Tasha and Deanna

By B L Miller

Tasha looked at the entrance to her quarters and sighed. It was 1600 hours and she had just finished a killer double-shift. Nothing else was on her mind than to change out of her uniform and relax. She entered her room. "Computer, lights, dim." The computer responded, filling the room with a soft glow. The dimness was pleasing to the blond, who headed for the bedroom. She quickly stripped from her gold and black uniform, and took a moment to look in the full-length mirror. She was still slim, and her breasts were still firm. She delighted in how she looked. At 32, she still had a body that could attract, and sometimes she used it to her advantage.

She entered the bathroom. "Computer, bath, warm, bubbles." She watched as a compartment opened on the far wall, and a tub appeared, filling with warm, sudsy water. She climbed in and lowered herself into the bath. She soaked for 20 minutes, lanquishing in the warmth, when the beep sounded. "Damn!" She exclaimed as she rose from the water. She quickly wrapped a light, sheer robe around her body and a towel around her head as she headed toward the door.

"Who is it?" She was at the door now, rubbing her hair with the towel.

"It's Deanna Troi. Tasha, are you busy? I could come back another time." The counselor offered as she stood outside the door, wondering what was taking Tasha so long.

"Come." was Tasha's reply. She smiled when the door opened and the Raven-haired counselor entered. Tasha loved to look at Troi, the way her breasts filled her uniform top, the fullness of those lips, the way Troi's hips were accented in her pants. Tasha often dreamed about how the betazoid would look naked, how she would feel. Ohh...

"Tasha, are you ok?" Tasha was startled out of her fantasy when Troi spoke. "Yes Deanna, I'm alright. I was just taking a soak and trying to relax. It's been one of those days." Yar motioned for Troi to come in and sit down. The furniture in the security officer's quarters was simple. One chair, and a couch. Tasha sat on the couch, and assumed that Deanna would take the chair. To her surprise, Deanna came and sat on the couch next to her.

"You look worn out. Perhaps you should go for a massage." Deanna reached up and rubbed the back of the neck of the blonde. Tasha turned away so Deanna could have better access. Deanna shifted so she was facing Tasha completely. She rubbed harder, kneading and stroking the older woman's neck, feeling the strain of the day wash away from Tasha.

"Deanna, that feels so good." Tasha said in a soft voice. "Would you mind rubbing me? It feels so good. I don't want to have to go to the massuase, and the way you do it is relaxing. Please?" The words came out of Tasha before she could even think. What was she doing? Everyone knew that Troi and Riker had a thing going before they got on the Enterprise. Before she could speak to take it back, the counselor said "Of course, Tasha. I would be glad to give you a massage." Deanna got up and motioned for Tasha to lay down on the couch. Deanna kneeled before her." Tasha, you'll have to take off the robe." Tasha thought she caught a glint in the betazoid's eyes. She hadn't even thought about the robe. That was all she had on. Then she realized that in Deanna's culture, nudity is very commonplace. You're just being silly, she thought, and stood up. She removed the robe from her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Deanna was still kneeling, watching the blond as the robe cascaded down her body, revealing itself to her. She looked at Yar's breasts. Not as large as Troi's, but plentiful enough. Her gaze went down the stomach, past the curvy hips, until it stopped on the blond patch between the blond's legs. Tasha watched as Deanna studied her body. It sent a thrill through her to see the look of longing on Deanna's face. Tasha thought about thier friendship, of Will, and then thought about those long nights alone, thinking about this woman.

"Deanna, let's go to the bedroom. It will be more comfortable there." Tasha held her hand out to the younger woman and led her into the bedroom. Tasha's clothes were scattered all around, and the panties that she wore were laying on the bed. Deanna saw them first and picked them up. She felt the moisture in the crotch and wondered who Tasha thought of to get wet. She set them down and climbed onto the bed. She motioned for Tasha to lay on her stomach, and Deanna climbed on top of her, postioning herself below Tasha's buttocks. She leaned forward and began to rub Yar's back. She started out up near the shoulders, very lightly, then increased the pressure and worked downward. Tasha moaned lightly, relaxing and giving in to the joy of feeling this woman touching her. When Deanna reached the buttocks, her touch eased. She rubbed in light, circular motions all over Yar's buttocks. When she went near the crack, she could feel Yar's resistance, her cheeks tighten up. Deanna didn't want to stop, and she moved away, continuing the hypnotic rubbing. She kept returning to the crack, and each time Tasha relaxed a little more.

"Tasha..." Deanna kept on rubbing. "I think you are very beautiful...you have such a gorgeous body, it is exquisite.." Troi felt the stirring underneath her " and very responsive." Deanna squeezed the buttocks she had been so lightly touching. Tasha turned beneath her and looked up. She stared into Deanna's eyes, and the betazoid could feel the thoughts of the blonde. Troi could feel her own nipples harden as she felt the passion and desire that was in Tasha. She leaned down and kissed Tasha on the lips. Lightly at first, then with more longing, more desire. She felt the lips below her part, and she opened hers, allowing tounges to connect. It seemed like hours that the dance went on. Deanna's tounge entering Tasha's mouth, searching, seeking. Tasha's tounge playing it's own dance, conquering Deanna's mouth with passion and lust. Deanna started to rock on Tasha's body, feeling the heat from the naked woman's center, and the wetness from her own. Regretfully, Troi sat up, breaking the dance. She looked into Yar's eyes, and didn't need her betazoid senses to see the smokiness, the desire. "I want you." was all she could get out. Her voice was deep and raspy. She lowered herself onto the older woman, and placed light, caressing kisses on Tasha's neck. Tasha brought her arms around Deanna, and held her tight. Then Tasha rolled Deanna over, and propped herself up on one elbow. She looked into the betazoid's eyes. "Can you tell? Can you tell what I'm thinking?" She reached over and placed her hand on Troi's cheek. "Deanna....can you feel me? Can you feel the desire?" Deanna moaned as Tasha spoke in a low, throaty voice. It was mesmerizing. "Can you feel what I want?" With that, Yar reached down and cupped Deanna's left breast, her thumb lazily going over the nipple, caressing it to hardness. Tasha knew that Betazoid women are much more sensitive than humans, and she knew her touches were causing the dampness between Deanna's legs. Deanna moaned in pleasure, and placed her hand on Tasha's, pressing down on her breast. Tasha increased her motions, pinching the nipples though the material of Troi's uniform.

"Take it off....I want to see you.."Tasha released her grip on Deanna's breast and moved away, giving the black-haired woman room to move. Deanna went to the far side of the bed and stood up, and started to remove her uniform. "Let me" Tasha got up and walked over to Troi. She kissed Troi with passion, starting another round in the dance their tounges played. She reached for Deanna's shoulders, and slowly pulled down the top. Deanna leaned closer to Tasha, allowing thier breasts to touch. Yar pulled the uniform down, lowering herself to eye level as the uniform lowered, until she reached the dark triangle of Deanna's womanhood. Tasha cared no longer about the uniform and leaned in for a taste. She kissed the younger woman's mound, nuzzling the thick neatly trimmed hair. Deanna placed her hands on Yar's head, pressing her face into her mound. Deanna felt her knees buckle as Tasha's tounge reached out and found it's mark.

"Ohhh..." was all that deanna could muster. Tasha smiled and withdrew her face from the pleasure zone. She wanted Deanna, she wanted her bad, and now she was going to enjoy having her. Tasha stood up and slowly lowered Deanna to the bed, tounges dancing as thier bodies laid down on the soft mattress. Tasha finally broke the embrace and stood up. She removed the rest of Deanna's uniform, then stood there and looked at her new lover. She could see the drops of Deanna's desire forming on her mound. Tasha's eyes continued thier tour of Deanna, studing the young woman, watching. Deanna could feel tasha's passion, could see the desire in her eyes, and there was something more, something dangerous in that look. Tasha was doing more than looking, she was planning her conquest. The look in tasha's eyes made deanna even more aroused, as she wanted tasha to release herself, to be intimate and giving. To give and take with another person and feel it, not just for release, but for pleasure. She wanted tasha to be free, to be as rough or as gentle as she wanted. Most of all, she wanted to break down the walls that tasha put up to keep people from getting close to her. "Tasha..." the look in Deanna's eyes was unmistakable. She was giving herself up to tasha. She was surrendering to tasha's passion. There no longer were limits. There no longer was a ship. There was only Deanna and Tasha, making love. That was thier world right now. Tasha moved, with the grace of a cat, up to Deanna's face and kissed her. Thier legs were intertwined now, and theywere pressing against the other. Tasha took control, kissing Deanna more ferociously, taking what she wanted from the younger one's mouth. Deanna gave willingly, ready to give all to her new lover. Tasha's hands roamed freely, first cupping, then squeezing deanna's breasts, her thumbs moved up to the nipples. They were already erect from tasha's previous touch, but this time yar would not be quite so gentle. She squeezed the nipples hard, and deanna let out a moan of pain/pleasure. She could feel a hint of mischieviousness coming from the blonde. Tasha continued to alternate between soft caresses and firmer pinches. Deanna was melting under the touch. Tasha leaned forward and took Deanna's left nipple into her mouth. Troi let out a low moan when she felt the hot, wet mouth take possesion of her nipple, and her moans continued when yar's tounge began it's exploration. Tasha took her time, wanting to build the betazoid up to frenzy. She alternated between soft licks and more firmer nibbling. She could feel herself getting wetter as the young woman squirmed beneath her. Her mouth found its way to deanna's lips and the dance started all over again. Deanna brought her left thigh up and placed it squarely between yar's legs. She could feel the wetness on her leg, and could feel the pleasure that the pressure was bringing to tasha. The blond pressed up harder against the younger womans leg, and the kisses became more urgent. Tasha's passion was rising, and she could feel herself slipping out of control with this beautiful betazoid. She eased the grip she had on Deanna, and allowed herself to be rolled onto her back. Deanna decided that it was her turn to be the aggressor. She wanted to take Tasha to new heights. To a higher level. She wanted to give tasha what no other man or woman had ever given her. She wanted tasha to give to her what she had given no one else. She wanted tasha to put aside her fears, to open up and give in to the passion she wanted so bad. She wanted tasha to be vulnerable. She touched yar's cheek with her finger, and slowly worked her way down. She circled tasha's nipple, careful not to touch it. She started the circles wide, then slowly worked them closer to the tasha's tit. As deanna got closer, she could feel the older woman press up against her, encouraging her to touch. Deanna held off, and worked her fingers back to wide circles, driving tasha crazy. Tasha's moans were becoming more frequent and louder now. But Deanna made her wait, teasing her with light flicks over the nipple, and occasionally a light pinch. She could feel tasha going higher, mesmerized by the feelings. Finally, she leaned over and gave tasha what she wanted. Her mouth covered tasha's left nipple, and she sucked and nippled. Tasha gave into the feelings and she could feel her clit start to throb with excitement. "Deanna....ohh" was about all tasha could say between her moans. Deanna's tongue was performing magic on her nipples, and she didn't want this feeling to ever end.

Deanna shifted and separted thier legs. She propped herself up on one elbow and looked at the naked form before her. She reached over and stroked tasha's thigh, making sure to come into contact with the soft blond mound on each upswing. Tasha instinctivly spread her legs, allowing full access to her new lover. Deanna rewarded her by palming the blond mound and slipping one finger between the folds. "Oh Tasha!..." the words came out in a low, husky voice. They stared into each others eyes. "Deanna....please" was all tasha could croak out. She was on the verge and Deanna knew it. Without hesitation, Deanna moved between the security officer's legs. She could smell the passion she had aroused in Tasha. She nuzzled the soft, blond fur. Tasha put her hands on Troi's head and guided her to her pleasure zone. Deanna slipped her tongue in, lightly tasting tasha, then with more force, licking the clit hard, causing tasha to cry out. Deanna went into automatic then, alternating between licking the clit, and poking her tongue into tasha's hole. Tasha's rocking became more rhythmic, and she pushed her cunt against troi's face harder. Troi could feel the passion in tasha building to a frenzy, she responded with more passion and pressure, she nipped at the clit and slipped one, then two fingers into tasha's hole. Tasha started to buck hard against troi's fingers, her moans and cries of pleasure rising to new volumes. Troi increased the speed and tempo of her thrusts. She released the hold her mouth had on tasha's clit and moved upward, getting a better angle to fuck her friend with. Tasha was out of control now, rising her hips to meet each thrust. "More! More! Fuck me harder Deanna!!...Please!! Deanna was losing herself to the passion, as she fucked her friend harder, adding another finger to the group. Tasha was screaming now, the pleasure rising to a cresendo. "Oh..oh...oh Deanna!!!...Oh yes, please!.....I'm gonna...". Her voice trailed off from any intelligable words and became an expression of her sex. Tasha screamed and thrust her pussy up hard to meet deanna's fingers. Deanna's hand became a whirl as she continued to ram her friend's pussy. Finally, Tasha's back arched, and Deanna could feel the contractions on her fingers. A flood of Tasha's girlcum came rushing out, and Deanna replaced her fingers with her mouth to lick up all the juice. As tasha came back to reality, deanna's licking slowed to a soft caress. She picked her head up and looked at her blond lover. Tasha looked at her with half closed eyes, completely open to her. Deanna noticed a tear start to fall. She moved up and kissed tasha's face, licking away the tear, then her mouth moved down toward yar's mouth. They kissed a long, slow deep kiss that communicated thier feelings. Deanna nuzzled onto Tasha's chest, just below the shoulder, and they laid there. They drifted in and out of sleep, cuddling and sharing small gentle kisses. Neither spoke, they just enjoyed the feeling of each other's bodies.

It was 0200 before they finally spoke.

"I should be getting back to my quarters"

"Deanna...I want you to stay" Tasha's voice was still low and husky. "I've never felt that way before...you reached inside and took me farther than I thought I would let anyone take me."

"Tasha.."she stroked the older woman's hair. "I love you and I have wanted to make love to you for so long." The admission came out of her mouth before she could think about it. It was true, but she had never realized it before tonight. A sense of relief swept over her. Tasha put her finger on Troi's lips, silencing her. She replaced her finger with her lips, and gave Deanna a soft, loving kiss that seemed to go on forever. Slowly they separted. They barely looked at each other as Tasha put her robe back on and Deanna got dressed. Not a word was said as they walked hand in hand to the door.

"Goodnight Tasha"

"Yes it is." Tasha leaned forward and kissed her again. They locked in an embrace as the door to tasha's quarters opened.

Dr. Crusher came around the corner with her head down, looking at medical notes. What brought her face up was the sound of a kiss. She saw Tasha kissing what was obviously another woman, but she couldn't see the face. Then she recognized the uniform. "Deanna" she thought. She quickly stepped back around the corner, trying to stay out of site. The women were clearly focused on each other and paying no attention the rest of the ship.

"I love you Tasha." The words that came from Deanna's lips were soft, and sincere. She stared into Tasha's eyes, coaxing her to tear down the walls that kept her emotions inside.

"I...I love you too." That phrase was a catharsis to Tasha, causing tears to roll down her face. Deanna held Tasha tight. Beverly watched in utter amazement. She knew that Tasha and Deanna were close, just as she was close to them. But she never thought that they were lovers! But there they were, hugging and holding each other, sharing kisses, not caring who saw. She was not shocked that they were both women, that didn't bother her. She was just surprised because she had heard stories about Tasha and Data, and about Deanna and Will. Beverly decided that discretion was the better part of valor and retreated back the way she came. It took her 10 minutes to get to where she was going because she didn't want to disturb the lovebirds. Meanwhile, Deanna and Tasha finally separated. Reluctantly, Tasha let Deanna return to her quarters. Tasha closed the door to her quarters and went back to bed. The scent of thier lovemaking lingered in the air, and Tasha could feel herself getting wet again at the memory. She laid down on the bed and fell asleep exhausted...but smiling.

Tasha awoke at 0600. She sat up headed for the bathroom. She could feel the soreness between her legs. It reminded her of the fucking she received from Deanna, and she could feel herself start to tingle. Oh shit, she thought. This isn't going to be like this all day! I can't go around getting wet all day long. Oh no! What is Deanna is on the bridge with me? A silly question since they were both bridge officers, and she knew that they were both assigned today from 0800 to 1600. She washed up and got dressed, all the while thinking of her raven-haired beauty, and what pleasures she had brought.

Deanna was washing up in her bathroom. She went to sleep with the scent of tasha on her face and fingers, and the taste of Tasha in her mouth. Regretfully, she had to wash the scent off before reporting to the bridge. She was extra careful to make sure all of Tasha's scent was off because she knew that Worf was on the bridge this morning, and his klingon sense of smell would give thier secret away. She put her uniform on, a grey low cut bodysuit, and looked at herself in the mirror. She was composed, not like last night, she thought and smiled to herself, thinking of how she made Tasha explode with delight. She had a smile on her face all the way to the bridge.

Tasha left her quarters early, she was in a good mood and decided to take a trip to tenforward for breakfast. She usually had a quick meal in her quarters, coffee and toast, but this morning, she was famished, and pretty sociable. As Lt. Yar rounded a corner, she noticed a young woman from engineering leaning against the wall. In front of her, a young man from security was in front of her, his hands on the wall on either side of her. He was talking quietly to her, making a pass at the little redhead. The redhead was obviously enjoying it. As the young security man noticed his Lt., he jumped up to attention, fearing what reprimands he would get for fratranizing while on duty. "Good morning Lt. Yar!" the young cadet spoke in a crisp, matter-of-fact voice, terrified of one of the famous lectures from the normally grim faced leiutenant. But this morning, the Lt. was smiling. "Good morning to you too, Ensign Stoke" She smiled at the young girl from engineering. "Good morning, Ensign...McFee?" The girls smile indicated to Tasha that she had got it right. She continued on her way to tenforward. The ensigns looked at each other in disbelief.

Guinan was cleaning some tables when she saw her. Guinan was surprised that the blond was here so early in the morning. She never came here for breakfast. Tasha looked up and spotted Guinan. She smiled and waved for the carmelite woman to come over. Guinan couldn't believe how happy Tasha was. Usually, Lt. Yar was businesslike, serious, not bright and bubbly. Guinan's curiosity got the better of her. She strode over to the table that Tasha was at and sat down.

"You are absolutely beaming." Guinan said with a smirk as she sat down. She had a feeling that Tasha had gotten laid. Tasha blushed when she saw those all knowing eyes of Guinan's. There was no way to keep something secret from Guinan, and Tasha knew that.

"So, who's the lucky man?" Guinan asked. When the blond lowered her head and blushed more, Guinan leaned in and smiled. "Or should I say...woman?" Tasha's head snapped up and Guinan knew the answer. "Come with me." Guinan stood up and motioned for Tasha to follow her. They went back to Guinan's office, where it was quiet, and they could talk.

"I don't know how this happened" Tasha sighed as she lowered herself into a chair opposite Guinan's. Her fingers raked through her blond hair, trying to clear her mind. Guinan sat back in her chair and let Tasha talk. "It was Deanna." finally was uttered.

Guinan sat right up. Deanna? Guinan realized the situation. Only someone like Deanna could have evoked this reaction from Tasha. "I couldn't resist. It was like magic." Yar spoke with a smile on her lips. Guinan smiled. She saw that faraway look in Tasha's eyes as she remembered her tryst hours ago. It was obvious her blond friend was blissfully happy. "My friend," the carmelite woman said, "you are in a place now that you have never been before," She looked into the blue eyes of Tasha. "Go slowly, and be good to yourself. Above all, be honest, both with her..."Guinan reached out and touched her on the cheek. "..and yourself." With that, Guinan stood up and left the room.

"Lt. Yar, would you care to join us this morning?" Captain Picard's booming voice shot out of her com badge. She was so startled that she jumped up. "Yes sir!" she answered back. One quick look in the mirror, and she left the room, running to the turbolift. She shouted "Bridge" and the turbolift doors closed, whisking her up to the bridge.

Deanna smiled when she saw Tasha come off the lift and walk quickly to her com station. She could feel Tasha's embarassment at being called by the captain. Tasha seemed a little flustered, and Deanna tingled when she thought about what might have caused the young Lt.'s nervousness this morning. When Tasha saw Deanna, a now familier urge came between her legs. She kept staring at the counselor and could feel herself get wetter by the minute. The betazoid was completely focused on Yar's thoughts. Troi could feel Tasha's passion rising again. She could feel her dark triangle getting moist in reaction to Tasha's feelings. Deanna wondered if Tasha was doing this on purpose. When she looked up, Lt. Yar was staring at her console, studing the screens. But Troi quickly noticed the mischievious grin. The silent exchange of looks went on for hours as the tour continued. Worf kept looking at the two of them. "Sir," his klingon voice booming, "perhaps we should run a test on the circulation system. There seems to be..." he looked at the two women, "...certain...mustiness to the bridge today." With that, both women lost thier composure, and received quizzical looks from Data, Picard, and Riker. "What is so humorous?" Asked the android. Tasha couldn't take it anymore. "Sir, permission to go to dinner break."


"Sir, permission to go to dinner break as well." Counselor Troi asked. Riker looked at her, but she wouldn't look back at him.

"Granted! Go!" Picard said, having no idea what was going on, and not caring. Both women went into the turbolift together.

"Deck 4"

"Deck 8". The women remained in silence as the turbolift moved.

"Computer, Stop!" Barked out Lt. Yar. With lightning speed, she was over to Deanna, covering her mouth with hers, kissing, seeking, searching for more of what she craved. Tasha's hands were more forceful now, taking what she wanted. She pinched the nipples through Deanna's uniform. She was rewarded with a loud moan. Deanna was leaning against the turbolift with her eyes closed, allowing Tasha total control. Tasha understood and took her there, in the turbolift, again and again, until Troi couldn't stand anymore. She crumpled against the strong woman and was lowered to the floor. They held each other for a long time, oblivious to anything else. So much for dinner. They straightened themselves out, and went back to work. The rest of the day was a blur for both of them. The rest of the bridge crew were looking at each other, trying to figure out if anyone knew what was going on. 1600 hours never was more welcomed. Both women turned over thier duties and entered separate turbolifts, heading in different directions. Both new where they would end up.

Some nights it was Tasha's quarters. Some nights Deanna's. Sometimes they wouldn't wait for thier quarters and had it out in the turbolift. Quickly though, they had learned how to just act as good friends on the bridge. They couldn't afford to jepordize thier careers because they couldn't pay attention to thier jobs. Soon, thier affair was working. No one suspected. They believed that only Guinan knew about thier lovemaking. Soon they would learn otherwise.

About 10 weeks later, while lying in bed together, Deanna got a painful cramp in her leg. Deanna knew that it would eventually go away, but it hurt so much. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Lt. Yar to sickbay!" She barked into her com badge. "Dr. Crusher, I have a medical emergency in my quarters!"

"I'll send a medical team immediately." The red-haired doctor answered.

"No!" Tasha yelled. "Dr. Crusher, I want you personally to come. Alone." The words were said softly, with pain. Deanna was rolling around the bed, crying in pain.

"On my way" came the response.

"Open quarters, authorization Crusher 715!" The door to Tasha's room opened. She looked around in the dim light. "In here!" came the reply. Beverly ran to the sleeping room. Her jaw almost hit the ground at what she saw. Both women were completely naked. She remembered why she was there. Beverly placed the injector against Troi's leg and pressed the button. Instantly, Deanna's leg stopped spasming. Deanna laid on the bed, face down, relieved that the pain was over. From the corner of her eye, Beverly could see the worried look on Tasha's face. Bev stood up and put her arm around Tasha. "She'll be fine, let's leave her alone to rest." She picked up Tasha's robe and handed it to her as they left the room. Tasha looked rather flushed as they headed for the living area.

"Computer, normal evening light". The room filled with light. Bev could see where tears had run down Tasha's face. Bev sat down on the chair. Tasha sprawled out on the couch. Bev looked down at her hands.

"Deanna's going to be fine. I-"

"Bev, I didn't mean for you to find out like this..."

"She'll need to rest for awhile-"

"Bev, did you hear what I said? I'm sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen. I wanted to tell you myself....Bev...please?" The blond reached forward and took Bev's hands into hers.


"It's ok, I understand. I knew, you know."

"You knew? How? We've been so careful."

"A few months ago, I saw you two here, in your quarters. You were holding and kissing each other. Your door was open."

"I didn't see you. How-"

"I backed up and left. I went another way. I didn't want to disturb the two of you."

"Thank you, Doctor. I feel much better now." Both women turned to see Deanna standing in the doorway, clad in a thick robe. Tasha jumped to her side and helped her down to the couch. Bev looked at her quickly, then stood up and headed for the door.

"You'll be fine, just try to rest for awhile. Why don't you take a day or two off? Tasha, I'm sure you have some personal time coming that you could use. Why don't you take some time off with her. I'm sure she would appreciate it." With that, the doctor left. Tasha looked at the door for a moment, then settled back and held her dark haired lover. Tasha felt her eyes moisten. She never felt more needed than tonight. She placed a gentle kiss on Deanna's forehead, then slipped out from her sleeping grasp. She stood up and looked at the sleeping form. Tasha felt a peace that she never truly felt before. She scooped Deanna up in her arms. Despite her thin frame, Lt. Tasha Yar was a very strong woman. She regularly worked out with Worf. She found that most of the men on the security force weren't as strong as her. She carried Deanna back to bed.

Eventually, the passion eased up between Tasha and Deanna, and they concentrated more on thier friendship. Occasionally they would find themselves in bed, and it was always a new thrill to bring pleasure to each other.