The following is the first part of a story entitled "Laundry Room Friends". It is a multi-part story that involves lesbianism, acts between two adults and a preteen, and minor fetishism. If any of this bothers you, do not read beyond this warning.

This is an original work by me, Harald. I claim no copyright to it, beyond any that may or may not bestow upon me.

Wendy was 19 years old, having just moved out of the dorm at her university, preferring the relative quiet of an apartment. At university, she had to share a dorm room with several roommates, none of whom she got along with all that well. After a while, she gave up and decided to rent an apartment and live on her own.

Wendy was about 5 foot 6 inches tall. She had short strawberry blonde hair, fair skin, and rosy cheeks. She had fairly muscular legs, arms, and shoulders from being a gymnast in her adolescence. Her cheeks had a little baby fat as well. Very cute girl. Not glamorous good looks, but cute good looks. She looked somewhat young in certain respects.

Wendy had a lot of housework to do, including laundry. Loads and loads of laundry. It was getting late, so she decided to put on her pajamas for the night. She decided she didn't care if anyone laughed at her for it. She took a shower, and then took out her least revealing pair of pajamas, not bothering with panties. Her pajamas were made of red fleece with pink and white stars all over, and they had feet, with white vinyl soles and toecaps, like little kids' PJ's. She didn't care how goofy they might have looked. They were nice and warm in a very cold apartment building, and she didn't need to bother with socks.

Wendy continued to throw her dirty laundry into the laundry basket she had. After that, she put a backpack on top of the load. This had her detergent and some other items in it.She took it all and headed upstairs to the laundry room.

In there were a young woman about her age and a girl of about twelve. The young woman was tall. Approximately 5ft11. She had platinum blonde hair in a crimped ponytail, and a bronze tan. She was wearing a grey sports bra and black gym shorts, and white tube socks. She had a very athletic, but still womanly, build, looking like she was a B-cup, like Wendy.

"Hi, there." She said. She seemed pretty friendly.

"Hi." Said Wendy, and smiled shyly, not wanting to give an indication that she was kind of looking at her body.

"I'm not sure I've seen you before. I'm Ashley. I live down in apartment 554. This is Sarah. I'm babysitting her while her parents are out of town in Massachusetts."

"Nice to meet you both. I'm Wendy. I just moved into 564".

"Cute jammies, by the way. Sarah has a pair of footie jammies, too. Dontcha, Sare Bear?"

Sarah blushed.

"But they're yellow and have a little Care Bear patch." continued Ashley, with an evil giggle.

"Oh my god" Sarah said sheepishly. Sarah had a slim figure. She was about five feet tall, with a medium dark tan and dirty blonde hair in a pony tail, with brown eyes. She had not begun to develop hips, and was completely flat chested as well, as evidenced by the pink tank top and black spandex pants she was then wearing.

Wendy giggled. "Hey, I'm 19. Footed pajamas aren't just for little girls, y'know".

Wendy started putting her clothes into a washer. She separated the whites from the darks. She counted out five quarters for the machine. She turned around. She sneezed.

"Pardon me."

"OOOK, Sare Bear. Time to put this on. Can't risk getting sick so soon after surgery." said Ashley in a parental sort of way.

"But that girl Wendy will make fun of me." Sarah grumbled.

Ashley handed Sarah a pink, pleated surgical mask, explaining to Wendy that Sarah just had a lung transplant, and was advised by her surgeon to take care of her lungs. Sarah held the mask in her right hand, then hesitated. Tears started welling up in her eyes.

"Awwwww." Wendy said sympathetically to the child. "It's nothing at all to be embarrassed of." She unzipped her backpack. She proceeded to take out a thick, black, rubber mask that had pink discs on either side of it, and two thick, adjustable straps. "See this, Sarah? This is a half-mask respirator. It's what painters have to put on when they spray paint, so they don't get the fumes. I have a sensitivity to certain chemicals, so wearing this mask keeps me from getting ill."

Sarah just stared. She had never seen another girl have to wear a mask before. Wendy took her black mask and placed it over her nose and mouth, letting the bottom strap fall to the base of her neck. She then took one hand and secured the top strap over her head, and then tightened both straps, top first, then bottom. She took a few deep breaths through her mouth just to get used to the resistance. There was an audible hiss each time she exhaled.

"Darth Vader in footed pajamas, eh?" she said in a severely muffled voice.

Sarah giggled. "I am chemically sensitive. I have allergic reactions to certain chemicals like laundry soap. If I don't wear a respirator, I start to have difficulty breathing," Wendy explained.

Ashley again prodded Sarah to put her surgical mask on. Sarah relented and said "OK. I will." She took the mask by its earloops, put it over her nose and mouth, and put the loops over her ears. She then pinched the metal clip over her nose on the top of the mask, and pulled the bottom of the mask under her chin. "See? You actually look kinda cute wearing that." Sarah rolled her eyes. Wendy giggled.

They all proceeded to start their laundry washes. They then parted ways for the moment, and went back to their respective apartments. When Wendy got back into 564, she immediately pulled out the bed from the living room couch. That's where she slept each night. She took her mask off, and lay back on the bed, light still on. She was a bit hot, and it wasn't likely due to the temperature of the room. She realized she had just met two gorgeous girls in her apartment building.

Wendy proceeded to unzip her pajamas all the way down, but remained in them. She moved her right hand onto her chest, and started to massage her breasts. First the left, then the right. Slowly and methodically. She let out a soft moan. Her large nipples started to stiffen.

She then moved her right hand to between her legs. She started to rub her clit slowly with her index finger. Her mouth dropped open in a relaxed state. Her breathing became gradually more intense, achieving a faster rhythm.

She slipped two fingers into her vagina, which had gotten very wet by that time. This caused her to moan loudly. Her body tensed. Her toes curled. She took her two fingers and curled them upwards as she thrusted her vagina. She started to grunt loudly with each thrust, having seemingly found her G-spot.

After about half a minute, Wendy's stomach muscles tightened. Her back arched, forcing her chest to pop out of her unzipped footed pajamas and expose her breasts, and the hard, pink nipples that crowned them. Wendy was being racked by orgasm now. She could feel her vagina release enormous amounts of lubrication onto her hand. Her back remained arched for almost thirty seconds, through a series of spasms that claimed the rest of her body.

Wendy finally relaxed. She withdrew her hand from her vagina, and licked each finger clean. She zipped up her pajamas. She sat up, looking down at her crotch, noticing a huge wet spot on her pajamas. "Wow!", she exclaimed.

"Wow is right!" peeped another voice, which startled Wendy. She realized she had left the door unlocked, and was momentarily terrified. She looked up, and noticed Sarah. She stood just inside the door. She had been wearing a pink, fuzzy bathrobe, but that fell to the ground. She was completely naked, except for pink satin booties on her feet, and the pink surgical mask she was required to wear.