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Lyrics Of Monica


Chapter 1

All you gotta do it say yes, don't deny what you feel

" hey babe! What's up!" I cheerfully say as I answer the phone. I always get happy when I see "Beautiful" pop up on my caller I.D.

"Hey my love, how are you?" my best friend says through the other end of the phone.

"Bien" I chuckle out.

"Why do you always laugh when you talk in Spanish to me?" she manages to get out through her laughter.

"Oh I don't know! So what are you up to today Beautiful?" I reply.

"I was hoping I would get to chill with you today my love, you know since you started at Howard I barely get to see you anymore." Sympathetically I replied:

"I know, I know babe. I really miss chillin' with you, listen I'm going to get in the shower so I'll call you as soon as I get out. Deal?"

"Iight Mami." She replies cheerfully. Click.

I had butterflies galore afterwards. I always was that way when I talked to her. Let me introduce my self, I'm Dr. Monica Tashell Gray. A graduate from Howard University's School of Medicine. I'm in my first year residency at Howard University as an Anesthesiologist. I'm also which catches people by surprise a lesbian. I've been one since junior high school, but I'm certainly not the fast paced and no life type lesbian. Not to brag at all, but I would have to say im very well established and sophisticated. I currently live in Prince George's County, Maryland, but am originally from Charles County. Now enough about me for right now, lets get back to my story.

It's my first day off in eight days, and it feels damn good to not have to commute to D.C. As I prepare my bubble bath, I pop in Floetry's Say Yes single and put it on repeat. God I love their voice, which made me mad again about how the split up last year. As soon I sat down and start to relax got damnit if the my cell doesn't start to ring. I get out of the bathtub mad as hell. I look down at the caller I.D. and it was Ny'airah a.k.a Beautiful!

Now Ny has been my best friend since the eighth grade. We stuck together all through high school and college. We even had our own place in college, and just recently moved in to our own pads. Dr. Ny'airah Daniela Ortiz, yes she was a doctor of therapy. Ny was also in her first years residency at John Hopkins and a graduate from Howard as well. While I decided to move to Simmons Acres in P.G. she decided to stay in the Charles County area and moved to Fairway Village.

Ny was the type you don't fuck with. Like me she didn't take any bullshit from anybody. Ny was originally from the Bronx, and trust and believe you could tell. If I had to describe Ny to somebody for the first time all I would simply have to say is beautiful. Ny was about five foot, caramel complexion, long dark hair, with the most beautiful smile ever. Her smile always sent me head over hills. I know your wondering if this is my best friend then why does it seem like im talking about my girlfriend. Well to break this to you now, when we met in junior high I fell hard for Ny. Even though she was straight, and that's like the number one rule for Gay's is to never fall for straight people. For me I threw that rule out of the window as soon as I met Ny. I know I was young but she was everything I wanted in a girl. It was like a dream come true, like God had finally answered my prayers. I had it bad for her, and it seemed like it was going to stay that way.

"Ny are you serious, I told you I would call you boo." I said while laughing.

"I know but I was watching the news, and it was like we have a severe thunderstorm warning. And since both of us is off tomorrow, I was wonderin' can I stay the night `cause you wouldn't want your bestie to be driving in such bad weather right?" she said in a sarcastically scared tone. I laughed so hard I couldn't even answer her. Even though she knew damn well that I couldn't say no.

"Yeah Ny, I'm still in the bathtub though, I'll leave the door unlocked for you." I managed to get out through the laughter.

"Alright I'll be there in ten, and is your code still the same for the garage 'cause I'll be damned if I leave my baby out there for the rain to terrorize." She practically yelled.

" Yeah boo, now look my bath water is gettin' cold, so I'll see you when you get here beautiful. Oh and Ny?"

"Yes?" She said concerned

"Don't try and do something dumb like scare me `cause I will cut ya ass!" she busted out laughing and replied.

"Iight Mami, love you!"

"Love you to boo!" Click.

I hurried and ran to the front door and unlocked it. Which reminded me to get my spare key I'm going to give her out of my closet. After I took care of that I made my way back to the bathroom, to find my damn water was stone cold.

"Damnit Ny!" I whispered under my breath. I really didn't feel like running another bath, so I took a quick shower. As I was in the shower I thought I heard the door opened, but I brushed it off. After I got out of the shower I still heard Floetry's Say Yes playing. I had forgot that I had put it on repeat. After I got dressed, I went to my room to turn it off. Just as I stepped through the door Ny jumped on me from behind.

"OH MY GOD!!" I start swinging and finally turn around to realize it was her. I wanted to beat the fuck out of her.

"Ny didn't I tell you not to try anything dumb! See now I gotta cut ya ass!" we both laughed so hard we got light headed. I had realized how much I missed her, so I hugged her for what felt like forever and a day. To tell you the truth I really didn't want to let her go. When I finally let her go of my grip the door bell rang.

"Were you expecting somebody else besides me Shell?" Ny asked curiously. She was the only one who ever called me by that part of my middle name. I looked at her in the most confusing way and simply said,

"No. Nobody that I'm aware of." Ny went to my room to hang her clothes up, while I went to answer the door. I looked through the peephole to see that it was Jasmine. I also met Jasmine in junior high, but we didn't hit it off as well as Ny and I. Jasmine and I wasn't even that close for her to be popping up at my crib unannounced. I mean yeah we had a few flings here and there, but that still didn't put us in the category of friends.

I opened the door and immediately said:

"Jasmine? How do you know where I live?" I asked in a kind of angry tone. Fuck that in a pissed tone, due to her I was losing precious time with the girl I always loved.

"Hi Monica! I looked you up, and you were listed so I decided to come see you." I hadn't seen Jasmine in over two years. Due to how I found her with my ex best friend. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I had decided to try Jasmine and I after about two months of messing around. I really didn't want to because Jasmine was a in the closet lesbian. Which is another rule of being a Gay. You leave the DL's and In The Closet's alone. But me being the nice person I am, and realizing that I would never get the girl I really loved I said to hell with it.

So Jasmine and I started dating for about a month, and due to me being in medical school I really didn't have time for a social life. And school was my number one priority because I was going to be damned if I was going to be a college drop out. So one night I went to Jasmine's dorm to see her, I knocked about three times and the door opened slightly. I started to panic because Jasmine never left her door opened. I rushed in to find my best friend of eight years going down on Jasmine. Every since then I cut off all communications with Kim and Jasmine. I was also through with the dating scene.

"Monica?" Jasmine said snapping me out of my trace of thoughts.

"Uhhh yeah, look this is a bad time, is your number still the same?" I said rushing.

"Yeah" She replied.

"Iight I'll call you, I gotta go. It was nice seein' you!" Bam!

I shut the door quickly, and hurried back to Ny.

"You will never guess who that was Hun." I said angrily.

"who?" Ny said in a very concerned tone.

"Jasmine Price"

"Shell Oh My Gosh, why didn't you tell me that? I've been wanting to beat that bitch's ass every since she did that shit to you. I'm `bout to go out there." Ny said as she put on her flip flops. I hurried and grabbed her before she could reach the front door. Ding-Dong!

"Shell I thought this was `pose to be a only me and you day." Ny said with a attitude. I understand how she felt though. I hadn't seen her in over three weeks, and the day I do get to see her everybody keeps showing up unannounced.

"I'm so sorry Ny. Just let me see who it is." I said as I walked to the door.

"Young it's Jasmine again." I said pissed as ever.

"Hell yeah! That bitch is askin' for it let me get it! I'm goin' to beat this bitch ass!" Ny said while pushing me out of the way.

"Yo I best advise you bounce right now if you don't want your muthafuckin ass beat! `Cause I sho don't gotta problem doin' it bitch!" The New York and as Ny says the Puerto Rican was coming out of her. To my surprise Jasmine started talking shit back, but I was going to be damned if Ny lost her license over Jasmine's sleazy ass. So I grabbed Ny to calm her down, and sent her to my room so she could cool down. After that I handled Jasmine's ass.

"Young for one I don't ever want you to step foot on my property again. `Cause you definitely than crossed the line disrespecting my best friend like that. Especially if she was only defending me. Number two loose my fuckin' number Jasmine. I don't want nothing else to do with ya ass. As far as I'm concerned, you don't even exist. Now as Ny said bounce." BAM!

I slammed the door so hard you would think it would have came off the hinges. I ran back to my room to check on Ny. She was laying on my bed looking so beautiful. You would have thought nothing had even happened because of how beautiful she looked.

"Ny are you ok baby?" I said as I walked over to her.

"Yeah Mami I'm fine. I'm not worried about that bitch. She's nobody to be all upset over! I'm worried about you girl. Are you ok?" she asked in a concerned tone.

"Yup, as long as your ok, I'm ok!" I said as I hugged her. Asi se nos da y salimos a solas Permitame I hear as Ny's phone rings. I sneak a quick glance at the caller I.D. and see that it's Antonio. On that note I think it was time for me to go outside and get the mail. Antonio was Ny's boyfriend, and the truth is I can't stand Antonio. I never could and never will. I know he cheats on Ny, but I can't tell her that because I don't have any solid evidence. I'm also jealous as hell of him, he has the perfect woman and doesn't even love her. As I was walking to the mailbox I seen my neighbor Andrea outside.

"Hey Monica!" she said while running up to me. Andrea had been out of town for the last two weeks visiting family in Mexico. It was crazy because Andrea and I had met in junior high and ended up being neighbors twelve years later. Andrea was a well paid stock broker. I must admit most of my friends actually made out to what they said they would be. Andrea and I made small talk for about five minutes and then she popped the question.

"Hey Monica while I was on my trip I was wondering if we could go out this weekend? You know just to like chill and relax." I thought about this question long and hard. I could tell it was starting to get her worried.

"Sure Andrea I would love to!" I said before she started to have doubts about asking me.

"Okay well how does Saturday at eight sound?" She asked.

"Sounds great but hey do you mind if I drive?" I asked cautiously.

"No, not at all!" she simply replied.

"Alright, well umm I'll see you later?" I said curiously.

"Okay" Andrea said as she started to walk away. As I was making my way back to my house I started shuffling through the mail. I noticed a letter from my colleague Aaliyah Riley. It reminded me that we had a seminar at seven o'clock this Saturday. I had totally forgotten about the seminar, and my main concern was would it be over in time for me to go out with Andrea? I had been wanting to go out with this girl for a long time, but my job was very important as well. I refused to cancel my date with Andrea, so I ran in the house to call my friend Tatyana. She was a fellow Anesthesiologist, and my best friend since elementary school. She was one of the people you kept by your side. Taty and I had been through thick and thin and still standing strong.

"Taty! Hey girl! How you doing?" I said cheerfully.

"Hey babe! I'm good and you?" She said just as cheerfully as I did.

"I'm not to good. Look my cousin is in the hospital. And you know how we have the seminar tomorrow and I was wondering can you cover for me please?" I said in a begging tone.

"Sure Monica! You know I got you boo! Now look I'm `bout to go out with this fine ass brutha. So I'll call you back later boo!" She said.

"Okay, thank you so much Taty! Love you boo!" I said thankfully.

"Love you too!" Click.

When I hung up the phone, I heard sobbing coming from my bedroom. I had forgot that Ny was here, so I immediately ran to her to see what the problem was. When I entered the room Ny was curled up in my bed crying her eyes out. I rushed to her side and asked what was wrong. She informed me that that low down, dirty dog, Antonio had just broken up with her. I wanted to get in my SLR Mercedes Mclaren race to his house and beat the fuck out of him. I didn't like him from the jump, and for him to break my baby girl's heart like that? Oh my God I could do some major damage right about now.

I hated to see Ny'airah cry. It was like somebody taking a stake and forcing it through my heart. He best believe he had something coming for his ass the next time I seen him. Jail or no jail, I'll be damned if he had my baby crying like that. After I calmed Ny down I ran her a nice bubble bath so she could relax. I damn sure wasn't going to let Antonio's ass ruin our little bit of time we had together. While Ny was in the bathtub I put on Anthony Hamilton's Comin' From Where I'm From album. Then I jumped in the shower in my guest bedroom. When I came out Ny was in my bed, laying there peacefully.

"Do you want to talk about it beautiful?" I said as approached her.

"No, can you just hold me please?" She said in a very sad tone. I held Ny all night until she feel asleep, I still didn't let her go though. I wanted to make sure I was still there when she woke up. I know she didn't want to be alone, hell I wouldn't either if somebody had just broken my heart. I fell asleep maybe ten minutes later right in the middle of Charlene by Anthony Hamilton. Oh what a day, what a day.