Academic Discoveries

By Shedragon

Chapter 3

I got home about half an hour later. What I considered my rational mind had kicked in and taken control as I lay naked on the couch and I'd jumped up just as Yanina's fingers has started to caress my wet sex. I'm not really sure exactly what followed to be honest, I remember throwing my clothes on as quickly as possible and dashing out the door, once again onto a street with no idea where I was.

I do remember her telling me "Any time you change your mind. . . " as I left.

I'd never, ever, been propositioned by another woman before. Even just seeing that woman, lying, pleasing Yanina like that. On the outside, I felt disgusted, and I was telling myself I was disgusted, but my body was remaining so aroused. I was so distracted I almost let the taxi drive straight past me. . .

As my door swung shut behind me, I threw my keys into the dish on the side table, sending my work keys flying out the other side onto the floor. I was undressed before I reached the bathroom and started the taps running immediately. I didn't bother with any of my range of expensive bath salts (one of my vices) and just left the purity of the water unchallenged. Rather than climb straight in, I found myself walking back towards my bedroom. My flat doesn't have many windows, and what windows I do have are covered with net curtains, so I don't really think much to wandering around in the nude - I live by myself. Something made me open the bottom draw of my dressing table and reach to the back. I ignored the cold feeling plastic tube and felt for the harder, more textured, object. Every part of my "higher brain" was fighting against the instinct, but my inner brain was over-riding it, and I having found what I was looking for I carried it with me back to the bathroom.

The bath was almost full now, and I turned the taps off. I'd forgotten to turn the fan on, and the room was filled with steam, the mirror completely blinded. I dropped my vibrator at the side of the tub and slowly climbed in, enjoying the feeling of near weighlessness it brings. I closed my eyes and let my body relax completely. . . What a day. . .

I use baths regulary to try to clear my mind, I sometimes have two or three a day, and usually I try to treat it as a kind of meditation. Lie back, feel the warmth on my skin, the delicate aromas I pick and use so carefully, and allow the soft relaxation to clear my mind. I have a wonderful huge two person bath I can lie flat in, arms at my sides, legs extended - my friends call it my swimming pool. I tried all my methods I knew to let my mind clear, but images and thoughts kept flying back and forth; walking into her bedroom, touching myself as she watched, Janet kissing in the car, the feeling of Yanina's hand running down across my stomach. . . and that made me think I really ought to get my bikini line done. . . But why? I didn't wear bikini's and it's not like anyone else would be seeing it. . . snap out of it Jennifer. You had a close shave (ahem) but it was only that.

Right, what else could I think about? It seems ludicrious, but one of hobbies is Origami, and I've rooms filled with cranes, whales, goldfish, you name it. I often do "virtual paper folding" in my head when I try to clear my mind. I'm sure you're laughing at me now, but I was lying in my bath making virtual goldfish. I'm not quite sure at what point I stopped imagining I was folding crisp orange fin-textured paper and started imagining the tongue teasing it's way around my pussy. My legs were stretched wide apart, up on the sides of the bath lifting my pelvis out of the water. With my left hand I was gently stroking and massaging my chest while my other hand was lightly masturbating. My eyes opened with a jolt and I stopped. I lay still for a second or two, my arms pulled back onto my thighs. I had been really enjoying that fantasy, far more than any other I could remember having. How could that be so? I wasn't gay? At least. . . I didn't really think I was. . . It had just be because I aroused by, well, by something. If I'd been in the gym again I'd have been fantasising about about the muscled trainer instead (but then it was never as pleasureable as that had been when I thought of him. . . ). I leant over the side of the bath and picked up the vibrator, I wanted a hard cock inside me, not another woman toying with me - I was straight. Kidding myself that somehow what I was doing proved I hadn't really been fantasising about making love with the prostitute, I lifted my legs again, leaned back and started to slide the toy inside me.

For whatever reasons, I've always struggled with dildos. Perhaps that's why I'd never let a man sleep with me, my vagina is simply too tight. The first toy I'd bought, about 11 years ago whilst completely off my face, had been a huge thick 9 inch affair and I can almost still remember the pain to this day. Once I'd sobered up, I'd felt so ashamed and thrown it out. I'd only bought it because I couldn't help hearing all the other students boasting about the fantastic sex they'd had and felt it was the closest I was going to get.

It wasn't long before I'd bought a slim silver bullet, again whilst drunk. I didn't throw it out when I sobered up this time, just hid it. It had taken a while for me get to used to even something as small as that. Primarily, the problem was I wasn't really a sexual being. Perhaps I wasn't really turned on enough, the only times I really felt sexual was when I was drunk, and which meant for most the last eight years I had never really let myself go completely. I couldn't shake this feeling that ultimately it was wrong. But sometimes I just desperately needed something, and I discovered KY Jelly, and that helped no end (I highly recommend it!), but I still wouldn't say I used my new vibrator, a realistic 7 inches, all that often, and never without lubricant.

I had pushed about 3 inches into my still damp twat before it occured to me that there was no pain at all, just the feeling of being stretched and aroused. Tentatively I bent my fingers more, slowly deepening the pentatration. . . It had never made me respond like this before, and I only had to stop when I had taken the full length - something not acheived before even with KY. And not only that, but done with sexual excitement. Now I took the next stage and slowly turned the pink dial. My eyes rolled in their sockets and a moan escaped my lips. Bliss. . .

My fingers returned to their massage of my clitoris, slowly circling and flicking from side to side while I ran my left hand ran lightly over my whole body, fingertips only stimulating the nerve endings, tingling. I paused only to turn the vibration up as far as it would go. . . . mmmmmmmm

I lay my head back on the bath and fucked myself, hard. This was the best sex of my life, at 29 years old - what I'd been missing all my life! Oh yes. . .

My right middle and pointer fingers were beginning to cramp, but there was no way I was stopping. I'm naturally right handed, but I simply swapped. My right fingers had even been sliding inside me past the vibrator and were damp with my own juices. At first I rubbed them over my heaving chest, feeling my heart pounding even with such a little touch, and the coldness of evaporation caused by my quick breathing. Slowly the fingers worked up my neck, caressing and teasing until eventually they touched my lips. The smell of my own dampness reached me, and it only served to fuel the excitement.

Until then, I hadn't really been thinking about anything in particular, just enjoying the liberated pleasure I was rewarding myself with. However, as soon as my tongue tasted the first drop, my eyes closes and I was lost in fantasy again. Only it wasn't the gym trainer who filled my mind, it was Janet.

Chapter 4

I was Yanina, lying naked on the bed, legs apart and Janet was crouched, fully clothed, performing the most mind blowing oral sex on me. Her tongue ran expertly around my clitoris, exciting here, stimulating there while I moaned softly. She was submissive to me, Professor Kevel was eating my pussy, she was serving me instead of me serving her for once. In the manner of dreams and fantasies, she became naked. Eyes closed, I imagined the scene as if watching for outside my body, Janet's blonde hair falling down the sides of her head, then swept back quickly so I could get a clear view of her performing cunnilingus on me. She was so eager, enjoying it so much, nearly as much as me. There was nothing she wanted more than to taste me. Her breasts hung amazingly, obviously firm and full, so kissable, touchable, strokable. Flat stomach, and oh so smooth legs. . . her rear end pointing slightly up into the air.

"Eat me bitch!"

I slapped her, and she worked even harder. . . mmmmm. . . oh yes. . . .hmmmmm, my fingers were working so fast, I swapped back to my right hand but the pain was just totally gone now, completely blanked out. Oh. . . . I was definately right handed. . .

But we weren't alone in my fantasy now. Yanina had appeared, standing atride my head, my eyes staring straight up into her cunt.

"Seems like you're getting taken care of lass"

She began lowering herself towards me.

"But Yanina's still wants more, your hot flesh. Please your Auntie Yanina"

As I licked and sucked myself from my left fingers I was actually cleaning Yanina's sex, running my tongue between her wet folds and making her moan with delight as Janet was to me.

Hmmmmmm. . . . fuck yes. . . it was incredible. I continued for goodness knows how long, changing hands when I'd cleaned all the taste off one. Until, almost against my will, I felt the building senstations I'd never properly had before. . . Janet licked faster, my little sex slave pleasing her Master and in turn Yanina made me eat more of her, darting my tongue in and out her vagina, pulling my head into her and she squeezed my head between her thighs. The moans became screams. . .

"Oh Yes. . . Oh. . . come on!. . . OHHH. . . . HMMMM!!!. . . "

Janet was licking so hard, building the sensations, building the pleasure. Yanina was forcing me faster and faster, making me try harder and harder.

"Fuck me bitch, lick my pussy slave!"

My whole was tensing, like I was sat on the edge of cliff, just about to fall off. "Oh.. . . YES!. . . Now!!!!. . . .FUCK MEEEEE!"

Fireworks! Explosions! My body spasmed like it was being electrocuted! The muscles in my vagina squeezed down on the vibrator, just making the sensation stronger. And again, more explosions, more waves of bliss, ecstasy. . . my body spasming, splashing water all over the floor. Wave after wave, spasm after spasm, Janet, Yanina and me all cumming at once - each pleasing each other more and more. Nothing, ever, had felt like this. Oh. . . . I relaxed and lay back again, Janet working slower now, her tongue running around my whole pelvic area, my thighs and breasts, then higher. Our tongues met and we kissed, exploring her mouth as I reached up and slid two fingers inside her moist pussy. She probed my cunt too, teasing the still pulsing muscles. Then withdrawing and. . . vanishing. . .

I opened my eyes, and reality flooded back. Oh shit! What had I been thinking about? I just imagined my boss fucking me with her mouth! Not only that, it had made me cum! While I'd been eating a whore's pussy! Was I really that perverted? Did this stuff turn me on? I stood up and let the water drain from the bath, turning the shower on and reaching for the shower gel. I spent about ten minutes washing myself, redoing the same parts of my body time and time again, but I couldn't clear the memory of what I had been thinking about. The vibrator lay soaked and ruined at my feet.

Would a real woman licking me make me orgasm? Stop it Jen! Think about something else. But Yanina had offered. . . Stop that! Anytime. . . I could go back now, in half an hour I could be experiencing it, FOR REAL.

Right, get a grip on yourself girl I thought to myself. I towelled dry and wrapped it round my hair. Half way along the corridor the doorbell rang. I froze. Was it Janet? Or Yanina found out where I'd live? Can't be. . . I walked up to the door, set the chain and tenatively opened it.

"Hi Jennifer"

It was the old biddy from downstairs.


I had only my head poked round the gap in the door, she had absolutely no idea she was talking to me while I was completely naked.

"Heard a few screams and banging, wondered if everything was o.k.?"

Being nosey more like? Thought I might have got myself "A nice man to settle down with" I was "not getting any younger after all" and she'd been "married 10 years with 5 kids" when she was my age.

"Just working out Daphne", I lied, "They recommend a bit of shouting to keep you going through the pain barrier"

No doubting she was disappointed as she turned and left. I just shut the door and got ready for bed. All night long I dreamt of Janet, Yanina and I making love, and when I woke up my pyjama bottoms were soaked through at the crotch. . .

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