Say What? - Episode 13 "Did We Get It All on Video?!"

Written by: TVM (



The moment we came through the doors to the apartment both Annie and I started pawing Alex like she was our only source of pleasure and she was loving every second of it. We parted for a few moments as Alex dropped the bag that she'd had on her shoulder when she returned from her Mom's and pulled out the oddest looking thing that either Annie or I had ever seen. It was a FeelDoe, like the one in the book, live and in person.

Just as a side note there was also a bottle of cherry flavored lube, a digital camera and several other assorted items in that bag I noticed. The camera wouldn't come into play on this night but it would the following morning.

"That's looks weird," Annie giggled as we walked into the bedroom. Alex quickly took control of the situation and pulled both me and Annie into her arms and the hormones took over as she squeezed our asses in her hands and we took turns making out with her and slowly her t-shirt got lifted up her stomach before Annie and I took it off for her. More soft kissing and hands stroking soft skin as Alex next directed us to take her bra off. Her rather large titties gently bounced as we slipped it off her shoulders and Annie and I both gently kissed them and made Alex moan her approval as we sucked her nipples in unison. She kissed us each again and directed Annie and I to our knees to take off her jeans. We did just that and got a great look at her thong as she stepped out of her pants. Alex grinned as she gently pushed down her thong then and encouraged us to do it for her. We did and she stepped out of it. Her smoothie then came into view as Annie grinned at me like a hungry girl as she saw it. "So pretty and smooth."

"Come here, Annie," Alex directed as Annie and I joined her as she sat down on the bed. Alex guided Annie to between her legs and kissed her. "You're gonna lick my pussy baby girl. OK?"

"MMMMMMM," Annie cooed as her only response. Alex had me collect Annie's hair into a ponytail and hold it back as I watched her lick Alex's pussy softly for the first time. Alex jerked in delight and laid back on the bed and let Annie do as she pleased with a few simple directions mixed in. My free hand stroked up Alex's flat sexy stomach and squeezed her titties one at a time as Annie worked feverishly on Alex's sweet pussy. "OH WOW that taste so sweet."

"Yes it does baby," Alex said as she sat up and kissed Annie softly on the lips for a long moment. I then took my turn as Alex laid back again and guided me to lick her pussy. It only took a few seconds before I realized how right Annie had been in her commentary. I dipped my tongue inside of Alex's pussy and could feel, to my thrill, it spasming around my probing tongue. A few more moments, with Annie holding my hair, and I had Alex's pussy spasming harder and soon it was cumming. Alex jerked in delight and laid back on the bed and shook in orgasm. "OH god that's heaven."

Annie and I took turns licking up the cum that oozed and bubbled out of Alex's pussy. A really sweet flavor to say the least.

"Now I get to see the goodies," Alex said as Annie and I giggled and rose back our feet and let Alex begin stripping us down. My nerves hitting a bit as this would be the first time that anyone else (other than Annie) had seen me naked. But as it turned out it wasn't even that big a deal. I immediately realized that I love Annie's body as much as she loved mine as her shirt came off and then her pants. Then went mine. Her bra and thong came off next and I looked in awe at my best friend. It was mouth watering. My hands slipped up and down her body as her and Alex kissed softly. My clothes went next and just like that we were all three naked. "WOW I didn't know I was gonna get this lucky."

Alex had us crawl to the center of the bed as she took her FeelDoe and inserted the knob end of it into her pussy and I looked at in awe as she came onto the bed and I saw how huge the monster was. 8 inches of hardness was now sticking out from Alex's pussy as she stroked it. She let me have the thrill of stroking it for as she kissed Annie softly and moaned into my best friend's mouth. I could see Alex's stomach bowing in and her thighs quivering and knew it was feeling so good for her. I kissed her next as she guided me back onto the pillows and Annie slid in beside me. Alex looked down as she rubbed her newly attached cock at my pussy softly and I gave her permission to go on. I grunted as she surged inside and took away my virginity. OHMIGOD I could have screamed at the intense pain I felt in the moments following but with Annie kissing my neck and Alex expertly working my clit with her cock I never had to. Alex had one hand by my shoulder and the other behind Annie so we were both in her grasp so to speak.

"Fucking that pretty pussy feels so good on my cock Liz," Alex moaned as she slammed away harder and faster. Annie kissing me and feeding me her tongue as we started a long slow French kiss that Alex loved watching. Alex's pounded her cock inside and made my pussy spasm around her cock endlessly as the soft smooth skin above her FeelDoe smacked against my own bare pussy and produced unknown amounts of pleasure. Annie parted with me and then kissed Alex as I started masturbating my best friend in a frenzy as she moaned into Alex's mouth. A few more moments of hard pounding pussy fucking and it was all I could take as I laid my head back and jerked in delight while fucking Annie to her own orgasm. Alex and I tensed up as we experienced orgasms over the next few moments. "MMMMM WOW that pussy was so good to me."

"I love it when you talk dirty like that," Annie moaned to Alex as she laid back and her and Alex kissed softly as Alex got on top of her. I recovered as I watched Alex slide her cock inside of my best friend and take away her virginity as well. Alex shook in delight as she popped her second cherry of the night. She was really beginning to sweat now as she began to pound out the same rhythm she'd used on me. Annie's pussy spasmed around the cock that was now pistoning in and out of her. I laid back and started to masturbate. Alex lowered down and wrapped Annie in her arms as she kissed up and down Annie's neck and the two made love over the next few moments before their lips met again. Annie's moaning was so enchanting as she soaked in the wonderful feelings that Alex was giving her. A squeal and her fingers digging into Alex's ass cheeks signaled Annie's orgasm. Alex followed her soon after. "OH WOW!"

"You sure you never done this before?" Alex asked Annie a few moments after the two had recovered somewhat.

"Yessss," Annie practically squealed as Alex pulled out of her pussy and got back to her knees and guided Annie and me to join her. She put her hands on our ass cheeks and we could both guess what she was planning next. Long moments of soft kissing followed as we let the hormones once again build to an epic level. Alex kissed Annie and gently spanked her ass as Annie giggled. "I'm so ready to feel your butt fucking cock."

"And I'm ready for you to feel it too," Alex moaned as I laid back lengthwise on the bed and let Annie get on top of me in a 69. I licked her pussy softly and loved the taste of it as Alex lined her cock up with Annie's asshole. I could feel the intense shaking of Annie's body as she was filled up by Alex's cock. The moaning from both of them told me how intense the pleasure was. Alex expertly slid in and out of Annie's asshole and began smacking her thighs at my best friend's ass cheeks. My tongue was inside of Annie's pussy so I could feel her pussy spasming so hard it milked my tongue for all it was worth. Annie shook continuously now from head to toe as she experienced the pleasure that Alex had long promised and she was loving it so much that I knew she never ever wanted it to end. "Was I right about butt fucking Annie? Does it feel as good as I promised?"

"It feels so much better than I ever imagined," Annie moaned as Alex stopped for a moment and lowered over Annie's back and then started pounding all over again. I moved my tongue to Annie's clit and sucked it softly as she jerked in pure pleasure and held on to me to stay still. I wrapped my arms around her as Alex took long smooth strokes in and out, each time pulling out till her cock caught on Annie's asshole and then plunging it back inside and ending with her thighs smacking at Annie's. I got such an amazing view of the action that it convinced me without a doubt that I just had to try this. I went back to sucking Annie's clit, only harder, as she began to shake from head to toe in pleasure. "OHHH please tell me you'll do me this way all the time?"

"Baby as sweet as this feels I can promise you that," Alex moaned as she pounded home in Annie's asshole and made her fingers dig into my thighs as her pussy spasmed harder. Moments later she pushed Annie over the edge and let her experience a mind blowing orgasm that she'll never forget. Alex followed her into orgasm as she butt fucked her hard, moaning in mid-orgasm, what would be her trademark line, "MMMMMMM I love butt fucking with a passion," then making Annie squirt her cum in my mouth, till the last twinges of pleasure subsided. "Oh that butt fucking was so much better than I ever dreamed."

"It was so good I never wanted it to stop," Annie moaned as she kissed Alex and followed our friend off the bed and to her feet as she and Alex kissed softly.

"I really need my butt fucking cock sucked now baby, OK?" Alex asked as Annie grinned and got down on her knees and started to suck Alex's cock, taking it deep in her mouth after as soon as she could get it. This made Alex moan in pleasure. Alex pulled her off after a few more moments and got her back to her feet so the two could kiss yet again. I knew I was next and I couldn't wait for her to fill it and me to feel it. Annie eagerly got under me as we got into another 69, with me on top this time. Alex guided us to the corner of the bed so she could stand while she slid into my asshole, which she did. I moaned so loud after just a few strokes and thought I was cumming as she started giving me a hard pounding butt fucking. My pussy being loved so perfectly by Annie at the same time intensified the pleasure to the point of body shaking. "OH god back to back butt fucking is so hard on my cock."

"So deep in my asshole," I moaned as Alex's thighs slapped at my ass cheeks over and over. Annie held me still as she fucked up into my pussy and could feel it spasming around her probing tongue. The pleasure was unending. "I know you're working so hard to butt fuck me but please don't stop I need it so bad."

"OH yeah I'm used to it baby I've butt fucked girls back to back so many times now," Alex assured me as she pounded at my asshole and held me still on top of Annie and did it harder and harder as the sensations grew even more alarming as I shook from the intense pleasure. "This is just so sweet because I had to work so hard for it."

I absolutely loved the line Alex moaned while she cummed from butt fucking Annie and wanted her to say it again as she was nearing her fourth orgasm, so I asked as I squealed a few moments later as the pleasure blossomed into a mind bending, soul altering orgasm that I'd never forget as long as I lived, "What do you love baby?"

"MMMMMM I love butt fucking with a passion," Alex moaned in mid-orgasm just as I reached my peak and knew that Alex was cumming too as I squirted my cum in Annie's mouth. My best friend milked it out as I moaned over and over. What an amazing way to cum. And what an amazing way to lose your virginity. Safe to say after this, we were all spent and needed a long nap.

"Wake up sweet babies," I heard Alex coo and rose with a smile on my face and then opened my eyes to a shock: she was sporting morning wood. A FeelDoe wood that is. Annie rolled over and saw what I did as Alex sat there grinning. Annie grinned as she had apparently woken up horny as well and took the lead as she started stroking Alex's cock first and made our mutual lover moan as she leaned down to kiss my best friend softly on the lips. "MMMMMM!"

"So why so hard this morning?" I asked as I kissed Alex next and felt her tense up when her cock started to get sucked again by a very eager Annie.

"I always get this hard when I'm gonna give an early morning butt fucking," Alex moaned as I rose and let her feel my ass cheeks as we kissed deeply as Annie sucked the fuck out of the cock in her mouth. "And we're gonna record this one so we don't forget."

"Girl who loves butt fucking say what?" I asked as Alex pointed to the camera that I'd seen in her bag the previous night now sitting on the night stand taping all of the action. "I am not your porn star."

"I will be," Annie said as she pulled off of Alex's cock and kissed her softly as Alex leaned down. Annie giggled as Alex pulled her by the arms to the center of the bed and got above her head. Alex guided me as my mind, blitzed by hormones by now, started to question if this was a good idea or not. Nevertheless, I lowered my pussy down to Annie's mouth and moaned as she licked it for me and then I tensed up as I felt Alex slide deep in my asshole with one smooth move. Alex then cleared my long hair to the side of my head so the camera could see as she guided me down to begin lick Annie's pussy. "OHMIGOD Liz, I love you so much now."

"Yeah lick her pussy for me while I'm butt fucking you baby," Alex moaned as she began to slam away at my asshole. An arm down by her side so the camera could see everything that was going on. I moaned so hard into Annie's pussy as I licked it with the same passion that she was licking me. Both of us worked each other into a frenzy as the pleasure was off the hook by this time. The thought of someone seeing this, due to the camera, made this even more thrilling. Alex pounded my asshole hard in and out in a steady rhythm as her thighs smacked at my ass cheeks over and over. "Oh yeah I love butt fucking early in the morning like this."

"MMMMMMM me too," I moaned in complete agreement as Alex lowered over my back and started once again to pound my asshole deep. It shook me on top of Annie and made me moan louder. Annie had by now moved her tongue to my clit and was slowly sucking and licking it over as I did her the same exact way. Both of us tensed and shook gently from the pleasure that bombarded our bodies by now. Alex pounded a little bit harder then and made me shake all over as my pussy spasmed harder and drove me towards an unbelievable and awe-inspiring orgasm. She and Annie joined me a moment later as all three of came as one. Alex moaned in mid-orgasm, "MMMMMM I love butt fucking with a passion."

I squirted my cum into Annie's mouth as we all three settled down. I moaned one last time when Alex pulled out. "So good. Even better than the first time."

"I know that babies. Now roll over for me," Alex moaned as she guided us to roll over. Annie was now on top of me in another 69 as Alex got to her feet behind Annie and now stood at the end of the bed. I licked Annie's pussy softly from below as it leaked honey and watched Alex slide deep in her asshole just like she had done to me a few moments before. Annie tensed up and moaned as she lowered her head and started licking my pussy just like I had done hers. Alex, once again with an arm down at her side, began to pound away at Annie's asshole now with a moan filled rhythm. "OH god back to back butt fucking is so hard on my cock."

"You keep saying that but you never stop baby," Annie moaned to Alex as she shook gently on top of me from the butt fucking she was taking. I sucked on her clit increasingly hard from below and held her in place as I watched Alex's cock go in and out like a piston. Alex's thighs smacked at Annie's ass cheeks and made them jiggle every time. I slid my tongue inside Annie's pussy then and felt it spasming insanely hard and tensed up as she started again to suck my clit and made my whole body shake in delight. "Is it really hard on your cock baby?"

"So hard, so hard to butt fuck two sexy girls back to back like this," Alex moaned as she took hold of Annie's shoulders and pounded her hard. "And you're licking each other's pussy and I love that so much."

"Gonna cum! You love doing this huh Alex?" Annie moaned as her pussy exploded and mine did the same as we both shook in orgasmic bliss.

"I love butt fucking with a passion," was Alex's only response as she too began cumming in the most wonderful way she could. All of it on video.

"Did we get it all on video?!"