pile of brown hair sitting on the ground next to the tub. Téa brought her left hand between her legs and felt her newly shaven mound. "Ah," she said. "That feels much better." She drained the bath, dried herself off with a towel and cleaned up the hair that she had just trimmed. She put her bra and T-shirt back on, and then got a clean pair of panties and a pair of shorts. The digital clock next to her bed read 11:30. Téa left for Domino Station.

Téa arrived at the station at 11:56 and waited for Serenity. She looked at the clock numerous times, checking the time. The clock read 12:00 and Téa became anxious. Then, Téa saw a young girl with long, auburn hair walking towards the station. Téa stood up and went to her. "Hi Téa," Serenity said as they met.

"Serenity, hi," Téa said. The girls shared a short embrace. "How are you?"

"Okay," Serenity replied. "It's good to see you."

"Good to see you too. Hey. You wanna go get something to eat?"

"Sure, Téa." Téa and Serenity walked off to get some lunch.

They decided to go to Burger World. "Hello," said a waitress with red hair and brown eyes, "I am Caprice. I'll be your waitress today." Caprice then looked surprised when she noticed that Téa was the customer. "Téa?"

"Hi Caprice," Téa said.

"You know her?" Serenity asked.

"That's right," Téa answered. "I work here part time."

"Who's your friend?" Caprice asked noticing Serenity.

Téa put an arm around Serenity and said, "This is my little sister Serenity." Serenity gave Téa a puzzled look when she said that they were sisters. "She's visiting for the weekend. She lives with our Mom a couple of towns over."

"That's a pretty name, Serenity," Caprice said.

"Uh, thanks," said the young girl.

"How old are you?" Caprice asked.

"Fifteen," Téa answered before Serenity could speak. Serenity gave Téa another puzzled look.

"Really. I would have guessed that she was thirteen at the oldest."

Serenity decided to play along. "Yeah, I get that a lot." Téa and Serenity laughed nervously.

"I'll get you guys a table," Caprice said, leading them to a table by the window.

As they sat down, Serenity quietly asked Téa. "Why did you tell her I'm your sister? And why did you tell her I was fifteen?"

Téa answered, "Because you're supposed to be eighteen to work here. If they found out that I was only sixteen, I would get fired. I need to make them think that I'm older than I actually am."

"Okay," said Serenity.

After the two girls ate their lunch, they decided to hang out around Domino. They went to a music store, fed the birds, and caught a movie. Téa showed Serenity around town much the same way she did for Yami before they went to the museum. They then went to a card store and got some Duel Monsters cards. Although Serenity was only a beginner at the game, she still enjoyed playing it.

The girls finally made their way to the arcade. "Oh wow," Serenity said, noticing the crane game. "It's one of these." She looked through the glass and saw that the objects in side were plush Duel Monsters dolls. "Cool They have a Blue Eyes White Dragon, a Dark Magician, and..." she trailed off, "...a Flame Swordsman!" The Flame Swordsman was Joey's favorite card and Serenity wanted to get one of them out of love for her brother. "I have to get one!" She put a quarter into the machine and started fishing for the Flame Swordsman. It took several quarters, but Serenity finally got the doll she wanted.

"I want one of those Dark Magicians for Yugi," said Téa. She inserted a quarter and started grabbing at the Dark Magician doll. She, too picked up the doll she wanted after several tries.

Then, Serenity noticed the dance game. She smiled and cried, "I love those games!"

"You wanna try it?" Téa asked.


"Then get up there and show them what you got!"

Serenity took off her pink vest and threw it to Téa as she stepped up onto an empty platform. Téa was surprised when she saw Serenity in her yellow undershirt. It was tighter that Téa had anticipated. The small size of the undershirt made the contours of Serenity's body more visible and Téa was even more surprised when she saw just how large Serenity's breasts were. Even though she was three years younger than Téa, her breasts were not that much smaller. Serenity's breasts were at least 31B as far as Téa could tell.

Serenity's opponent was Johnny Stepps, the person that Téa had gone up against when she was showing Yami around town. Téa was the only person to ever defeat Johnny at that dancing game. "Are you ready?" Serenity said competitively.

"You're going down!" Johnny retorted.

"We'll see about that!" Serenity was full of surprises. Not only was she more physically developed than Téa had expected, but was also more spunky than Téa knew her to be. Maybe it was because Téa was alone with her and her attention was not divided between Serenity and her other friends.

The game began and Johnny started busting his moves. Again, Téa was surprised by Serenity. She started busting moves that were almost as good as Johnny's! Téa was mesmerized by Serenity's swaying body. Her long hair swung back and forth, catching the bright lights from the machine. Téa thought that Serenity had beautiful hair. Every time Serenity arched her back, her breasts shot forward, making them much more visible. Serenity seemed to be flaunting her good looks.

Serenity lost to Johnny by only several points. "Good game," Johnny said. "You have some of the best moves I've seen."

"Thanks," Serenity said, jumped down off of the platform. "He's good," Serenity said to Téa.

"Yeah. I'm still surprised that I was able to beat him."

"You?" Serenity cried, surprised as well.

Téa nodded. The brunette then noticed Johnny walking off with several people. "It seems that Johnny took my advice. He's actually made some friends." She then noticed that one of Johnny's friends was a female who had an arm wrapped around his waist. "And a girlfriend also!"

Before going back to Téa's house, she and Serenity decided to walk around Domino City and admire the sunset. "It's so beautiful," Serenity said, looking at the colors that the sun turned the sky. "I'm so happy that I'm able to see this. If it weren't for Joey, I would never have gotten that operation and I wouldn't be able to see this."

"I know," Téa replied. "It is beautiful." Secretly, Téa was admiring Serenity instead of the sunset.

Before it got too dark, the two girls went back to Téa's house. Téa noticed that her parents' car was not there. She took out a house key that she carried and entered. The house was empty. "I wonder where my parents are," she said. They entered the kitchen and Téa found a note on the fridge, held by a magnetic sticker. Téa read the note. It was a note from her parents, telling her that they had gone out to dinner and that they had left some money by the door for her and Serenity to order a pizza. "It seems that my parents are out for the evening."

"You mean we have the house all to ourselves?" Serenity asked.

"That's right," Téa replied.


"You want a pizza, Serenity? My parents left us some money."

"Sure. How about pepperoni?"

"That sounds good to me."

"It's a good thing Joey's not here. We would eat the whole thing before we even got to the table." Téa and Serenity laughed.

"Help yourself to the fridge," Téa said. "I'll go order the pizza. My room is right down the hall. You can watch some TV" Téa went to the phone while Serenity opened the fridge and took out a can of cola. While Téa ordered the pizza, Serenity went down the hall to Téa's room.

Téa walked into her room to find Serenity on the bed with her shoes off, watching Pop Star Idol. Serenity had once again taken off her pink vest, revealing the size of her breasts. "The pizza should be here soon," she said, taking off her shoes and sitting down next to Serenity with a soda of her own. Téa watched a female singer on the television, who was dancing to the song she was singing. "I may have beaten Johnny Stepps, but I wish I could dance like that," Téa said.

"I know," said Serenity. "That girl is hot."

Téa looked at Serenity surprised. 'She just said that girl was hot,' Téa thought. 'Does that mean that Serenity likes girls too?'

Téa decided not to reveal her attraction to girls, but instead gave a hint. "Yeah," she said. "I think so too."

When the show ended, Serenity suggested, "How about a movie?"

"That's a good idea, Serenity." Téa got up and went to a shelf, looking for a movie to pick out.

While Téa was searching for a movie to watch, a plot was brewing in her head. 'Maybe if I pick out a sexy movie,' she thought, 'then it would be easier to tell Serenity about how I feel.' Téa picked out a movie, inserted it into the DVD player and sat down next to Serenity.

As soon as the title appeared, Serenity remembered seeing advertisements for it on the television several years ago. "Isn't this a seventeen-plus movie?" she asked.

"Yeah," Téa replied. "Is that okay?"

"Yes. My mom always protected me from watching these kinds of movies. I've always wanted to see one. The only movies my mom lets me see are thirteen-plus."

"That is understandable. You are only thirteen after all. And mothers are usually overprotective."

"What my mom doesn't realize is that I hear about these things all the time at school."

There was not much violence in the movie. There was a bit of swearing and cussing, but the main reason that the movie was rated 17+ was because of the sexual content. There was a good deal of nudity along with a pretty steamy sex scene.

The movie ended at about 9:00. "So," Téa asked when the movie ended. "What did you think, Serenity?"

"It was good," Serenity said. Her breathing was a little ragged, indicating that she was turned on my the sex scene. "I liked it."

"Yeah. Me too." Téa yawned. "We'll, I'm getting kind of tired. Maybe it's time for bed?"

"Yeah," Serenity said. "I'm also tired." Téa was surprised again by how free Serenity was. She simply started stripping right in front of Téa! Serenity unbuttoned her denim shorts and pulled them down her legs, revealing a cute pair of blue boxer shorts and a surprisingly round ass. Next came her yellow T-shirt. She had a matching blue bra. With nothing to hide the size of Serenity's breasts, Téa was more sure than ever that Serenity wore a 31B-cup. Téa could feel her panties getting damp again. "I hope you don't mind, Téa," Serenity said, "but I like sleeping in my underwear. Is that all right with you?"

"Uh, yeah," Téa said. "That's fine. I do too." Téa started stripping down to her bra and panties as well.

"Oh great!" Serenity groaned. "I forgot a sleeping bag."

"That's okay," Téa said. "You can sleep in my bed." It was the second time that day that the words had just flew from Téa's mouth before she had a chance to stop herself.

"Really?" Serenity asked. "It's okay?"

Téa thought for a moment. The brunette shrugged and said, "Sure."


Serenity slipped under the covers while Téa went and turned off the light. She got into bed next to Serenity and the thirteen-year-old rolled over to put her arms around Téa. The brunette felt Serenity's smooth stomach against her own and felt her breasts pressed against hers. The fruity shampoo that Serenity used made Téa even more aroused. Téa realized that she had to tell Serenity how she felt. "Serenity?" she said.

"What is it, Téa."

"There's something I have to tell you." Serenity looked into Téa's eyes. "Serenity, I'm--"

"You're attracted to me," Serenity finished. Téa was astonished that Serenity knew about her attraction to the young girl. "I could tell that you liked me by the way you looked at me today. You were trying to hide it from me, but you weren't doing a very good job of it."

Misty stared into Serenity's hazel eyes for a while. Finally, Téa broke the silence by saying, "So, you knew about how I felt. And you didn't run away."

Serenity took one of her hands and cupped Téa's cheek with it. Slowly, she moved in and touched her lips to Téa's. Bolts of electricity shot up and down Téa's spine. Serenity's lips felt so soft and warm against hers. All of her doubts and fears flying away, Téa closed her eyes and sank into the kiss, wrapping her arms around the young girl beside to her. Serenity wrapped her arms around Téa as well and they stayed locked in the kiss for what seemed like hours. As they continued kissing, their mouths opened and they started sucking on each other's lips. Their tongues eventually came into play and they tasted the insides of each other's mouths.

Finally, the girls broke for air and looked into each other's eyes. Téa smiled and said, "I've wanted to do that for so long."

"Do you know what the first thing I saw was when I took off my bandages?" Serenity asked. "It was you. The first thing that I saw was you. Ever since then, I couldn't get you out of my head. I love you, Téa."

"And I love you." The two girls embraced and started kissing again. Serenity brought her hands to Téa's back, unclasped the brunette's bra, and pulled it from Téa's body, revealing her breasts. Téa undid Serenity's bra as well, revealing her breasts to Téa for the first time.

After several minutes of passionate kissing, Serenity got out of bed and stood in front of Téa. Slowly, she slipped out of her blue panties, revealing her thirteen-year-old pussy. Téa was in awe of Serenity's beauty. Although she had a petite body, Serenity's breasts were perfectly shaped, her aroused nipples extended proudly out from her luscious mounds, and her pink pussy was clearly visible through her sparse pubic hair.

Serenity lay down on her stomach in front of Téa and started taking off the brunette's panties. Téa raised her body off of the bed to make it easy for Serenity to rid her of the single garment that hid Serenity from Téa's wet pussy. Serenity slipped Téa's white panties down her legs, giving her access to Téa's trimmed mound. Because Téa had trimmed most of the hair from her pussy, Serenity could clearly see Téa's pink slit and her erect clitoris at the top of her pussy. Serenity felt Téa's pussy with her right hand and Téa sighed. "You're so wet down there, Téa."

"What can I say?" the sixteen-year-old breathed. "You are a beautiful girl." The smaller girl lay down on top of Téa and started kissing her breasts. Téa moaned in pleasure as Serenity sucked on her nipples. "Oh yeah," Téa moaned. "That feels so good." She ran her hands through Serenity's hair as the young girl continued pleasuring her hard nubbins.

Serenity brought her mouth to Téa's right nipple while her right hand pleasured Téa's left nipple. Slowly, Serenity's left hand caressed Téa's right side and Téa moaned at the feeling of her lover's hand against her warm skin. Then, Serenity found the warm, moist region between Téa's legs. Slowly, Serenity started rubbing around Téa's clitoris in circular motions. The brunette let out a very loud moan of pleasure as Serenity fingered her clit. "Serenity. Yes," Téa moaned. "God. It feels good."

Serenity continued sucking on Téa's right nipple while her right hand pinched Téa's left nipple. Téa wrapped her arms around Serenity's body and caressed the young girl that was making love to her. She pulled Serenity up so that their lips met and they locked in another passionate kiss, both of them moaning and sighing from the intense feelings that were coursing through their bodies. Serenity kept rubbing Téa's engorged clitoris and Téa continued moaning to Serenity's touch.
"Oh, Serenity," Téa cried. "It feels so good. Have you done this before?"

"No," Serenity answered. "But I do this to myself all the time. And I know what feels good."

"Serenity. I want you inside me."

Serenity felt for Téa's hole but found her entrance blocked. "Your hymen is still there," Serenity exclaimed.

"I know," Téa said. "I'm ready."

Hesitantly Serenity applied pressure to the flap of skin that protected Téa's virginity. Her index finger entered Téa's vagina and the brunette gasped in pain. "Are you all right?" Serenity asked.

"Yes, I'm fine," Téa answered. "Keep going." Serenity started moving her finger in and out of Téa's dripping hole and the brunette cried in both pleasure and pain. Téa pulled Serenity closer into her body and ground her pussy against Serenity's fingers. A small amount of blood trickled from Téa's newly deflorated pussy.

Serenity inserted her middle finger along with her index finger, stretching Téa's pussy, causing the brunette to cry out. The aurburn-haired girl was using her thumb to stimulate Téa's clitoris while she fucked Téa's hole at the same time. Téa could feel her orgasm starting to build. She rocked her hips faster and more forcefully, trying to get more out of Serenity's fingers. Sensing Téa's urgency, Serenity started moving her fingers faster, driving Téa closer to orgasm. "Oh God!" Tea cried. "Yes! Yes! Yes! This feels so good! It's the best thing I've ever felt in my life! I'm gonna come."

"Are you?" Serenity said. "Come for me, Téa."

Yes! Yes! Yes!" Téa gripped Serenity and pinned her small body down on top of her, her back arched, and she screamed in ecstasy as she experienced an orgasm more powerful than either of the two she had given herself during the past several days. Instead of the slight increase in juices that Téa had previously experienced when she came, the amount of juice that came from this orgasm was much larger. What was more, Téa's orgasmic juices squirted powerfully from her pussy, completely soaking the bed, Serenity, and herself!

Téa's orgasm lasted for what seemed like hours. When it finally ended, Téa released Serenity's body, she collapsed on the bed, and she nearly passed out from the sensory overload. Serenity smiled at her achievement. She removed her fingers from Téa's drenched pussy and licked her lover's sweet juices off of her index finger. She then brought her middle finger up to Téa and inserted it into the brunette's slightly parted mouth. Téa took a hold of Serenity's hand and sucked her finger dry, tasting her own orgasmic honey.

When there were no more juices for Téa to suck off of Serenity's finger, Téa removed it from her mouth, opened her eyes, and smiled at the young girl on top of her. Serenity smiled back. "That felt great," Téa breathed. "That was much better than anything I've ever felt. Much better than the orgasms I've given myself."

"You haven't felt true pleasure until you have a G-spot orgasm."

"Huh? G-spot orgasm?"

"It's a little place inside your vagina. Let me show you. Get on top of me." Serenity moved off of Téa and lay down on her back and Téa rolled on top of her. "Take your fingers and hook them like this." Serenity hooked her index and middle fingers as if beckoning Téa to come closer. Téa hooked the finger of her left hand in the same manner. "Put your fingers in my pussy with them hooked up. Inside, you should find a rough area. That's the G-spot. Rub that and it feels so good. It makes you squirt also."

"You seem to know a lot about your body for your age."

"I read a lot about sex and eroticism on the internet."

Téa tried searching for Serenity's G-spot. She stuck her index and middle fingers into her pussy and rubbed the insides of her slippery canal. Then, Téa found an area of small ridges and started rubbing it. Serenity let out a small moan. "Is that it?" Téa asked.

"Yeah. That's it." Téa continued rubbing and Serenity continued moaning. Téa used the thumb to started rubbing Serenity's clitoris at the same time she rubbed the young girls G-spot. Serenity moaned very loudly and started squirming on the bed. Téa kissed Serenity and they moaned into each other's mouths. Téa pinched Serenity's left nipple and Serenity gasped in bliss. She wrapped her arms around Téa and writhed against her body.

"Is that good?" Téa asked.

"Oh yes," Serenity replied. "It feels so good. Yes. Keep going, Téa. Keep going."

"I'm so happy," Téa said before bringing her head down to Serenity's chest. She started licking Serenity's right nipple and the thirteen-year-old cried in bliss. Serenity tangled her right hand in Téa's hair and pulled her face down harder into her young breast while her left hand gripped the bed sheets.

"Oh! Yes! Yes! More! More! I'm gonna come! Oh yes!" Téa started rubbing Serenity's clitoris and G-spot even harder, wanting to make her lover come. Serenity gripped Téa's hair and the sheets as her orgasm came upon her. "Oh! Yes! Yes!" She cried. "I'm coming!" The young girl held back for several seconds, and then let out a scream of absolute pleasure as her orgasm came over her. Her hips seized up and juices jetted from her pussy all over the bed, Téa, and herself.

Serenity's orgasm ended and the girl collapsed on the bed with her eyes closed, breathing heavily. Téa released Serenity's nipples and took her hand away from her tight pussy. Téa tasted the juices that Serenity had squirted onto her and moaned at the flavor. It was even sweeter than her own orgasmic nectar. After licking one of her fingers clean, she put the other finger to Serenity's mouth and the thriteen-year-old finished the job of cleaning Téa's hand.

Serenity opened her eyes and the two girls looked at each other. "That was so good," said Serenity. "You are a natural at that."

"You told me about the G-spot. Thank you for that." Serenity wrapped her arms around Téa's neck and pulled her in for a passionate kiss.

"I love you, Téa," Serenity said.

"I love you too, my Sweet Serenity." They kissed again and then slipped under the covers. Although the bed was drenched in sweat and girl-juices, Téa found the warm wetness surprisingly pleasant. Téa and Serenity fell asleep in each other's arms.

Téa awoke the next morning to find Serenity sleeping peacefully in her arms. The brunette admired Serenity's sleeping form. She looked so innocent as she slept. Téa wanted to watch Serenity sleep forever, but also wanted to enjoy the auburn-haired girl's company, so she decided to wake her. Téa kissed Serenity gently on the lips and Serenity kissed back. Téa enjoyed the feel of Serenity's lips so much, whether it was on her lips or on any other part of her body.

They eventually broke the kiss and looked into each other's eyes. "Good morning, my Sweet Serenity," said Téa.

"Hi," Serenity said. The young girl stretched and then sank back into Téa's arms, resting her head against Téa's shoulder. "Your skin feels so good. Like a soft, smooth pillow."

Téa kissed Serenity's forehead. "Maybe we should take a shower and wash this dried juice off."

Téa was getting out of bed when Serenity grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "Ten more minutes," Serenity said before kissing the brunette passionately. Serenity wrapped her arms around Téa's body and drove her tongue into the older girl's mouth. Téa's pussy was instantly wet. Desire taking over, Téa embraced Serenity tightly and returned the steamy kiss.

After several moments, Serenity broke the kiss and said, "I want to try something."

"What?" asked Téa.

"It's something I found out about one time on the internet." Serenity got on top of Téa and reversed herself so that her pussy was in Téa's face and her face was in Téa's pussy. "I think it's called a sixety-nine."

"You read about this on the internet too?"

"Well, I didn't exactly read about it. I watched it."

"Pornography," Téa realized. Serenity brought her face down to Téa's pussy and started licking the brunette's clitoris. Téa moaned in pleasure and started licking Serenity's clit as well. Recalling what had happened that night, Téa inserted two of her fingers into Serenity's tight cunt and started fingering the young girl's G-spot. Serenity cried out and did the same to Téa.

Both girls were soon writhing and moaning on the bed. They sucked on each other's engorged clits while they fingered each other's G-spots. Serenity inserted a third finger into Téa's pussy and the brunette cried out. Téa inserted a third finger into Serenity's tight pussy as well. Even though Serenity and probably filled herself up with three fingers before, her cunt was still extremely tight. They continued going down on each other harder and faster, driving each other closer and closer to orgasm.

Téa could feel her orgasm building and she rocked her hips against Serenity, urging her young lover to go faster. Serenity obliged and sucked on the older girl's clit hard, pushing her fingers even more forcefully against Téa's G-spot. The stimulation was too much for Téa to handle and she started coming powerfully. Her body spasmed and juices shot from her pussy all over Serenity's face. The thirteen-year-old lapped up as much of Téa's sweet honey as she could. The highly erotic taste of Téa's orgasmic juice was enough to send Serenity over the edge as well, and Téa was met with a flood of Serenity's juices as well. If their screams were not muffled by each other's soft pubic mounds, Téa's parents would probably have heard them.

After what seemed like hours of indescribable ecstasy, both girls stopped coming and came to rest on the sopping wet bed. Serenity regained her senses first and lay down next to Téa, kissing her passionately. Téa kissed Serenity back. "Now we shower," said Téa.

"Yes," Serenity agreed. "Now we shower." The girls got out of the soaking bed and entered the bathroom. They turned on the shower and washed each other. After they had washed and dried each other, they got back into their clothes and exited Téa's room to have breakfast.

Although Serenity lived farther away when she went back to live with her mom, it was easier for her and Téa to see each other without arousing Joey's suspicion. And even though it was hard to find time alone at each other's houses, whenever they got together, they would usually retreat to a public restroom and make love there. Téa also got a webcam so that whenever she and Serenity could not get together in person, all they had to do was turn on their webcams and masturbate in front of each other.


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