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This story is supposed to take place after Season 5 and before Season 7 of the television series. Right before I started writing this story, I was looking for info about the series, and I came across an episode guide at that included several special episodes that were not aired in English. The special episodes involving Misty are Special 5: Revenge Match at Cerulean Gym!, Special 8: Misty! Get the Cascade Badge!, Special 12: The Seriousness of Misty's Match! Risking a Life!?, and Special 17: Misty and Luvdisc! Love Battle! It would most likely take a long time to read the information about all of these special episodes, but it would probably be a good idea to read about Special 12 because this story is supposed to take place right after it, before Misty leaves for the Hoenn Region to find Ash and friends in Episode 320: The Princess and the Togepi, which was aired in English.

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The Waterflower Sisters
by Nathan Warford


On the day that Misty's sisters came back from their world tour, Misty decided that she would leave for the Hoenn Region to find Ash and his friends on their journey. However, she decided to spend one more week at the Cerulean Gym to spend some time with Lily, Violet, and Daisy because she had not seen them in over two years. Even though they enjoyed teasing Misty when she was younger, they were still her sisters and Misty loved them.

Misty was awoken at 7:00 am by her Pidgey alarm clock. She shut off the alarm and sleepily said to herself, "Another day." The redhead sat up in her bed and stretched as she yawned. After she had worked the kinks out of her spine, she got up and proceeded to the bathroom to take a shower.

Not fully awake yet, Misty was working completely out of a habit that she had developed from taking care of the gym be herself over the past month. She first turned on the water and started undressing as she waited for the water to heat up. She unzipped her denim shorts and pulled them off her legs. She then took off her yellow, sleeveless T-shirt and threw it down on top of her shorts. The redhead then proceeded to take off her pink bra and panties and throw them into the pile. The shower water had reached a sufficient temperature and Misty stepped in and closed the shower curtain.

The redhead sighed in delight as she felt the warm water cascading down her naked body. After relaxing for a moment, Misty took up the bar of soap and started cleaning herself. She felt her pores tingle as she lathered up her 31B breasts, smooth stomach, and lightly haired pubic mound. After setting the bar of soap down, she took the shampoo and started lathering up her hair. The thirteen-year-old again sighed in pleasure as she inhaled the fruity scent that had filled the shower stall.

After rinsing her body, Misty turned off the water and opened the shower curtain. With her eyes closed after her refreshing shower, she smiled and said to herself, "Ah. Nothing like a warm shower to wake you up in the morning." The then opened her eyes to see the bathroom door opening. Lily walked into the room, completely naked. The two sisters stared at each other for a moment, both of their faces turning a bright red. After a moment of stun, they both cried in dismay and searched for something to hide their naked bodies with. Lily grabbed a towel from the rack and Misty draped her clothes over her breasts and groin. "Haven't you heard of knocking?" an enraged Misty yelled.

"I'm so sorry," Lily said. Misty stormed out of the bathroom towards her room. As she was walking down the hall, she was surprised to see Violet and Daisy walking out of their room toward the bathroom, completely naked as well!

Misty dried off her wet body with the towel she had used the day before. It had only been used once since it was last cleaned and she figured that under the circumstances, it was clean enough. "Just like Lily, Violet, and Daisy to impose on me!" Misty muttered. As Misty was putting on a white bra and panties, she realized that she had just entered the shower out of habit and did not lock the door because she was used to her sisters not being at home. After she had put on her yellow T-shirt and denim shorts, she slipped the overall straps of her shorts over her shoulders and put on her red sneakers. She then took her blue hair band and tied her hair into a short ponytail on the left side of her head. Now dressed for the day, Misty decided to go and apologize to her sisters.

The redhead walked to her sisters' room and knocked on the door. "Misty, is that you?" she heard Daisy asked from behind the door.

"Yes, it's me," Misty replied. "Can I come in?"

"Just a minute," Daisy said. Several seconds passed and Daisy said, "Okay. Come in." Misty opened the door to find Daisy and Lily sitting on their beds. Daisy was wearing a white skirt with a blue T-shirt and a pink blouse. Lily was wearing a green T-shirt and blue denim jeans. "What's up?" Daisy asked.

"I wanted to apologize for bursting out like that earlier. I should have locked the door."

"Shut up!" said Lily. "I should be sorry. I like totally invaded your privacy. I should have knocked."

"I guess I was just used to you guys not being home."

"And we were used to you not being home too," replied Lily.

"I overreacted."

"Will you two stop arguing over who was more wrong?" A voice said from the door. Misty, Lily, and Daisy looked to see Violet standing in the doorway with a towel wrapped around her body.

"Oh, hi Violet," Misty said.

"Hey, Misty," her blue-haired sister replied.

After Daisy had had her shower and Violet had changed into a red dress and yellow pull-over, the four sisters went to a restaurant to have some breakfast. "How are you feeling, Misty?" Daisy asked as they ate their breakfast.

"I'm okay," said Misty. "I was a little shocked at first, but I'm all right now."

"I'm glad," Daisy said.

"Listen," Misty asked. "Why were you all..." Misty hesitated for a moment and then finished her sentence, "...naked?"

"Oh," said Violet.

Lily answered, "It's just something we've been doing. Violet, Daisy and me have just been so comfortable around each other that we're not freaked out about being naked around each other."

"And because you were on that pokémon journey," added Violet, "we were just used to being at the gym by ourselves. Sorry we freaked you out, Misty."

"That's okay," Misty said. "I'm all right now."

During the days that followed, Misty and her sisters got along surprisingly well. Daisy, Violet, and Lily hardly teased Misty at all. And when they did tease her, it was playful teasing, not intended to be insulting. Misty and her sisters frequently went to Cerulean Lake to sunbathe and play with their pokémon. Misty's bikini was just about the only bit of clothing that she had that was actually feminine. Her usual yellow T-shirt and overall shorts definitely were not as attractive as the green bikini that she rarely wore.

One day, Misty and her sisters were hanging out by the lake. Misty was sunbathing in her green bikini while her sisters played in the water with Togepi. Lily was in a yellow bikini, Violet was in a green bikini, and Daisy was in a red bikini. "Togi Togi," the egg-shaped pokémon chirped as it played with Misty's sisters.

"Hey, Misty," Lily said, looking at Misty. "You should really wear your bikini more often."

"Huh?" said Misty.

"Yeah," said Violet. "Lily's right. You look totally gorgeous in it!"

"You really think so?" Misty asked, surprised that her sisters were actually complimenting her looks.

"Totally," said Daisy.

Misty smiled and said, "Thanks a lot, Daisy."

Misty's sisters looked at each other for a moment and then nodded. "Hey, Misty," Daisy said. "Me, Violet, and Lily want to show you something."

"What is it?" asked Misty.

"Follow us and you'll see," said Violet. Violet took a pokéball out of her pack and said, "Dewgong. Come on out."

The pokéball opened and a Dewgong appeared. "Dewgong Gong Gong!" said the Dewgong.

"Dewgong," Violet said. "Take Togepi back to the gym and take care of it."

"Dewgong," the seal pokémon acknowledged. Not knowing exactly what was going on, Misty hesitantly set her Togepi down on Dewgong's tail. The seal pokémon walked off toward the Cerulean pokémon gym, the egg-shaped pokémon chirping playfully. The three older girls started walking north along the bank of the lake.

"Hey. Wait for me," said Misty, following her sisters.

As the four sisters walked, they came to a river on the far end of Cerulean Lake. Misty followed her sisters upstream into nearby Cerulean Forest. Misty had explored Cerulean Forest several times before when she was younger, but never got very far because her sisters would always look after her and make sure that she did not wander off too far. Now, her sisters were leading her there!

"Where are we going?" asked Misty after several minutes of walking.

"Just wait," Lily replied. "You'll see."

Although Misty was only thirteen years old, she had very good stamina and was able to walk several miles without breaking. If that was not true, she probably would not have followed Ash around on his pokémon journey. This also meant that she was able to keep up with her sisters through the dense forest. "You've never been this far into Cerulean Forest, have you Misty?" asked Violet.

"No, I haven't," Misty replied.

"Be careful," said Daisy. "We might find some bug pokémon a little farther.

"B-B-Bug pokémon?" Misty stammered. She had always hated bug pokémon.

"Don't worry," said Lily. "We'll take care of you."


Suddenly, a Caterpie slid down a stringshot hanging from a tree right in front of Misty's face. Misty's eyes grew wide with fright. "Cater," said the small bug pokémon. Misty cried out in terror.

"Starmie! I choose you!" Daisy threw a pokéball out of her back pack into the fray.

With a flash of light, a Starmie appeared on the scene. "Hoo!" it cried as it came out of the pokéball.

"Starmie," said Daisy, "use Watergun."

"Hoo!" A spray of water shot from the Starmie's top fin and blew the Caterpie several feet away. The small worm-like creature got up and retreated into the forest.

"That was great, Starmie," said Daisy. She aimed her pokéball toward the star-shaped pokémon and said, "Return." The pokéball emitted a red beam of light that hit the Starmie and drew it back into the pokéball. "That'll teach it not to mess with my little sister."

"Thanks, Daisy," said Misty.

As the sisters continued walking, Misty asked, "How much farther is it?"

"Not far," said Violet. "We're almost there."

A moment later, the sisters exited the dense area of the forest and Misty stared in awe at what she saw before her. It was a large area of sparse trees, but the branches were so long that the sky was still slightly covered by leaves. In the middle was a waterfall, causing a pool of water that fed Cerulean River. The spray from the waterfall caused rays of sunlight to become visible through the trees. Several Pidgey and Pidgeotto were singing in the trees as Rattata ran across the mossy ground every now and then. "It's beautiful," Misty said.

"I thought you would like it," Daisy said. "I first discovered this place when I was twelve. And I named it the Sensational Sanctuary."

"Only the Sensational Sisters know about this place," said Violet.

"Daisy initiated both me and Violet when we turned twelve," said Lily.

"And now," Daisy said, "we want to initiate you."

"You want to initiate me?" Misty asked.

"Absolutely!" said Violet. "You're thirteen now, and have developed into a gorgeous young woman. Definitely worthy of being one of us."

"You mean I'm going to be a Sensational Sister?"

"That's right!" said Lily.

"Yay!" Misty cried with stars in her eyes. "I'm going to be a Sensational Sister! My sisters have finally accepted me!" The redhead then turned to her sisters and said. "Good. How do you initiate me?"

"Just do what we do," Daisy said. Much to Misty's dismay, Daisy started undoing her bikini top! Misty looked and saw that Lily and Violet were taking off their bikini tops as well! All three of the Sensational Sisters' bikinis fell off of their bodies, exposing their 32C breasts to the cool air. They then slipped out of their bikini bottoms, exposing three perfectly shaved pubic mounds.

Misty was in complete shock. "Misty," said Lily, "come on."

"You want to be a Sensational Sister, don't you?" asked Violet.

"Let's get that bathing suit off of you," said Daisy. Misty's blonde sister slowly walked toward her. Misty, in shock, was unable to move, making it very easy for Daisy to undo Misty's bikini. Soon, the redhead's hair was let loose from its short ponytail and her B-cup breasts and pink pussy were exposed to her sisters.

"Wow," Violet said when Misty was naked. "You're right, Lily. Misty is hot!"

"What?" Misty cried, snapping back to reality. "Lily, you told Violet and Daisy about my body?"

"Misty," Lily said. "It's not a bad thing to be hot. We're hot and we totally love it!"

"Follow us to the pool and we'll start the initiation," Daisy said. Daisy started walking toward the pool below the waterfall and Lily and Violet followed.

"Uh, hey," said Misty. "Wait for me." Misty was about to go to her sisters when a flash of light came from her pack.

Misty looked and her Psyduck appeared in front of her. "Psyduck," the yellow pokémon said. "Psy?" it cried when it saw the four naked sisters. Psyduck turned a shade of red at seeing the four beautiful girls in the nude.

"Ugh," Misty groaned. She picked up Psyduck's pokéball and aimed it toward the duck pokémon. "Psyduck, return," she said. The pokéball emitted a red beam and pulled Psyduck back inside.

"You really like have to teach that Psyduck not to come out of its pokéball when it's not called," said Lily.

"Now come on," said Daisy. "On with the initiation." After putting Psyduck's pokéball back into her pack, Misty went to the pool where her sisters were waiting. Misty stepped into the water, closing her eyes sighing in delight at the feeling of the cool liquid rushing around her legs.

"You look so hot with your eyes closed," Lily said.

"Stop it," said Misty. "How do you initiate me?"

"Simple," Daisy said, sitting down on a rock in the water. "Come here." Misty walked over to her eldest sister and stood in front of her. "Lick my pussy."

Misty jumped back. "What?" she cried.

"Lick my pussy," Daisy repeated. Misty looked at her two other sisters and they nodded at her. She then looked back at Daisy, who was still waiting with her legs spread wide. Misty stared at Daisy's wet vagina. Although she had never even thought of herself as being attracted to girls, her sister's pink pussy looked so inviting. The redhead was unable to move, considering whether or not to do what her sisters said. "Oh, come on!" said Daisy. "We all know you like girls! You've been a tomboy for as long as anyone can remember, you've never had a boyfriend, and seriously. You've been in love with that water pokémon trainer, Prima, for years! Girl, you have 'lesbian' written all over you!"

"Stop it!" Misty cried. "I'm not like that!" Despite Misty's protests against her being a lesbian, she did not resist when Lily and Violet went behind her and pushed her down to her knees by the shoulders.

"Look at you," Daisy said at seeing Misty's hard nipples. "You're totally begging to lick my pussy." Daisy took her young sister by the shoulders and pulled Misty's face toward her pink pussy lips. Misty stared at the wet slit sitting inches away from her face and was mesmerized by its feminine beauty. The redhead hesitated, but then slowly brought her mouth toward her sister's pussy. She stuck out her tongue and licked the length of Daisy's slit once. Daisy sighed at the feeling of her sister's tongue on her pussy. Misty tasted the juices that Daisy's pussy was soaked with and was intoxicated by the sweet flavor. She brought her tongue back to Daisy's pussy and licked it again, and again, and again. "Oh, yes," Daisy moaned. "It feels good."

Lily and Violet sat down next to each other on the bank of the pool, looking at the scene in front of them. Not taking their eyes off of their younger sister making love to their older sister, they started rubbing each other's pussies with their fingers. They, too, started moaning in pleasure.

"Oh yes, Misty," cried Daisy, squeezing her breasts. "Keep going. It feels so good." Misty could only moan at the sweet taste of her twenty-year-old sister's nectar and suck as much of it from Daisy's dripping pussy as she possibly could. There was so much juice flowing from Daisy's cunt that Misty thought it would run out soon, but it just kept coming and coming. Daisy took the back of Misty's head in her hands and pulled her sister's face further into her dripping pussy, and Misty gladly buried her face deep in her sister's wet womanhood.

Misty's three sisters were moaning very loudly by now. She kept sucking Daisy's cunt while Lily and Violet continued fingering each other's wet pussies. "Misty," Daisy cried. "Keep going. I'm so close." Her blonde sister pulled Misty's head up so that her tongue started hitting her clitoris and Daisy cried out very loudly. Knowing that the hard button in front of her face made her sister feel good, Misty took it into her mouth and started sucking on it hard. "Ah!" Daisy cried out. "I'm coming!" All three of Misty's sisters arched their backs and screamed so loudly that Misty thought that the people back at Cerulean City would hear them. However, she hardly cared, as Daisy's pussy was gushing even more juices onto her face, tasting even sweeter than before.

Then, it stopped. Misty's sisters stopped screaming and they settled down, breathing heavily. Daisy's pussy stopped producing it's juices and Misty stopped licking. Misty saw her eldest sister lying on the rock with her eyes closed and became worried that Daisy was hurt. "Daisy?" Misty asked. "Are you okay."

Daisy opened her eyes and smiled at her young sister. "Yes, Misty," she replied. "That was so great." She got down off of the rock and kissed Misty hard on the mouth, driving her tongue between the redhead's lips. After the blonde had tasted enough of her sweet juices, she broke the kiss and said, "You're a natural-born lesbian."

"Am I a Sensational Sister yet?" Misty asked.

"No. Not yet," said Daisy. "You just have to do to Lily and Violet what you just did to me."

Violet stood up and walked over to Daisy. Daisy stood up and started walking toward Lily. Violet sat down on the rock and Daisy sat down next to her pink-haired sister. "Did you like licking Daisy's pussy?" Violet asked.

"Yes," Misty replied.

"Lick mine now." Misty, wanting nothing more than to taste more of her sisters' sweet juices, gladly obliged and started licking Violet's pussy. Violet moaned as her sister licked the length of her slit. Daisy started fingering Lily's wet pussy and Lily did the same to her older sister. Again, Lily, Violet, and Daisy started moaning in pleasure.

Violet's juices tasted slightly different than Daisy's but were just as sweet. This time, Misty tried something different. Instead of continuing to lick her sister's slit, she decided to stick her tongue inside Violet's hole. She did so and Violet gasped in pleasure. Misty's sister started fondling her breasts, pinching her nipples as she did so. The redhead started moving her tongue in and out of Violet's canal and the older girl moaned loudly. Violet's pussy was releasing just as much juice as Daisy's had and Misty could not get enough of it. She kept moving her tongue in and out of her sister's cunt, going deeper with every thrust.

"Oh, Misty," moaned Violet. "You're so good. Yes. More. More." Misty, remembering how good it felt to Daisy when she licked her sister's clit, decided to do the same to Violet. Misty started flicking Violet's clitoris with her tongue and her nineteen-year-old sister cried out in ecstasy. However, Misty did not want to neglect Violet's opening, so she took her left hand and inserted a finger into her sister's cunt. Violet moaned, giving Misty the signal to continue, and the young redhead gladly obeyed.

Misty's sisters moaned louder and louder while their bodies writhed under the pleasure they were receiving. From the movements that Violet was making with her hips and the amount of sweet honey her pussy was producing, Misty knew that she was close to orgasm. Misty inserted yet another finger into her sister's dripping hole and fucked her harder, sucking hard on the older girl's clit.

"Oh, yes!" Violet cried. "Misty! More! More!" Violet pulled Misty's face deeper into her pussy, pushing her sister's tongue straight into her hard clit. Violet's back arched and she cried out just as loud as Daisy had when she orgasmed. Juices gushed from Violet's pussy, dribbling down Misty's chin and into the gully between her budding breasts. The redhead loved the feel of her sister's warm juices covering her young body.

The sight of Violet coming all over their younger sister was enough to send Lily and Daisy over the edge. They cried out in orgasmic bliss as well, soaking each other's hands in the sweet juices that gushed from their pussies. When her sisters had stopped coming, Misty sucked up all of Violet's honey that was left behind on her sister's pussy and then licked her fingers clean. Lily and Daisy also licked their hands clean tasting each other's honey. Now addicted to the tasty nectar that only a very aroused female could produce, the redhead scooped up as much of Violet's juices from her chest and stomach with her hand and licked it clean as well. "Please. More," Misty demanded. "Give me more!"

Lily stood up, but almost fell over trying. After regaining her balance, the pink-haired girl walked over to Violet, who relinquished her seat on the rock to her sister. Lily sat down in front of Misty and Violet went to join Daisy by the edge of the pool. Without even needing to be asked, Misty grabbed a hold of Lily's hips and buried her face into her sister's wet pussy. "Oh. Oh yes," Lily moaned as Misty started sucking on her cunt. Daisy and Violet also started fingering each other, moaning and sighing as they did so.

Misty inserted two of her fingers into her pink-haired sister's cunt, quickly moving them in and out of Lily's wet hole. Just like her two older sisters, Lily started caressing her breasts, sending shivers throughout her body. Violet and Daisy were also working themselves up, driving each other closer to their third orgasms of the day, watching as Misty went down hard on their eighteen-year-old sister.

"Misty," moaned Lily, as her orange-haired sister fucked her. "You're just as good as I imagined. And better. Keep going. Keep going, Misty." The redhead gladly continued going down on her sister, fingering her pussy and sucking her clitoris. Misty sucked Lily's clit deep into her mouth and pounded her finger's into her sister's pussy even harder. "Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!" Lily cried over and over again. Then, Lily cried out in absolute bliss, much louder than either Violet or Daisy had when they orgasmed. Her back arched and orgasmic juices shot from her cunt, all over Misty's hand and face. The redhead repositioned her face so that her mouth was directly over Lily's cunt, trying to suck up as much of her sweet honey as she could. However, Lily's juices squirted from her cunt so powerfully that Misty gagged and most of it sprayed against the redhead's chest, completely soaking both her and Lily.

The sight was so arousing for Violet and Daisy that they, too started coming powerfully. They did not scream as loudly as Lily just had, but louder than they had when they orgasmed to Misty's touch. Although their orgasms were not as powerful as Lily's they were powerful enough to cause juices to gush in copious amounts from their cunts.

When Lily stopped coming, she was so exhausted that she lost her footing and slipped off of the rock into Misty's arms. After she had scooped her sister's juices from her body and sucked it all up, the redhead got on top of Lily and started sucking the sweet nectar off of her body. Lily sighed in contentment as Misty sucked her juices off of her breasts.

Violet and Daisy embraced each other and kissed passionately while Lily took Misty's cheeks and pulled her into a deep, passionate kiss as well. "That was awesome, Misty," Lily said, breaking the kiss. "It was almost as good as when Violet and Daisy fuck me." Misty wrapped her arms around her sister and kissed her again. Lily's right hand reached down between Misty's legs and a finger rubbed against the redhead's pussy, causing Misty to emit a loud moan. "Wow," Lily said, breaking the kiss again. "You're really wet, Misty. You're totally soaked!"

"She's probably like totally horny now after making us come," said Violet.

"We should really like return the favor," said Daisy.

Lily stood up and took Misty's hand. "Come here," she said, pulling Misty toward Violet and Daisy. As soon as they reached each other, the four sisters locked in a passionate, four-way kiss, everyone moaning in pleasure as they explored each other's bodies with their hands and mouths.

Then, Daisy broke the kiss, put her hands on Misty's back, and layed her down in the shallows of the pool. The cool water caused Misty's erect nipples to become harder than they already were. "We're going to make you feel just as good as you made us," Daisy said. The blonde took a hold of Misty's legs and was met with no resistance when she spread Misty's legs, revealing the redhead's pink, very wet pussy. "It's kind of hairy, but that's okay. We'll take care of that when we get home." Daisy grabbed Misty's hips and started licking her young sister's pussy. Misty started moaning as Daisy lapped up her juices.

Soon, Lily and Violet were going down on her too with Lily licking Misty's left nipple and Violet licking the right. Misty cried out even louder and started running her hands through Lily's and Violet's hair. "Oh yes," the thirteen-year-old moaned. "It feels so good. Oh." Daisy went in deeper and sucked hard on the redhead's young cunt. Daisy put a finger to Misty's wet entrance and inserted it. Misty was shocked by a sharp pain inside her pussy. Her hymen had been broken. "Ow," Misty cried as a small bit of blood dripped from her pussy, mixing with her wet arousal. "It hurts."

"I know it hurts," Daisy said. "But soon, it's going to feel good." Daisy continued moving her finger in and out of Misty's tight hole, and the teenager continued moaning in pain. However, after several seconds, Misty started feeling immense pleasure as well as the pain.

Misty's moans stopped being that of pain and became those of pleasure. "Oh, yes," the redhead moaned. "Keep going. It hurts, but it feels good. It feels so good." Lily and Violet continued sucking on Misty's nipples while Daisy continued sucking on her young clit and fucking her newly deflorated pussy. Daisy inserted a second finger and stretched Misty's young cunt even more, and the thirteen-year-old cried out even louder.

Misty felt something start to build up inside of her. The sensation was new to her, and also a little frightening. The feeling was growing and growing, and Misty was afraid that it was going to explode from her any second. "Wait," she cried. "Stop. Stop!" However, her sisters did not not stop. Instead, they went down on her even harder. "Oh! Ah! Ah!" Misty cried as the feeling continued to grow. Misty's body tensed up and her hands gripped Lily's and Violet's hair. Then, the building feeling did explode. Misty's body seized up and she gave out a loud scream of ecstasy. Juices erupted from her pussy, much like juices had squirted from Lily's cunt when she came. Daisy sucked up as much of Misty's orgasmic nectar as she could and let the rest coat her twenty-year-old body.

Misty's body came to rest on the bank of the pool, breathing heavily with her eyes closed. Lily and Violet took their mouths from Misty's swollen nipples and kissed each other. Daisy climbed up Misty's body and kissed her young sister on the lips. Misty came back to her senses with the taste of pussy juice in her mouth. She tried to suck up as much of it as she could from Daisy's heavenly lips. She soon realized that it was her own juices that she was tasting on her sister's lips. Daisy broke the kiss several seconds later and asked, "How did that feel, Misty?"

Misty smiled and said, "It felt great. What...What was that?"

"That was an orgasm," Daisy said. "It's the most amazing thing a girl can feel."

"Well, thank you for giving me one." Misty looked down at her pussy and saw a small stain of blood on her. "Why didn't you bleed when I fucked you?"

"It's because we've already lost our virginity," Lily said. "You only bleed when your hymen is broken."

"Does it always hurt when you have sex?"

"Shut up!" Violet cried. "Not at all. It only hurts the first time. Now that your hymen in broken, it won't hurt any more."

"That's good," Misty said.

"It certainly is because we're not done with you yet," Violet said. "I want to taste you now." Misty's two oldest sisters traded places so that Daisy was on her right side while Violet went between her legs. Lily and Daisy started sucking on Misty's nipples, which were instantly hard again, and Misty moaned with arousal. "Ready for another orgasm?" Violet asked.

"Oh yes, please," Misty moaned.

With that, Violet brought her face between Misty's legs and started sucking on her young sister's pussy, which was already dripping wet again. Misty moaned in pleasure as her sisters went down on her again. Violet put a finger into Misty's wet cunt. This time, there was no pain and no bleeding. Misty moaned loudly as Violet worked her finger in and out of her tight pussy. "Oh. Oh yes," she moaned. "Yes. It feels so good." Lily and Daisy sucked on Misty's rock-hard nipples harder and Violet sucked on Misty's erect clit even harder as well.

The harder her sisters went down on her, the louder Misty's moans became. Violet sucked on Misty's engorged clit hard and slammed a second finger into Misty's tight pussy, causing the redhead to cry out in pleasure. Misty felt the pressure inside her body start to rise again, and she knew that she was about to come again. Wanting desperately to experience the feelings of ecstasy that only an orgasm could give her, Misty started thrusting her hips into Violet's experienced fingers, driving her sister even deeper into her wet womanhood. "Oh yes," Misty cried as her orgasm approached. "Oh yes. Yes. Yes! Yes!" Misty's young body was struck with another powerful orgasm and she gave out a loud scream of bliss. Her back arched and here nineteen-year-old sister's face was drenched with Misty's tasty juices.

When Misty's second powerful orgasm had passed, she collapsed, almost passing out. Lily and Daisy broke away from Misty's breasts and kissed each other. Violet climbed up Misty's body and kissed her sister on the lips. Misty wrapped her arms around her blue-haired sister and pulled her deeper into the kiss, desperately trying to suck up her own pussy-juices from Violet's mouth. "Was that good for you?" Violet asked after breaking the passionate kiss.

"Oh yes," Misty breathed. "That felt so good, better than the last one."

"I think it's my turn to taste Misty," Lily said. Violet relinquished her place between Misty's legs to the youngest of the Sensational Sisters. Violet moved to Misty's left breast, ready to go down on her sister again. "This is it, Misty," the pink-haired Lily said to Misty. "After this, you will be the a Sensational Sister like us."

"Yes," Misty pleaded. "I want it." Lily brought her face to Misty's pussy and started licking the length of her sister's slit. Violet and Daisy started sucking on Misty's nipples as well. The redhead moaned in pleasure as her sisters went down on her for a third time. Even after her two massive orgasms, Misty was still extremely aroused and was ready for more. She started rocking her hips against Lily's mouth, pushing her eighteen-year-old sister's tongue into her sweet pussy. Lily flicked Misty's hard clit with her tongue and started fucking her younger sister's pussy with one of her fingers. "God," Misty cried in bliss. "It feels so good. Keep going. Make me come again." Wanting to fulfil Misty's wish, Lily inserted a second finger into her sister's wet hole and pounded her pussy harder. Misty cried in bliss as her sisters went down on her harder.

Misty's body was beginning to squirm under her sisters' touch. The feel of the cool water rushing around her naked skin only added to Misty's excitement. She continued crying in pleasure and rocking against Lily while her sisters fucked her. Misty's pussy was so tight that Lily could barely fit a third finger into her sister's young cunt. Misty cried in pleasure and pain as her pussy was stretched to its limits. "Yes!" she cried. "Fuck me. I'm so full. It feels so good." Lily sucked Misty's clit into her mouth and fucked her tight pussy with three fingers. Misty felt another powerful orgasm starting to build inside her. "Oh yes!" she cried. "I'm going to come. Oh, please make me come. Please make me come." Misty grabbed Lily's head and pushed her sister's face deep into her dripping cunt. Lily buried her face in Misty's young pussy and sucked on her clitoris as hard as she could. "Yes!" Misty screamed. "I'm coming!" For the third time, Misty experienced a powerful orgasm. She screamed in ecstasy, and her body jerked violently, splashing around in the water. Juices squirted from her pussy yet again all over Lily's face. Because Misty's hands were gripping Lily's hair and holding her mouth firmly against her spasming pussy, Lily found it hard to pull herself far enough away so that she would not gag on the copious amounts of fluid that were jetting powerfully from Misty's cunt. Lily barely managed to swallow all of the fluid that did not dribble from her mouth.

Finally, Misty was spent, and she collapsed into the water, passing out from sheer exhaustion. Lily, Violet, and Daisy pulled Misty's limp form from the water and set her down on a soft patch of grass to let her rest. While Misty slept, Lily, Violet, and Daisy went back into the water and kissed each other passionately, enjoying the feel of the cool water on their bodies and their warm lips on each other's mouths.

Misty awoke several minutes later, still breathing heavily from her three massive orgasms. She saw her sisters kissing in the water. "Hey guys," she said. She tried to stand up but was too weak and collapsed on the ground.

Misty's sisters ruched to Misty's side. "Easy," Lily said. "Don't try to move so soon after coming like you did."

"You did it, Misty," Daisy said. "You have been successfully initiated."

"You mean..." Misty said. "You mean I'm a Sensational Sister now?"

"Yes, Misty," said Violet. "You are."

"Thank you!" Misty cried with stars in her eyes. She embraced her sisters and kissed them passionately. "I never knew that sex could feel so good. Thank you for showing me this new feeling." The four Sensational Sisters got back into the bikinis, Misty pulled her hair into its short ponytail on the left side of her head with the hair band, and the four of them headed back toward Cerulean City.

That night, the four of them showered together. While in the shower, Misty's sisters shaved the redhead's pubic mound, making it as bare as their own. "What do you think?" Daisy asked when they were done.

Misty looked down at her bare pussy and felt the smoothness of it. "Wow," she said. "It feels really good. Thank you."

"You look so hot," Lily said, looking over Misty's body. She leaned in and kissed her younger sister.

The sisters stepped out of the shower and made their way to Lily, Violet, and Daisy's room. They did not bother to dry themselves because they knew that they were going to get wet again anyway. They moved the beds so that their sides were all touching, creating one large bed. They all lay down on the bed together, kissing passionately. After making out for a minute, the sisters rearranged themselves so that their bodies made a quadrilateral. Misty's pussy was in Daisy's face, Daisy's pussy was in Violet's face, Violet's pussy was in Lily's face, and Lily's pussy was in Misty's face. After the girls were comfortable they started licking and sucking on each others' wet pussies. Soon, all four of them were moaning and rocking in pleasure.

As Misty licked Lily's erect clitoris, she stuck a finger into her sister's pussy and started moving it in and out. Lily moaned loudly and did the same to Violet, who it turn did the same to Daisy, who brought it back to Misty. The sisters continued fucking each other harder and faster, causing a cycle that would cause them all to come hard very soon. Misty inserted a second finger into Lily's cunt, and Lily did the same to Violet, who did the same to Daisy, who did the same to Misty. Soon, the four sisters had three fingers getting thrusted hard and deep into their dripping pussies.

They could all feel their orgasms building quickly, ready to explode from their pussies. On the verge of orgasm, they all cried out, "I'm coming!" Then, their backs arched and they cried out so loud that probably most of the residents of Cerulean City heard them. Juices squirted from their pussies and splattered all over each other's faces and chests, completely soaking each other and the tripple-bed.

After they had stopped coming, the Sensational Sisters got back together in a passionate four-way kiss and slipped under the soaked bed sheets. "I love you guys," Misty said.

"We love you too," Lily said. She kissed Misty on the forehead and the four of them embraced. They all fell asleep in each other's arms.

Misty was the first to wake up the next morning. She started kissing Violet, causing her blue-haired sister to wake up. After the four sisters had woken each other up, they got into the shower together to wash the dried pussy-juices from their bodies. They dried each other off and got into some clothes.

Misty decided to go for a new look this time. She decided to wear yellow shorts, a dark red undershirt, and a yellow overshirt with one button and a blue collar. Her red sneakers had also started to wear out after three years of hiking with Ash and Brock, so she decided to go shopping with her sisters before she went to find Ash in the Hoenn Region. Misty got a pair of yellow sneakers.

That night, Misty started calling around the Hoenn Region to find out where Ash was at the time. The place to start searching was Litteleroot Town, since that was where the boats from the Kanto Region docked in the Hoenn Region. She called the Littleroot Pokémon Center and asked if the Nurse Joy that worked there had seen Ash. Nurse Joy told Misty that she had seen Ash and that he had left for Oldale Town several weeks before. Misty called the Oldale Pokémon Center and found that Ash had gone off to Petalburg City.

The process took a long time, but after calling around for a while, Misty finally found Ash at Mauville City. "Hey Misty," Ash said, answering the video-phone.

"Hi Ash," Misty said. "Guess what. My sisters came back home. That means I can go meet you in the Hoenn Region!"

"Wow. That's great!"

"Hi Misty," said Brock, walking into view.

"Brock!" Misty cried happily. "What are you doing there?"

"I'm here to travel with Ash some more. I don't have anything to do at the Pewter City Gym, so I decided to go find Ash. Oh and..." Brock pushed Ash out of the way and asked, "...are your beautiful sisters there?"

"Knock it off, Brock," said Ash, pushing Brock away. Ash and Misty laughed nervously. "May and Max have to do that all the time."

"Who are May and Max?" Misty asked

"Oh May is the daughter of the Petalburg Gym leaders. Max is her little brother. They're traveling along with me and Brock."

"Well that's great. I can't wait to meet them."

"When are you leaving for the Hoenn Region?"

"I'm leaving tomorrow. If all goes well, I should see you guys in a few days."

"Great! We were going to leave for Fallarbor Town tomorrow. We should meet somewhere on Route 111. I'll leave a message for you here at the pokémon center and tell you where to meet."

"That sounds great, Ash. I'll meet you in the Hoenn Region in a few days." Misty and Ash hung up. Misty started dancing around crying, "Yay! I'm going to see Ash again!"

The next day, Misty left for the Hoenn Region, carrying Togepi in her arms. "You have everything you need, Misty?" Lily asked as Misty was about to depart.

"Yes," Misty said, "I have everything. Clean underwear and plenty of food. Plus, I have Horsea and Starmie back with me, as well as Corsola, Politoed, and that Gyarados I caught."

"Send Ash our regards," Violet said.

"I will."

"And one more thing," said Daisy. "Whenever you feel horny, just start rubbing your clit and it will feel really good. And if you really want a good orgasm, be sure to rub your G-spot on the front wall of your pussy. It will make it feel so much better and it will make you squirt everywhere."

"Thanks guys," Misty said, embracing her sisters. "I love you."

"We love you too, Misty," Daisy said.

"I'll see you guys in a week or two," Misty said, starting to walk off.

"Misty," Violet asked. "What are you going to tell Ash when you start back to Cerulean?"

Misty realized that she could not tell Ash and his friends that she was going back to Cerulean City to have hot, passionate sex with her sisters. "I'll tell him..." she thought for a moment, "...that I want to help you guys run the gym." With that, Misty left for the Hoenn Region.


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