By Kristen Abrhams

Note: If you don't like stories of women in intimate, sexual situations with each other, stories about femme women with butch girls, stories about sexual inhibition or public nudity or if you're not old enough to handle any of the above, please do not read this story.

Her moist, warm lips enveloped my fingers as they slid inside of her. Effortlessly. Eagerly. And she sighed with satisfaction as my digits curled up towards her belly to stroke inside of her. To gently caress her sweet spot. That place, that spot that only an experienced lover would know. Mind you, I don't mean "experienced lover" as someone with a lot of notches on her bedpost. I mean "experienced lover" as someone who's taken you to heaven so many times that they know how to make you "ohhh", "ahhh", scream with delight and curse like a bad porno actress whether you want to or not.

That's the spot I felt beneath my fingers. The longer I touched it, the tighter Lillian pressed my head against her sex. The tighter she pressed, the harder I worked. The harder I worked... you get the idea.

The hem of her dress had slid up to her waist. So, she reclined lewdly with my mouth attacking her exposed pussy. Meanwhile, I knew that Cassidy, our driver, was trying her best to see what we were doing while she sped along the roadway.

In the back of the towncar that Wayne Newton (at least that's what the male impersonator called herself) lent me, I wanted to give my dearest friend the satisfaction she had been denied. So, my tongue lathed her sex. Up and down. Around the swollen, pink lips. Circling around her nub. Pumping my fingers into her loving womb.

"Oh, Katie, do I taste O.K.?" She actually had to pant that sentence out. She was so enraptured that she could only speak a few words at a time.

I smiled and raised my head. "Delicious." I licked my lips for extra measure.

She smiled in return. "Yeah, but you've got a biased opinion. If I tasted O.K., wouldn't Elvis, " that was Lil's male impersonator for the night, "have gone down on me?"

I smiled. Sitting up, I pulled my fingers from her pussy (much to her dismay) and turned to address Cassidy. "Cassidy, taste this." And our almost cherubic driver gingerly opened her mouth. Apparently, people didn't regularly offer her a free taste of pussy. But, her eyes bulged as she sucked my finger dry. Pulse. Pulse. Pulse. She sucked my digit like it was a miniature cock. Finally, I was getting too impatient. I wasn't here for the driver. I was here for Lil. I pulled my fingers away from Cassidy.

"Um, she's delicious. You say Mr. Pressley refused?"

"Damn shame, isn't it?"

"His loss."

Lillian smiled. "Happy," I asked.

"I'm better. Now, put 'em back."


"The fingers." She was close to being exasperated. Spreading her legs, she separated the lips to her vagina lewdly. Again, as if saying, "Here! Put them here!"

It seemed like a long while before I responded, but I looked at her. Open sex. Wet, luscious pussy. Smooth legs. Shoes long since lost. And an evening gown wrapped around her torso down to where it had worked itself up to her waist.

"Let me see your tits."


"You're really open about showing off that pussy, sweetie. But, I'm a girl that likes to see rock hard nipple while I eat a girl out. Hell, I wanna feel those nipples. Don't you, Cassidy?"

Cassidy gulped. "Yeah."

Lillian smirked. "If we get into an accident, it'll be your fault."

Again, to Cassidy. "Pull over. That way, we can all concentrate."

"Thank you, ma'am." Cassidy immediately pulled into an empty parking lot. I;m not sure what she did next because I had my full attention focused on Lillian. She pulled down the top of her dress to reveal those wonderful breasts of hers. Full. Round. Nipples that stuck out several centimeters. She said that they used to be much shorter, but she'd been treated to a lot of nipple sucking since she came out.

I wasn't complaining.

Leaning forward, I took her dress that had gathered at her midsection and pulled it down her legs until she was naked in the back of this car. Next, I reached to undress myself, but she stopped me. "No. I get to do that... when you're finished." Smiles. Her legs were open. Her breasts were exposed, and she was stroking them.

Again, my tongue slid between the elastic lips of her vagina into the canal that brought two lives into the world. The canal into which my dildo was welcomed time and time again. The canal that brought this sweet woman so much joy that I could not deny her.

The musk overpowered my reasoning. It does that often. No more, "What can I do that will make her scream?" thoughts. Those were for the girls I was just fucking. I knew what to do. I didn't have to think. I just did.

So, Lillian accepted my fingers. She accepted my tongue. I knew she wanted that tongue in her ass. Never much more than that, but she always got wetter after having her ass eaten out.

I wasn't going to deny her.

Legs entwined. Knees against clits. Wet flesh. Tongues in mouths. Tits in mouths. I suckled her as gently as my impassioned state would allow. Of course, she was impassioned enough that I could have bitten her nipples and she would have first screamed and told me to stop but them immediately said, "Do it again."

Finally, as I lay on top of her grinding our pussies together... her wet, swollen flesh grinding against my equally wet, swollen... and skirt covered flesh, we came.

Well, I came.

Lillian looked like she was having a stroke. Eyes rolled in the back of her head. Shaking. Spasming. I'd seen it before. She was coming hard.

So, I held her. I kept thrusting. I just waited for her to calm down.

But, she didn't.

"God damn!" She shot straight up and lunged for me. Her hands pulled madly at the side of my dress until it gave way. Next, she reached up and pulled my blouse off. Ping-ping-ping. The buttons flew everywhere.

I was as naked as she was. Just as wet as she was.

I just hadn't flipped my lid.

"You fucking, bitch!" Normally, I'd be upset by that, but she followed it up with sucking my breast as hard as she could. "Cunt! Fuckin' dyke!" Switch breasts. "Best sweet assed pussy I ever had!" Her tongue snaked its way between my thighs and she forced my legs over her shoulders. She pulled back for a moment and, to herself, said what I think was, "Well, second best" and smiled wildly to herself as she ate me with wild abandon.

I just rode it. I just surrendered. No idea why she was like this, but she had to have me. Of all the people I had to choose from, I'd have given her anything. Short list of people with that distinction, and she was on it.

Next thing I knew, I was face to face with pussy. It wasn't Lilly... her heaven sent tongue was still at work on my clit. But, this wouldn't be if if it weren't supposed to... it sounded good at the time... so, I dove in.

Thrust. Thrust. Push. Push. Moan.

Push. Push. Thrust. Thrust. Moan.

It built. It lasted forever. I don't know how long it took or how many times I came before it happened. I was more full than I ever remember feeling. No room in the womb. God! What was happening? What had me on fire so much? What had me burning? Why was I ready to explode with every breath? Why was my pussy screaming for relief? Why hadn't I come? Why was I ... Why...

I only remember two things. One, the flash of ecstasy as the orgasm crashed upon me. Two, the feeling of Lilly's hands buttoning up my coat as I came to.

As Lillian and Cassidy helped me up the stairs to the house, I couldn't remember anything. I knew I was home. I knew we were fucking in the car, Lil and I. I didn't know anything more. I especially didn't know why I had a mini video camera in my coat pocket. "What's this?"

"Inside, dear," ordered Lil.

So, I complied, but as we entered the house, Lil and Cassidy stopped to put away Lil's coat. I went directly to the TV and jacked the camera in. No one else was there. Even if they were, who cares? I was going to see this even if I had to force them to watch.

I hit rewind and waited.

Sore. Why was I sore? I knew that I'd had quite a night, but getting fucked with Wayne Newton's cock and fingered by Lil shouldn't cause that. I'd had cocks and fingers on a regular basis. Never been like this before.

Click. Oh, ready. Play.

"Ms. Katherine, not yet-"

Too late.

It was us. Me humping Lillian... as seen from the front seat. I stepped back and sat on the couch. My woolen overcoat kind of scratched, but I was more interested in the video.

"You fuckin' bitch," I remember that. "Well, second best." I remember that too. The camera panned from Lillian attacking my sex to my face. My glazed face. Covered in Lillian's love. Looking lost. Dazed. "Cassidy, get your naked pussy on Katie and get you tognue down here."

I... I don't recall that.

Sure enough, Cassidy proceeded to strip down and climb over the seat with the camera! Next thing I saw was a close up of the wild eyed Lillian with her tongue inside of me. There was a loud, yet muffled, moan. Me coming. Lil smiled and said to Cassidy, "Lick her pussy from there while I do something." Lil then took the camera to show Cassidy going down on me. Then, she moved to the side to show me with Cassidy's legs wrapped around my neck and my tongue planted deeply inside of her sex.


The camera turned to reveal Lil again. "You know, sweetie, I'm not the only one. If Elvis only knew, you'd have been disappointed too. Of course, you haven't yet, so I don't know. But you will, and soon you'll know I'm right."


Back to me...well, my pussy. It was sore. Sitting on the couch, that is, not on the tape. But Cassidy kept lapping. I kept screaming and eating her. Lillian's familiar hand entered the picture again. One. Two. Three fingers. I could almost feel. Four. Wow! Made me come so hard like that. Alone. With Tony. With others.

Now, a thumb.

Now, she thrust.

Slowly. Slowly. Slowly.

Millimeter by millimeter.

Orgasm by orgasm.


Until it passed... and I screamed.

I could still feel it as I watched it pass into my sex. As I watched my vagina swallow up Lillian's entire fist, I could still feel it inside of me. I could feel her presence. I could feel the life that is her hand.

Lil's voice on the tape, "I'm not the only one. You are too. Three, baby, three. Gabrielle. Josephine. Jacob. Come. You've known since your night with Tony, haven't you? I'm not the only one."

Scream! "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...." It came form everywhere. From me. From Cassidy. From Lillian. Everyone.

"I have to go to bed," I said matter of factly. I hadn't noticed a couple of the sisters come out when they heard people moaning on the TV. So, you can imagine the surprise both they and I felt as I unbuttoned my overcoat and dropped it to the floor only to find that I was stark naked.

Later, I watched the end of the tape. Lil and Cassidy tried to get me dressed, but Lil ripped doff my clothes so fiercely that there were no buttons to fasten. So, they just wrapped me up thinking they'd get me to the room before I did anything.


So, the girls got a thrill and I got quite a reputation for being fun on a holiday date... as well as invitations to parade around the house in the nude. But, I had other things to consider.

As the dawn broke through the curtain the next morning, Lillian held me close. She was still sound asleep. I was kind of awake... contemplating the night. The nudity didn't bother me. The video didn't either... though I told Cassidy she couldn't have one. What got me thinking was Billion's message.

"Gabrielle. Josephine. Jacob."

"You've known since your night with Tony, haven't you?"

"I'm not the only one. You are too."

"I'm not the only one."

I had a pretty good idea what she meant. It actually made me cry... in a happy way.

Elvis spurned her because she was, to use his quaint expression, a "breeder".

I am too. Well, not yet, but I do want children. However it takes. I want to feel what it's like to be fat and pregnant. To feel another person growing inside of you as you lay awake at night. To go through the pleasures and the pain. I may like women better than men, but I have this vagina for a reason, and damn it, I'm not gonna let it go to waste.

Tony made me feel it for the first time. She made me feel it many, many times. I would have cried like I was in Lillian's arms if it turned out to be true. I was convinced she'd gotten me pregnant... and I was glad.

Gabrielle. The name I wanted for my first daughter. Josephine. The name I wanted for my second daughter. Jacob. The name I wanted for my son.

Lilllian was right. She was right about all of it, but she knew it. I'd told her everything. Wanting to be a mother. Wanting kids. What happened when Tony fucked me.

She knew everything... well, actually...

I'd only decided on Jacob the week before and hadn't mentioned it to anyone.

How did she know?

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