Say What? - Episode 10 "Can I Connect the Dots on your Butt Freckles?"

Written by: TVM (



"I not go to bed," Jilly announced as she appeared at the bedroom (mine) in which I had just put her down for the night. "I watch Spongebob again."

"No Jilly," I said calmly as I put my book down and joined her by the door. I heard the shower cut off just then as Annie was getting out. "It's 20 minutes past your bed time, little girl."

"Dat not my problem," Jilly said as I sat down on the floor and came eye to eye with her. "I not sleepy."

"I'll be so sad if you don't go to bed," I said with a pooched lip expression.

"You get over it," Jilly said I laughed. "Now I watch Spongebob."

"Do you like coming and visiting me and Annie?"

"Yes," Came Jilly's simple reply.

"You can't come over any more if you don't go to bed on time," I said as she gave me a mean look.

"Sissy let me," Jilly said. The bathroom door opened and out came Annie in her usual sleep wear, a pair of shorts and t-shirt.

"What is she doing back up?" Annie asked as I picked Jilly up.

"I watch Spongebob, please sissy?" Jilly pleaded.

"I wouldn't watch that movie again if you paid me," Annie said. "So even if you did stay up we are not watching that."

"I watch..."

"Bedtime," Annie commanded firmly as she took Jilly from my arms and promptly tossed her squealing little sister onto the bed. Jilly giggled and scrambled back to the end and let Annie do it again. After four or five more times, Jilly, was wearing down and laid down on the pillows and announced she needed a break. She was asleep five minutes later. "Am I good or what?"

"Good kisser too," I said as she blushed and followed after me as I walked into the kitchen.

"I just did that cause you kissed me this morning," she said as she watched me unload the dish washer.

"I was aiming for your cheek," I said. "And I missed. Then you kissed me back."

"So?" Annie asked. "You didn't like it?"

"Usually when people kiss they like each other for more than friends," I pointed out.

"Then maybe I like you for more than a friend," Annie said as she looked at me. "I've never done this before so I don't really know."

"Me either," I admitted. "Was a good kiss though."

"I'm a good kisser?" Annie asked.

"Am I?"

"Oh yeah," she cooed as I smiled, and I swear the way she said that ran all through me and made me horny as all hell. "Me?"

"Very good," I said.

"I always hoped someone would think that," she said.

"Why did we have buy French cut green beans?" I asked rather randomly after finding it sitting on the counter.

"You were gonna make your Mom's casserole," Annie reminded me. "Please? My belly does love your cooking."

"We could put it on in the slow cooker tonight with some potatoes and green beans," I suggested. "Make a roast instead?"

"MMMMMMMM," Annie said as she rubbed her tummy. I laughed as I opened the can of green beans. Annie got out the pork tender loin and cut open the package as she apparently studied on something that was bugging her. I plugged in the crock pot and dumped in some water, the green beans and the pork tender loin. Annie started on cutting up the potatoes as I got out some creamed corn to complete the next day's meal. "Liz?"

"What?" I asked as she brought over the potatoes and dumped them into the pot now as I stirred the contents and plugged it in.

"What we did earlier. Was that French kissing?"

"I don't think so," I said. "Frenching generally means trading tongues."

"HMMMMMMM I've never been French kissed then," Annie summarized.

"I have," I said as she grinned. "Alex is a really good kisser."

"All this talk about Frenching does make me wonder though," Annie commented. "What do they call a French kiss in France?"

"Where do you come up with this stuff?" I asked her as she giggled and shrugged. "And I don't know."

"Then find out," she said with a playful push.

"No cause I don't care," I said as I wiped down the counter with the crock pot now heating up and turned out the kitchen light as we exited to Annie's bedroom when she went looking for her Sharpies to make a poster to advertise the sandwiches at the store. "Where in the world could they be?"

"Probably the last place I left them," Annie said as I giggled.

"Ah ha," Annie said as she found them on the floor behind her night stand. "See the last place I left them."

"So goofy," I said as she gave me a sour look. "You ever gonna change your bed around like you talked about?"

"Maybe some day," Annie said as she got out her poster board. "What if I just took my bed down and slept with you? We could just make this a spare bedroom or storage."

"You do most nights anyway," I said as I joined her on the bed. "But how could you call it a bedroom with no bed in it?"

"That's so stupid," Annie said as she laughed at my question.

"That was stupid but the question about French kissing you asked a minute ago wasn't?" I asked pointedly.

"Nope," she said as I rolled my eyes. She pushed my head with her foot got me to look up as I pointed at her as a warning. But she did it again and then screamed when I grabbed her legs and pinned them down as I crawled up over her body. She held her hands up as a defense as I looked down and saw that her t-shirt had rolled up in the process of our playing. I knew immediately what my revenge would be: a raspberry on her on tummy. I did and she squealed as I repeated it over and over again to her exposed tummy. She finally managed to push me off and tried to get off the bed but got caught (by the shorts) by me. She struggled as I tried to pin her back down and actually got her to wiggle out of them as she went crashing to the floor with a laugh and ran off in her thong. I immediately gave chase.

"YOU TWO WAKED ME UP!" Jilly screamed a split second before Annie swept the little girl into her arms for protection at the entrance to my bedroom. "What happening?"

"Liz is being mean to me," Annie said into her little sister's ear as Jilly's bad mood over being woken up by our playing turned to giggles. "Tell her to stop."

"You stop," Jilly said to me with a mean looking finger point.

"Tell her she's being mean to me," Annie whispered to Jilly.

"She's being mean to me," Jilly said as I started laughing and Annie blushed. Jilly then came to the conclusion that what she said was wrong. "But her not being mean to me sissy."

"Yes she is," Annie said. "She woke you up, not me."

"Dat OK I wanna play now," Jilly said excitedly.

"But Liz wants you to go back to bed," Annie said as I gave her my best dirty look. Jilly then pleaded with me, "Please Liz? I play too?"

"You sure can," I said as I plucked the little girl from her sister's arms and hugged her.

"Mom is not gonna like this," Annie protested.

"And I don't see her here," I replied. "We'll be going to bed soon anyway so it won't hurt her to stay up another half hour."

"I agree!" Jilly confirmed as we both laughed.

"Fine," Annie said. "I'm gonna put my shorts back on that you pulled off me."

"Who did?" I asked with an innocent expression as she stopped directly in front of me.

"Who? You," Annie said as she gave me a daring smile and then kissed me dead on the lips, making me weak in the knees a bit as it lingered for a few seconds. "Damn Liz! Good kiss."

"Let's do that more often," I said as we both giggled.

"You two weird," Jilly repeated with a nodding of the head.

"And so are you," Annie said as she tickled her little sister and made her laugh. "You who my little monster?"

"I'd like to have one of those," I said. Annie looked at me in confusion for a moment before she realized what I meant and replied, "Me too."

"Me too, me too," Jilly said with a raising of her hand.

"They're in the fridge," I said as Annie plucked her little sister from my arms and ran for the kitchen. I turned to watch as my best friend's cute little ass walked away. I had to finally admit to myself that I was developing a thing for my best friend. I mean considering all the evidence: the kiss (that plastic melting, knee weakening kiss), the fact that I couldn't take my eyes off her ass (or her abs earlier) and the flat out truth of her being my very best friend and the person I loved most in the world. It was pretty clear, as I stood there in the living room thinking, that I was more than friends with Annie now. But I wasn't sure how much more or what kind of feelings I had. Really all this admission did was complicate my feelings more and make it more confusing in my quest to figure it out. And then there's the Alex factor...

"Liz," Annie said gently as she shook me back to reality. "You OK? Worried about something?"

"Not worried really," I said. "Just thinking pretty hard on some stuff."

"I know, I saw smoke coming out of your ears," Annie giggled.

"After that kiss it probably was," I said as she blushed.

"Ha ha, sissy you got butt freckles," Jilly said as she stood directly behind her older sister. I laughed as Annie covered her butt and handed me her YooHoo.

"I better put my shorts back on," Annie said sheepishly. She turned to run into her room as I, one last time, admired her butt.

"Can I connect the dots on your butt freckles?" I giggled as Jilly and I sat down on the couch and sipped our drinks now.

"Maybe," Annie said as she came back out of her bedroom and joined us on the couch. "You been drinking my YooHoo?"

"Yes I am," I said as she grinned and made me hold it while she took a drink. "MMMMMM."

"You're bad," I said to her as she giggled.

"Mommy says I bad too," Jilly commented.

"Why is that?" I asked.

"I made mud pies in the da backyard and then put them in da oven to bake," Jilly said. "The oven not get hot. Mommy still got mad."

"You don't even know how to use the oven," Annie said to her little sister. The phone rang a moment later as Annie giggled, "Tell Alex I'm in the shower and come on over and join me."

"I'm gonna do that," I said as snatched it up and assumed it was Alex when I said, "Annie said me and her are in the shower and you should come over and join us hot stuff."

"I will do no such a thing that is sick," Mom (Beth) said from the other end of the line as I about pissed my panties in shock.

"Mom?" I squeaked. Annie lost it when she found out who it was and fell down on the couch laughing out loud. I hissed at her, "Shut up Annie."

"And just who is this hot stuff person?" Mom asked as Jilly looked on in mass confusion.

"No one Mom, I was picking on Annie when I said that," I replied, "What do you want? We're about to go to bed."

"Together I bet," Mom snapped.

"Yes together," I said. "Annie's little sister, Jilly, is staying the night and we want her to feel safe."

"Hi Liz's mommy," Jilly said loud enough for Mom to hear.

"Oh good lord you actually do have the bastard child of Annie's horrible mother in my house?" Mom asked. Unfortunately, Annie's giggles had stopped sometime before that and she was now listening and heard what horrible thing my mother had just said.

"Mommy with a mental disorder say what?" I asked. "This is not your house psycho."

"I do not have a mental disorder," she declared. "And you will not talk to me like that while I am staying in your house."

"Right, my house, apartment actually," I said. "And what crazy person gave you permission to come over here? Not me."

"My house is being fumigated," Mom announced. "I raised you and fed you for 18 years and you will put me up for the next week."

"Why did she call Jilly that name?" Annie asked me with a hurt look. "Jilly's never even met her."

"Because she's a horrible bitter old lady who no one loves," I said into the phone.

"Well what a hurtful thing to say Elizabeth," Mom said. "I've never in my life said anything of that sort to you."

"You just called an innocent five year old little girl a bastard with no just cause you hateful old bitch," I barked into the phone as Jilly got scared and slid off the couch and ran into the bedroom. Annie went after her little sister as I covered my face in frustration of having to deal with my mother.

"She was born out of wedlock and that makes her what she is," Mom insisted. "Now when are you coming to pick me up?"

"I'm not," I said. "How the hell do you propose I do it? No car or license."

"Well I'm sure you have friends," Mom insisted.

"I'm going to bed," I said. "I'm unplugging the phone so you can't call back and if you dare show your face here... I will have you arrested."

"You will not..." Mom declared before I started beating the phone against the table in sheer anger. "... Elizabeth Erin Waycross you might have damaged my ear."

"Come on over then you psycho bitch and find out how bad I fucking hurt you," I barked into the phone as I slammed it down violently and disconnected it from the wall. "That bitch has to have some kind of a mental disorder."

"I don't like her anymore," Annie announced as she came to the bedroom door with Jilly in her arms.

"Who could?" I asked as I met them. "She's crazy and losing the battle with sanity more every day."

"Her call me names," Jilly said as I kissed her cheek.

"I call you names to you little monster," I correctly pointed out.

"But you love me," Jilly said as I grinned. Guilty of that charge.

"Yes I do," I said as she smiled. "Can I have some sugar?"

"Uhn uh," Jilly said as she kissed my lips.

"MMMMM that's sweet," I said as she giggled. "I want some more."

"No I might run out," Jilly said as I laughed.

"Save some for me," Annie said as she hugged her little sister protectively. "I love your sugars."

"OK," Jilly said as she kissed her sister's lips. "Happy?"

"Love my little monster," Annie said.

"We go bed now?" Jilly asked. "I tired."

"Yes we can little monster," I said as I turned off the TV and lights and crawled into bed with Annie and Jilly a few moments later. Jilly sandwiched between us and covered up, she was asleep in seconds. Annie to seemed to be asleep as I rolled onto my back and laid there for a long moment reliving some of the recent memories. The fun stuff between me and Alex was first. Like when she got me to feel her up, and the fun stuff in the park, and well most everything, I realized, with Alex had been fun. I guess I would have let my mind wander further if it hadn't been for my own sleep. "What's going on?"

"Go back to sleep I'm just using the bathroom," Annie said softly as she crawled out of bed and woke me up. Jilly grumbled before she rolled over and snuggled up to me and quickly went back to sleep. I tried to, but couldn't with the quiet in the apartment being interrupted by what sounded like soft moaning. Knowing it couldn't be coming from the other apartments (thick walls), I quickly figured out that it must be a movie in the living room. One of those late movies always seemed to have that type of scene in it. I slid out of bed silently and checked to make sure the TV was off. It was. The moaning then got louder as I turned and found myself face to face with a cracked door and the partial image of my best friend in this world pleasuring herself on the toilet. Those few wondrous seconds changed my mind forever when it came to whether or not I liked girls. I DID! "MMMMMMM OH WOW!"

"WOW!" I said a little bit too loud and drew Annie's attention as her eyes snapped up to meet mine in horror. She panicked as she jumped to her feet and I opened the door and closed it behind me as I joined her. "I'm so sorry I didn't close the door."

"Annie it's OK," I said soothingly as she tried to get past me but found herself wrapped in my arms. "You caught me doing the same thing. Remember?"

"Yes," she said as I turned her around so we were facing the mirror. "Can we just go back to bed."

"As soon as you tell me what got you so hot," I said as she blushed. "Huh?"

"You're making fun of me and you said it was OK for me to do that."

"No I am not," I said as I kissed her shoulder.

"That feels so good Liz," Annie cooed to me. "I can't help it, I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" I asked.

"You kissed me earlier... or I kissed you and you said let's do that more," Annie blurted out as she spun in my arms. "I want to."

"Me too," I said as she smiled. "Things are sort of changing for us."

"MMMMMMMM," Annie said as she simply kissed me. "That was what made me so hot."

"Made me weak in the knees," I said as she giggled and we kissed again. My hormones began to think for me at this moment as my mouth said (without the consent of my brain) "You really need to finish huh?"

"So bad I won't be able to sleep," Annie said. "Give me a few minutes?"

"Why?" I asked. "I know what you're doing and you know that I know."

"True," Annie said.

"Why not just do it right now," I said as my own pussy began to spasm in delight at just having said that.

"While your holding me?" Annie asked as I nodded and kissed her again. A touch of Annie's tongue meeting mine was all my hormones could take as they started blitzing my body in thought provoking waves as Annie fed me more of her tongue and we Frenched deeply for the longest time. We paused only a moment as I pushed the bathroom door closed more tightly and turned back to find Annie pawing me and kissing me again as she lifted my shirt over my head and tossed it aside and raised her arms for me to do the same thing. Our shorts went next as we kissed again and somehow Annie bumped into the light and it went off as the mad scramble lead us back to the toilet. Annie sat down as I kissed her again and we returned to trading tongues softly as I moved across her thighs. "I need it so bad Liz, will you please do it for me?"

"Yes I will," I cooed to her as she smiled and I slid my hand down and felt the smoothness of Annie's slit and started to gently massage her clit as she moaned into my mouth. She made me squeal into her mouth as she started doing me the same way a moment later. Our lips barely left the other's as we masturbated each other in a frenzy that came to a startling, shudderingly real conclusion of pleasure. She came all over my fingers and I did her the same. We kissed one last time as we sat there in after glow. "DAMN!"

"I know, that was sooo much fun," Annie said as she boldly stroked her hands up my stomach and over my titties and squeezed them in her fingers gently.

"Let's do that more often too," I said as she laughed. "Huh?"

"I love you Liz," she said with a kiss. "Whatever you want."

"I love you too," I replied simply.

"I GOTTA PEE," Jilly screamed as she beat on the bathroom door at just that moment. Annie and I both laughed out loud.