Say What? - Episode 11 "Are You as Dumb as You Look?"

Written by: TVM (



"Is my Mommy coming?" Jilly asked as she came to the entrance to the kitchen and watched me stirring the roast Annie and I had put on the previous night. Annie was still slumbering after the events of last night.

"I don't know my baby," I said as she grinned and joined me, trying to see what was in the crock pot.

"What you cook, Liz?"

"Wanna see?" I asked as she nodded her head and I picked her up and sat her down on the counter. "It's a roast. That big thing is a pork tender loin."

"Makes my belly rumble," Jilly said as I snuck a kiss.

"MMMM Jilly sugar."

"Good huh?" she asked as I laughed.

"Yes it is," I said as she giggled. "You ready to go home?"

"I come back soon?" Jilly asked.

"Yes you come back soon," I said.

"Yeah I ready to go home then," Jilly confirmed. "You snore."

"I do not," I said as I grabbed her and started tickling her. I set her down and let her run so I could chase her as she laughed and ran into the bedroom and scampered onto the bed and woke Annie from her peaceful slumber. "Annie, sissy, wake up."

"What you little monster?" Annie asked as Jilly slid under the covers beside her sister and Annie laughed when she saw me coming up the bed in pursuit. Jilly giggled and squealed as she tried to hide beside Annie but found out that her sister wasn't helping her when I started tickling her. "Did she get you?"

"Her tickle me and you not help me," Jilly said with a mean look on her face.

"You started it," I said as Jilly looked back at me and seemed to come to the conclusion that I was right.

"You got what you had coming little sister," Annie said to Jilly.

"I sorry then," Jilly announced as I hugged her and in the process smushed her between me and Annie. She giggled and squirmed between us as Annie and I found ourselves coming eye to eye for the first time since the previous night's activities in the bathroom. Annie simply grinned and leaned in and kissed me on the lips for a long moment. Jilly's squirming broke the moment as she squirted out from between us and crawled off the bed and ran off. "I TAKE BATH!"

"No you don't," I said back as I heard the bathroom door open.

"Wait, don't go," Annie said as she stopped me from getting up and slid across my thighs and was soon laying over my body with a huge grin on her face.

"What?" I asked as she leaned down and kissed me. Such a good kiss. In fact, it was so good it curled my toes. "MMMMMMM damn!"

"Thank you for last night," she said as she played with my hair. "You could have made that really weird but instead you made it mind blowing."

"Things just happened so fast that I didn't really think about it," I admitted. "We just did it in such a frenzy."

"You're sorry we did it?" Annie asked with a worried look in her eyes.

"Not at all," I said as I boldly kissed her soft lips. I didn't realize until then that we were definitely no longer just friends. My hands, without consent, began stroking up and down the smooth skin of Annie's thighs at that moment as she kissed me again. Though I did have to wonder what this all meant in the context of me dating Alex. Oh god this was not a good development in that aspect because I love hanging out with Alex and the way she makes everything in life more interesting with her way of looking at things. Annie's tongue slid gently into my mouth in search of mine and found mine willingly slipping against hers as my pussy started boiling in anticipation of what was hopefully coming next. My hands worked their way up and over Annie's ass and stopped long enough to squeeze the cheeks in my hands and apparently Annie took this as direction as she moved her knees back and lowered her pussy down as we parted and both of us watched as her pussy met mine and she asked me with her eyes if this was right. "Why are you asking me for?"

"You know more than I do," Annie said as I accidentally guided her to shift up and then back down. A bolt of pleasure shot into both of us as two pairs of shocked eyes looked at each other and I this time guided her to do it again. The water turned on in the bathroom and the door closed as I guided Annie up and down a few more times and she laid her head back and moaned in pleasure. I smiled and felt in that moment that I was falling in love with her as I leaned up and kissed her bare neck as both of us soaked in the pleasure of that few moments. That all ended with a loud clanging from inside the bathroom. "What the..."

"OHMIGOD Jilly," I said as Annie reluctantly stopped and rolled off as we both ran for the bathroom and opened the door. The numerous shampoo bottles were laying in the tub as the water from the shower sprayed on a naked Jilly. "What are you doing?"

"I told you once," Jilly said with hands on hips. "I take bath for mommy."

"Jilly you don't even need a bath," Annie said as Jilly picked up a bar of soap and started washing under her arms as I giggled from behind my hand. "I guess she does."

"You have to wash your hair too you little monster," I said as I joined Annie by the tub.

"I know dat," Jilly said as she dropped the soap and exclaimed, "Damn soap!"

"Naked little shower monster say what?" I asked.

"You stop using those words," Annie gently scolded her little sister. Jilly offered no smart remarks in reply to that. I went to get a towel as Annie washed her little sister's hair and formed a pair of devil horns on her head as Jilly giggled. "Now all you need is a pitch fork."

"Mommy come soon?" Jilly asked after she'd been rinsed off and now dried by me as she stood on the sink in front of the mirror.

"Mommy be here any minute," I said as Jilly grinned. She looked in the mirror, as I dried her back off, and looked down between her thighs and asked, "Liz, what is dat?"

"Something you're not gonna use for a long time," I said as Annie came back into the room with some clean clothes for her little sister.

"Sissy, Liz won't tell me, what is dat?" Jilly asked as she pointed to the same place.

"That's your little muffin-hooter," Annie said as she put the girl's shirt on her. "And good little girls don't talk about that."

"Muffin-hooter?" I asked when Jilly was fully dressed and we set her on the floor.

"I heard it in a movie," Annie giggled.

"AWWWW sissy you pee in your shorts," Jilly said as she pointed to the front of Annie's shorts. She then noticed mine sported the same stain and giggled as she pointed it out to. It was a direct result of our aborted fun of just a few minutes past. "AWWW!"

"We better change," Annie suggested as Jilly ran for the kitchen to get a YooHoo and we changed into clean shorts. "Is Alex coming over today?"

"Yeah I think so, why?" I asked as Jilly came out of the kitchen with her YooHoo and handed it to me to open.

"Nervous," Annie said as I opened Jilly's bottle and she eagerly started sipping it.


"Because things have changed between me and you," Annie said. "Right?"

"Yes they have," I admitted as Jilly now looked out the window and watched for her Mom. "But I don't think Alex will mind as much as you think."

"But she likes you a lot," Annie said.

"Alex likes two things about me more than anything else," I said.


"You and my ass," I said so Jilly couldn't hear as I turned and smacked my butt cheeks. "That's what she really wants."

"On me too?" Annie asked with a horny grin.

"Yes on you too," I said as I hugged her and kissed her gorgeous lips.


"I know," I cooed. "Who knew your lips are so addictive."

"Yours are so soft," she said as she kissed me again.

"MOMMY!" Jilly squealed as she jumped down out of the chair and ran for the front door.

"Brace yourself," I said as I knew Annie's mother was on her way up.

"I think you're about to be surprised," Annie said cryptically. "Mom has changed a lot since I moved out."

"Mommy nice now," Jilly said as she opened the door and ran into the hallway. She giggled when I caught her and swept into my arms and hugged her protectively. "Stop dat, Liz."

"I love you my baby," I said as she turned in my arms and hugged me back.

"Me give you sugar?" Jilly asked as I pooched my lips out and she kissed them.

"MMMMMMM Jilly sugar," I cooed as she grinned. "I'm gonna miss you."

"I come back soon," Jilly said as Jamie Lee (Annie's Mom) came down the hall. "Hi Mommy."

"Well hello there," Jamie Lee said as I set Jilly down and the little girl ran to her. "You have fun?"

"I sure did," Jilly said, now in her Mom's arms, as she smiled brightly. "If I be good, I come back?"

"How about in a couple of weeks if the girls have no plans?" Jamie Lee asked.

"Seriously Mom?" Annie asked.

"I think my new attitude towards life is willing to except that my little girl can love her sister as much as me," Jamie Lee said. "You learn a lot of stuff in therapy."

"You sure do," Jilly agreed as everyone laughed.

"We don't have plans, right?" Annie asked with a pleading look in her eyes.

"None I know of," I said. "Just call and let us know when a good time to pick her up is."

"I can drop her off if you wanna keep her all weekend," Jamie Lee said. "Jilly would love that and I would love the peace."

"You get rid of me?" Jilly asked her Mom.

"Yes I will," Jamie Lee said. "Let your sister have the headache for a few days."

"I stay here then if you don't want me," Jilly said as everyone laughed.

"Mommy wants you," Jamie Lee said. "But you love coming to see your sissy too."

"We got work," I said as Jamie Lee kissed Annie's cheek and said her goodbyes a moment later. Jilly waved over her Mom's shoulder until she was out of sight. "And we've also got some sandwiches to make."

"You think we could be a little late for work?" Annie asked as we came back inside the apartment.


"This..." she said before kissing me softly. "...finish what we started early?"

"We have to open up," I pointed out. "And we have sandwiches to make."


"Work comes first," I said as much as I wanted to do exactly she was pleading for. Luckily the phone rang just at that moment and brought some news that confirmed our plans as it was Alex wondering if we were coming to work today. He said that he arrived to find us nowhere to be found and Douglas in the office. We confirmed that we were (Annie reluctantly) and went about making the day's sandwiches. 20 minutes later, we had a plate full of subs wrapped in sandwich wrappers and were just about to walk out the door when a knocking came. Annie answered to find the UPS man, with the name tag of Irvine, standing on the other side.

"Elizabeth Waycross?" he asked.

"That's me," I said as I arrived by Annie's side. He handed me a rather bulky package and after signing he left with a smile. "What did you order now?"

"It was to you not me," Annie said. "Why would you think I ordered something? It's in your name."

"Good point," I said as we both giggled. I sliced open the package with the help of the razor from the kitchen junk drawer. Inside was a padded laptop bag made of the finest leather with my initials emblazoned on the strap that goes over your shoulder and a buckle attached to the side. "Smokin hot case Liz. How much was it?"

"How would I know?" I asked as she shrugged. "And why would someone send me a case for a 17 inch laptop that I don't own?"

"Wishful thinking or persuasion?" Annie asked.

"Someone wants me to buy a laptop?" I asked.

"Yes me," Annie said as she kissed me and I blushed. "But I didn't order that for you."

"What do I need with a computer at home?" I asked.

"So we could get DSL," Annie said. "I'd like to have it."

"Well we have the case for the computer now," I said as I handed it to Annie and she admired it. An exciting thought just then occurred to me as I remembered my last mysterious gift, $500. "And we do have the money from my last mysterious gift."

"You put that in the bank for college though," Annie said as she laid the bag on the counter. "Right?"

"I did but what good is it gonna do me in the bank when we need a laptop for college in the fall anyway," I said. "Might as well buy one now and get accustomed to using it and the internet on it."

"You are so much smarter than you look," Annie said with a devilish grin as she walked off into the kitchen.

"Very funny," I said as she giggled and met me at the front door with the sandwiches on a tray in her arms. "So I don't look very smart huh? Then I gotta question for you."

"What?" Annie asked with a giggle still in her voice as we walked down the steps.

"Are you as dumb as you look?" I asked as we reached the street.

"No, I'm not," Annie said immediately and then realized how that made her sound and said, "Wait, yes I am... hey that's a trick question."

"Yes it was," I said as she gave me a mean stare before we both laughed. "We even now?"

"If you give me some tonight," Annie said as I grinned.

"You can count on that," I said as we reached the front door of 'The Coffee Table' to find Jackie (Alex's sister) working the register and Alex helping the internet customers while Douglas, yes Douglas stacked books from the boxes that had just come in.

"They finally decided to show," Clinton said as he rose from his usual spot at the first computer and quickly plucked a sandwich off the top of the pile in Annie's arms and laid the $2.50 on the counter for Jackie to ring up. "Nothing more important to do, huh?"

"You hush," I said as he grinned and went back to working and now eating his breakfast.

"Glad you could join us," Jackie said with a smirk. "Half the day is already gone."

"Go home," Annie said to her as Jackie laughed. Alex came to the front and met me by the table with the coffee and sandwiches and kissed me on the lips as I smiled and suddenly felt terribly guilty.

"What's wrong?" Alex asked. I was shocked that she could so easily read me.

"We need to talk," I said as I took her hand.

"You know, I have much more respect for you now Alex," Douglas said as he joined us. "Stacking those books for like fifteen minutes has me all sweaty. That's hard work."

"Yes it is," I said as I pulled Alex along as we walked outside and down the block a hundred feet or so and stopped.

"What is it? Did I do something?"

"I like you a lot," I said. "I really lot. That sounded so stupid."

"Yep," Alex agreed as she playfully kissed me. "What did I do?"

"I did some stuff with Annie this morning and I think things are changing for us," I said as I felt like crying and turned my back to her so I wouldn't have to look in her in the eye as I figured she'd start crying. "I honest to god didn't mean for this to happen and I know you think I'm a horrible person for doing you this way. But I'm so sorry and I don't know what to do now."

"So? Like I'm surprised?" Alex asked as I snapped my head back and looked to see her smiling like the cat that ate the bird.

"You're not upset?" I asked.

"If you tell me you're not gonna let me join in then I will be," Alex said as I grinned and suddenly felt a huge hormonal rush. "Cause I think the world of you but it's pretty clear who you have your heart set on."

"I'm not in love in Annie," I said firmly.

"Yes you are," Alex said. "Might take you a while to figure it out but you are and have been since we met. She loves you too."

"You're so wrong it's funny," I said as I walked by and squealed when she grabbed me in a hug from behind and kissed me neck softly. "Let me go."

"No," Alex declared and giggled when I tried in vain to pull away from her grip. I soon found out that she can be a bit of a powerhouse when she wants to. "This is what I wanted all along."

"Are you serious?" I asked as I looked back at her.

"Yes," she said in a voice that made my pussy spasm a few times. "I wanted you and Annie both after meeting you and seeing you guys together."

"You just wanted to fuck us?" I asked.

"Actually the more I got to know you the more I wanted," Alex said as I smiled. "I'm open to all possibilities."

"But you're saying you do want us in a threesome?" I asked.

"I am," Alex said as my pussy again spasmed as I pictured that scenario in my mind for a few moments. And now it was certainly much more detailed with what Annie and I had moved onto in the last 24 hours. "I want it so bad I can taste you on my tongue Liz."

"MMMMM," I cooed as she leaned against my back and kissed my neck for a long moment. I whispered, "Can you feel me on your cock?"

"MMMMMMM yes I can and it's one of those FeelDoes from the book we found a few days ago," she said as my imagination pictured that aspect of the fantasy that was suddenly looking more and more likely to occur really soon. "I'm gonna feel it so good I'm gonna be addicted."

"And you just remember that you got two of us to satisfy," I said as my pussy spasmed in delight and tingled as it begged for attention.

"I'm gonna butt fuck both of you," Alex announced in a whisper as she kissed behind my ear. "Right?"

"AWWWW if you can handle how good it's gonna feel," I moaned to her as I turned in her arms and kissed her softly. "OHMIGOD, wait..."

"What?" Alex asked in alarm as I slipped from her arms.

"You have to convince Annie before we can go any further," I said.

"That is not gonna be a problem," Alex said confidently.

"No pressure and no booze," I said. "I mean it."

"I don't need those," Alex said. "All I gotta do is get her to trust me enough to let me give her pleasure. Annie's just like Ashley."

"Brittney's girlfriend?"

"That's her," Alex confirmed. "She's really shy and conservative until you get her horny and then all bets are off."

"I like the sound of that," I said. "No pressure."

"What's going on?" Annie asked as she appeared at the entrance to 'The Coffee Table'. "Something I should know about?"

"Oh yeah," Alex and I said in unison and startied to laugh as Annie gave us a perplexed look.