Say What? - Episode 12 "So You Got Concrete in your Underpants?"

Written by: TVM (



"Hey you guys wanna hang out for a while and order a pizza or something?" Alex asked as she came to the front counter to join me as I locked the front door following the exit of the last customer, Jackie who was wiping down the counter, and Annie while she figured up the total for today's sales.

"Nope cause me and Annie got plans and they do not involve you," I said to Alex as I came over to bump my shoulder against hers.

"Will you quit acting stupid?" Alex asked.

"She's not acting," Annie said as I gave her a shocked look but had to laugh.

"That was funny but you're gonna pay for that one," I said to Annie as she stuck out her tongue and made me laugh.

"I'm scared," Annie said with a smug smile.

"Pizza?" Alex asked. "I'll walk Jackie home and get one on the way back."

"Actually Jackie's gonna help me with the computer," Annie said. "She found a way to organize the books better and she's gonna show me."

"She showed me that too," I said as Jackie smiled. "Seems like it'll work perfectly."

"You wiggle your little ass into everything don't you?" Alex asked her sister.

"My ass is cute so yeah," Jackie said.

"It sure is," Annie said as Jackie and her shared a horny smile.

"Thank you," Jackie said as she stepped back and took a look at Annie's and declared, "I'd tap that."

"You're not the only one that wants to," Annie said as she pointed to Alex. I laughed so hard my sides hurt after a few moments as Alex blushed.

"Yeah like that's a huge surprise," Jackie said.

"Like you know anything about me?" Alex asked.

"I know what Brittney and Ashley say you did to them," Jackie said as she leaned across the counter, her perky titties on full display as I glanced down her shirt.

"You're just blowing smoke," Alex challenged. "Details."

"They posted it on their blog at blogspot with all of the details," Jackie said as Annie and I listened intently. "Only your name is changed to Alexandra to keep people from knowing who you were. But then I found a picture of her and Ashley on their profile page and putting two and two together..."

" got four?" Annie asked in a giggle.

"No three, Ashley, Brittney and Alex," Jackie said as her and Annie laughed.

"I'd love to read that," I said as Jackie smiled at me.

"OK, so what?" Alex asked her sister. "I'm 8 and so is Annie and Liz and you're 12. So I, or them, can do anything we want and it's still none of your business."

"You act like being 18 is some major accomplishment," Jackie said. "You told me yourself you got your cherry popped at 11. A year younger than I am now."

"Yes and because of that, probably, I've never had a serious girlfriend," Alex said. "I don't want that to happen to you."

"Why not let her worry about that?" Annie offered. "She's smart and not gonna fuck the next thing that moves."

"I think so too," I agreed. "Boy or girls Jackie? Which do you prefer?"

"Girls," Jackie said as she grinned at me and then Annie. "Definitely girls. Wanna follow in Alex's foot steps."

"You do?" Alex asked.

"I sure do," Jackie said. "Wanna show me the ropes?"

"If I did set you up with... say... Brittney and Ashley, you'd run out of the room crying before you even got some," Alex said.

"Damn Brittney makes me horny," Jackie said with a smile. "She's got these amazing bikini shots in her MySpace that make me hot. And no I wouldn't run off crying... unless they like dog fucking and stuff."

"EWWWW," Annie and I giggled in unison.

"No Brit and Ash are really pretty conservative and just really stick to each other," Alex said.

"You told me they have an open relationship," I pointed out.

"They do but they live together and don't go out much," Alex replied. "So, like I said, they pretty much stick to each other."

"Speak of the devils," I said as I pointed out the window to Brittney and Ashley coming by on their way home. They stopped as they saw us and waved before I opened the door and let them in. "Where you two headed?"

"Just going home," Brittney said. "You guys still open? It's after six?"

"No we closed a few minutes ago," I said as I closed the door behind them. "Just hanging out."

"Hey girl," Annie said as she joined us, and she and a suddenly shy Ashley grinned at each other.

"Say hi dork," Brittney said to her girlfriend.

"Hi dork," Ashley giggled as Annie laughed.

"Hey why don't you show Ashley that Superman graphic novel you found," Alex suggested to Annie. "She loves Superman."

"He's so dreamy," Ashley giggled as she and Annie ran off to the bookshelves.

"He's a comic so how can be sexy?" Brittney asked as I laughed. "I love her but she's goofy."

"So I guess you two are hanging out?" Alex asked. "We're gonna order a pizza."

"Sounds fun," Brittney said.

"UMMMMMM Liz..." Jackie said. "The figures for the register and the receipts don't match up."

"Are you serious?" I asked as I joined her again behind the counter and checked to see that she was right. "Fuck! There goes my night cause I gotta add this shit up by hand."

"I'll help if you give me some," Jackie said as I laughed and playfully pushed her away. "I got nothing better to do."

"Then let's do it," I said as we started at the first one and began to add all the sales up one by one. A laugh came from the bookshelves as Annie and Ashley giggled over something in the graphic novel they were pouring over, while Alex and Brittney walked down the street to get a pizza. Jackie then went to answer the phone as I continued our work and found one of the missing sales from early this morning. Jackie returned to announce that her and Alex's Mom had a date tonight and would be out late so they'd have no reason to come home anytime soon. Thankfully.

"I'm serious I'd really like to know," Ashley said as her and Annie came back to the front counter.

"Know what?" Jackie asked.

"If crematoriums give discounts to burn victims?" Ashley asked as I laughed and Jackie rolled her eyes.

"We were seeing who can ask the stupidest question," Annie giggled.

"The queen right there," I said as I pointed to Annie with my pen. "She can come up with some head scratchers."

"Like the one about African-American cows?" Ashley asked as Annie laughed.

"That was a classic," I said as both agreed and walked off back to the bookshelves giggling.

"I found another one we missed," Jackie said as she showed me on the receipts. Brittney and Alex came back in at that moment and realized we didn't have anything to drink on hand and quickly headed off again to the store down the street. "Those two are lucky they can find their way home."

"Stop being so mean," I said as Jackie giggled and shrugged. "You're never gonna get laid if you keep insulting the girls."

"Good advice," Jackie said as she went back to work on the list. Brittney arrived back a few minutes later with Alex in tow as all of us settled in for a few minutes peace with the pizza, soda, chips and snacks being passed around. The giggling and friendship forming continued between Annie and Ashley as Alex sat by me and tried her best to keep my attention occupied though I did have time to keep an eye on the flirting across the circle between Brittney and Jackie. Though that was mostly limited to glances back and forth. "Hey you and me need to get back to work on those receipts."

"She's right," I said as Jackie and I went back to work at the counter only to be interrupted about 15 minutes later by the ringing of the phone. "Hello?"

"Is Alexandra there? This is her mother Claudia," the lady asked.

"Yeah she's right here," I said as Alex left the foursome of her Brittney, Annie and Ashley and took the phone.

"What Mom? No I did not forget to do the laundry," Alex said. "It's in the hamper if you'd bother to look."

"I found another screw-up," Jackie said as she pointed it out and I smiled, writing it down on the ever growing list on errors for that day and coming to the conclusion that Douglas was gonna have to invest in another register.

"Fine Mom I will," Alex said with attitude. "And when it's where I said it was you're gonna admit you were wrong. Yes you are or I'm not coming home to get it."

"Liz, listen to this one," Annie said as Alex hung up with her Mom. I listened as Ashley then asked, "What is shaved ice? Did it have hair on it before it was shaved?"

"That was a good one," I giggled as Ashley grinned victoriously.

"That was funny," Jackie giggled. "You coming back Alex?"

"I'll be back in a few minutes. Mommy's not getting laid tonight so she's having a fit," Alex said as she leaned in and kissed me as Annie gave us a strange look. Alex, always looking for an angle, noticed Annie's face and quickly walked over to the couch and leaned down and kissed her on the lips. "Ha ha."

"MMMMMM do that again," Annie said as Brittney and Ashley watched on with intense interest. And Annie and Alex kissed once more. Alex grinned at me as she turned to leave.

"She's working on getting you and Annie into a threesome, right?" Jackie whispered into my ear as Alex disappeared down the sidewalk.

"Yeah pretty much," I said as Jackie grinned. "Why?"

"You should go for it," Jackie advised. "Alex is really good in bed according to what I've read."

"What are you two being so hush hush about?"

"Talking about you," Jackie said as she once again 'put the assets on display' by leaning forward and showing Brittney her perky titties. This time I was able to get a long look and even saw her nipples very clearly. Such a great pair of titties on that girl. Brittney certainly noticed as well. "Wanna know what I said?"

"Tell me," Brittney said as she leaned down to meet Jackie's gaze.

"I said you're smokin hot," Jackie said with a swaggering confidence. "That tan is just so gorgeous."

"I don't have any tan lines either," Brittney confirmed as Annie and Ashley began laughing as they ran off back to the bookshelves in search of something else.

"I figured you didn't," Jackie said to Brittney. "I saw your pictures on MySpace."

"And you read my story on my blogspot," Brittney pointed out. "Right?"

"How did you know that?" Jackie asked.

"It logs the I.P. range of every commenter," Brittney said. "Your and Alex's comment matched."

"Guilty," Jackie said. "Was a hot story. You should write a sequel."

"But that was a true story," Brittney said.

"So let's me and you make a sequel," Jackie said as I laughed. Brittney grinned knowingly.

"Exactly how old are you?" Brittney asked.

"12," Jackie said. "Mature as a 16 year old and hornier than Alex ever thought about being."

"Really?" Brittney asked. "You don't have the body of a 12 year old."

"No I don't," Jackie said as she stepped back and raised her shirt and boldly showed Brittney her bouncy titties that had to be a B-cup at this point. She held her shirt up for as long Brittney wanted to look. "Am I right?"

"You sure don't," Brittney said as Jackie smiled. "Love those abs too."

"Gymnastics?" I asked Jackie.

"Since I was like 5 years old," Jackie confirmed. "Hurt my knee is the only reason I quit."

"It certainly shows," Brittney said. "Got any grass down there so I can play?"

"Huh?" I asked.

"You've never heard the old saying: if there's grass on the field I will play?"

"Nope," I laughed.

"And no there's not," Jackie said to Brittney. "But there has been growth it's just that I prefer the paved look."

"So you got concrete in your underpants?" I asked.

"No dumbass," Jackie said as Brittney and I laughed. "I meant a smoothie."

"MMMMM that's delicious," Brittney said.

"You'd sure love it," I said to Brittney as she nodded her head.

"Do you have one for me?" Jackie asked as she upped the stakes with that comment.

"So smooth it looks like I never had hair," Brittney said. "You gonna lick my pussy and test it for smoothness?"

"Oh Mylanta," I said in embarrassment as I covered my face and blushed at the boldness of the conversation.

"MMMMMMMM," Jackie's response came. "Sure would be a yummy 13th birthday present. Hint hint."

"Let me talk to Brittney and I'll let you know!" Brittney said.

"So you're gonna talk to yourself?" I asked as Brittney blushed and Jackie and I both laughed.

"Shut up," Brittney said. "I meant Ashley. I'm gonna go get another soda."

"Don't let Alex ruin this for me?" Jackie asked me.

"You sure you're ready for this?" I asked.

"No," Jackie admitted honestly. "But shouldn't it be up to me to find out?"

"Rock their world little city girl," I said as I bumped my shoulder against hers and we both laughed. Brittney took a seat on the sofa and picked up one of the books and glanced through it as Jackie and I finally got back to work on the list of receipts that seemed to be endless. I realized then, and by looking at the empty tray that once contained our homemade sandwiches, that business was turning the corner and we'd be profitable for the year within the next few days. Though it wasn't the kind of profit you'd write home about it was still, in the end, profit. And the more money Douglas made, the more he could invest in new, and newer, computers to continue expanding the netcafé which was the driving force behind this revival. "What do you think about raising the netcafé fee by 15 cents?"

"I wouldn't do it," Jackie said. "Everyone is just getting used to it being what it is. People might think you're only gonna raise it higher and higher."

"Good point," I said and that concluded that thought bubble as Jackie and I neared the bottom of the list of receipts. "There's another one we missed."

"Hey did you know we had this?" Annie asked as her and Ashley came back to the counter with a Donald Duck comic collection in her hands. One of those collections that has like 25 months of comics in one bound paperback.

"I saw it a few weeks ago," I said as Jackie continued our work. "Why?"

"You know I love Donald Duck," Annie said. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because if I remembered everything you loved and tried to collect all of the books we've got here for you I'd be here for days," I said as Annie laughed.

"That's true," she said. "But this one is really nice."

"I love Donald Duck," Ashley giggled. "Look at this one. He's trying to fix the plumbing in the shower."

"Why does he wear a towel when he comes out of the shower, when he never wears pants anywhere else?" Annie asked as I laughed.

"I'm telling you my Mom is crazy," Alex declared as she came back through the door with a bag now thrown over her shoulder. "She makes me so fucking mad."

"Hey we're done," Jackie announced as Alex stood by the door still fuming. I looked to see that Jackie was right and the totals now matched perfectly. "Good job."

"You too," I said. "Thanks for the help."

"Sure thing," Jackie said as she stretched and yawned. "I'm bout ready to go home and go to bed."

"Me too," Brittney said as Ashley sat back down by her on the sofa and laid her head on her girlfriend's shoulder. "You ready Ash?"

"If you are," Ashley said with a smile. "I laughed so much and so hard my sides hurt now."

"Me too," Annie said as she came over and plopped down on the counter beside me. "Soooo funny."

"My mother is fucking crazy," Alex said as everyone laughed.

"Are you ready to go home yet?" Jackie asked her sister.

"I was gonna hang out with Liz and Annie for a while..."

"Come up for a while?" Annie asked Alex.

"Uh huh," Alex said as the two smiled at each other. "Brittney can you walk Jackie home?"

"She might not make it home if we do," Brittney said as she joined Alex by the door.

"If you two want her take her," Alex said pointedly. "Just don't come crying to me when she's not as good as the older version."

"You had to go through training too slut," Brittney said as Jackie bounced (her titties) around the counter and joined Brittney and Ashley as the three walked outside chatting and soon off into the distance. Alex locked the door and came over to the counter and grinned at Annie.

"So you wanted me to come up, huh?"

"Yeah," Annie said as Alex pressed her stomach to the counter as she moved between Annie's thighs. "So?"

"I think you're hot," Alex said.

"You do?" Annie asked in surprise.

"Yes I do," Alex said as she gently stroked her hands up and down Annie's bare arms. "So pretty all over."

"Have you been drinking?" Annie asked as I laughed. Alex simply smiled and kissed Annie's cheek for a long moment. "Do you like me?"

"I sure do," Alex said. "That kiss earlier..."

"...two kisses," Annie said as she held up two fingers. "...two kisses."

"...two kisses...," Alex corrected herself. "...was so hot it made my brain miss a few thoughts."

"It was," Annie said. "But I'm with Liz. And I can't..."

"Liz knows about this and I know about you two," Alex said as she wrapped her arms around Annie and pulled her closer. "And she said if you agreed that we could do that threesome. I'll make you feel good all over if you do."

"Liz?" Annie asked me as she looked back and sighed as Alex kissed her neck softly. I simply hopped up on the counter to join the two of them and answered Annie's question by kissing her softly on the lips. I traded my tongue for hers in a long soft kiss that was smokin hot. Alex gently stroked my cheek as I parted with Annie and then kissed her in the same fashion. Annie made me moan as she kissed my neck now and gently stroked her hand down my thigh and rubbed my pussy through my jeans and set off a hormone rush so intense it felt like a mini orgasm. Alex and I parted as I kissed Annie once more and started kissing down her neck and heard her moan softly into Alex's mouth as the two of them began kissing softly. "OHMIGOD! I'm so horny now."

"Me too," Alex cooed as she kissed Annie again. "You gonna let me and Liz share you sexy baby girl?"

"Yes, yes, please share me," Annie cooed as she turned back to me and we kissed for another long moment. "Alex?"

"MMMMM yes baby?" Alex asked as she gently guided Annie to stand and the two kissed deeply like lovers. Trading tongues back and forth as I watched Alex cup her hands over Annie's ass and squeeze her cheeks. I slid off the counter myself and joined them as Alex slipped an arm around me and her other hand went down to my ass too. I quickly grew to love that. Another soft kiss between Alex and me brought her back to Annie, who asked, "Will you butt fuck me tonight?"

"Such a wonderful question," Alex cooed as she kissed Annie sooo perfectly. "Yes I will. If Liz will lick your sweet pussy while I do it."

"Girl who's gonna butt fuck me and Annie back-to-back say what?" I asked as all three of us cracked up.

Jokes aside, 5 minutes later we headed upstairs to our apartment and Alex showed us... well you'll get to see, next time. Say What?