I dare you to love me


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Everything is falling apart Kelly thought to herself as her car broke down on the way home from college. During lunch as she walked into the cafeteria she saw Shay, after giving her a smile, Shay stood up and left leaving her with the idea that Shay despised her. Not two hours ago did she find out that someone broke into her locker and not only stole her I-pod and laptop but also her diary? She thought it will be safer keeping it here than at home where her nosy brother always going through her belongings. Now life as she knows it may just end for her if anything in her diary gets out. Not that she was one to gossip or say anything mean about anyone in it, but her most deepest secret may be revealed and she can't let that happen.

She pulls out her phone and calls her mom, as usual there is no answer, as she is probably out with her newest boyfriend and conveniently forgot to take her phone with her. Who else can she phone, her brother, no, he will just make more fun of her, her boyfriend, cant do that either, he is busy practicing football. She is stuck out with a broken car and there is no one that can help her. Just my luck she thought as it starts raining softly. Laying back into her car seat she closes her eyes trying hard not to cry.

Suddenly there's a knock on her window, and with a startled look she winds it down. It's Shay, the one that most of her stories in her diary is about, what is she doing here? Kelly wondered. "Hi, you seem to have some car trouble, is there anything I can do to help" Shay asked. "Uhm, uhm" Great my first impression and I'm making a fool of myself Kelly sighed. "I'm not sure what is wrong", I finally said. "The car just died on me." "Hold on I'll be right back". Shay said. I watched her climb back onto her bike and pull off, only to be driving into the house two places down. She took off her helmet, put it on the bike and walked back towards me and once again I was stuck by her beauty, even in the rain she was gorgeous.

Pull yourself together, I softly whispered, don't make this more than it needs to be.

"Let's try to get your car into my garage, we can work from there." To numb to say anything out loud I just nod as she pushed my car effortlessly down the street to her house. I climbed out and just stood there, not knowing what to do or say.

"Come on in, make yourself at home. I am just quickly going to get some dry clothes on then I'll take a look at your car" I hung onto every word she said, listening intently, wondering how everything about her can be so perfect. Her short spiky wet black hair, her deep blue eyes that just draw you in closer, her perfect body, everything is just so angelic to me. Even though I am a few inches shorter than she is, I just kept on staring into her eyes as she speak. "Hello, Earth to Kelly, are you okay?" Shay spoke a bit louder and it brought me out of my daydreaming. With a blush I just let my head down and softly replied that I am fine. She turned around and walked down the hallway, I watched her until she turned into her room. I sat there thinking what her room might look like. Is it all messed up, or is everything perfectly in order.

I didn't have too much time to think about it as she was returning to the kitchen in a pair of jean shorts and a wife beater. "Okay, let me go have a look at your car." I stood up and followed her out into the garage. She opened up the hood, and looked around a bit. 20 Minutes later my car was starting again. I thanked her for everything, thought up a lame excuse and pulled out of the garage and took off, heading home.

"Why are you late?" mom asked as I entered the house, not up for any conversation, I just told her my car stalled and I was struggling to get it going again. I headed up to my room, my mind filled with thoughts. Only minutes later my phone rang. I looked at the screen and saw that it was David, my boyfriend. "Hello baby" I answered. "Hi babe, I just finished football, you want to go out for dinner tonight?" he asked. Knowing what he really wanted, and not being in the mood, at least not for him. I politely declined, saying that I have to help my mom tonight, but we can do something tomorrow, he sighed, accepted it, saying that he will see me tomorrow then. After I hung up, I decided that I will just take a bath and get into bed early tonight, although sleep didn't come as easily as I hoped for.



Oh well. Another dead beat day at college might as well get ready for it. I generally hated Thursdays at school, for the simple reason that I had a full schedule and today was no exception. During lunch break though I saw Kelly, off course next to her was David her boyfriend. As she was the most popular girl in school, I knew I didn't stand a chance of becoming her friend, not to mention something more. But a girl can dream, can't I? To me she was the image of an angel. Tall, nice built and long blond hair. Her most outstanding feature yet was her eyes, and her being the head prefect, head cheerleader, and head of about any important club at the college I had this opportunity to have pictures in all the classes with those stunning eyes. I sat there looking at her for some reason she looked a bit sad today. She glanced at me, while walking past, gave me a quick smile then looked away. That she even knew I existed was enough to make me blush. After she passed I stood up quickly and made my way out of the cafeteria it suddenly became to crowded in there.

I decided to skip my last class as I headed to my bike. I had to get away. The smile she gave me stayed in my mind. As I turned into my street I saw a car standing off the road there was a small amount of smoke coming from its engine. I decided to pull over as I am good with cars and offered to help. As I knocked on the window I saw that it was Kelly. My heart started racing. I offered to help with her car, she stammered then told me she didn't know what's wrong, and it just died. I told her to wait as I jumped back on my bike and drove to my house. I quickly walked back, and decided that I would push her car into my garage and have a look there. After reaching the house I invited her in, while I went to get some dry clothes. For a moment there I thought she was checking me out, but I just waved it off. I came back, went outside and looked at the car. It was only a few cables that got loose and her plugs got water, so 20 minutes later I was done with the car. She tanked me, then as fast as she could took off.

I decided that I am not going to stress about it, although my mind was thinking differently. I went inside, grabbed something to eat, had a quick shower then went off to bed. With her smile in my head.

I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day, as I had just two classes then I was off for the rest of the weekend. As I switched my radio on Imagine me and you started playing. I loved this song, as it played I thought back to Kelly, but as soon as the thought arrived I pushed it away. I didn't need another crush on a straight girl. I called up my friend Tonya and asked her to join me for a night out; as she was a party animal I knew she wouldn't say no. She did say that she'll bring a few friends with, and then we could hit the clubs. I thought it would be a good idea, as I might hook up with one of her friends and forget about my stupid crush on Kelly. The rest of the day went my smoothly.


I woke up early the next morning, I immediately started worrying about my diary if someone started reading it, my secret about my lifestyle would be out. I know I would be disowned and my fame at school will come crushing down. I dragged myself out of bed dreading the day and what it had installed for me.

As I arrived at the college, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. David was waiting for me as usual, with all my friends running to my car to greet my like every day. I thought that maybe I was still safe for today, but I remained cautious. I didn't see Shay once today. I still wanted to thank her for my car and to apologize for running out like that, maybe she really think I'm just another airhead. As I promised David we would go out tonight I just wished the day over.

Just past 7 he picked me up, he told me that he had made a reservation at a restaurant for us and then afterwards we might go some clubbing. I wasn't really in the mood for clubbing, but as it was our 6 month anniversary I decided to try and enjoy myself. After dinner we went to the only club near the college. We started dancing immediately as we walked in. I could feel him grinding up against me and thought id just let it go. About 6 songs later we went to get some drinks when Andrew, one of David's friends showed up saying that he should go check out that the dykes of college tried to get into the club. David said that there was no way that Shay and her Dyke friends are going to mess up his club. I turned sick to my stomach and had to run to the bathroom. David came after me, he asked me what was wrong, and I made the excuse that maybe the food we ate didn't work with me. I asked him to take me home. As we exit the club I saw Shay and her friends standing there, she looked at me, I just mouthed sorry then looked away.

No one gives us crap at school why did Andrew have to start at the club I thought to myself as I stood outside the club with Tonya and her friends. I almost had to make a u-turn as I saw David and Kelly came out of the club, she mouthed something to me before she turned away, it looked like she said sorry, but I wasn't sure for what. Tonya and I started walking into the club, there was no problem getting in now that David and Andrew was gone. I pulled one of Tonya's friends with me to the dance floor. I had some energy that I needed to get rid off. As the night passed, I had a few to many to drink, and luckily I wasn't driving myself home. I took a ride with Brittany, the girl I danced with, not yet deciding if we would go to her place or mine, we drove around. As she had also a few to drink her driving wasn't too good, we almost hit a dustbin on the sidewalk, I turned around in my seat wanting to see how close we came to hitting it when my eye caught something on Brittany's backseat. There laid a laptop, I-pod and diary, each of the electronics was marked KH and on the diary the name Kelly Hamilton was written. At that moment for some reason I became sober and demanded that Brittany pulled the car over.

I asked her about the diary and electronics, she confessed to taking it from Kelly's locker, trying to get some payback on Kelly for not letting her on the cheerleading squad. I climbed out of the car, took Kelly's stuff and walked to my house which was luckily just 1 block away. Arriving home I went straight to bed after putting Kelly's stuff on my table.

As it was Saturday I decided to sleep in a bit, when I finally woke up it was past noon. I stood up, showered and got dressed. I walked past my kitchen table and remembered Kelly's diary and laptop laying there. As luck would have it the diary fell open as I took it out of the bag. I wanted to pick it up, when I saw my name in it. Curiosity got the better of me as I read the page. I was described in detail by Kelly, she did see me after all, but wait, I stood shocked, what did this mean? Was Kelly gay? Could life be this easy?

The weekend passed by quickly after this and I decided to return Kelly's stuff to her, but I knew we needed to talk. On Monday I had a bit of a different way of letting Kelly know that I am there. I knew she had Biology first period so I went to her class and left her I-pod at her table along with a white lily and a letter saying for you...

I was still sick on Saturday from what David and Andrew said at the club, I couldn't get it out of my mind, calling Shay a dyke along with her friends. The look on her eyes said so much Friday night at the club as I mouthed I'm sorry to her. Just then and there I decided to end my relationship with David. I couldn't live this lie any longer. I knew he would come over this afternoon as we always had plans on weekends, so I prepared to tell him it is over. Just past 3 he arrived at my house, as my mother and brother went to some sport event, I thought that this would be the best opportunity to do what must be done. We swam in the pool for a while, and then went to watch some movies on TV, David tried to feel me up and I decided that this was the moment for the duty.

I looked him in the eyes and told him we need to talk urgently, he paused the movie and waited. I thought it would be easier. "David", I said, things just aren't working for me anymore, we both want different things in life. He started laughing, told me not to make jokes like this. I again told him again it is over and that I wasn't a joke. He got angry asked me if there was someone else in my life, and that I was making a mistake. I assured him there was no-one. He stormed out and slammed the door as I sat there, feeling relieved for what I just did.

Monday couldn't come by quick enough for me, just as I thought my break up with David was the hottest news at school when I arrived. A lot of people were staring at me; my friends came to see if I was okay, as David told them, that he broke up with me. I assured everyone that I am fine and that everything is okay. I felt relieved after that, one thing less to worry about. As I walked into my biology class I saw my I-pod laying on my table with a white lily and a small letter with two words for you. I turned ice cold, when I realized that whoever had my I-pod still had my laptop as well as my diary. I sat down feeling depressed, not knowing that I was being watched by Shay.

Okay, I thought, that wasn't the reaction I was hoping for when I planned this, she turned as white as a ghost when she saw the I-pod, like she was scared and depressed suddenly, I couldn't take it, the moment the bell rang I was out of there. Trying to get my head clean, I still had two classes with her for the day; I knew I had to play my cards just right. As I walked to mathematics I heard two girls talking, I'm not usually one to listen to people speak but this got my attention. "I heard David left Kelly" the one said, then another reply. "No, Kelly left David, although no-one knows why." I stopped dead in my tracks a feet away from my math's class. Could it be true? Why did she do it? Is she okay? So many questions ran through my head and I had no answers to any of them. I couldn't concentrate during mathematics at all. Luckily it was Lunch Period next, so I had time to plan my moves.

Lunch arrived and I wondered through the hallways, planning my next move. After lunch I would have Science and English with Kelly then the end of the day, so I had to work fast. I ran to my car I picked up her laptop, and just like before some lilies, but this time a whole bunch of them. I didn't want to out her in front of the whole school, so as everyone was on lunch I ran to the science class and from the entrance to where she usually sits I put down lily flowers, with a letter again. This time saying I DARE YOU TO LOVE ME as well as don't worry your secret is safe with me. I put it on her table, with a small note on her laptop saying look around you in class and you'll find me. Now all I had to do was wait...

The last 10 minutes of lunch felt like an eternity to me, I waited till I knew most of the people were on their way to class when I walked in just after Kelly came in. Everyone was standing in awe looking at her. She went to her table took the flowers and read the notes. Nothing was out of place except for a lily leave on my table. She looked at me and gave me a small smile without anyone noticing... After that no-one was paying attention in class and eventually the teacher gave up to, letting everyone out a few minutes before the bell rang. The last period was boring as I just waited for it to pass to meet Kelly.

When I walked into Science class I was dumbfounded, the whole way to my table was laid down with white lilies, and just like before there was my Laptop and a note. This one saying I dare you to love me and your secret is safe with me. Look around in class and you'll find me. I stood there and as everyone was standing around me gasping I couldn't find anyone until I spotted a lily leave on one of the tables. Then it hit me that table belonged to Shay. I scanned through the class looking for her, when I found her she had a small smile on her face; I returned the smile, hoping that no one saw me. I couldn't think straight after that. My mind was just on Shay, How did she find out? Where did she get my diary and laptop? I opened my laptop and found her address there, just saying meet me after school. I wished the day over in an instant. Finally after another long period the day was over. I ran to my car and to my surprise I found my diary laying on my car seat with another lily.

I pulled out of the yard and headed for her house, not knowing what to expect when I get there...

I waited at my house counting the minutes, hoping that she would arrive, just as I was about to give up hope I saw her pulling her car into the driveway. I felt my smile going from ear to ear. I walked up to her and opened the car door for her; she climbed out and simply said we need to talk with that gorgeous smile of her.

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